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BASTIEN “ae DULTS COTS 8 Ge) oem Ree Me eae ees etna le Lard ee nie aha ee BASTIEN PIANO FOR ADULTS A Beginning Course: Lessons + Theory + Technic + Sight Reading Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien, & Lori Bastien Preface We are thrilled that you have decided to add piano to your life! Whether this is your first attempt, or you are taking a refresher course, we hope you will find this experience fun and (fulfilling. We wish you all the best in your endeavor. Sincerely, Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien, and Lori Bastien Table of Icons s SAN This icon is used as a reminder to check your answers in the answer key. The answer key may be found on page 152. This icon is used when a historical or theoretical piece : which has been presented of information is given. previously. This icon is used as a reminder to locate the starting notes in each hand before playing. This icon is used whenever follow-up exercises are presented. This icon is used to indicate pieces included on the correlated G/Ne__Aecompaniment Compact Discs. The circled number inside the icon indicates the particular CD track on Disc One or Disc Two. Also included is the metronome number at which the accompaniment has been recorded. The Accompaniment Compact Discs are either attached to the inside back cover of this book or may be purchased separately. More information about the compact discs may be found on page 160. (Book plus CD) ISBN 0-8497-7300-8 + (Book only) ISBN 0-8497-7302-4 sn Diego, California 2117 BOOK1 Take Me Out to the Ball Game ; a Chord Etude. 7 chord n Flush, Little Baby a Lightly Row . Stars Above femennecenes, Chord Etudes. Chord eeeeeneneceeencncnes ‘AtSunset coe Soca 7 Lavender’s Blue ‘melodic and harmonic biteroas: this 1 78 h, Susanna : : 2» Review 5 hor symbols oes nteral i rds, “ths, Sth, 6ths 220022. 80 Walking Along - LIN DC al Fine ...-. 81 Morning Rainbow Coda'© Technic Harmonie Sths and ths, Legato-Saccato Intervals « Challenge Piece: Spring .... : Review notes; hiteroals: nds, rds, Athi, Sth, 6ths, chord symbols. 86 Review <2. Co chord symbols, sharps and fat, harmonization ecemeed 7) The King’s Court . eh gh et Parisian Street Scene ». respaghratouste ves London Bridge, Deck the Hall, America the Beautiful . dotted quarter note J. . Angels We Have Heard on High ae Sonata Theme . a wan Alouette ns... BS ai tine | ‘America u ve Morning Mood La wn Dynamic Chase “Php, eresndo | drescendio Technic: Four Exercises from Opus 16 : Challenge Piece: The Caiscon Song, : Review s-.- votes aon un Review Pinyin, tris, armomaion 0000222 tot Etude inF ..... . F 5-finger position Interval Dance, Song of the Sea a Chords in F Prelude ... Jingle Bells Review Chord symbols Chord Hop 0... an U Group 1 Keys: CGE ‘The 12 Bar Blues, primary cords, natural ‘sign’ ‘Twilight Blues Half Step, Whole Step - Riverboat Boogie . a TIIITT boogie bass tine ‘The Blue Danube Waltz, - Classic Dance . Got the Blues Major and Minor Chords Technic: Ocean Waves cs Challenge Piece: Blue Mood ‘overlapping pedal... Review 2... notes, intereals, chord symibols, half and whole steps, harmonization... 122 versions Interval March ._ melodic and harmonic interoals: 7ths Sing the Blues... aelodic and harmonic interoals: octaves Major Scale : C Major Seale . Scaling the Rockies a common time © Hallelujah Chorus cut time ¢ Review intros, half and hole steps, C Major Seale Inversions of Triads and Seventh Chords ‘Autumn Fest Country Gardens Interlude ..... 2 er Relative Minor Seale ‘A harmonic minor scale and primary chords In Bagdad Prelude ia A Minor Greensleeves Scarborough Fair Polovtsian Dance Carol of the Bells ‘The Entertainer Amazing Grace Technic: Finger Extension Study 1 Challenge Piece: Fir Elise ; Review. intercals, haifa thle steps, notes, scales, harmonization Music Dictionary Answer Key ‘ansiver hey for review pages More About the Accompaniment Compact Dises Ker