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Ashlyne Bunting

College Prep 3

Reflection Week 4

This week in college prep we expanded on what we did last week with writing two paragraphs with two

out of the 5 prompts that Ms. Sharon gave us to work on. We were expected to write an essay based off of

the one of the two prompts we reflected on making it more like a personal statement for a college

application. We had to make it a narration. We’re telling our own story, it’s in the first person point of

view, we have to develop the climax that later goes into the resolution, it must have vivid details being

descriptive with a few metaphors thrown in perhaps and lot’s of imagery, it has to have rhythm it’s got to

flow and be very smooth, it has to start in one place, and have some conflict and tension. It needs to have

a once or aha moment such as the opening sentence, it has to be extraordinary, you must make the

admission board believe that you are unique and anything but ordinary and it must have a point, what you

learned, how you continued from it, and what you did to better yourself from what went wrong in the first

place. We also went over (peer review) some example essays in applications sent to the university of

washington to judge and grade them based off of the rubric we were given it was a 1-5 grading 1 being

bad and 5 being great. Those were to help us understand how to write our own essay for one of our


In class we also went through a program that would not only help us with finding some jobs based on our

interests but the steps on how to get there. Such as the education we’d need, the electronics we’d need to

master how to use etc. It had a few categories for our end results but the paper asked us about our top

three results mine were enterprising for 1, social for 2, and artistic for 3. And I found one particular job

that stood out to me the most that I was already considering for and that was a Lawyer. It told me the

schooling I would need, the technology I would need to understand how to use etc.

We lastly had a lecture on Tuesday going more into the capitals from Yosso, aspirational capital,

linguistic capital, familial capital, social capital, navigational capital, resistant capital. The lecturer went

into more detail about these things and how they can help you in college and in life too. Aspirational
Capital refers to your goals, Linguistic Capital refers to a students ability to speak multiple languages,

Familial Capital is about the familial support you have on and off campus both blood and non blood

relations, Social Capital refers to the networks you have to help yourself achieve your goals, Navigational

Capital is about a students ability to explore new things and challenge themselves, and lastly Resistant

Capital focus on the students ability to persevere despite challenges and obstacles. Cultural wealth is how

can get ahead in life, by using these 6 ways of cultural wealth then you’ll be able to get ahead in college

with scholarships, recommendations for graduate school, grants etc. as well as when you’re applying for a

job having connections never hurts to make your opportunities even bigger.