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India and Melaka

Complete the crossword below
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4 5

6 7

8 9


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3. Perso n in charge o f all the o fficials who co llected taxes 1. During Mauryan dynasty, each pro vince was ruled by
fro m traders passing Melaka. a...
4 . He was respo nsible fo r law and o rder, acted as 2. The Mauryan dynasty was established by...
to day's chief o f po lice. 5 . Chief adviser o f the Sultan.
7 . Melaka was situated in a trade ro ute between India 6 . Perso n in charge o f the army and navy.
and... 9 . Animal that was essential fo r Mauryan dynasty in
8. The name o f place where Parameswara set up a gro wing its empire.
village. 10 . Chandragupta Maurya o ften send...to make sure the
12. The ruler o f Palembang in 140 0 s. vicero ys remained lo yal to him.
13. The mo st po werful man in Melaka and was 11. A place part way alo ng a majo r trade ro ute where
respo nsible fo r go verning the co untry. traders meet and trade, instead o f making the who le
14 . Chandragupta Maurya's grandso n. jo urney.
15 . The go vernment system used by Gupta dynasty.
16 . The rulers o f Melaka were...
17 . The ruler o f the Gupta charged a...to the land they had
co nquered in return fo r pro tectio n.

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