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Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books,NGMA.Bengaluru.

Year,Edition &
SL NO Sub Code Subject ACC. NO Author Title Volume Publisher Keywoards Book Description Classification No
Reference Sources :
1 Western
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Bronze Age, Iron Age, Neolithic,Egyptian, Ancient Near The Encyclopedia of Visual Art subsumes six approaches to visual art: a History of Art, a Biographical Dictionary of Artists, a Glossary of Terms, Three
1 1 Western 21 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London Eastern,Sculpture,Tomb ,Aegean, Greek, sets of illustrated studies [Special studies,Comparative studies,Media Studies] a summary guide to Museums and Galleries of the world and an 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Bronze, Sculpture,Ellora,Mughal, Buddhist,Roman, Celtic,
2 1 Western 22 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London Parthian, Indian,Southeast Asian. The book speaks about the art of the city of Rome or art executed by or for Romans. 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica North American,African, Oceanic,Irish,Bronze, Reference, This volume of the encyclopedia contains information about the art of Islamic, Irish, Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Pre-Columbian, North American
3 1 Western 23 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London Islamic, Pre-columbian,Ottonian. Indian and Eskimo,African, Oceanic, Carolingian,Ottonian cities. 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Neoclassicism,Romanticism, Manuscript, Gothic,
4 1 Western 24 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London Antiquity,Renaissance,Reference, Rococo. This volume of encyclopedia deals with history of Romanesque Art and Romanticism. 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Abstract,Australian, South African,International, Latin
5 1 Western 25 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London American, Futurism,Cubism,Expressionism. This volume of the encyclopedia deals with the book speaks the South African art with realism. 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Biographical,Dictionary,Biographical Dictionary of Artists A-
6 1 Western 26 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London L. This volume contains the biographical details of artists. 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica
7 1 Western 27 Gowing.Sir Lawrence The Encyclopaedia of Visual Art 1965 International.London Biographical Dictionary R-Z This volume contains the biographical details of artists. 703 GOW
Reference Sources : Thames and Hudson, This Dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of the fine arts,with entries on painting, sculpture, drawing and prints and the artists who have
8 1 Western 28 Read,Herbert The dictionary of Art and Artists 1985 London Art,Artists, Dictionary. made them through out the world. The dictionary includes more than 2500 entries 376 illustrations which document the identifying features of styles 703 PEA
Reference Sources : Ritwik publications, This dictionary deals with a wide range of art subject terms, giving it a completeness and utility as a general reference -book to all students or
9 1 Western 29 Fairholt. F w A Dictionary of Terms in Art 1988 Ghaziabad Terms amateurs of the fine arts. 703 TAI
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 24, Index, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
10 1 Western 31 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-XXIV LTD.Chicago Atlas, complex world. It covers information relating to Index 1 to 23, Atlas, and Index to Atlas. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 23, Vase, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
11 1 Western 32 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-XXIII LTD.Chicago Zygote. complex world. It covers information from Vase to Zygote. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 22, Textile, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
12 1 Western 33 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, vol-XXII LTD.Chicago Vasculart, System. complex world. It covers information from Textile to Vascular system. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 21, Sordello, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
13 1 Western 34 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol -XXI LTD.Chicago Texas. complex world. It covers information from Sordello to Texas. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 20, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
14 1 Western 35 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-XX LTD.Chicago Saraaparilla,Sorcery, complex world. It covers information from Asarsaparilla to Sorcery. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 19, Raynal, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
15 1 Western 36 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol-XLIX LTD.Chicago Sarreguemines. complex world. It covers information from Raynal to Sarreguemines. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 1, A to Annoy.
16 1 Western 37 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1957, Vol- I LTD.Chicago Britannnica. Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. It covers information from A to Annoy. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 2, Annual, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
17 1 Western 38 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-II LTD.Chicago Register, Baltica Sea. complex world. It covers information from Annoy to Baltica. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Britannica, Braila, Baltimore, Great Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
18 1 Western 39 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-III LTD.Chicago Britain,Universal Knowledge, Vol 3. complex world. It covers information from Baltimore to Braila. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 4, Brain, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
19 1 Western 40 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-IV LTD.Chicago Casting.1 complex world. It covers information from Brain to Casting. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 5, Cast-Iron, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
20 1 Western 41 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-V LTD.Chicago Cole. complex world. It covers information from Cast-Iron to Cole. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 6, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
21 1 Western 42 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-VI LTD.Chicago Colebrooke, Damascius. complex world. It covers information from Colebrooke to Damascius. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 7, Damascus, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
22 1 Western 43 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-VII LTD.Chicago Education, Animals. complex world. It covers information from Damascus to Education in Animals. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 8, Edward, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
23 1 Western 44 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-VIII LTD.Chicago Extract. complex world. It covers information from Edward to Extract. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 9, Extraction, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
24 1 Western 45 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-IX LTD.Chicago Gambrinus. complex world. It covers information from Extraction to Gambrinus. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 10, Game, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
25 1 Western 46 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-X LTD.Chicago Gun Metal. complex world. It covers information from Game to Gun Metal. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 11, Gunnery, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
26 1 Western 47 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol-XI LTD.Chicago Hydroxlamine. complex world. It covers information from Gunnery to Hydroxlamine. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 12, Hydrozoa, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
27 1 Western 48 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol-XII LTD.Chicago Jeremy, Epistle of. complex world. It covers information from Hydrozoa to Jeremy, Epistle of.Annoy. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 13,Jerez, DE Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
28 1 Western 49 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol-XIII LTD.Chicago La Frontera, Liberty Party. complex world. It covers information from Jerez De La Frontera to Liberty Party. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 14, Libido, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
29 1 Western 50 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol-XIL LTD.Chicago Mary, Duchess, Burgundy. complex world. It covers information from Libdo to Mary, Duchess of Burgundy. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 15, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
30 1 Western 51 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768, Vol-XL LTD.Chicago Maryborough, Mushet, Steel. complex world. It covers information from Maryborough to Mushet Steel. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 16, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
31 1 Western 52 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,Vol-XLI LTD.Chicago Mushroom, Ozonides. complex world. It covers information from Mushroom to Ozonides. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 17, P, Plant, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
32 1 Western 53 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768 Vol-XLII LTD.Chicago Propagation. complex world. It covers information from P to Plant Propagation. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia,Universal Knowledge, Volume 18, Plants, Encyclopedia Britannica : A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. Encyclopedia Britannica present a modern informational instrument in a changing and
33 1 Western 54 Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768,vol-XLIII LTD.Chicago Raymond, Tripoli. complex world. It covers information from Plants to Raymund of tripoli. 032 ENC
Reference Sources : Roget's Thesaurus is a vocabulary on a large scale, categorized by topics. In this edition the index has been beautifully organized. Groups of meanings
34 1 Western 59 Dutch A Robert Roget's Thesaurus 1852 Penguin books Thesaurus are subdivided on the spot, so that the desired nuance, the fine adjustment,can be found three times more quikly. 012.987 ROG
Reference Sources : Maggi,Stefano & Ancient Greece,Greek Art, Photographs, Monuments, The Treasures of Ancient Greece illustrates and describes the most important and famous masterpieces of Greek art.Packed with outstanding
35 1 Western 108 Troso,Cristina The Treasures of Ancient Greece. 2004 The Rizzoli Art Guides archeological Sites, Sculpture, Museums of the world. illustrations and photographs,it includes the great monuments, archeological sites, frescoes, mosaics, sculptures and individual works in the most 938.22 MAG
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Architecture, Roman, Christian, The Book of Art is designed as an introduction to the visual arts,painting,drawing and sculpture. It provides information about the most creative
36 1 Western 212 Strong. Donald.E The Book of Art : Origins of Western art 1965 International.London Europe,Constantinople,English, Britain, Middle Ages, aspects of human effort.This particular volume deals with the Origin of Western Art. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Leonardo da vinci, Mannerism, Titian, Renaissance,Gothic, The Book of Art is designed as an introduction to the visual arts,painting,drawing and sculpture..This volume gives information about Italian Art to
37 1 Western 213 Monteverdi. Mario The Book of Art : Italian Art To- 1850 1965 International.London Siera, Donatello,Botticelli,Itallian. 1850. It discusses the genius of men such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Raphael, and many more. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Hammacher A M & Encyclopaedia Britannica Flemish,Dutch, Illumination,Netherlands,Holland, The Book of Art is designed as an introduction to the visual arts,painting,drawing and sculpture.This volume covers art by Flemish and Dutch artists like
38 1 Western 214 Vandenbrande R H The Book of Art :Flemish and Dutch Art 1965 International.London Belgium,Rembrandt,Baroque,Vermeer. Jan Van Eyck ,Rubens, Rembrandt and Hans Memling. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Encyclopaedia Britannica Landscape, Romantic,Realism,Rococo,Ingres, The Book of Art is designed as an introduction to the visual arts,painting,drawing and sculpture.This volume covers French Art from 1350-1850
39 1 Western 215 Laclotte.Michel The book of art : French Art from 1350 To 1850 1965 International.London Baroque,Avignon, Gothic, Fontainbleans. containing eighty biographies of artists and many influences are evident in the development of French Art from the thirteenth to the nineteenth 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Vey.Horst & Salas The Book of Art : German & Spanish Art to Grolier Incorporated.New German, Spanish, Goya, Durer, Baroque, Renaissance, The Book of Art is designed as an introduction to the visual arts,painting,drawing and sculpture.this volume deals with German and Spanish Art from
40 1 Western 216 Xavier de 1900 1965 York Greco. 1500 to 1900 contains over one hundred biographies of artists like Grunewald,Aldorfer, Baldung,Lucas Cranach, and Hans Holbein the younger. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : The Book of Art : British and North american Grolier Incorporated.New Miniature, Landscape, Romantic, Van Dyck, Canadian, The Book of Art is designed as an introduction to the visual arts,painting,drawing and sculpture. This volume deals with British and North American Art
41 1 Western 217 Garlick. Kenneth art To 1900 1965 York Turner,British, North America. of 1900 contains more than ninety biographies of artists like Hogarth, Reynolds, Gainsborough, among others. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : The Book of Art :Impressionists and Post Grolier Incorporated.New Courbert, Manet, Degas, Monet, Impressionists, Impressionists and Post-Impressionists contains over fifty biographies of artists like Gustave Courbet,Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne,
42 1 Western 218 Bowness.Alan Impressionists 1965 York Klimt,Piccaso, Seurat,Cezanne, Van Gogh. and many more. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : The Book of Art : From Fauvism To Abstract Grolier Incorporated.New Fauvism,Abstract,Expressionism, Modern Art, Klee,
43 1 Western 219 Sylvester. David Expressionism 1965 York Mondrian,Picasso, Dali,Matisse. Modern Art Contains over fifty -five biographies of artists like Picasso, Matisse, Klee, Rouault, Moore, and Modigliani were some of the artists. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Grolier Incorporated.New Landscape,Buddhism,Buddhist,Zen, Chinese,Japanese,
44 1 Western 220 Sullivan Michael The Book of Art : Chinese and Japanese Art 1965 York Yuan,Ming. Chinese and Japanese Art contains much history of art in both countries as well as biographies of outstanding artists. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Grolier Incorporated.New Renaissance, Light, Perspective,Impressionism, Post- How to look at Art answers the question by examining some of the positive qualities to be seen in a work of art such as subject matter, technique,
45 1 Western 221 Myers,Bernard The Book of Art : How to Look at the Art 1965 York Impressionism,Graphic Design,Abstract Art. intension of the artist, and feeling and emotion. 703 BOO
Reference Sources : Simon Wilson & This comprehensive pocket sized guide holds the answers. Each term from the dawn of impressionism to the latest digital development, is defined
46 1 Western 1372 Jessica Lack The Tate Guide to modern Art Terms. 2012 Tate Publishing Terms, Modern, Tate.Guide. with clarity and precision,putting themes, movements, media and art practices at the reader's fingertips. 709.0400 14 SIM

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that something of 57 2 Philosophy : Western 281 Kerenyi.Sandesh Kadur. Whose art is it ? Is the story of sculptor John Ahearn. Art . The present volume Abhasa: 52 1-A Indian 705 mar Kalatattvakosa 2008. 2004 paintings. 1951 & Vol I London Animism.Public Sculptures. civilization in world history and provide us with new insight through which we explore and understand the long cultural tradition and glory of the 980 VOK Cultural and Visual studies : In this book one can see the work of the Indian sculptor who skillfully transformed the block of stone into a summary of the complex Nahua theory of 81 3 Western 151 Calendar. for a series of Public sculptures commissioned for an intersection outside a police station. the magician and priest art etc. R W The Arts of Persia 1989 . Interviews.New Haven Landscape. Jane Whose Art Is It ? 1992 London Art. Aesthetics. and the discipline of art history at the end of the nineteenth century. 294. vol-VI IGNCA.8 MOC Cultural and Visual studies : Dover Publication. Drama. The History of Art offers a comprehensive view of artistic production throughout the centuries.Great Britain. The Kalatattvakosa series aims at facilitating the reader to comprehend the interlocking of different disciplines. a white artist in a black and hispanic neighborhood of the South Bronx.Myth. London Nature's Web. History.04 LYN Macedonians : The Northern Greeks.Norbert 85 in Colour 1980 Phaidon Press Art. The Hinmalayas in Indian Art. Ancient Greece.History. Neoclassicism.Lexicon. like their addresses. The book begins with a cultural and historical survey through the centuries.Religious Art. influence artists and their work.Visual Art. Conversations. Reality.52113 BRO Cultural and Visual studies : Duke University Press.Robert.45 HAR Cultural and Visual studies : Art.Psychology.Pratima Dictionary of Indian Art and Artists 2006 Mapin Publishing Indian Art context of Indian art.9/4894 KRA Reference Sources : Chattopadhyay. new stone. Renaissance. Past and present works of Art. Earth. LC2001090906 2 Philosophy : Western Nature's Web : An Explorationof Ecological 55 2 Philosophy : Western 40 Marshall. the reproductions are fully integrated into the text. India.Pali.Symbolic values. Art. Mythology. Style. Culture. Delhi Hindu. Story. Sumerian Art. Sculpture. Greeks. Sanskrit.Textual.55 FER Asia. from the development of aesthetics in Ancient Greece to the emergence of both modernism 56 2 Philosophy : Western 185 Sir.Excavation.Vittorio The History of Art 1988 Gallery Books Africa. Art in Tigris. Colors. Crying. Pictures and Tears is a strange and wonderful investigation into paintings and the emotions they conjure. Architecture. Magician.crossings of the globe.South Bronx.Islam. Junior. providing a context within which to discuss the arts.Aztec La Piedra Del Sol 1998 Moctezuma. Art. London & Pictures. Arts. Indian. Avant-Garde.It provides a roadmap for the artist. It is the survey of the dominant visual arts of Asia east of the Indus river from about 2500 B. Balanced Patterns. Tiwari& giri Interpretation. Past.mudgal 73 3 Cultural and Visual studies 41 Brown. Bansi.Folklore. The book begins with a cultural and historical survey through the centuries. sanskrit. Mountains. Artists Directory 2006 accommodate maximum information on each artists. 2000 Aryan Book International Trees. New 82 3 Western 179 Boas.D. Del Sol. Visual art. 1-A Reference Sources : Indian Reference Sources : Dictionary of Indian Art & Artists presents a comprehensive picture of the world of art in India. Across. 709. Early Middle Ages. from the discovery of the new world.Phaidon. This book displays state of the art scholarship on the mythology.96 KAD Cultural and Visual studies: 3 Western Culture and Visual Studies: 6 Murali Nandan Indian Art and Aesthetics: Endeavours in Aryan Book International Indian. 709. Floral Decoration.011097918 TIW Cultural and Visual studies : University of University of Washington 68 3 Western 8 washington Love in Asian Art and culture 1998 Press Love.01 BOA Cultural and Visual studies : Yale Center for British Art Persia. In 79 3 Western 131 Lynton. Renaissance. Phone Numbers. Is an exhibition organised by Greece at Delhi. Social. Spivak. D V Garde 1879 Thames & Hudson Painting.Dance. It includes the political. Ecological. Pre Columbian. 709 ADA Cultural and Visual studies : 77 3 Western 109 Gombrich.3 COO Fifteenth in the series of Collected Works of Dr.222 GOM Cultural and Visual studies : Far Eastern. the Indian artists and craftman. Romans. Vol-II IGNCA. in her criss. along with 63 2-A Philosophy : Indian 708 Miller. sanskrit. Micael & The Phaidon Companion to Art & Artists in the 91 3 Cultural and Visual studies 204 Warner. 909 HAS State Univwesity of New God. Portraits. 88 3 Cultural and Visual studies 192 Hauser. Loambardy and Venice as well as additional illustrated worksby North Italian 86 3 Western 186 Hartt.Frederick Sculpture. 60 2 Philosophy : Western 891 James. Isles.55 FER Cultural and Visual studies : 84 3 Western 181 Field. Asian. The present volume Akara/Akriti : 51 1-A Indian 707 Chandra Kalatattvakosa 2002. R W The Arts of Persia 1989 . Ornamentation. 914. The book achieves a perfect balance between text and pictures. by way of the Himalayas-certainly the most direct path for arriving at the central idea of 64 2-A Philosophy : Indian 952 Havell. 181. Sculpture. Indus River. Sculpture. Plague. Vol-V IGNCA.London Marchmount. Bell and Sons Ltd. 808. Art Across Time offers readers more than a chronology of art. The Kalatattvakosa series aims at facilitating the reader to comprehend the interlocking of different disciplines. and the discipline of art history at the end of the nineteenth century.E B.Artists. Renaissance.2320 KAR Cultural and Visual studies : Painting the Conquest: The Mexicon Indians & Painting.04322 SWA Yale Center for British Art Persia. Galleries. This book presents a selection of her influential essays.Barbara Stoler of Stella Kramrisch 1994 IGNCA Sacred Art. terms of space and time: Deśa/Kāla have been included.The terms have been scanned through a very wide spectrum of text drawn from the field of Ol9070379 BAU Reference Sources : Sharma.John The Sacred Mountains of Asia 1995 Shambala.11 ELK 2-A Philosophy : Indian Coomaraswamy Buddha. Etymology. India. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. It then deals with the 70 3 Cultural and Visual studies 13 Ferrier. Frederic M Art of India :Pre history to the present 2003 Encyclopedia Britannica Indian. 750. Italian. Pyramid age. Civilization.Philosophy.47 SAR Cultural and Visual studies : Art & Architecture of the Late Middle Art. Thinking.Wa British Isles 1980 Phaidon Art.New Haven Museums.by this most original appraoch. Imagination. scholars and writers located in different cultural contexts. Cultural. Professor Kerényi make a more general approach to the whole field og Greek and Roman religion. History. It includes not only a narrative tracing of 49 1-A Indian 30 Asher. those of our culture and those of other civilization and continents. Animation. the universe.Line. Tradition.Francis. Art.Art. A Biographical Dictionary of Artists 1994 Grange Books Theories of art. Exploration.954 MLA This book takes us on a journey of biocultural discovery-from the great canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo and the Siang Gorge in the east to the Kali Gandaki 66 2-A Philosophy : Indian 1115 Sandesh Kadur Himalaya Mountains of Life 2013 Mapin Himalaya.Character. Colors.972 GRU Cultural and Visual studies : Adams.Vandalism. phone and email numbers. includes information from earliest cave paintings to the experimental art of today.Bruce Visual Imagination 1987 Prentice Hall. 709. Sea of Faith.. 709. 759. The kalatattvakosa series aims at facilitating the reader to comprehend the interlocking of different disciplines. Ananda Coormaraswamy in the IGNCA's publication programme. 709 HAV Russian Art from Neoclassicism to the Avant. 959. The aim of this book is to set forth as simply as possible the Gospel of Buddhism according to the Buddhist scriptures and to consider the Buddhist 61 2-A Philosophy : Indian 280 Ananda K Buddha and The Gospel of Buddhism 1985 MMP Pvt. Franz Primitive Art 1955 York Art. a biographical essay.Costumes. Tears. 709. Arnold The Social History of Art. Nature's Web traces the development of ecological thought from its origin in ancient religions and philosophies to modern science and ethics.Social. Chakravorty. Inc.Swapan The interviews collected in this volume reflect the international character Spivak's intellectual engagement as. Conversations with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 2006 Seagull Books. Time. The sacred mountain is a symbol revered by people in every ethnic and religious tradition of Asia. and of the people he cast 74 3 Western 64 Kramer. Visual.306972.Religious.Architecture.15 KUR Page 2 . from the development of aesthetics in Ancient Greece to the emergence of both modernism 59 2 Philosophy : Western 861 Murray Chris Nineteenth Century 2004 Newyork Theories of art. This book aims at presenting variuos shades of Indian art in ahistorical perspective and contain not only the Indian art but includes buddhist and Jain 67 3 Indian. contribution to the study of Jaina art.Sikkim. Modern. Delhi Hindu. the modern art.700 COH Exploring India's Sacred Art: Selected Writings Stella Kramrisch was a pioneering interpreter of Indian art and its religious context. Economic. History telling the story of modern art from 1900 to the present day Norbert Lynton has aimed at helping the reader to form a relaxed and sympathetic 709. Traditions. Ancient Greece. Egyptian Art. Etymology.Julia Macedonians:The Northern Greeks 1997 Athens Macedonians. 709. Art.5422 ASH Reference Sources : Indian. Elkins Pictures and Tears 2005 Newyork Painting. Visual art. To A. Artistsof the Maniera.700 954MIL This volume offers a new approach to the study of Indian art. Fine Art. value can be learned by considering classical religion and its tangible and intangible produtcs in this way.UNESCO Architecture. Customes.Institutions.5294. and examines the specific objects that became available to them through excavation. Mexico Piedra. Mountains. London Gayatri. the history but also briefer articles on specific sites and individuals.M Great Masterpieces of World Art 1979 Optimum books World Art. History.art-professional and art-lover to discover or advance knowledge on 703 SHE Reference Sources : Artists. 709 HIS Routledge and Kegan Paul. Prehistoric.Visual Art. Manners.Prakrit.serge the European Renaissance 1992 Flammarion. History and its Images 1993 . Directory. the history of Indian visual art.Livelihood.4543095 ASI Time. 1850 755 BER Cultural and Visual studies : The Story of Modern Art: Over 300 Illustrations. 709/. 87 3 Western 187 Sgarbi.09222 SWA Key Writers on Art: From Antiquity to the Routledge. Images. Artistic Expression. pre-Islamic era. It then deals with the 83 3 Western 180 Ferrier.Indian. he gives a new 292. Art. and 85 3 Western 183 Gardner. History. Economic Decline.New Haven Landscape.Renaissance. Mexican. This is the first ever complete survey of Russian art and architecture from the beginning of the nineteenth century to 1917. art. Historians. 741.British.Laurie Understanding Art. Jainism. Lexicon.London Art. Art through the ages include both new material and also reorganization of the old by a desire to present a view of ancient . Late Middle Ages.Bruce The Bible and its Painters 1983 Orbis Publishing London Geographic. This dictionary presents a comprehensive picture of the world of art in India. Buddhism. Religion. Religion. China. Addresses. Wildly varied imagery infuses the art and literature of love in Asia. It includes an extended presentation of the Cinquecento in Florence. C The Religion of the Greeks and Romans 1962 London Psycjhology.Arnold 76 3 Western 104 Schneider Art Across Time 2006 Mc Grawhill Newman. Geometrism. Encyclopeadia. Ol9070379 CHA 53 1-A Reference Sources:Indian 1049 Disney Press Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Charecters 2004 Disney. Art.35095 EIN Cultural and Visual studies : Yale Center for British Art History.Lawrence. Old stone. It tells the complete story of art.203 GOW Thames and Hudson.Ltd. Prints. Representative Art. Rich. Ornamentation. Drawing. Ancient Greece.104857 JAC Visual imagination is the ability to give visual form to an idea or feeling: everything that human beings make with visual imagination is a work of visual 92 3 Cultural and Visual studies 206 Kurtz. Art. Northern Greeks. Its a mixture of history and anthropology.student. This timely study presents for the first time the view of the vanquished in the face oe invasion by the conquestadores and the upheavals that resulted 75 3 Western 74 Gruzinski. 333. Russian. providing a context within which to discuss the arts. India.Suku Indian. Gorge in the west. Death of Buddha. 709. He puts forward a new thesis. KER Chakravorty.Prehistoric.Ramesh Textual. Literature. History. Iconography and practice surrounding Ganesha. 89 3 Cultural and Visual studies 195 Sarabianov.Hindu.NGMA. 78 3 Western 123 Bernard. Essays. 739. Art. 701. 1993 Aryan Book International Hinmalayas. from America to India to Macedonia and China. Gospel. The present volume deals with seminal 50 1-A Indian 706 Baumer.Pali. This book is filled with fun facts and cool triveria about the best loved Disney. The exhibition would enlighten us about one of the great 80 3 Cultural and Visual studies 148 Vokotopoulou. 709. Biographical and stylistic contexts that 69 3 Cultural and Visual studies 12 Chopra. E H The Story of Art 1950 Phaidon. Wedded bliss. London & This is a unique and authoritative guide to theories of art. Lexicon. systems.C.54 HAV 65 2-A Philosophy : Indian 954 Malla. this volume deals with his 62 2-A Philosophy : Indian 709 Cohen. pre-Islamic era. Popular Art. This book includes one of the most familiar portraits in the history of photography.Ireland. Balanced Patterns.Indian.she 58 2 Philosophy : Western 308 & others…. Arts. 759. Floral Decoration.Bettina Kalatattvakosa 2003.Life. Ganesh. literature. 709. 291.Richard Ananda K. 954. Photography. Life of Buddha. Helen ART Through the Ages 1986 London Eupharates Valley and Persia. History. Traditions. European. Coomaraswamy : Essays on Jain Art 2003 IGNCA Jaina. Form/Shape is the manifestation of the vicārāgni kindle by the earlier seers and and continued by later thinkers that highlights a number of visual art 704.18 MUR Routledge. This is a unique and authoritative guide to theories of art.Asian.Pali.Wim Ages:1350 to the Advent of the Renaissance 1977 Crescent Books Famine. 701. 71 3 Cultural and Visual studies 24 Einarsen. engages with activists.02 SWA Jacobs.Architecture 1970 Thames and Hudson Architecture. 294. Painting. New Jersy Visual.Malcolm. 709 FIE Cultural and Visual studies : G.L Ganesh : Studies of an Asian god 1991 York City purana. This is a most famous and popular book on art ever published. Philology. Social history of art gives information about the history of old stone. Indian. Aesthetics. People. 718. Tradition. 709 GAR Cultural and Visual studies : History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting . 301. Shiva.Chinese Geologics. Art. Personification.Sculpture. Architecture. This book provides an introduction to the great works of art of the past and present. Aesthetics. making for easy consultation.Sanskkrit . 702/. Social.medieval.Swati Buddhism 2005 Mercury Books: London Renaissance. Mountains.Bengaluru.Textual.5803 DIS 54 1-A Reference Sources:Indian 1114 Prathima Seth Dictionary of Art and Artists 1994 mapin Painting. Folk Art.720 MAR Gowing. Culture. Public In this wide ranging and engrossing book a distinguished art historian surveys the various ways that they have adopted for making use of this material 72 3 Western 28 Haskell. Art.5/41 AKA Reference Sources : This book is a culmination of Encyclopedia Britannica 's effort to write a new . Peter Thinking 1992 Simon & Schuster. Delhi Visual Art. Appearance /Symbolic form is the sixth manifestation of the series devoted to key concept of Indian art and deals with the abstract or symbolic forms. 90 3 Western 197 Swaan. E-mail 48 1-A Indian 892 Lalit Kala Academi Artists Directory 2006 2006 II Edn Lalit Kala Academi Addresses. India. China. This book traces the growth of rt and architecture from 1350 to the advent of the renaissance. The first book to focus exclusively on the evolution and 47 1-A Indian 203 Sheth. 700.D. 759.Lal Trees in Indian Art Mythology and Folklore. The book is an illustrated guide to the places in Great Britain and Ireland with which artists have been associated.

Cultural and Visual studies : Visions of America: Pioneer Artists in a New America. Technology. 701/.and cultural structures that were to characterize the Chinese world for two millennia. archaic. Donald Aesthetics. Madonna. 2009 Mixed Sources Landscape. Landscape. 599. drawing and prints. Journalism. London Fertility. Illusion. New Delhi tradition. 294. Legends. art criticism and mu8seology. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts. Germany. Greek. 114 3 Cultural and Visual studies 715 et al Deer in Rock Art of India and Europe 1993 IGNCA Deer. Magic. Artists. Fashion. Hellenistic. through its remarkable 131 3 Western 1321 Richard Humphreys Futurism 1999 Tate Publishing Modern Art. 823/.London Voluptuous nude.Renaissance.Sand-Mandalas. Visual. OL733794M LEE Cultural and Visual studies: 125 3 Western 1227 Gervase Jackson The Treasure House of Britain 1985 National Gallery of Art britain. 700/. It is an authoritative series on the major mythologies of the world's history. Archeologist. History. Environment. theorists. Art. Socio-Cultural 100 3 Western 264 Mcdonald.H H Sculpture. The Treasure House of Britain is a collection of Five Hundred Years of Private Patronage and art collection. Old World.and the web in the art and visual culture of the 134 3 Western 1327 Edward A. Portraits.Stewart Roman Mythology 1969 London Roman.M Rock Art in the Old World 1992 IGNCA Art. Visions of America presents a grand portfolio of painting. Censoring the body exposes our bodies and our ideas about our bodies revealing the complex historical and cultural legacies with frame and obscure 110 3 Western 306 Lucie-Smith. Visions. Limits .Livelihood.945 RIC Cultural and Visual studies: 132 3 Western 1322 shulamith Behr Expressionism 2006 Tate Publishing Expressionism. our vision. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. 709. Fine Art. Here the author discusses the art. Essays.1100.31 SMI In the Aftermath of ART: Ethics.Ron Land 1983 Thames and Hudson Prints. Cosmology. last hundred years. Catherine. London Feminism. West. 2011 Phaidon Modern. Europe. Art History.Enlightenment to play an active role in shaping the world of tomorrow. Art. Media. Magic. This book provides information of different periods and cultures in the West have held different ideals of the female form. 709 JAN Cultural and Visual studies : Routledge and Kegan Paul. and the crude attempts that have so far been made to use 95 3 Western 231 Davis.PIR Cultural and Visual studies : History of the world : The Renaissance to world History. Culture. memories.30942 MAC Cultural and Visual studies : Harry N. Seagull. Understanding Art Objects. 121 3 Western 2010 808.Italy. Aftermath.03 ARN Cultural and Visual studies : The title of this book has a dual meaning : It refers both to the events that makes the history of art. World War.Visual.Bengaluru. 97 3 Cultural and Visual studies 244 Serstevens.Novellist. 704 DAV Weidenfeld & Feminine. 2000 Princeton University Press Art. The genesis of History of the world goes back to the late 1960's. Modern Art Culture :A reader provides an essential resource for understanding the culture of modern art since the 1960's. and the 93 3 Western 223 Tyler. 1950 Britain. Culture. Pakistan. photography. Architecture. Futurism.Visual.Russian.Martin A History of Greek Art-2 1975 Cambridge University Press Culture. Culture. graphics. This volume amply displays the unique quality of Roman Art. This is the 44th volume of the A. 704.2 JAC Cultural and Visual studies: 126 3 Western 1263 Kenneth C. Including the theory and function of religious art and analysis of art at court. This volume considers the possibilities and limits of agency and identity for women in history and with particular attention to gender. Modern Art. Ritesand rituals. Rthis anthology introduces the reader to these debats and covers the whole range of issues on which critics and art historianshave focused. Tate.04 SUS Cultural and Visual studies: After the End of Art: Contemporary Art and the 136 3 Western 1355 Arthur C. Gombrich Pictorial Representation. 945 SHU Cultural and Visual studies: 133 3 Western 1325 Norbert Lynton The Story of Modern Art 2010 Phaidon Press Story. Future. Chinese 113 3 Western 713 Lorblanchet. 709. 704. OL 7291509 FRA Cultural and Visual studies: Lymberopoulou. In this book the author gives a rewarding insight into the mind and character of Roman people. novelists. Arnold The Social History of Art.development and impact of art and visual culture in Britain from the seventh to the twenty-first 130 3 Western 1316 Tim Ayers The History of British Art 600-1600 2008 Tate Publishing British. Theology. OL9083389 LOR Camuri.3918 HIG Cultural and Visual studies : Mandala. 305. Shanken Art and Electronic Media 2010 Phaidon Press Art. Edward Censoring the Body 2007 Seagull Books. This book answers the need for a clear and understandable guide to art in the modern world. Art collection. Modern. Psychology. and its images can be found in any age. events. 2009 Lund Humphries Objects. Art.as categories of 118 3 Western 989 Pearson. Art Criticism. 708.075. 700. Art Enthusiast. beauty has a timelessness 96 3 Cultural and Visual studies 232 Clark. Five Hundred Years. Social. et This is an essential sourcebook for students of art history.Contemporary World. Giacomo. Pictorial. Japan and Tibet. This book provides an overview of deer in the rock art of India and Europe and its representation through the historic Period. This document explores multiple perspectives on the enduring foundational dilemmas of art history. Rock.1ELK Cultural and Visual studies : This book examines the the role of landscape in in terms of a broader definition of visual culture to include the discussion not only of works of oil ion 116 3 Western 977 Jolivette. Painted Travelogues 119 3 Indian. canvas. architecture and culture of Mycenaean and also about Cycladic Islands. Social history of art gives information about the history of old stone. Authenticity. Beauty.Bruce Lincoln Mascow Treasures and Traditions 1990 Washington D c Arms. The title of this book has a dual meaning : It refers both to the events that makes the history of art. new stone.Reynold Minoan and Mycenaeaan Art 1967 Thames and Hudson Culture. Far East. which transcends fashion and environment. 759. 700/. Paintings.and to the scholarly discipline that deals with these 106 3 Cultural and Visual studies 290 Arnason. OL 21343968 MEZ Page 3 .4221 JON Cultural and Visual studies : Rock.Douglas Collaboration between science. This is a history of Greek art from the archaic to the Hellenistic period.537 EDW Cultural and Visual studies: 135 3 Western 1336 Susie Hodge How to survive modern Art 2009 Tate Publishing Modern . The limits of Art explores the complex relation between art. France. Andrea Gender.Body. and Museology. light.22 PRE Cultural and Visual studies : 112 3 Western 316 Jones. analysis for women's images. Danto Pale of History 1997 Princeton University Press Art. 701/. Agency. 600.Evolution.18 DAN Cultural and Visual studies: 137 3 Western 1356 Jacques Barzun The Use and Abuse of Art. This is 22nd volume of the A. World. Fashion.7954 BUR Cultural and Visual studies : The Hamlyn Publishing.1600.K. 98 3 Western 246 Hall. A W Mandala and Landscape 1997 D. advertising. Art. Political. economic. This book like the subject it treats. Art. 292 PER Cultural and Visual studies : History. London & Visual Studies is poised to become one of the most interesting and conceptually challenging subjects that has emerged in academic life in the last 115 3 Western 862 Elkins James Visual Studies 2003 Newyork Visual. 700 JAC Cultural and Visual studies: Art and Illusion: A study in the Psychology of This document examines the history and psychology of pictorial representation in light of present day theories of visual perception information and 138 3 Western 1357 E. Artistic 105 3 Western 289 Robertson. Travellers.Ritual. avant garde. and ideal for anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of art and of the cultural 128 3 Western 1305 al… Art and Visual Culture : A reader. accompanied by excerpts from accounts by travellers./04/50924 NGS Cultural and Visual studies: Francis Frascina & Art in modern culture an antholigy of critical 127 3 Western 1293 Jonathan Harris texts. and geographycal information. Art. 709. History. Art.709 CAM Cultural and Visual studies : Routledge. LC 2012931255 KIM Cultural and Visual studies: This book offers a thorough overview of the origin. This volume deals with western culture and history. Art. 363. 712.Satyavrata Hinduism : Religion and Way of Life 1931 house. Geographical 101 3 Western 270 Andreae. 931. London Culture. Art. 1975 Princeton University Press Abuse. Art. Art. Political system. This book reflects five hundred years of Russian history-from the arms and armor of the medieval kings to the geometric abstractions of the Russian 122 3 Western 1213 W.unclothed body.45632 AND Cultural and Visual studies : Associated Publishing Hinduism. 700. OL 22014663 NOR Cultural and Visual studies: This volume explores the presence and meanings of mechanics. Anthology.New Delhi Metaphysics.Renaisance.China. 709 HAV 109 3 Cultural and Visual studies 305 Frascina.Human beings. This volumes includes text on key themes of the period. to its enthusiastic and ultimately fatal relationship with mussolini's regime between the wasrs. virtual.Kenneth Feminine Beauty 1980 Nicolson. Newsweek Magazine. Art. Social. Science. 940. social. Contemporary. but also prints. This document combines classic text with six specially commissioned pieces.18 GOD Cultural and Visual studies : Women and Portraits in Early Modern Europe : Women. development as an international movement. The story of modern art is firmly established as an outstanding introduction to the subject.700 TIM Cultural and Visual studies: This book traces the movement in Italy from its oigins in dissident underground politics and fin-de-siecle bohemian culture. learning. Indian. Routledge. Agency. and ethics in the two essays i. New Land.Francis modern Art Culture: A Reader 2009 Routledge.H. LC 2012931255ANG Cultural and Visual studies: 129 3 Western 1306 Kim W. Critical texts. History. 2005 It is a unique body of work culled from memories of aa series of workshops conducted by gallery threshold. century. Nepal. Tata. events. Only technology makes art accessible.1 TYL Cultural and Visual studies : Authenticity in Art : The Scientific Detection of This book outlines the archeologist and art enthusiast the enormous potential of scientific methods in distinguishing between original works and 94 3 Western 226 Fleming J Stuart Forgery 1975 The Institute of Physics Art. Culture. New Roman Art.FLE Cultural and Visual studies : Art and The Future: A History of the Art. Life. subsequent forgeries. several decades. all by leading feminist critics.8 WAL Cultural and Visual studies: Moscow.W. Europe. Africa. is a metaphor.094364109045 JOL 117 3 Cultural and Visual studies 988 Godfrey.Nude body. 204/.4 COH Cultural and Visual studies: 1163 Tzvetan Todorov Limits of Art Seagull Artists. Danforth Journey in to China 1982 National Gallery of Art History .Architecture 1969 Thames and Hudson History. Economic. Ethics.and to the scholarly discipline that deals with these 107 3 Western 291 Janson. Tony.John Whitney War I 1988 Gallery Books Islamic World. China. politics. robots. 102 3 Western 276 Patel. 108 3 Western 294 Hauser. The subject of the book is explicitly the representation of Krishna in Indian sculpture and Painting.e part I and II.3 HAL Cultural and Visual studies : Minoan. Geometrism. History. 99 3 Western 250 Higgins. Architecture.Religion. Modern Europe. 709. Art.914 CHA Culture and Visual Studies : In this the author redefines spiritual awakening for our contemporary world and this book not only makes deep sense of life today. Identity 2008 Ashgate Publication Identity. London & 111 3 Cultural and Visual studies 314 Preziosi. 2012 Tate Publishing Art. Culture. 709. New 103 3 Western 285 Burland. It consists of selected papers from the world congress of rock art held in Darwin in 1988. Prehistoric.. Magician.Cottie North American Indian Mythology 1965 York Mythology. Electronic.5 PAT Cultural and Visual studies : Peter Bedrick Books.1600. historians.This of course no way reflects on the validity of their contributions.9424094 PEA Culture and Visual Studies: 1271 Tunty Chauhan Mapping Memories Threshold Mapping. Mellon lectures in the fine arts. Asia Europe. Visual Art.European Tradition. Old stone.Darwin. and historical context in which it is made and encountered. Studies. Prehistoric Man. 701. 701. Art.artists Biographies and the multi media stage of the national 704. Mythology.Technology and 1965 Thames & Hudson Visual art. Landscape Art and Identity in 1950's Britain.Archeology. Eye. Embodied in Mandala and Landscape are the research results from field -work carried out in China. OL13850807 DAS Culture and Visual Studies : 123 3 Western 1221 Sherman E Lee A History of Far Eastern Art 2005 Horry N Abrams History. This document gives information about China's landscape. artists themselves. Art. woods Arta and Visual Culture 1100-1600 2012 Tate Publishing Art. advanced technology in art are metaphors of a great liberation of creative potential: the humanization of science. North American.Amelia The Feminism and Visual Culture Reader 2010 Routledge.030 FRA Cultural and Visual studies : Censoring. Mycenaean. It presents thirteen essays written by teachers and consultants at Sotheby's Institute addressing these exact question. History. Print World. Treasures.9424 CLA The present study is an introduction to one of the most exciting moments in the history of civilization. The term expressionist was initially applied to French modern painting displayed in a Berlin secession exhibition of 1911.38 ROB A History of Modern art: Painting. Survive. India. 1952 & Vol II London Animism. 104 3 Western 287 Perowne. It prepared the ground for the main political. Modern. the magician and priest art etc.North America. Reader. sculpture. 915.Traditions. 708. Bernard The Art of Rome 1977 York Area.NGMA. Prehistoric Man. Art.W. Visual Art. H W A History of Art 1981 Thames and Hudson History. Image-Saturated culture. and activists. Abrams INC. 299. it shows you how 120 3 Western 1121 Andrew Cohen Evolutionary Enlightenment 2012 Jaica Publishing Spiritual.Ritual. China.Armor.Gender.65. Rome .Politics 2006 Newyork Art.M P The Han Civilization of China 1982 Phaidon Press Civilization. 704. Ethics. artists. reality. Drawings.

Meshram 1991 This volume finds a picturesque panorama of life in the innumerable early sculptures and paintings of Maharashtra. India. Modern. artisans and architects and the 417. Calcuttta 2009 It includes the wooden art. 866 sen. Krishna. Movement celebrated the glamour and hedonism of the newly commercialissed Western world. from its roots in the irreverence of dada and surrealism. 2003 The Hindu India contains the rituals of India.95413 PAT Culture and Visual Studies: G-104 Laurie Schneider Art across Time III edn Mc Graw Hill Art.4954 HAN Culture and Visual Studies: 274 Mohammad Israil Some Graphical Puranic Texts on Brrhma MIK Publishing Graphical. Harry N. social. This series introduces the most important movements in late 19th and 20th century art. 176 3-A studies:Indian. India. Rabindranath. et al Arts of India 1550-1900 Victoria & Albert Museum Victoria.Culture. This hand book is memorial lecture series. 700. Art. Chandelas. Politics. provider.04 SEN Culture and Visual Studies: 199 Nagaraj Rao Kusumanjali:New Interpretation of Art and AGAM Kala Prakashan Indology. An overview is a seminal study on Indian art's entry through modernism into post-modernism. sumptuous textiles of mughal style. to its rise in popularity as an art form that 143 3 Western 1369 David Robson Pop Art 2000 Tate Publishing Pop Art. 709.54 HUN Culture and Visual Dalmia. Art. Heritage. 151 3-A studies:Indian. 1993 This work resstudies the every frontier of ancient Indic art from its prehistoric roots up to the period of muslim rule. Love.Beliefs 171 3-A Indian. 173 3-A Indian. Painting.9/4894 MIL Culture and Visual Studies: This document is a collection of Indian Art. This volume testifies to the life and work of one of this century's greatest art scholars and provides an unparalleled source of insight into Indian art and 184 3-A Culture and Visual Studies 1217 Stella Kramrisch Exploring India Sacred Art 1994 IGNCA Indian Art. 582.terracotta and 185 3-A Indian.039707320 DAL Culture and Visual Studies: G-10 Banerjee. 759. Whether she is viewed as a woman or a goddess.7 SIN Culture and Visual Studies: 293 Stuart Cary Welch India : Art and Culture: 1300 -1900 MMA India . 704 SEN Culture and Visual Articulations Voices from contemporary Indian Articulations. 1985 This book is tribute to the rich and varied culture of India dating from 14th to 19th Century.Geeti Painting Photography and Cinema 2002 Mapin Publication Cinema. 71 Jain.0954 SWA Culture and Visual Studies: 239 Dr. 2004 Rupa & Co Sculpture. 1983 Indian Aesthetics include three major work like poetry. Indian Visual Art. Reeta Khullar 1994 It gives a thoughtful and informative introduction to the major monuments of India. Khan 1981 This text is wrtten on Adhyatma ramayana style. 759. C. New An Enchanting Journey is another tribute to God's own country. biographical and stylistic contexts that influence artists and their work. In this book the author brings to the reader the Goddess Parvathi the female principle. Boats. Bloom Ninteeth Century. Rajasthan. Civilization. Modern Art. Life. Highlights 159 3-A Indian. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. British periods. Art. architecture of Islamic India 2007 Islamic India A visual and intellectual treat awaits the reader of this book which ranges from monumental architecture.481922 SHA Culture and Visual Studies: 176 Ashok Khanna Rhythm in Khajuraho South Asia Publication Images. 1989 This volume deals with archeology. 184 Sinha Gayatri Indian Art an overview 2003 Rupa & Co Indian. 167 3-A studies:Indian.220954 GAY-l Culture and Visual Studies: 190 Pradip Saligram Early caves of Maharashtra: A cultural study Sundeep Prakashan Caves. Abrams. Niharranjan Ray 158 3-A Indian.Nineteenth Century. 152 3-A Indian. Prehistoric.22 SPE Culture and Visual In this classic study of the history of the Indian people the author emphasizes the unity of texture in the development of Indian society. 759. Movement. 901. Carpet. unseen till now. whether her body is treated as an object or 175 3-A studies:Indian. This series introduces the most important movements in late 19th and 20th century art. Bible.Art. OL 2485459 BOU Culture and Visual Studies: 1176 Ashit Paul Woodcut prints of the Nineteenth Century Seagull Wood.ADA Culture and Visual Global Media Network. 1987 This volume covers essays on topics like terracota. with special emphasis on the Bengal school to bronze.Art. exposing works by the masters 181 3-A Culture and Visual Studies 1056 Subramanyan Bengal Art: New Perspectives 2010 Prathikstan Modern Bengal. sculptural art. journeys to God's own country. 1850-1900 2003 illustration. LCNX 456. Photography. Sanskrit.N Elements of Indian Aesthetics Chaukhambha Orientalia Elements. Indian. 147 3-A studies:Indian. Culture. art. and music extracting from yamala stream of the Tantra-Satra. Heritage. dances. kusumanjali. 170 3-A Indian.54 RAY Culture and Visual Studies: 196 S. Niharranjan Ray 1989 The present volume was originally intended to be a felicitation volume for 80th birthday of Prof. Journal. development of India's social and economic structure is arranged with in a framework of the principal political and dynastic events.consort of the god shiva. Women Artists. India 169 3-A Indian. 1990 This volume presents over 200 finest collections of Victoria & Albert Museum. P The Life of Krishna in indian Art GOI Life.Culture. 1900. Frescos. temple architecture. 709/. 164 3-A Indian. Bajpal.Indian 163 3-A Indian. Art 182 3-A Indian.Archeology. makes the unusual and illuminating approach of dealing with the Mughal and British periods together in one volume. Gangoly Oriental Art 1985 The collection of articles related to art from the journals. This introduction summarises and offers new insights into the complexities of the surrealist imagination. wide ranging and highly readable exploration of what postmodernism has come to mean in the context of contemporary 142 3 Western 1368 Eleanor Heartney Post Modernism 2011 Tate Publishing Post Modernism. Sivaramamurti. Elephants. Reeta Khullar 1994 It gives a thoughtful and informative introduction to the major monuments of India. Sunil de Costa Glory.Indian Art. Brahma 166 3-A Indian. Mughal. Devendra handa.954 4 HEM 179 3-A cultural and Visual studies 1034 Austrelia-India Austrelia.Bengaluru. Temple Jainism and also on caves. 704. OL 7830604 CHA Cultural and Visual studies: 141 3 Western 1367 Belinda Thomson Post Impressionism 2009 Tate Publishing Post -Impressionism.04 BEL Cultural and Visual studies: This book presents a lively. Indian. INC. Photography. Indian Reality. 737. This diocument deals with cultural exchange between India and Austrelia. 759.0942 411 SIV This book takes a fresh look in the traditions of ModernBengal Art in the light of several significant recent publication.and Modern indian Art. lover. Curator. 709. OL13144905 KHU Culture and Visual Studies: 1265 Rupinder Khullar & Great Monuments of India India Book Distributors India. OL24053391 SIN Culture and Visual Feminine Fables: Imaging the Indian Woman in Feminine. Woman. Culture: Sh. 1997 The present book is a unique study of Rajview of Indian art based on archival record of the Government of British India. 189 3-A Indian.R. 709. 2006 This volume provides information about the mahamastakabhisheka of gommata at Shravanabelagola. Kerala. Srilanka. India. OL13144905 KHU Page 4 .04 ELE Cultural and Visual studies: This study follows the development of pop. 954. Heritage.Her account of the 149 3-A studies:Indian.Jyotindra World as Picture 2004 NGMA. Albert. 186 3-A Indian. This book form a very important introduction to Hindu thought and culture and notions and life. 187 3-A Indian.11 ADI Culture and Visual Studies: 1007 George Michell The Majesty of mughal Decoretion: The art and Thames and Hudson The Majesty. Ancient.948 DEH Culture and Visual Studies: 229 Ordhendra C Rupam : An Illustrated Quarterly Journal of B.embodiment 162 3-A Indian. Ajaya-Sri. Fables. 705 GAN Culture and Visual Studies: 243 narasimha Murthy. pictures and frescos. Ancient Egypt. Aesthetics 161 3-A Indian. In this text the varied body of art works on glance offers a great opportunity to the reader to see.04/071 DAV Cultural and Visual studies: 144 3 Western 1370 Fiona Bradley Surrealism 2009 Tate Publishing Surrealism.54 RAO Culture and Visual Studies: 207 Ghoshal Satri S. Monuments.World.Bajpai We in Art GOI Art. 66 Percival Sear A History of India Vol -I 1978 Penguin Books History.f mughal Decoretion. inspiring more 154 3-A studies:Indian. Realism. India.NGMA. 283 Singh S B Epigraphy & Art 1996 AGAM Kala Prakashan The present study encompasses the political strife. This book attempts to capture vignettes of contemporary heritage of Indian painting and profile the artists ' personal journeys in independent India. Adams 2007 This volume includes the political. Essays.Culture. 709. OL13144905 KHU Culture and Visual Studies: 1266 Rupinder Khullar & Great Monuments of India India Book Distributors India. New This volume offers an entirely fresh look at the enormous richness and variety of illustrations of the old and new testaments made by painters of both 145 3-A Cultural and Visual studies 3 Lee. Prof. This series provides the most authoritative and accessible introduction available to the key art movements of the past 150 years.54 MUR Culture and Visual Studies: 268 Devendra Handa Ajaya -Sri Recent Studies in Indology Sandeep Prakashana Inology. 174 3-A Indian.22 SPE Culture and Visual Indian Popular Culture: The Conquest of the Indian Culture. Muslim rule 146 3-A Indian. Sivaramamurthi 1987 Sivaramamurti. Prehistory. Traces. The raj view of Indian Asia Pecific Research Design. Monsoon.54 WEL Culture and Visual Studies: 149 Bala Gommata : Celebrating Faith Forsee Publication Gommata. 730. Painting. 294 KHA Culture and Visual The first attempt of its kind unravelling the various facets of the Indian art gleaned in the epigraphs is an in-depth study based on the original soueces. Architecture. Niharranjan Ray. et al… Indian studies :essays presented in memory of CAXTON PUB India.Indian Society. 962 De. Modern Art. 701.Indian. Tate. Twentieth Century. Spear 150 3-A studies:Indian. enjoy and experience contemporary Rajasthan. Cultural and Visual studies: 139 3 Western 1365 Mel Gooding Abstract Art 2011 Tate Publishing Abstract. social. 709. Art.054 PAT Culture and Visual Studies: 328 Maria A P Traces of India : photography. 709. Puranic. Celebrating Faith.95409034 JOH Culture and Visual Studies: 720 Surajit Chandra The Heritage of Nirmal Kumar Bose Indian IGNCA Heritage. 709/. 165 3-A Indian.Sengupta Highlights and Halftones.Stone age. 188 3-A Indian. Photography. history and historical geography.Ravi An Enchanting Journey: Paresh Maity's Kerala 2008 delhi Kerala. 709. Pictures. Delhi Twentieth Century. the Politics of Representation.Austrelia. 704. Aditi Visual art. This book examines central issues regarding the woman.0954 BAJ Culture and Visual Studies: 300 Devdutt Patnaik Hindu India BRIJBASI Hindu. 1228 KCP Arts of the Earth 2003 KCP Earth. Mughal. Cartooning.540903 MIC 178 3-A Culture and Visual Studies 1032 Bougain V G Contemporary Rajasthan : a glance 2007 Bougain Villaea Art Gal Contemporary. This book investigates the different cultural roles played by photographs of Indian architecture from their pre-history to their migration into book 172 3-A Indian. Reeta Khullar 1994 It gives a thoughtful and informative introduction to the major monuments of India. This book offers select face to face encounters with imaginative minds of 20th Century Indian Visual Art.Arts. Paddy fields. Dr. It offers a critical viewing of the role played by popular India imagery of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the construction of cultural. 2009 This book is designed for the casual reader who is interested to acquire a priliminary knowledge about the geneology of Sri Lanka. OL 2452 5882 KEJ Culture and Visual Studies: 1258 Sunil de Costa Glory of the Royal Cities.India cultural Exchange Kindness 2009 Austrelia-India Culture. subject of pleasure so on .The art. Harrison. Picture. 954. Bhattacharya Rabindranath and Gandhi : Response to Indian 1996 This hand book is memorial lecture series.Artists. Museum. 1550. India. 718.History. Monuments. Pattern.948945211 BAN Culture and Visual Romila Thapar traces the evolution of India before before contact with modern Europe was established in the sixteenth century. 764 PAU Culture and Visual Studies: 1211 Rosemerry Crill. Gooding. 183 3-A Indian. 153 3-A Indian. 1991 This nbook deals with Japanese paintings 757. Kusumanjali is a collection of research papers which is being offerd as floral tribute to the memory the great Indologist late Sh Calambur 160 3-A Indian. and national identities. Halftones. Contemporary. Nirmal Kumar Bose. 1997 This pictorial book will surely add to the collection of any connosseur of art.482 AUS 180 3-A Culture and Visual Studies 1145 C Sivaramamurti Some Aspects of Indian culture 1969 National Museum Hindu. Art of Orissa 2001 This document traces the evolution of art from the 19th C upto the last decade of the 20th c 759. This book will take Kerala even closer to the heart of the world. mother.954 JAI Culture and Visual Studies: 97 Dhinanath Pathy Let a Thousand flowers bloom:Contemporary Aryan Book International Flowers. Architecture and Mapin India.L Hutington The Art of Ancient India Weather Hill Art. OL24053391 SIN Culture and Visual Studies: 721 Birendra Kumar Gandi's Impact on Bose's Scholarship IGNCA Gandhi. Art 148 3-A Indian. Monuments. 65 Percival Sear A History of India Vol-II 1978 Penguin Books History. Women Goddess. Design. 1999 of beauty. Art. Sculpture. India Culture 157 3-A Indian. 306. 704. Art. economic. Cosmos.17 SAS Culture and Visual Studies: 221 Harsh Dehejia Parvathi: Goddess of Love Mapin Parvathi. 709.Movement. OL24425352 COS Culture and Visual Studies: 1264 Rupinder Khullar & Great Monuments of India India Book Distributors India. architecture 177 3-A Indian. socio-economic artists. 709. 294. Maharashtra.indian Miniature. Social. India. 1978 This book is related to arton life history of Krishna 704. Culture. 709.Yashodhara. Sinha Civilization : Structure and chage 1993 Structure. Central India 155 3-A Indian. British periods.Sherman E A history of Far Eastern Art 1850 York Painters.Indian Society. 2007 Vadhera Art Gallery Art. Essays on Indology AGAM Kala Prakashan Essays.58 B73 F10 FIO Culture and Visual 3-A studies:Indian. 1300 -1900 168 3-A Indian. Miniature. art. Goddess. 118 Shankar. 770. India. Indology. Art.Publishing Oriental Art.06 MEL Cultural and Visual studies: 140 3 Western 1366 Charles Harrison Modernism 2011 Tate Publishing Modernism.954 MES Culture and Visual Studies: 194 Amita Ray. stone sculpture. 303.756 LEE Culture and Visual Studies: G-7 Susan. Culture. Culture.. 9 et al Indian Contemporary Art Post Independence.954 KHA Culture and Visual 156 3-A studies:Indian. Terracotta.

This book deals with Russian culture and art of both past and present. the land. British. painting. Biography This volume covers the exhibition of Swaminathan's Paintings and his biography.Aesthetics.954 ARC Barron. history literary studies. Indian. Veroneses. Rival. Coastal 758. Renaissance Italy.. British. 2010 aesthetics. through successive waves of invasion. Renaissance. 759. 1184 Jill Mirza Successful Color Mixing . 144 Azpeitia. 204 4 Painting : Western. Florence. posters. by the raja and indulged in by the praja.possibly the largest such endeavour with reference to Bengal art undertaken and not including the 197 3-A Indian. 90 Pecinkova. illustrated books.Edward Art Deco Painting 1990 Clarkson Potter Publisher Ceramics. 139 Chatelet. The book was first designed as a handbook 755. directions and took enormous risk with the traditional means of representing the world in art. 1189 Michael Whittlese course 1992 Chancellor Poets boards. Lotus. the land. This book gives information about different countries art.962 MEK Early Dutch Painting: Painting in the Northern In this book the author sets out to demonstrate that an original and independent tradition of painting was flourishing in the Northern Netherland as 214 4 Painting : Western. political.951 231 4 Painting : Western. places of Tell-el-Amarna and painted objects from the treasure of Tutankhamen. biographies of the artists. Forms. Economics. Water. 751. Vitamin P2.972 ROD The New York school: Abstract Expressionism in This book is based on the catalogue which Maurice touchman prepared for an exhibition of paintings by the New York school held in 1965 at the Los 210 4 Painting : Western. Moments. 190 3-A Indian.History. 759. D2. This books gives dozens of examples and lessons that demonstrate a variety of acrylic painting techniques to suit any subject. 759.J H The Horizon Book of The Renaissance 1961 Publishing. revised edition of his highly aclaimed work. Religion. India Book Distributors India. Angeles Country Museum of Art. 1273 Mai-Mai Sze Techiniques. 1995 Walter Foster Pub Color. 1780-1830. several of which are published here for the first time. Metalwor.NGMA.Russian 226 4 Paintings Western. 1 Kapos. art historians. The author defines the essence of Chinese painting as a form of art as well as a way of life and in her translations of the classic painting. Times. architecture. 31 Hawes. 128 Howard.42 SAR Mix your own Acrylics :Learn the Secrets of 223 4 Paintings Western. A distinguishable Chinese art has a longer history than any other art in the World. Cambridge University Press Politics. expressed in an obsession with the sun. Acralyc. This is part of a two volume publication 759. 1275 Chinese Publisher Chinese Paintings 1959 Chinese Publisher In Chinese Language The book is in Cninese language 759.politics. 1310 Phaidon press Vitamin D2 : New Perspectives in Drawing. Lives. 64 al German Expressionist Prints and Drawings 1989 Prestel German. Democratic Culture. Biographical Survey.951 SZE 229 4 Painting : Western. Civilization. beginning in the 218 4 Painting : Western.Mira Indian Painting: The Great Mural Tradition 2006 Mapin Publishing regional and provisional wall painting. Expressionism. both in his text and in the extensive notes and greatly expanded critical bibliography. The Flute and the Lotus: Romantic Moments in This is a book about romantic moments. Theorists. In this remarkable new large format book. Ol 7388525 BAR Hailing from more than 30 countries . Expressionist.New Haven Landscape. 759. early as the fifteenth century and shows how it differed from painting in the Southern Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Mural painting has always been the art form most characteristic of Mexico. Great Artists.Bill Contemporary Painting in Scotland 1992 Craftman's House Painting. Wall painting.Antonio A history of Mexican Mural Painting 1967 London Mexican. landscape.2/1 WUN The Way of Chinese Painting: Its Ideas and 228 4 Painting : Western. and distinguished collection of German expressionist prints and drwaings.palettespaper. 1226 Manfred Wundram Painting of the Renaissance 1997 Taschen New York century.a comprehensive word . staggering diversity of styles. 1339 Phaidon press Vitamin P 2010 Phaidon Press vitamin. Doreen Masterpieces of 20th Century Painting 1989 Mallard Press Masterpieces. 40s and 50s. Western. Democratic. 1340 Phaidon press Vitamin P2 2010 Phaidon Press 115 artists.Painting.European painting. The book gives an in-depth analysis of the interconnections not only between different schools of painting but also the sister arts of sculpture and 238 4-A Painting Indian.5 GAL Impressionists. inscriptions on paintings.heart throbbing moments that have inspired our poets and have been celebrated by our artists.394 REW Thames and Hudson. fourteenth century with Giotto and ending with Cezanne in the late ninteenth century. 1209 Kitezh St. scholars throughout the world. 153 Plumb.John The History of impressionism 1967 The Museum of Modern Art History. 219 4 Painting : Western. Romantic.banylonian art. Rupinder Khullar 1994 It has experiences the sheer diversity of the country. Art. 1274 Chinese Publisher Chinese Paintings 1959 Chinese Publisher In Chinese Language The book is in Cninese language 759. 758/. 759.Belinda & Impressionism is a critical celebration of one of the deservedly most popular periords in the history of art. Art. 759. and which through their 198 3-A Indian. 759. and no history of the subject which attempts to treat the whole period in a single monograph is available. Art deco extended its influence into the world of painting. the 115 artists in vitamin P2 represent the pinnacle of new international painting. OL948535 SWA Indian. 212 4 Painting : Western. OL 19843756 GEO Culture and Visual Studies: 1323 Delhi Art Gallery The art of Bengal DAG Nbengal. Pintura.Pairing Colour. 191 3-A Indian.954 SET Mughal Painters and their Work: a Biographical Oxford University Press. Culture. Masterpieces of twentieth century painting is a book which will continue to inform and give pleasure to its readers for many years to come.Economics and a Cambridge University Press Art. Painting. Presenting the work of 114 outstanding contemporary painters in an A to Z sequence. Bernard Diary of the Lives and World of the Great 1993 Thames & Hudson Inmpressioniosm.Paintings.4 WIL 222 4 Paintings Western.Ideas. 987 Ilchman.Carlos & Fond Editorial DE La Plastica 215 4 Painting : Western. Furniture. 945.exploring a fascinating country. Rewald incorporates his own continuing researches. 193 3-A Indian.Frederick. 149 Ehrlich. stippling. 759. Renaissance.and cultural policy. LC 2012947079 CAT Vitamin P is about painting today. 759. Nature. exploitation and destruction has mainted a thread of cultural identity.954 VER Page 5 . It is the first overview of contemporary Czech painting to be published in many years and the first since the political liberation of 1989. literary. examples of middle kingdom painting.951 230 4 Painting : Western.Bengaluru. tracing the story of Impressionism as its unfolds. Bengal Art documents 401 works by 104 artists. Swaminathan. and Constable. School. History. and often sensual subject matter-as well as the social. 759. Literary. book jackets.Mural. paper. 73 Hare.Art.it emonstrates that the 234 4 Painting : Western. Heritage. Mural. Niyogi Books Akriti.1770-1825. 61 Archer Mildred India and British Portraits 1770-1825. Cambridge. Venice. OL 895537 MIR Acrylics :Master Translucent Techniques for 224 4 Paintings Western. Veronese. 109 Seth. History of Art.Mexico Mexican. color plates. Renaissance Venice. Eye. This book explores the links between visual art and the brain by examining the eye and brain disorders and the relevance of darwinian principles to 196 3-A Indian. Art Historians. 1276 Ion Frunzetti Classical Chinese Painting 1979 Murrays Remainder Books Chinese Painting. Albert Netherlands in the Fifteenth century 1981 Phaidon Press Dutch. Political..Painters. the people. History.06 TUC Though the later phases of Islamic Pinting are well known and have been fully dealt with in literature. Deco Painting. Catalogue. Cambridge University Press Art. movement. Prints.Rivals in This book elucidates the technical and aesthetic innovations that helped define the 'Venetian style' charecterised by loose technique. Eclectic. Miniaturists. OL9070944 CHA Culture and Visual Studies: 1287 Salim Kemal & Ivan Explanation and value in the arts. painting. 125 Rice. This timely book describes recent events in contemporary Scottish painting and provides fascinating profiles of 48 notable artists. Painting. Written in Spanish this book deals with the tradition of mural painting in Mexico. sixteenth This volume gives a full outline of the visual art of the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe.054 DEN Gordon and Breach Arts 207 4 Painting : Western. Diary.as well as common and ordinary spaces.054 THO The Great Centuries of Paintings : Egyptian This study includes old kingdom works from the hypogea and mastabas of sakkara. Mural tradition. Gaskell 2010 In explanation and value in the arts. the people. Communist Regim. 195 3-A Indian. In this book the author analyses the social and political condition that favoured the patronage of British artists in India and describes the difficulties 202 4 Painting : Western. photographs. The purpose of this book is to describe the aims and achievements of the impressionist movement and to illustrate them in a magnificent series of 221 4 Paintings Western. and the different effects of colour and stippling. Painters. Drawings. 759. OL 13144908 MAT Culture and Visual Studies: 1279 Satish Chandra Historiography Religion & State in Medieval Har-Anand Publications History. 759. It is a short illustrated survey of a long story. OL 6120363 BHA 4 Painting : Western. Visual. Colour It gives the information about water colouring. theorists and philosophers explore the sources of interest in literature and the fine art. Dehejia Akriti to Sanskriti: The Journey of Indian Forms. Lives.0518 P This book covers the artists whose works are landmarks in the history of painting . Stephanie et The Robert Gore Rifkind Centre for German Expressionist Studies at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art contains the world's most comprehensive 203 4 Painting : Western. OL 23034372 LAM Culture and Visual Studies: 1291 George Mather The Psychology of Visual Art: Eye. 759. Tintoretto.philosophy. art history. 154 Kielty.9914 PET paintings.437 PEC In this fourth .9492 CHA Pellicer.. Bernardine Masters of Painting 1964 Doubleday & Company Painting. 759. Swaminathan : Exhibition of Paintings 1993 VAG Artist.Thrre Centuries. patronised 236 4-A Painting Indian. Techniques.KIE Titian. 1333 Catherine Wood A Bigger Splash: painting after performance. medium of painting far from being conservative and outmoded is dynamic and flourshing. R C La Pintura Mural De La Revolucion Mexicana 1989 Mexicana. 759. 929.940.97 RIC Thomson. Each painting is 759. 199 3-A Indian. Painting.Martha The Impressionists: A Retrospective 1991 Beaux Art Editions Impressionist. Tintoretto. OL 13144908 MAT Culture and Visual Studies: 1268 Ashrani Mathur& India : A A many splendoured land.Its an ideal medium for experimenting with a range of brilliant colors. their cities and celebrations are brought together in this book. 1144 William Gaunt The Impressionists 1991 Weathervane Books Impressionism. World in Art. debates. Painters.brushes. their work encompassing a 235 4 Painting : Western. Brain. Miniature painting. water-based paints.picture portrait of 217 4 Painting : Western. Artists. perspectives and subjects.David Talbot Islamic Painting 1971 Edinburgh University Press Islamic. 132 Mekhitarian. Ahuge number of 206 4 Painting : Western. 209 4 Painting : Western.06 PHA 4-A Painting : Indian. Niyogi Books India.and . 101 Okhla J. Venice.World.Fifteenth Century. Tomb.India. It portrays the works of the most important painters and 227 4 Paintings Western. 1182 Kolan Peterson Special Effects in water colour 2011 Ross Sarracino Drawing.1 JOH The Complete Step-by-Step Water Colour water Colour.052 DEH 237 4-A Painting Indian. problems and solutions invovled in a way of painting that quickly led in unforseen 200 4 Painting : Western.Mixing.5 FRE 220 4 Paintings Western.Culture.9411 HAR The Chronicle of Impressionism : An Intimate The Chronicle of Impressionism is a complete record of the artists and their times. History. 111 Tuchman . 759.06 HER American Heritage The Horizon Book of the Renaissance is a door to the golden age that formed our Western world . letters and even caricatures . OL 3713702 DAG Culture and Visual Studies: 1348 Harsha V.Arts. and economic context in which it flourished. 2010 This book proposes an entirely new conception of the public role of art with wide ranging implication for education. India Book Distributors India. Art. 759. India. India 1996 history. 20th Century. art historian Belinda Thomas and Michael Howard have selected 120 of the world's finest and best known Impressionist paintings. OL 9468521 KEM Culture and Visual Studies: 1289 Lambert Zuidervaart Art in Public : Politics.061 LUC 205 4 Painting : Western.Art. India. 1187 Bradford Johnson LandscapePainting 1984 Walter Faster acrylics.Egyptian art. Sanskriti.2 PEL 216 4 Painting : Western.Louis Presence of Nature 1982 . 2012 many images researched for the accompanying essays. Vitamin D2 is an international . 759. Catalogue. LC 82555710 AGU It takes a new look at the dynamic relationship between 233 4 Painting : Western. their cities and celebrations are brought together in this book. Works. World in Art. This book explores some akriti's that adorne both majestic and grand monuments. Scotland.P. 113 Verma SomPrakash survey and comprehensive Catalogue 1994 Calcutta Inscriptions. Contemporary. OL 11241897 WHI Russian. Rupinder Khullar 1994 It has experiences the sheer diversity of the country.954 BAR Art. Painting. Poetry. 1979 Calcutta India. This book explains the use of equipment and material like paint. Gupta 2012 It’s a book that takes the reader on an unforgettable journey. 1143 Michel Gallet The Louvre 1966 Fernand Hazan Ltd Louvre. The book spans thousands of years of the history of a country which . 759. up-to-the minute survey of contemporary drawing . paints.Culture. (It is not an art book nor a pedagogic text of dates and events). fragments found in the 213 4 Painting : Western. brushes. describes their stylistic innovation. Renaissance. Philosophers. and Cambridge University Press Psychology. painting technique. 954 HAR Culture and Visual Studies: 1351 Bharat Bhushan India : Through the Ages. 66 Dehejia Harsha Indian Poetry and Paintings 2002 Mapin Publishing Flute. Public. Archeologists. Rome. as well as those of impressionist 208 4 Painting : Western. Painting. Gaskell 2010 This volume brings together essays from distinguished scholars in a variety of disciplines. 2012 Tate Publishing performance and painting from 1950 to the presentday. Art. images of all kinds . OL 23241202 KEM Culture and Visual Studies: 1288 Salim Kemal & Ivan Politics and aesthetics in the arts. rich colouring. This is the first book to look at art deco painting and to define it as a genre. the earlier phases have been less fully studied 211 4 Painting : Western. a scholarly and informed assesment of all the 239 4-A Painting Indian.Michael Impressionism 1988 Park Lane Impressionist. 103 Rewald.reveal the splendour of the great 759.boards and easels. DAG. Heritage. Fifteenth Century. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. 106 Rodriguez. 759.Maurice the 40's and 50's 1985 Thames & Hudson New York. It includes descriptive records of the important periods during 759. Culture and Visual Studies: 1267 Ashrani Mathur& India : A A many splendoured land. Mr. Painting. 86 Denvir. Portraits. Revolution. The present work starts with the theme of decentring of history and how in the context of decolonization all people in the world must write their own 192 3-A Indian. Mix your own acrylics book is a guide on mixing colors in acrylics. Drawings. Masters. This book tells the story of the parsonal struggles.this book introduces the basic techniques 225 4 Western. 2009 Lund Humphries Titian. portraiture.418 KAP Yale Center for British Art In this study the author argues that until recently sufficient attention has not been given to the content of the paintings of British painters like Turner 201 4 Painting : Western. Painting. Literature.114 Painters. This catalogue provides in addition to the standard categories of information on each painting. with which they were sometimes faced. Techniques.New York Horizon. Petersburg Three Centuries of Russian Painting 1827 Kitezh Art Publishers culture. 759. palettes.1094 HAW Oxford University Press. he therefore arranges his chosen images according commonly accepted topographical classification: Mountain Landscapes. International Style. but equally to brahma jnana or transcendental knowledge. Milan. 1959 Random House Chinese Painting. and periodicals.Ideas.paintings and drawings. 2013 Phaidon Press Vitamin. 194 3-A Indian. Impressionism. Brain. 69 Lucie-Smith. State. Contemporary. Arpag Painting 1954 SKIRA Publisher Egypt.Northern Netherlands. 2010 purely visuallanguage are pointers to not only our culture.951 FRU 232 4 Painting : Western. 790. Mughal.Pavla Contemporary CZECH Painting 1993 International CZECH.

Medieval Spain. myths with which the process is associated and the link with Hindu 751. book discusses at length the theme. Islamic Spain is a comprehensive guide.6 EDW Architecture Islamic. Buddhist. Methods.954 PRA 6 Intermedia : Western 6-A Intermedia : Indian Ephemeral Steps Enduring Imprints Installation 273 6-A Intermedia : Indian 77 Ratnabali Kant Performences 1991 Ratnabali Kant Ratnabali Kant. This book deals with Japanese architecture. Indian art a new direction. K C Punjab Painting 1975 Punjab University Punjab. Portrait.This book deals with Buddhist . T Press Developments. Rajathan.Sanskrit Drama. the nature of British rule itself .India.9/482 094 209031 MOC Vitamin 3-D New Perspectives in Sculpture and 262 5 Sculpture : Western 1318 Phaidon press Installation. 1922-1947 2007 Calcutta Modernism. myths with which the process is associated and the link with Hindu 751.95 ROW The present work is an attempt to set forth in clear and comprehensible terms the trends and tendencies in the Indian sculptureal art from the third 267 5-A Sculpture : Indian 295 Mathur N. whose work spans a period of three hundred years.Temple. maps and plans. Brushes. 708. Northern India.George Meaning and Forms 1977 Paul Elek.399 PHI 5-A Sculpture: Indian The Sensuous and the Sacred Chola Bronzes 263 5-A Sculpture : Indian 79 Vidya Dehejiya from South India 2003 Mapin Chola Bronzes.954 PAL 256 4-A Painting Indian.Henri Architecture of the World: Islamic India 1962 Benedikt Taschen Mahal. 730.952 DEH Indian Sculpture: Masterpieces of Indian . Wrtiten by someone who has spent eleven years as an actual craftsman in a traditional studio in Jaipur.954 JAI Kashmiri. 732. Pahari. This interdisciplinary book draws on art history . private Places. The paintings come from as many as 249 4-A Painting Indian.9545 SRI Bilue God.Jyotindra Kalighat Paintings 1999 Mapin Indian Art.Kapil The Indian Portrait 1560-1860. India.9 MIT Indian painting. 323 Jariwala. Artists. This book tells the story of portrait-painting by Indian artists from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. 1016 Mitter. Geeta Govinda . 1286 Vijay Kumar Color Therapy 2003 Sterling Colour. Humayun. Around the time of Independence. Material Religion in the 2008 Ashgate Publication Religion. Tenth book. 739 SCH The Netherlandish Image after Netherlandish. 2007 Marg India. 2 MUK vinyaka. Vyas. Ideology.145 MIC Architecture Christian Norberg- 278 7 western G-42 Schulz Meaning in Western Architecture 1993 Rizzoli. 069. millenium B. Lahore.Indonesian. lokks at famous religious and secular sites. This document contains paintings and drawings from 1790 to 1927. L Sculpture in India: Its History and Art 1972 Caxton press Indian. World. 285 7 western 261 Nilsson. 953 Goswamy. 1208 Pratapaditya pal Indian Painting 1993 Mapin Deccani painting. Painting. Rajput Painting. 153 Banerji P The Blue God 1981 Lalit Kala Akademi text. Five Rivers governed by the Lion of Punjab. 1922-1947. The book concludes with a chapter on the processes of design. Greek.954 MAT 1148 Vidya Dahejiya Early Buddhist Rock Temples Thames and Hudson Buddhist. The Evolution of the Buddha Image is a catalogue of an exhibition selected by the author. 730 GRO Ulrich Von 260 5 Sculpture : Western 248 Schroeder Indo Tibetan Bronzes 1981 visual Dharma Pub India. This book is published in the 1000th year of the consecration of the Brihadeeswara Temple. assimilation and difussion.Guides. It is a first comprehensive survey of visual arts which flourished in the land of 241 4-A Painting Indian.Tombs. Indian Sculpture. Paintings.fully illustrated with up to date photographs.04 DAL Kalighat. 730. 941 Western Artists Indian Life and Landscape 2010 NGMA & V &A India. : India's Artists and Oxford University Press. This volume is the first of two devoted to the museum's Indian paintings. Architecture The Hindu temple : An Introduction to its This book provides both the student and the visitor to India and South-East Asia with the broad introductory account of the Hindu temple that has long 277 7 western 38 Michell. 963 Prasad Geet Govinda :Painting in Kanheri Style. History. emerged a group of artists who were to lead the way for Indian art in the decades to come.8312 KUM Pradeep 257 4-A Painting Indian. the significance of various colours. infusing it with their distinctive styles and initiating the modernist movement in India. 720.014 Weidenfeld & 259 5 Sculpture : Western 137 Goran Schildt Modern Finnish Sculpture 1970 Nicolson.This 240 4-A Painting Indian.Dr. Evelyn Lip Chinese Architecture 1995 Academy Edition:London Feng Shui. which are discussed in essays and plate captions that accompany sixty beautifully reproduced paintings.C. Drawing. Architecture. positions adopted while preparing them. Sculpture. Pahari Rajput. This volume contains the Indian Miniature Painting and Sculptures from the Collection of the National museum Delhi.954 KAN Gayatri Sinha & Paul 274 6-A Intermedia : Indian 817 Sternberger India : Public Places/Private Places.95487 VYA Opainting.954 GOS Oxford University Press.Environments. architecture into the next century.I. Sasred Words. When first published in German.9545 ARY Lazaro Desmond Materials Methods & Symbolism in The Materials.954 FOR 265 5-A Sculpture : Indian 178 Goswami. Partha.954 GOS 266 5-A Sculpture : Indian 222 Benjamin Rowland The Evolution of the Buddha Image. Style.Indian. Performance Art. This book provides medieval architectural historians with a possible model for rethinking and rewriting the field. Public. Architecture. Patronage. 1963 The Asiatic Society Art. M KHMER and CHAM Art. Geet Govinda was painted in 1765 in a new style-Kanheri.94 NIC Architecture Rowland J. composition. This book gives information about Indian Temples Sculptures. a part of great buildings of the world .954 DOD Architecture Feng Shui : environments of Power : A Study of 276 7 western G-22 Dr. Sculpture.has been manifested in almost all the disciplines of Indian 253 4-A Painting Indian. Iconoclasm. 946 Dalmia.Penguin books. Great stupa.Sixteenth Century. Maharaja Ranjit Singh as also the area reigned by Ear Punjab Rajas known as rulers of Cis-Sutlej . The present study is the first ever fulllength discussion on the stylistic analysis of the medieval sculptures of the Ganga -yamuna valley. Bombay.NGMA. Temples. Painting in Punjab' is a doctoral thesis approved by Meerut University.Painting. Structural. and it is this complex interplay of 823. 760.Marathas. Sensuous Images. fine arts. Rock. 759. New York Western. Material. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. Mughal. 266 Peter Pichhvai Painting Tradition of Rajasthan 2005 Mapin Publishing Pichhvai. Yashodhara.Pinting here is dealt within historical 243 4-A Painting Indian.Harsha. 730. Jaidev.Sten.its philosophy and practice. Puranas. The intension of this book is to study Tibetan art.LKA. 1956 LKA India. BN & Court painters of Northern India Pahari Pahari Masters. Alchi. its adherance to Western codes of law and ideas of 720.a superb lyrical Sanskrit poem of the 12th century composed by Jaideva . Manuscript painting. the Avant-Garde. Iconoclasm. Installation performance is linked with performing arts. showing how the designer's freedom of choice has been widened by a growing 286 7 western 265 Mainstone Developments in Structural Form 1975 M. The 751. it documents the entire process of learning the 247 4-A Painting Indian. Bali. Eberhard.Jhansi Mughals. Chintamani & Paintings. Western avant - 254 4-A Painting Indian. Avant-garde. Calcutta.Imprints. 704. This volume discover the therapetic benefits of colours and how to make them work for you.London Finns. Architecture. 1750-1850. Buddhist Stupa. India. Mosques. Art. This book makes a unique contribution both to the history of art and to applied existential thinking Architecture Great Building of the world: Indian Temples This series . 709. 712 STI Architecture Charles Jenecks provides an incisive commentary on the crucial trends of the past two decades and define the latest developments which will lead 284 7 western 154 Charles Jencks Architecture Today 1988 Academy Edition:London Architecture. Lalit kala Academy. craft. 759. making in the early modern Netherlands. Mysore. from museums and private collections around the world along with calligraphy and English translations of select verses.Artists expressed themselves in a language that they continuosly recalibrated in line with transformations occuring in their 759.91 JEN-A Architecture Taplinger Publishing This book is an all embracing assessment of what British rule in India attempted to do and the effects it had on Indian culture and society. Third Millenium. 914. positions adopted while preparing them. charles.Art. Chinese.1566-1672. This series dealing with contemporary Indian artists is being undertaken by the academy with the intension of popularising the work of India's leading 270 5-A Sculpture : Indian 1188 Vinayaka Vinayak Panduranga Karmarkar contemporary 1989 LKA contemporary.9418 PEV Architecture 283 7 western G-106 Henri Stierlin Architecture of the world: Japan 2010 Benedikt Taschen Japanese. In this book the author discusses the cave temples and sculpture contained in them. Painting. OL 25030769 PRA 5 Sculpture: Western Amaravathi : Buddhist Sculpture from the 258 5 Sculpture : Western G-16 British museum Great Stupa 1992 British Museum Amaravati. Life. 2001 Calcutta Modern.095422 CRI Lazaro Desmond Materials Methods & Symbolism in The Materials.Karuna Kashmiri Painting 1998 Aryan Book International Difussion. Gol Gumbaz. it documents the entire process of learning the 244 4-A Painting Indian. history and theology to look at the impact of iconoclasm and reformation on the process of image 261 5 Sculpture : Western 986 Mochizuki. for they were meant more for worship and lass for display. conditions this short introduction emphasises environmental factors as well as spiritual interpretations of history as well as metaphysics. 255 4-A Paintings Indian. craft. style and technique peculiar to these schools of painting and its relation to Indian painting.Karmakar. produced in the traditional pothi fromat. Themaking of modern art: The progressives. 781. This book explains the history of art. 294. Landscape. Sculpture. Calligraphy. 264 5-A Sculpture : Indian 174 Deneck. Travellers. order so that we may understand the development in the genearl artistic ethos. been needed. Form. Temples. Pratapaditya Pal. with the buildings erected during the reigns of the Islamic sultans and 280 7 western 47 Stierlin. Miniatures. 615. Contemporary sculpture. Wrtiten by someone who has spent eleven years as an actual craftsman in a traditional studio in Jaipur. Rajathan. Mughal. Indian Artist.World. Indian. His life is pictorialy represented in miniature painting of the 242 4-A Painting Indian. Gayatri Sinha This book provides rich insight into the dynamics shaping the contemporary Indian psyche and landscape. Jain Mughal and deccani painting. European Architecture in India 1750-1850 1968 Company. Rajasthani and Pahari schools of painting. It explore. 268 5-A Sculpture : Indian 1972 NA6002. The 759.Modern Architecture. 1962 Spring Books KHMER. Buddhist History.Painting. 130 Srivastava R P Punjab Paintings 1983 Abhinav Publication Manuscripts. Spain. Islamic. Mural Painting.7 GOV The Triumph of Modernism.Indian artists. Here. Kanheri. This is a study of Chinese architecture.World.Taj This volume deals with a certain period in the history of Indian architecture. 612/.883 Goswamy.Michael and Places 1969 Paul Hamlyn Buildings. Along with the architectural and socio religious 279 7 western 44 Edwardes. Paintings of Tanjore and Mysore 1988 Geetha Publishers. This vitamin 3-D presents the outstanding artists who are engaging with and pushing the boundaries of the medium. emperors who ruled over the peoples of the subcontinent between the tenth and nineteenth centuries. Architecture. 2006 Mapin Publication Khandesh. few knew about the paintings of Tanjore and Mysore schools. Architectural. Painting. Panduranga.New York European. Museum. Bhansali 2011 Marg Sculpture. Symbolism. Painting. Beyond South India. Punjab. Symbolism. Cave Temples. Schools. it was widely aclaimed as a 'GREAT WORK' and has come since to 759. 726. This pioneering book is an authetic 808.54 GAY Architecture 7 western Architecture Architecture and Ideology in Early medieval 275 7 western G-21 Jerrilynn D. 864 Peter Pichhvai Painting Tradition of Rajasthan 2005 Mapin Publishing Pichhvai. Hills. This group has given 250 4-A Painting Indian.Painting. south India. garde art inspired a powerful weapon of resistance among India's artists in their struggle against colonial repression. Painting. Masters 2009 Niyogi Books Craftman. Egyptian. Cultural Heritage.A Indian Temple Sculpture. Miniature Painting. 2010 Mapin Publishing Akbar. mime dance and theagtre presented to the audience.954 Ban This book attempts to present the complete picture of the art of Punjab in the previous century and the present. 759. It is a significant addition to the literature on the exquisite temple bronzes produced during chola period. 759. 114 Daljeet. Yamuna. Kalighat Painting emerged from the changing world of nineteenth century Calcutta. 275 Dehejia.Major Arts.Narmada Govinda.954 KAR 271 5-A Sculptures : Indian 1223 National Museum Divines and Mortals 2009 National Museum Miniature.D37 DEH 269 5-A Sculpture : Indian 1149 M Mukhopadhyay Sculptures of Ganga-Yamuna Valley 1984 Abhinav Publication Ganga. Tibetan. 704 MUS The Elegant Image: Bronzes from the Indian 272 5-A Sculptures : Indian 1352 Pratapaditya pal Subcontinent in the Siddharth K. Golden Age. This is the first book on the British museum Amaravathi Collection for almost 40 years. In Khandesh ( Maharashtra).143 STI Architecture 281 7 western G-54 Godfrey Goodwin Islamic Spain 1990 Penguin Books Islamic. 1350 Chakravarthy Thanjavur :A Cultural History 2010 Niyopgi Thanjavur. Page 6 . the significance of various colours. V :Celebrating Krishna :Sacred Words and Mapin Bhagavatha Purana. transparent plane. brings together for the first time a selection of paintings from the last hundred years 245 4-A Painting Indian. 1566-1672. London Hindu.Krishna.Punjab. This lavishly illustrated volume provides a comprehensive discussion of an extensive collection of metal sculptures from the Indian continent. 951 Jain. Temple.44. Relegious The blue god is a story of Lord Krishna .Thrapy. 759.Bengaluru. Celebrating Krishna. twenty different museums and private collections.Different regions and periods produced 246 4-A Painting Indian. Colour Art. 759. 730. Sculpture. Kangra. Sculpture. within the historical framework. production and patronage.M.Caityas. This is a fine blending of folk and royal styles. Archipelago. 720.555 DEH Crill Rosemary & India. Dutch. Image. and the issues related to 252 4-A Painting Indian. Power. 299. 757. 726. 253 Aryan.044 GOS Upadhyaya. Mughal. 945 Fischer. Jain. Architecture. CHAM.4 LAZ 248 4-A Painting Indian. Dodds Spain 1990 The Pennsylvania Univ Architecture. Rajasthan. 724. understanding of structural behavior. artists.6048320 GOO Architecture 282 7 western G-61 Nikolaus Pevsner An Outline of European Architecture 1943 Penguin Books European Architecture. Islamic. in India. This document provides the ideal introduction to the subject concentrating on outstanding and typical buildings.Bronzes. M. Tradition. 759. The authors draws attention to fourteen Pahari Masters.his origins and the three stages of his life. This richly illustrated book explores the contested history of art and nationalism in the tumultuous last decades of British rule in India.Medival Sculpture. Methods. strikingly varied styles of portraiture. 2010 Phaidon Press Vitamin 3-D. Mia. Tradition. Cultural. Design This new series of fully illustrated paperback documents the achievements contribution to modern architecture and design. Palaces. with old and new images seemingly layered one upon another on a 251 4-A Painting Indian. the work of the Kashmiri painters is viewed consistently against the background of the society which threw it up.4 LAZ The Tenth Book of The Bhagavata Purana Krishna. Image. Tanjore. India.

Myths.421 MIL Artists Peter Picasso.New Delhi Temples.9494 GRO-P Artists Weidenfeld & In this superbly illustrated monograph.The period encompasses here is from fourteenth to the eighteenth century. Artist. Artist. Western. 1864. planning. and especially of utamaro. This is the biography of the artist Paul Cezanne with his works. This is a comprehensive study of the life and work of the Spanish master Zurbaran.Art. and Social Contexts. Somanathpur. Bev Doolittle. William Blake. 328 9 Western. This study is aimed at introducing the Hoysala temples history. Lautrec. Architecture. It reproduces 80 photographs covering the full span of his working life and a feature of 313 9 Western. This is the biography of the artist Vincent Van Gogh with his works. Pyramids architecture.3092418 BER Artists 314 9 Western. Art. Technique.Rijn.944 DRU-O Artists The author has for many years devoted himself ti astudy of the work of Japanese artists. 1990 Phaidon Press Rachitecture. 1832. J Utamaro: Colour Prints and Paintings 1961 Phaidon Press Utamaro. Western.1475. 2011 Niyogi Books Architecture. 738.13 ELI Artists This is the first book devoted exclusively to Leach's work .1890.3 BAB Architecture 299 7-A Indian. prints. Artist.Settar Somanathpura 2012 Ruvari Abhinav Imprint Hoysala Temples.Biography. Eastern. with acomplete catalogue of his paintings. Prathihara. Painting. Periods. Historical. Art. 759. his lithographs. This book provided an opportunity for some of us to observe and discuss the evolving of Han's Earni's illustrations. 92 Salinger. Brugel Elder. the first volume has been presented in two volumes.Art. 2008 Rawat Publication Historical. and sacred architecture in ancient India.Hermensz. Deco. Raja Bir Singh.Art. Sculpture. This lecture gives details of Indian Temple Architecture.Painting. Nirmal Kumar Bose. Western.London Forain. Art-Historical. Paintings. Western. 1347 Jaimini Mehta architecture.Margaretta Michelangelo: The Last Judgment 1564 Beaverbrook Artist. 759. Court. 2 Frank Milner Monet 1991 PRC Monet. ramification and the structural and decorative format.the Prathihara art and architecture is a logical successor to the tradition of Gupta art with stylistic 291 7-A Indian. Modernity.-that of the Hindus and Muslims. 759. architecture.C The Heritage of Nalanda.954 JAI Artists 317 9 Western.Carsten Pablo Picasso 1998 Taschen Picasso.Sikh. 759. 169 Yazdani.4808 GRO Architecture Architecture. Yazdani. Artist. Artist.Western. system. exotic and irrelevent art.George Architecture and Art of Southern India: 1937 Cambridge University Press Vijayanagar.London Odilon Redon. 83 Roethel. Artist. 294 7-A Indian. 720. 1353 Rothfarb Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela. providing at the same time an approach to the Japanese way 759. 2012 Marg Orchha. Art.1409542 Architecture This book explodes the common myth that Hindu temples are the result of an obscure. Monuments. very ancient and also vibrantly functioning today. Indian. This is the biography of the artist Pablo Picasso with his works.Cultural studies.7 PIC Page 7 .Modern city. David Robson. 307. Artist. 98 Koehler. Visual Journey. 97 Stechow. This is the biography of the artist Paul Gauguin with his works.State. 759. Archeology. The great collection of Picasso. Western.1564. 759. Sathish the Architecture of India: Islamic 1981 Vikas Publishin Ideas. These essays pull many threads together in a volume unique in the extent to which it stresses the 821. Lautrec.Artist. The book revisits Chandigarh and examines its built and social form in terms of today's perspective. special interest .Architecture. 759. 78 Hillier. Thesis- 8-A Indian No books 9 Artists Western. 1569. Western. important and fascinating study of an intriguing figure. 89 Hope. 315 9 Western. 717 Meister.Lillian Forain: the Painter 1978 Paul Klek. 759.he traces Utamaro's development as an artist. Central India.Van. Artists 310 9 Western. 759.Gogh.1095422 KHA Architecture Essays.1839. 954. 759. This document told us about three hundred drawings. Toilouse. I & Low Price Publications History.420 GAU Artists Pieter.Last judgment.new It traces the full story of the artist's life focusing espescially on the extrodinary cross-fertilization that continued for decades between his art and his 321 9 Western. Architecture 7-A Indian. Buddhist and hindu.William S Pablo Piccasso 1892 Beaverbrook Western. In this book .the name has come to mean enhantment in art. splendidly reproduced in full color.Wolfgang Pieter Bruegel 1565 Beaverbrook Western.Lawrence A Desert Temples: Sacred Centers of Rajasthan in Desert Temples.Bengaluru. Artist. 2010 Niyogi Books Architecture.4 FOR Artists Edouard. 739. 80 Will Grohmann Paul Klee 1914 York Klee. the second volume covers Jain architecture. Robert Ferank Auerbach 1990 Thames & Hudson Frank Auerbach. Western. Julian Zurbaran:1598-1664 1987 London Zurbaran. Art. 759. History. drawing on a massive compilation of manuscript sources. traces the vicissitudes of this obsolutely 316 9 Western. 759. N K Bose & his contribution to Indian 297 7-A Indian. Western. Geography. 1345 Subhadra Sen Gupta Hampi: discover the Splendours of Vijayanagar.954 SET Architecture 1280 James Fergusson History of Indian & Eastern Architecture Vol. Raja Bikram The book tries to capture the architectural heritage of Faridkot in all its rich splendour. 720/1 TAD Architecture Hampi is one of the gratest heritage sites in India. OL24053391 DHA Architecture Babb. Tourist. Potter's Work. World. 34 Hodin. Rajasthan. and sculptures.420 REM Artists Henri De. 85 Browse. Vijayanagara empire and the states that succeeded it.954 NAT Artists 331 9 Western. 759.INC. 759. 81 stevenson. 722. India. 91 Slive. academicans. Artist.on the terminology. Artists. 333 9 Western. bravado that kept him one step ahead of his contemporaries.Civilization. Theory. R D Temples of the Pratihara Period in Central India 1990 ASI. 327 9 Western. sculpture and painting of Southern India under the 288 7 western 869 Michell. Art. India. 93 Schapiro. 11 Maclay.History.420 DUT Artists Michelangelo. Blue. This book on History of Indian and Eastern Architecture . Hampi.J P Bernard Leach: A Potter's Work 1967 Jupiter Books Berard Leach. 1883. 759. 37 Grover. Western. 75 Odilon Redon Douglas Druick 1994 Thames & Hudson. This is the biography of the artist Michelangelo with his works. 759. Buddhist. 1281 Christopher Tadgell dawn of Civilization to the end of the Raj.G Bidar : Its History and Monuments 1947 London Bidar. Artist.Biography. of the mid 1930's and 1940's.1853. His works are prized throughout the world by all who love art. 724 JAI Architecture ORCHHA AND BEYOND: Design at the court of This book presents one of the first comprehensive and richly illustrated accounts of the Bundela style of architecture and decoretion in its most 308 7-A Indian. 90 Liberman. 325 9 Western. 89 Faison. Sacred Centers. G-25 Richard Tobias Form Through History 1992 Bulfinch Press Book City Assembled. 970 Ramani. its inhabitants and its architecture. Temple. Western. exhibiting an aesthetic 311 9 Western. Urban. Tradition. It includes the details of Dutch paintings from the period 15th C to 17th C of the great Dutch masters. 2002 Thames and Hudson Bawa. Artist. This is the first full study of his work. 722.Artist. Le Corbusier. 1901. 759. Artist. 956 Parihar. the author sets toulouse lautree within the context of lte 19th century Paris and reexamines the issue of his 320 9 Western. 943 and others Historical. 36 Grover. the first volume contains the buddhist 304 7-A Indian. 95 Cooper. Paul Klee. individual artist's life . Artists.2 AUE Artists Alpine Fine arts collection. commercial and public architecture created during the glamorous and optimistic era 301 7-A Indian.9545 PAR Architecture Bombay Art Deco :Architecture: A visual It presents a treasury of art deco buildings comprising residential.Biography. Islamic.the magnificent 306 7-A Indian. 720.Abrams. 759.Western.4 STE Artists Huddson hills press. 326 9 Western.420 CEZ Artists 330 9 Western. Dome India This volume talks about the architecture of India.420 BRU Artists Rembrandt. Geoffrey. and texts. It will prove to be an invaluable asset not only to the 300 7-A Indian. 302 7-A Architecture : Indian 2009 OL 9081643 NAT Architecture 303 7-A Indian.The essays in this book represent the fruits of an interdisciplinary study of four temples in Rajasthan . the first study of Forain as a painter -that he also produced a number of very fine paintings. Hindu.reviewing the changes in the city and to the lives of 295 7-A Indian. 759.2 Man Architecture Architecture. Studio. II 1994 Architecture. British Artist. 323 9 Western. architects and libraries but also to the lay reader. buildings. Architecture. Complete Works. Western.Navin Journey 91930-1953) 2010 Lustre Press Bombay. Hasan-Uddin Chandigarh.954 RAM 1216 Aman Nath Dome Over India Rashtrapathi Bhavan Architecture.420 PIC Artists Dutch. Picasso. Art. 954/709.Seymour Masterpieces of Dutch Painting 1685 Beaverbrook Art. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. 6 Warncke. Heritage. 720. 742 Dhakky M. in his paintings and drawings.Meyer Vincent Van Gogh[1853-1890] 1889 Beaverbrook Western.87 SUB Architecture Rethinking Modernity: Towards post rational The overwhelming need to validate architecture from the logic mathematical perspectives favored the cerebral over the existential qualities of 307 7-A Indian. 63 Hughes. physical deformity and the myths that have been created around him. 955 Mani. Artist. 759. Biography of the artist Monet. 1997 IGNCA Indian. Artist. Architects. India. morphology. This book documents the topography.9222 TAS Artists This beautiful book is a definitive collection of all the artists published prints as well as earlier paintings many seen here for the first time and all 312 9 Western.Manet. philosophy. 720 PAE Architecture The New Cambridge History of India: Architecture.Rose.Lane S Edouard Manet[1832-1883] 1892 Beaverbrook Western.7 KAN Artists 322 9 Western.Hans K KANDINSKY 1977 york Kandinsky. Vijayanagara.Wilhelm Rembrandt 1654 Beaverbrook Western. artists and architecture of the temples. 334 9 Western.Biography. Art. This is the biography of the artist Rembrandt with his works. The temples were chosen because they are both 298 7-A Indian. typical prints in broadsheet or album form. Social Context.1903.4 FER Architecture The History of Architecture in India : From the 305 7-A Indian. 726. Architecture Inm this text and captions to the pictures the author leads the reader from an understanding of the buildings discussed to an appriciation of all 287 7 western 292 Michael Raeburn An Outline of World Architecture Michael 1973 Octopus Books Architecture. his very human nature is revealed no less than his boundless crative energies.1848. Satish The Architecture of India:Buddhist and Hindu 1980 Vikas Publishing Architecture.952 UTA Artists Harry N.1906. 1525. 96 Rewald. Biography.London Toulouse. Elise Mclay.Raymond The Paintings of William Blake 1986 Cambridge University Press Paintings. 2008 Asoka Mission The book is an outcome of the research papers presented in the International Conference on the Heritage of Nalanda held at Nalanda . Essays in Early Indian Architecture for the first time collected Coomaraswamy's important work-based on a probing analysis of available sculpted reliefs 296 7-A Indian.Biography. 1232 S. Vijayanagara. This publication is a comprehensive documentation and appreciation of the man and his work. 95 Nehru centre Hans earni 1990 Nehru Centre Hans Erni.Poems. Art.4808 GRO Architecture Oxford University Press.Biography.946 CAL Artists The biographical introduction making extensive use of Blake's writings and of contemporary accounts of him. Western.Meyer Paul Cezanne[1839-1906] 1892 Beaverbrook Paul Cezanne. Biography.420 VAN Artists 329 9 Western. Western.420 MIC Artists Vincent. 332 9 Western. Painter.5 TIT Artists Pablo. 108 Arun Vadehra Picasso 2006 vadhera Art Gallery Picasso. Fifteenth Century. Aided by a generous selection of 318 9 Western. Biography. dazzling and innovative period. India This is the first modern monograph to draw together all the strands of India architectural history from the vedic and netive traditions of early India.358 KOS Architecture In terms of the architectural development .A Architecture.NGMA. paintings. architecture and monuments of Bidar by G. This is the biography of the artist Edouard Manet with his works. and photographs. This is an ambitious. Artists.Charles Titian 1817 Harper & Row Titian.420 TOU Artists 335 9 Western. 26 Trivedi. 922. Seventeenth Century. Southern India.Michael W Essays in Architectural Theory 1995 IGNCA Anthropologist. will be the standard one volume work on the subject for many years to come.Van.Western. OL 25280704 ROT Reports and Phd. 313 et al Le Corbusier: Chandigarh and the Modern City 2009 Mapin Publication Monograph. 68 Lister. This is the biography of the artist Pieter Brugel with his works. 759. Islamic The book examines the development of Islamic architecture in India as fascinating process of synthesis between two seemingly divergent building 293 7-A Indian. This book.Subhash Architectural Heritage of a Sikh State Faridkot 2009 Aryan Book International Singh. 94 Schapiro.54/8 MIC Architecture 289 7 western 1219 David Robson Bawa: Geofrey Bawa : The Complete Works. traditional craftsman in creating his masterpieces experienced influences similar to those felt by his contemporaries elsewhere or even by architects 722. History. 769. 759.he a was tirelessly inventive and innovative.8954 YAZ Architecture Khan. Japanese. Art.Biography. Architectural. The author infact shows that the 292 7-A Indian. Art. with a remarkable text by Robert Hughes that is itself a veritable tour de force. 720/1 MEI Architecture Prof. This is the biography of the artist Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec with his works. patrons. 726. Architecture The City Assembled: The Elements of Urban 290 7-A Indian. 759. It has not merely temples or places but the remains of a complete medieval city. The author provides a pioneering and richly illustrated introduction to the architecture.Western.John Paul Gaugun [1848-1903] 1902 Beaverbrook Paul Gauguin. Artist. Artist. Architecture. Lesley H S Toulouse-Lautrec 1991 Nicolson.Elise The Art of Bev Doolittle: Text and Poems 1990 Bantam Books Art. Western.New 319 9 Western. history. Thesis- 309 8 Western No books Reports and Phd.420 MAN Artists 324 9 Western. Art. myths.Buildings. 65 Gallego.Douglas Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec 1892 Beaverbrook Artist.ceramics.

New York Manet. Nicholas The Painting of CEZANNE 1989 Hamlyn Cezanne. Will The art of Henry Moore 1960 Thames & Hudson Henry Moore. The term minimalism was coined in the 1960's to describe the work of a group of Am. Tate. Western. Tamayo . Sculpture. bibliography and index. 979 Nakov. 759.6 BES th Artists In this authoritative study John distinguished historian of the art of late 19 C Paris. This first monograph on an important contemporary painter establishes him at the forefront of 339 9 Western. Through the Eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci.Willi & Inter Nations Bonn -Bad 341 9 Western. The term Arte Povera is coined to describe the work of a generation of young Italian artists who used a simple Poverty of gestures and materials to 387 9 Western. 1319 Sam Smiles British Artists : J. W Taylor 2000 Tate Publishing British Artists.Bengaluru. 016. OL 9769190 JAM Artists 377 9 Western. hitherto available only asblack and 365 9 Western.It tells the story of 200 pivotal artworks from the 386 9 Western. Nazi. OL 24430611 AND Artists 375 9 Western. 135 Grohmann.7 MLA Artists The four volume of this boxed set abound in hitherto unknown facts and documents. Artist.retrospective. 759. This complex and lengthy manuscript was undertaken without demur in addition to their daily work at Christie's by my three successive secretaries.Artist. Tate Publishing.constellations of images and writings coresponding to prevailing themes at different stages. hitherto available only asblack and 363 9 Western. Western.9493 WHE Artists Leland Bell is an exciting and visually stimulating study. Western. OL 20277097 ANN Artists 382 9 Western.Biography. Designs. and Egyptian necrology. Meyer. 115 Wadley. The text consists of an introduction by the well known art critic and author John Russell.Robert Salvador DALI :The Work The Man 1984 York Artist. 980 Nakov. Painting. Andrei. 759. 2010.Gronberg Manet A Retrospective 1988 Park Lane. theories that motivated his heart. 985 Causey.Western.942 CAU Artists Vincent. Western. 119 Rubin. Ol 8989738 MAT Artists Alejandra Aguado et Tate Britain Works 100 works from the Tate 379 9 Western. 759.4 BRA Artists John Russell in this detailed account of Seurat's tragically short life. Andrei. Orozco and 350 9 Western. Moore.944 ROD Artists Crone. 759. Artist. Joy Rthe sculpture of William Tucker 2007 Lund Hamhries Sculpture. Andrew The Drawings of Henry Moore 2010 Lund Hamhries Neo-Romanticism. 124 Richard Thomson Degas the Nudes 1988 Thames and Hudson Degas.Artist. Art. vol.7 MLA Artists The four volume of this boxed set abound in hitherto unknown facts and documents. white documents in the hard to find catalogue raisonne of Malevich's oeuvre.includes 2000 images including rare and unpublished doduments. Mende. 981 Nakov. Malevich Painting the obsolute. 142 Rewald.This 2nd volume includes 759. 172 Rosalind E.04063 MAR Artists 381 9 Western.Western. Sam Marino Marini: The Sculpture 1993 York Marino. 2004 Gramercy Books Artists. 116 Wheelock A K Anthony VanDyck 1990 York Anthony. Phaidon. the occasion of his eighteenth birthday. This book is widely regarded as one of the most remarkable and influential artists of the past hundred years.3 Lund Hamhries Malevich.Krauss Beverly Pepper Sculpture in Place 1986 Gallery. This is an comprehensive visual biography of one of arts graetest personality.John G. Modern. Western. J. Sculpture. James. Man. acclaim and to achieve a leading role among his contemporaries. Charles Giambologna: The Complete Sculpture 1987 Moyer Bell Limited Giambologna. Gian Carlo Calza.Paintings. It is the first full length study of Grace Cossington Smith. OL 8989765 TAT Artists The selection and arrangement of material for a survey on such a major subject as surrealism.. 1308 al …. Henri de Toulouse.NGMA. 746.4 SEU Artists 344 9 Western. 730. Artist. New the book opens with a personal mamoir by the artist's widow. Raw 357 9 Western. This book is a result of studies on Rodin begun more than a dozen years ago. 1296 Clement Cheroux EdwardMunch The Modern Eye. Malevich Painting the obsolute. He is the first British artist since the great painters of the 18th century ti win international 346 9 Western.erican Artists.9092 FEL Artists The four volume of this boxed set abound in hitherto unknown facts and documents. Propaganda. are available here for the first time in full color. Rewald. printed in numerous colouways for scarves.942 KRA-B Artists The Museum of Modern Art. 709. This book contains the works of the artistWoutouati. Nudes. Sculpture. Abrams INC. Abrams INC.This 4th volume includes a 759.22 THO-D Artists 345 9 Western. white documents in the hard to find catalogue raisonne of Malevich's oeuvre.John Seurat: A Biography 1990 Thames & Hudson Seurat. proving beyond doubt that she is an artist force to be reckoned with. of Caro's art as a whole.4 Lund Hamhries Malevich. 1329 Edward lucie-Smith Toulouse-Lautrec 2006 Phaidon Press Edward lucie-Smith. Malevich Painting the obsolute. Marini.New York Leland Bell. 1303 Martin Hammer Francis Bacon and Nazi Propaganda 2012 Tate Publishing Artists.4 SEU Artists The author traces many of the far-flung sources of his work including African art. Kazimi. are available here for the first time in full color. William. This is a concise and accessible introduction to British Art. Cossington. 2010 Tate Publishing 100 works. as professional writers and those of later commentators and critics. Work. Complete. This is the first book to examine picasso's life long connections with Britain and impact on British Act. This handsome volume includes a biographical outline. The book reproduces all of Mondrian's works in a single volume. 122 Russell.4 GRO-M Artists Harry N. the most comprehensive and sumptuous ever published about the exceptional artist salvedor Dali. 757. Art. 2009 Ashgate Giacometti.traces Seurat's brief life and analyses the development of the 349 9 Western. panels. 741. OL 6038447 SAM Artists 385 9 Western.974 LAN Artists Harry N. The 100 artworks illustrated in this guide cover 500 years of British history. Alexander Anish Kapoor 2010 Prestel Pigment.Bongard. past quarter century. Artist. 705. is a fitting tribute to the great master on 348 9 Western.72 KAP Artists This book reveals the most recent works of Caro's sculptures. are available here for the first time in full color. 171 Hunter. Michelangelo. This is the first book to provide a comprehensive view of this overlooked body of work. Narrative. Artist. vol. Moore.Maro Woutouati 1999 International Art's Gallery Woutouati. OL 3713702 PHI Artists This book reveals the extent to which Turner wanted his paintings to communicate intellectually as well as emotionally and how intensely involved he 384 9 Western. Kazimi. 759. Western. It surveys the the artist's remarkable career.Western. The present volume contains eighty illustrations of his works. 759.Collections. it is the immediate outcome of a most welcome invitation extented on 356 9 Western. The book has been compiled in close collaboration with the artist. Western.7 MLA Artists The four volume of this boxed set abound in hitherto unknown facts and documents.4 DAN Artists Carolyn Christov. The biography -less of the painter than of Albrecht Durer the man. The text contains a penetrating analysis of the artist's 343 9 Western. Art. 2012 Tate Publishing Modern Eye. 759.Art. Collection. This is an revised book in the light of the most recent scholarship on Rembrandt. 709 REA Artists This book surveys and interprets moore's fabrics.9492 HUM Artists Read. 340 9 Western. 975 Feldman. Steel. the twentieth century American realist tradition. 974 Kelly. Andrei. landscape. Dali. Piet Modrian. 759. North American totems. Abrams INC.420 HET Artists 369 9 Western. Francis Bacon. Julius Figurative and Narrative Sculpture.2 Lund Hamhries Malevich. Artist. 971 Bryant.This 3rd volume includes 759. 1284 Sophie Leighton Michelangelo: 1475-1564 2009 The Parragon Artists.92 BRY Artists 359 9 Western.William S Frank Stella 1970 New York Frank Stella. 730. LC 2011940734 ANG Artists James Beechey & 372 9 Western. behalf of the trustees of the museum of modern art to prepare a monograph to be published concurrently with the major exhibition of Rodin's work. Kazimi.Gogh.Warhol. British. Henry. OL 19287868 TON Artists 376 9 Western. This volume is one of the most comprehensive and revealing surveys of Munch's work yet published. 703. 750. the 380 9 Western. 2010. Artists. W. 1297 Chris Stephens Picasso & Modern British Art 2012 Tate Publishing Picasso.Anthony.945 AVE Artists Harry N. Phaidon.western. Julia Giacometti: Critical Essays. Painting.1890.Karl Anuszkiwicz 1977 York Anuszkiewicz.1 Lund Hamhries Malevich. Handbook. Phaidon separate section s . Painter. Artist. 1314 Ann Coxon Louise Bourgeois 2010 Tate Publishing Louise Bourgeois. This is the first study ever published of a central theme in Degas's oeuvre -the nude. 702. 2011 Phaidon Press Andy. 1304 Mathew Gale Tate Modern : The Hand Book 2012 Tata McGrawhill Publishing Tate.Artist. hitherto available only asblack and 362 9 Western. Gallery have been assembled for the first time around the world. 759. Western. 982 Nakov.[self creation] in Sanskrit. This is the biography of the artist Vincent Van Gogh with his works.appears as adetailed chronological table.92 TUC Artists Drawings. Essays.9245 HUM Artists Albright-Knox Art 355 9 Western.7 MLA Artists 366 9 Western. Marina Marini and then combines sam Hunter's text and David finn's photographs in a 354 9 Western. This is the most complete exploration of Emin's practice yet. Britain. 138 T. Artist. Western. 759. Italian Artists. This is an ideal introduction to both the world's most popular modern art museum and the art of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. and Utamaro. 1311 Mary Ann Caws Surrealism 2004 Phaidon Press surrealism. 984 Sleeman. Malevich Painting the obsolute.8 MAR Artists 378 9 Western. 147 Lunde. and treats all his major works in their 373 9 Western. 1315 Neal Brown Tracey Emin 2006 Tate Publishing Tracey Emin. are available here for the first time in full color. Biography. 121 Russell.3 BAR Artists 370 9 Western. 2010. dress and upholstery fabrics as well as large scale wall 361 9 Western. fascinating biographical narrative. with key caption information 759. Western.Flemish Painter. 730. Toulouse-Lautrec. In this original and compelling approach ti his work Martin Hammer presents Bacon as a "Painter of Modern Life" concerned to distil the feeling. vol.046 CAR Page 8 . 1283 Barrington Barbar. 1330 Daniel Birnbaum pivotal art works 2008 Phaidon Press contemporary art. 959. A large number of works.954 BON Artists TodayHenry Moore's fame and stature are established facts.Warhol. 110 Kitson. Andrei.942 MOO Artists This extraordinary volume is an examination of Manet's work and reputation through the writings of his contemporaries-his family and friends as well 347 9 Western. Modern.Artist.4 LUC Artists Defining contemporary art . Western. Biography. Western. making this the ideal survey of the career of a much loved genius. New This book. 120 Mende. Caro.3 DUR Artists 342 9 Western.954 LEI Artists Angela Lampe and 371 9 Western. A large number of works. A large number of works. 2010.M. 961 Stosch. 759. complete lists of exhibition. Artist. Place. 759. 1299 Phaidon press Andy Warhol " Giant" size 2010 Phaidon Press Andy. Phaidon. Painting. This presentation of Stella's work spans the entire decade during which Stella has been an established artist. Painting. Pictorial. explore the relation between art and life. Western. Abrams.94922 Artists 337 9 Western. Leonardo Da Vinci . Western. 759.Matthias. 368 9 Western. 150 Bruce James Grace Cossington Smith 1990 Craftsman House Grace. Western. hitherto available only asblack and 364 9 Western. Albert Rodin 1963 New York Rodin.Lautrec [1864-1901] is rightly one of the best known of all 19th c French artists. with specific focus on his recent installation Svayambh.06994 JAM-G Artists 353 9 Western. Resin. 200 art works. Artist. his character and career. vol. Edward Munch. politics and the human conditions. 709. Artist. art. 730. LC 2011940733 JAM Artists In this engaging monograph Jane Mayo Roos gives an informative overview of the life and works of Rodin. Artists. tribute to the enduring quality of Marino marini's sculp[tors. Artist. Textiles. Western. A large number of works.13 WEB-L Artists The Museum of Modern Art. biographical. Edward is best known for his painting. OL 16425826 AUG Artists 374 9 Western. 117 Nicholas Fox Weber Leland Bell 1986 Hudson Hills Press. 972 Bax. Kazimi.John Seurat 1965 Thames & Hudson Seurat. and moore's engagement with surrealism and British Neo-Romanticism. Anita Henry Moore Texrtiles 2009 Lund Hamhries Henry. This book balances first class imagery with discussion of a range of fascinating themes such as the reltionship between the sculpture and the pictorial 367 9 Western. Sculpture. the Mexican gods of Siqueiros.25 years in 200 Defining contemporary art is a ground breaking study of the emergence of art as we now know it. white documents in the hard to find catalogue raisonne of Malevich's oeuvre. Painting. 140 Descharnes. white documents in the hard to find catalogue raisonne of Malevich's oeuvre. these sculptures provide a fresh perspective from which to recognises essential qualities 358 9 Western. 1300 Tony Shafrazi Andy Warhol Portraits. 143 Landau. 1302 James Meyer Minimalism 2011 Phaidon Press Minimalism. New 351 9 Western.Collections. The biography of the Michelangelo. Marty Complete Modrian 2001 Lund Hamhries Complete Mondrian. 126 Bonazzi. Painter. Braque 1959 The Phaidon Press Fgeorge Braque.As for the conception and layout of this volume . New This volume accompanies a major exhibition at the National Gallery of art in which Van Dyck paintings in the permanent collection of the National 338 9 Western. Sculpture. Tate. from the 1920sto the 1960s. Artists 336 9 Western. Artist. Artist.4 WAO Artists Harry N. Abstract art. Artist. Phaidon. Art. Peter and This essays brings together new studies by an international team of scholars who together explore the whole span of Giacometti's work and career 360 9 Western. Artist.1 STE Artists Bongard. Tate Publishing. Van Dyck. This book presents a comprehensive and inspiring selection from the entire range of the artists finest drawings. INC. 759. 709/. from the time she walked in to Angor wat a painter and left a sculptor to the present. Artist. Surrealism. Art. This volume surveys the totallity of kapoor's work.Van.M. complete oeuvre and avaluable estimation of its great significance in the history of art. 1317 Gian Carlo Calza Ukiyo-e 2005 Phaidon Press Ukiyo-E. Poverty. using landscape as a vehicle for the deepest ruminations on society. Material. 170 Avery. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. Turner. 2009 Lund Hamhries Figurative. Hiroshige.A.Buffalo Beverly Pepper.This 1st volume includes 759.Western. Matthias Durer Today 1971 Godesberg Willi. This book includes information about Cezanne and his art. 759. 720. social and historical.Rainer and Anish Kapoor. Artist.Ellen G Jackson Pollock 1989 Thames and Hudson Jackson Pollock. Sculpture.Michael Rembrandt 1992 Phaidon Press Rembrandt. OL 18219037 NEA Artists 383 9 Western. 1298 Jane Mayo Roos Auguste Rodin 2010 Phaidon Press Auguste Rodin. Art. Tucker. was with the culture of his times. 173 Elsen. Painter. 759.13 ANU Artists This book reproduced a representative selection of paintings and drawings by the artistsand provides a stylistic analysis of her work interwoven with a 352 9 Western.1853. Socialist. whose comments are included in the fully illustrated catalogue of sculpture. Smith. Critical. 1334 Bakargiev ARTE POVERA 2004 Phaidon Press Arte Povera. Wax. International art celebrity. Stone. 1282 Jorn Hetebrugge Vincent Van Gogh[1853-1890] 1889 Beaverbrook Western. This lavishly illustrated book provides a fascinating yet scholarly study of such masters as Hokusai.

Surendra Itinerant Mythologies: Surendar Nair 2000 Sakshi Gallery Itinerant Mythology. 759. Prince. 1326 Tracey Warr The Artists Body 2010 Phaidon Press ada. myrrh began as a piece of text possibly fiction .7 SUB 435 9-A Artists:Indian 301 Chawla. 709. Work. Sathish Gupta. Art.Indian. artists. Aesthetic.221 KUM Parshram Mangharam 424 9-A Artists:Indian 129 Manghram.G. 1968 Lalit Kala Akademi Abanindranath Tagore. Art. 760. These works are a continuation of the paintings that he started to work on 433 9-A Artists:Indian 233 Chawla. Chameli Ramachandran. Artists. Artist.Verlag Rabindranath Tagore. Germany. Rajasthan. Indian. of one of the most revolutionary twentieth century movements in the arts. distinguished talents. object of visual or more broadly. This book is all about the painter prince Raja Ravi Verma's works. 702 ANJ 418 9-A Artists : Indian 111 Vadhera Art Gallery Raza 1995 vadhera Art Gallery Raza.954 SIN 403 9-A Artists:Indian 56 Birla Academy The art of Jamini Roy 1987 Birla Academy Jemini Roy.Aquarelle 411 9-A Artists:Indian 94 Z Rabindranath Tagore 1985 Insel.Partha.Practice. art has increasingly seen the artist's body used as both the subject and the object of the 395 9 Western. 759. both as inspiretion and fuel for his work and as a tool to create a personal mythology around himsself as an artists. Universe. Artists. It is an exhibition collections of Ramachandra Bahurupi's work. Tao Exhibition. Artst. 759. 1371 Mark Francis POP 2011 Phaidon Press Pop.. Surya Prakash. Drawings. Uma Paresh Maity 2000 Gallery. OL 9410814 WAR Artists This is a groundbreaking examination of one of the most important artists in the Western tradition by one of the leading art historians and critics of 396 9 Western. in 1995. Rabindranath Tagore's exhibition collections.13/09045 KAT Artists 392 9 Western. committed artist. A Retrospective 2003 Brij Basi K. G. Art.Artists.Artists.sx 759. A concluding chapters from Nathadwara school brings up to date information and with a consideration of present day artists.Indiana Artists. Bronze casting. the black and white drawings for his reverse paintings from 1980. 759.Artists. India.Prenceton. Artists. Images. Jehangir Sabawala. Artist. Sketches. Art.Sculptors. Forty Years. Sketches. uninfluenced by Western 414 9-A Artists:Indian 107 Ray Ranesh Seeker the Art of Sohan Qadri 2001 Mapin Publication Seeker. This is collection of Abanindranath tagore's works of his times. 759. 702 VAD Majumdar. 702 VAD The Artists of Nathadwara: The Practice of Indiana University 416 9-A Artists:Indian 108 Lyons.092419 VI 438 9-A Artists:Indian 769 Goeth Contemporary Art from Germany 2001 Goeth Contemporary. 1363 Peter Osborne Conceptual Art 2011 Phaidon Press contemporary art. Artists This beautifully illustrated book.954 VAJ 420 9-A Artists:Indian 124 Murti.221 NAI This book exhaustively illustrated with beautifully shot photographs by well known photographsers and accompanied by an insightful text by R. 702 VAD 419 9-A Artists:Indian 112 Vajpeyi. Indian.J Clark Picasso and Truth from Cubism to Guernica. 759. Artist.637701 HOR 437 9-A Artists:Indian 730 V&I Annual review 2011 V&I exhibitions. Anish Kapoor. is about the painter Jehangir Sabavala. Paresh Maity. This is the most comprehensive book to appear on the long life and and the rich artistic career of the great Master Raza. Tate. The excellent collections of the great artist Rahid Rana. Delhi. Indian. Performance. Indian. work. Painter-Sculpture.954 MOD The exhibition K.Lotus Leaf. as also women's voices.9422 CHA K G Subramanyan . Et al A Mythical Universe: Jayashri Burman 2002 Art Alive Gallery Jayasri Burman. the past half-century. Artists. Raza.954 TAG 415 9-A Artists : Indian 108 Vadhera Picasso 2006 vadhera Art Gallery Picasso. Indian. This book is about Omprakash's works exhibition. OL 9129257 JOH Artists This book is a re-examination of a major turning -point in contemporary art. Landscape.Bahurupi.and social context through the examination of severalmof his paintings. 759. 1364 Katy Siegel Abstract Expressionism. Truth.Indian. Artists 397 9 Western. establishing New York as a new capital of artistic 391 9 Western.G.Retrospective. Subramanyan.73 LYO 407 9-A Artists : Indian 86 Kaveri Ponnappa Rekha Rao 2009 R R Studio Rekha Rao. Icons. G.Sumukha. This book includes information about exhibitions of all collections with full details. Art. Spatial experience and pleasure was most directly and radically challenged.06 SAR 430 9-A Artists:Indian 148 Gupta Satish The Eyes of the Thar 2000 Mapin Publication Eyes.G. 741. 1320 James malpas Realism 2006 Tate Publishing Movements. Nathadwara. covering the whole of Gauguin's career and accompanying a major touring exhibition. 702 KAV 408 9-A Artists : Indian 87 Vadhera Concept and Form.Phaidon This volume is a comprehensive assessment. The Eyes of Thar brings the desert in Western Rajasthan alive through the sensitive eyes of the multi-talented artist Sathish gupta.Somnath Tebhaga 1989 Seagull Publication Tebhaga. Indian. Annual. Art. Artists. Rashid Rana. OL 18228215 ROB Artists 394 9 Western. Krishen Procession 2007 Mapin Publication Contemporary. Artists. The text captures the distinctive impressions and expressions of art that reflect the merging of two great cultures in toa single entity personified in 400 9-A Artists:Indian 7 Ray Ranesh Chameli Ramachandran 2008 vadhera Art Gallery Indian. 1324 Robert Lumley Arte Povera 2004 Tate Publishing Arte.Painter. Realism. Indian.Siva R K. Phaidon.Myth. as encountered arround 406 9-A Artists:Indian 82 Khanna.It stands testimony to his artistic intelligence and appetite for creative work. Mumbai.954 SIN 417 9-A Artists : Indian 109 Vadhera Anju Dodiya 2005 vadhera Art Gallery Anju Dodiya. Jehangir Sabawala. Art. 760. The great artists collections.Bengaluru. 759. This series provides the most authoritative and accessible introduction available to the key art movements of the past 150 years.Manasji Parithosh Sen. Scrbbles. Modern. distinguished talents. Times.954 BIR 404 9-A Artists:Indian 67 Datta. 750.730 CHA Somnath Hore's personal diary and sketches of the Tebhaga days are an unusual social document of a peasent movement seen through the eyes of a 436 9-A Artists:Indian 311 Hore. Painter. propaganda. This volume includes Subramanyan's early sketches from 1968. different genres and mediums. collection of Raza. 759.Indian. Modern Art This monograph on mondrian is lavishly illustrated with over125 colour plates and a wealth of fascinating documentary photographs. Works. North Bengal. This book explores the Pynes rootedness in the Bengali ethos but recognises his essential modernity that enables him to rise above time and place.movement. 730 KAP This book Tata Mc grawhill's first on a contemporary Indian artists. 2004 vadhera Art Gallery famous. Artists. K. The works of the artist Rekha Rao. 759. Subramanyan.95421 SUN 427 9-A Artists : Indian 136 British Council Anish Kapoor : DelhiMumbai. Bikram K Maqbool Fida Husain 2008 Rahul & Art Maqbool Fida Hussain. Photographs. Artist. 759.954 MAJ Gouachen. 1360 John Milner Mandrian 2008 Phaidon Press Mondrian. Painter. innovation while conceiving a visual language that would soon reach the farthest cornor of the globe. 759.221 MIT 422 9-A Artists:Indian 126 Nair.Isana Anjolie Ela Menon : Through the Patina 2010 vadhera Art Gallery Anjilie Ela Menon. 730 GEO Page 9 . 1328 Rudolf-Kuenzli DADA 2010 Phaidon Press Artists body. focuses on his use of narretive 388 9 Western.4 BEL Artists 389 9 Western.G.954 MAN 425 9-A Artists : Indian 130 Chatterjee & Lal Rashid Rana 2010 Chatterji & Lal Artist.954 KHA This book was inspired by Ramachandran's magnificient bronze sculptures. One of India's most original and 431 9-A Artists:Indian 151 Jussawalla. Indian Sculptors. The book includes the works of the artist Picasso. 759. 702 VAD 409 9-A Artists : Indian 93-G Vadhera K.Ashok A Life in Art : RAZA 2007 AAMS Life. Raja Ravi verma. Indian. 759.039 RAY 401 9-A Artists:Indian 11 Appasamy. 751. Adil The Reasoning Vision 1980 Tata McGrawhill Publishing Vision.2 CLA Artists 398 9 Western. Art. Thar.954 NGMA 413 9-A Artists:Indian 101 OmPrakash Forty Years 1958-1998 1994 Standard book Agent Omprakash. Indian.Subramanyam 2004 vadhera Art Gallery K. Art. Phaidon. Surendran Nair.S. Indian. Carvaggio. Artists The works of eminent artists. Phaidon.Radhakrishnan's work of the last 20 years. Artists.Povera. Threading of the different phases of Surya Prakash art chronologically and highlights the artists abstract vision is the main content of this book. misunderstandings and corruption. Work.Shiladitya Abstract Reality :The Art of Surya Prakash 2009 Ochrejinda Abstract. from today's point of view.Procession. Shivakumar. Raw Earth.06 RUD Artists The artist's body since the start of the twentieth century. collectors.A Retrospective with more than 350 works brings together the works of the artist from every period and in all the 412 9-A Artists:Indian 96 Kumar. Radhakrishnan 2004 Art Alive Gallery Radhakrishnan. 2013 Princiton Piccasso. Indian. Artist. combine an Indian artists monograph. Subramanyan. biographical sketchprepared by art historian and close associate R. 410 9-A Artists:Indian 93 & Others Paritosh Sen in Retrospect 2001 Mapin Publication Retrospective.Tryna Painting in Rajasthan 2004 Press.Events. Shiva Kumar.954 PRA Sohan Qadri with his painting liberates the word meditation from its fashionable taste and brings it back ti its proper origins.Indian. 1359 Michael Fried The Movement of CARAVAGGIO 2010 Princiton Moment. Princeton. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. Indian. OL 21419115 JAM Artists 393 9 Western. Siva R K G Subramanyan . 704. Art works of the eminent artist K. 759. One of India's most original and 428 9-A Artists:Indian 142 Jussawalla.Reality.Artists. Sohan Qadri. This is an collection of the Jamini Roy birth Centenary exhibition.954 DAT 405 9-A Artists:Indian 78 Tao Art Gallery Myrrh 2006 Tao Myrrh.Artists.Bangalore Artist. Chameli Ramachandram 704. Adil The Reasoning Vision 1980 Tata McGrawhill Publishing Vision. Subramanyan. Painting. 2011 British Council Artist. Works. Modern.This book is well designed with 56 color plates and numerous black and white illustrations. This book argues that the way to take piccaso's true measure as an artist is to leave behind biography. Artists. and his benign but not uncritical account of humanity. 759. 1335 Belinda Thomson Gauguin : Maker of Myth 2011 Tate Publishing Gauguin.Conceptual art was the point at which the conception of the artwork as an 390 9 Western. 1400. This book is the first to 432 9-A Artists:Indian 152 Khanna Krishen et al Krishen Khanna : Images in My Time 2006 Mapin Publication Krishen Khanna. . Indian. 1358 T. Mural. 702 TAOs Contemporary Indian Artists Series:The Great Krishen Khanna speaks of his love of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.092419 SAB The artist's work is placed in its biographical. Indian.There is also a 434 9-A Artists:Indian 238 Seagull Drawings 1999 Seagull Scribbles.Art.8 SUR A confluence of Distilled Essences : The Art of Distilled Essence. 423 9-A Artists:Indian 128 Kumar. 759. Series. Reasoning.954 TAG The book has been written in a style that should appeal all art lovers. 759. Universe.Ella Ganesh Pyne :his Life and Times 1998 CIMA Ganesh Pyne.092419 SAB 429 9-A Artists:Indian 145 Sarkar.Artists. This volume authored by Isana Murti is a modest attempt at presenting the entire range of Menon's workl. This series introduces the most important movements in late 19th and 20th century art. Rupika Ramachandran : Icons of the Raw Earth 1999 Kala Yatra publication Ramachandran. Reasoning. It’s a part of the German festival in India and it includes the works of many artists. works. OL 9273416 MAR 9-A Artists:Indian 399 9-A Artists : Indian 5 Suresh Jayaram Suresh Jayaram 2001 Abstraction Suresh Jayaram. Artist. 759. Painted. 927. Parsram Raja Ravi Verma 2000 Publishers Painter. Rupika A Ramachandran Bahurupi 2009 vadhera Art Gallery Ramachandran Bahurupi. Art. is about the painter Jehangir Sabavala. Contemporary. and experts and all such persons who want to gain a better 402 9-A Artists:Indian 19 Singh. Times. This is glimpsed and first retrospective with a selection of works of Parithosh Sen. Life.954 GUP This book Tata Mc grawhill's first on a contemporary Indian artists. Subramanyan. The famous Indian artists works. 2011 Phaidon Press Abstract expression. understanding of the work of one opf the most significant Indian artist. Collections of Suresh Jayaram 702. This book surveys the rise and influence of pop art through the works of the most important artists of the era. 759/.NGMA. The book features images of Jayasri's early works to those of the present and reveal her immense talent. This book includes Paresh Maitee's works in detail. OL 25006780 CHA 426 9-A Artists:Indian 134 Nair. Artist.221 MUR 421 9-A Artists:Indian 125 Mitter. historical. Jaya Abanindranath Tagore and the art of his times. OL 7765150 PET Artists Abstract Expressionism was a creative earthquake that altered the landscape of modern art. Artist. Indian.Retrospective. 759. an attempt to recordvoices that affect women. Artists. Review Exhibitions displayed and annual review of all special evevnts of the museum.brings into focus . 759. 760.1958-1998.

Artists. OL 6638959 ROB 480 9-A Artists : Indian 1309 Kamala Kapoor The art of Vivan Sundaram 2002 Roli Books Vivan Sundaram.Siva The catalogue locates the the paintings in time and space. Rabindranath. The Biography and the collections opf Amrita Sher-Gil. 235. 759. London Rabindranath. 821. that establishes her as one of the formost artist of the century and an eloquent symbolof the fusion between the East and the West. Benodebehari. Artist. His work is hermetic but unmistakable. Gora. N Goswamt mand the family of Bireswar Sen which has made his exhibition possible. 821. Indian. 20th Century.Siva The catalogue locates the the paintings in time and space.Aziz Indian Modern Art. 759. The monograph is an important addition to the existing literature on Jamini Roy. Indian Modern. 701/. Work in Language 2010 Marg Publication Akbar. Works. Drawing.Siva The catalogue locates the the paintings in time and space. Earth Himalayas. Life. The collection of sheela gowda's works. 050. Vasudev : Avara Kale Mattu Baduku Harsha Bhatkal Kale. 759. Indian. captures his preoccupation with achieving a literal and a metaphoric harmony through colours. Rabindranath. Paintings. 7807169 DEL 483 9-A Artists : Indian 1332 Delhi Art Gallery Manifestations VII 75 artists : 20th C Indian Art 2012 DAG Manifestations. Life. Gayatri. Gallery. Artrends. 2011 NGMA Rabindranath Tagore. Kejrwal. offering scholars useful clues that they could pursue to study the influences and resonances 457 9-A Artists : Indian Tagore v. OL 7641633 DAL The Last Harvest: Paintings of Rabindranath This unique volume brings together essays that lend insight inti rabindranath Tagore as a painter as well as locate his paintings with in the larger 476 9-A Artists : Indian 1278 Siva Kumar Tagore. Collection of ambadas's works.4 2011 Kumar. 468 9-A Artists : Indian 2012 709. Everything.5 DAL 471 9-A Artists:Indian 1255 Yashodhara Dalmia Amrita Sher-gGil : A Life [exhibition copy] 2013 NGMA Amrita. Rabindranath.Tagore. Souza. its wild majesty and intimate natural secrets. Srinivas Murthy. Indian Artist.drawings. Vasudev 463 9-A Artists : Indian 2013 Autobiography of the great artist Vasudev of Karnatakain kannada. Western. OL 13850807 DAS 1236 S. Indian. G. Santhosh's works. London Chitrakar. This volume is a fortuitous blend of the intellectual and the emotional . Ramkinkar Baij. This book includes the expressions of Benodebehari. Rabindranath.999422 STE 124 Richard A Critic's Eyye Sepia International Photography. offering scholars useful clues that they could pursue to study the influences and resonances 455 9-A Artists : Indian Tagore 2011 Kumar. OL 13145906 GAY Anish Kapoor has been a vital force in contemporary art for over three decades . The edition of Manifestations provides an overview of Indian Modernism. LC 2010920300 RUP 482 9-A Artists : Indian 1313 Dehli Art Gallery Manifestations VII 75 artists : 20th C Indian Art 2012 DAG Manifestations.8 SHA 479 9-A Artists : Indian 1307 Roobina Karode Ambadas 2008 DAG Artist. 812. Delhi. Rabindranath. Indian Sun. The works of Lalu Prasad Shaw 720 ART 442 9-A Artists:Indian 784 Gallery Sumukh Paresh Maity 2011 Sumukh Paresh Maity. K Kejriwal is given in this book. 20th Century. Artist. 730 SIN 452 9-A Artists:Indian 967 K.1/5 MUK Francis Newton Souza: Bridging Western and Francis.Its a milestone in the history of modern Indian art.in all its diversity. The richly illustrated volume presents a varied and critical appraisal of of Akbar Padmsee's oeuvre. Art. The Conversations of soujit Das and H.4 2011 Kumar. both for its striking abstract 485 9-A Artists : Indian 1361 David Anfam Anish Kapoor 2010 Phaidon Press Anish Kapoor. The Biography and the collections opf Amrita Sher-Gil. The edition of Manifestations provides an overview of Indian Modernism. Paintings. Ramesh. Benodebehari Mukherjee. Baij. The biography and works of the artist Subhodh Gupta.Its a milestone in the history of modern Indian art. Art. Indian. offering scholars useful clues that they could pursue to study the influences and resonances 458 9-A Artists : Indian Tagore v.G. India his profession as an aristocratic itinerant painter. 2012 Threshold Gallery Indian. 759. Artists.5 MAR 1237 Ranjit Hoskote Experiments with truth : Atul Dodiya Works C.pYashodhara Dalmia paintsn compelling portrait of the artist who. Satish Gujral : Artography 2006 Roli Books Artography.75 Artists. Collections of Paresh Maity. Roli. 461 9-A Artists : Indian 1995 OL7083700 GOD Drawings and Engravings: A Retrospective 462 9-A Artists : Indian 1212 Jatin Das exhibition Spanning 40 years.942 40954 VIV Amrita Sher-Gil : a self portraits in letters and 487 9-A Artists : Indian 1374 Vivan Sundaram writings. the reader will discover Australia. Artists.Artist. 759. Prakashan Ranjit Hoskote. Dhoomomal. OL 8887890 SUR . OL 13145879 KAM This book is an account of ravi varma's traditional background and environment in the context of colonial India. 1999 Gouri Parimoo Paintings. Act. that made their way into Tagore's literary works and paintings. Yashodhara.Siva The catalogue locates the the paintings in time and space.Sheela Gowda.5 RAM Between Heavan and Earth: Himalayas and the 449 9-A Artists : Indian 940 Ananth Art Art of Bireswar Sen. Ramachandran Ramkinkar : The Man and the Artist NGMA. School Art. 2010 Tulika Books Amrita. LCCN 2011935723 KUM 477 9-A Artists : Indian 1294 Gayatri Sinha The art of Gulammohammed Sheikh 2002 Roli Books Collection of Gulammohammed Sheikh's works. This elegantly designed book is lavishly illustrated with rare personal photographs.4 2011 Kumar. 2006 Mapin Publication Modern. Paintings. Satish Gujaral. Sher-gill. Richard Bartholomew. Padmsee. Indian.Landscape Artists. Artist. Paintings. and the relationship of this milieu with 481 9-A Artists : Indian 1312 Rupika Chawla Raja Ravi Verma : Painter of Colonial India 2010 Mapin Raja Ravi Verma.Gora Macmillan. 467 9-A Artists : Indian 2012 OL24023463 SUB 1249 R. 704.95414 TAG 1062 Shiva Kumar Rabindra Chitravali Paintings of Rabindranath Prathikstan Ranbindra Chitravali.8 MUR 448 9-A Artists:Indian 936 Threshold Gallery V. 759. Austrellia. Artist. 1981-2013. Satish Gujral : An artography traces the aesthetic and personal journey of a pineer of modern Indian art. In this book Amrita's extant letters and writings are translated and reproduced from the originals and in their entirety. The book also includes a series of delightful articles 444 9-A Artists:Indian 790 Bhanumati Akbar Padamsee . Subramanyan Ramkinkar and his Works NGMA K. Work. Artists. 439 9-A Artists : Indian 773 Gauri Parimoo K Prints. This document gives the complexity and depth of Ramkinkar's work and personality.K Kejriwal: Life and Art 2013 Frank Barthelemy Life. Amrita Sher-gill. 2013 NGMA Amrita. NGMA. 299. when she died in 1941 at the age of of twenty-eight. Jamini Roy (1887-1972) was one of the towering figures of modern Indian art. 453 9-A Artists:Indian 964 Kurtha.NGMA. Paintings. 730 SUM 443 9-A Artists:Indian 783 Bhardwaj. . offering scholars useful clues that they could pursue to study the influences and resonances 459 9-A Artists : Indian Tagore v.s philosophy and approach to art and the work of the artist. Life. and of her priceless legacy to Indian art.Mukherjee. Paintings. This volume focuses on the lives and landscapesof selected artists from differing backgrounds over a time-span ofone and a half centuries. Indian contemporary Art. that made their way into Tagore's literary works and paintings. 759. Ramesh. The book is related to photography.R.915 DAS 473 9-A Artists : Indian 1257 Subodh Gupta Everything is inside 2014 Penguin Studio Subhodh Gupta. 759. Sher-gill.S Chennabasaviah 2011 NGMA Rumale Chennabasaviah.9540904075 SOU Padamsee. For the first time that. Bridging. Subramanyan. OL 1634515 GUP Divergent Horizons : an exhibition of 474 9-A Artists : Indian 1272 Suresh Jayaram contemporary Indian Art from the regional 2014 LKA Divergent Horizons. that made their way into Tagore's literary works and paintings.. she died at the tragical young age of twenty-eight was probably unaware of her own greateness 450 9-A Artists:Indian 960 Dalmia. Series.954 DAT 1247 A. Exhibition. Newton. Ramkinkar. Newton.54 HOS 1238 Ella Datta Jamini Roy1887-1972 Journey to the roots NGMA. Atul Dodiya. Art The biography of the artist Vivan Sundaram. Artists. when. The present exhibition r is both a treat to the viewers and an inspiration to the seekers with quest. Indian.5 DAL Contemporary Indian Artists Series : An Contemporary. 821. This book gives the reader a chance to delve into the mind of his great man and share some spaecial moments of his life. 451 9-A Artists:Indian 965 Sinha. Dalmia. 2008 Mapin Publication Sculptures.much like Mulk Raj Anand himself. offering scholars useful clues that they could pursue to study the influences and resonances 456 9-A Artists : Indian Tagore v. Painter. left behind a body of work 475 9-A Artists : Indian 1277 Yashodhara Dalmia Amrita Shergil : A life 2006 Penguin Artist. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books.New Delhi Indian Art. 702 SHE 446 9-A Artists:Indian 933 Hebbar K K Hebbar : An Artist's Quest 2011 NGMA Hebbar. Language. Sher-gill. 702. Life. Siva Kumar Ramkinkar Baij NGMA Siva Kumar.95414 TAG 1059 Shiva Kumar Rabindra Chitravali Paintings of Rabindranath Prathikstan Ranbindra Chitravali. Galleries. 460 9-A Artists : Indian Tagore 1976 Biography of Rabindranath Tagore OL138536534 TAG 1146 Pauline Rohatgi Under the Indian Sun British Landscape Artists Marg Publication British Artists.Tagore. Chitrakar the artist. 469 9-A Artists : Indian Bandopadhyay 2012 709. through the medium of catalogue. santhosh 2000 Roli Books Collection of G. 812. Artists.Tagore. Amrita sher gil. Indian. 2006 Seagull Books.K.95414 TAG 1061 Shiva Kumar Rabindra Chitravali Paintings of Rabindranath Prathikstan Ranbindra Chitravali.Art. Prints. by his artist freinds. 779. The great collectionsof Ratan Parimoo.M.2 GOS This is a compelling portrait of the artist who.95414 TAG 1129 Rabindranath Rabindranath Tagore. Vinod Francis Newton Souza 2009 Dhoomomal Gallery Francis. OL 15377600 ANI Amrita Sher-Gil : a self portraits in letters and 486 9-A Artists : Indian 1373 Vivan Sundaram writings. Artist.Baduku.5 DAL 472 9-A Artists:Indian 1260 Soujit Das H. V. framework of his multifaceted creative work. Art. 704. The book is enriched by close to 200 of Jamini roy's paintings.G. Souza. 2002 AIFACS Drawings. that made their way into Tagore's literary works and paintings.942 40954 VIV 10 Photography : Western 488 10 Photography : Western 99 Steve Parish Discover Australlia 2007 Steve Parish Publishers Discover. Collection. Its an exhibition of contemporary Indian art from the regional centre's collection since 1990.Engravings. inside. 454 9-A Artists : Indian Garimalle 2005 915 GAR 1058 Shiva Kumar Rabindra Chitravali Paintings of Rabindranath Prathikstan Ranbindra Chitravali. Artist. 709.954 PAD 445 9-A Artists : Indian 889 Bose Pacia Gallery Sheela Gowda 2007 Bose Artist. that made their way into Tagore's literary works and paintings. Ramkinkar. Artist. 702 GAU This was a creation of a group of visionary artists of Madras and the art theoretician and chonicler of the Madras Movemnt in Contemporary Indian 440 9-A Artists:Indian 779 Contemporary Art ARTRENDS 2011 Contemporary Art Visionary Artists. Artist.Architecture.Gallery.700 CON 441 9-A Artists:Indian 780 Art Musings Lalu Prasad Shaw 2011 Art Musings Lalu Prasad Shaw.Siva The catalogue locates the the paintings in time and space. In this book Amrita's extant letters and writings are translated and reproduced from the originals and in their entirety.Bengaluru. The eminent artist Jatin Das's works collected here. Artist. In these pages of superb images and evocative words. Unreasoned.2/2 SIV 1255/2 470 9-A Artists:Indian copies Yashodhara Dalmia Amrita Sher-gGil : A Passionate Quest. Ratan Parimoo : Ceaseless creativity : Painting. A life 2006 penguin Viking Amrita. Artist. 464 9-A Artists : Indian 2013 Experiments with Truth: atul Dodiya. 2010 Tulika Books Amrita. Phaidon forms and for its distinctive use of materials. In this publication focus on one aspect of HimmatShah's sculptural work. Sher-gill.N. Ramkinkar Baij.2/2 SIV 1250 Somendranath My Days With Ramkinkar Baij NGMA Somendranath Bandopadhyaya.reinforcing his reputation as a Paintrs Painter.G. Drawings. Drawings. Anant art wishes here to acknowledge the kindness of Prof. unreasoned act of being: Sculptures. Artists. 759. H.4 2011 Kumar.Tagore. Sher-gill. Work. Natural Secrets. works 1981-2013 is conceived and structured as a survey exhibition of Atul Dodiya.Vasudev S. Subramanyan. Life. ella Datta. The entire collection of Francis Newton Souza's exhibitions with 200 color and 61 black and white plates. 465 9-A Artists : Indian 2013 and sketches. Biography. Varna Mythri one of the Rumale's major paintings. Photographs.8 GAY 478 9-A Artists : Indian 1295 Shantiveer kaul The art of G. Personal. the entire Dhoomimal collection of Souza's works is being presented to the public. as well a reproduction of Ramkinkar's outstanding works.954 RAO Varuna Mythri: The Art of Rumale 447 9-A Artists:Indian 934 Srinivasa Murthy K. over the last five decades.G. 759. 2010 Ananth Art Heaven. 759. Varna Mythri.95414 TAG 1060 Shiva Kumar Rabindra Chitravali Paintings of Rabindranath Prathikstan Ranbindra Chitravali. ambadas. Tagore. 466 9-A Artists : Indian 2012 OL24023463 NGM 1248 K. LKA. Artist.Tagore. 0125132898 DAG 484 9-A Artists : Indian 1343 Gayatri Sinha etal…. Paintins. Hebbar's biography.R. 702.75 Artists. B. Indian.954 KUR 1052 Annapurna Mulk Raj Anand Shaping the Indian Modern Marg Publication Mulk Raj Anand. 489 10 Photography : Western Bartholomew 2009 OL23644584 BAR Page 10 .

790. Photographs. Europe. design. 741. Asia and North America. India. Lens.0954 DEH Mehta. This book presents some of the most outstanding works in the 536 12 Design : Western. essays. City. 823.91422 JOH 1050 Dr. Disney archieves. imperialism. photography. performance and authenticity in the arts.95422 DUT Nair.83 CRO The study of advertisement has taken on new importance . 1 Mc Neil. This book documents the thiteenth edition of the Annual Award Competion organized by the Society of Newspaper 070.Robert. LC NX 212 REM 12 Design : Western. 954. Terror. Asia and North America.32 NIE The performing world of the dancer Craig This book traces the development of dance from the magnificence of sixteenth century courtly entertainments through the emergence of the 516 11 Performing Arts : Western 121 Dowell. Primary This source is a major multi volume work of reference which brings together seminal writings on fashion. Annual Awards. 790. British. Pencil. The supporting essay's in this publication highlight important photographers and trends in the early years of photography in India.4494 SEG The Museum of Modern Art. some of the greatest that the world has ever seen. 2012 OL 13181734 KHO 1338 Graghubir Singh A way into India Phaidon Press Way. Anthony. 2010923060 MIT 505 10-A Photography : Indian.Ulf Hard This first volume in a series documenting the arts in Findland during the twentieth century surveys the Finns' outstanding contribution in applied arts.00922 PET Fashion : Critical and Primary Sources : Late Late Medieval. 818 Paniker.095483 APP In this volume .not only for students of business or journalism. 1290 Salim Kemal Performance and authenticity in the arts. Finnish. 512 10-A Photography : Indian. india.172 JEN This book is the outgreoth of and a companion of Disney Animation : The Illusion of Life. Albums.Art. Advertisement. Primary This source is a major multi volume work of reference which brings together seminal writings on fashion.303 FAL 1112 Alkazi Foundation Mastering the Lense Mapin Catalogue of Photos 507 10-A Photography: Indian. 1269 Ashish Mohan K Dance. 949 Raghu Rai Raghu Rai's India : Reflection in colour 2008 Penguin Raghu Rai. 237 Sackler.704 BAR 1153 F. 537 12 Design : Western.E Treasures of Disney Animation Art. Photography. enhancing the volume's documentary value.New York Disney. The geographical range of the essays crosses 529 12 Design : Western. personal statements and examples of work in most instances supplied and chosen by the selected 491 10 Photography : Western 200 Waliao Contemporary British Artists with Photographs 1979 St Martin's Press. India.Socialogy. Powers. 272 Bovee and Arens Contemporary Advertisement 1992 Irwin Publication Contemporary. Fashion. 908 2656 SUN 524 11-A Performing Arts : Indian. India. 811/.Photographs. 823/. Durbars 2010 355.to put flesh on the bones of academic theory. Todorov shows how the use of the terms war and terror work to dehumanise the enemy and permit the impermissible. Stuart The Modern Poster 1988 New York Modern Poster. Rome in Colour is about the events of Roman History. Early Studio. the voices of dancers. the most common of which are the photogram artist is not able to predict the OL7986394 BAR 490 10 Photography : Western 2010 result in the view finder of a camera. Europe.00922 PET Fashion : Critical and Primary Sources : The Late Medieval. 741. 659. This book teaches about pencil drawing. Critical. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. this book details developments and trends in crafts and industrial design since the late nineteenth century in 745.Pavilo Rome in Colour Album and Guide Casa editricLozziRome Rome. Appukuttan & This double volume comprehensively explores the interpretative medium detailing such fascinating stage aspects as aharya and anghkabhinaya along 522 11-A Performing Arts : Indian. 493 10 Photography : Western 1970 OL 13939843 PAV 1259 Lalit Ekanayake The Untamed road: a visual miscelleny of the Singapore Photography. 284 Newspaper Design The Best of news paper design 1998 The Society of Newspaper Newspaper. Civil War. Peter Twentieth Century. Fashion. Animation. A Praeger of modern packaging. 508 10-A Photography : Indian. 779. OL 7831138 PHA 499 10 Photography : Western 1362 David King Russian Revolutionary Posters 2003 Tate Russian. 950 Falconer. The book describes musical instruments from the ancient period to the present day. Barthes. Asia and North America. 296 Abrams. Fashion.Phaidon. as well as anyone curious for a look inside the mind of one of twentieth century's foremost 492 10 Photography : Western 307 Fagan. Museum of Modern Art. Royal Courts.1855-1940 2010 Photography Artful.42 WAL Incidents will delight fans of Barthes other works.Hegarty Creative Directors Sourcebook. Paintings. Fashion. With beautiful plates and a lucid text. Kothari. small towns. This is vertually an album of Satyajit Ray's Cine Posters and other artworks exclusively related to his time. Durbar. This volume provides a complete. Their contributions cover a wide range of topics which 523 11-A Performing Arts : Indian. a moment in time. This lavish production of the first color photographs taken by India's most distinguished photographer. 959.58 ABR 1183 GeneFranks People of the World in Pencil Ross Sarracino drawing. The essays reveal the wide set of methodological approaches which all bear on the study of Fashion. Performing. Art 391. Renaissance. Lalit Eknayake. Europe.222 WAL 502 10-A Photography : Indian.John Provinces 2009 Photography Alkazi collection. Painted.Sunil New Directions in Indian Dance 2003 Marg Publication Indian Dance. OL13181734 KHO This book bbrings together a distinguished group of scholars from music. 150 Martin Barnes Shadow Catchers : Cameraless photography Merrel Photography.222 LOB India: Through the Lens Photography 1840. Calcutta. Lina It approaches the the subject matter with an emphasis on imagery and meaning rather than technique. Tate Art. India. Magic.Socialogy.Otakar Rosa Zivota 1979 TS Publications 793.Tzvetan.War. 247 Wrede.Oxford Sources. India. This document deals with Islamabad city's history. Critical.Bengaluru.3 GRA 1337 Adrian Heathfield Art and Performance LIVE. Sri Lanka.00922 PET Fashion : Critical and Primary Sources : The Late Medieval. Renaissance. Asia and North America.Archeology. 130 Walker. with an intricate pattern of music and rhythmics employed in Kathakali.NGMA. accompanied by explanatory captions showing an international selection of the best examples of different types 532 12 Design : Western. Renaissance. 511 10-A Photography : Indian.Socialogy. 520 11 Performing Arts : Western 2012 OL 7388525 ADR 11-A Performing Arts : India 521 11-A Performing Arts : Indian. Max Junges Ballett 1957 Nymphenburger Junges Ballett. Peter Medieval to Renaissance 2009 Berg. Dance. Treasure. Marg Ahmedabad. 3 Mc Neil. 2010 Cambridge University Press Performance. 138 af Modern Finnish Design 1969 Frederick. The essays reveal the wide set of methodological approaches which all bear on the study of Fashion. India. Art 391. Artists. contemporary. Ayyappa Kathakali: The Art of the Non-Worldly 1993 Marg Kathakali. The author captured on film not just remarkable animals and landscapes but a series of of images that portray the drama of the wilderness hunting 494 10 Photography : Western Sri Lankan Wilderness 2010 and being hunted. Dinesh Khanna brings us images of faith as it endures in everyday life. choregraphers.C.Dress.M Islamabad : The Beautiful 1995 Imprint LTD Islamabad. The purpose of this book is to provoke inspiration. A Praeger Modern. Lavender Roland Barthes : Incidents. 1292 Balasubrahmanyan 2012 home. Ballet. drama. Artworks. innovators. Dance. 824. Todorov. Critical. 2 Mc Neil. Art 391. Andrew Grace Dance Dorling Kindersely Dance. poetry.Forgiveness. History. War. Courts 2009 Jewellery.Freer 1911 2000 Mapin Publishing India. Peter Nineteenth Century. Design. New York Contemporary. The Splendour of India's Royal Courts is a fascinating exploration of the world of the maharajas and their extraordinarily rich culture. Attendance selects eight wonder women of Indian dance. mirror the new directions Indian dance is taking . a photograph. This lavishly illustrated volume presents in full color over three hundred of the finest posters selected from the rich resources of the graphic design 531 12 Design : Western.Oxford Sources. Martin Barnes. The essays reveal the wide set of methodological approaches which all bear on the study of Fashion. Fauna. 519 11 Performing Arts : Western 1998 793. LC 2011-312022 PRA 11 Performing Arts : Western 515 11 Performing Arts : Western 120 Niehaus. This volume describes the Delhi sultanates power and durbar of jewellery and clothes. Renaissance. 2009 Berg. artists. Cine Posters and beyond. 2010 Incidents. 2011 751. Primary This source is a major multi volume work of reference which brings together seminal writings on fashion. not imitation. a country where every major religion of the world has founf a home. 2005 759 SAT 1206 Amin Jaffer Maharaja The Splendour of India ‘s Royal V&A Maharaja. 271 Weidemann Packaging : An International Survey 1968 Frederick.many of whom have made this city their 514 10-A Photography : Indian. performance art and developing interaction between 525 11-A Performing Arts : Indian.Place. Art 2011 Attendance-India Kathakali.Oxford Sources. 4 Mc Neil. It is an avalanche of one hundred and fifty political and cultural posters. 658. 530 12 Design : Western. Europe. 15 Dutta. Dance. The illustrated directory provides biographies. advertising as it is actually practised . Cine Posters.Photography. authenticity. Faith. Art.8 DOD 517 11 Performing Arts : Western 141 Nehera.02 JAF 1269 Ashish Mohan K Attendance : the Dance annual of India 2011-12 Abhinav Publication Attendance. Instruments. 1980 Macdonald Orbit Creative. Photographs. intellectuals. 294. Performance. 791 Zakaria Mumbai. Waterhouse. OL24817625 EKA 495 10 Photography : Western 1261 Randhawa R. Wilderness. 510 10-A Photography: Indian. 769/. Coronation.319437 SLO From A to X is a Powerful exploration of how humanity affirms itself in struggle imagining a community which besieged by economic and military 518 11 Performing Arts : Western 309 Berger. Primary This source is a major multi volume work of reference which brings together seminal writings on fashion.Photography places. Dodd. and villages of 500 10-A Photography : Indian. 2010 LC DS 414. 791. Vatican. an idea.Socialogy. Directors.54 SUN 1057 SatyajitRay The vision of Ray.. Revolutionary.memories. Pose.509221 KHA 501 10-A Photography : Indian.2. illustrated history of Junges Ballet 793. India. The geographical range of the essays crosses 527 12 Design : Western. Art. Performing Arts.India.1/6/095456 COD 509 10-A Photography : Indian. 131 Tasver Ryan Lobo: War and Forgiveness 2010 Tasveer Ryan Lobo. Mumbai. Environment. From the cities. 2009 Berg.not one but many. 1981 Hamish Hamilton.Industries etc. Line. 1982 Art Abras. Drame. The book deals with dance.9 RAI The Waterhouse Albums : Central Indian The Alkazi Collection of This volume also offers an essay on waterhouse's indefatigable experiments with photographic processes and his crucial work at the survey of India in 506 10-A Photography : Indian.India. The essyas in this book reveal the history and importance of photography in India from the appeal of the panorama to the documentation of people.674 WRE Crouwel. combat and romance. Peter Medieval to Renaissance 2009 Berg. 954.00922 PET Segerstad. Dance. flora and fauna. This volume commemorates 600 years of the founding of Ahmedabad with eloquent portraits by scholars . arts. 954. professional ballet dancer in the eighteenth century. and Power 2012 SirIndia Contemporary Identity. Fashion : Critical and Primary Sources : Late Late Medieval. Tasveer. Craig Dodd. scholars and critics are heard. collection of the Museum of Fine Arts. India. Live. Raghu Rai finds him at his most versatile. Artist.1 SOU The Society of 535 12 Design : Western. The essays reveal the wide set of methodological approaches which all bear on the study of Fashion. 2011 This book deals with the the photography OL13175060 ALK 1113 Julie F Codell Power and Resistance the Delhi Coronation Mapin Delhi. Annual. Attendance. A way into India was one of the photographer Raghubir Singh's last great projects before his death in 1999. 709. Cameraless. 273 John. Rich Culture.1 SOU 534 12 Design : Western. Finland. Critical..4 Page 11 . Place Power. 1122 Lina Vincent Sunish Between the Lines:Identity. This remarkable book is a testament to the skills that made advertising happen. Iyer Living Faith Introduction 2006 Osian Living. 513 10-A Photography : Indian. Textiles. The geographical range of the essays crosses 526 12 Design : Western. Story. 659.Wim and This book presents a series of plates.Source book. Madhumita Music & Musical Instruments of India 2008 IBS Publisher Music. 823 Kothari. Art 391. 14 Pico.5 DAV 10-A Photography : Indian The stunning photographs in living faith are the result of over a decade of travel and quiet observation. An organization commited to the art of photography and photography as art. 503 10-A Photography : Indian. Flora. Posters. Directory.600 Portraits. Sspiritual. Live art is one of the most contraversial and hotly discussed areas of creative practice to emerge in the second half of the twentieth century.Tasneem The Artful Pose: Early Studio Photography in The Alkazi Collection of 504 10-A Photography : Indian. The Dance annual of India. Photograph. 792. Travelguess It’s a unioqe body of work culled from memories of a series of workshops conducted by gallery threshold.Gila Torture and the War on Terror 2009 Seagull Torture.Oxford Sources.9142 RAN 496 10 Photography : Western 1271 Tunty chauhan Mapping memories 2014 Threshold mapping.914 CHA 497 10 Photography : Western 1300 Tony Shafrazi Andy Warhol Portraits Vitamin Ph: New Persoectives in Photography is a global up-to the minute survey of current international developments in contemporary 498 10 Photography : Western 1341 T S Demos Vitamin Ph 2006 Phaidon Press Phaidon Photography.Art. The aim of this book has been to present 533 12 Design : Western.John From A to X 2009 Seagull A to X. The geographical range of the essays crosses 528 12 Design : Western. Cameraless photographs can be made using a variety of techniques. 780. Letters. and princes. Prathikstan Satyajit Ray. London Dancer. S545 RAG Suchitra Ahmedabad 600 Portraits of a City.

a vibrant and delicate form of folk painting from Bihar in Eastern India. Civic.Dulari & Mithila style. 730. Geetha et al Oedipus King 2011 Tara Publishers Oedipus. with text by Gita Wolf. India.Rama. It includes facts and arguments about child labour. India. Ricksha art represents a powerful desire of the artists to speak to the elites and others in new terms and from different perspectives . 425 WOL Wolf G eetha & Illustrated by Swarna Chitrakar in the brilliant Patua folk style from Bengal. Swarna Monkey Photo 2011 Tara Publishers Monkey.Each painting is accompanied by text which invites the viewers into the gond imagination. P. Athens.Epic. former king. heritage.NGMA. Published first in Germany as a book 544 13 Children Books 56 Ende. The adventures of Rama are incidents derived from the Ramayana. Motif. 508 MAA The Neverending Story is one of the most extrodinary work of fantacy to have been written in the last ten years. Fate. L823. House Shillong. 566 13-A Children Books 845 Anushka Elephants Never Forget 2011 Tara Publishers Elephants. Photo. Determined to capture the murderer.92 WOL Kanchil is a beloved figure in Indonesian folklore. Love. Rhymes. 545 13 Children Books 2008 820 JOH 1207 Richard Misrach Golden Gate Lesley A Martin Novel. 541 12-A Design 1996 OL11594360 DES 1186 V. Central India. Roshen Ancient Indian Costume 2006 Art Heritage Medieval. Childhood. Central Asia. History. Moyna Sita's Ramayana 2011 Tara Publishers Sita. following the successful mangoes and banana's. Do is silk-screen printed on recycled craft paper.in the North-East – one of the India's most troubled regions. 759. This book narrates the episode of the kidnapping young emperor Amir Hamza with beautiful Mughal paintings introduction relate to Mughal Art. Eastern India. all of which have a strange way of going wrong. Rules. Buddhist. Story Book. This book teaches about painting & drawing.398 KHA Child art. This very simple chanting story is perfect for reading aloud with young preschoolers. Samhita & 556 13-A Children Books 835 Chitrakar. hairstyles and jewellery. City.I Love My India confounds our 574 13-A Children Books 853 Avinash I Love My India : Stories for a City 2011 Tara Publishers Love. Allegory. 561 13-A Children Books 840 Wolf et al Do 2011 Tara Publishers Style. India. into a moving and artfully rendered fable. Geetha et al The Flight of the Mermaid 2011 Tara Publishers Flight. 167 Alkazi. Artists.7 HAS 576 13-A Children Books 855 Wolf Geetha The churki. This is an second trickster tale in the series featuring Kanchil the mouse deer. Western. Mouse Deer. Village. Each of the four chapters include a brief history of a 539 12-A Design : Indian. Animals. Snake. Roshen Asia 2008 Art Heritage Medieval.47 CHI Devi. Kraft. 818. Intricately drawn visions of trees fill the pages of this sumptuous book of art and folklore from the Gond tribe in Central India. ragpicking. Folk. 542 12-A Design 1990 Sarma. used to a life of hard and relentless labour. for children. Persian. Shelter . and mythology. Forest. heritage. Daisy The To-Let House Daisy Hasan 2011 Tara Publishers To-Let.which was transmitted orally for centuries. I saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tail is a form of trick verse. heritage.48 TAR Ravishankar.This book includes eighty stories. Art. 745 RAV Gond tribe. Eastern Art. The well captured photographs is 543 13 Children Books 45 Maass. Leaf.Gabriell Meet Neel. Adults. Painting. J Walter Animal Drawing and Painting Dover Publication animals. The illustrations which he has drawn for this book should be a rich feast for any discerning lover of Indian art and design. Grinning cats. Materials. Costume.43 NAR 1150 Sharma. Choice.Its origin started before AD 570 as a version in Pehelvi. The pancatantra is one of the earliest books of fables .king of Thebes.their 568 13-A Children Books 847 Wolf. India. It captures the pulse of memory unerringly. 746.Bananas. 1956 OL 9869561 WIL 12-A Design : Indian. Moving. Eastern India.Burki Book of Rhyme 2011 Tara Publishers Churki. Captured. Novel 546 13 Children Book 2008 13-A Children Books: Indian Rao. 565 13-A Children Books 844 Anushankar Tiger on a Tree 2011 Tara Publishers Tiger. Paper. people at home or in the classroom. Folk painting.Samhita The Mahabharatha : a Child View 2011 Tara Publishers Child. 808 TAR Rao Sirish & Wolf The Bacchae retains the playful yet dangerous lyricism of the original story. headgears. 551. complemented with spare text. Painting. Sirish & Shyam.India. mythology.Stories. Bihar. Story. and this retelling of a popular story is illustrated in the traditional Kalamkari style of Indain textile 563 13-A Children Books 842 Scott.91419 END 1045 Rob Lloyd Jones Usborne Young Reading Robin Hood Roehampton University Robin hood. Life. Dwellers. painting. Amir Hamza. a parable of destiny and love. It is a humorous and profound tale that communicates the power of art and imagination to children. Child Labour. sense of the real with the often surreal forms of our social arrangements. Reckless. 538 12 Design : Western. The book is hand -crafted and 571 13-A Children Books 850 Wolf. Featuring her own amazing line drawings. Sanskrit. 554 13-A Children Books 833 anushka et al I Like Cats 2011 Tara Publishers Cats.9054. Art. Tsunami recalls a terrifying event in our common history. Buddha's Sheltering snake. 759. screen printed on handmade. Screen. Geetha et al Sophocles Antigone 2011 Tara Publishers Antigone. Shade. 882 RAO Oedipus .209598 KUM 564 13-A Children Books 843 Scott & Raut The Sacred Banana Leaf 2011 Tara Publishers Banana. Cosmos. Kulay and Addy.R1958 Khanna. Oedipus begins a relentless search that soon turns into a personal nightmare of shame. But even he cannot undo the curse that haunts the city.Style. Medieval Indian Costume : India and Central This book surveys the the evolution of costume through the history and art of ancient India. Silk. Sarma Andra Festivals in Line Drawing LKA Andra Festivals.920 954 This book surveys the the evolution of costume through the history and art of ancient India. Tongued. Pottery. best.954 SHI Mangal Das Dalal& 550 13-A Children Books 324 Mistri.891 MAN Water life features Mithila art. 581 13-A Children Books 860 Wolf. Vishnu The Pancatantra penguine The pancatantra. Excuses. Dragon. Every page of this book 555 13-A Children Books 834 shyam. Ramayana. tourists. 1185 Wilwerding.368216054 SHY Arni. Geetha et al Signature Patterns in Gond Art 2011 Tara Publishers Gond art. Indian.Robert When Autumn Comes 1990 Henry Holt Autumn. In the traditional manner of Patua art.adoption and integration. History.Thebes. Aesthetics. 585 13-A Children Book 1993 OL3899795 SAR 1154 Robin Macworth Windsor castle Seagull General Book The story book for children. Fire. Playing. ancient culture. Tales. mythology. India. 328. 709 WOL The illustrations in this dramatic retelling of Sophocles' great tragedy are inspired by the classic pottery of Athens. 557 13-A Children Books 836 Raut. Child art is a playful work book for children and adults. 741. 398. Swastik. Art..The present volume covers the Turko-Mongol people who 540 12-A Design : Indian.01 RAO Veeraraghavan.Children. Ramayana. Breaking. Art.Tribal. Toys and Tales shows you how to make a range of dynamic toys with everyday materals based on traditional folk toys from different parts of India. P28.Forest. 584 13-A Children Book 1997 Panorama. Lyricism. Philosophy.Tree. Bihar.9054.920 954 1021 Monu Desai To the Roots : A designers’s Journey. This book was born of conviction that children will delight in history. it quickly established itself with adults and children alike as a haunting work of the imagination.paint. 790. 364. West Bengal. Ramsingh I saw a Peacock With a Fiery Tail 2011 Tara Publishers Peacock. Traditional Folk Toys.Woodcut. who has the most noble intentions. is a wise and proud ruler. The Flight of the Mermaid is a feminist parable on the warring claims of love and choice. Jungle. its depiction of character and in the critical tone it adopts with the epic's main theme. 770 VEE The to let house unfolds in the city of Shillong. Radhashyam The Circle of Fate 2011 Tara Publishers Silk. Lahiri & 582 13-A Children Books 867 Williams Moving Pictures 2011 Tara Publishers Pictures.914 RAV 570 13-A Children Books 849 Wolf. Following My Paint Brush is the story of Dulari Devi. 745 WOL Ravishankar. Costume. 158. 821 URV 553 13-A Children Books 832 Wolf. 833. I like cats features a gallery of irresistible feline characters from some of the best-known tribal and folk artists of India. S The Kidnapping of Amir Hamsa 2011 Tara Publishers Mughal.Fables. Washington.Michael The Neverending Story 1979 King PenguinPublishing English. 341. dilemma of knowing the importance of rules versus the delight in breaking them. symbols. for it harbours the person who killed its 573 13-A Children Books 852 Wolf. Pentheus. 954.Bengaluru. Tail. Excuses! Captures the gleeful childhood 577 13-A Children Books 856 e Excuses Excuses 2011 Tara Publishers Excuses. Mahabharatha. Stories.91 WOL Ravishankar. and mythology. Hanuman. specific period: its costums. Monkey Photo records jungle life at its hilarious 562 13-A Children Books 841 Chitrakar. 649. Suhag Mughal Art 2011 Mapin Miniature. Art. as it tells the story of Di. Children. 759.Children.Photos.5402 RAV Samhita Arni wrote and illustrated this version of The Mahabharatha when she was twelve years old.670954 BEA Captured in Miniature: Mughal Lives Through 549 13-A Children Books 319 Shirodkar. 575 13-A Children Books 854 Hasan. 809.551. Geetha et al Child Art with Every day Materials 2011 Tara Publishers Education.1 RAV This edition contains a special introduction for children as well as comprehensive notes for parents and educators on how to use the book with young 578 13-A Children Books 857 Tara Books We Are All Born Free 2011 Tara Publishers Children. adotted. Line drawing. Signature is a collection of paintings from a range of artists belonging to the Gond tribal community in central India.768442 WOL Ravishankar.Sudarshan 580 13-A Children Books 859 et al Toys and Tales 2011 Tara Publishers Toys. Art. invaded India and set up their respective empires. Hindu. India.Kalamkari. Rambharos Water Life 2011 Tara Publishers Mithila art. Pictograms. guilt and 882. Songs. Ravana. 166 Alkazi.Ti RAV Ravishankar. Trees. Mermaid. Patachitra. 547 13-A Children Books 188 Bhaijju That's how I see things 2011 Tara Publishers World. Materials.92 SAR 13 Children Books: Western An evocative photo essay capturing the familiar autumn colors.5923046 ARI Trash evolved from a series of workshops conducted with ragpicker children.551 SES 1047 K Narasimhan Myths and Legends from Indi Rivers Macmillan This series gives kaleidoscopic glimpses of the vast panorama of our rich and ancient culture. Nourishment. children will find it plain funny. This is merry tale of fun and rhyme. 387. 583 13-A Children Book 1997 This series gives kaleidoscopic glimpses of the vast panorama of our rich and ancient culture.draw. 586 13-A Children Book 2008 Page 12 . Her Mahabharatha is bold and unorthodox in 567 13-A Children Books 846 Arni. Schools lifestyles and school for working children.218 RAM 552 13-A Children Books 831 Urveti.Dulari. 745 RAU This stunning handprinted book invokes the beauty and terror of Hindu and Buddhist snake lore – from the enigmatic snake goddess manasa to 558 13-A Children Books 837 Wolf Geetha SSSS: Snake Art and Allegory 2011 Tara Publishers Snake. Sunny cats. is an original numbered art print. ancient culture. Imagination. 398. Heritage. which heighten the aesthetic appeal. Mughal.R2325. this best -selling 294. 548 13-A Children Books 317 Sackler & Freer The Adventures of Rama 2011 Tara Publishers Lakshman. Gond. a domestic helper who went on to become an artist in the Mithila style of folk painting from Bihar.India. 331. Central Asia. Art. Bhajju et al The Night Life of Trees 2011 Tara Publishers Painting. and the activites of the fall season.954 DEV Do. the Mithila style to express his own vision. 745. Fanged. In this book the author adapting the motifs of 551 13-A Children Books 830 Jha. Geetha et al Trash : On Ragpicker Children and Recycling 2011 Tara Publishers Recycling. This is the first childern's picture book to use Kalamkari art as illustrations. An ironic and poetic visual journey through urban India . Hindu.133.2 Adventure. The Circle of Fate. English.700 BHA Dutt. Nathan Kumar Mangoes and Bananas 2011 Tara Publishers Mangoes.from the cybercity of Bangalore to innumerable small towns . The Five.5/954 ARN Circle. Law. 746. Night. Story. This is probably the strangest suspense story you've ever read.it provides over 75 exercises and also a unique philosophy of art education. heritage.Gita Following My Paint Brush 2011 Tara Publishers Fisherfolk. 702 WOL Joydeb & chitrakar. war. Wish you were here is for all ages. 809. 569 13-A Children Books 848 Anushka Wish You Were Here 2011 Tara Publishers Childrens. while adults enjoy the wry and sophisticated combination of form and content 821. Eastern India. 560 13-A Children Books 839 Wolf. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. Children. Dulari is from a commuinity of fisherfolk. Fiery.3. 304 DUT 1046 Padma Sheshadri Myths and Legends from India Rivers-1 Macmillan Panorama. Sita's Ramayana shifts the point of view of the Ramayana -the saga of a heroic war-to bring a woman perspective to this timeless epic. Tsunami. 398. 579 13-A Children Books 858 anushka et al The Fivetongued FireFanged 2011 Tara Publishers Snake.Vellaturi Poornanada The book is about the line drawing pitures related to festivals in Andrapradesh. Perinnial Press Design. Indian. This hand crafted book is further enhanced by the exquisite illustrations 572 13-A Children Books 851 Geetha Tha Bacchae 2011 Tara Publishers Bacchae. Human Rights. Ragpicking. Arnamental. Headstrong. PZO. recreating the mud walls of village homes where the art has its origins. this innovative scroll book transforms dramatic news 559 13-A Children Books 838 Moyna Tsunami 2011 Tara Publishers Patua. Ruler.Burki.209598 SCO Ravishankar. Rickshaw. gently mocks at our desire to control the future. Clemmie. This is a joyous tale that touches lightly on the themes of loss.

G. This story is written and liiustrated by great sculptor Meera Mukherjee. Textile.22 SOB Indigenous Art/Living Picton.historical and sociological context.India. This pioneering monograph focuses on musical and textual aspects of Baul Song. Clay. 8 TH Jeypore Enamels 2008 Aryan Book International Gold. 970.Subodh Indian Folk Art 1985 Taraporevala. in present day Australia.G.114 ISA Indigenous Art/Living Dress. 57 Devi. 22 coloured and 205 black and white plates.Weaving.G.John & Mac. of the British Raj. 161 Elffers. Capwell.G The Death in Eden story is wriitten ans illustrated by the great artist K.animal worship. 602 13-A Children Books 2008 OL 320665 SUB 1177 Somnath Hore The tea Garden Journal Seagull Tea Garden.Disease. Indian Art.G.G. Shampa Tribal Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh 1996 Mapin Publication India. Shrijee Book 609 13-A Children Book 2007 Short Stories.7091 BEN Indigenous Art/Living World Embroidery: 25 Original Projects from Embroidery.the variety and vitality of Bengal's crafts and the range of their creative 621 14-A Traditions.Kashmir.metal work. India.K. Europe.G. India. Subramanyan K.Stephen P India 1996 Mapin Publication Indian Art. ivory.symbols and motifs used in Baghs and Phulkaris and their connotations in mythological. 604 13-A Children Books 2011 OL24540430 SUB 1179 Gayatri C Spivak Nationalism and the Imagination Seagull Nationalism. A Summer Story is written by the eminent artist K..G. 746. 16 Ellena. Women's Art. Delhi and Srinagar. K. mats and basketry. Mud. 746. Story. Colonial. Venice.Legends.Linda Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement 1896 Thames and Hudson Europe.fish leap and swim about to the delight of a group of little boys. applique. It’s a delightful little tale about a child who pesters his sleepy aunt for a story. Subramanyan OLOL 32 0666 SUB 1171 Subramanyan. How Hanu Became Hanuman Seagull Hanu. Little. Economic.Fabric. Tradition. Gifts of Earth : Terracottas and Clay Sculptures of India: Here the author documents contemporary potters. It is a magnificent document of India's ritual painting. This book comprises a set of five essays that explore different facets of the production and consumption of Indian silver for the Raj. 819 Rizvi. Indian. Indian Art.Colour 1991 Thames and Hudson Textile. Subramanyan. present day. OL 1628224755 SUB 1175 Subramanyan. New York Rural. Bronze. story. Sculpture. mirror work and surface embroidery.Janet Pashmina: The Kashmir Shawl and Beyond 2009 Marg Publication Art. How Poppy Grew Happy Seagull Poppy. Traditional handicrafts-historical. 60 Archer. Indian mirror work.44 CRA Indigenous Art/Living Himachal Pradesh. 591 13-A Children Books 2009 720 HOR 1165 Chrles Capwell Sailing on the Sea of Love Seagull Seagull.G. 589 13-A Children Book 2000 OL9764429 MUK 1161 John Berger Hold Everything Dear Seagull John Berger. 599 13-A Children Books 2008 OL 320664 SUB 1173 Subramanyan. The book is peerless for its illustrations and include 28 full page 615 14-A Traditions. of the sainted dead.Vidya Delight in Design : Indian Silver for the Raj 2000 Mapin Publication Empire. Story. the monsoons have flooded the streets. 165 Aryan. comprehensive selection of the colourful patterned fabrics used for clothing and interior decoration.Story.Folk book are based on recent field research by leading experts Nora Fisher. Somnath Hore. subramanyan K.1/2 MUK 1158 Mukherjee. 595 13-A Children Books 2008 The Ruby is a story by the great veteren artist k.Bombay Painting. expression.Pottery. Mahabharata. Subramanyan. a short guide 619 14-A Traditions. Metal. Folk. She spent some years researching textiles all around 746. subramanyan K. Happy Story.totemism and fetchism. Grew.India. 600 13-A Children Books 2008 OL 2692969 SUB 1174 Subramanyan. use of clay in the households and temples. Little Girl. and carvings. design and craft processes. 160 Parry. Indian Art. 321 Ranjan. needle point. OL 16703484 MUS 14 Indigenous Art : Western Indigenous Art/Living This book presents an overview of traditional aboriginal religious paintings. Baul song. 608 13-A Children Book 928. India. The Tale of the Talking Face Seagull Tale.54 Cro-F Indigenous Art/Living Delight in Design is a richly illustrated volume that focuses on the remarkable ornamented silverware produced by Indian craftsmen during the period 633 14-A Traditions.Nora Rural India 1994 Mapin Publication Embroidery. Avadh Punch.5223 PAT 1191 Leo tolstoy War and Peace : & Other Short Stories 2007 Shrijee Book Short Stories. 799. traditional dress of the Meitei. Sobita K Traditional Dress of the Meiteis 1998 Bhubon Publishing House Embroidery.and production. Weaving. K. coloured plates containig 120 designs.G.military Tyranny. Day. This book dealt with the subject Phulkari : the folk art of Punjabi women in a clear and simple language. 254 Hitkari. This document is the result of the struggle between the union men and the Communist party against the owners. Hindu. 158 Shah. Subramanyan.Weaving. Embroidery.K. 588 13-A Children Book 2000 OL9764429 MUK 1159 Mukherjee. the stonework.Night. K.G.The author has indeed done a great service in 746.763372 HOR 1178 Subramanyan. India.G.G. This book deals with the India's material culture or its premodern trade.embroidery.23809540903 KHE Indigenous Art/Living Handmade in India is a unique compendium of Indian crafts.95414 SEN Indigenous Art/Living This book brings you the exciting world of Madhya Pradesh's many tribes. Tribal. 746.Jennifer Australian Aboriginal Paintings 1989 New Holond Austalia. Designs. It covers past 624 14-A Traditions.917 KAR 1349 Mushirul Hasan The Avadh Punch: wit and Humour in colonial Niyogi Books The Avadh Punch a weekly from Lucknow under the stewardship of its formidable editor. 601 13-A Children Books 2008 The Cat's Night and Day story is wriitten ans illustrated by the great artist K. National Museum. It probes into all aspects of 634 14-A Traditions. Art.textiles. Embroidery. traditional and new markets. 746. 159 John African Textiles. meera.Ian World 1977 Tiger International. Jaipur. caps. Story.033 BER 1164 Somanath Hore My concepts of Art Seagull Bronz Works.NGMA. Bandhani. Prabhas Crafts of West Bengal 1994 Mapin Publication Textile. Imagination. 1981 Phulkari Publication Women's Art.It provided a flatform for some of the greatest comic writers 610 13-A Children Book North India 2007 Wit. Design.tree and serpent worship. Indian Art.954082 HUY Indigenous Art/Living Her Majesty's Stationary This catalogue provides a fuller introduction to the subject Kalighat Painting and includes annoted bibliography. 625 14-A Traditions. 162 Hitkari. Berenice Ellena has worked as clothes and costume designer in Paris.G The story How Poppy Grew Happy is by the great artist K. Indian Art. textiles. Gujarat. Fetchism.Fashion the United States.K. and includes textiles.917 KAR 1192 Leo tolstoy Anna Karenina With other short stories. 594 13-A Children Books 2008 OL24220983 SUB 1168 Subramanyan. 1998 British museum Weaving. This book includes the intrinsic worth as work of art as well as their cultural significance. 2010 294.tattoos.920954 JAN Page 13 . The Story.G. Phulkaris.44954 ARY Indigenous Art/Living Mud.Berenice India Sutra on the Magic Trail of Textiles 2007 Shubhi Publication Weaving. ogres. This encyclopedic publication maps the crafts of the country. wood and stone musical instruments. The essays in this 629 14-A Traditions. a list of public collection.. 19 Huyler.G. 606 13-A Children Books 2008 1190 Devadutt Patnaik JAYA :An illustrated Retelling of the Penguine Epic. Mirror and Thread : Folk Traditions of Terracotta. Craft. Indian Art.450954 JAL Indigenous Art/Living Cloth. to admire and to meditate upon. 759. 391. and local peculiarities and precludes wide ranging 620 14-A Traditions. 603 13-A Children Books 2009 331.G. K. Dreaming and express this now. 611 14 Traditions.95 414 ARC Indigenous Art/Living Mode. 168 Fisher. 607 13-A Children Book Mahabharata. Cave. Trees.G The story How Hanu Became Hanuman is written and illustrated by the great artist K.Somnath Hore. K.Black art. Subramanyan.041 MEL Indigenous Art/Living Women's Art. World. Indian This book introduces the Kashmir Shawl as a cultural artefact with a known history spanning four centuries. When God First Made the Animal. Subramanyan OL 2693007 SUB 1170 Subramanyan. Patterns religious. The 630 14-A Traditions. Children. Craft visuals and with line drawings. Indian Art. In this Volume Spivak expands upon her previous postcolonial scholarship. 746. Patterns. The King and the Little Man Seagull King. Artist. which through the efforts of the individual involved because of its popularity throughout the 623 14-A Traditions. who try their best to 587 13-A Children Book 2000 catch them. India. 320 Dehejia. Bengali Text.Ancient. Textile. 134 Chandra. and cultural influences on crafts. Supported by Hermes. Subramanyan. The vast proportion of this book deal with oriental carpets alone. Indian Art. Face. Robby Seagull Ruby. set forth in 170 color photographs that evoke 618 14-A Traditions. It explores the rare rich and 635 14-A Traditions. 5 Issac. 739. Hanuman. Subramanyan. in urdu literature.includes pottery. Designs and Patterns in Phulkaris explains the various signs.Murals. Subramanyan K.Embroidery. 320.Aditi Crafts of India : Handmade in India 2007 Mapin Publication India.4977 NAT 14-A Indigenous Art : Indian Indigenous Art/Living Jacob s S & Hendley The gold enamel work of Jeypore admire the beautiful design in which it is carried out. The book gives fascinating descriptions of ancient legends and popular beliefs of India like the Godlings of nature. Calcutta. In the Zoo Seagull Zoo. 251 Hitkari. The ingenious and hard working women of Punjab have created in these Phulkaris innumerable designs and patterns which are sheer delight to the 631 14-A Traditions. She has tought the history of costume and has also 616 14-A Traditions. The subject matter of this book is material culture of African cloth.Folk book is profusely illustrated by typical masterpieces of Ganesha – Sthapanas both in color and in monochrome. British. Stone work.Handicrafts. Jyotindra Jain and Vijaya Nagarajan. Subramanyan. India.88294 CAP 1166 Subramanyan.and a geographical reference from Tibet to 636 14-A Traditions. India. Jewelery. based on systamatic study of the Osakoti Murals or Orissa.Totemism.G. Indian Art. Alike.Godlings. 592 13-A Children Books 2010 780. New Thracian. Indian Art. 163 Bennett.India European. tea Garden Managers. their techniques . Clothing. K. Sea.W G Kalighat Paintings: 1971 Office Kalighat. 164 Crabtree. Tribal. 745 HIT Indigenous Art/Living Hindus. 596 13-A Children Books 2008 The King and the Little man is a story by the great veteren artist k.54 SPI 1180 Somanath Hore Until the Rain Seagull Somanath Hore. Global. 746.G.Tribe. Politics. Textile.India. k.Textiles. This volume celebrates the diversity of the vast subcontinent by examining little known folk traditions of village and nomad people. Indian Art.Women's Art. Bulgarian and Indian people.Craft. Indian This beautiful book brings together the very best and most enduring traditional designs of embroidery. Oriental. Colour. Art facts. Leo Tolstoy The Short Stories written by Leo tolstoy 928. North.K. Jewelery. 628 14-A Traditions. Animals. material. Thrace. which has lasted since that time. Story. 191 New Delhi Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria 1981 Delhi Bulgaria. such as Ikat. Painting.and other fabrics. Bengal. 709. only to fall asleep himself before the end. Fabrics.India. Textile.095475 FIS Indigenous Art/Living Ganesha. S S Ganesha-Sthapana: The Folk Art of Gujarat. Meera Little Flower Shafali Seagull Story. subramanyan K G The Tale of the Talking Face is a Universal record of the ever-deepening crisis of democracy and the threat of totalitarianism. Meera mukherjee. Interwoven with their myths and legends and illustrated with stunning color 622 14-A Traditions.Godess. Subramanyan 593 13-A Children Books them all alike 2008 OL 2692968 SUB 1167 Subramanyan. Subramanyan OL 10704476 SUB 1169 Subramanyan.Nature.G. Pottery. the black art and also it describes some rural festivals and 398. charless.Fabrics. 590 13-A Children Book 2008 355/.Carving. hand-fans. India. comparisons. 711 Vatsyayan K of Osakothi Ritual Painting. North American. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Silver. This volume contains the English translation of the diary accompanied by the artist's sketches as well as reproduction of the original Bengali text. and little on European and American weaving or on specific aspects such 746. Embroidery.Joost Printed Fabrics arranged by Motif. Humour. This book captures through its text and its unique selection of illustrations. 745 MOD Indigenous Art/Living Bengal. g. 278 Crooke.the Wonggar. 746. two centuries textiles history.7453 MAC Indigenous Art/Living National Museum. Art. Indian Art.G. He made Seagull God. g.and techniques include cross stitch. 157 Sen. 174. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. India. the Thugs. fashionable centres of the world and because of its influence on manufature. Bengal. Folk Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh gives full details of unknown and unnoticed items of Himachal Embroidery such as wall hanging.Beliefs. Shefali. Style. 795.Meera Catching Fish and other Stories Seagull Catching Fish. Indian Art.Bengaluru. Subramanyan K. Craft. Punjab.Art.Textile. Subramanyan K.. 746. 745 HIT Indigenous Art/Living Culture. 17 Huyler. India.Stephen P Painted Prayers: Women's Art in Village India 1994 Rizzoli. Meera Kalo and the Koel Seagull Kalo.Sculpture.Aesthetics. children.This book has 20 line drawings. Our Friends the Ogres Seagull Friends. Subhashini Folk Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh 1992 Rekha Prakashan Embroidery.G.Indian Art. woven textiles. Women's Art.G It is a children story by K.Iconograph. Rugs. fabrics will be imported from Europe and India.Serpent. Design.423 HUY Indigenous Art/Living Painted Prayers is a fascinating account of the centuries-old artistic traditions of women in village India.beads-cover etc. 1157 Mukherjee. Kantha. the tjukurrpa.Talking. Embroidery. England. g. As for as the textiles concerned. Folk. Ganesha -Sthapana depict the image of Lord Ganesha.4 HIT Indigenous Art/Living Complete Illustrated: Rugs & Carpets of the Carpets. Made. organised various exhibitions in French museums as designer and curator. employing a cultural lense to examine the rhetorical underpennings of the 605 13-A Children Books 2010 idea of the nation-state. the Worship 632 14-A Traditions.K.India. Children.074 PAR Indigenous Art/Living Meller. Death. Patterns.Tattos. Rituals. and the 617 14-A Traditions. Eden. Mukherjee. some of the 613 14 Traditions.Enamels. OL9080966 FIS Indigenous Art/Living Pashmina.social. Love. S S Phulkari : The Folk Art of Punjab 1980 Phulkari Publication Textile. Death in Eden Seagull Story. jewellery. A Summer Story Seagull Summer Story. 746. Costume. 1999 IGNCA:New Delhi Worship. Koel.This is a collection of religious paintings to contemplate.Tribal.W Folklore of India 1993 Aryan Book International Worship.Folk asthete. Our Friends the Ogres story is written and illustrated by the great artist K.G. story.Fashion.Terracotta. This book is devoted to concentrate on the study of the material culture of the Meitei with detailed description of the different types and forms of the 612 14 Traditions. Judy Frater. The Mahabharata is an ancient Hindu Epic. Metal Work. Painting.Susan & Textile Designs : 200 Years of Patterns for Textile designs presents a dazzling. Meitris. 627 14-A Traditions.Orissa. This comprehensive collection of the artist's works dazzled viewers with both its elemental power and its pathos.They are all from the dreaming. of all kinds. Cat’s Night and day Seagull Cat. meaningful and fast disappearing ritual art of mutral painting. Flower. to iconography as well as detailed catalogue raisonne of the museum's collection. Leo Tolstoy The Short Stories written by Leo tolstoy.Heinz & This document discusses the aspects of folk art and crafts such as individual technique. Rural. Stephen Huyler. Textile. Textiles. Indian Art. dice. the women's rich artistic heritage and the pride and pleasure with which they regard their creative responsibility and also give details of the 759. story. 597 13-A Children Books 2008 In the Zoo is a story by the great veteren artist k. In the catching fish story.Tradition. shell and horn.Subramanyan K. Indian Art.Punjab.products and tools-unravelling a 745. Textile.Dye.World. Story. G. little Story Man. Manipur. Cloths. g.Kali. Embroidery. S S Designs and Patterns in Phulkaris 2003 Phulkari Publication Textile.620954 ELL Indigenous Art/Living Gifts of Earth: Terracottas & Clay Sculptures of Earth.Caroline Traditional Designs 1993 David & Charles Art.Shawl. subramanyan K. Subramanyan. These embroidered pieces are equally distinctive and significant. 598 13-A Children Books 2008 OL 2742273 SUB 1172 Subramanyan. Hold Everything Dearnis John Berger's vital response to today's global economic and military tyranny. Namdha. Story. Sketches.7543 SHA Indigenous Art/Living This book concentrates on one particular craft . Handicrafts. Children. This book sets out to be a discussion of the carpets and other woven products of the major weaving areas of the world from the earliest times to the 626 14-A Traditions.509 RAN Indigenous Art/Living Murals for Goddesses and Gods: The tradition God. pillow coverlets. African. This is an introduction of the cultural achievements of ancient Thrace to the Indian Culture and increasing closeness and familiarization between the 614 14 Traditions. Craft. Sailing. the Creation. the Godlings of disease.

River. Bengal and the çharminar in hyderabad as a culmination of regionally based architectural traditions. The new comer will find every detail he 647 15 Techniques in Art 256 Grubbs.Mumtaz & The remarkable popularity of these shrines is explained by the fact that the darghas have always appealed all levels of society.India.35 CUR 679 16 Popular Culture 815 singh Kavitha New Insights into Sikh Art 2003 Marg Publication Sikh. The book projects with scholarly perception. John & This volume offers an introduction which gives an overview of the exploration and documentation of this largest and grandest of all south Indian urban 661 16 Popular Culture 794 Michell George New Light on Hampi 2001 Marg Publication Hampi. Sindh. Thousand Years. 1947. 751. Drawing. Minds. 2012 OL 18569361 JAY 15 Techniques in Art Watson -Guptill Publication.Indian. Gouache.4954 RAY Rohatgi. This volume includes the work of scholars whose contributions are not readily available in English. Malwa. The author shres ideas on how to catch 648 15 Techniques in Art 258 Clark.5028 REY Modelling A Likeness in Clay : Step by Step Watson -Guptill Publication. Rana P B Banaras : the City Revealed 2005 Marg Publication Banaras.Greg Form Through History 1992 A Bulfinch Press Book 922. 523. Techniques. China. London Potters. The volume concludes with a plea for an effective conservation master-plan to preserve this unique architectural heritage for future generations. Stained Glass. handsome images to the reader. 147. Goddess Durga : The power and the glory discusses the many facets of the goddess Durga's images and worship on the Indian subcontinent. present Nostalgia 2008 Marg Publication Sind.4222 MCG This famous book is the first treatise by a potter to appear on the workshop traditions which have been handed down by Korean and Japanese from 643 15 Techniques in Art 58 Leach. A uniquely practical illustrated guide to all the popular techniques used in painting and drawing today.9489452114 PRA Painted Images of Enlightenment : Early Painted Images. 252. 751. 750. Shaping. Here the author presents the elements and principles of design from color and value to emphasis and unity which apply to all media. Colouring.4812954 TOP 673 16 Popular Culture 808 D'Monts.44 PAN Indigenous Art/Living 1346 Jaya Jaitly Crafts Atlas of India Niyogi Books Cerafts. Islamic.13 MIC 663 16 Popular Culture 797 Michell George Ahmadabad 2003 Marg Publication Ahmadabad Monuments. and This book aims to examine not only the tangible and functional qualities but also the intangible and metaphysical aspects of some of the most powerful 655 16 Popular Culture 22 Lip. 954 KAP 681 16 Popular Culture 820 Gour. the Guler and the Kangra styles. 700. Thankas. Clay. 303. Darryl Mills for Sale 2006 Marg Publication Mills.KAV Lucknow: Then and 680 16 Popular Culture 816 Now Llewellyn-Jones. in an appropriate religious and ritualistic context. Jyotindra Images 2007 Marg Publication India. London Technique.795. Towns.M. Madras. Meaning. Sale.Ppauline & The articles in this volume have been chosen in order to convey something of the tremendous pictorial richness to be found in the prints relating to 676 16 Popular Culture 811 Godrej. I. FIR Michell. 709. This volume discusses the tradition from some disciplinary perspectives such as history. Painting. Durga. from sultans and 678 16 Popular Culture 813 Michell. 751. Painting. Crafts Atlas of India is therefore a unique documentation and a rare visual treat. ………………….733 PAL There is a wealth of paintings. Princely. Present Nostalgia. 720. 737.Kerala.Annapurn 677 16 Popular Culture 812 a Mulk Raj Anand: shaping the Indian Modern 2005 Marg Publication Mulk Raj Anand.422 BLA The aim of this book is to help you identify the problems in your own work and to provide logical solutions to those problems. with in.Jonatha 650 15 Techniques in Art 260 n Materials and Techniques of Painting 1989 Thames and Hudson Materials. 297. Intangible. India.94894322 PAL 660 16 Popular Culture 303 Sinha. This volume will be of value to experts in Tibetan art. Culture.Angela Water Colour Painter Solution Book 1991 North Light Books Watercolor. The author demonstrates in thorough detail a proven method for fashioning clay into convincing portraits.5 CLA It has been written and illustrated to inspire and teach an impotant art form through a visual approach that will build confidence and self expression in 649 15 Techniques in Art 259 Staton.Towns.7309516 GHO This issue of marg attempts to bridge the gap between art history and religious history by placing some of the greatest monuments of Tamil Nadu with 668 16 Popular Culture 802 Michell. This volume seek to contextualize Indian art with in dynamic shifts of Indian social history. and art criticism. Artists.422 JES The City Assembled: The Elements of Urban 641 15 Techniques in Art 25 Castillo.HAY Watson -Guptill Publication. 1050-1450 2010 Marg Publication 1450. Art. 709.India. Tour. action and at rest. Indian subcontinent.Rajeshwari Commerce & Meeting of Minds 2008 Marg Publication Kizil. City. Meet. Past Glory. India.Water Colour. Silk. Childremn's. and shows those who have already made a start how to 644 15 Techniques in Art 118 Pearsall. 658 16 Popular Culture 248 Von Indo Tibetan Bronzes 1981 Ltd. 704. This is an eminently readable and visually rewarding documentation of a high profile cities remembered and contemporary personality. Insights.49 STA Stephenson. The present volume focuses on less well known aspects of Lucknow life and history. Tamil Nadu. Clare LADAKH : Culture at the Crossroads 2005 Marg Publication Ladakh. The volume also draws attention to the contribution of later Nayaka and Maratha patrons in the period spanning the 16th to 19th Centuries. the fleeting forms. locate such practices.Karl.Andrew The Art of Play: Board and Card Games of India 2006 Marg Publication Art.67818 MON Venkatachalapathy.145513095482 GEO This seminal volume brings together leading scholars and critics from the fields of anthropology.484072071 GAY Page 14 .42 GRU A complete how to do it guide for painting vibrant children's portrait in pastel. 709. Ronald . Drawing. 731. Jaunpur. 954. Visual. India. 700. Indian. Bernard A Potter's Book 1976 Faber and Faber. Towns. 751. George Temple Towns of Tamil Nadu 1992 Marg Publication Temples. India. Both popular and visual as specific forms of modern culture have only 669 16 Popular Culture 803 Jain. the guileless expression in the eyes and the genuine smile. Power. The book is divided into 640 15 Techniques in Art 23 Gair. Capturing.954 MAT Pageant of Indian art: Festival of India in Great In this volume Marg leads you down the ever-fluctuating path of continuity and change projecting the concept of the festival in collaboration with 657 16 Popular Culture 189 Doshi Saryu Britain 1983 Marg Publication Pageant. This book attempts to redress the land bias that has characterized the writing of India's history.Daisy Techniques for Capturing Character 1982 New York Character. 910 MON 683 16 Popular Culture 822 Pal Pratapaditya Goddess Durga : the Power and the Glory 2009 Marg Publication Goddess.2/35 MAR 16 Popular Culture Feng Shui : environments of Power : A Study of Tangible. Book. Darry D' Monte. History..GOU Ahmed. Techniques. 915 GAR Currim.Patrick The Technique of Stained Glass 1967 BatsfordLTD. Indigenous Art/Living 1220 Ritu Kumar Costumes and Textiles of Royal India Christies Indian Craftmanship. 956 VEN 675 16 Popular Culture 810 Ray Himashu Prabhu Coins in India :Power and Communication 2006 Marg Publication Coins. 294. India. Indian. of amateur admires of Tibetan Thankas. Artistic Anatomy 1986 New York Artistic. Painter.Wendon The Water Colour Painting Book 1978 New York Watercolor. This book depicts present day life in nine major cities of Keralathrough essays.Crossroads. Jane The Art of Life Drawing 1989 Artists House Life. This is the first lavishly illustrated bookto look at the heritage of Sindh. This practical manual restores to contemporary painters the heritage that is truly theirs by providing single reliable source of vital information. 750. museology. The 110 anatomical plates as well as the authors original drawings illuminate the text and show the bones. Glory. 910. 759. Sculpture.Atlas. The volume concludes with a photo essay that brilliantly portrays the spectacular landscape and Buddhist art of the western Himalaya.5 MIC India's Popular Culture: Iconic Spaces and Fluid This book largely focuses on the current contexts of popular visual culture. Gujarat. Meeting. Vijayanaga. India This book covers India's cultural history. Delhi under the Tughluqs. 1010. recently received serious academic attention in India. 1994 Regency Housse Painting. The book gives the historical introduction to Ahmadabad and the description of its mosques and tombs . 743. City. paintings of the Basohli. Prints. Portraits. London Casting. Ohio Painting.Culture.Judy The Encyclopaedia of Pastel Techniques 2011 Search Press Encyclopedia. Road. Actually Small Towns 2008 Marg Publication Cities.India. the greatest period of Chinese ceramics in the Sung dynasty. Likeness. India. Pastel paintings by a wide variety of artists shows how the techniques are applied. many of those who were intimately involved in its presentation. Splendour. Art.Popular. 704. Board.Card Games.1010-2010 2010 Marg Publication Temple.0954 JON Kizil : On the Silk Road: Crossroads of 667 16 Popular Culture 801 Ghose. 739 SCH 659 16 Popular Culture 302 Pal Pratapaditya Buddhist Art : Form and Meaning 2007 Marg Publication Buddhist. The book look towards the present and the future with essays on the images of and by sikhs in the modern and contemporary world. Buildings. Composition and Problem Subjects. to art historians wishing to integrate Tibetan subjects into their teaching and to the growing body 684 16 Popular Culture 824 Kossak. 639 15 Techniques in Art 18 Blake.India.3 LEA Painting Course: Introduction to Drawing This book covers a wide range of materials and methods to start off the budding artist. Tempera. 759. Play. India. deals with various aspects of the great traditional games of the 672 16 Popular Culture 807 Topsfield . This book focuses on seascapes and coastal subjects. 674 16 Popular Culture 809 AR Chennai not Madras : Perspectives on the city 2006 Marg Publication Chennai. V Years . Cities : A Historical Tour of the 664 16 Popular Culture 798 mi Indian Littoral 2008 Marg Publication Ports. Art. India. Drawing. Tod's.14 SUB 665 16 Popular Culture 799 Pal Pratapaditya Sindh :Past Glory.India.Gayatri Art and Visual Culture in India 1857-2007 2009 Marg Publication Art. sites. Evelyn Chinese Architecture 1995 Acdemy Group Ltd Landscapes. Gayatri Voices of Change : 20 Indian Artists 2010 Marg Publication Twenty. three sections : Colour.R. 1905 732. 637 14-A Traditions. contributions to the cultural environment. Vibrant.3584 KOS 642 15 Techniques in Art 27 MvGuire Barbara A Foundations in Polymer Clay Design 1999 Krause Publications Polymer. 2010.Small Towns. This book is a celebration of thousands of years of craft traditionand a testiminy to the survival of the world's richest textile repertoire. Gujarat. Pageant.Art.Thajavur.095422 SIN Fritz.28 STE This book deal with casting techniques which are simple but effective and form the basis for understanding the more complicated techniques dealt 651 15 Techniques in Art 262 Beecroft. Culture. charcoal. Painting.Spaces.54 Mar Schroeder. Design.55 TIL The present book with its eleven wide ranging articles written by leading authorities . improve their techniques. Anatomy. economics. 915 NAT 671 16 Popular Culture 805 Tillotson. Saints. Metaphysics. Form.280954 ORM 646 15 Techniques in Art 205 Reyntiens.9515 STE Michell. Sultanates.109595719 LIP 656 16 Popular Culture 146 Khandalvala. India. Solution. The volume is a fortuitous blend of the intellectual and the emotional much like Mulk Raj Anand himself. India. one of the most interesting periods of India's artistic history. George & The Great Temple at Thanjavur: One Thousand 685 16 Popular Culture 825 Peterson. designers. Roberta Carter Painting Vibrant Children's Portraits 1993 Cincinnati. all artists. powerful elites to ordinary people both muslim and non muslim. muscles and exterior forms of the body in 653 15 Techniques in Art 870 Richer.Iconic. L portraits in Princely India 1700-1947 2008 Marg Publication Portraits. Then.George Dargahs : Abodes of the Saints 2011 Marg Publication Darghas. Littoral.Fluid images. Now. classical buildings and landscape gardens in Beijing and Chengde. cultural 726. 1700. 741. archeology. Rosie 2003 Marg Publication Lucknow. Pastel. In this publication that hopes to reassert the role of thoughtful planning in urban growth and development.Paul Dr. Pahari. Hong Kong Architecture. 1050.oil and watercolour.Abodes.95475 MIC Subramanian. critical analysis while presenting 666 16 Popular Culture 800 Jones. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books.Ritu kumar.Costumes.Baiju Cities of Kerala. 677. Cities. Rajasthan. These buildings and gardens are direct manifestations of the social. and craftsmen. Indian. taking into account the most recent discoveries an interpretations.Bengaluru. 769. The water colour painting book is the ultimate book on the subject. Commerce. 743. 709.Neelam Saran Allahabad: Where the Rivers Meet 2009 Marg Publication Allahabad.4 RIC 654 15 Techniques in Art 871 Martin.121954 JAI 670 16 Popular Culture 804 Natarajan. India. This book explores not only his collections but his work as an author and the reception of his ideas by other scholars and writers.45 BEE The complete Guide to Painting and Drawing : 652 15 Techniques in Art 288 Hayes. especially lesser known provincial pictures that are subjected here to modern. 757. and numismatic studies. Pheroza India : A Pageant of Prints 2006 Marg Publication India. Techniques. This book seeks to highlight the vernacular character of chennai. Modern. Power. Communication. India. Colin techniques and Materials 1978 Phaidon Press Painting. Giles James Tods Rajasthan 2007 Marg Publication James. Tibet.Steven Tibetan Thankas. Enlightenment. 738. Modeling.49954 ROH Garimella.45 PEA Ohri.Vishwa The Technique of Pahari Painting: Materials. 748. 726. Royal . Textile. Technique. 954. Techniques.NGMA.George & 662 16 Popular Culture 796 Singh. French. needs to know to model a faithful likeness. Techniques. Narnaul. 638 14-A Traditions. Monisha & This is the first volume to combine essays on the history and on going production of art in Ladakh and to recognize both Buddhist and Islamic 682 16 Popular Culture 821 Harris. Clay. An Age of Splendour 1983 Marg publication Age. India.Laksh Ports. 757. Indian Institute of Advanced This richly illustrated book is the first detailed study of the technique of Indian painting with an emphasis on the particulars for crafting of Pahari 645 15 Techniques in Art 127 Chander Methods and History 2001 Study Techniques. Materials. Perspectives.Ulrich Vishal Dharma Publication This volume includes in depth analyses of the architecture of the suri dynasty. while the moreknowledgeable artist will discover another artist's approach sure to enlarge his own 731.Glynis Casting Techniques for Sculpture 1979 BatsfordLTD. This book answers the need for an authoritative technical handbook on stained glass for today's artists.in a bid to historicize and 686 16 Popular Culture 826 Sinha. 731.

Carl.5677 BEA Time-Life International. This volume deals with the man and space facts.Robert. Machines. Sea people. Identity. the Medical Sciences Program.Arthur. 304.1010-2010 2010 Marg Publication Temple. Social reportage.Bridges. raise and growth of civilizations of the Indochina region. Mircea.Reference. hope and serendipity. this issue also includes short stories by Vladimir 719 17 General Books 119 Jacque.Light. Matter.Maya Life Science Library : Health & Disease 1969 Nether land Health. This volume relates what science has learned through 304. the focal point of 304.Referenc This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 711 17 General Books 81 & Claiborne. Here Thamus Hardy portrays a rich cast of mysterious and comic charecters. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 717 17 General Books 87 Pines.Reference. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 703 17 General Books 73 Warshofsky. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Space. Energy. Thousand Years.8 HAR 1127 Thomas Hardy The return of the native Macmillan Thamus Hardy. Biology. which seeks to define the varying manifestations of archeology in the different provinces of its vast domain.Samuel. dwelling on painting but with out neglecting sculpture and architecture. Biology.Power. Uttarpradesh.Hearing. Colour. C. Anatomy. Social Science.Car. the Medical Sciences Program. Science. Story. Eastern 720 17 General Books 147 Claude Malraux & L'Inde India 2003 Ambassade De France Europe.Ashia & The works here represent the diversity of the sangam House international writers residency program over the two seasons that were located at 725 17 General Books 872 Gibson.Weather. Biology. Ear.Encyclopedia. 2010. It documents the Far East .Sky. Edward & Time-Life International. Methods.Pratapaditya Ganesh : The Benevolent 1995 Marg Publication Ganesh. Forecast. Arjun Fear of small number 2006 Seagull India. his times.Thisvolume traces the basic circulation of heat and winds 304. Something old. This book includes the short stories written by Ramkumar. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 707 17 General Books 77 Pfeiffer.K.2 TIM Time-Life International. Electricity. Science. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.The volume describes the anatomy of the nervous system 304. Something 689 16 Popular Culture 829 Pal Pratapaditya Rabindranath Tagore 150th Birth Anniversary 2011 Marg Publication new. OL 25030778 GEO 1354 Deepak shimkhada Nepal : Nostalgia and Modernity Marg publication Nepal.Science. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 713 17 General Books 82 Rudolph Mae Life science Library :light and Vision 1967 Nether land Light. Mustang. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. the Medical Sciences Program.2 TIM Time-Life International. Story. South India.Life. This document is a guide provides essential information on locating and using materials from research libraries anywhere in the world. the Medical Sciences Program.inhabitants 734 17 General books 1974 villages. Reference.Food.2 TIM Owen. This book is particularly the case when the ideas or beliefs are held by those who feel themselves to be in a monority or who suffer systematic is 730 17 General books 2010 advantage in other ways OL9764429 COL 1210 Pavel Kann St.22 DAN Blanchemaisen. Biology.Saturn. Literature.James M Life Science Library : Growth 1966 Nether land Growth. the Medical Sciences Program. Satellite.& Robert O'Brien Life Science Library : Weather 1968 Nether land Reference.Science.Reference. Psychology. Architecture. Thomus Hardy shows a deep understanding of human emotions in this story 'Far from the Madding Crowd' 733 17 General books 1974 823/. the Medical Sciences Program. Peterburg. Cultural.Cities. U S S R Soviet. the Medical Sciences Program. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.Bengaluru.Walter.2 TIM Margenau. This volume covers a wide range of subjects -Tagore's early romance and personality. Submarine. Earth. religion 305.2 BLA 721 17 General Books 156 Ram Kumar Ram Kumar : The Face & Other Stories 2004 Vadhera Art Gallery Short stories. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 716 17 General Books 85 O'Brien Robert Life Science Library : Machines 1970 Nether land Weapons. Research. Tagore.Nights. It is also a story of beauty and neglect . Poison. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 688 16 Popular Culture 828 Bue Erberto Lo Mustang 2010 Marg Publication Artistic.Work. Indochina. London Madding Crowd. This volume gives an overview of the south Indian urban sites. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 697 17 General Books 67 Bergamini.The world of sounds and the sense of hearing are the 304. 735 17 General books 1974 OL2417356 HAR 1133 George Orwell A Clergyman’s daughter Penguin Books George Orwell.2 TIM Dubos. Ocean.D W Other People 2010 Sangam House Books Sangam. Eliade. Geometry. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 708 17 General Books 78 Bowen. Wright brothers. OL 22279699 1155 K.2 TIM Stevens S. Shivaji K two decades 2000 Marg Publication Twentieth.This volume discusses among other things the many broad 304. adishakti. Vikramajit. 790. the Medical Sciences Program. Reference Biology. the Medical Sciences Program. quest for a dialogue between civilization and it was while reflecting on the art of Subcontinent that his ideas on the relationship between art.numbers.Solid. Biology.Henry & Time-Life International. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 712 17 General Books 86 Bergamini.Ocean.Science. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Benevolent. Bengal Nights is a cruel account of the wreckage left in the wake of a oung man's self-discovery. Sigmund Biology. Calendar.2 TIM Time-Life International. Newton. Globalization.G Subramanyan. Biology.Vision. 304. This book is a collection of 17 letters written by K. Wessex. Irving the Agony and the Ecstasy 1961 Methuen Publisher Agony. Nerves. This book is lightened by delightful and clear-eyed humour. Wonders.622 RAM This series. This volume surveys that progress from the solid wheeled 304.Moon Biology. Suicide Bombing. Brain.This volume explores the facets of the meaning of time. Nuclear.E Life Science Library : Matter 1969 Nether land Elements. Cars. the Medical Sciences Program. 732. Craters. Biology.Atom. Buddhism.Leonard Time-Life International.This volume traces the origin of modern drugs and 304. Literature. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Methods.Calories. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Modernity. begenning.Fred Life Science Library : Sound and Hearing 1966 Nether land Sound. 2008. drama. Adhishakti. Alfred Life Science Library : Drugs 1968 Nether land Drugs. the Medical Sciences Program. Thomus Hard.Saroja Celebrating the Birth Centenary of Guru NA General Book General Book 732 17 General books gopinath 2010 OL13752891 SAR 1126 Thomas Hardy Far from the madding crowd Macmillan.Eyes.Ralph. the Medical Sciences Program. Einstein. Cell. India. Biology. Biology.Bulb.Pluto.Alcohol. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 714 17 General Books 83 Lansing.James J Life Science Library : Food & Nutrition 1968 Nether land Science.David Life Science Library :The Scientists 1966 Nether land Science. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Biology.A Time-Life International. 813.Reference. and painting. English. Nucleus.comic charecters.002 MAN G-63 David Beasley How to use a Research Library Oxford University Library.Motors. Sight. 304. Respect. The present authoritatively researched volume attempts to collate existing reference material on the subject as also offers valuable original insights 687 16 Popular Culture 827 Pal. Century. Science.Universe. Clouds. V. 1010. Civilization. 696 17 General books 1988 025.Einstein. in Pandicherry. 729 17 General Books 2008 OL 7257291 SUB 1156 Stefan Collini That’s offensive Seagull Criticism. Life. 731 17 General books 1996 1243 M.2 TIM This April issue of Soviet Litereture periodical presence the translation of [Siberia]by Georgi Makov.Children. 891.Bridges.Thajavur. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 718 17 General Books 88 Haggerty.Anatomy. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. the Medical Sciences Program.2 TIM Lewis. Music. Pandichery. 695 17 General books 1986 027.the poverty and the spiritual 736 17 General books 1975 starvation which accompany Dorothy on her Odyssey through the england of the Thirties.332 ELI Page 15 .William.Circulation. dance.S Biology.Aerodynamics. a country which had a great impact on him. Waves. Energy. Science.Reference. Senses. Science. This volume surveys the devices that humans have used 304. 737 17 General books 1994 829. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 709 17 General Books 79 Nourse. Guyford & Time-Life International. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Echo. Biology.his loves and his geneisis. the Medical Sciences Program.Machines.150th Birthday.C Life Science Library : Man and Space 1965 Nether land Man. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 705 17 General Books 75 Wilson.the theory of 304. Science.DNA. Sculpture. 726 17 General books 1994 OL9608642 DEV 1151 Jawaharlal Nehru Jawaharlal Nehru :An Autobiography Allied Publishers his is an autobiography of This is an autobiography of Jawaharlal Nehru. Offensive.2 TIM Thompson.Astronomy. Meteorology.2 TIM Time-Life International. Complex dynamic fueling largescale. Life Science Library :Flight 1966 Nether land Reference.2 TIM Goudsmit. Life Science Library : Time 1967 Nether land e.2 TIM Stever.Fiction. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Madhya The story of an intrepid traveller's mammoth obession and his wild and wonderful journey into the heart of India. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 698 17 General Books 68 Norton. Macmillan. Subramanyan. Universe.inhabitants of the lonely villages of Wessex. Novel.This book largely devoted to the many ships of the present. 691 16 Popular Culture 2001 720 MIC 1344 George Michell& The Great Temple at Thanjavur: One Thousand The volume also draws attention to the contribution of later Nayaka and Maratha patrons in the period spanning the 16th to 19th Centuries. International. G & Time-Life International.Liquid.8 SAT 1131 Maitreyi Devi It Does Not Die Chicago Press Story. This document gives us some spotlights of history of St. The present book celebrates variuos artistic expressions of the newar's and other ethnic groups.It was notably in India . India.Reference. C. and architectural history with intimate observations of people and places .Poetry by Arkadi Kuleshov and many other articles of well known Soviet writters. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 706 17 General Books 76 Tanner.2 TIM Time-Life International. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.R2645454. Geneva.2 TIM Time-Life International.Malraux. 813. Architecture.This volume scrutinizes the scientist as a human being and 304. Subramanyan Letters Seagull Letters.44 PAN 1051 George Michell New Light on Hampi Marg Publication Hampi. Lo. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 701 17 General Books 71 D. the Medical Sciences Program. Wheels.2 TIM Time-Life International. Sculptor.Science. Culture. It is a story of what happens to young love when enchantment and disillusion. Life Science Library : The Engineer 1966 Nether land elegraph.52 STO G-62 Thomas Mann A guide to library Research Methods Oxford University Library. the Medical Sciences Program.Computers. Thisvolume reports on what science has learned to date 304. Research.Science.NGMA. Nobel Prize. Angkor.Sun.2 TIM Sagan. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.Physics. Propeller. Biology. Birds. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 715 17 General Books 84 Clarke.heritage. This volume covers the history of flight. Copernicus. the Medical Sciences Program.Time.Valentina Soviet Literature 1974 Writers Union.Organs. 947.T This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 699 17 General Books 69 Carthy. the Medical Sciences Program. Sea.Rays. The Body. 693 16 Popular Culture 2011 OL 25088000 DEE 17 General Books 694 17 General Books 57 Stone. The complexintricate process of human growth is the 304. 247. ND1010. Joe. Thomus Hardy. 727 17 General books 1962 OL13752891 NEH 1130 Thomas Hardy The mayor of casterbridge Penguin Books Literature. Rockets.Cars.Fight.John Rowan Life Science Library: the Mind 1968 Nether land Freud. Reference. Navigation. Dreaming. This volume shows how the engineer has changed over 304. Indian. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 700 17 General Books 70 Haggerty. Recent discoveries about the cell. Biology. Science. Ships.2 TIM Time-Life International. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books.Wilfred & Time-Life International. OL13522333 HAR 1128 Thomas Hardy Tess of the durbesvilles Macmillan Rural. In this powerfuldepiction of a man who overreaches himsself.This volume makes clear that disease results from a 304.the 723 17 General Books 245 NGMA Delhi.The volume traces the ascent of mathematics from simple 304. 304. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Jonathan Life Science Library: Planets 1965 Nether land Tellescope.Rene & Time-Life International. the Medical Sciences Program.Organism. Aeroplane. Ramkumar. Sculpture.Statues. This is the passionate biographical of Michelangelo. James J. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Sky. & Time-Life International. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 704 17 General Books 74 Wilson.H & Time-Life International. Reflection.Clock. This volume explains how man finds the food he needs in 304. Nutrition. River Neva. Vietnam. Noise. Maitreyi Devi.Li Biology. Chemistry. Centrl India.2 TIM Furnas.Reference. Robert Life Science Library : Ships 1966 Nether land Weapons. VAD Dreaming VISHNUS : A journey through central Vishnu. Mitchell Life Science Library : Energy 1965 Nether land reference.9554 ERB Something Old and Something New: Rabindranath.Petrograd.Science. Atmosphere.& Mc Time-Life International.Wind. Petersburg. Reference. History. Here the author effects one of his earliest pieces of social reportage. Vijayanagar.This volume particularly talk about the matter energy.2 TIM Sebrell. 913. the Medical Sciences Program. into various aspects of Ganesh. Learning.Ezra Life Science Library : Wheels 1967 Nether land Electricity. the Medical Sciences Program. Nostalgia. Biology. Life.Poverty.Reference.Blood. the Medical Sciences Program.Conard. Mathematics. Hardy once again shows his acute psychologyical grasp and his deep seated knowledge 728 17 General books 1994 of mid nineteenth century Dorset. Dreaming Vishnus is a blend of art 722 17 General Books 115 Ram. Archeologia MUNDI 1966 NAGEL Publishers. Ecstasy. Production.Organs. Science. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.800904922 ARJ Sattar. 304. Light.52113 PAL Wonders of Lo: The Artistic Heritage of This volume is the first monograph on the artistic heritage of Lo. Lidin's .John Life Science Library : The Cell 1970 Nether land Cell.S & Time-Life International. It deals with the most representative features of the religious art of the region.597 GRO This book pays homage to Andria Malraux and to India. Heat. Philip Time-Life International. The volume features a photographic portfolio of the works of twenty seven prominent sculptors of the closing decades of the 20th century. architectural. Biology. India.Medicine. Pertersburg English edition Bonechi W B St. OL8105117 ORW 1134 Mircea Eliade Bengal Nights Chicago press Bengal. Biology. Fear of small things is a thoughtful invitation to rethink what violence is in an age of globalization.G.The major organ systems of the body are explained in the 304.2 TIM Mueller. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 702 17 General Books 72 O'Brien.Action. Disease. 294. 692 16 Popular Culture Indira Viswanathan Years . Penguin Pradesh. Reference.Alan E. Life Science Library : The Body 1965 Nether land Organism. This document provides an overview of the range of existing material. that Malraux persued his 724 17 General Books 310 Appadurai.Uranus. Biology.Gas. Novel. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. David Life Science Library: Mathematics 1965 Nether land Reference.Bones. Biology. as with devasting accuracy he depicts the hypocracy.2 TIM Modell. Human.4409 PAL Twentieth Century Indian Sculpture: The last 690 16 Popular Culture 957 Panikar. This is part of a 22 series of books published by theLife Sciences Library which exists to support the research and teaching of the IUB Department of 710 17 General Books 80 Lapp. Starvation. mysterious. cultural difference and colonial arrogance collide.Science.

Charlotte. ND1002 R 28 DES This book focuses on beautiful early chintzes presenting for the first time in full color the victoria and albert museum's world class collection of Indian 781 20 Museum Catalogues 938 Crill.Ltd. This catalogue includes raisonne with a lengthy introduction that places Tibetian art in its religious context and the religion in its historical context. 2014 LKA Indian.Culture. This book is a bcollection of contemporary Indian Art from Regional Centre's collection since 1990 OL 8887890 JAY 19 Museum Studies:Western Fernandez. 709. Subramanyan Poems Seagull Poems.G. Art. study of Persian paintings for those interested in the subject. Tribal. Abrams INC. This volume brings great artists collections and their works to light. Bracha Ettinger and Christine Taylor Patten. Plays. 730. This catalogue is published to accompany the exhibition forced journeys . Museum.It is at once a fine general introduction to American art 774 20 Museum Catalogues 201 Wilmerding. Gluck.This book is in regard to 756 18-A Exhibition Practice 874 Bedekar. From this volume we can know the Geometric period art and conveys the inventiveness and drawing self awareness of a culture.John Christies Review of the Season 1976 1976 York Christies. Women's Art. 709. 759.Drawings.Space. Irak. This complex and excessive book defies the conventions of reason in the history of art and culture. 2009 of Art.a renovation or a completely new building. Perry America. Polis. John Gallery of Art 1980 York American. Life. Boston Rajput Painting 1981 Bharatiya Publishing House Rajput. The main branches of fifteenth-century Timurid and sixteenth/seventeeth-century 759. Exhibition.Rosalind E Richard Serra/Sculpture 1986 of Art. Museum of Fine Arts /Boston is the 11th volume in an extrodinary news series of art books presenting as on a guided tour The great Museums of the 752 18 Exhibition Practice 228 Townsend Museum of fine Arts Boston 1978 Newsweek. 741 17 General books 1977 OL12283016 OCT 1139 France Kafka The Trial -America…………… Great Britain Fiction.97 KRA Los Angeles County Museum 773 20 Museum Catalogues 193 Pal Pratapaditya Art of Tibet 1990 of Art Art.9 WAC Schmitz. Paintings. This document includes history of Mexican museums. Britain. Kokoschka from 1890 to 1918. Art.914 RUS 1138 William Archer 14.6 CRD Hosmer. Its guide to the collections and catalogue of all paintings. 708. [ India and Persia ]and a brilliant array of 708.Rome to works created in Rome at the time of the conversion to christianity in A.Reesa et Thinking about exhibitions presents a multi-disciplinary anthology of writings on current exhibition practices by curators. Museum.4 GRE Lord. National Gallery. Albert Museum. And it includes following artists work like Georgia 755 18 Exhibition Practice 315 Pollock. Unemployment.Maxmilien The Louvre : Paintings 1962 Oldbourne Book Co . world's leading firms of fine-art auctioneers.Mughal. George Orwell's Urban Rides in which he recorded the state of the nation in a time of mass unemployment 743 17 General books 1972 OL24369058 GEO 1140 ErnestHemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls ------------------The Old William Heinemann Fiction. It documents the portraits of figures from British history between 1790 and and 1830. and are accompanied by detailed commentaries. 745. Virtual. 820. Exhibition. Islamic. Louvre.704 BED Divergent Horizons : An Exhibition of Indian 757 18-A Exhibition Practice 1272 Suresh Jayaram Contemporary Art. This is a book of collection of poems of K.Lauvre. Satanic Verses. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books. Here is the finest collection of oriental art [Japan. Vienna 1900 2006 Ashgate publication. Griselda Time. Rosemary Chintz : Indian Textiles for the West. 778 20 Museum Catalogues 298 nda K Museum of fine Art.given to the museum by Dr.Phaidon. Charles B 751 18 Exhibition Practice 33 Vol.hemingway. This volume analyzes changing national priorities that affect the preservation of historic buildings and sites and includes 225 illustrations. NewYork Metropolitan. Sculptures. State Museums of Berlin strictly speaks about the museums of berlin state in detail. 1945-49. 745 17 General books 1983 823/.Salman Rushdie. Paintings. Art.Micael Private collectors 1988 Tabard Press Collectors. artists. 2008 V&A Indian.2/0924 TUR Exhibition 18 Practice:Western Designing the World's Best Museums and Art 749 18 Exhibition Practice 5 Crosbie.as exciting and 739 17 General books 1997 varied as the land that inspired it.3 BEN Highlighting a decisive moment in the birth of modernity and offering previously unpublished insight into the relationship of Klimt. Museum. and a splendid treasury of the great collection at the National Gallery. D. A complete overview of world art explained with visual clarity. Artists. Exhibition. Art. sociologist and 753 18 Exhibition Practice 236 al Thinking about Exhibitions 1996 Routledge Curating. Homer. Klimt.73 WIL 775 20 Museum Catalogues 224 Gauthier. Children. Europe and North America. Germany. Nepal.Tibet. John State Museums of Berlin 1964 Thames & Hudson Brerlin. 709. Oriental Art. original. 727. Vienna.3 RUS 760 20 Museum Catalogues 1342 Phaidon press The Art Museum 2011 Phaidon Press Museum. The author wrote a realistic. original. to provide a comprehensive introduction to planning a museum capital 754 18 Exhibition Practice 286 Lord. Journeys. Preservation. Salmon Rushdy.9436 KLI Museum Catalogues: 20-A Indian Page 16 . Moser and 783 20 Museum Catalogues 976 Klimt.1 BOS Greenberg. John Rylands. 727. 708.5 BER The Metropolitan Museum 769 20 Museum Catalogues 107 Darien The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide 1987 of Art. Art. NewYork Vatican. Indian Art .Restoration. NewYork Metropolitan.Valerie.It is an anthology of extraordinary range and vigour. The Satanic Verses. Catalogue. 738 17 General books 1976 813/. Painting. New York.955 ROB The Metropolitan Museum This volume brilliantly illustrates the entire history of papal patronage and collecting the single longest and most influential collecting traditions in the 767 20 Museum Catalogues 103 Vatican Museums The Vatican Collections : The Papacy and Art 1983 of Art. 707.The first part is about World war II and the second part is about the 748 17 General books 2008 Giacometti long trip to the USA and the third part focuses on the new revolutionary poetry.Drawings. Art. Textiles. diaries. Novel. Visual Art.G. 709.Gallery exhibition organization and give guidence particularly in museography. Louvre deal with the paintings of the museum. Museum. B W Persian Paintings in the John Rylands library 1980 Sotheby Parke Bernet Persian. manuscripts in the Raza Library. Curating. Ernest. 970 FER 759 19 Museum Studies 241 Russell. Collection. Midnight.Time. Artists. Salman Rushdie's first novel for the first five years. Feminist. Salman Rushdie.Raza Library. Kokoschka. Collection. O'Keeffe. It is a complete guide of museums of Delhi and also some personal collections of the author 069. 709. Visit. San Francisco.Ana Catalogue of the Indian Collections in the Catalogue. K. Papacy. with its wealth of stunning images.954 COD 779 20 Museum Catalogues 299 Walker.7095403 PUN India. This volume contains the great works of fiction as well as the complete diaries and thus gives the reader considerable insight into the mind of the 742 17 General books 1976 author. Art. Boston. contents and locations. Midnight's.Michael J Galleries 2003 Images Publishing Architecture. Age. NewYork Sculpture.Bengaluru.Salman Rushdie. It is an text for trainees for the museum profession. Charles B 750 18 Exhibition Practice 32 Vol.Space and the Archive 2007 Routledge Archive. This is a book of ernest hemmingway's fiction.Feminism. 747 17 General books 2006 OL20452104 SUB 1162 Jean Paul Sartre The Aftermath of War Seagull Essays. Schiele. Salman Rushdie have collected together the finest writing of the last fifty years. This book brings together contributions from a wide range of specialists. 581. makes an invaluable contribution to Secessionist scholarship and as such is 700/. 363. This book includes over 90 black and white photographs and also bibliography on the subject of 704.52 STE 1136 Salman Rushdie The vintage Book of Indian writing 1947-1997 Great Britain Vintage Indian.et al. Philosophers. History. tumultous and entertaining quality of the epics.Anil Museum & Collection of Delhi 1998 Harman Publishing Central Asia. Manuscripts. Coins.2 PAR Coomaraswamy.Shobita Museum of India 1990 The Guide Book company Museum India.00122 POL 18-A Exhibition Practice: Indian This book is a substantial contribution to museological literature.914 RUS 1142 Salman Rushdie The Satanic Verses penguine Novel. including the cloisters. Mexico. Denman W. !976. Chintz. The character of the art in this book is broad. Barry The Manual of Museum Planning 1991 HMSO: London Information.515 PAL American Masterpieces from the National Hudson Hills Press. 727.914 RUS 1160 K. Greece. 708 PHA 19-A Museum Studies: Indian Eaesthetics. reflecting an exceptional year in the salerooms of one of the 776 20 Museum Catalogues 225 Herbert. V H So You Want Good Museum Exhibition 1978 Department of Museology Museology. 363. San Francisco.507479461 ASI The Metropolitan Museum of Art : Greece and The Metropolitan Museum Greece and Rome presents the metropolitan museum's collections of classical art.Inc Korea. This book includes the greater part of the coomaraswamy .Rampur. Curating. It’s a literary work of Salman Rushdie. Indian.functions. Moser.90954 GOE Museum Catalogues: 20 Western 763 20 Museum Catalogues 29 Langdon. This volume presents synoptic guide ti its vast rncyclopedic collection and to its buildings. Children. Iran. Forced. and stunning in its compass.Susan From Pasture to Polis : Art in the Age of Homer 1993 University of Missouri Press Pasture. History. Management. Museology project. 327/. Portraits. Fourteen of the greatest plays written in the last hundred years by the undisputed masters of the stage the world over are included in this volume. 1135 John Steinbeck The grapes of Wrath William Heinemann epics. history and discusses Buddhist.Art History.Uri. Orient. Museum. Exhibition. Museum. Library. Greek. 746 17 General books 1988 823/. Collection. Objects 1997 Art LYS. One of the most important novel of salman rushdie.Gallery. Japan.Miner. The superb array of illustrations cover every aspect of art and craftsmanship and there are articles on a 705 HER The Great Collectors : Masterpieces from 777 20 Museum Catalogues 240 Edwards. Western. critics. Richard Regency Portraits 1985 The National Portrait Gallery Regency. Subramanyan.NGMA. 1933-45. Schiele.II Preservation Comes of age 1970 University Press of Virginia Archeology. I Preservation Comes of age 1970 University Press of Virginia Preservation. Catalogue of all Paintings 1987 Becocci /Scala Uffizi.9/954/0904 RUS 1137 Salman Rushdie Winner of the Booker Prize for Midnight’s Johnthan Cape Ltd.4 GAU Harry N. Architecture. Greatest Writers. 839. Delhi.Caterina et The Uffizi : guide to the collections and 768 20 Museum Catalogues 105 al. which range from early cycladic pieces dating from about 2700 B.Kafka. Depression year. Persian. inventive. Museum.4013 VAT Caneva. this book.Painting.China ] ever assembled in the West. Security. Richard.Gallery The range of projects in this book demonstrates the wide array of museums being built -their diverse audiences. New It is an inspiring record of experience as well as the perfect substitute for the armchair traveler. will do much to illuminate the 766 20 Museum Catalogues 102 Robinson.Miguel 758 19 Museum Studies 143 Angel Historia De Los Museos De Mexico 1988 Mexico Museums. India World.J R Rome 1987 of Art.205 LOR Encounters in the Virtual Feminist Museum.690973 HOS Hosmer. China. Ziyaud-Din A./6 CRI Forced Journeys: Artists in Exile in Britain c. Salmon. OL21515341 KAF 1132 George Orwell The Road to Wigan pier Penguin Books Mass. Kaiser. 708. Gallery. This richly illustrated guide is one of the first handbooks to cover the collections of each of India's major museums. Josephine Baker. whether it is an expansion . 2006 Aryan Book International Mughal. now Ross-coomaraswamy collection. 069. Art.3807473 MIS University of Asian Art Museum of San 764 20 Museum Catalogues 51 Washington Press The Asian art Museum of San francisco 1994 Francisco Asian. Museology. Masterpieces. 708.G. Paintings. Gail Dexter& Conservation. Most of the miniatures and contents of the 35 albums of the paintings are catalogued here in. Objects Your visit to the Louvre in 150 major works. World War II. Art. Art historians from Australia. Tradition.6709566222 LOU This present catalogue of Persian manuscripts and miniatures in the John Rylands Library running to over 1500 entries. 708.Barbara & Mughal and Persian Paintings and Illustrated 780 20 Museum Catalogues 714 Desai.novels. Indus vally. Jain and Hindu traditions and the Heritage of mughal and British India. Schiele. Subramanyan. 312.3807401471 MER The Metropolitan Museum 772 20 Museum Catalogues 177 Krauss. 762 19-A Museum Studies 297 Goel.Gallery.690973 HOS Rathbone. and stunning in its compass. Serra. Gallery This volume analyzes changing national priorities that affect the preservation of historic buildings and sites and includes 225 illustrations.Europe. Modern Art. Alberto This book contains essays from the philosopher's most creative period.. Museum. The London Jewish Museum 782 20 Museum Catalogues 973 Gallery Ben. The book traces India's artistic 761 19-A Museum Studies 249 Punja. New Christie's Review of the Season 1976 surpasses its predecessors in both quality and scope. Paintings. The character of the art in this book is broad. Great Plays William Heinemann 14. 765 20 Museum Catalogues 102 Mettais. United states. Galleries.1471 HOW University of Asian Art Museum of San 770 20 Museum Catalogues 139 Washington Press The Asian art Museum of San francisco 1994 Francisco Asian. Collection. 744 17 General books Man and the Sea 1977 OL22105876 HEM 1141 Salman Rushdie Midnight Children Picador Pen Books Ltd Literature.National. South Asian Art. This book accompanies an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Sculptures. Fine Arts. Art. Ross in 1917 759. C 771 20 Museum Catalogues 146 Mertens. chintz textiles made for the western market.English. Museum. Painter. 709. inventive. Western world. British India.507479461 ASI your visit to Louvre.Great Plays. Indian Art. 740 17 General books Childrn 1981 823/. Egyptian. 757.

Architecture. 759. Rampur 2008 Raj Bhavan Raza. Art.547 KOT 1152 Maneka Gandhi The Mythology of Indian Plants Rupa &Co.Painting. P R G Sacred Complex of the Guruvayur Temple 2009 Aryan Book International Sacred.NAN Men and Gardens 1997 Lyons and Burford Horticulture.F S Lahore: Illustrated Views of the 19th Century 2004 Mapin Publication Lahore. Garden This book is a collection of essays covering all aspects of the Padua Garden's history and activities. 1984 Inc.Scott & 796 21 Gardens & Landscapes 9 Newall.Pavan. Traditions. Kannada. The author has combined the humility of a votary with the objectivity of a scientific researcher. and 304. who brought them in. Indian Art. Dilip Terrain.Life. 759.23 HIS 819 22 Urban Studies and Design 152 Gerster. Rekha Chitragalu This book shows the works of Hebbar.7/342 GHI 805 21 Gardens & Landscapes 1009 Minelli. Georg C D N The world Saves Abu Simbel 1968 Verlag A. This volume contains some of the city palace museum's paintings and discussed . Sacred Skies. context from which to draw their own conclusion. Anil Kumar H A.Environment.cover 230 families.Encyclopedia. 635. Living. Early. drug rehabilitation programs. includes an exciting introduction to the Amazon forest. It includes 16.0954 DAL Gardens & Landscapes: 21 Western Wilcox. It includes 16. A.New Haven Public. This miniature collection and nearly a thousand folk paintings and sculptures which will be documented in a forth coming book.Jim Why We Garden : Cultivating a Sense of Place 1994 Henry Holt and Company Nature.9 MIN Tropica:Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Encyclopedia. 582/. 745.NGMA. 745. 828 23 kannada Art Books 2012 Noduva Bage is a kannada transltion of John Berger's 'Ways of Seeing' by H A Anil Kumar. Seeing. Maneka Gandhi discovers the wonderful world of mythology that has grown around thirty Indian plantsand trees. Art. Trees.Caroline the Eternal Garden 1989 Hill of Content World. It represents 1630 genera in a 806 21 Gardens & Landscapes 1010 Graf. photographs. 758. Geometries. It is keeping pace with modern times by digitizing its collection. British Museum. 812 21-A Garden and Landscape 1994 305 . India. Plants.Purrshott Elite Collectors of Modern and Contemporary 785 20-A Museum Catalogues 18 am & Malhotra P Indian Art 2008 Elite Media Pvt Ltd. 711.50750922B Academy of Fine Academy of Fine Arts & 786 20-A Museum Catalogues 20 Arts Arpana Fine Arts Miniature Museum 2007 Literature Indian. there is sufficient evidence of an indigenous architectural technique and the gracious lifestyle it once upheld. Well being forests. 798 21 Gardens & Landscapes 15 Schroe C F Garden Architecture in Europe 1992 Benedikt Taschen Landscape. Landscape. 1243. War. India.Alessndro The Botanical Garden of Padua.Pooja Practice in India 2010 Collins Khoj book. 788 20-A Museum Catalogues 58 Topsfield.contains some 7000 photos showing the best of these fantastic plants in full color. New Deal.1420942074 WIL In Contemplative Gardens landscape designer Julie Moir and National Geographic photographer Sam Abell explore how people of many times. in the study of plant taxonomy. Baduku. Sikh. Contemporary.A Anil Kumar Ways of seeing(Noduva Bage in Kannada) kadalu Publication John Berjer. OL9080985 MAL 824 22-A Urban Studies and Design 719 Mathur. 759.cover 230 families.67095407401471 784 20-A Museum Catalogues 4 Museum of Art The Emperors Album 1987 Art Emperors.A L British Museum Collection 2010 Mapin Publishing Collection. It includes information about the gardening. ritual objects. It examine the works of art in the context of the North Indian Cultural mix in which they were created. Architecture. Wealth. This volume presents synoptic guide ti its vast encyclopedic collection and to its buildings.Painters. Botany.09 DAV Fordyce. following the spirit of Indian floral composition so handsomely represented in this sculpture (100 AD) and others that obey the five 754. stone sculptures. Album. Rainforest. Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books.Stella Manifestations of Shiva 1981 Philadelphia Museum of Art Manifestations.Temple. Garden centuries of Kew's historic landscape. Book.96/5 GRA Exotica International : Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotica presents the world's most completely illustrated and comprehensive survey of exotic plant life known to horticulture. overlooked surrounding. 811 21-A Garden and Landscape 2007 709.Phoebe The Public Landscape of New Deal 1985 .Trees.Botany.Tony Amazon Forests. 2014 709. related occupations. Charles. 635. A Plants in Our Lives 1996 University of Illinois Press Plants.Encyclopedia. This volume includes modern paintings in traditional styles. design. 304. including the cloisters.Flora. The book showcases selected works of art of each collector which reflects the discerning eye and eclectic tastes of its owners. Anil Kumar H A.09424/1 MAB Gardens & Landscapes: 21-A India 1053 Ashok S Kothari A Celebration of Indian Trees Marg Publication National Society.27 LEW The art of gardening encourages us to reach deep with in ourselves in order to rediscover the roots that connect us with our surroundings and from 803 21 Gardens & Landscapes 53 Nollman. Cosmic. 702. when and how 813 21-A Garden and Landscape 2011 Trust were they brought.547 MEC 815 21-A Garden and Landscape Urban Studies and Design: 22 Western Yale Center for British Art 816 22 Urban Studies and Design 30 Cutler. 827 23 kannada Art Books 2012 818/. Garden and cultures have created gardens that reflect the deep human need for places of physical and spiritual refreshment. Torsten & This book looks at the high level of sophistication attained by Roman garden culture. as well as horticultural therapy program in hospitals. Environment. 759. Art. OL23134273 THI 1285 John Greenleaf The Silent Sentinels : An Celebration of the MEC Trees. 2010 K. World.954 DAS Goswamy B N & 790 20-A Museum Catalogues 144 Smith. Environment The aim of this book is to inform those who to want to know where these Heritage trees and plants came from. The author has included over 140 species of trees in this book.Landscape. Tony hiss. Caron I See No Stranger : Early sikh Art and Devotion 2006 Mapin Publishing Stranger. Udaipur. sociological and physiological responses of people to vegetation in cities and 802 21 Gardens & Landscapes 52 Lewis. 19th C Many of the original watercolors drawings and other works by amateur and professional artists in this book.9220 FOR Each chapter in this book is filled with the fascinating history of gardening . Palace.New York Vicorian.. Magic.placed within the historical and artistic context of their times. 1545-1995 1995 Marsilio Publishers Europe. Haduva Rekhe. Design topiary gardens. Devotion. Artist.29 Man 1270 Vijay Thiruvady Heritage Trees in and around Bangalore Bangalore Environment Trees. finland. 704. Museum. Plants.9152 GRA Margaret Mee:In Search of Flowers of the Women's Art. Library The Raza Library has its own art conservation laboratory. Landscape.Dusk.622 TAS 799 21 Gardens & Landscapes 46 Davies. geriatric institutions. Art. 823. Garden. 709. Environment The book is about the trees in Madras Engineering group and centre. Maneka Gandi. Garden. Metropolitan Metropolitan Museum of 745.5/209 KUM 1236 N Marishamachar Vrukhsa: Vasudev avara kale mathu baduku CMN Prakashana Vasudev. WELBEA Bhaggeria. painting.Botany. 1997 to 2007. 2006 Rupa & co Deccan. Seeing. The 1605 Razmnama is a key document for the study of Mughal painting 789 20-A Museum Catalogues 76 Kumardas Asok Paintings of the RAZMNAMA The Book of War 2000 Mapin Publishing Razmnama.Ray KEW : The History of The royal Botanic Gardens 1995 Harvill Press Europe.0954 MUS South Indian Paintings. Art.000 809 21 Gardens & Landscapes 1014 Graf.E J Revolution 1979 John Wiley & Sons Urban Form. landscape of Italy.954 VAR Urban Studies and Design 22-A :Indian 822 22-A Urban Studies and Design 145 Aijazuddin. while in others. This volume is planned as a tribute to India to its long civilization and to its religions by focusing upon a major hindu god Shiva.Nature . Botanica. and landscape articulated. 720.sixties.Moir Julie Contemplative Gardens 1998 Howell Press Psychology. Alfred Byrd Trees 1981 Roehrs Company Plants. Alfred Byrd Exotic Plants 1981 Roehrs Company Horticulture. the planning and organization of specific territory. South America.9 MAT 23 kannada Art Books N Marishamachar Haduva Rekhe : K K Hebbarara Rekha CMN Prakashana 826 23 kannada Art Books 85 Chitragalu. Italy.Dhanalaksh Every modern floral design school teaches and follows the five basic principles of good flower design. World. Contemporary. Plants. Mewar. Haveli. Shiva.Christopher Victorian Landscape Water Colors 1992 Hudson Hills Press. in the study of plant taxonomy. Place. Here the collection from the British Museum are catalogued in full for the first time. Finland Living Design. Culture. Physical rehabilitation centers. And this volume traces the evolution over more than two 804 21 Gardens & Landscapes 1008 Desmond. Padua. Bangalore. Elizabeth. what their charecteristics are. Landscape Victorian Landscape Watercolors provides a sequel to the extremely successful visual account of the history of watercolor painting.Hong Kong Flora. 712. Catalogue. photographs.Nature The Eternal Gardens shows how civilizations on different corners of the world have been mirrored in their gardens.History. Museum. 635 NOL Royal.76 G872 54 MAT Mathur. City This interdisciplinary study of the subject will facilitate a deeper comprehension of the relationship of the physico-cultural .Botanical. This book is a record through pictures and impressions of a lifestyle from which the Finnish design sense evolved. Sondeep Mansions at Dust : The Havelis of Old Delhi 1992 Span Tech Publishers Mansion. Forests.Plants. Flowers. and managing our most immediate and 818 22 Urban Studies and Design 60 Hiss. their commercial value and the practical uses of the various parts of the plant. Modern. Paintings. Trees. 812. Kew played a pivotal role in the development of the natural resources of the British empire.K & The book focuses on the mansions built in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries of which in some cases little remains beyond a pile of rubble 821 22 Urban Studies and Design 263 Shankar. J M& gujral.7709540744 GAN 787 20-A Museum Catalogues 26 Kapoor. Illustrated View. 709. This 807 21 Gardens & Landscapes 1012 Morrison. 635. A Catalogue of the South Indian. This uniquely beautiful book seeks to recreate the charm and intimacy of the original notebooks in which the watercolours were found. Art. The temples of Abu simbel give respect to the Nile god and the sun god. 795 20-A Museum Catalogues 327 Dallapiccola. Guruvayur. The book is intended as an identification guide .Vienna Abu Simbel.F Koska . Anuradha & Deccan Traverses: The Making of Bangalore's This volume extends the discourse on cities as well as the design and planning process to include the initiatives and skills by which land is measured 825 22-A Urban Studies and Design 944 Da Cunha. 635.5/209 KUM 1234 H. Indian. 1985 Nonesuch Expeditions England.047 GOS The Metropolitan Museum 791 20-A Museum Catalogues 160 Museum The Metropolitan Museum of Art: guide 1994 of Art. 751.and seventies by canoe.3807473 MIS 792 20-A Museum Catalogues 230 Kramrisch. Ways. Ancient India. cross section of warm-climate plants of all types.K. Wild flowers. Britain. Miniature. economic dimensions and 823 22-A Urban Studies and Design 710 LM Geometries and City Planning in Ancient India 2000 Aryan Book International Planning. 818/. building.9489551 KAR The Khoj Book : 1997-2007 Contemporary Art The Khoj book contains interviews of 101 Indian artists and also provides the reader and researcher with material 'in the artists own words and a 793 20-A Museum Catalogues 304 Sood. Ways. Landscape. Landscape. Bangalore.Bengaluru. but also those people.Andrew Mewar Court Life 1998 Mapin Publishing Court. This is an invaluable overview of the Mughal world. in one encyclopedic volume. Alfred Byrd Exotic Plants 1981 Roehrs Company Horticulture. Europe. Tony at and dealing with our radically changing 1991 University Experience. Sacred skies : Cosmic Ancient Cities. 709. In this book the author has sought to apply these 800 21 Gardens & Landscapes 48 mi Pushpa Bharathi: Flower Arrangements of India 2010 The Perennial . 758. Industrial. Landscape.000 808 21 Gardens & Landscapes 1013 Graf.67420 KAP The city Palace Musseum Udaipur: Paintings of City. principles.621 MES Enge Olaf.5 MAR 1233 H. Paintings.047 GOS Museum of Sacred 794 20-A Museum Catalogues 325 Art Living Traditions in Indian Art 2010 Mapin Publication Living. nations 797 21 Gardens & Landscapes 13 Messervy.9549143 AIJ Malville.9954420 TOP This is the Persian translation of the great hindu epic the Mahabharata. 712. The public landscape of the new dealis a book to examine the depression years from the perspective of its landscapes architecture. Art. 814 21-A Garden and Landscape Whittier Flora of the Madras Engineer and center. New Delhi Indian. 333. 580/.96/5 GRA 1147 Richard Mabey The Frompton Flora Quercus Natural Frampton. masks and poppets.From the humblest vegetable plots of the Anglo-Saxons to king Henry VIII's 801 21 Gardens & Landscapes 50 FairBrother. 932 GER Rizzoli International Public 820 22 Urban Studies and Design 155 Gaynor. 759. 140 Species. 810 21 Garden and Landscape 1985 582. Landscape.Revolution. metal icons.Hebbar. Indian.409 MOR The Experience of Place : A new way of looking The Johns Hopkins This book offers an innovative and delightfully readable proposal for new ways of planning. This book recounts Margaret's amazing and adventurous travels through her fifties.A Anil Kumar Ways of seeing(Noduva Bage in Kannada) kadalu Publication John Berjer. Ravi Raza Library. 712. Traverses. NewYork Metropolitan. Botany.Water Color. during the beginning of the 17th C.Landscape which we develop a sense of place. Well being.4/49489719m GAY Varma. Art.Design.Botany. Exotic plants.Old Delhi. Ancient Cities. Bangalore.on foot and often alone.13/09811 MOR Exotica International : Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotica presents the world's most completely illustrated and comprehensive survey of exotic plant life known to horticulture.0941 ELL Green Nature/Human Nature : The Meaning of In Green Nature /Human Nature Charles describes the psychological.Vruksha 829 23 kannada Art Books 2013 Vasudev's Biography in kannada 812.73150973 CUT History of Urban Form : Before the Industrial The book is intended for all students of urban in many walks of life history-not only those preparing for a professional career in town planning or 817 22 Urban Studies and Design 35 Morris.5 MAR 24 Hindi Books Page 17 . Rampur. Tropica. Noduva Bage is a kannada transltion of John Berger's 'Ways of Seeing' by H A Anil Kumar. Complex. Tropical. France and England. Flora.

Subject and Period wise classification of Art Reference Library Books.4 SIN 1037 Sachidananda Sinha Aurath Aur Aakar LKA Hindi Book Hindi Book 833 24 Hindi Book 2011 491.4 SIN Page 18 . Indian Cultural Hindi Book Hindi Book 830 24 Hindi Book 1034 Exchange Udaarath: Kindness 2011 ICE 491.NGMA.4 SIN Hindi Book Hindi Book 831 24 Hindi Book 1035 LKA Samakaleen kala 2011 LKA 491.4 SIN Hindi Book Hindi Book 832 24 Hindi Book 1036 LKA Samakaleen kala 2011 LKA 491.Bengaluru.