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will do Grand angle ........................................................................................................................................................................................................ 4

In this gourmet issue of Vocable we feature On parle d'eux .............................................................................................................................................................................................. 5
articles on some of the latest trends in eating
and drinking. For some years bowl food has A la une
been growing in popularity. It started in the  C1-C2 Why bowl food is so popular THE GUARDIAN (UK) ............................................ 6
restaurants of New York around 2015, before The success of dishes served in bowls.
conquering all the major cities… and Instagram!
It now comes in many forms, textures and col-  B2-C1 The rise of natural wine THE GUARDIAN (UK) ................................................................... 9
ours, from the Hawaiian poke bowl (salad of raw The fascinating history of natural wine.
fish, with fresh fruit and vegetables), savoury or
sweet porridge to the Buddha bowl (vegetarian Société
main meal). Lifestyle bloggers have seized on  C1-C2 What to do in Brighton? THE INDEPENDENT (UK) .................................................................... 12
the trend, as have publishers. Meghan Markle Must-see places in Brighton.
and Prince Harry themselves served bowl food
at their wedding reception. What makes this  B2-C1 Fighting for the right to party THE ECONOMIST (UK) ........................................................ 14
kind of dish so attractive? Georgia’s young people mobilise to save their clubs.

And, since good food deserves a good wine, we  A2-B1 A 360° ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 16
also take a closer look at natural wine – which
aims at a taste as close to the original grape as
possible, thanks to a completely natural process PRATIC’ABLE  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17
as well as organic agriculture. You may have Vocabulaire, expressions et astuces pour parler
heard about it, maybe even tasted it, but have you comme un anglophone
realised it or been able to recognise it? This type Ça roule / Point de grammaire : Adjectifs se terminant en "–ing" ou en "-ed"/
of wine does not carry a special label, nor is it easy Jeux de mots
to find. Yet, that has not stopped it from revo-
lutionising the restaurant industry worldwide,
from 2000 onwards, as far afield as Brooklyn and Enjeux
Copenhagen, not to mention London…  B2-C1 Can Thomas Cook become Thomas Cool?
Happy reading and tasting!

New target audience for the famous travel company.

 B2-C1 Where did Ireland go? THE NEW YORK TIMES (US) ....................................................................... 22
The Irish abortion referendum.

 A2-B1 Echos ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 24

Rejoignez-nous sur et suivez-nous sur et sur
 C1-C2 The fascinating history of dentistry THE ECONOMIST (UK) ....................... 25
An exhibition that will make you smile.
 C1-C2 Charlize Theron and Diablo Cody on Tully LOS ANGELES TIMES (US) .. 27
L’article est repris sur le CD ou les MP3 A chat with actress Charlize Theron and screenwriter Diablo Cody.
de conversation : Des interviews en V.O.
pour améliorer votre compréhension Découverte
Tous les articles du magazine sont lus par des
 B2-C1 Using the Kilauea volcano to study Mars
anglophones sur le CD (ou les MP3) de lecture THE NEW YORK TIMES (US) ...................................................................................................................................................................... 30.
The Kilauea volcano, a fascinating landscape for NASA scientists.
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Les sorties ........................................................................................................................................................................................................... 34
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Grand L’actualité en images



In this picture, racegoers head home at the end of Derby Day. This Group 1
flat horse race, known as “the Epson Derby” or “the Derby,” is run at
Epsom Downs racecourse, in Surrey, every year on the first Saturday of
June. It is open to three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies, and
covers a distance of 2400 meters. Created in 1779, it is the most
Ladies at the Derby prestigious horse race in England, and one of the great national sporting
Ladies Day is a fashion competition held the day before events of the country. It attracts celebrities, horse racing aficionados, and
the race. Any racegoer can take part, and women who royalty — the Queen, whose favourite pastimes include horse racing,
attend like to wear flamboyant hats and fascinators. This
year, the competition was judged by reality TV star and rarely misses it.
model Vogue Williams.
derby (horse) race / racegoer person who attends races / to head home to return to one’s home /
fashion style / to hold, held, held to organise, take place / racecourse racing track / thoroughbred of a certified bloodline / colt young male horse / filly young
to attend to be present at / fascinator type of hat. female horse / to miss not to go to, not to attend.

4 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018

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Ceux qui font l'actu

Benedict Cumberbatch, the British actor re-
nown for his role in the TV series Sherlock,
has been hailed a hero after saving a Deliv-
eroo cyclist from being mugged. The actor
was travelling in an Uber taxi on Maryle-
bone High Street when he saw four men at-
tacking the cyclist. He immediately jumped
out of the car to scare them off. Thanks to
him, the cyclist, who had been hit over the
head with a wine bottle, suffered no further
injuries. The story appeared in newspapers
worldwide, and Deliveroo thanked Cum-
berbatch for his actions. The actor denied
being a hero, stating: “There are real-life he-
roes out there and I’m not one of them.”
renown famous, well known / to hail to acknowledge, acclaim /

(Yong Teck Lim/AP/SIPA)

Deliveroo app service using bicycles to deliver food from
restaurants to customers at home / to mug to attack sb and
steal their money / to scare off to frighten, make sb run away /
thanks to because of / further even more / injury physical
harm / worldwide all over the world, internationally / to deny to
refuse to accept, refute, reject the idea that... / to state to
(Europa Newswire/Shutter/SIPA)

(Jeff Chiu/AP/SIPA)

Justin Trudeau Gordon Brown Aaron Persky

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, In an interview with the BBC, Gordon Brown California judge, Aaron Persky, has been
has described US tariffs as “insulting,” after has called for tougher migration controls to recalled from office by local voters. This is
Donald Trump announced that steel and address the concerns of those who voted to largely due to a controversial decision to
aluminium imports from Canada, the leave the European Union. The former British award a six-month prison sentence to
European Union and Mexico, would be taxed prime minister, who backed the remain ex-Stanford university student, Brock Turner,
at 25 and 10 percent respectively. “There are campaign, said that politicians needed to for felony offences over the assault of an
no two countries that are as interconnected, tackle the Brexiters’ concerns because the unconscious woman at a campus fraternity
interdependent,” Trudeau said during an country is at risk of “being permanently party, whereas the minimum sentence for this
appearance on NBC. paralysed by seemingly irreparable divisions.” crime is two years. He is the first judge to have
tariff tax on imports / steel hard metal made of iron to call for to ask for, make a plea for / tough hard, strict,
been recalled by voters since 1977.
and carbon / appearance act of appearing in public, severe / to address to respond to / concern worry, to recall here, to remove / office position, responsibility / to
here on TV. preoccupation / former ex / to back to support / remain award to deliver / felony major offence, crime / assault
here, in favour of staying in the European Union / to tackle attack / whereas while, in contrast to the fact that.
to deal with, try to resolve / seemingly what appear to be.

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 •5

À la une I Tendance I ROYAUME-UNI

I  C2

Comment faire une soupe ramen

parfaite ? Découvrez le reportage vidéo
et testez votre compréhension sur


Bowl food: analysis of a new trend in
catering (bowl food eating a meal from a bowl)
Poke bowl, bo bun, ramen... These culinary specialities from
around the world are now featured in our own restaurants, and
are especially celebrated by foodies. What do they have in
common? They are served in bowls, and apparently, it makes
a big difference…

P rince Harry and Meghan Markle’s

decision to have] a wedding break-
fast that would serve “trendy bowl food” to
standing guests was judged to be not just
have announced today isn’t brilliant. Bowls
are not considered very aristocratic, very
royal, everything would be served on plates,”
he observed. 
propelled by a new focus on healthy dishes
– often layers of grains, pulses, vegetables,
protein, dips and sauces that only work to-
gether when compacted in this appropriate
news, but news that needed translating for vessel. It has also become a contradictory
a bewildered nation. Immediately, other FOCUS ON HEALTHY DISHES food category in its own right, stretching
news outlets began to worry about guests’ 2. Away from royal circles, bowl food – out- from acai and cacao nib-topped breakfast
dry-cleaning bills. On Radio 2, etiquette ex- side of soup and cereals, that is – has been porridges to Hawaiian poké raw fish dishes.
pert William Hanson (who in 2016 wrote that a thing for a while. Or for several millennia, A raft of cookbooks duly followed. And in
“only dogs eat from bowls”) could be heard if you want to be pedantic. But the rise of
on Steve Wright in the Afternoon, sharing bowl-eating was widely noted circa 2016,
his dismay. “The bowl food thing that they to propel here, to cause / layer a thickness of something,
especially on top of each other / grains cereals / pulse
legume that is grown and harvested for its dry seed as food
1. trendy fashionable, popular, chic / standing upright, brilliant here, good idea. / dip cold sauce in which vegetable are dipped before
not sitting / bewildered confused, perplexed / news 2. focus (on) here, passion for, enthusiasm about / that eating / vessel here, dish / in one’s own right in and of
outlet media / dry-cleaning special chemical process for is that is to say / millennium (plur. millennia) thousand itself / to stretch from... to.... to go from...to, to
cleaning certain kinds of clothes / bill invoice, cost / Steve year period / ... has been a thing for a while ...has been encompass / acai berry (originating from a South
Wright in the Afternoon radio programme on BBC Radio fashionable for some time / rise ascension, progress / American palm tree) / nib-topped sprinkled with
2 (since 1999) / dismay consternation / circa around, about / chocolate bits / poké raw fish salad, traditional Hawaiian
starter course / raft here, series / duly as expected /

6 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018  facile A2-B1 /  moyen B2-C1 /  difficile C1-C2
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Our favourite blogs featuring bowl food:

The Butter Half Bowl of delicious The awesome green
Pickles & Honey Two red bowls

– the same year that Bon Appétit joked that CHEFS LOVE IT TOO
bowl food is “at least 10% healthier than food 6. Do not imagine, incidentally, that the
on a plate”.  royal wedding bowls [were] all chia seeds,
blueberries and “activated” almonds. It may
ACADEMIC SUPPORT seem odd that royal chef Mark Flanagan
4. In fact, there is some academic support [served] classic British dishes in bowls, but
for the intuitive feeling for the past decade top
that food in bowls is chefs have been doing
good for us. According to just that: pureeing, jel-
Charles Spence, who lifying, shredding and
studies the psychology of dicing ingredients to
food at the University of create small intense
Oxford, a warm bowl in dishes that you can eas-
your hand encourages ily eat w ith a spoon.
you to feel content, while Some find the lack of
its weight and the way cutting and sometimes
we perceive r imless chewing in bowl food
bowls to contain bigger infantile, but ambitious
portions than they actu- chefs embraced this ve-
ally do, may encourage hicle of delivery long be-
us to eat less. “ That fore the clean-eating
weight is likely to make crew.  >>>
your brain think the
food is more substantial
and you are likely to rate it as more (SIPA)

intensely aromatic than exactly the same 6. incidentally by the way / chia Mexican plant with
seeds considered to be very nutritious and beneficial /
food sat passively on a plate,” Spence told blueberry small round edible blue-black fruit / activated
the website Quartzy.  here, soaked in salt water to remove phytochemicals that
are believed to prevent getting the full benefit of the
nutrients / odd strange / to puree to blend until it is a
5. This concave cult is now firmly en- smooth paste / to jellify to make into a jelly / to shred to
trenched. At John Lewis, where bowls are cut or tear into small uneven pieces / to dice to chop (cut)
far more popular than plates as gifts, there into small squares / to chew to masticate / to embrace
to adopt, accept (enthusiastically) / vehicle of delivery
has been a 14% like-for-like increase in bowl here, way of serving, presenting / crew group.
sales in the past six months. Meanwhile,
across Instagram and food blogs, the bowl
Simply Nigella, Nigella Lawson jumped on appears to dominate as the crockery of
the bandwagon, declaring: “If I could, I’d eat choice. It helps that, for amateurs, bowls are
everything out of a bowl.”  a naturally photogenic medium. “A lot of SUR LE BOUT DE LA LANGUE
bowl stuff has things sprinkled on, herbs
3. If burrito bowls, sushi bowls and super- and seeds” – as often seen on the now ubiq- A bowl
food Buddha bowls have little in common uitous smoothie bowl – “which immedi- A bowl, un bol, est un récipient
gastronomically, the bowl itself seems to ately makes things look pretty,” says free- hémisphérique.
convey a sense of comforting nourishment. lance food stylist Katy Greenwood.  A dish, un plat, peut désigner le
“I love how gentle and nurturing it feels,” récipient ou les aliments cuisinés, un
wrote chef Anna Jones in this paper in 2016 plat, un mets.
to joke to say amusingly.
Au pluriel, dishes peut signifier la
4. academic scholarly / rimless without an upper edge /
vaisselle, exemple to do the dishes,
Simply Nigella cooking programme on BBC2 / to jump actually in reality / to be likely to to be capable of / to
rate here, to consider / to sit, sat, sat to be placed. faire la vaisselle.
on the bandwagon to follow the style.
3. superfood very nutritious food which is beneficial to 5. entrenched well established, deeply rooted / John Attention, a plate désigne une
health / to convey to express, transmit / sense Lewis chain of high-quality department stores in the UK / assiette, tandis que a dish désigne un
impression, feeling / comforting here, reassuring / like-for-like comparative / crockery dishes / to sprinkle plat.
nourishment sustenance / gentle here, pleasant / to put small pieces of sth on / seed grain / ubiquitous
omnipresent, found everywhere. Et pour transporter tout ceci il faut
nurturing beneficial / paper newspaper /
un tray, un plateau.

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 •7

À la une I Tendance I ROYAUME-UNI I  C2

At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, guests were served an assortment of bowl food including
10-hour slow roasted Windsor pork belly with apple compote and crackling, and fricassee of free-range
chicken with morel mushrooms and leaks.

>>> 7. Historically, Michelin-starred tasting Harris, chef director at Company of Cooks,

menus would be punctuated by snacks that which has catered at the Baftas and the Royal dining etiquette
were, essentially, canapes. But Dan Cox, Olivier awards. “You need somewhere to
former head chef at Simon Ro- put your glass because it’s a
gan’s Fera restaurant at Clar- stand-up affair, and lots of
idges, says: “Canapes are staff hovering around col-
inherently hard to work l e c t i n g t he e mp t y
with. Invariably, you bowls. In the last six
need a dry base, then years, it’s become
[several layers] on more widely
top. It’s high labour known.” 
and high risk be-
cause it can just all 10. Serving bowls at
fa l l apa r t . W it h an event allows for
bowls, you do away great variety, too.
with those problems.”  “ We do d i fferent
world cuisines. That’s


8. Cox, who is also a pot- what our well-travelled


ter and makes his own clients look for,” says Gem- A few etiquette rules that the members
of the Royal family follow when it comes
crockery, will soon open a ma Bacon, head of event to food...
new restaurant at Corn- planning at caterer Rhu-
wall’s Crocadon Farm. He Bowl food has barb. “Often they want  ollow the Queen’s lead
When she is seated, they sit down. If
loves how bowls have liber-
ated dish design and are
become a gluten-free, vegan or dairy-
free options too, and bowl
she stops eating, they also stop.
able to accommodate more standard menu food allows you to cater to  rink their tea properly
liquid than plates, so you option for those dietary requirements During teatime, they are expected to
hold their teacup properly (thumb
can bring in influences naturally.” 
from dishes such as noodle high-end event and index finger holds the top of the
handle, while the middle finger
soups and broths. And be- caterers. 11. The growth of bowl food supports the bottom), and place
cause they are all about also reflects what, even in their teacup back in the saucer after
layering ingredients, they society’s super-rich strato- each sip.
are a good place to use uglier cuts. “Take sphere, is a growing desire for informality.  old utensils in the correct hands
oxtail, for example. It doesn’t look so pretty We may not embrace the bowl with the glee They must hold knives in their right
on the plate, so let’s get it at the bottom of of the Japanese (where slurping down the hand and forks in their left with the
the bowl and put three layers on top.”  dregs is perfectly acceptable), but, unlike at tines facing down. And, instead of
the dinner table, a bowl-food party allows stabbing their food, they shovel it
A STANDARD MENU OPTION people to circulate and, of course, avoid any onto the back of their fork.
9. Given those factors – ease of service and particularly awful guests. No wonder the Skip the shellfish
creativity – bowl food has become a stand- royal couple are fans. l This is more of an ancient tradition to
ard menu option for high-end event caterers. avoid food poisoning rather than an
“Each bowl is generally four or five mouth- actual rule. Some royals, including
the Queen, choose not to eat
fuls, and four bowls will be quite a lot per Bafta = British Academy of Film and Television Arts shellfish, others do.
person. It’s substantial,” says Matthew / (Laurence) Olivier Awards British Theatre awards
ceremony / it’s a stand-up affair people eat and drink to follow sb’s lead to follow sb’s example /
while upright, not sitting / to hover around to move properly correctly / to be expected to to be
7. Michelin-starred allocated star rating by the restaurant around (the guests). supposed to / thumb short, thick finger at the
guide, Michelin / snack bite to eat, light food, here, canapés side of the hand, slightly apart from the other four
/ it’s high labour it’s hard work / to fall, fell, fallen apart 10. well-travelled who have visited many countries / / handle a part by which a thing is held, opened
to disintegrate, collapse. dairy-free without dairy products, milk, cheese etc / or picked up / bottom lower part / saucer
dietary requirements special nutritional demands. shallow curved dish / sip small quantity of a drink
8. potter person who makes pottery / noodle thin, long strip
11. informality casual experience, lack of formality / glee / tine prong / to face down to turn towards the
of pasta-like food made with flour or rice paste, eaten with a
joy, jubilation / to slurp down to drink noisily / dregs plate / to stab here, to force the fork into and
sauce or in a soup / broth bouillon / to layer to superimpose
remains, residue / awful unpleasant / no wonder It is not pierce to lift up to the mouth / to shovel to
/ cut piece / oxtail cut of beef from the tail, usually eaten in
a surprise, therefore that.... gather and push (onto) / to skip here, not to eat /
soup (ox adult castrated bull).
shellfish sea food that grows in a hard cover, like
9. ease facility / high-end top of the range, prestigious / mussels / to avoid to prevent / actual real.
caterer professional service to provide prepared food for
an event / mouthful quantity of food in one’s mouth /

8 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018  facile A2-B1 /  moyen B2-C1 /  difficile C1-C2
À la une I Tendance I ROYAUME-UNI I  B2-C1

Nearly 70 % of natural wine bottles produced in

France are exported abroad.



The market for natural wine is expanding
Natural wine differs slightly from its organic counterpart; it is produced without any chemical products throughout the process,
yet it does not have official certification. Nevertheless, it is becoming an increasingly popular feature of restaurants in London. In
France, it represents less than 1% of production, but it is being talked about more and more. Is this a passing trend or
revolutionary change in the way wine is made? Journalist Stephen Buranyi leads the enquiry.

I f you were lucky enough to dine at

Noma, in Copenhagen, in 2011 – which
had just been crowned as the “best restaurant
in the world” – you might have been served
2. But almost more remarkable than the dish
itself was the drink that accompanied it: a
glass of cloudy, noticeably sour white wine
from a virtually unknown vineyard in

one of its signature dishes: a single, raw, razor France’s Loire Valley, which was available at To be lucky enough to
clam from the North Sea, in a foaming pool the time for about £8 a bottle. It was cer- dine at Noma (§ 1)
of aqueous parsley, topped with a dusting of tainly an odd choice for a £300 menu. This avoir la chance de dîner chez Noma.
horseradish snow.  was a so-called natural wine – made without • Enough se place après les adjectifs
any pesticides, chemicals or preserva- >>> et les adverbes :
not old enough trop jeune
1. to crown to place a crown on, here, to celebrate as a winner
not quickly enough pas assez vite
/ signature famous, emblematic / raw fresh, uncooked /
razor clam Siliqua patula, long narrow shaped species of 2. cloudy not clear, opaque (unfiltered) / noticeably • Enough se place avant les
edible marine bivalve mollusc / foaming pool frothy sauce / perceptibly, quite / sour acidic in taste / virtually almost, substantifs :
aqueous containing water / parsley aromatic plant / to top practically / vineyard plantation of vines, here, wine I haven' got enough money je n'ai
with to cover with / dusting light layer, covering / producer / odd strange, curious / so-called known as /
horseradish perennial plant of the Brassicaceae family chemical chemical substance / preservative substance pas assez d'argent.
whose root has a mustard-like taste / snow here, powder. added to make it consumable for longer /

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 •9

À la une I Tendance I ROYAUME-UNI I  B2-C1

Since 1990, consumers in the UK have shown a shifting preference from beer to wine. In
2014, the UK was the sixth biggest wine consuming country in the world. White wine
is slightly favoured over red wine consumption.

>>> tives – the product of a movement that has maddening to such traditionalists. “There is protect the grapes, which are a notoriously
triggered the biggest conflict in the world of no legal definition of natural wine,” Michel fragile crop. In 2013, a study found traces of
wine for a generation.  Bettane, one of France’s most influential pesticides in 90% of wines available at French
wine critics, told me. “It exists because it supermarkets. In response to this, a small
A STAPLE IN MANY RESTAU- proclaims itself so. It is a fantasy of mar- but growing number of vineyards have in-
RANTS ginal producers.” troduced organic farming. But what happens
3. The rise of natural wine has seen these once the grapes have been harvested is less
unusual bottles become a staple at many of LIKE IN A PREVIOUS CENTURY scrutinised, and, to natural wine enthusiasts,
the world’s most acclaimed restaurants – 5.Sebastien Riffault, from the Loire Valley, scarcely less horrifying. The modern wine-
Noma, Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Hibiscus runs the 10-year-old trade body L’Association maker has access to a vast armamentarium
in London – championed by sommeliers des Vins Naturels. He told me his of interventions, from supercharged lab-
who believe that tradi- basic technique was simply “mak- grown yeast, to antimicrobials, antioxidants
tional wines have be- ing wine like in a previous cen- and filtering gelatins. 
come too processed, tury, with nothing added”. This
and out of step with a means using only organic LITTLE INTERVENTION
food culture that priz- grapes, picked by hand, and 7. Natural winemakers believe that none of
es all things local. A fermenting slowly with wild this is necessary. In practice, this means go-
recent study showed ing without the methods that have
that 38% of wine lists given modern winemakers so much
in London now fea- control over their product. Even
ture at least one or- more radically, it means jettisoning
ganic, biodynamic “[Natural wine] is a the expectations of mainstream
or natural wine (the wine culture, which dictates that
categories can over-
fantasy of marginal wine from a certain place should
lap) – more than producers.” always taste a certain way. 
three times as many
as in 2016. 8.In France, which remains the
cultural and commercial centre of
But among wine critics, the wine world, the acceptable styles

there is a deep suspicion that yeasts from the vineyard. No antimicro- of winemaking aren’t just a matter of his-
the natural wine movement is intent on bial chemicals are added to the wine, and tory and convention; they are codified into
tearing down the norms and hierarchies everything is bottled – bits and all – law. For a wine to be labelled from a particu-
that they have dedicated their lives to without filtering. lar region, it must adhere to strict guidelines
upholding. The haziness of what actually about which grapes and production tech-
counts as natural wine is particularly 6.At first glance, the idea that wine niques can be used, and how the resulting
should be more natural seems absurd. wine should taste. This system of certifica-
Yet, as natural wine advocates point tion – the  appellation d’origine con-
to trigger to activate, set off, cause. out, the way most wine is trôlée (AOC), or “protected designation of
3. staple main or principal element, produced today looks origin” – is enforced by inspectors and blind-
here, regular feature / acclaimed nothing like this pic- tasting panels. 
reputed, well regarded, celebrated by
the critics / to champion to support,
ture-postcard vision.
promote / processed here, overly Vineyards are soaked
treated with additives, industrial / to be with pesticide and fertiliser to notoriously widely known (in a negative way) / crop
out of step with not conforming to what others cultivated plant / farming agriculture, cultivation / to
are doing or thinking / to prize to value highly, consider harvest to pick, gather / to scrutinise to examine very
important / to feature to include / organic produced maddening exasperating / influential important, closely / scarcely hardly / winemaker producer of wine /
without pesticides and fertilisers / biodynamic a form of powerful, significant. armamentarium arsenal / supercharged here, super
organic farming (from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner 5. trade body professional organisation / to pick to active, powerful / lab-grown made in a laboratory.
1861-1965), with an emphasis on the use of manure gather, collect, here, harvest / wild growing naturally / 7. to go, went, gone without not to make use of / to
and compost / to overlap to happen at the same time, yeast type of fungus used in fermentation / to bottle to jettison to eject, here, to abandon, get rid of /
coincide. transfer a liquid into a bottle / bit particle / filtering expectation here, what consumers expect of sth /
4. suspicion distrust, feeling of uncertainty / to be process of removing particles. mainstream conventional, traditional, established / to
intent on to be determined to / to tear, tore, torn down 6. at first glance at first sight, here, on first consideration taste to have a flavour.
to demolish / to dedicate to devote, focus on / to (of an idea) / advocate supporter, defender / to point 8. to label to categorise, brand / guideline directive,
uphold, held, held to maintain, defend / haziness out to explain, argue / picture-postcard vision idyllic regulation / to enforce to ensure a law is respected /
unclear, lacking in precision / to count as here, to be view of / to be soaked with to be covered with, imbibed blind-tasting tasting without the product information /
considered as / with / fertiliser (GB), fertilizer (US) artificial manure / panel group, team, committee.

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How is natural wine usually made?

i n small quantities by an independent without added sugars or foreign yeasts  ith very little sulphur (no more than 10
producer without adjustments for acidity mg/l total if red, 25 mg/l total if white)
from handpicked, organically grown grapes without micro-oxygenation or

9. France has long been the centre of the wine
world, but until the mid-20th century most
vineyards were small and worked mainly by
hand. In the eyes of natural winemakers, the
rot began in the decades after the second
world war, as French vineyards modernised
and the industry grew into a global eco-
nomic behemoth. 

10. By the early 1990s France was exporting

more than $4bn worth of wine a year – more
than twice as much as Italy, and more than
10 times as much as its new competition from
the US, Australia and all of South America.
And when it came to style, everyone still
followed the French. Today, even the cheapest
red wine found in the US or Britain is in some
ways a tribute to that victory, having likely
been soaked with toasted wood chips to ap-
proximate the vanilla and spice aromas of a
French barrel. 
Harvest of red grapes in the Beaujolais vineyard, Cercié, France, 2017. (SIPA)
11. Thanks to the industry’s embrace of tech- making “beaujolais nouveau”, a cheap, easy- EXPANSION IN THE 1990S
nology, wine was more plentiful, profitable drinking wine that was produced quickly 14. In the 1990s, as the natural wine scene
and predictable than ever. But in the 1980s, and released early in the season. It was a huge made its way beyond Beaujolais, across
just as French wine was putting the finishing hit, and by the end of the 1970s Beaujolais France and Europe, it took on a gleefully
touches to its global conquest, stirrings of was producing more than 100m litres of wine anti-modern character. Many winemakers
discontent began to be heard among wine- a year.  embraced hyper-localism, planting long out-
makers.  of-fashion native grape varieties and adopt-
13. Despite its commercial success, Beaujolais ing archaic production techniques. 
IT ALL STARTED WITH had become a dismal example of technical
BEAUJOLAIS winemaking run amok. To achieve the short 15.For a long time, natural wine seemed
12. The blueprint for what came to be known production time, winemakers relied on lab- destined to remain a shaggy subgenre. But
as natural wine comes from Beaujolais, a grown yeasts to jump-start the process, and starting in the late 2000s, something
pretty region of soft green hills and stone big doses of sulphur to halt fermentation and changed, and natural wine began popping
cottages just below the slopes of Burgundy stabilise the wine ahead of schedule. A small up on menus in Brooklyn, in east London,
proper. In the 1950s, the area had started group of local dissenters loathed this convey- and in the hipper quarters of Copenhagen
or-belt style of production. They coalesced and Stockholm. This new type of wine fitted
around a winemaker named Marcel Lapierre, perfectly with a wider revolution in taste, as
9. rot here problems, deteriorating situation / behemoth who, upon his death in 2010, was widely vague terms such as “natural” and “artisanal”
monster, giant.
eulogised as “the pope of natural wine”.  became bywords for sophistication. What
10. bn = billion thousand million / competition rivalry, had once been the passion of a hardcore
contesting a market etc / when it came to... in the matter
of / tribute homage / toasted grilled / wood chip pieces group of eccentric winemakers in eastern
of wood / to approximate to resemble / spice powder/ France had, somehow, become cool. l
seed from a plant with a strong taste and smell used in to release to put on the market / hit success.
cooking / barrel large container with curved sides used for
13. dismal lamentable / to run, ran, run amok to
storing liquids.
become uncontrollable / to rely on to depend on / to 14. scene area of activity, milieu, community / to make,
11. embrace here, adoption / plentiful abundant / jump-start to kick into action, boost / sulphur element, made, made one’s way here, to make progress, expand /
profitable that makes money, lucrative / predictable atomic number 16 / to halt to stop, interrupt / ahead of gleefully happily, joyfully / out-of-fashion outdated.
calculable, foreseeable / finishing touch final touches / schedule earlier than normal / dissenter critic, detractor 15. shaggy here, obscure / to pop up to appear / hip
stirrings signs / discontent dissatisfaction. / to loathe to hate, detest / conveyor-belt here, trendy, fashionable, cool / to fit with to correspond to /
12. blueprint prototype, reference point, model / hill mechanised, industrial process / to coalesce here, to ...became bywords for... turned into synonyms for /
elevation in the land / cottage small house / slope assemble, gather / to eulogise to praise, celebrate. hardcore committed, extreme.
incline, slant / proper actual, strictly speaking /

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Société I Destination I ROYAUME-UNI I  C2
On both the Advanced and the Basic, our guest Chris Littledale talks
with us about the Brighton Model and Toy Museum, a magical place
London that he founded over 27 years ago. He also shares with us some of his
favorite spots to visit on your next trip to Brighton.
CD audio ou téléchargement MP3 (sur abonnement)


Brighton rocks!

View of the city’s seaside. (Istock)

With easy access from London, beautiful coastal location, and a wide variety of small TAKE A STROLL ON THE
independent shops and chic restaurants, Brighton is a little gem. It has been one of DEVIL’S DYKE
Britain’s most cherished seaside resorts since the 19th century. A journalist from The 3. Brighton may be most famous for its
Independent describes a town with both a young and elderly population, which offers beaches, but the city also borders the South
something for everyone. Downs National Park – which includes the

100m valley known as the Devil’s Dyke. It’s
so called because locals believed that Satan
dug the trench in attempt to flood Sussex
righton first found popularity as a VISIT THE ROYAL PAVILION and destroy its many churches. The South
tourist destination in the 18th and 2. Brighton became a fashionable resort for Downs are steeped in folklore. Part of the joy
19th centuries, when it had the cachet of be- the well-heeled in the late 18th century, of the Devil’s Dyke is getting there. From
ing the weekend getaway for the Prince transforming its image as a rundown fishing April to September, there's a special open-top
Regent – and it's been known as a fun, flirty town. In the mid-1780s, George IV – notori- bus service laid on from the city centre to the
seaside town ever since. It's long had a repu- ous as an extravagant womaniser – built the Downs. And all year round – except for
tation as a progressive, bohemian haven, with Marine Pavilion as his seaside home, despite Christmas Day – you can catch the 77, 78 and
its thriving LGBT community, Britain's first being laden with debt. Heavily inspired by 79 buses from the same location. Those look-
Green MP, and a population of students and the Near and Far East, the exterior has In- ing for an adventure can take a looping
artists. Here's what to do there.  dian influences while its interior is luxuri- three-mile walk from the Devil’s Dyke to
ously furnished with Chinese objects and
hand-painted wallpaper. 

1. century period of one hundred years / getaway escape,

holiday destination / flirty here, place where it is easy to 3. stroll relaxed walk / trench long narrow excavation in
meet sb one is sexually attracted to / haven refuge, the ground / in attempt to... in order to try to... / to flood
retreat / thriving flourishing / LGBT = lesbian, gay, 2. resort place with many hotels/facilities for tourists / to inundate, to submerge / to steep to immerse, to
bisexual, transgender / MP = Member of well-heeled rich / rundown dilapidated / womaniser absorb, steeped in full of / to lay, laid, laid on to
Parliament, political representative. seducer / laden with a lot of, loaded with, here, heavily in organise / location place / to loop to make a circuit /
debt / Near East countries of southwest Asia / Far East mile 1 mile = 1.609 km /
countries of East Asia / to furnish here, to decorate.

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The Royal Pavilion. (Isto

Saddlescombe, as recommended by the Na- and the delightfully retro blue, white
tional Trust.  and red Helter Skelter. Meanwhile,
rows upon rows of penny machines
HOBBLE ACROSS THE BEACH create quite a din in the domed
4. If you’re hankering to plunge your toes amusement arcade at the centre of
into the sand of a sun-kissed beach, Brighton the pier. Dotted along the pier are
is not the place for you. The pebbled beach is stores selling seaside favourites in-
a little unforgiving on the feet, and the water cluding fried mini doughnuts, soft
is never, ever warm. Still, that doesn’t stop ice cream and the legendary Bright-
millions of people visiting each year – and on rock. 
you might even say that pebbles beat soggy
sand as the weather gets cooler. Beneath the RIDE THE WORLD’S OLD-
turquoise railings of the Victorian prome- EST ELECTRIC RAILWAY
nade are restaurants, bars and pubs, as well 6. Running for just over a mile be-
as quirky independent shops to pick up tween the Brighton Pier and the Ma-
unique knick-knacks and souvenirs.  rina, the Volk’s Electric Railway is the
world’s oldest operational electric
GAMBLE AT THE BRIGHTON railway. Built in 1883 by pioneering
PIER electrical engineer Magnus Volk, the
5. Built in 1899, this grade II-listed Victorian 40-seater carriage takes a 15-minute
monument jutting 500m out into the sea is crawl along the seaside past the shops
a relic of the city’s golden era as a destination on Madeira Drive and the city’s nudist

for Londoners. In over a century, the attrac- beach (fear not: it's hidden by a pile of
tions have been revamped to include rides pebbles). 
– notably the Crazy Mouse whose tracks
swerve nerve-rackingly close to the sea water, SHOP IN THE LAINES AND ity Foods Kitchen. For a more upmarket and
EAT ETHICALLY experimental experience, try Terre à Terre.
7. Part of Brighton's charm is its bohemian Meanwhile, the UK's first permanent zero-
National Trust British charitable organisation founded in vibe, and the part of the city where this is waste restaurant Silo serves locally grown,
1895 which preserves buildings of historic interest and
places of natural beauty.
felt most keenly in North Laine. The Laines seasonal food and throws nothing away. 
4. to hobble to walk with great difficulty (because of the
– a Sussex term for an open tract of land at
stones) / to hanker to have a strong desire / sun-kissed the base of the Downs – have long trans- BRUSH UP ON LOCAL HISTORY
made warm by the sun / pebbled stony / unforgiving formed from their days as a slum and slaugh- 9. Brighton is dotted with characteristically
here, hard, harsh, cruel / still all the same / soggy wet /
beneath below, under / railing metal structure used as a
terhouse district; they're now lined with eccentric and historic museums. The Bright-
barrier / quirky charmingly eccentric and original / to pick independent clothing stores, restaurants, on Museum and Art Gallery, situated on the
up here, to buy / knick-knack small ornamental object. pubs and bars.  grounds of the Royal Pavilion in the Prince
5. to gamble to risk money on a game of chance / grade Regent's stables, has eclectic permanent col-
II-listed classified as a monument of special historic
8. Brighton was full of vegetarian, vegan and lections which explore Ancient Egypt, 20th
interest / to jut out to protrude, to stick out, to extend / to
revamp to renovate, to modernise / ride funfair attraction eco-friendly restaurants long before a plant- century art and design, and LGBTQ history
/ track rail / to swerve to suddenly turn / nerve- based lifestyle was fashionable. North Laine – plus it's free to visit. West of Brighton, the
rackingly scarily, frighteningly /
is packed with vegetarian and vegan cafes, Hove Museum and Art Gallery is very fam-
including Idyea, Wai Kika Moo Kau, and Infin- ily-friendly with its collection of toys in the
Wizard's Attic, as well as exhibits on the
city's film history. For more left field options,
delightfully charmingly, wonderfully / helter skelter
head to the free Booth Museum of Natural
SUR LE BOUT DE LA LANGUE high spiral slide / row line / din loud noise / domed with a History, which is home to taxidermied birds,
roof in the form of a dome / pier platform with a butterflies, fossils and bones; or the Brighton
promenade built from the land over the sea / dotted here, Toy and Model Museum, which specialises
a pebbled beach (§ 4) positioned in many various different places / favourite
(GB) = favorite (US) here, food which many people like in mid-20th century creations. l
une plage de galets eating / Brighton rock long stick of hard brightly-coloured
Différentes tailles de pierres, de la candy typically sold in coastal towns in the UK (the name
plus grosse à la plus petite : of which appears in the stick all the way through).
upmarket high-quality, luxury, expensive / zero-waste
boulders grand rocher rond, grosse 6. to ride to take a trip on / to run, ran, run here, to where all products are recycled and reused / to grow,
pierre, gros galet function, to travel / carriage railway coach, train / crawl grew, grown to cultivate, to produce.
here, very slow movement / fear not don’t worry.
rocks roches 9. to brush up on to improve one’s knowledge of, to learn
7. vibe (= vibration) atmosphere / keenly noticeably, about / to be dotted with to have many / grounds land/
stones pierres
intensely / tract section of land / slum overcrowded poor gardens around a building / stable building where horses
pebbles galets area of a town / slaughterhouse abattoir / to be lined are kept / LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
gravel gravier, gravillons with to have on either side of the street. and Queer / attic small space at the top of a house used for
grit sable, gravillons 8. to be packed with to be full of / storage / exhibit exposition / left field less conventional,
original / to head to to go to / bone part of a skeleton.

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 13

Société I Culture I GEORGIE I  B2-C1
Tbilissi La société géorgienne est déchirée
entre valeurs progressistes et valeurs
traditionnelles conservatrices.
Découvrez le reportage vidéo sur



(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)
(ref. to the 1986 song by the American group the Beastie boys)
In May, a heavy-handed police action and subsequent closure of popular clubs in Tbilisi
resulted in a strong and mobilised response by Georgia’s young people. The
demonstrations, held two days before the opening of parliament, turned into rave
parties. Nearly thirty years after independence, it seems young Georgians have
decided to take a big step towards liberalisation, forcing the country to put its somber
soviet past behind it.

B ACHO CHALADZE, a DJ, had just set-

tled into his set at Cafe Gallery, a night-
club in Tbilisi, when a group of unwelcome
guests burst through the door. “They rushed
a bass-heavy track by Fumiya Tanaka, a Japa-
nese producer. Nearby at Bassiani, a cavernous
club in the bowels of a football stadium, a
similar scene unfolded as armed Georgian
sor of politics at Ilia State University in Tbilisi.
“It’s not a teenage rebellion stage—they are
beyond that.” 

in with rifles and masks,” he recalls. “They ran police stormed in, pushing patrons against the NONCONFORMIST CULTURE
to me to turn off the music”—at that moment, walls and the floor. As Kate Beard, a photogra- 3. Many young people in Georgia saw the raids
pher visiting from London, puts it: “The vibe as an assault on their culture. The clubs have
got very dead very quickly.”  become islands of tolerance for nonconformists,
1. to settle into to become comfortable doing sth new, sexual and otherwise, in a country that remains
here, to start / set arrangement of songs by a DJ / guest 2. The government said the raids on May 12th prudish and patriarchal. Just hours after the
client, customer / to burst, burst, burst through the
door to enter with force / to rush in to run in / rifle targeted drug dealers, in response to at least raids, thousands gathered outside the Georgian
firearm, long gun / to recall to remember / five recent drug-related deaths. Yet the standoff, parliament to protest under the slogan “We
Mr Chaladze says, is about something bigger: Dance Together, We Fight Together”, demand-
a struggle between Georgian traditionalists ing the resignation of the interior minister and
and a growing movement of social liberals in prime minister, along with reform of the coun-
Tbilisi. (Both tendencies are represented inside try’s harsh drug laws. The march turned into a
the ruling party, Georgian Dream.) A new, rave that ran through the weekend, with loud-
Westernised generation “want to express speakers on the steps of parliament filling the
Les différents sens de themselves not only by dancing, but through street with house and techno music. “It felt like
"right" : different lifestyles,” says Ghia Nodia, a profes- Paris must have in ’68, just without the clashes,”
droit  the right to party (title) le says Mariam Pesvianidze, a filmmaker. 
droit de faire la fête
bien  you were right to refuse vous bass-heavy with a strong bass / track song / nearby
closeby / cavernous like a cavern with large underground
avez bien fait de refuser passages / bowels intestines, entrails, here, deep under /
juste  that's right c'est juste, c'est to unfold to take place, to happen / to storm in to enter teenage adolescent / stage phase / beyond past, after.
exact a place with anger and force / patron customer / to put, 3. to see, saw, seen to perceive, to consider / otherwise
raison  you are quite right vous avez put, put it to say, to formulate (sth) / vibe atmosphere. here, in other ways / to remain to stay, to continue (to be)
entièrement raison 2. to target to identify as a potential danger and the object / to gather to come together / to demand to insist upon,
of necessary action / in response to in reaction to / at to ask for / resignation act of officially leaving a position /
droite  they drive on the right ils
least no less than / -related connected to / yet however / along with together with, as well as / harsh hard, severe /
conduisent à droite law legislation / march protest, demonstration / to turn
standoff confrontation / struggle conflict / growing
bon  the right answer la bonne into to transform into, to become / to run, ran, run
increasing / both each of two things / inside in / ruling
réponse governing, in power / Westernised influenced by Western through to last / loudspeaker device which amplifies
correct  to do something the right practices and customs (the West countries of North sound / to fill to make full, here, to pervade / it felt like
way faire quelque chose comme il faut America/Europe with developed capitalist economies) / Paris must have the atmosphere was probably similar to
through via, by way of / Paris.

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The Georgian
The Georgian March is an
ultranationalist group and political
party in Georgia. The group, formed
two years ago, is known for its loud
xenophobic, anti-immigration and
homophobic demonstrations. It is led
by Sandro Bregadze, who compares it
to the “Front National” in France and
“Alternative for Germany”. In March,
six members of the group attacked
TV journalists from the channel
Rustavi-2 because they were unhappy
with a joke made by a TV anchor
about Jesus Christ.
loud noisy, here that expresses itself clearly,
vehement / demonstration public protest / to
lead, led, led to be in command of / channel TV
station / anchor presenter, person presenting a

Young people in Georgia saw the raids as an assault on their culture. (Shakh Aivazov/AP/SIPA)
4. On Sunday afternoon, counter-protesters Advisor, a trend-setting music website, as one SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ
with shaved heads arrived, wearing masks, to of the world’s best clubs, drawing comparisons 7. Video of the rave spread internationally on
spoil the fun. “Bassiani and Gallery are gay to Berghain in Berlin. After the raids, support social media, especially in the former Soviet
clubs, where drugs are being sold and the youth poured in from DJs who have played there. Union. Sergii Leshchenko, a reformist MP
are recruited in illegal activities,” said Dimitri “Bassiani stay strong!” wrote Ben Klock, a Ger- in Ukraine whose wife is a popular DJ, called
Lortkipanidze, a leader of Georgian March, an man techno artist.  it “an example of how sovok (the Soviet
ultranationalist group. With the country “on mindset) has been definitively defeated in
the cusp of civil confrontation”, as President 6. Some in the government have warmed to the the heads of the young generation” in Geor-
Giorgi Margvelashvili later put it, police sepa- club culture. Tbilisi’s new mayor, Kakha Kaladze, gia. Some Russian liberals admired their
rated the groups. The interior minister came a former footballer for AC Milan, campaigned bravery. “If thousands of people had started
out to apologise for the police brutality, quelling on backing clubs and has established an official a rave outside the Duma, the consequences
the protests—for now.  post for developing the nightlife economy. (Some would have been grim,” says Elena Gracheva,
think the raids were a message to Mr Kaladze a Muscovite who was visiting when the
POWERFUL ALLIES from rivals inside Georgian Dream.) The son of protests erupted. 
5. The clubbers have allies. Tourism is a fast- Bidzina Ivanishvili, Georgia’s richest oligarch
growing industry in Georgia, generating and de facto leader, is a rapper who advocates 8. In Tbilisi, activists have threatened to
nearly 7% of GDP in 2017. The government liberalising drug laws; the day after the raids, return to the streets if officials do not liber-
promotes Georgia as a hip destination for mil- he released a new song called “Legalise”. Coin- alise drug policy and allow the clubs to reo-
lennials, and Tbilisi’s nightlife is “part of the cidentally, hours before the raids, Mr Ivanish- pen. The battle, like the music, looks set to
experience”, says Maia Sidamonidze, a former vili, who had long ruled the country from the go on. l
head of Georgia’s national tourism administra- shadows, took back the post of chairman of the
tion. Bassiani has been hailed by Resident Georgian Dream party. 
7. social media social networks / to spread, spread,
4. to shave to remove facial/body hair with a razor / to advisor consultant / trend-setting which initiates new spread to be broadcast, to be diffused / especially
wear, wore, worn here, to have on one’s face / to spoil, trends and fashions / to draw, drew, drawn a particularly / MP = Member of Parliament political
spoiled or spoilt, spoiled or spoilt the fun to ruin the comparison to to compare to / support solidarity, help / representative / mindset way of thinking, mentality /
atmosphere, to stop sth from being nice / youth young to pour in to flow in, to arrive in large numbers. bravery courage / grim unpleasant, terrible, severe / to
people / on the cusp of on the verge of / to apologise to erupt to start, to break out.
6. to warm to to become more enthusiastic about / mayor
say one is sorry for a fault / to quell to pacify. head of a local government / to campaign to carry out a 8. activist militant / to threaten to announce the
5. nearly almost / GDP = Gross Domestic Product / hip political campaign / to back to support, to aid the cause of / to possibility of sth in order to intimidate / to return to the
trendy, fashionable, cool / millennials generation born advocate to defend, to plead in favour of / to liberalise to streets to protest once again / official political
between the early 1980s and the late 1990s / former ex-, relax, to make less severe / to release to bring out / representative / policy regulation, rules, legislation / to
previous / to hail to acclaim / coincidentally by coincidence / from the shadows here, allow to authorize / to look to seem / to be set to here,
receiving little (media) attention / to take, took, taken back to be probable to / to go, went, gone on to continue.
to regain, to take control of again / chairman president, leader.

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À 360°
Le tour du monde en V.O.
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Swiss trains
According to a new report, Switzerland’s
national railway offers the best overall
service in Europe. It provides top services for
families thanks to play areas for children on
its inter-city trains, and “sophisticated” and
“carefully coordinated” assistance for
disabled passengers.

according to as stated by... / overall general, global,

New populist government

total / to provide to furnish, here, offer / thanks to
due to, because of / carefully attentively, with care
and attention / disabled handicapped.
After three months of negotiation, an Italian coalition government was finally
formed earlier this month. Giuseppe Conte, a law professor and political un-
known, was appointed prime minister. Luigi Di Maio leader of the eurosceptic
and anti-establishment M5S, now in charge of labour and welfare, and Matteo
Salvini, head of the right-wing League, now in charge of the interior ministry,
have given details about the strategies they are going to adopt. Salvini vowed to
massively expel migrants from the country, while Di Maio said his priority was
to set up employment centers to guarantee a monthly income to jobless people.
Many doubt that Italy’s first populist government will last a full five-year term.
law the academic subject of jurisprudence / to appoint to designate, nominate / M5S Movimento 5 Stelle, Five Star
Movement is a populist political party in Italy, with a strong anti-immigration stance of the right, and ecological policies of
the left / labour (GB) = labor (US) work / welfare social services / right-wing on the political right / to vow to
promise, pledge, swear to / to expel to force to leave / to set, set, set up to create, establish / income revenue / jobless
without paid work / to last to continue for / term here, period of mandate in power.


Baby name trends
New data has been released about baby names in the
Goodbye Uber
United States. The name for girls, Melania, was one of Turkey’s president Erdogan has announced
the fastest-growing names in 2017, jumping 720 places that the ride-hailing app, Uber, is “finished”
and entering the top 1,000 for the first time. Could it in Turkey. This announcement was made
be that people are drawing their inspiration from the following increased pressure from Istanbul
first lady? On the contrary, Alexa, which was an taxi drivers, who have demanded the ban of
increasingly popular name for years, has fallen down the app since Uber entered the country in
the charts since 2014, the year the Amazon Echo 2014. Istanbul’s taxi drivers took Uber to
speaker was released — users have to call “Alexa” to court earlier this year, arguing that the
activate the speaker... company was “operating illegally”.
trend general tendency, fashion / data (inv.) information, ride-hailing app application that puts passengers
statistics / to release to bring out, make public, communicate, and drivers together / increased growing / to
publish / fastest-growing most rapidly increasing / to draw, demand to ask for, to insist on / to take, took,
drew, drawn inspiration from to be inspired by / increasingly taken to court to take legal action against / to
more and more / to fall, fell, fallen down to go down, decrease / argue to affirm, assert, claim.

chart list / speaker loudspeaker.

16 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018


Vocabulaire, expressions et astuces pour parler comme un Anglais…


Ça roule !
Que vous rêviez d’une belle échappée dans l’ouest américain,
cheveux au vent au coucher du soleil, ou que vous soyez un pro
de la trottinette, cette page est faite pour vous…

Vocabulaire clé
accelerator accélérateur hood, bonnet capot
backseat siège / banquette hubcap enjoliveur
arrière ignition allumage

bicycle bicyclette indicator clignotant
bike vélo jack cric
boot (GB), trunk (US) coffre licence (GB), license (US) Retrouvez cette fiche de vocabulaire lue sur
brakes freins permis le CD lecture et son commentaire sur la
partie basique du CD conversation.
break lights feux-stop lights, headlights phares
CD audio ou téléchargement MP3
bumper pare-chocs (avant)
bus bus lorry (GB), truck (US) camion
motor scooter scooter
cab, taxi taxi
car voiture motorcyle, bike moto
Bon à savoir
caravan caravane number plate plaque
minéralogique Aux États-Unis, il est quasi impossible de circuler sans
chassis chassis voiture tant les villes sont généralement tentaculaires !
passenger passager
clutch embrayage Dans les grandes villes américaines comme Los
pedal pédale Angeles, les routes disposent d’une pool lane, voie
coach autocar
rear-view mirror rétroviseur spécialement réservée aux véhicules avec plusieurs
dashboard tableau de bord personnes à bord. Il s’agit de décongestionner la
ride faire (du vélo), voyager (à
door porte circulation en favorisant le covoiturage.
bord d’un véhicule)
double-decker bus à impériale Attention, l’accès en voiture à l’intérieur de Londres est
scooter trottinette payant.
driver conducteur
steering wheel volant Les villes britanniques bénéficient d’un système de
engine moteur
tail lights phares arrière Park and Ride. Il est ainsi possible de se garer dans de
exhaust échappement grands parkings à l’extérieur de la ville et de rejoindre le
tyre (GB), tire (US) pneu
gear shift levier de vitesse centre grâce à un bus prévu pour cela.
vehicule véhicule
handbrake frein à main
wheel roue
handlebar guidon
windshield pare-brise
honk klaxon
wiper essuie-glace
Associez chaque mot de la première liste
avec un mot de la seconde :
Expressions à retenir 1- break a- pedal
Let’s roll! On y va ! 2- rear-view mirror b- speed
Pull over! Rangez-vous sur le côté ! 3- accelerator c- reverse gear
Slow down! Ralentis, ralentissez ! 4- clutch d- fare
Hands on the wheel! Mains sur le volant ! 5- bus e- wipers
6- windshield f- stop
Get in the car now! Monte dans la voiture maintenant !
Fasten your seatbelt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Attachez vos SOLUTIONS : 1-f ; 2-c ; 3-b ; 4-a ; 5-d ; 6-e.
ceintures, ça va secouer !

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 17

PRATIC’ABLE  / Grammaire


Adjectifs se terminant en
“-ing” ou en “-ed”
Piqûre de rappel
1 Insérez les mots ci-dessous dans les phrases en les complétant
-ing est utilisé pour décrire
par “–ing” ou “–ed”.
quelqu’un ou quelque chose
excite confuse annoy disappoint disgust bore
-ed est utilisé pour décrire ce 1. D
 on’t go to that hotel. The food is .............................. !
que l’on ressent 2. Isn’t it ............................. driving on the left after having learnt to drive on the right?
Exemples: 3. I’m really ............................. about seeing my friend Pam again.
4. She’s.............................. She always tell us the same old story.
He was an interesting person.
5. I missed the plane because we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport. I was so ...................... .
His lecture was interesting. 6. M y Dad is getting ............................. about which tablets to take and when.
I was interested in his lecture. 7. T
 his year’s results are.............................. We were expecting to do better.
8. T he children found it really ............................. going on a steam train.
9. He has the ............................. habit of calling on us at meal times.
10. I was ............................. by the way he spoke to me! He was so rude!
2 Corrigez les phrases qui
11. Children often get .......................... during the summer holidays. You need to keep finding new activities.
ne sont pas correctes.
12. He was ............................. when he found out he had failed his exam. He had worked so hard.
1. H
 ave you got an interested job? 9. annoying, 10. disgusted, 11. bored, 12. disappointed.

2. I’m not interested in politics.

SOLUTIONS : 1. disgusting, 2. confusing, 3. excited, 4. boring, 5. annoyed, 6. confused, 7. disappointing, 8. exciting,

3. That’s interesting. I’ll tell my brother.

4. Did you meet anyone interested at

the conference?

5. I ’m tiring after all that exercise.

6. C
 hecking all the details is tiring work.

7. H
 e must be tiring after driving all that Retrouvez Yves Cotten sur et-compagnie.blogspot.fr

8. He’s tiring. He’s always telling us

what to do when we already know
what needs doing.

7. He must be tired after driving all that way.

5. I’m tired after all that exercise.
4. Did you meet anyone interesting at the
1. Have you got an interesting job?
SOLUTIONS : Phrases corrigées :

s ur www.vocable.fr
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grammaire, d'orthographe et de culture
générale sur notre site internet !

18 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018

 / Prononciation Retrouvez plus d’infos sur www.vocable.fr

Soignez votre orthographe !

Le saviez-vous ?
1 Retrouvez les 10 fautes d’orthographe dans ce texte.
By the early 1990 France was exporting more than $4bn worth of to jump on the
wine a year and when it came to stile, everyone still followed the bandwagon
French. Today, even the cheepest red wine found in the US or Briton
(prendre le train en
is in some ways a tribut to that victory, having likly been sowked with
toasted wood ships to approximate the vanila and spice aromas of a
(voir l’ article
French baril.
Why bowl food is so popular

SOLUTIONS : 1990s, style, cheapest, Britain, tribute, likely, soaked, chips, vanilla, barrel.
page 7 § 2)
trouve ses origines aux
Etats-Unis. Au milieu du
2 Tendez l’oreille 19ème siècle le circus band
Mettez ces verbes au passé et indiquez si la dernière syllabe se prononce “t”, “d” (la fanfare) se promenait
ou “id”.
dans les villes à bord d’un
ask ___________ arrive ___________ wagon pour annoncer

discover ___________ distribute ___________ l’arrivée du cirque. En 1848

un homme du cirque a
finish ___________ hate ___________ utilisé son bandwagon pour
imagine ___________ interrogate ___________ attirer l’attention des
électeurs lors de sa
launch ___________ lick ___________
campagne électorale.
link ___________ love ___________ D’autres hommes politiques
cherchaient à monter à
market ___________ open ___________
bord pour profiter de son
part ___________ pick ___________ succès.

touch ___________ visit ___________

watch ___________
sur www.vocable.fr
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“id”  distributed, hated, interrogated, visited, marketed, parted
“d”  arrived, discovered, finished, imagined, loved, opened grammaire, d'orthographe et de culture
SOLUTIONS : “t”  asked, launched, picked, touched, watched, licked, linked générale sur notre site internet !

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 19

PRATIC’ABLE  / Vocabulaire www.vocable.fr

Jeux de mots
A retenir
1 E
 n vous aidant des définitions ci-dessous, retrouvez dans la grille 5 mots à mémoriser
les objets nécessaires pour mettre la table (to lay the table)!
Il vous faut utiliser toutes les lettres.
dans ce numéro
knick-knacks bibelots
nerve-wracking angoissant
  G U T A L  
dry-cleaning nettoyage à sec
blind-tasting dégustation à
F B I O R S E l’aveugle
A H A S R N heavy-duty résistant, à usage
L I W U O Y O industriel
  T S E C P  
L'expression idiomatique
1. Y
 ou need this to cut your meat. Voici quelques expressions pour
2. To be polite (in England) you should push your food on to the back of this (even peas!). décrire des personnes :
3. This word can be preceded by “tea”, “dessert”, “soup”, “table”. well-heeled (voir l’article What to
do in Brighton? page 12 § 2) nanti,
4. U
 seful to put your morning cereals in.
très à l’aise
5. Useful for displaying fruit or for serving vegetables. It also means the food you eat. well-dressed  bien habillé
6. Y
 ou take the food from 5 with 3, put it on this then eat it with 1, 2 or 3. well-behaved sage, qui se conduit
7. A recipient for drinking tea. bien
8. A support for 7. Also useful to put 3 on when you’ve stirred the sugar in. well-bred de bonne famille
9. A
 recipient for wine or water. well-built bien bâti, costaud
10. Y
 ou can carry 1 to 9 to the table on this. well-connected qui a des relations
well-dressed bien habillé, bien vêtu
well-educated cultivé, instruit
SOLUTIONS : 1. knife, 2. fork, 3. spoon, 4. bowl, 5. dish, 6. plate, 7. cup, 8. saucer, 9. glass, 10. tray.

well-endowed à la poitrine
2 Et puisqu’on est à table, sauriez-vous parler du vin ? well-groomed soigné, bien coiffé
Démêlez les mots ci-dessous pour retrouver le vocabulaire vinicole. well-known bien connu, célèbre
1. vin NIEW well-mannered qui a de bonnes
manières, bien élevé
2. raisins ARPESG well-meaning bien intentionné
3. vignoble NEIRAVDY well-off à l’aise, riche
4. cépages RAG EP AIETISVRE well-preserved bien conservé
5. viticulteur NIEW OERRWG well-read cultivé
well-spoken qui a une élocution
6. fût RELBAR soignée
7. bouchon OKRC
8. tire-bouchon R E R C O K S W C ou L O T E B T E P N E R O
sur www.vocable.fr
8.corkscrew ou bottle opener Retrouvez beaucoup plus d'exercices de
grammaire, d'orthographe et de culture
générale sur notre site internet !
SOLUTIONS : 1.wine, 2.grapes, 3.vineyard, 4.grape varieties, 5.wine grower, 6.barrel, 7.cork,

Ne manquez pas dans le prochain numéro la nouvelle page PRATIC’ABLE : La bière

20 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018

Enjeux I Tourisme I ROYAUME UNI I  B2-C1



A new look for Thomas Cook
The travel company, Thomas Cook, which basically invented and popularised package holidays, has long been associated with
sunshine and drink for young Brits. But the tourist group has just announced the end of its famous “Club 18-30” in favour of a new
type of package, “Cooks Club”. Will this enjoy the same level of success?


homas Cook is the man who indus- ULTRA-COMPETITIVE MARKET cares whether you’re in Szczecin or Rzeszow,
trialised leisure travel by delivering 3. The news that Thomas Cook is to ditch the so long as you can save the cost of the air fare
good value, well-organised experiences for the best-known brand in youth travel was buried if you drink enough?
masses – starting in 1841, with a day trip from on page six of the firm’s half-year results.
Leicester to Loughborough for a temperance Money talks, and the move makes sense for a 5. Expect a sigh of relief from some parts of the
meeting, and reaching scale in 1851, when the long-established company seeking to grow in Mediterranean. Even though resorts such as
pioneering tour operator took 150,000 people a fragmented, ultra-competitive market where Magaluf, Malia and Ayia Napa have prospered
to London for the Great Exhibition. two rivals, TUI and Jet2, now sell more package from slaking the thirsts of young Britons over
holidays from the UK. While Club 18-30 is eas- the past few decades, many communities no
2. By 1998, the company that bears his name ily the most recognised brand in the youth longer relish the reputation of “hosting the
was providing holidays for great exhibitionists: sector, it is looking tired; people who went on wildest party holidays.”
young men and women who signed up for Club its holidays in the 1970s are now in their seven-
18-30 packages and the accompanying raucous ties, and long ago swapped lager for Saga. ATTRACTING DIFFERENT KINDS
pub crawls and wet T-shirt competitions. The OF CUSTOMERS
brand that promoted, er, short-term holiday NEW DESTINATIONS 6. Thomas Cook wants to attract people to a
romances has had a 20-year affair with Thom- 4. Club 18-30 is fuelled by cheap alcohol, and different kind of club. Cook’s Club, promising “a
as Cook. But that will end with a final flight that commodity is no longer the sole preserve melting pot of cultures, textures and flavours,”
back from Magaluf on 30 October 2018. of Mediterranean resorts. Stag and hen parties is certainly a better match than Club 18-30 to the
are now heading for Eastern European cities ideals of the founder. The original tour operator
whose names are difficult enough to pronounce needs to convince a new generation of travellers
even when you are stone-cold sober. Still, who that the product at the core of its business still
1. leisure travel travelling for pleasure, going on holiday/
vacation / to deliver here, to offer / good value reasonably- delivers good value. Let’s see if style prevails over
priced / day trip one-day excursion / temperance 3. to ditch to get rid of, to stop association with / half-year sangria, and if the company really can transform
abstinence from drinking alcohol (T. Cook was a member of results semestrial results / move decision / to make, made,
made sense to be logical / to seek, sought, sought to try to become Thomas Cool. l
an anti-alcohol movement) / to reach scale to become big /
pioneering entrepreneurial, innovative / Great Exhibition to / package holiday all-inclusive holiday / easily by far / to
Universal exposition (first in a series of World’s Fairs organised swap to exchange / lager type of light beer / Saga magazine
for people over the age of 50 which also offers insurance and fare cost of a ticket.
at the Crystal Palace (destroyed in 1936) in London).
holidays (the UK’s best-selling monthly magazine). 5. sigh audible respiration / relief feeling of happiness
2. to sign up for to enrol, to register, here, to buy / package after pressure/suffering/distress / to slake to satisfy / to
all-inclusive holiday / raucous noisy, loud / pub crawl activity 4. to fuel to stimulate / commodity product / sole
exclusive / preserve domain which is exclusively reserved for relish to enjoy / to host to organise, here, to be the chosen
of going from one bar to another in the same night / wet full of location of / wild uncontrolled.
water, covered in water / competition contest / brand sb / resort place with many hotels/facilities for tourists /
trademark / er umm, how can I say this? / affair sexual/ stag party party for a man before he gets married / hen 6. flavour taste, savour / to be a better match to to
romantic relationship / Magaluf town on the coast of Majorca. party party for a woman before she gets married / correspond better to / core heart, centre / to prevail over
stone-cold sober perfectly sober / to triumph over, to be more important than.

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 21

Enjeux I Référendum I IRLANDE I  B2-C1



Ireland has undergone a significant cultural change
marked by the recent referendum
A historical referendum concerning access to abortion was held on 25 May in Ireland. It
was predicted to be close contest, but in fact 66% of the population voted in favour of
rescinding the amendment prohibiting abortion. How to explain such a result in a
country where the Catholic Church has a tradition of dominating public opinion?

D UBLIN — Some were joyous. Others

were devastated. But most of all, in
the hours after Irish voters swept away a ban
on abortion, many were simply astonished.
heartedly embraces positions that would have
been unthinkable just a generation ago. The
culture of silence and deference to religious
authority that long dominated Ireland is gone.
However they felt about the result of the refer- The country that has emerged is an unlikely A woman from the "Yes" campaign reacts after the final re
endum, they were witnessing, they knew, the leader of liberal values. “Ireland has changed world, many Irish were less shocked. They have
culmination of a fundamental shift in Irish 180 degrees on everything,” said Adam Tyrrell, seen the changes in the country building over
society — and one that has come about with 24, struggling to take it all in as he smoked a time. Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who is half
stunning speed.  cigarette outside a pub and watched the street Indian, spoke of a “quiet revolution that has
fill up with crowds of cheering yes supporters been taking place in Ireland over the last couple
2. In a remarkably compact span of time, the after the results were announced.  of decades.” 
country has gone from being a bastion of social
conservatism in the West to a place that whole- FAST SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE WITH THE REST
3. The nation of 4.8 million people has experi- 5. Ireland’s impoverished past, as well as the
1. devastated suffering terrible disappointment / voter
elector / to sweep, swept, swept away to eliminate, here,
enced some of the fastest social and economic outsize role of the Catholic Church, had set it
to overthrow / ban prohibition / abortion medical change in the world. In a matter of 30 years, apart from much of the rest of Europe. Many
intervention to terminate a pregnancy / astonished very Ireland has gone from being a poor and deeply saw the referendum as the final step in aligning
surprised / to witness to observe / culmination conclusion, Roman Catholic country to one that is seeing the country with the rest of the continent. The
apogee, climax / shift change / to come, came, come
about to happen, occur, take place / stunning amazing. high growth rates and has installed a gay man vote, Tyrrell said, “cements us as a progressive
2. span of time amount of time / to go, went, gone from... as prime minister. Long associated with export- nation.” Alan Barrett, director of the Economic
to to move, here, to change position/attitude concerning / ing cheap labor, it has accepted a sizable num- and Social Research Institute in Dublin, said
(the) West the western part of the world / place area, ber of immigrants and is home to foreign tech the results of the abortion referendum indi-
location, here country / wholeheartedly sincerely /
companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. cated a “convergence with European norms.” 
In 2015, in another popular vote, Ireland ap-
proved same-sex marriage by a landslide. 6. “If you take the standard mainstream views
in continental Europe, Ireland was the outlier,
SUR LE BOUT DE LA LANGUE 4. While the landslide result of the abortion and it was always economically behind Europe,”
referendum may have surprised much of the he said. “With the Catholic Church being
wholeheartedly (§2) moved aside, you’ve got the Irish accumulating
sans réserve to embrace to adopt, accept (enthusiastically) / position
Analysons les divers composants de point of view / deference submission, respect / long for such
ce mot : a longtime / to be gone to have disappeared / unlikely 4. to build, built, built to grow (fig.) / over during the
improbable, unexpected / to struggle to to have difficulty / course of / quiet calm, tranquil / to take, took, taken
whole entier to take, took, taken it all in to understand it all / to fill up place to happen, occur / couple of decades = 20 years
heart coeur with here, to become crowded with people / crowd group of (decade period of ten years).
On ajoute "ed" pour obtenir le sens people / to cheer here, to acclaim, applaud, here, to rejoice.
5. impoverished poor, deprived / as well as in addition
de venant du cœur 3. to experience to be subject to, encounter / in a matter to / outsize huge, enormous / to set, set, set apart to
of in the space of / deeply profoundly / to see, saw, seen distinguish (from the rest) / step stage, phase / to align
et "ly" pour le transformer d’adjectif to realise, register / growth rate rate the economy is with to correspond with / to cement to firmly establish /
en adverbe. increasing, expanding / to install here, to elect / cheap progressive with more liberal ideas and new methods.
Comparez : inexpensive / labor (US)= labour (GB) workers / sizable
6. standard usual, normal, classic / mainstream
considerable / to be home to to be the location of /
open-hearted sincère conventional, traditional / view way of thnking / outlier
foreign from another country, international / tech
hard-hearted insensible exception / to move aside here, to render less influential,
= technology / same-sex homosexual / landslide big
powerful /
majority, overwhelming victory.

22 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018  facile A2-B1 /  moyen B2-C1 /  difficile C1-C2
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esult was announced. (Peter Morrison/AP/SIPA) Pro and anti-abortion posters on lampposts, in Dublin. (Peter Morrison/AP/SIPA)
their values and views the same way that the traumatized the nation, the remains of nearly in the Catholic Church, and the beginning of
French, the Germans or the British get theirs.”  800 children born out of wedlock were found an economic boom. 
in 2014 in a Catholic-run home for mothers and
7. There are many factors behind Ireland’s 11. From the early 1990s and the early 2000s,
dramatic makeover. The most dominant reason ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION Ireland was dubbed the “Celtic Tiger.” The
is the collapse of the Catholic Church’s influence 9. Another major factor driving the change: an decade of prosperity attracted multinationals,
in most spheres of Irish life. “It’s very important economic transformation. As recently as the increased living standards and brought back
to know that Ireland has been 1980s, Ireland was a very dif- Irish expatriates who carried with them new
secularizing for a long time,” ferent place. With a weak econ- ideas and values. 
said Diane Negra, a professor
of cultural studies at Univer-
The omy in that decade, many
young Irish left the country to 12. The economy soured for a few years, but then
sity College Dublin. The credi- credibility of look for jobs abroad, leaving recovered. Last year, Ireland posted a 7.8 percent
bility of the church has been the church behind an older, more conserv- growth rate, the highest in the European Union
battered by a string of scandals, ative population that was loyal — though many Irish say that inequality has
some involving pedophile has been to the church. It was during also risen. Ireland’s decision to make secondary
priests and the cover-up of their battered by this period that Ireland voted schools free improved education, and the intro-
crimes.  a string of for restrictive rules on abortion
and marriage. 
duction of contraception significantly reduced
the number of children per family. That helped
8. Ireland’s practice of placing scandals. more women enter the paid workforce. 
thousands of unwed mothers 10. In 1983, Ireland voted in
into servitude in so-called Mag- favor of the Eighth Amend- 13. It was during the boom years, in 1993, that
dalene laundries, designed to rehabilitate what ment in the Irish Constitution, which effec- Ireland decriminalized homosexuality. Two
the church considered “fallen” women, did not tively banned abortion — the amendment that years later, the country finally voted to allow
end until the mid-1990s. And in a case that the Irish voted to repeal [last month]. Three divorce. The referendum on abortion, many
years later, the Irish rejected a proposed Irish said, was the final crack in the foundation
amendment to remove a ban on divorce. At- of the old Ireland. l
way manner. titudes shifted notably in the 1990s with the
7. dramatic spectacular, considerable / makeover first revelations of the sexual abuse scandal
transformation, change / dominant here, principal / 11. early the beginning (years) of... / to dub to call,
collapse fall, end / to secularize to remove from religious nickname / to increase to improve / living standards
influences / college university / to batter to damage / level of living conditions / to carry to bring, be the bearer of.
string series, succession / to involve to implicate / priest remains here, dead body, corpse / nearly almost / 12. to sour to deteriorate / to recover to get back, regain
minister of the Catholic church / cover-up act of hiding sth. wedlock marriage / to run, ran, run to direct, manage / (normal or usual level) / to post to record / though
8. unwed not married (to wed to marry) / so-called home residence, institution that looks after people in need. however, although / to rise, rose, risen to go up, increase
named, known as / Magdalene laundry Madeleine 9. to drive, drove, driven to influence, bring, cause / / to make, made, made to render / to improve to make
convent, Catholic institution/asylum run as a penitentiary weak not strong / abroad in foreign countries / rule law. better / significantly considerably / workforce working
style work-house for women considered sexually population.
10. to repeal to annul, rescind / to remove to eliminate,
promiscuous / to design to create, establish / case affair, 13. to allow to authorize / crack fissure, fault.
get rid of / attitude here, mentality / to shift to change /
situation /
notably particularly.

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 23

ÉchosBrèves de culture
Retrouvez plus d’infos sur www.vocable.fr

(2014 Home Box Office, Inc. HBO / diffusion OCS)

Gimmicks against
With Game of Thrones’ latest and final

season set to air in 2019, producers have
taken radical steps against spoilers. Nikolaj
Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister
in the series, revealed that the digital scripts
the actors received for this season “self-
destructed” after the scene had been shot,
like in a Mission: Impossible scene...

Literary giant
gimmick trick, strategy / spoiler information that
gives away too much of the plot of a story, thus
‘spoiling’ it for someone who has not yet seen it / to
air to be broadcast, shown / to take, took, taken
Last month, American author, Philip Roth, passed away. He was 85. He was one steps to take measures / to shoot, shot, shot to
of the greatest writers of the 20th century, winning a Pulitzer Prize and two Na- film.

tional Book Awards, among many others. Philip Roth’s novels explored enduring
themes such as male sexual desire, Jewish identity and identity in general, Amer-
ican history, the connection between authors and their work, and politics. Port-
noy’s Complaint (1969), one of his first novels — a monologue to his therapist by a
young Jewish man who is obsessed with women — profoundly angered the Jew-
ish community and made him a bestselling author.
to pass away to die / award prize, honour, distinction / novel book, work of fiction / enduring longlasting, continuing /
jewish belonging to the Jewish culture or religion / Portnoy’s Complaint Portnoy et son complexe / to anger to make furious.

(Bebeto Matthews/AP/SIPA)
Political art
The organization “For Freedoms” is
launching a public art campaign aiming
to galvanise political debate and
participation through art. From
September onwards, billboards across
the United States will show artwork by
New author

artists such as Sam Durant and Marilyn

Minter. “We are hoping to bring art to the Former US president Bill Clinton is releasing
center of public life in the lead-up to the a novel, which he co-wrote with bestselling
midterms, which is where we think art author, James Patterson. The President Is
should belong,” Eric Gottesman, one of Missing is a 513-page thriller whose plot
the organization’s founders, said. The focuses on cyber terrorism. American
organization has also teamed up with channel, Showtime, has already purchased
over 200 local partners — from museums the rights to adapt the novel into a TV
to universities and galleries —who will series.
offer free public programming. former ex- / to release to publish / novel book,
to aim to try, attempt, intend, have as a goal / from... onwards from... / billboard large outdoor board used for work of fiction / The President Is Missing Le
publicity / lead-up period preceding / midterms = midterm elections = midterm elections / to team up to come président a disparu / plot storyline / to focus on to
together as a team. concentrate on / to purchase to buy, acquire.

24 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018

Culture I Exposition I ROYAUME-UNI I  C2

(Wellcome Collection)


Dental history
The Wellcome Collection museum and library in London is offering a fantastic and free exhibition called “Teeth”, tracing the
evolution of our relationship with teeth and dental medicine. It is an opportunity to discover an aspect of our lives, and body,
often forgotten outside of visits to the dentist.

E YES are not the window into the

soul—teeth are. They can be rotten,
wise or broken; they reveal our diet, health
and wealth. As babies, we learn about the
2. These are all good reasons to visit the
dentist. But, as a new exhibition at the Well-
come Collection in London shows, for most
of history that visit was an ordeal that didn’t
century Paris by lifting people off the ground
by their teeth, letting gravity do the yanking.


world around us by munching our way involve a dentist armed with anaesthetic and 3. Pierre Fauchard, the first self-styled den-
through it. Teeth are the only exposed part suction tubes so much as a tooth-puller with tiste, helped put a stop to that with his sci-
of our skeleton while we are alive. And when crude pliers. The craft was more a spectacle entific approach to oral health. The author of
we die, they will be the part of our body that than a science. One practitioner, known as the first treatise on the subject—Le Chirurgien
longest remains on earth. If we perish in a Le Grand Thomas, made his living in 18th- Dentiste, published in 1728—he pioneered the
particularly grisly fashion, our dental records use of fillings, braces and even the dental >>>
may be what identifies us.
2. exhibition exposition / Wellcome Collection
museum and library with collections on the study of to lift off the ground to raise into the air / yanking here,
medical history / ordeal painful experience / suction pulling (yank sudden pulling movement/extraction).
1. rotten decayed, here, full of cavities / wise (wisdom tube tube used to remove saliva / crude rudimentary, 3. self-styled self-proclaimed / to pioneer to be the first
teeth) full of wisdom / diet food regimen, eating habits / basic / pliers metal hand tool used to hold objects firmly / person to start doing sth / filling substance inserted into
to munch to chew, to eat / grisly macabre, horrific / craft profession / practitioner person who practises a the cavity of a tooth / brace dental appliance used to align
fashion way / records archives, dossier. certain profession (often medical) / the teeth /

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 25

Culture I Exposition I ROYAUME-UNI I  C2 Retrouvez plus d’infos sur www.vocable.fr


On the Basic recording, the eye-teeth have it! Listen to the horrors of
dentistry, and how to avoid them!
CD audio ou téléchargement MP3 (sur abonnement)

>>> chair. Fauchard believed that what the left tooth removal to “barber-surgeons”,
world’s wealthy needed was to have nice whose job it was to trim hair, amputate limbs
teeth that functioned properly, and he be- and pull teeth. One 16th-century surgeon
came rich in his own right by providing sympathetically warned that wrenching out SUR LE BOUT DE LA LANGUE
dentures to Parisian elites. teeth “should not be carried out with too
much violence” since it carried the risk of Le pluriel en anglais se
4. But healthy human chompers were a rare “bringing away a portion of the jaw to- termine normalement
commodity. Anatomy schools were one gether with the tooth”. For those who could par "s", "es" ou bien
source; fabricated porcelain dentures were not afford even these rudimentary services, "ies".
another, but their brittleness and lack of blacksmiths did the trick. Unsurprisingly, Mais il y a un certain nombre de
verisimilitude put off self-conscious aristo- their instruments of choice were heavy- pluriels irréguliers.
crats. A better alter- duty pliers, more fitting for metalwork Exemples :
native came from than molars.  tooth  teeth
the dead: grave- foot  feet
robbers and battle- 6. In one cartoon, a child  children
field-scavengers chimney-sweep coated man  men
were dentists’ in soot has his teeth shelf  shelves
earliest business wrenched out in order mouse  mice
person  people
partners. The site for them to be trans-
of the battle of planted into the mouths
Waterloo, which of the wealthy; children
left over 50,000 observe with glee. This
dead, was said to scene may well have clever and artsy toothpaste advertisements,
have been left been plucked from posters of public health campaigns and the
toothless with- reality: an 18th- ever-dreaded dentist’s chair. But the theme
in 24 hours. The Dental instrument set
century dentist in of inequality is less clear.
practice spawned made for Sir Edwin New York ran a
a follow ing—a Saunders (1814-1901), newspaper adver- 8. Another section deals with the desire for
dentist to Queen Victoria.
“Waterloo tooth” (British Dental Association / Filip Gierlinkski) tisement offering two guin- a “Hollywood smile” that has driven modern
was t he name eas (equivalent to about dentistry. Alongside a set of “grillz” (replace-
given to any gnasher filched from a deceased £350, or $475 today) for people to give up their able blingy retainers adored by celebrities)
soldier, as tooth-robbery continued into the front teeth. But inequality cut both ways. there is a tooth from Mayan civilisation
Crimean and American civil wars. Queen Elizabeth I was said to have painful encrusted delicately with jade. This is a
cavities from excessive sugar—a luxury item. truly fascinating artefact—and is almost
INEQUALITIES 1,000 years older than everything else in the
5. The exhibition is at its best when it probes THE MODERN ERA exhibition, which deals only with the past
the inequalities of the dentistry business. 7.The exhibition’s overview of the modern 300 years of Western society’s relationship
Even after Fauchard’s innovations, gruesome era has rather less bite. Giant teeth used at with teeth.
and bloody customs persisted. Doctors dentistry schools are displayed, opposite
viewed oral pathologies with contempt, and 9. The exhibition brings the fascinating his-
tory of dentistry—grim, messy and socially
barber-surgeon man who cut hair and shaved men but unequal—to life, but one burning question
dental chair chair which patients sit in during a dental also did small surgeries and teeth extractions / to trim to remains. A tooth exhibition in Britain might
consultation / in one’s own right by himself, without the cut / limb arm or leg / to pull here, to extract / have been expected to answer whether the
association of another / dentures false teeth. sympathetically with compassion / to wrench out to
pull out with force / jaw two bones which form the English really do have bad teeth. l
4. chompers (inf.) teeth (to chomp to chew noisily) /
commodity product / brittleness fragility / verisimilitude structure of the mouth / blacksmith person who forges
here, realistic appearance / to put, put, put off to dissuade / objects of iron / to do, did, done the trick to do the job /
self-conscious aware of one’s image / grave-robber person heavy-duty very strong / fitting appropriate.
who steals from graves / scavenger person who looks 6. cartoon caricature, satirical drawing / chimney-
through unwanted things which have been thrown away in sweep person who cleans chimneys / coated in to cover / artsy artistic / toothpaste gel or paste used on a brush
search of useful objects / to spawn to start, to result in / soot black powder which is produced after sth is burned / for cleaning one’s teeth / ever-dreaded always-feared.
following group of enthusiasts / gnasher (inf.) tooth (to glee joy, pleasure / to pluck (from) to take / to cut, cut, 8. to drive, drove, driven to boost, to stimulate / alongside
gnash to grind one’s teeth together) / to filch to steal. cut both ways to affect both sides equally / painful next to / blingy bling bling / retainer object worn in the
5. to probe to explore, to examine / gruesome horrible, causing physical distress/suffering / cavity dental caries. mouth to help align teeth / encrusted decorated / artefact
atrocious / bloody causing much blood / contempt 7. overview general summary / to have bite to have handmade object of historical or cultural interest.
disdain, disrespect, attitude that sth is inferior / punch, force / to display to present, to exhibit / 9. grim sinister, unpleasant / messy dirty, sordid.

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The difficulties of being a mother in Charlize Theron's new film, Tully
The film Tully (in cinemas from 27 June) is the latest collaboration of director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody,
following the success of Juno and Young Adult. South African actress Charlize Theron plays Marlo, exhausted mother of two who
has just given birth to her third child and decides, against her better judgement, to employ a night nurse named Tully. Interview.

T wo years ago, screenwriter Diablo

Cody was in the middle of trying to
write “a very big, commercial, four-quadrant
movie” when she gave birth to her third child.
After her first two kids, she had gotten back
in the groove of work, but this time, shattered
by exhaustion, she felt herself floundering
both as a writer and as a parent. Cody, 39, had
always been dismissive of the idea of hiring
a night nanny, thinking, she says, “the least
I can do is wake up with my baby.” But this
time she decided to enlist someone to help

1. screenwriter person who writes the script of a film /

four-quadrant movie film which interests all four major
demographic groups: male, female, over- and under- 25s
/ groove here, rhythm / shattered here, in pieces /
exhaustion severe fatigue, tiredness / to flounder to
struggle, to have difficulties / to be dismissive of to
reject / to hire (sin. to enlist) to employ / to help her
over the hump... to help her surmount (over the hump (Mars Films)
past the most difficult part) /
her over the hump of sleep deprivation. The newborn daughter. Deliberately discomfiting
experience was revelatory.  and shot through with dark humor, the film
marks Cody’s third collaboration with direc-
2. The big studio project fell away and the tor Jason Reitman after the 2007 teen-preg-
SUR LE BOUT DE LA LANGUE idea for another, more personal story began nancy hit Juno and 2011’s darkly comic Young
gestating in Cody’s mind — an idea that Adult, which also starred Theron. 
would eventually grow into the new film
to help her over the Tully. In Tully, Charlize Theron stars as UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS
hump (§1) pour l'aider à Marlo, an overburdened middle-aged moth- 3. Even as she was writing Tully, Cody was
surmonter l'épreuve er of three whose life is turned upside down well aware that a film that portrays a moth-
A hump = une bosse in unexpected ways when her wealthy broth- er who is barely holding it together — and
Quelques expressions avec hump : er (Mark Duplass) offers to hire a young night that tackles uncomfortable questions of how
we're over the hump le plus dur est nanny (Mackenzie Davis) to help care for her class intersects with parenting — threatened >>>
to have/to get the hump faire la
gueule deprivation insufficiency, lack. discomfiting disconcerting / shot through with
a humpback whale une baleine à 2. to fall, fell, fallen away to gradually disappear / injected with, full of / teen-pregnancy about an
eventually finally, in the end / to grow, grew, grown adolescent girl who becomes pregnant.
to have a humpback être bossu into to become, to develop into / to star to play the 3. aware conscious / to portray to represent, to depict /
principal role / overburdened with too many barely hardly, only just / to hold, held, held together to
a humpbacked bridge un pont à dos responsibilities, overworked / mother of three... mother remain in one piece and not fall apart / to tackle to deal
d'âne with three children / unexpected surprising, with, to address / to intersect to cross over into, to
unanticipated / wealthy rich / converge with / to threaten to menace, to risk /

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Culture I Cinéma I ETATS-UNIS I  C2

>>> to touch a third rail in movies. “In TV, I’ve

definitely noticed that people are more will-
ing to embrace the flawed female protagonist,
but there’s still something about the mother,”
she says. “We can deal with an unlikable
woman who’s freaking out. But if she’s freak-
ing out on children, we’re out.” 

4. For evidence of the risks, Cody needed to

look no further than her own resume. While
Juno proved a runaway hit, grossing $231 mil-
lion worldwide and earning Cody an Oscar
for original screenplay, Young Adult — whose
central character, an acerbic alcoholic divorcee,
proved off-putting to many viewers — failed
to connect with a large audience. 


5. Still, as raw and edgy as Cody’s script seemed,
when Reitman first sent a copy to Theron, the
Screenwriter Diablo Cody, actress Charlize Theron and director Jason Reitman. (Shutterstock/SIPA)
actress immediately connected with it as a
single mom of two young adopted children. “I TARGETING MOTHERS a little too fast. Young Adult is about maybe
had just come out of my dark tunnel,” Theron 7. Focus Features, which is releasing Tully, growing up a little too slow. And Tully is
says. “My little one was 6 months old and she has made a particular effort to target moth- about that moment where you have to say
had just moved out of sleeping in my room and ers in its marketing campaign for the film. goodbye to a portion of your childhood but
was slowly starting to sleep through the night.”  In the run-up to its release, Tully has stirred you’re not sure if you’re ready for where you
concerns from some that the film does not are in this moment.” 
6. In a culture that often expects women to treat Marlo’s postpartum mental-health
present a soft-focus image of maternal perfec- struggles with sufficient seriousness and MALE DIRECTOR
tion to the world, Theron knew a film delving nuance. “Motherhood is hard, yes, but it is 10. Though some might ask whether a female
into the emotional minefield of motherhood not this,” Diana Spalding, a midwife and director would have been a better fit for a
had the potential to strike a chord. “We’re so pediatric nurse, wrote in a piece on the web- film about the complexities of motherhood,
honest about everything — we share what site Motherly.  Theron pushes back against that idea. “What
medication we take, what happens in our makes it really beautiful is that Jason is
bedrooms — but we don’t talk necessarily 8. But Cody believes that the film, which has searching for the truth of what it feels like
about this stuff,” says the actress, who gained received largely positive reviews since its to be a woman,” she says. “We need that. We
nearly 50 pounds for the role. Both as the father debut at the Sundance Film Festival, will have to be careful that we don’t throw a
of a young daughter and as a filmmaker drawn resonate with many mothers who rarely see general blanket on what a female story
to flawed, messy characters, Reitman was the challenges of parenthood dealt with hon- should look like or who should make it.” 
similarly excited by the prospect of probing estly onscreen. “I’ve had so many moms reach
some of the darker corners of child-rearing.  out to me who’ve only seen the trailer, saying, 11. Having dredged Tully out of her own most
‘I’ve been waiting for this movie,’” Cody says.  difficult moments as a mother, Cody is now
eager to see how the film’s story — which
third rail controversial/taboo subject / to be willing to 9. In the three films he’s made with Cody, all unfolds in unexpected ways the filmmakers
to be prepared to / to embrace to accept / flawed
imperfect, with faults / to freak out to react in an of them centered on female characters, Reit- have been careful not to spoil — will resonate
extremely emotional and irrational way, to suffer from a man sees a clear thematic through-line. “All with parents and nonparents alike. “It’s the
neurosis. the films deal with this feeling of being type of movie that you want people to dis-
4. evidence proof / resume (or résumé) CV, here, unsure of where you are in the arc of your cover and interpret. You don’t want to give
experience / to prove to turn out to be / runaway
uncontrolled, here, huge / to gross to make a profit before lifetime,” he says. Juno is about growing up everything away.” l
tax / screenplay scenario, film script / off-putting
unpleasant, unsympathetic / audience public.
5. still all the same / raw realistic, fresh / edgy 7. to release here, to distribute / to target to identify 10. to be a fit to be appropriate/adapted / to push back
provocative, audaciously innovative. and focus on as a potential objective / run-up period against to oppose, to reject / that we don’t throw a
6. to expect to assume / soft-focus image unclear before an event / to stir to provoke / struggle battle, general blanket... that we don’t make broad
image giving a romantic/sentimental effect / to delve here, difficulties / midwife woman/man who assists a generalisations....
into to explore / minefield situation with potentiel woman in childbirth / piece article. 11. to dredge to search for a submerged object and bring
hazards and dangers / to strike, struck, struck a chord 8. review critique / debut first showing of a film / to it to the surface / eager keen, ready, impatient / to
to evoke a feeling of shared emotion / stuff kind of thing resonate to evoke a feeling of shared emotion / to reach unfold to develop / to spoil, spoiled or spoilt, spoiled
/ pound = 453.6 grams / to draw, drew, drawn to out to to contact / trailer promotional preview of a new film. or spoil to ruin (by revealing information) / alike both...
attract / to probe to explore, to examine / child-rearing and... / to give, gave, given away here, to reveal.
9. through-line common theme / arc progression of
act of bringing up children.

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VOCABLE Du 10 au 24 décembre 2015 • 29
Découverte I Astronomie I ETATS-UNIS I  B2-C1
La Nasa vient de découvrir d'intrigantes
Volcan Kilauea molécules sur Mars. Regardez le reportage
vidéo et testez votre compréhension sur



Research of the volcanic eruption in Hawaii provides information on the planet Mars
The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii continues to spew lava on Big Island. Since the first eruption on 3 May, it has caused considerable
damage, destroying the homes of hundreds of residents and engulfing entire lakes in its path. The hyperactive volcano, feared by
all, is fascinating for astronauts from NASA, offering them an important landscape to study…

T he Kilauea volcano on the Big Island

of Hawaii has been setting off small
earthquakes, creating gas-emitting fissures
and releasing flows of lava that have de-
conducted fieldwork in the Kilauea fields
since 2015 as part of a four-year, NASA-led
research project. Among the questions they
are investigating is how any life on ancient
is how astronauts exploring Mars should
communicate their findings back to earth
despite a one-way communications delay
— what she called “planetary latency” — that
stroyed dozens of homes and forced the Mars, if it did exist, may have developed. can be anywhere from four to 22 minutes.
evacuation of at least 2,000 people. But some “You can’t have an infinite amount of data
scientists look at the basalt-rich lava fields FOCUS ON LIVING ORGANISMS pumped between both planets,” she added.
around Kilauea, and see something else: a 3.Basaltic terrain can host a diverse range “It’s very expensive.”
portal to Mars, whose surface is mostly of microorganisms, leading scientists in
composed of basaltic rocks. Hawaii to focus on the bacteria and other POTENTIAL INTERSTELLAR
organisms living there, and the factors that APPLICATIONS
2. A team of biologists, volcanologists, astro- enable them to survive. 6. Scientists with the project — which is of-
nauts and other specialists has periodically ficially called Biologic Analog Science Associ-
4. “The reason why there continue to be ques- ated with Lava Terrains, or BASALT — say
tions, and programs like ours that go out and that some of their research for the project
1. to set, set, set off to unleash, let off, discharge /
earthquake seismic shock, sudden violent movement of try to answer the questions — Was Mars will be published later this year in the scien-
the earth’s surface / to release here, to emit, send out / habitable? Is it currently habitable? — is that tific journal Astrobiology.
flow flux, stream, profusion / dozen = twelve, here, nobody really knows,” said Darlene Lim, a
multiples of twelve, many / at least a minimum of /
portal gateway, means of access, here, opportunity to geobiologist at the NASA Ames Research 7. The project is one of several continuing
study / mostly principally, for the most part. Center in Silicon Valley and the project’s ones in and around Hawaii’s volcanoes that
principal investigator. have potential interstellar applications. An-
other is a NASA-funded behavioral research
5. Lim’s team is also testing gear and opera- study in which teams of people live in isola-
SUR LE BOUT DE LA LANGUE tional systems that astronauts could use tion for months at a “Mars-like” site on the
during potential future missions to the red slope of the Mauna Loa volcano, down the
Is Mars habitable? (§ 4) planet’s surface. Lim said an open question
Notez qu'en anglais on peut dire
habitable ou inhabitable pour parler
d'un endroit où l’on peut vivre. 2. to conduct to carry out / fieldwork on-site research / findings results of a scientific study / despite in spite of /
Mais attention, le mot français as part of within the framework of / among one of / to one-way in one direction only / latency time lapse, delay
inhabitable se traduit par investigate here, to study. / anywhere anything, something between, (any
uninhabitable, pour parler d'un 3. to host to be home to, be a suitable location for / range percentage between) / amount quantity / data
variety, diversity / to lead, led, led here to influence, information / to pump to transfer, transmit in large
endroit où l’on ne peut pas vivre.
cause / to focus on to concentrate on, here, study in detail quantities.
Le verbe habiter se traduit par to / to enable to permit, allow, make possible. 6. journal specialised (scientific) publication.
inhabit (synonymes: to live, to 4. to go, went, gone out here, to go to a specific location 7. continuing ongoing / to fund to finance / behavioral
dwell) / currently at present, at the moment. relating to human conduct / isolation separation, solitude
5. gear equipment / / -like similar to / slope incline, slope /

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A NASA-funded science team on the lava fields of Kilauea. (SIPANY/SIPA)

road from Kilauea. The study was partly NEW PROJECTS seamount, also known as an underwater
designed to gauge how humans deal with 9. [In May], Kilauea [generated] steam, vol- volcano. The project, which is expected to
boredom. canic gas, ash clouds and lava, some of which run through at least 2020, is run partly by
[flowed] into the Pacific NASA and the National Oce-
8. “They have to pretend that they can’t go Ocean and [set off] a chemi- anic and Atmospheric Ad-
outside without donning rather cumbersome cal reaction that produced Hawaii’s ministration.
suits,” Scott Rowland, a geologist at the Uni- clouds of acid and fine glass. volcanoes are
versity of Hawaii at Manoa who helps run a The activity prompted au- 11. NASA says the seamount,
separate “planetary volcano-analog work- thorities to evacuate Hawaii useful to known as Lō`ihi, may be an
shop” for graduate students, said of the Volcanoes National Park, scientists analog to the hydrothermal
study’s participants. Rowland said that while where all of the BASALT pro- because they systems on one of Saturn’s
no Martian (or, for that matter, lunar) volca- ject’s Hawaii fieldwork has have newly moons, Enceladus, which has
noes are active, Hawaii’s volcanoes are useful taken place. (It has other re- an ocean of liquid water be-
to scientists because they have newly formed search sites in Idaho.) formed faults, neath its icy crust. Scientists
faults, craters, calderas and other features craters, calderas. have wondered if Enceladus
that can be studied up close. 10. Lim said her team was and other icy moons in the
not affected by the recent outer solar system could be
activity because its fieldwork in the park home to microbes or other forms of alien life.
ended in November. But she plans to return The seamount is an “incredible alien environ-
down the road from not far from / to design to devise, to Hawaii’s Big Island this summer, she said, ment,” Lim said. “If you will.” l
create / to gauge to determine, evaluate, here, to study /
to deal, dealt, dealt with to face up to, manage / for a project in which researchers will use
boredom situation where there is nothing to do. a robotic vehicle to explore an underwater
8. to pretend to make believe, here, simulate / to don to put
on, wear / rather fairly / cumbersome heavy, large,
awkward and inconvenient (to wear) / suit here, space suit, to expect to anticipate, predict / to run, ran run through
protective set of outer apparel / to run, ran, run to organise, to last until the end of....
manage / workshop practical study group / graduate 9. steam water vapour / ash powder that remains after 11. beneath below, under / crust solid outer layer / to
student student who is working on a Master’s degree or PhD sth is burnt / to prompt to cause, motivate / to take, wonder to speculate, think about (here, the possibility of)
/ while even though / for that matter indeed / fault crack took, taken place to happen, occur. / outer furthermost edge, extremity / to be home to to
in the earth’s crust / caldera large volcanic crater / feature 10. to plan to to intend to / mount land mass that possess, harbour, here, be a suitable location for / if you
aspect, characteristic / up close very near. projects well above its surroundings / will if you like, in a way.

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 31

Bons plans I Langues


Les séjours « Work and Study » représentent une

option intéressante pour des jeunes qui souhaitent
pratiquer une langue étrangère dans un contexte
professionnel, tout en étant rémunéré. Un plus pour

son CV mais aussi pour son portefeuille !

POUR QUI ? permet aux jeunes d’effectuer des stages non rémunérés dans des
entreprises ou des magasins.
➜ Les 18-30 ans
Partir à l’étranger, parfaire une langue et à coût réduit, c’est possible AU ROYAUME UNI
avec cette formule permettant de suivre des cours et de travailler.
Désignée sous l’appellation de « Work and Study » par les organisa- ➜ A Londres, sans cours obligatoires
teurs de séjours linguistiques labellisés Unosel, ce projet s’adresse Le marché de l’emploi en Angleterre se porte bien et reste très ouvert
aux jeunes entre 18 et 30 ans et présente plusieurs avantages. « En aux étrangers. Deux atouts qui font du Royaume-Uni une destination
plus des cours, travailler sur place permet de pratiquer la langue et phare. « Et le vrai plus, c’est que la question du permis de travail ne se
d’acquérir une expérience professionnelle, tout en finançant son pose pas », ajoute Bruno Bureau, président d’Oliver Twist. Plusieurs
voyage », explique Catherine Van Dale, directrice options existent : chez Oliver Twist par exemple,
des programmes du Centre Easylangues. Plus on propose une formule « Travail + Logement »
le niveau de langue est élevé, plus vous avez de Un niveau B1 à Londres pour ceux qui ne souhaitent pas suivre
chances de trouver un emploi qualifié ; cependant, de cours. « On garantit un hébergement à l'arrivée
la plupart des offres se trouvent dans le domaine minimum est pendant un mois, en plus de trouver un emploi sous
touristique et l’hôtellerie-restauration. A noter qu’il généralement moins de 10 jours », précise Bruno Bureau. Dans ce
ne s’agit pas de volontariat, ni de stages en entre-
prise, mais bien d’obtenir un emploi adapté à vos
nécessaire cadre-là, les frais de placement, d'accompagnement
et de logement s'élèvent à 615 €. Selon votre per-
compétences linguistiques. Un niveau B1 minimum pour ces sonnalité, plusieurs jobs à pourvoir dans le secteur
est généralement nécessaire pour ces programmes
et les destinations les plus prisées restent les pays
programmes tertiaire sont possibles : femme de chambre (niveau
d’anglais de base, après-midis libres), réceptionniste,
anglophones. Sans contrainte de visas ni de pape- serveur, vendeur, employé dans la restauration
rasse administrative, le Royaume-Uni ou l’Irlande apparaissent donc rapide… pour des salaires oscillant entre £162 et £260 par semaine.
comme les meilleurs choix. Pour ceux qui préfèrent l’aventure, les « Le secteur des services requiert un niveau d’anglais intermédiaire.
destinations outre-Atlantique s’ouvrent à quelques candidats, mais Il reste le type de job le plus demandé et pour lequel il y a le plus
en nombre limité en raison des quotas. d’offres », souligne Bruno Bureau.

➜ Les ados ➜ A Londres, avec cours de langue

Pour les moins de 18 ans, sachez que le centre Easylangues propose Si votre intention est d’étudier et de travailler en même temps,
un programme dénommé « English in action » qui en plus des cours, l’organisme Easylangues se charge de dispenser des cours d’anglais

32 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018

Programme ERASMUS +
dans une école internationale accréditée par le British Council. L’éta-
blissement se situe tout près de Camden Market pour les amateurs
de shopping ! Vous débuterez votre séjour par deux à huit semaines
de cours d’anglais à la suite desquelles vous commencerez votre
emploi dans l’hôtellerie-restauration. « Les jobs sont adaptés au
niveau d’anglais de chaque participant et le placement est garanti »,
assure Catherine Van Dale d’Easylangues. Pour deux semaines de
cours dans la capitale londonienne, à raison de 15 leçons par semaine,
suivies d’un job rémunéré pour une durée de 8 semaines à un an, il
faut compter 1200 €.

➜ Bournemouth pour un séjour branché

Si Londres reste la vedette au Royaume-Uni, l’autre destination

phare est la station balnéaire de Bournemouth située dans le Sud

de l’Angleterre. Le principe est similaire. « Les élèves accèdent à un
travail rémunéré en hôtellerie-restauration pour une durée variant
entre 12 semaines et 9 mois dans cette ville très animée. Pendant toute
la durée de leur job, ils sont hébergés en logement étudiant partagé
et bénéficient de quatre cours d’anglais par semaine dans une école
située en centre-ville » précise Catherine Van Dale. Le tout au tarif
de 1600 € pour une période de 12 semaines. Chez Oliver Twist, la
formule « cours + job » à Bournemouth débute à 1050 €.

Travailler au Canada requiert des démarches administratives parfois

© Agence Erasmus+ France / Education et Formation

contraignantes. « Pour obtenir un permis de travail, il faut d’abord
être en possession d’un permis d’études », rappelle Bruno Bureau,
président d’Oliver Twist. Le PVT, le Permis Vacances-Travail délivré
par les autorités canadiennes et qui donne l'autorisation de travailler
sur une durée de 24 mois, est également soumis à des quotas. Mieux INT146_Advert - Vocable-p4p.pdf 1 09/11/2017 11:06
vaut donc s’adresser aux professionnels ! Pour éviter de mauvaises Cours chez le professeur
surprises, l’organisme Oliver Twist vous garantit un visa de travail
dès votre arrivée au Canada. Le programme diplômant intitulé C

« Diplôme + Job » se déroule dans la ville de Toronto qui compte plus M

de 8 millions d’habitants. Il permet de perfectionner votre anglais, Cours particuliers chez le professeur
d’obtenir un diplôme canadien et de travailler durant la dernière
le meilleur moyen d’apprendre l’anglais
moitié de votre séjour. Attention, partir outre-Atlantique signifie
More than just a language course

également des prix plus élevés qu’en Europe (à partir de 5 600 €). MY



Vous rêvez de vivre une expérience aux Etats-Unis ? « L’obtention

du visa est de plus en plus complexe, cette destination est devenue
quasi impossible », prévient Bruno Bureau, d’Oliver Twist. Mais si Rejoignez la communauté
vous avez soif de grand large, l’Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande sont
de bonnes alternatives. « L’Australie, c’est à plus de 20h de l’Europe, il
Vocable sur
faut donc se montrer autonome lorsqu’on s’y installe, mais l’avantage,
c’est que le Working Holiday Visa s’obtient en une heure », poursuit-
il. La formule « Job à la ferme » vous plongera dans des paysages
uniques, parfois même sans accès à internet. Les offres de jobs se
déclinent aussi dans d’autres activités comme le « fruitpicking »,
les parcs d’attraction…
Easy Langues : www.centre-easylangues.com France - Etranger
Oliver Twist : www.oliver-twist.fr
01 44 37 97 79 - publicite@vocable.fr
Unosel : www.unosel.org

VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018 • 33

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Des entrées pour des films et des expositions, des CD et des DVD, des romans, des voyages…

De Liz Flahive et Carly Mensch
LOVE, Glow est de retour pour une
SIMON deuxième saison qui s’annonce
tout aussi hilarante que la
De Greg Berlanti
première. Los Angeles, 1980. Ruth,
Simon est un jeune actrice désespérée de
adolescent à la décrocher un rôle à sa mesure, est
vie ordinaire… ou tout aussi malheureuse en amour
presque. Il a un qu’au travail. Lorsqu’elle est
secret, qu’il ne sélectionnée pour faire partie d’un
peut révéler à ses show télévisé sur le catch féminin,
amis et à sa elle intègre une troupe de bras
famille : il aime cassés qui apprend à catcher avec
les garçons. un coach/réalisateur pour le moins
Lorsqu’il tombe maussade. Crêpages de chignon et
sur un message CINÉMA costumes fantaisistes sont de
posté rigueur ! Cette série portée par la
anonymement TULLY sublime Alison Brie (Mad Men,
De Jason Reitman BoJack Horseman) met en scène
par un élève de
Marlo, la quarantaine, élève deux des anti-héroïnes
son lycée se
jeunes enfants et attend le extraordinairement attachantes
trouvant dans la troisième. L’accouchement arrive
même situation, qui ne manquent pas de punch.
comme un cataclysme, la famille
les deux adolescents commencent à communiquer en ligne, et est au bord de l’implosion et Marlo A voir sur Netflix à partir du 29 juin.
leur relation prend une tournure inattendue. Porté par un épuisée. Cette dernière décide donc
casting éblouissant, cette comédie romantique aux faux airs de à faire appel à une nounou de nuit.
thriller sonne juste. Les dialogues, écrits avec beaucoup de C’est ainsi que la fantaisiste Tully,
finesse, sont parfois bouleversants, souvent drôles à souhait. sorte de Mary Poppins des temps
Un véritable feel good movie. modernes, débarque dans le foyer,
Avec Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford et Jennifer Garner. et bouleverse le quotidien de la
En salles le 27 juin. petite famille… pour le meilleur ou
pour le pire ! Jason Reitman et
Diablo Cody, les créateurs de Juno
et Young Adult, signent ici une
comédie dramatique très réussie
qui montre la maternité sous un
EXPOSITION angle inattendu, résolument
LE RÊVE AMÉRICAIN : DU POP ART À NOS JOURS moderne et authentique.
La fondation Custodia Avec Charlize Theron.
expose actuellement En salles le 27 juin.
une centaine
d’estampes réalisées Des places à gagner !
par quelques-uns des sur www.vocable.fr
plus grands noms de
l’art américain tels
Andy Warhol et Roy TELEVISION
Lichtenstein. Issues des SILICON VALLEY -
collections du British EMPIRE DU FUTUR
Museum, ces estampes De David Carr-Brown
vont des années 60 à Le réalisateur David
nos jours. Inspirés par Carr-Brown s’est immergé
l’explosion de l’image dans la vie quotidienne, certains peintres pendant un an au cœur de
américains reprennent dans les années 60 des techniques de production la Silicon Valley pour
utilisées pour les publicités. Détournant l’un des plus forts symboles du réaliser ce fascinant
rêve américain, ils redécouvrent l’estampe et exploitent son potentiel documentaire explorant la question du pouvoir technologique à travers
artistique. (Par Servane de Pastre, stagiaire Vocable) l’essor des outils numériques. Google, Facebook, Amazon & Cie n’ont qu’à
Fondation Custodia, 121, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris. bien se tenir !
Du 2 juin au 2 septembre 2018. A voir sur Arte, le 3 juillet à 22h40.

34 • VOCABLE Du 28 juin au 11 juillet 2018

I Décryptage I ETATS-UNIS

In this picture, an elephant, representing the Republican Party, is delighted by the number of jobs created by
the American president Donald Trump, while a donkey, emblem of the Democratic Party, says sarcastically
that this number could actually amount to presidential pardons. This is a reference to the May employment
report, which showed that 223,000 new jobs were added in the United States that month, making the
unemployment rate fall to 3.8 percent — an 18-year record. It also refers to the numerous pardons that Donald
Trump has issued since he was elected, which has raised questions about his use of the presidential pardon
power. The American president also tweeted that he has the “absolute right” to pardon himself in the Russia
investigation led by Robert Mueller (adding that this wouldn’t be necessary because he had done nothing
wrong). Experts and law scholars are divided on the statement, some saying that nothing in the Constitution
prevents him from pardoning himself, others declaring that a president can’t do that, under the principle that
“no one may be a judge in his own case”...
pardon official decision not to punish sb for a crime / delighted extremely happy, enchanted / while whereas (at the same time) / donkey a domesticated ass, animal of the horse
family / actually in fact, in reality / to amount to to represent / to add to create / rate here, percentage / numerous many / to issue to deliver, grant / to raise to bring up / to tweet
to send a message via Twitter / to lead, led, led to run, direct, control / scholar expert, specialist / statement declaration, announcement / to prevent to stop.

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