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COMMISSION DE REFORME DU DROIT REpoRT on, act? AND 1B OF SUBSTANTIAL COMPLIANCE September 8, 1980 Report #43 The Manitoba Law Reform Commission was established by "rhe Law Reform Commission act” in 1970 and began functioning in q971. The Commissioners ar C.H.C. Edwards, Q:C., chairman Patricia G. Ritchie David G. Newman Prof, A, Burton Bass Beverly-Ann Scott Knox B. Foster Legal Research Officers of the Commission are: Ms. Leigh Halprin, Ms. Donna J. Miller and Ms. Valerie Perry. The Secretary of the Comtission is Miss Suzanne Pelletier. The Commission offices are located at 521 Woodsworth Building, 405 Broadway, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 316, Tel. (204) 944-2896. TABLE OF CONTENTS. page Terme od 0G, FSi pee eA Vales TT, HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FORMALITIES .... 1 III. CURRENT PORMALETY PROVISIONS... 2. es 3 IV. PROBLEMS WITH THE PROVISIONS ©. se s ke fa) Formal Wille... sc see ee eee es 6 - (b) Holograph Wills . . 25 ae SO Sn Ore ¥ (oy: “‘AitaiaGes Gatetoeatlons ae se Scud se td). Attesting'Witoeswes s iscoeie.sectmse eneidne AD V. UNIFORM PROBATE CODE APPROACH ©... 2... a2 VE, FUNCTIONS OF THE FORMALTZIES 5... ee 1 (a) (Protective fijetiba cial yimcwipie che ad 8 t (>) Evidentiary function . . ab a Ae ra 1s (©) Cautionary function Se Being, (a) Channelling function... ee ee ee 16 VIE, REMEDIAL PROVISIONS... . +2... eee. (a) Need for renedial provisions ........ 17 (®) Objections to renedial provisions... ... 19 (8) -Rodpesoe eeackiwy, provisions “a ais 96.44 “BL Ay Maussnatand’ Ces, Syd fan Rear eae ii) British Columbia. 0c eye ees HSA) Wlateai We (omen arah avers west, aeate meas iv) South Australias... eee 2M VIXE. PROPOSAL FOR MANITOBA. 22. es 26 Rs iotmctou town, AD Basra Rossa SLMS POORNORBAY 2ic5 heoncyido.ce di P.O Qudian (ote Sure ie Gave pte SE