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PSYCHIATRY (case report)

Identification and demographic data:

Dino Daniel, 24-year-old single male

Nationality: Indian
Occupation: mechanical engineer
Religion: Christian
Residency: Al Hashmi road Abu Dhabi

Reason for referral: anxiety attacks reported by his friend due to

work related stress brought to SKMC on 24 august 2016

Chief complaint: feelings of anxiousness and stress – feels worried

talking to people around him thinks that everyone is plotting
negative actions against him. It has been going on for almost a month.

History of present illness: Precipitating factors are stress at his

work place. Sometimes patient claims there are no precipitating
factors but he would start pacing in his room while having this
feeling. Patient claims that this is taking a toll on his social
relationships. Not on any sort of treatment or drugs till this date but
recently his anxiousness has worsened. Patient has 7-8 hours of sleep
per night, his appetite is unaffected. His friend who was worried
about his levels of stress brought patient to the hospital. Has good
diet with meat and vegetables. Has 2 shifts at work and lives with a

Past history: Past medical history: - no accidents, operations, and

diseases especially of the nervous and endocrine system
Past psychiatric history: - no disorders, treatments or admissions

Family history: has one brother and sister in India. Has a healthy
relationship with his parents and siblings and takes the effort to keep
in touch by calling them regularly.

Personal history: patient was able to achieve good grades back in

school and college. Had a girlfriend back in India and says his
financial status is pretty good too. Patient feels that as he is new in
his workplace he is constantly paranoid about people plotting against
him and costing him his job in the process.
Psychomotor substance abuse: nil

Forensic history: nil

Social relations: limited
General traits: shy to start of conversation, avoids eye contact, looks
down at his hands or the ground while speaking has a slight stammer
Mood state: fairly stable, but has bouts of nervousness, which are
elicited by looking away, or looking at his hands again.
Interests: likes to keep himself occupied by listening to a playlist of
‘devotional music’ on his phone


5THyear medical student
Reg no: 2012M021
Contact: alibilal7@icloud.com