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Arthur Miller: Get it right… PRIVATIZED EXECUTIONS



 Miller describes death by the electric chair. The initial performance, followed by the
appearance of the governor which precedes the arrival of the armed forces in charge of
execution. The installation of the electric chair, right before the prisoner’s last words; prayers
by clergy, then the executioner pulling the switch.
 The fee allotted to the condemned, in my opinion is most controversial and outrageous. And
the entire scheme is quite plausible.
 In all honesty, I feel that the author does not completely support capital punishment and could
have been expounding on a brief satirical thought. Mainly due to the quite aggressive context
and description.
 From this piece, the author seems to believe the government should outsource the task, as they
are rather inefficient and incapable at it.
 Crime deterrent and financial benefits.
 The negative impact of crime in the state can signify alternative current. Being rather figurative,
the author refers to the anger of victims and loved ones, now being let out whilst justice is duly
 The statement, although rather direct, is quite attention grabbing; and immediately provides
the reader, an idea of the author’s main proposition.
 I feel the author sought to provoke amusement; from my perspective, thus the rather dramatic
 Paragraphs 14 and 15 could be combined. Paragraphs 4-5 could also be combined. All others
remain as they are. One sentence paragraphs best fit a concise narrative; also, two sentence
paragraphs make for easy assimilation of key points.
 The actual process begins at paragraph 8, line 1. Ends at Paragraph 13, line 4.
 And, Next, Then, Once, Finally, “At that point”. I think additional transitions will only be
needed if paragraphs had to be combined.
 Capital punishment, electrocutions, public elimination, put-to-death. These alternatives all have
the same direct meaning as the term “execution”.
 (9) – He expected readers to react with amusement, (15) – triggers outrage, (16) –Consensus
and accord.
 The presence of theatrics before the ceremony. The ecstatic crowd, the very organic interest in
such scenery has a direct relation to sporting events. The author’s analogy is valid in my

Journal Entry

Honestly, I do not think his scheme being a deterrent. Crime is engrained in the very base of our
society. If the prison sentence cannot change the rate at which crime is committed, individuals will
not realistically be deterred by application of the capital punishment.