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First name/ Surname Haiduc Adriana-Liliana
Address Romania, Timisoara, Chisodei Street, no. 85, postal code: 300320
Telephone +40724 347 905
E-mail haiduc_adriana@yahoo.com
Nationality Romanian
Date of birth 10 April 1991
Gender Female

Name and address of employer Veridium US,Boston, 100 Hancock St 10th Fl, Quincy, MA 02171, USA 1-877-301-0299,
New York, 1177 Avenue of the Americas 5th Fl, New York, NY 10036

Type of business or sector Computer / Technology Sector

Dates January 2017 – May 2018

Occupation or position held Programmer

Main activities and responsibilities QA planning, QA testcase creation, VM & Active Directory integration maintenance,
biometric authentication testing process & required scenarios.
Other responsabilities: Wireframing & prototyping mobile applications (Invision),
design(Sketch), code validation. Ensured software functions normally through software
maintenance and testing.

Worked with Git as a version control system, iOS & android programming languages(Java,
Objective-C, Swift), Unix terminal friendly, cryptography tool: OpenSSL.

Also learned UX and UI, data modelling, database (MongoDB) with Express- Node.JS web
application framework & used basic routines to execute calls.


Documents) Created all complex policies and Billing scenarios manually and automated in Guidewire BillingCenter. Tax and Fee reports. Inc) Type of business or sector Computer / Technology Sector Dates October 2015 – May 2016 Occupation or position held QA Test Analyst – Project Based Main activities and responsibilities Executed DEV. reporting and suggestions for improvement 2 . Canada. maintained and coordinated all of the Time-based Testing effort in for Guidewire BillingCenter (integrated and standalone). Integration Database. All Automation scripts and results were reviewed prior to deploying into the higher regions Reported and tracked defects using HP ALM 12. Stabilization and UAT testing for Guidewire’s 8. tested and improved the Guidewire BillingCenter interface as per Functional Requirements. BillingCenter and Contact Manager) for Personal Lines Auto and Property in an Agile environment Main focus: Financials integration testing Moneris (Creditcard payment provider). Failed Payment(s) reporting. structure and integration Created. rules and direct architectural requests Provided continuous training and support to all peer teams involved in the Horizon programme for Guidewire BillingCenter. (Vendor for TCS Consulting Canada. Downstream reporting. ODS.0 Suite (PolicyCenter. data and high level script design. Name and address of employer 1826929 Ontario Inc. Prepared defect reports regularly for defect meetings. SIT. XML mapping. Client: Aviva Canada. Trial Balance. ensuring that all data is correct throughout the policy lifecycle Provided Test Automation with required scenarios. mapping and integrity to and from Guidewire BillingCenter with all integrated peers (OracleFinancials. Participated in all defect meetings with the Guidewire BillingCenter team and Programme- level peers and maintained a close relationship with the business in requirement analysis. XML mapping tables. etc) Data creation. Semaphone (PCI compliance integration) Bank feeds and backfeeds for Electronic Funds Transfer files Oracle Financials integration and Financial Reporting All required daily reports from Finance and Regulatory bodies (Daily Cash Balancing.0. Inc. monitored policies daily.

Collaborate with printers to select type of paper and ink. Make changes to mock-ups. corporate reports. Use computer software (Intous tablet) to create electronic versions of designs. RHEINBRUCKE S. Use of software and hand-rendering to design products that meet the needs of the client. photography. Meet with art directors to collaborate on design. and other publications. .R. Develop the layout and production design of magazines. Meet with client(s) to establish a vision for a product or design. Design logos for products and businesses. Develop illustrations for web pages. Submit rough drafts to client for approval. animation.October 2015 Occupation or position held Junior web designer/ Graphic designer Main activities and responsibilities Responsible for creating a visible image that can be used in media and print. Develop new business contacts. newspapers. and various print and layout techniques when designing project. illustration.ro Type of business or sector Computer / Technology Sector Dates 15 August 2013 – March 2014 Occupation or position held Marketing Specialist 3 . Name and address of employer RealStudio.C. images.ro Web: www. Name and address of employer Freelance work Type of business or sector Computer / Technology Sector Dates April 2014 . Employ color. Perform research on competitors and market trends. Timisoara.realstudio. type. and marketing brochures. S.L. Select the size and arrangement of the different elements. Create promotional displays. textures and shapes to create the layout. journals. e-mail: office@realstudio. Select colors. packaging.

clients and the media. Emerging technologies.Project Based Main activities and responsibilities Using plain. No.13. and conventional text and document formatting for the target language (English). Timisoara . Prague. Slovakia. Digital organizing.August 2013 Occupation or position held Technical Translator .Main activities and responsibilities Create print and Web-based communications materials Relationship building and networking with colleagues. Bratislava. Attending client meetings Researching press releases to targeted media Collating. T-Shirt`s and promoting the image of the club Administrating the client database liaising on a daily basis with clients and the media attending and promoting client events to the media Name and address of employer Gentleman`s Poker Club. Mobile: 0733 976 489 . Mobile: +421 259 203 811 Type of business or sector Human Resources. Foreign languages Dates February 2012 – June 2012 Occupation or position held Content Writer Main activities and responsibilities Research and write articles on Professional development. precise language. Web: http://gentlemenspokerclub.ro Type of business or sector Public Relations Dates March 2012 – 23 June 2013 Occupation or position held Validation Specialist Main activities and responsibilities Validating and translating the website’s content from English to Romanian quality management and updating the English-Romanian dictionary by adding and reviewing new terms and expressions offering support on the forum to English and Romanian users quality management of the Romanian version of different platforms like Wordpress and BBpress Name and address of employer TOL Transitions. Self-paced and institutional custom courses. appropriate vocabulary. 4 . Name and address of employer International Visegrad Funds.Dalia Street . Conflict-resolution. Crisis mapping. Complex Studentesc. Animation media. promotional events Attending and promoting client events to the media Design hoodies. Learning management system platform. Czech Republic Type of business or sector Foreign Languages Dates June 2012 . Peacebuilding. analysing and evaluating media coverage Event management. Develop client proposals and implement the PR activity.

Psychology Name and type of organisation providing West University from Timisoara.Deontology of ethics. FSPFSC Dates 2010 – 2013 Title of qualification awarded Marketing Specialist Principal subjects/occupational skills Rhetorics. Philosophy and education and training Communication Sciences. Logic and Argummentation. Graphics and painting Level in national or international classification ISCED 3 Dates 2006-2010 Title of qualification awarded High School Diploma Principal subjects/occupational skills Graduated of Philology and Linguistics covered Name and type of organisation providing National College “Colegiul Banaţean” Timișoara education and training Level in national or international ISCED 3 classification Personal skills and competences Native language Romanian 5 . Name and address of employer TechChange: The Institute for Technology & Social Change. Philosophy and education and training Communication Sciences. AV media. Philosophy. Oil Paintings. Communication and Mediation in social conflicts. Dates 2013 -2015 Title of qualification awarded Mediator Principal subjects/occupational skills Negociation. analytical thinking covered Name and type of organisation providing education and training West University of Timisoara. Critical thinking. Faculty of Political Sciences. covered Interculturality. critical thinking. Faculty of Political Sciences. Web: http://techchange. rhetorics and communication skills Name and type of organisation providing West University from Timisoara. Communication and Public Relations Dates 2006-2009 Title of qualification awarded Graphician Principal subjects/occupational covered History of Arts. Visual Design. mediation. Graphic illustration and mixed media Name and type of organisation providing artwork education and training Popular School of Arts. Acrylic Paintings.org/ Type of business or sector Professional Training & Coaching Education and training Dates 2013 – 2015 Title of qualification awarded Bachelor’s degree Occupational skills covered Strong negotiation.

mediation. capoeira.com/enfp-personality Organisational skills and I learned to manage time correctly. Technical skills and competences Ability to review and study relevant information from various sources to develop new information and identify primary and secondary authorities to validate a research or to create requirements. event graphics and packaging for projects across all media including print. Other languages English. qL Artistic skills and competences Digital communication studies.) Driving licence Category: B 6 . conceptional design and production for corporate and executive needs. reading. rhetorics. Excel. Swift Operating Systems Unix-based-(ArchLinux. God of War etc. and have set my priorities in order to progress and complete multiple tasks. comic books. Spanish and Portuguese Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production Written exprimation English C2 Advanced C2 Advanced C2 Advanced C2 Advanced C2 Advanced German B1 Intermediate A2 Basic User A2 Basic User A2 Basic User A2 Basic User Spanish B1 Intermediate B2 Intermediate B1 Intermediate A2 Basic User A2 Basic User Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Social skills and competences https://www. event graphics. marketing materials. paintball. corporate graphics. Advanced knowledge in Illustrator. German. These skills are used for creatively developing strategic. Intermediate proficiency in Sketch. Hobbies: Information and knowledge. One of my best valued skills is being able to concentrate on multiple processes at the same time. Programming HTML CSS JAVSCRIPT. I have worked a lot competences with tight deadlines. Mint). graphic and traditional design. technology. drawing. OSX /Windows Proficient in applications that are used in general desk-jobs like Microsoft Powerpoint. Photoshop. due to my project based activities. travelling. online environment. Assassin`s Creed.16personalities. intercultural studies. snowboarding. Other skills and competences Good management of crisis situations and finding optimal solutions for both client and developer. and strategy PC games (Dota2. gaming and development. Kali. web. catalogs and interactive communication. online sales materials. Objective-C.

behance. article writing. fear or isolation of being bullied. SiGMA TV For more projects contribution please request portfolio or visit https://www. painting) in association with Allma. 2011 Organizer and participant in different years Probitas August 2009 Journalism camp organised by RadioWest Timisoara and Tibiscus College Manyfest(Link) Collaboration with TVR1. and that everyone has the right to be safe from bullying. Projects November 2016 – Present Game designer at Gamelab.Tradiţie şi modernitate în arta contemporană”(Link) July 2010 – Present The project wants to promote bridges in Timisoara.https://www. violence and harassment. event organizing. which is an international bullying prevention charity working and campaigning to make bullying unacceptable. “ Zambete pe schiuri” 1 st edition – ski camp for kids with cerebral deficiencies and recently adopted 2013 volunteer at ESN. The organisation believes that no one should endure the pain.net/blackbubblegum 2016 Webdesigner and PR Specialist at Darinur – Children care 2016 Event organizer and ski instructor.Annexes 2016 Illustrator at Blackbubblegum . OSUT and Manyfest April 2011 organising and event planning 2012 . on the ground in the UK and across Europe. currently working on a 2D adventure puzzle game ”Podurile Timişoarei . vj-ing Volunteer work 2015 ski monitor at Muntele Mic Event organizer and ski instructor. AT4T( A theatre 4 teenagers) June 2010. the historical heritage and cultural integration circuit by making works of art (photography. “ Zambete pe schiuri II”– ski camp for kids with cerebral deficiencies and recently adopted 2015 Marketing Internship at Lasting Systems Freelancer – graphic design.present Beatbullying I was a mentor in the NGO named BeatBullying.behance.net/blackbubblegum 7 . book illustration.