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Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Cash Memo

(Original for Recipient)

Sold By:
Brand Eyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Billing Address:
* Unit No. 1, Khewat/ Khata No: 373/ 400 Mustatil Abhijit Chandra
Accenture india LTD, Unitech hightech infrasture
No 31,, Village Taoru, Tehsil Taoru, District gate 2, Rajarhat
Mewat,, On Bilaspur Taoru Road NEW TOWN, WEST BENGAL, 700156
Mewat, Haryana, 122105 IN

PAN No: AAECB6490N Shipping Address:

GST Registration No: 06AAECB6490N1Z8 Abhijit Chandra
Abhijit Chandra
Accenture india LTD, Unitech hightech infrasture
gate 2, Rajarhat
Order Number: 402-3786957-3101902 Invoice Number: DEL2-16165
Order Date: 03.08.2018 Invoice Details: HR-DEL2-134196871-1819
Invoice Date: 03.08.2018

Sl. Unit Net Tax Tax Tax Total

Description Discount Qty
No Price Amount Rate Type Amount Amount
1 Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 S2PGFY-003 Earphones
with Mic (Black) | B00C2B3EE4 ( ₹1,016.10 ₹0.00 1 ₹1,016.10 18% IGST ₹182.90 ₹1,199.00
amzn1.fba.v1.PCtnaRyuVFrKXIqXbWcffq-6ZjY )
Shipping Charges ₹33.90 -₹33.90 ₹0.00 18% IGST ₹0.00 ₹0.00
TOTAL: ₹182.90 ₹1,199.00
Amount in Words:
One Thousand One Hundred And Ninety-nine only
For Brand Eyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd.:

Authorized Signatory

*ASSPL-Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd., ARIPL-Amazon Retail India Pvt. Ltd. (only where Amazon Retail India Pvt. Ltd. fulfillment center is co-located)

Please note that this invoice is not a demand for payment

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