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New!! Master Toy Licensee

Wicked Cool Signs On!
Born in 1978 in 41 papers


Most Widely
Comic Strip
In The World
Comic Strip Appears In 2100
Newspapers With 200
Million Readers
Each Day

The Garfield Show

Airs In 131 Countries
Including China
200 Million Books Sold
15 Million Fans
on Facebook
Hit Movies = $340M
Millions of Products
Website now mobile!
586 cartoon characters from comic strips, comic books, movies, TV, video games, toys, and advertising,
were rated in the Fall 2013 Q-Study by Marketing Evaluations, Inc.

The study answers the question, “How familiar is the character, and how appealing
is the character among those who are familiar?” How did Garfield do?

94% of people surveyed were familiar with Garfield, putting

him in the TOP 5% of most familiar characters!

In terms of appeal, ...and in the

Garfield ranks in the TOP 11%
TOP 8% of ALL 586
of cartoon, comic characters,
strip and comic including movie,
book characters... TV, video game,
and advertising
icons included
in the study!
Garfield’s Audience: 94% Familiar to All Ages
Equal to or GREATER familiarity
f than:
anta Claus (94) The Easter Bunny (93) (93)
Snoopy (93
ey Tunes Characters (92) The Smurfs (91) Angry Bird
Birds (75)
Garfield’s Q-Score: 38!
Equal to or GREATER Q-Score than:
Sesame Street (38) Donald Duck (37) Spider-Man (36)
SpongeBob (31) Angry Birds (27) Hello Kitty (18) Dora (18)
Now on the Air!

c t ion
P rod
5 In
a s on
105 half-hour shows. Se

78 songs.
52 shorts.
12 specials.
27 language versions.
Broadcast worldwide.
Garfield’s Digital
• Social Media
• Websites
• Mobile
• eBooks

Social Media
• Cats (and dogs) rule on Facebook: 17M FANS!

• A typical SINGLE post on Facebook.com/Garfield

will receive 50,000+ “likes”

• #GarfieldLive trended 4x on Twitter during Live Chat

Websites www.garfield.com www.professorgarfield.org
• Newly reformatted for mobile devices! • FREE educational site in collaboration
• 8.5 million page views in last 30 days with Ball State University, a nationally
• Comics, games, shopping, recognized leader in teacher training
entertainment, news, and more! and digital education

Garfield VOD Key Distributors:

and SVOD
Our vast library of TV shows and
movies are available for digital
Key Digital Partners
Garfield Education, Reading, and Other Apps

for Apps and Mobile Games Professor Garfield

Forms of Media
Professor Garfield
Online Safety
Professor Garfield:
Professor Garfield:
Fact or Opinion
Professor Garfield
Fat Cat Books #1

• Bare Tree Media - Master Digital Licensee

• Totally Apps (aka Outblaze, Web Prancer) Garfield’s Mental Multiplication
on Tables
Garfield Games, Games, and More Games!
My Puzzles
Puzzles Learn Words Garfield
eld Y Garfi

• Genera Mobile
Math Games With
W ith
ith G arfield
Garfi eld arfield
With Garfi
eld With Garfi

• Anuman
• Paws, Inc. Garfield’s Pet Force
G arfi
eld Gets
Gets Reall
BooCli ps
Garfi eld
eld Comics
by KaBOOM!
Garfield’s eld’s
Trivia Party
Holiday HD
eld Pocket
Diner:Pocket Pet Hospital
Garfield’s Defense Garfield’s Defense 2

Garfield Daily Comic Ga

Garfi eld
d Sna
S aps
Snaps Garfield’s Defense: Zombie Defense Garfield Kart Garfield’s Wild Ride Garfield Coins Talking Garfield HD
Food Invaders

ComiXology Feed Garfield Garfield Garfield’s Escape Garfield and Odie’s Home Sweet Garfield
Sleigh WP Live WP

New! Text Messaging Platforms Garfield Holiday Tree

Live WP
Garfield Minus
Garfield Bird Crazy Facebook Collections Garfield’s Defense
Live WP
Garfield Expressions
Live WP

Electronic Publishing See all at www.garfield.com/apps

Garfield creator Jim Davis serves as CEO
of licensor Paws, Inc. Davis is involved in
the day-to-day operation of Paws, which
handles both the business and creative
for Garfield worldwide.

Jim’s most important job? Writing and

producing the GARFIELD comic strip
read daily by 200 million people in 42
Paws, Inc.
Focused: Decisions in one or two days, not one or two weeks. Experienced: 30+ years in the industry; proficient in
licensing, promotions, merchandising, publishing, movie,
Creative: Cartoonists, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, television, and stage production, gaming, web design/
digital artists, 3D designers, music composers, animators — hosting, and app development.
all in-house.
Global: Licensing, syndication, and entertainment in
Accommodating: Free access to our on-line portal for 131 countries in concert with a network of top-notch
current marketing materials and thousands of pieces of international agents in every major business center of the
artwork. world.

Professional: Veteran business staff composed of sales, Accessible: Yes, you can get to Paws from where you are!
account management, financial, legal, IS, operations and Located in East Central Indiana, Paws is a car ride away from
public relations people. the Indianapolis International Airport.

Committed: Taking care of the cat is personal to us. Of the 40 Fun: The most important thing...we have fun! Visit us at
employees, 28 have worked together for over 20 years. Paws, Inc. and get the full Garfield treatment.

Our Motto: If we take care of the cat, the cat will take care of us.
Territory Overview

USA • Asia • Europe • Latin America

Paws, Inc.
Significant Market Information USA
5440 E. Co. Rd. 450N • New! Master Toy Licensee Wicked Cool Signs On!
Albany, IN 47320 • Over 150 Licensees, including longtime partners Hallmark,
765.287.2222 Ballantine, CTI, Richard Leeds, and more...
765.287.2329 fax • New Plush Program with worldwide distribution via Aurora World
www.garfield.com • Dozens of apps and games for Android and iOS
• Well-established publishing program with Ballantine comic strip
compilation books a staple; new comic books from Kaboom!
• Vivendi will release two new DVD titles from The Garfield Show
• New prepaid VISA card from card.com
• Musical/Kids’ theatrical show in Production


Media Exposure
• Over 1600 US newspapers carry GARFIELD daily and on Sunday
• The Garfield Show airs twice daily on Cartoon Network USA
• Anderson Digital continues introducing new volumes of Garfield
and Friends on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and beyond!
• Thriving social media! 15 million fans on Facebook and active
participation on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
• New offerings for digital market on a weekly basis
Robust website: www.garfield.com just went mobile!

Comic strip syndication
• www.professorgarfield.org teaching kids worldwide!
• Promotions with print, TV ads, and social media components
including Bayer Animal Health, Hewlett-Packard, Storm City, Social Media
Cat Fanciers’ Association, Cat Fancy magazine, Card.com,
Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance

Broadcast and Digital TV


Agents 20too — Middle East, North Africa
Animation International – India
Medialink Far East – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Medialink Pacific – Malaysia, Thailand, Asia
Asiana - Korea Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam

Significant Market Information

Over 90 licensees – our fastest growing market

Since 2012, double the number of licensees with revenues up 30%!

Successful program with #1 bank in China,

Industrial Bank with 2.5 million Mastercard™
credit cards in use

China DTR: Baleno, Adult apparel/accessories, 300+ stores; Hop Lun 6ixty 8ight,
lingerie, 36 stores; Maxim Bakeries, 70 stores; Xiamen Mass Fun Stores,
apparel/accessories, 41 stores

Outstanding key mall event programs. Coming soon, events in Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Shanghai, and Guangzhou

S cant publishing program, includes original books for Garfield
baby characters. Profits doubled from recent past

Large bag and stationery program in China; hundreds of

Garfield stores within stores

India is new market and a DTR deal for 300+ Archie’s

stores is raising awareness

Middle East licensing is underway with new agent, 20too

Media Exposure
The Garfield Show via Cartoon Network Pan Asia Feed, with launches in
Taiwan, Philippines, and Japan; #1 rating for first week on air in the Philippines

Broadcast rights awarded to CCTV China, will have huge impact on

licensing and activity is heating up!

Garfield Movie I and II released in all Asian markets. In China, Garfield II grossed $5.8
million in just 3 weeks, breaking a 12-year record held by The Lion King

DTV theatrical release in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand,
and Malaysia; free TV in Indonesia and Japan, and Pay TV in Japan
Significant digital content market; mobile business active and growing; 22 content
producers for handsets including China Mobile, Hutchison, and Vodaphone

Top developer Totally Apps has worldwide rights for IOS and Android; 22 million
downloads to date

60 papers carry the comic strip in every Asian market, daily or Sunday paper

30 papers in India, including largest English newspaper in the world, The Times of India,
with 13.3M readers

Garfield-themed mall events in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Cross-promotion event with Panda-a Panda and Garfield to benefit

Society for Abandoned Animals garnered much attention

McDonald’s promotion in China, December 2013 through

February 2014

Colgate Darlie toothpaste promotion in China was so successful, they

renewed. Also renewing, Blackstone Digital Camera
BIC – Italy, San Marino, Vatican City Mediatoon – France
BN Licensing – Benelux Mendia – Spain/Portugal
Bulldog – UK PJB Brands – Greece
Bulls Licensing – Germany, Austria, Plus Licens – Czech, Denmark, Finland,
Switzerland Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia,
Gamma Medya – Turkey Sweden, Ukraine

Significant Market Information

Over 100 licensees

Successful direct-to-retail programs with H & M,

Jumbo, LPP (Cropp and Reserved), Oysho,
Women’s Secret, and TVOE

Leading European markets include: France, Germany,

Benelux, UK, Hungary, and Spain

Boost Group — Loyalty program at Spar, Champion,

Leclercq; in 2 years, 20 loyalty programs

Europe’s strongest Garfield licensing categories are

Apparel, Publishing, and Promotions

Many European markets have a strong program with

many major categories filled

Over 20 publishing licensees throughout Europe

producing: a wide range of books and calendars
Promotions Europe
QSR Promotions with Burger King and Quick France

Bayer Pet Promotion In Europe

Spar Loyalty Programs in Hungary, Russia and Austria

Kraft Food Promotion in Turkey

Limited edition collectible stamp in Switzerland

Marcho Antonetto stores in Italy, collectible 3D figurines to

be included with Vitajohn Junior vitamins for children

Media Exposure
Garfield et Cie (The Garfield Show) airs throughout Europe
via Cartoon Network Europe Feed and on France 3 where it is a
top performer for the network

Ratings strong; Season 5 soon underway; dubbed in every major


Garfield and Friends (1988-1995), primetime specials and direct-

to-video for both free and pay TV

Digital media via cell phone; over 25 companies producing

content, including games and apps

Print media widely distributed at retail, kiosks, bookstores

Comic strip in 85 papers – near saturation

BR Licensing – Brazil
Latin America
Mary Ann Gardner Hume – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay
Lorex (Sub-agent for BR Licensing) – Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
P & L Licensing - Chile, Mexico

Significant Market Information

Led in sales by Brazil with longtime agent BR Licensing paving the way. BR is the
longest-running Garfield agent, with the cat since 1985. Garfield is well-known
throughout Latin America, largely due to the efforts of this agent

Sales in region grew by 9% in 2012 in spite of the difficult economy elsewhere

in Latin America

39 licensees in Latin America with many other US licensees who also

distribute into Mexico

Brazil has comprehensive program with nearly every major category filled,
including large deals in infant products, publishing, food, B-T-S, and apparel

Huge back-to-school program in Latin America led by the

Bico/Carvajal group, one of Garfield’s top 15 companies in sales

Another core licensee, Gabrielli, sells a wide variety of product through Central and northern South
America. Efforts have landed them in our top-five worldwide licensee list in sales

In Mexico, now signing with new agent, P&L Global Network. Formerly business was driven by the
US-based sales team at Paws

An established DTR program in Mexico: Waldo’s Dolar Mart, 340 stores. Waldo’s carries a
variety of private label food products including cereal, juice and cookies...a perfect fit for Garfield

Mexico B-T-S program is impressive thanks to Carvajal’s Bienes de Consumo

Media Exposure
  Latin America
The Garfield Show is broadcast throughout
all of Latin America on Cartoon Network Latin America Feed, and by Play Arte
in Brazil. They are dubbed both in Spanish and Portuguese

Shows air 3-4 times a day in Brazil; great exposure to the character

Direct-to-video movies (3) have been launched theatrically in most major

markets including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Central America

Like every other market, the mobile business continues to grow. We have games, digital
download reading content, and learning activities through over 25 companies now

www.facebook.com/Garfield is liked by 15 million fans, many from

Latin America

Print media is popular in Latin America at retail and kiosks

Newspaper syndication in most countries throughout Latin America

Four publishers in Brazil doing a range of books from comic compilation, activity,
sticker, and special titles

Promotions Large and successful veterinary promotion in Brazil with Intervet (Merck Company).
Range of tick and flea medicines offered; great media exposure with online advertising

Peru and Nicaragua QSR promotion with Norkys and Tip Top this year

Wendy’s promotion in Mexico expected to repeat in Central America

In the works for Mexico and parts of South America is a Texas Church’s
promotion for 2014
I’m terribly busy, but feel free to talk to my agent...
Animation International BR Licensing PJB Brands
India Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela Greece
Nitin Kalra Glenn Migliaccio Paul Berrington
nitin@ai-india.com glenn@brlicensing.com.br paul@pjbbrand.com
Asiana Licensing Bulldog Licensing P&L Global Network
Korea UK Mexico, Chile
Chanmi Lee Rob Corney Fanny Salazar
alicom00@kornet.net robc@bulldog-licensing.com fsm@plglobalnetwork.com.mx
BIC Licensing Bulls Licensing PLUS Licens AB
Italy Germany, Austria, Switzerland Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Romania,
Claudio Massari Alfred Hoffmann Czech, Slovenia, Ukraine
claudio@biclicensing.it ahoffmann@bullspress.de Eva Brannstrom
BN Licensing Gamma Medya
Benelux Turkey PLUS Czech Republic and Slovakia
Cyril Speijer Zeynep Ataman Andrea Skotnicova
cyril@bnlicensing.com zeynep@gammamedya.net andrea.skotnicova@pluslicens.cz
CLM PLUS Hungary and Balkans
South Africa Judit Pomahazy
Graham Stephen jpomahazy@pluslicens.hu
PLUS Poland
Mary Ann Gardner Hume Malgosia Wojtaszek
Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay malgosia.wojtaszek@pluslicens.pl
Mary Hume
mary.hume@keystonemktg.com PLUS Romania
Simona Kessler
Medialink Limited simona@kessler-agency.ro
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, SE Asia
Noletta Chiu PLUS Russia
nolettachiu@medialink.com.hk Paul Tush
Mediatoon Licensing
France Yooka
Jerome Leclercq Israel
jerome.leclercq@mediatoon.com Merav Shmueli
Mendia Marketing meravs@yooka.co.il
Spain, Portugal 20too
Sophia Nogurera Middle East
sofianoguera@mendiasl.com Christian Zeidler
Let’s Talk!
Jill Davis
Sr. VP Licensing
Ph: 765 287 2270
Fax: 765 287 2329

Paws, Inc.
5440 E. Co. Rd. 450 N
Albany, IN 47320

Garfield © Paws. All Rights Reserved.

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