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Product Code Pigtail FO

Coding connector A
Grade connector A
polish connector A
laser protection A
amount of fiber
Product family

connector A

spezial item
type of tube

jacket color
fiber type


Version 01.15

PIG- S 1 M3 TR 09- LC 0 A N 10.5 -X101 SAMPLE CODE

PIG- Pigtail
S Semi-Tight
T Tight
1 Simplex
2 Duplex / two fiber
12 12 fiber
S1 Singlemode OS1
S2 Singlemode OS2
S3 Singlemode G.657A
S4 Singlemode G.657B
TW Singlemode Truewave
M1 Multimode OM1
M2 Multimode OM2
M3 Multimode OM3
M4 Multimode OM4
AN Anthracite
BG Beige
BK Black
BL Blue
BR Brown
GN Green
IV Ivory
OR Orange
PK Pink
RD Red
TR Turquoise / Aqua
VT Violet
WT White
YL Yellow
06- Tube diameter 0.6mm
09- Tube diameter 0.9mm
ET E-2000
EJ E-2000 RJ
SD SC Duplex
LD LC Duplex
S Metall shutter silver (only E-2000)
B Metal shutter black (only E-2000)
0 PC (0°)
8 APC 8°
9 APC 9°
A Singlemode Grade A
B Singlemode Grade B
C Singlemode Grade C
D Singlemode Grade D
A Multimode Grade Am (in combination with OM1-4)
B Multimode Grade Bm (in combination with OM1-4)
N Not applicable
K Black
B Blue
G Green
O Orange
R Red
T Turquoise / Aqua
V Violet
W White
Y Yellow
1 Mechanical coding Red 1 (only E-2000)
2 Mechanical coding Brown 2 (only E-2000)
3 Mechanical coding Yellow 3 (only E-2000)
4 Mechanical coding Orange 4 (only E-2000)
5 Mechanical coding Violet 5 (only E-2000)
6 Mechanical coding White 6 (only E-2000)
-XXX.X Length in meter (eg. 10.5 or 3)
-XXX Special item numbering