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A Letter to the Congregation of Mankind

from Jonathan

A key has been handed to me. What it unlocks, I have yet to discover.

I am compelled to share the key with you.


Do not fear brother and sister, because the new heavens and new earth have arrived! Treasure the leaves that have fallen on us, take joy in knowing that brighter things are to come for the earth and mankind! The original liar has been erased for many hundreds of years now, and we can all praise our heavenly Father and His Son, our King, for the work they have done! What beautiful craftsmanship. What a wonderful creation we are.

Who of you do not see it, or maybe choose not to see this? Why hold on

to the pain of days gone by, like a beacon that lights your way? It is

darkness, not light. Paul spoke of the most epic battle in scripture, the battle between flesh and spirit, and flesh is winning out for you. Think spiritually brothers and sisters, dig deep, you will see what your heavenly

Father sees. A new earth is among us, a new heaven is above.

Who has told you these twisted things? Who has put these blinders and bridles on your heart? Take courage, you can let the Lord place salve on your eyes. You see burning, destruction, demons and torture, but with the power of His word, you can let it heal.

Before there was religion, before there was law, there was God, the heavens, and man.

There was no worship, no sacrifice before Adam. Tribes throughout the world simply lived each day for what it gave them, giving glory to the tree, the sun and the beast. What honor and perfection they had. When God created the courtroom in the region of the Mediterranean, and planted the seed in the garden for the trial, mankind simply lived each day in happiness. When the Devil corrupted justice, and the scales were put off-kilt, the trial was thrown out. Now Satan was the defendant, and he would soon meet his match through the course of justice.


Adam and Eve sought more than what was given them, they trusted the creation over the Creator. Does this sound familiar to you? Who of you trusts your wealth, your religion, your marriage? Nothing truly good can come from man, instead good gifts come from God. When man tells you what to believe, you reject the law written in your heart. You become soldiers of men, when your heavenly Father is only looking friendship.

See the penguin? It knows when to make the migration, it knows precisely where it goes. Birds, insects, the migrating beast of the field, they all manage go freely and accurately without strings or pulleys. See the orbit of the planets, the synchronization of our planet's systems, and our wonderful bodies. Oh the birth of a child, who's heart does not stop in awe? Such is our heart, our faith. If we simply let go of what we cling to in the physical realm, we will breathe euphoria.

The tribes in Asia got this right. Harmony, balance, inner peace - this is what Jesus taught; this is what his apostles pursued and are experiencing now in the heavenly kingdom. This is the foundation of faith and friendship with God.

Why so many rules? Why the fancy clothes, the gold ornamentation and the impressive architecture? Why have your writers and publishers been so busy, adding to and accessorizing inspired word? Jesus said no one on earth could be called father or rabbi. Snap out of it brothers and sisters, be bold. Take to the plains, simplify, get back to basics by reading God's word and meditating on it. When you add prayer, you now are talking to your friend. Don't say the same prayer over and over again, who can be friends with a machine? Let it all out, expose your heart, this will soften it for building faith.

When reading scripture, see it for what it is, not what you want it to be. It is simple. You are children of God and it is a children's book. Those things that are hard to grasp, let them go for a later time when your mental powers have been sharpened through faith. Is it necessary to analyze Daniel's vision of the seventy weeks to gain insight on your Father's love? No. Were Michael and Jesus the same? Give it time. Come back to it.


You may be hoping, or actually knowing, that Armageddon is coming soon, and that salvation awaits on the other side. Hope is a wonderful thing. Truth makes it perfect faith. Let the truth be stated plainly now, so you can see where you stand.

If you are waiting for the hope, then when you read the accounts of

Jesus and the Christian congregation you become confused. Are they speaking with urgency about the time they are in, or are they referring to

a time thousands of years in the future? Read through history,

understand the world of the first Christians. You will see what they saw, what they felt. It was then, it was happening all around them. Their future was the horrific tribulation at the hands of Nero, the ouster of Satan from the heavens, and the battle of Armageddon at Jerusalem. Titus, one of

the two lamb's horns on the back of Vespasian's Rome, was a tool of Satan. Jesus was resurrected to his throne right above them. How incredible! What amazing things had taken place. If you could only see it for what it is, who needs the theater?

They spoke of plagues, famines and preaching to be completed throughout the earth. Their earth, world and system of things was the Mediterranean, the courtroom established by God. Amazing signs were seen in the heavens, from both God and His adversary. God blackened the skies, shook the earth, raised the dead and caused plague and famine. Satan used Zeus and Apollo, and his own locusts to do his bidding. A true battle of good and evil, which God allowed Daniel, John, David and many others to see in advance. Jerusalem was choked with a cruelty that has never been seen since.

Think spiritually brothers and sisters, not fleshly. This was a spiritual warfare with earthly marionettes. Can you see the hailstones? Can you see the beasts now? Keep looking, the light gets brighter and brighter!

After the woman, the Christian congregation, delivered the Son to God at his resurrection, she was harassed by Satan. God protected her in the wilderness, feeding her like His treasured Israelites for a time. But the Father stopped protecting her, and she went into darkness. She then became infested with Roman paganism. The Romans turned on her with


the destruction of the Serapeum, and finally, Babylon the Great had fallen!

Your Christmas, your Trinity, where do you think these come from? They are the artifacts of Babylon the Great. She does not hold her grip on them any longer, yet they do give her honor. Evaluate the works of your faith, scan for purity, do your best. Your heavenly Father will love you all the more.

The heavenly realm was ecstatic, seeing everything unfold before their eyes. The trial was over, they were the witnesses. The Son proved the case perfectly and he mediated the lives of those who conquered along the way. Judgement had been passed for Satan and his demons. The Son, the King, now had to carry out the imprisonment and execution. On earth, this would have been observed as the fall of the Roman empire, an empire of great power and authority that came and went with the wind.

Satan and his horde were thrown into the abyss. Rome was gutted clean by vandals. The faithful men of old such as Noah, Enoch, Elijah and many more were given their thrones for the thousand year reign! They had inherited the earth, and were handling it with great care.

At the end of the thousand years, Satan and his horde were let loose for a short while. This was reflected at Constantinople, the final stronghold of the Roman empire. The time for execution approached, and the King grabbed the dragon by the tail, throwing him, and his angelic followers, into the lake of fire. They were no more. It was over. All in heaven could breathe a sigh of relief.

The great crowd that had been asleep in the grave since Adam, those in Hades, were raised to combine with the chosen ones, the rest of the flock. Their robes had been washed in the blood of the Lamb, but now it was one shepherd, one flock in New Jerusalem, the new heavens. Oh the songs they sang, and continue to sing!


Hades was now eliminated, there was no use for it. The trial was over, Satan was gone, man could be awoken from their sleep and judged individually according to their hearts, not Adam's.

And the leaves began to fall. The nations on the earth started healing. Ah, the Renaissance, an explosion of insight and inspiration! The facades of Satan's empire were razed and rebuilt with something fresh and new! The leaves had begun to fall, and they continue to fall and heal today. Free will reigns in all of creation as it always has. There are the dogs and those who do wrong. There is destruction and fire, but there is regrowth. This is the cycle of earthly life. What a beautiful sight! Treasure the gifts in men.

Isn't life beautiful brothers and sisters? Smile! Enjoy what your heavenly Father has given you! Get back to the plains, the forest, the beaches. See the leaves, smell them, let them cover you. Rake them into your lap. See the children jumping in them? That is pure joy. This is manna, take it, be satisfied, why demand something else?

Who are your brothers and sisters? It is everyone on this planet, every human being that follows the law written on their hearts to the best of their ability. This is the new Christian congregation, this is the congregation of mankind. Do you think the bible gives us law? Soften your hearts. The Pharisees thought as you do. The two real commandments we have are these: Love God and love your neighbor. What more is there? Everything else will fall in line after these two things. Work at them. Remove religious law, remove routine, remove sacrifice and work at love. Feed the hungry, help those in need, be humble. This should happen from the heart, from love. If they don't for you yet, then get back to the source first, do not start with works. The bible offers an endless well of guidance on how to build love. See the spiritual things in the bible, not the physical.

Is the monk my brother? Of course you are! You treasure the heart and your spiritual nature. Do you do wrong? Of course! This is imperfect flesh, the battle of our hearts is never-ending. It is those that conquer the battle that gain the reward, there is no expectation that this war will be


lopsided. We just keep fighting to do what is right. Be more faithful than the Pharisees though!

What of the atheist? The agnostic? A very close brother indeed! You think spiritually but act physically. The questions you have asked are what we all should ask. Good questions, good challenges. The angels do the same. The answers you have been given are physical ones, yet you have shown the most courage by rebuking the religious vendors of this world. You have not taken from the tree of knowledge, how wonderful! But you have not taken from the tree of life either. It is there, in scripture. Open your mind and get fed while in the wilderness, where we all should be!

The bible is the book of the court. It is inspired. It is finished. We learn from its lessons, and are fed by its insight today. The printing press, by God's direction, made sure we all received it, in every language, in every corner of the earth. When you read a history book, and learn of the paths of great men and women like Tyndale, Gandhi or Lincoln, what do you learn? Do you attempt to retrace their paths, analyze their every step? Do you wear their clothes, carry their image with you? Do you duplicate the organizations they were a part of? Wear symbols of their execution? Why? That is physical. Instead we are inspired by their hearts, their conviction, their insight and wisdom. It can move us to do greater things. They moved mountains with the faith of a mustard grain, so can you!

Do not analyze scripture, instead be inspired by it. Follow the examples set out in its pages with your heart, this is the only way you can approach your heavenly Father. Do what you can to put the images of Jesus and Buddha away. Remove the physical items, the icons, the idols, the literature. Now you can begin to see the forest through the trees. Now you will begin to forget that you are naked.

The bible is an inspired schoolbook. Are there others? There must be! Who can spend the time to research this and make this judgment? Not me. I have my tool, I have validated it, and it is powerful when used as my Father intended. Does your book do the same? It must be from God. I cannot judge, only those in the spiritual realm can. This is your heart,


so if your speech, actions and works are recognized as good and pure, then it must be from God. All good gifts are from Him. No one has all the answers, we only have what we need in order to conquer the heart. Yes, there is only one truth, but our minds cannot comprehend the reality of spiritual shapes, sizes and activities! We aren't ready yet! Be patient, be wise.

Can you teach an infant the details of quantum physics? Of course not. She is learning to smile, to touch, to crawl. Children fill their heads with all sorts of fantasies and dreams, do you stifle their creativity? Of course not, it is a part of life. Let their imaginations run free, it is a beautiful thing. As they mature to adulthood, reality sets in. This will happen for you in the heavenly life, you cannot grasp reality while on earth. We are all God's children, He embraces our imaginations. Enjoy your childhood while it lasts.

Remember when man had no law. Before Moses (inside the courtroom), and even before Adam, the law was on hearts. There was no priest, no temple, no scroll. They did not know the difference between resurrection or reincarnation. These are abstract concepts; they simply give us something for the heart to grab on to. How does one move on to the next life, really? What is the next life? Those are heavenly things that we simply cannot comprehend or articulate with any measure of accuracy when in the flesh. We have been given symbols to teach us. My heart tells me that I will be happy and that I should not invest one moment trying to grasp its size and shape, painting a picture for others to marvel at.

Israel swallowed itself with its own righteousness. They presumed they were God's true friend. Instead, they were like the guest at the birthday party with their required gift, it was not from the heart. Israel became a machine that dispensed sacrifices. This is the tendency of man, of the flesh. It's ok, don't worry, this is how the creator designed us. But those with insight see past these things. This is how we separate ourselves, and what is used to judge us. Look to the natural things and how they work on their own. This is spiritual. Don't force it.


But who can we emulate? Who can inspire us from that era? It is the prophets, it is David, Moses and Abraham, those controlling and maintaining the machine. Their Father put them there to grease the gears, keep it running and even jump-start it every once in a while. It is their examples that should inspire us. We should not make a copy of the creation - that is the worship of Baal.

God let His machine rust and fall apart. It was thrown to the pile like so many other nations that come and go. But the people inside, each heart, would be judged on their own, just like the angels, just like man from the beginning of time.

The Christian congregation began to see this happen to themselves as well. Jesus said 'don't judge' but they indeed did just that after he left them. They bickered over circumcision, and the little things. The apostles became annoyed, frustrated, and like the prophets who corrected Israel, they wrote letters to correct each congregation. They sat and discussed policies and procedure. But their desire was to preach, to find hearts and survive the coming devastation. They had no desire to build an army or grow a nation. Anyone that got in their way, that undermined the objective, was ignored.

Imagine you are on a ship that is sinking in the middle of the ocean.Your family is with you. It is critical that all of you are thinking as one, your lives could depend on it! Mom gathers the supplies, Dad gets the raft, the kids put on their vests. Coordinate, be unified in the objective to get off this sinking ship and save your souls! This was the mindset of the apostles.

Should each person think the same thoughts? Perform the same duties? How unproductive. The members of the body are different, perform different functions, but as a whole can accomplish wonderful things! The world of mankind is the body today. Please, don't mandate the worship of the congregation. The ship is not sinking. To each his own. Let the flowers bloom. Let the bees pollenate. Do not copy the kingdom, be inspired by the faith surrounding it.


The perspective of our heavenly Father can be illustrated this way:

The master craftsman has decided to build a beautiful, perfect piano. He uses tools that he has created specifically for this project. He has gathered exotic, rare materials that only he can acquire. It takes him many days to create the work of art, but it is finally completed to his satisfaction! He puts his name on it, and there it is for all to see.

A man walks into the shop, he is a connoisseur. He admires the

craftsmanship, the detail, the beauty, and offers to purchase it for a handsome fee. The master craftsman declines, it is not for sale. The connoisseur leaves the showroom, frustrated.

Another man dressed in overalls walks into the shop. He inspects the framework, the fittings, the finish, even crawls underneath it! He eagerly asks the master craftsman how he built it, what tools he used, and what materials went into it. He takes notes and creates blueprints for himself. The master sees where this is going, the junior builder intends on making his own piano.

Indeed he does, with imperfect tools, imperfect materials, and incomplete blueprints. The junior's piano is a shadow of the master's, but he is very proud of it nonetheless. He invites the master to see it. The junior instructs his pianist to play a song on it. It is out of tune, it is not special. The master craftsman returns to his own shop, saddened and insulted. He sees the connoisseur passing by, entering the junior builder's shop.


woman enters the master's shop. She is plain and simple, but is drawn


the beautiful piano. She lights up, cannot take her eyes off of it. She

has played the piano at home all of her life, but it is nothing like this. She immediately thanks the master craftsman for creating such a beautiful

thing, and humbly asks if she can play a song to him.

The master is touched, deeply. A tear rolls down his cheek. This is what the piano was built for. The song she plays is not perfect, is no Opus.


But it is to him and from the heart, like his grandchildren's doodles on the refrigerator. How wonderful and warm.

The theme of the bible is simple friends, it is quite simply, the heart. Protect it, soften it, open it up. We are each made in God's image. Religion is a poor facsimile of His kingdom.

Leaders of organized religions take note. Nothing on earth has the truth, we are imperfect men. How can you act so presumptuously? The tree of Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled long ago, but its future fulfillment is in you. The time for regrowth is soon. Will you become obstinate as did Nebuchadnezzar? Or can you open your hearts and embrace the congregation of mankind? Show your salt. Stop the writers. Burn the icons. Kneel as one.

You are seeing droves leaving the churches, congregations, sanctuaries, temples, ideologies and organizations of man. Your doctrines are changing with the times to keep up. This is the tree being chopped down around you. It will accelerate! Stand up and be a part of the regrowth of spiritual mankind! Take courage! Prayerfully consider your traditions, your histories, your beliefs. These are physical, like the tools and materials used in building the piano. They are not worth clinging onto, they are an anchor. The road that leads to everlasting life is still narrow. It is the open-minded and open-hearted that are walking on it. Don't be stubborn, for their sake, please. Release them into the wild.

This congregation of mankind was hinted at in the bible. You may not have noticed it. Look at Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation, and see the four cherubims. Do you know what they are? These are the spirit-guided nations and organizations of God. They are marionettes, machine-like, under His control. The Lion? This is the anointed nation of Israel. The Eagle? The angelic organization. The Bear or Ox? The strong nations used to bring balance.

The Man? Notice the heart that Daniel saw given to it? That is the congregation of mankind today. It started before Adam. The Christian


congregation tried to stay true to this, but human imperfection and organization eventually won out. The law covenant was erased, and law was now only written on hearts. It was difficult for them to get back to basics. Jesus tried to help them peel off all the layers. Many conquered their hearts as a result, especially while God was feeding the Christian congregation, while it had light. Many lives were saved.

Why do you continue to attempt to convert the tribes to your faith? They are pure, with an understanding of the deeper things. Why do you bother them with so much complicated nonsense? Tell me, what do you feel when you see the bear at the circus on his hind legs dressed as a clown? Do you applaud? Apparently so. Let them be, they are God's special ones. We should learn from them.

Look at an egg, fresh from its mother. Inside you find the beginnings of its real life. Outside you see a protective yet imperfect shell. The mother bird nurtures it in its nest, keeps it warm, protects it. Once the egg is ready, it will break out of its shell into its real life.

Examine yourself. Start with the yolk. You cannot do anything about the shell, the nest or the mother bird. But you can control what is inside. Will you hatch when the time comes?

The grave was eliminated, it was a temporary state of sleep. The lake of fire still exists, as it has since the beginning of creation. This is a spiritual incinerator, the garbage dump of Gehenna. The abyss, the spiritual prison, is there in the heavens as well. Why? Because God is almighty in His ways of justice. Free will reigns, which means angel and man alike will always need to be punished. This has never changed. Satan was the first liar though, he corrupted justice, and required special attention to set the new standard for the lie. There is no torture, just absence. Where is the justice, love, mercy and wisdom in the design of a torture chamber? Please, examine what you are taught with your heart. It rings true.

Keep on seeking for truth as silver, as hidden treasure. Do not buy it, sell it, build it, print it, force it, trade it, pawn it or inherit it. Teaching is a noble course of life, it also comes with great responsibility and


accountability, just as James said. Those who teach must be careful not

to dispense laws, doctrines and beliefs. That is not teaching, that is

delivering. Help others learn how to dig for themselves, be patient, do not judge. Study Jesus' manner of teaching. Why didn't he just come out and say it plainly? He wanted his listeners to dig, search, and reason on their own. Give your students the power of reasoning. Be very careful, your own flesh is weak, read and pray with diligence to keep yourself in check. Do not grow confident, for if you do, you have not gained wisdom. Remember that you are merely a blade of grass in the plains. Wisdom is evident in humility.


monkey in the African desert sees a box with a small hole in it. It sniffs


and smells a ripe fruit inside. This is all a bit suspicious to the monkey,

but it reaches in and grabs the fruit. But now, the monkey cannot pull its hand out of the box. The fist wont fit, it is trapping itself.

The monkey could have learned to find the fruit on its own, taken it safely from a tree, and kept living. We cannot take shortcuts with our faith and wisdom. Let go, hurry. Seek the wilderness, break the chains of religion.

Materialism, greed, lying, fornication, do we need to go over these again? They are written on your hearts. You know what to do, so do it. You are sighing and moaning, looking for more. Why? The heart isn't getting what it needs. No pills, no procedure will cure it. Religion isn't fixing it. Money isn't either. Entertainment is coming out of your pores. Society is getting lost, it is time to look up, look inward, and stand apart. Remember the illustration of the wheat and the weeds. You will be noticed by your Father.

This is a lazy generation, and getting lazier. Do something great, work hard. Why do you demand something you have not earned? Teachers, you are losing your accountability. Parents, this is your job. Why are you so busy at the office? Do you realize the cycle you have created? Get back to basics. Get home, make time. Enjoy the real life around you, don't make it your only one. You will get a glimpse of the next life when you're closer to the end of your course on earth. You'll breathe it in


through tired lungs and wish you saw this sooner. The road is narrow for a reason. Use your gifts wisely while you have them.

Children are taking up arms and killing innocent people. But they are all innocent in this scene. Why is this happening? Parents, teachers, learn what discipline really is. You have lost your grip. You assume and deny. Focus on the heart and what good can come from it, all other things will arrange themselves in a natural orbit.

Do you understand death now? That it doesn't actually exist, and there is only transference or void? When a loved one ends their course, how comforting it is to know the reality. No need to continue to mourn or have pain or cry, they have moved on. They have been either erased or selected. Your tears have been wiped away, and your Father is by your side. Mercy has conquered death.

Did your Father want them to die? Did He need another angel? What does your Father need but your love? He desires that we fulfill our course, be given the opportunity to make a life's statement to him and the heavens, a complete case. When this opportunity is cut short, His Son will judge the heart. Accidents happen. Free will is the nature of life. We take the good with the bad. A good heart sees good. The bad heart sees bad. What do you see?

I for myself see beautiful things now! I've broken my chains of religion and been given strength, discernment and food to survive in the wilderness. My family is cut off from me, but my new Father is strong. I saw wickedness, peril, doom and destruction for most of my life, but the light is very bright now. How awe-inspiring. I pray that you will see it too!

Regarding me you may ask, Who is he? How is he qualified?" I can't answer that for you. I am nobody special, just someone you pass by on the street. However these words stand on their own, and are validated by inspired word. Whether these themselves are inspired, a result of enlightenment, or whether I'm a modern-day prophet, that is for others to analyze and conclude for their own peace of mind. I don't know, but my Father surely knows, so does it really matter? Remember, don't think


physically! Let it go! I do not consider myself a spiritual man, but something is changing. What a wonderful view I have been given by my Father through His word the bible.

Touch the leaves. Breathe deep. Take courage as you go off into the wilderness.

To the congregation of mankind, take the key.