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Project : Subsurface Investigation for the Proposed Above Ground Water Tank Foundation

Location : San Miguel Yamamura, Km. 27, Aguinaldo Highway, Anabu II, 4103 Imus, Cavite
Date of Mobilization : July 5, 2018
Completion Date : Twelve (12) Calendar Days

A. Drilling and Sampling

1. Number, depth and location of boreholes:

a. Two (2) boreholes with a depth of 15.0 meters each with locations to be
prescribed by your consultant engineer. Each borehole depth may be adjusted
depending on site/soil conditions encountered but total will be 30.0 meters.
b. Boreholes shall be drilled to the prescribed depth in (1.a) unless extremely hard
strata is encountered.
2. Specific drilling methodology and water level measurement should be provided.

B. Laboratory Tests

Conduct the following laboratory tests on selected soil/rock samples:

Laboratory Test ASTM Test Designation
Natural moisture content D2216-05
Atterberg Limits D4318-05
Specific Gravity Test D854-05
Grain size Analysis D422-63
Unified Soil Classification System D2487-00
Unconfined compression test on UDS ASTM D2166-00
Unconfined compression test on rock cores ASTM D22938-95

C. Evaluation and Technical Report

One bounded copy of the final report shall be submitted. This shall contain the following.
1. Field and laboratory findings:
a. boring logs
b. laboratory test data
c. discussion on the significance of (a) and (b)
2. Cross Section(s)
3. Evaluator's analysis, conclusions and recommendations with regards to:
a. type of foundation system
b. allowable bearing capacity and depth of foundation
c. settlements
d. identification of geotechnical and seismic hazards
e. simple code based (NSCP 2015) seismic evaluation
f. groundwater problem (if any)
g. liquefaction hazard study (as applicable)