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Pre-watching Activity
The movie is about the _______________ between a dog named Hachi and his owner, Professor Parker
Wilson. Parker found Hachi at a _______________ station on his way home from a trip. Parker is instantly
_______________ by the dog. When Carl, the station controller, refuses to takes the puppy home overnight.
His wife, Cate, is _______________ about not keeping the puppy. His wife asked Parker to paste
_______________ so that Hachi’s owner could pick him up. However, when she saw the bond between her
husband and Hachi, she had a _______________ attack.

While Watching Activity

Listen carefully as you watch the movie and answer the questions that follow.
1. When Parker said he has a surprise too for his wife, he was referring to…
a. The piano b. the candles c. the puppy
2. What does the wife mean when she said that the dog’s name was “Temporary Guest”?
a. She does not like dogs
b. She does not want her husband and daughter to keep the dog
c. She wants to sell the dogs.
3. The Wilsons’ had a dog named…
a. Will b. Luke c. Bob
4. Parker decided not to leave the puppy at the pound because after 2 weeks, the unclaimed dogs will
a. Sold b. put to sleep c. set free
5. When Jas said “On the house”, it means that the dog is…
a. Expensive b. free c. sold
6. Parker is a _______________ professor.
a. Engineering b. Music c. Biology
7. According to Ken, the number on the puppy’s collar is the number…
a. 9 b. 7 c. 8
8. Hachi is a _______________.
a. German shepherd b. Terrier c. Akita
9. Hachie slept with a stuffled…
a. Bear b. monkey c. panda
10. Hachi did not like to play…
a. Ball b. fetch c. baseball
11. Hachi wited for Parker every day at the …
a. Redbridge station b. Bedbridge station c. Bearidge station
12. Hachi did not wait for Parker one day because he was stopped by a …
a. Cat b. skunk c. rat
13. Parker died of a heart attack with Hachi’s _______________ still in his hand.
a. Collar b. ball c. treat
14. Hachi waited for Parker to return for _______________ years
a. 12 b. 8 c. 10
15. Who took care of Hachi at the station?
a. Carl b. Jas c. Cate
16. How would you describe Cate’s feelings when she saw Hachi still waiting at the station after 10 years?
17. In your own words, explain what happened to Hachi on that night?