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Tips For Success

2018-2019 Magee Middle School Be prompt We will cover a lot

of material – being late
means you’re missing out!
Arriving late without a pass

Science 7/8th Grade

will result in a meeting with
me and escalating action
with each tardy!
Miss Maglio, Room 306 nancy.maglio@tusd1.org
T: 520.731.5069 Blog: msmaglioscience.weebly.com Be prepared Homework,
writing supplies, project
supplies, and agenda.
Dear Parents & Students,
Participate I’m here to help
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am truly looking you, but you must try!
forward to a wonderful year in Honours 7th and 8th grade
science with you. As your science teacher, I will make every Ask questions What do you
effort to provide a safe, enriching and exceptional need? Where can you find
environment in which you will grow and learn as junior resources? What did you try
scientists. In return, students are expected to actively that did or didn’t work?
participate in class, be respectful to me and to classmates,
Get organized Use your
take ownership of learning, and appropriately advocate for
agenda and have a space
your needs as a student. We will not only be studying the
at home where you do your
discipline of science, but also the discipline of being a good
student and citizen. I strive to make choices of which I can be
proud, and I expect the very same responsible and Manage your time wisely
considerate choices to be made by each and every student. How long will your homework
With your help and effort, we will have an incredible year! and/or studying take?
Prioritize your work.

What to expect… Take notes Write down key

words and concepts. Listen
In my class, learning takes place in many forms. We will work for clues about test questions.
independently, collaboratively with partners, in small groups or as a Review your notes each day.
whole class. Sometimes material will be presented directly to you,
while other times you will have to problem solve and think critically Complete your homework
to make a discovery. Whatever the style of learning that occurs
from day to day, all lessons are aligned with state standards to be Always study Not just the
grade level appropriate. One day in class you may need some night before a test – always!
extra help (that’s okay!) and the next you may be the master of the Read with CURAJ Even your
lesson – that is the process of learning and I am here to guide you home reading!
along the way.

Please read and understand the policies in the Magee Student

Agenda. Additionally, supplies are NOT to be removed from the science room without permission!
Regarding absences, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what
was missed during the absence. Please refer to the blog to keep up Grading Policy &
to date on topics and assignments. You will have one day to make Assignments
up the work per day of absence (if you were out one day, you have Bellwork- Bellwork is to be
one day to make it up, two days absent gives you two days to make completed within the first few
up the work, and so on). If an absence is known in advance, please minutes of class. Enter quietly
come talk to me as soon as possible BEFORE your absence. and begin.

Homework- You will not have

What will we be studying? homework every day,
however when you do, it
7th Grade Honours: must be completed PRIOR to
the class period in which it is
1. Scientific method, measurement, experiment procedures due. When you enter class,
2. Astronomy have your homework out.
3. Earth Science Tests- Missed questions on a
4. Ecology tests can be corrected for
half the credit, and will
8th Grade: require a written piece.
Corrections must be
1. Genetics and adaptations submitted within two days of
2. Chemistry receiving the test score. Tests
with a score below 70% must
3. Physics
be signed by a parent and
4. Practical applications of science we’ve studied this year returned within two days.

Required Daily Supplies* Assignments- Any

assignment turned in one
Composition book (graph paper preferred, but college ruled is ok) day late will lose 20% of the
possible assignment grade.
Sturdy folder with brackets for 3 hole papers
Assignments turned in 2-5
Index Cards days late will suffer a 50%
Coloured pencils deduction, 0% grade
thereafter. Assignments
Pen (any colour), red pen, pencil turned in without a name will
Eraser have a 20% deduction in the
first quarter, and 0% grade
Glue stick
Plagiarism / Cheating- Any
student caught plagiarizing
*Your supplies (with the exception of the pen, red pen and pencil) will
will receive a zero on the
remain in the science classroom! I have also provided additional assignment and a
supplies for each lab table, and they must remain in the classroom conference with me after
when you leave. They are for use in the lab classroom only. school. Any student caught
cheating will receive a zero
Requested Supplies: Kleenex, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant grade and a referral.
wipes such as Clorox wipes, paper plates and paper towels. If you are
able to, we would greatly appreciate your help! Grade breakdown- 50%
classwork, homework, labs
and activities; 40% tests,
quizzes and mastery projects;
10% bellwork and
We have reviewed the following rules, consequences and rewards in class.
Please discuss these at home so that we may have a successful year!




Parents and Students:

Please complete and return this page to Miss Maglio by Friday, August 10.
We have read the course information, grading policy and classroom procedures for science, and
have discussed the information presented together.

STUDENT NAME:____________________________________________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE:_______________________________________________ DATE: _________________

PARENT SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________ DATE: _________________

ACADEMIC MOVIES/DOCUMENTARIES: (please initial next to your selection)

_______________ I DO give permission for my child to view PG and PG13 materials
_______________I DO NOT give permission for my child to view PG and PG13 materials (student will be
placed in another room and given an alternative assignment during viewing)

I would appreciate the following additional information: (circle one)

We have access to the internet at home yes no
We have access to a working printer at home yes no
Text alerts for test dates/ important reminders, sent to this number: ( ) - .
Main language spoken at home:_______________________________

I, the parent, would be interested in assisting the science classroom this year in the following ways:
____Classroom help (filing, grading, organizing materials) Please describe interest, availability, best
way to contact ___________________________________________
____Science related skill or knowledge I could share with students.
Describe: _________________________________________________________________________
____Donation- supplies: ziploc bags, food colour, Science-based magazine subscription. Giftcard to:
Target, Fry’s/Safeway, Home Depot, Office Depot, Walmart. Does your old laptop, desktop, netbook
or tablet work but you’ve upgraded to new equipment? Please donate it to our science lab!

HOME ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________


PARENT / GUARDIAN NAME(S): ___________________________________________________________________

CONTACT PHONE: 1. ______________________________________ 2. ____________________________________

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________

If parent / guardian is unavailable, please provide the name, relationship and phone number of an
alternate or secondary contact:
NAME: __________________________________________________________________________________________
PHONE: _________________________________________________________________________________________
RELATIONSHIP: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Any information you want me to know about your student or your family:

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