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Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT. BUREAU OF JAIL MANAGEMENT AND PENOLOGY NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 1144 Mindanao Avenue, Project 8, Quezon Ci “Trunklines: (+632) 927-5147; 486-1922 Email Address: chiefbjmpagmai.com Website: wwo-hjmp, MEMORANDUM FOR : ISMAELDSUENO Secretary Department of the Interior and Local Government SUBJECT : 2017 COMPREHENSIVE BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINARY MACHINERY DATE 206 February 2017 ACTION REQUESTED: Approval and signature of the Secretary, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), of the 2017 COMPREHENSIVE BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINARY MACHINERY. BACKGROUND / JUSTIFICATION: Section 62 of Republic Act No. 6975! provides that the Chief, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) shall recommend to the Secretary, Department of the Interior and Local Government, the disciplinary machinery for personnel of the BJMP. . Existing Administrative Disciplinary Machinery (Revised 2007) became effective ‘on April 2007. In response to the ever-changing needs of the time, it has been imperative for the BJMP to revisit, review, and revise certain provisions to make it more responsive and attain a + certain degree of consistency and stability. Amendment to the existing Administrative Disciplinary Machinery is in consonance with Republic Act No. 9263? which focuses on the strengthening of the delivery of basic services through the institutionalization of highly efficient and competent jail services, BIMP provided for the mechanism on drafting and adoption of anew disciplinary machinery. The BJMP Administrative Disciplinary Machinery Revision Committee and the plenary of lawyers during the 1* Annual BJMP Lawyers’ Consultative Workshop Conference last July 25-27, 2016 adopted the 2017 COMPREHENSIVE BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINARY MACHINERY in its Resolution No. 1 series of 2016. ue al 1 Local Government of 1990 * Bureau of Fire Protection and Bureau of al Management and Penology Professionalization Act of 2008, Considering the foregoing, it is our most respectful submission that the approval tration before the Office of National Administrative Register, U.P. Law Center of the This is an update to the Memorandum dated 25 January 2017 with attached corrected 2017 COMPREHENSIVE BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINARY MACHINERY draft. RECOMMENDATION: Approval of para (1). SERAFIN P BARRETTO, JR, CESO IV, CSS Jail Director Chief, BJMP,, & We CET BJMP17-100912 ment of the Interior and Local Government 2017 COMPREHENSIVE BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINARY io MACHINERY a A DILG-OSEC r- RULE I Reo Pana pare: 4 a ft PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS CONTR rn. Section 1. Title. - These Rules shall be known and cited as the “2017 COMPREHENSIVE BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINARY r MACHINERY’. Section 2. Scope and Application. - These Rules shall nh. apply to all administrative cases filed against uniformed and non- uniformed personnel and define the powers, duties and procedures i to be observed by the personnel officers, investigators, prosecutors, _ hearing officers and the disciplining authorities in the formulation and implementation of decisions, resolutions and orders duly issued. In addition, it shall provide an avenue for the private parties with broken interpersonal relations to exhaust the possibility to settle their case/s amicably pursuant to existing policies. iniformed personnel with the rank of at least Jail Senior 1. Superintendent shall be governed by the pertinent rules of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) or the Office of the President (OP), as the case may be. Section 3. Purpose. - These Rules shall govern the - dispensation of administrative justice in the BUMP by the most i economical and expeditious means, most responsive to the needs of all stakeholders and sufficient to protect public service. It shall also ensure uniformity in adjudication of administrative complaints x against erring personnel. MAR 09 2017 Te ECELYE Toe