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Ellucian ODS9.

0 Upgrade
Migrating from OWB to ODI
Amir Saleem
Centennial College
May 17, 2017
u OWB Support
u Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
u ODI Architecture
u Upgrade paths
u General Guideline for ODS infrastructure
u Upgrade of Oracle Warehouse Builder
u Oracle Data Integrator install and configuration
u Upgrade of ODS 8.5 to ODS 9.0
u Migrating OWB projects and maps to ODI
u Q&A and Contact Information
OWB Support

u OWB was a free ETL tool distributed with Oracle Database Server Enterprise
u Oracle has dropped the OWB from Oracle Database 12.x distribution but will
support the 11.x OWB with 12.1 database server
u OWB will be not be supported once the Oracle Database 12.1 release has
reached its End of Premier Support
Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

u ODI is the ETL tool chosen by Ellucian to replace OWB

u This tool includes the full Application Suite to implement data integration
u Products included in a full distribution are:
u Weblogic Application Server
u Oracle Data Integrator Studio
u ODI Master Repository and ODI Work Repository
u Sources and Targets (In our case Banner and ODS/EDW/DSR)
u Runtime Standalone Agent
ODI Architecture
ODI Architecture
ODI Architecture
Upgrade Paths

u Install and setup ODS from scratch

u Recommended if you don’t have customization done to ODS
u Will be a clean install with no OWB objects and repository left in the database
u Upgrade the existing ODS environment
u If there are a lot of customization done then upgrade path can be taken
u Will have to cleanup OWB objects and repository after the upgrade is done
Centennial Infrastructure for ODS 9

Storage is EMC VNX-5200 with all SSD drives

Oracle Sparc T5-8 machine
30 thick threaded virtual cores / 512G RAM for ODS server
92 thick threaded virtual cores / 1TB RAM for Banner server
38 thin threaded virtual cores / 64G RAM for Cognos server
Upgrade of Oracle Warehouse Builder

u For in-place upgrade to ODS 9.0 the OWB should be running out of the with following patches
u OWB commulative patch # 17906774
u OWB oneoff patch # 21977765
u Make sure to run the OWB repository optimization from Warehouse Builder
u On Solaris/Linux environments AWT_TOOLKIT value should be set to Xtoolkit
for OWB to launch after upgrade to
Oracle Data Integrator install and
u Make sure the Java 8 update 101 is installed
u Make directory /software/sworacle/odi/Middleware/odi12212
u Make sure that /usr/jdk/latest/bin/java -version return java 8
u /usr/jdk/jdk1.8.0_121/bin/java -jar fmw_12.
ODI Installation type
ODI Repository Creation

u Make sure to set your JAVA_HOME variable and latest is pointing to the right
version of JAVA
u export JAVA_HOME=/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.8.0_121
u Change directory to $ODI_HOME/oracle_common/bin and run ./rcu
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Repository Creation
ODI Studio Configuration
u To Configure ODI studio go to /software/sworacle/odi/Middleware/odi12212/odi/studio/bin and
edit odi.conf and set JavaHome=/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.8.0_121
u Launch it using ./odi and click on File > New
ODI Studio Configuration
Standalone Agent Deployment
u Goto /software/sworacle/odi/Middleware/odi12212/oracle_common/common/bin and
run ./config.sh
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Standalone Agent Deployment
Defining Agent in the physical Topology
Finalize ODI Setup
u Modify the ide.conf file in <ODI_HOME>\jdeveloper\ide\bin and change ‘-Xmx800M’
with ‘-Xmx4096M’
u After Installation finishes start the agent from
$Middleware_Home/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin using following
nohup ./agent.sh -NAME=OracleDIAgent1 PORT=20910 &
u Create the setenv_odi for ODI environment setup in ~/bin folder of oracle user and
it should like this:
u export JAVA_HOME=/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.8.0_121
u export ODI_HOME=$YourPath/Middleware/odi12212
u export
ODS9.0 Upgrade
u Set you environment to Banner DB
u Make sure you unlock your system account in BANNER DB and reset password to a
known value
u Change you directory to /software/banupg/ods_edw/ods/ods90000u/banner/upgrade
and modify login.sql to reflect your environment
u Run the change_password_before_upgrade.sql to change passwords of default accounts
in BannerDB
u Run sqlplus /nolog @upgrade_login_test.sql
u Run sqlplus /nolog @odsstg_upgrade.sql
u Set you environment to ODS database
u Modify the login.sql in /software/banupg/ods_edw/ods/ods90000u/ods/upgrade to
reflect your ODS environment
u Run the statement sqlplus /nolog @upgrade_login_test.sql
u Run the Rename_script_from_SCT_to_BL.sql as odsmgr
u Run sqlplus /nolog @ods_upgrade.sql
ODS9.0 Upgrade
u Run the following scripts for different modules
u sqlplus /nolog @general_etl_upgrade.sql
u sqlplus /nolog @finance_etl_upgrade.sql
u sqlplus /nolog @student_etl_upgrade.sql
u sqlplus /nolog @payroll_etl_upgrade.sql
u sqlplus /nolog @posnctl_etl_upgrade.sql
u Verify the environment by running sqlplus /nolog @gurutlrp.sql
u Copy SmartImport.jar and login.properties from ods/odi/java/ to <ODI_HOME>/odi/sdk/lib
u Move the non_licensed modules into subfolder in
/software/banupg/ods_edw/ods/ods90000u/ods/odi/xml to Not_Licensed
u Use the method 2 from step 22.5 to import ODI metadata and run following command after modifyig
the login.properties files according to our environment
java -cp $CLASSPATH smartimport.SmartImport
**You will get errors that <Module.zip> file does not exist ignore that
u Run the script
u sqlplus /nolog @gurutlrp.sql
u sqlplus /nolog @warehouse_recompile_banner.sql
Q&A and Contact Information

Amir Saleem
Centennial College