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 Lecture and discussion method  GNLU Students : ₹ 1500/-

 Case Analysis  Others: ₹ 2500/-


1) The fees includes registration fee, tuition fee and
 Advocates/ Academics
Course kit.
 Legal personnel/ Counsels
 Insolvency professional and Practitioners 2) Additional charges shall be applicable for meals
(i.e. breakfast, lunch and tea) and accommodation.
Gujarat National Law University’s
(Advocates and Company Secretaries)
 Business Consultants HOW TO APPLY: Centre for Corporate and Competition Law
 Students (pursuing full time undergraduate
and postgraduate program in Law) Pay online through the link below: Organizes
Evaluation Method: .htm?corpID=627430 Advanced Training Programme
 The Evaluation will be done in form of Note: Google Chrome will be suitable on
Objective Test (Multiple Choice Questions) browser while making the payment
‘Corporate Insolvency Laws: Practice and Procedure’
NOTE: A minimum number of 10 to a maximum For any queries, please feel free to contact the (27 – 30 June 2018)
of 30 Participants will be accepted on a First Come undersigned
First Served Basis. Mr. Shashibhushan Sharma
at +91 8128650840 or centregcccl@gnlu.ac.in
Last Date for Registration:
25 June 2018

Gujarat National Law University

Attalika Avenue, Knowledge Corridor,
Training Programme Coordinator:
Koba, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Dr. Udayakumara Ramakrishna B.N. INDIA
Director, Centre for Corporate and Competition Law
and Assistant Professor of Law,
Gujarat National Law University

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar, (www.gnlu.ac.in), Gandhinagar (A
Grade recognition by NAAC), a Research based Teaching University (RbTU), established
by the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003, recognized by BCI and the UGC,
provides on of the most diversified and unique teaching, research, training and extension An Experienced Academic in Corporate and Insolvency Law.
programme. It enjoys the membership of national and international network of universities,
namely, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the United Nations Academic Impact
(UNAI), the International Association of Law Schools (IALS) and Asian Law Institute
Topics to be covered: Cases to be discussed:
ABOUT THE PROGRAMME: • Brief background about the Insolvency and  Innoventive Industries Limited Vs. ICCI Bank & Anr,
Bankruptcy laws of India: Pre 2016 Civil Appeal Nos. 8337-8338 , Supreme Court,
The year 2016 has been a remarkable year for legislative development with the enactment of the AAdhar Act, 2016, 2017
the GST Act, 2016 and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), 2016. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code • BLRC Report: An Overview
 Surendra Trading Company Vs. Juggilal kamlapat jute
(IBC), 2016 (hereinafter referred as IBC, 2016) is one of the game changing legislations in Insolvency Laws and to • The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 mills Company Limited and others, Civil Appeal No.
reform the economy of the country. 'Insolvency and Bankruptcy ' has been a challenge to Indian economy and and the Amendment 2018 : Brief Introduction 8400, Supreme Court, 2017
commercial wisdom. The recently enacted, ' the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016’ is one of the legal • Impact of the IBC on other laws  Lokhandwala Kataria Construction Private Limited Vs.
• Interplay between the IBC,2016 and the Nisus Finance and Investment Managers LLP, Civil
reformation in the area of Corporate Insolvency as well as individual insolvency in India. This Code may take India
Companies Act,2013 Appeal No. 9279, Supreme Court 2017
from a weak insolvency regime to a strong insolvency regime. The multidimensional approach of the Code will require  Mobilox Innovations Private Limited Vs. Kirusa Software
the knowledge of critical understanding of the interplay between the Code and other relevant legislations of India i.e., • BLRC High Power Committee Report,2018
Private Limited, Civil Appeal No. 9405, Supreme
the Company Legislation, the Debt Recovery Legislations, the Taxation Legislations etc. One of the very important • ‘Corporate Insolvency: Practice and
Court , 2017
areas is the interplay between the IBC, 2016 and the Companies Act, 2013. So, the syllabus for the said training Procedure’ –A Brief Idea  Macquarie Bank Limited Vs. Shilpi Cable Technologies
programme will cover the relevant provisions of the IBC, 2016 and Companies Act, 2013 along with the rules required • Creditors: Categorisation and Eligibility Limited, Civil Appeal No.15135, Supreme Court,
for the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process. The course will cover the evolving jurisprudence relating to the • Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process: and 2017
Corporate Insolvency resolution process, through the adjudicating authorities since 2016. relevant rules with recent amendment  Chitra Sharama and others Vs Union of India, Supreme
• Jurisdiction and Adjudicating Authorities for Court, 2017
the CIRP  Billets Elektro Werke Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Tryst Industries
• Offences and Penalties Pvt. Ltd., (IB)-257(ND)/, NCLT New Delhi II,
• Important Institutions under the IBC: Their
 Punjab National Bank Vs. Carnation Auto India Pvt.
(1) To enable the participants to understand the background appraisal of the Powers and Functions (IP,IPA,IBBI,IU Ltd., (IB)-302(ND)/2017, NCLT New Delhi II,
legislative framework for the Insolvency and bankruptcy of the corporate • Liquidation process for Corporate Persons 2017
persons. • Fast Track Insolvency Resolution Process  Sonitech Travels Co. Vs. Centre for Vocational Training
(2) To enable the participants to hold the critical link between the IBC,2016 • Voluntary Liquidation of Corporate Persons and Entrepreneurship Studies, (IB)-259(ND)/2017,
and the Companies Act,2013 • Evaluation : Group Discussion and Brain NCLT New Delhi II, 2017
(3) To enable the participants to be well-versed with the practical aspects of storming session on, ‘IBC and Emerging  Oxygen Communications Vs. Iris Computers, (IB)-
the procedure for corporate insolvency resolution process. Issues and Challenges’ 333(ND)/, NCLT New Delhi II, 2017
(4) To enable the participants in gaining knowledge about the evolving  Lakshmi Steels Vs. Hounslow Builders Pvt. Ltd., (IB)-
322(ND)/, NCLT New Delhi II, 2017
jurisprudence relating to the Corporate Insolvency resolution process,
through the adjudicating authorities since 2016.