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a. Mechanics
i. The spoken poetry shall be in accordance with the
theme of the Linggo ng Kabataan;
ii. Participants must at least be 15 but not more than 30
years old at the day of the competition;
iii. One participant is given a maximum of 5 minutes to
render his/her spoken poetry.

a. Mechanics
i. The debate shall revolve on the question “How can you
promote safe spaces for youth when there is
ii. Each of the participant shall have a maximum of three
minutes to answer and defend the same before the
board of judges;
iii. Participants may use English, Tagalog or, Cebuano, or
a combination of any or all of the aforesaid
language/dialects for their speech;
iv. The competition will be a one versus one participant. A
participant will pick his topic and his opponent will also
pick his. Whoever has the best answer shall proceed to
the next round until only 3 remains for the final round;