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shimu basak

rathindra nath basak





Dear SHIMU ,

Your appointment for Application Id BGDDW2B96618 is successful. Please submit your

application on 02-JUL-2018 at 9.15 Hrs. Original SMS must be shown at gate of IVAC
to submit application. Appointment confirmation SMS has been sent to your
registered Mobile Number 1717905583.

If you have not received the SMS, please go to Appointment Login Page and select
"Re-send Appointment Confirmation SMS".

On Pressing "Print Form", You will get the Application in PDF format, which can be
Printed or Saved as per your Requirement. If your printer is not ready, you can
either Save it directly or Open it and then Save it for later printing.

Please note down the Application Id given above. This may be needed by you for
reprint of application.