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hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.

1998 12:38 Uhr Page 3

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L i q u i d
C r y s t a l
D i s p l a y s

C o n t r o l l e r s / D r i v e r s

0 6 - 0 0 3 C
hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:38 Uhr Page 5

Liquid INDEX

Welcome 3

New Technologies 4
Common Drivers 5
Drivers For Graphic Displays 5
Single-Chip Graphic Controllers 6
Mixed Mode 8
Glossary LCD Controller/Drivers Functions Technical Information 9
Dot Matrix Character Controllers 11
A/D Analogue/Digital Converter Segment Controllers 13
DCDC / Booster Voltage Booster / DCDC Converter
Package Technology 14
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency Generator
GSC Grey Scale Control Related literature / Internet / CD-ROM 15
HIFAS Hitachi Frequency Amplitude Selection Application notes 15
HSC Horizontal Scroll Ordering information 16
IIc IIc bus compliant interface
KPS Key Pad Scan
LCDC LCD Controllers
LCM Liquid Crystal Module
LPM Low Power Modes
MLA Multi Line Addressing
SCI Serial Communication Interface
SIF Super Impose Function
VSC Vertical Scroll

1. This document may, wholly or partially, be subject to change without notice.
2. All rights are reserved: No one is permitted to reproduce or duplicate, in any form,
the whole or part of this document without Hitachi´s permission.
3. Hitachi will not be held responsible for any damage to the user that may result from
accidents or any other reasons during operation of the user´s unit according to this
4. Circuitry and other examples described herein are meant merely to indicate the
characteristics and performance of Hitachi´s semiconductor products. Hitachi assumes
no responsibility for any intellectual property claims or other problems that may
result from applications based on the examples described herein.
5. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patents or other rights
of any third party or Hitachi, Ltd.
6. MEDICAL APPLICATIONS: Hitachi´s products are not authorised for use in
MEDICAL APPLICATIONS without the written consent of the appropriate officer
of Hitachi´s sales company. Such use includes, but is not limited to, use in life support
systems. Buyers of Hitachi´s products are requested to notify the relevant Hitachi sales
offices when planning to use the products in MEDICAL APPLICATIONS.
hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:38 Uhr Page 6

L C D C o n t r o l l e r s / D r i v e r s

Welcome powered or mobile applications. suitable for driving the latest colour
t o Hi tac hi ´s In 1996 the worldwide LCDC market STN flat panel displays. Furthermore,
fami l y of LCD covered 1106 Mio US$ which was an Hitachi delivers intelligence on board.
C ontrol l ers increase of 67% compared to ´95 Means, 4-bit and 8-bit micro-
In today’s modern world, we take the figures.This tremendous worldwide controllers with LCD Driving
presence of the electronics that business growth underlines the trend capability such as H400 and H8/300L
constantly surround us for granted. of incorporating LCD´s in today´s series.
Many of current electronic systems electronic applications. According to
contain of displays to provide the user detailed figures from DATAQUEST, Semiconductor technology moves
with a simple visual interface, based Hitachi is no 1 of all LCDC suppliers rapidly, and this is no less true in the
very often on low cost, liquid crystal having a market share of approx. 20%. area of LCD drivers/controllers, the
display technology with features that latest devices now integrate many of
would have been unheard of a few Hitachi offers a wide range of LCD the features on-chip, that used to
years ago.The latest display products drivers/controllers, from 7-segment require extra external circuitry.These
use advanced semiconductor and devices aimed at simple displays, such features in conjunction with the latest
packaging technologies to provide as digital clocks, through character in packaging technology, allow the
compact display solutions, offering controllers/drivers, which contain all design of displays that take up less
both monochrome and colour display the circuitry required to drive and space and consume less power than
options, while consuming minute control an alphanumeric display, all the ever before, and at a lower system cost.
amounts of power, ideal for battery way to row and column drivers,

128-512 Seg
Vlcd=5.5V Graphic

Bit Map Graphic

H400 160x100 dots
128-208 Seg Vlcd=6-28V Mixed Mode
Vlcd=6.0V 112x80 dots
HD61602 80 ch
204 Seg Vlcd=6-17V
Vlcd=5V Column ASSP
Kanji char. set
64-320 Seg 11x12 dots
Vlcd-4-40V Vlcd=3-13V
4-character line
Common 2-character line 8-12 char/line Dot Matrix
64-240 ch 8-20 char/line Vlcd-2.7-13V Character
Vlcd=17-75V Vlcd=3-11V
1-character line
12-40 char/line


hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:38 Uhr Page 7

N e w T e c h n o l o g i e s

Many of our newest devices are voltage operation down to 1.8V. for mobile phones. For smaller
aimed at low power applications, such Hitachi is also using the latest advances displays Hitachi is also able to offer
as Mobile Telephones or PDA in packaging technology.Tape Carrier QFP and TQFP package options as
(Personal Digital Assistant) / PCA Packages (TCP) allows the maximum well as Chip On Board (COB)
(Personal Communications Assistant) number of pins to be used in a small technology.
applications, and so offer a wide range package for large graphics displays,
of advanced, low power features, such while Chip On Glass (COG) The table below shows the different
as digital contrast control, static icon technology offers the lowest cost product groups sorted by their
drive and on-chip voltage doubler / solution for dot matrix displays and characteristic features.
tripler / quadrupler, as well as low middle size graphic displays, such as


Products Characteristic / Drive Method

7 Segment/H400/H8-300L Static 1/2 Duty 1/3 Duty 1/4 Duty

Dot Matrix Character 5x7 dots 5x8 dots 6x8 dots 11x12 dots

Graphic Column Common Column&Common Bit Map

Hitachi has a wide range of display Following the trend to reduce the
drivers to support medium and high current consumption further, Hitachi
resolution graphics displays.These has incorporated two new driving
displays are used in many applications, methods in the graphic type driver
including high-end feature phones, product group. HI-FAS stands for
such as web phones, electronic games High-Frequency-Amplitude-Selection
and diagnostic equipment. Hitachi’s and allows the high-pin-count column
row and column drivers provide devices to drive the Display with
solutions to a wide range of display Vlcd=5V only, whereas the low-pin-
applications, for standard count common drivers cover
monochrome, four-level grey scale, Vlcd=70V.This combination of
four-level reflective colour and full different voltage levels for common
colour applications. and column signals results in a
significant reduction of power
Hitachi also offers LCD consumption. MLA reflects Multi-
Controllers/Drivers for Wide Line-Addressing and is similar to HI-
Temperature Range (WTR).The FAS technique, but more suitable for
standard temperature range is -20°C single-chip graphic controllers. In both
to 75°C and is not indicated in the cases, designers should consider a
part name. WTR (I-spec.) means - different LCD supply voltage circuit to
40°C to 85°C for Controllers and - support these new driving methods.
30°C to 85°C for Driver products. The following pages illustrate the
Hitachi recommends to use I-spec. for respective products and on-chip
critical applications, particularly in features.
industrial and automotive applications.
Please contact your loclal Hitachi
Sales Representative for details and
availability. 4
hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:38 Uhr Page 8

D r i v e r s F o r G r a p h i c D i s p l a y s

C ommon Dri vers

Common drivers can be easily
combined with respective column
drivers in order to fulfil requirements
Grey-scale HD66523T
of complex graphic displays. For 240ch,Vlcd=20V
example, the technical solution to HD66503T
High Resolution
build up a small graphic LCM with
128x64 dots resolution in 3V and HD61203U
QFP technology consists of only 64ch,Vlcd=16V HD66133T
three devices. HD66131T HI-FAS
Standard 240ch,Vlcd=70V
There is one HD61203U driving 64
HD66113T 160ch,Vlcd=40V
common outputs, incorporating on- 120ch,Vlcd=40V
chip timing circuit and data interface
to the microcontroller.Two additional
column drivers HD61202U with 64
column outputs each and respective PICTURE 2 – LINE-UP OF COMMON DRIVERS
display RAM on-chip are necessary to
configure the overall display system.

C ol umn Dri vers

As already anticipated, column drivers
are able to drive small, medium and RAM on-chip
large graphic-type LCD panels when 80ch,Vlcd=17V HD66522T
combined with common drivers. HD66100 RAM 160x240x2
80ch,Vlcd=6V HD66520T
Usually, small and medium displays 160ch,Vlcd=28V High Resolution
RAM 160x240x2
require multiplex ratios (Duty Rates)
starting from Static drive up to 1/64 HD61202U 240ch,Vlcd=6V
64ch,Vlcd=16V HD66132T
Duty cycles whereas large displays can RAM 512x8 240ch,Vlcd=6V
be multiplexed from 1/64 up to 1/480 Standard HD66120T HD66130T
240ch,Vlcd=40V 320ch,Vlcd=5.5V HI-FAS
Duty cycles. HD66112T
160ch,Vlcd=40V Standard
Column drivers can also be used to
extend the display driving capability of
Dot Matrix Character Display. Other
features are display RAM for direct PICTURE 3 – LINE-UP OF COMMON DRIVERS

output of display data, Grey scale and


hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 9

S i n g l e - C h i p G r a p h i c T y p e
L C D C o n t r o l l e r s / D r i v e r s

Si ng l e- Chi p multitude of other application areas

Graphi c Type due to their low power consumption
L CD Control l ers/ and high levels of integration.
D ri vers
Many smaller graphics display systems Hitachi is able to offer many
are now able to benefit from the high integrated solutions to these displays.
levels of integration already available The HD66108, HD66410, HD66420,
to users of LCD Character and HD66421 offer a completely
Controllers/Drivers. Hitachi have integrated single chip solution to small
introduced a number of highly graphics displays, integrating many of
integrated solutions to various the external components normally
graphics display sizes aimed specifically required for driving a graphics display
at applications such as pagers, mobile onto one device, allowing the
phone handsets and PCA/PDA’s, but production of the most cost effective
these devices are also suitable for a display module.

H D66410T: “128
x 33” L ow Pow er
G raphi c Di spl ay
C ontrol l er

The Hitachi HD66410T provides a

low power, single chip solution for
driving small, bit mapped graphics
displays. A single HD66410T can
display a maximum of 128 x 33 dots,
enough for 4 lines of 20 characters
using 5 x 8 dot characters.
The HD66410T also supports up to
72 annunciators output with a 1/3
duty cycle that are available even
during standby modes, making it
particularly suitable for time and other
mark indications. PM
The HD66410T is particular suitable
for low power systems, such as pagers,
where power consumption is critical,
with an operating voltage range of
2.2 - 5.5 V and with standby modes,
with and without the separate
annunciator drive.

hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 10

S i n g l e - C h i p G r a p h i c T y p e
L C D C o n t r o l l e r s / D r i v e r s

HD66420T: “160 x scaling or 2 banks data updating can HD66420T Specification

8 0” Graphi c be selected in order to improve the 160x80x2 bit mapped display RAM
Di s pl ay functionality in graphics systems.The
• Low voltage operation 2.2 - 6.0 V
C ontrol l er device supports a maximum of
• 4-level grey scale
The Hitachi HD66420T can drive a 160 column outputs, and a maximum
• LCD driving voltage 6.0 - 15 V
bit mapped graphics display with of 80 common outputs.
• Expansion w i t h M a s t e r- S l a v e o p t i o n
minimal external components.This • 8-bit bus interface
makes the HD66420T ideal for Also by using two HD66420T’s the • TCP package / COG

applications such as pagers and mobile display can be further expanded up to

phones.The HD66420 contains 320x80 or 160x160.The HD66420T
160x80x2 bits of RAM to hold the comes in a range of compact TCP
display information of e.g. 10 package options as well as COG
characters by 5 lines with 16x16 dots versions.
resolution. In addition, 4-level grey

RAM on-chip

RAM160x80x2 Standard



hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 11

S i n g l e - C h i p G r a p h i c T y p e
L C D C o n t r o l l e r s / D r i v e r s

M i xed Mod e This new generation of LCD drive Graphic “AND” Dot Matrix
In our fast moving world, flexibility controllers is able to drive Dot Matrix Character on one display at the same
and fast ‘Turn Around Time’ are Character displays and Graphic type time.The graphics resolutions are
essential requirements for designs like displays. 72x26 for 66724, 96x26 for 66725,
GSM/DECT Mobile phones, ISDN 96x42 for 66726 and 112x80 for
terminals, organisers, etc… These display configurations are 66728.
software selectable and allow these
The ´IDEAL´ device should cover LCDC products to be integrated in Other functions like SCI, Booster,
features of many different end- new generations of telecommuni- Scroll and KPS are obvious.
products, allowing the customer to cation, consumer and automotive In order to cover the Far-East market,
change the end-product by doing applications.The HD66724/725 /726 Hitachi will introduce the HD66732
minor changes in software and incorporates the “OR” function to which supports with its 1Mb
hardware. Ideally, this results in short drive Graphic/Dot Matrix Character Character ROM different character
development periods and reduced cost Displays. sets. Also here, SIF is on-chip to
of the final product. That is why control graphic displays as well. For
Hitachi has developed the HD6672x The 66728 does have the new Super more details refer also to page 8.
series. Impose Function (SIF) in order to


SCI, Booster
SCI, Booster
HD66724 Super Impose

SCI, Booster Superimpose


hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 12

Device Name HD61202U HD66002 HD66100 HD66110ST HD66112T HD66120T HD66130T HD66132T HD66134T HD66520T HD66522T

Product type Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column

Supply Voltage (V) 2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 4.5-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.5-5.5 3.5-5.5 2.7-5.5 3.0-3.6 2.4-3.6

LCD Voltage (V) 8-16 6-17 3-6 14-40 14-40 14-40 3.5-5.5 3.5-5.5 3.5-5.5 8-28 4-6

Duty 1/32-1/64 1/16-1/128 static-1/16 1/100-1/480 1/100-1/480 1/100-1/480 -1/300 -1/300 -1/300 1/64-1/240 1/64-1/240

ROM - - - - - - - - - - -

RAM 512x8 - - - - - - - - 160x240x2 160x240x2

Column Lines 64 80 80 160 160 240 320 240 240 160 160

Common Lines - - - - - - - - - - -

Display RAM Extension drive Extension drive Display off High speed Display off Display off HI-FAS HI-FAS Display RAM MLA

Features Stand by Display off Stand by HI-FAS Stand by Stand by 4-Grey-scale Display RAM

Stand by Stand by Display off 4-Grey-scale

FP100A FP-100A FP-100 Slim-TCP-191 Slim-TCP-188 Slim-TCP-269 Flex-TCP-345 Slim-TCP-263 Slim-TCP-263 TCP-208 TCP-213

Package TPF-100B TPF100B FP-100B Slim-TCP-189 COG


Device Name HD44780U HD66701 HD66702R HD666705U ✲ HD66710 HD66712S HD66712U ✲ HD66717 ✲ HD66720 HD66727 HD66730 HD66731

Product type Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix

Supply Voltage (V) 2.7-5.5 2.7-8.3 2.7-5.5 2.4-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.5-5.5 2.4-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.4-5.5 2.4-5.5 2.7-5.5

LCD Voltage (V) 3-11 2.7-8.3 3-8.3 3.0-9.0 3-13 3-13 2.7-13 3-13 3-11 3-13 3-13 3.0-15.0

Duty 1/8-1/16 1/8-1/16 1/8-1/16 1/10-1/18 1/17-1/33 1/17-1/33 1/17-1/33 1/10-1/34 1/9-1/17 1/10-1/34 1/14-1/53 1/14-1/53

ROM 9920 7200 7200 9600 9600 9600 9600 9600 9600 11520 510K 510K

RAM 64+80 80x8 64+80 60x8 64+80+8 64+80+8 64+80+16 32+60+8 64+40+16 32x60x8 208+80 80x8

64+80 32x5 8x5 32x6 8x6

Column Lines 40 80 100 60 40 60 60 60 42(50) 60 71 119

Common Lines 16 16 16 16 33 34 34 34 17(9) 34 26 51

Mask - Mask Mask Mask Mask Mask Mask KSP KSP Kanji Mask Kanji Mask

Features Static segm. LPM LPM LPM SCI Mask Mask SCI SCI

Booster SCI SCI IIc IIc 11x12 dots

LPM Static segm. Static segm. SCI

FP-80 COB FP-144 Slim-TCP-153 FP-100 FP-128 TCP-128 Slim-TCP-153 FP-100A Slim-TCP-158 FP-128 Flex-TCP-202



✲ = Key Products

hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 13

HD61203U HD66113T HD66115T HD66131T HD66133T HD66135T HD66503T HD66523T HD61602R Device Name

Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common 7 segment Product type

2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.5-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.5-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.4-3.6 2.7-5.5 Supply Voltage (V)

8-16 14-40 14-40 14-40 40-70 40-75 8-28 ±20 5 LCD Voltage (V)

1/48-1/128 1/100-1/480 1/100-1/480 -1/300 -1/300 -1/300 1/120-1/240 1/200-1/240 Static-1/4 Duty

- - - ROM

- - - - - - - - 204 RAM

- - - 51 Column Lines

64 120 160 240 120 120 240 240 4 Common Lines

LCD Timing Circuit Standby Standby HI-FAS HI-FAS HI-FAS LCD Timing Circuit LCD Timing Circuit Display RAM

Display off Display off Display off Display off Display off Display off MLA Features

Display off

FP100A Slim-TCP-140 Slim-TCP-181 Flex-TCP-263 Slim-TCP-140 Slim-TCP-140 TCP-272 TCP-209 FP-80



HD66108T HD66206 HD66410T ✲ HD66420T ✲ HD66421 HD66724 ✲ HD66725 HD66726 ✲ HD66728 ✲ HD66732 ✲ Device Name

Graphics Graphics Graphics Graphics Graphics Mixed mode Mixed mode Mixed mode Mixed mode Mixed mode Product type

2.7-5.5 2.7-5.5 2.2-5.5 2.2-5.5 2.2-5.5 2.2-5.5 2.2-5.5 2.2-5.5 1.8-5.5 2.2-5.5 Supply Voltage (V)

6-15 10-28 6-15 3-15 3-18 2.2-6.0 3.0-11.0 3.0-11.0 4.5-15.0 3.0-15 LCD Voltage (V)

1/32-1/66 1/64-1/240 1/17-1/33 1/8-1/80 1/8-1/100 1/2-1/26 1/2-1/26 1/2-1/42 1/32-1/80 1/2-1/54 Duty

- - - - - 20736 20736 20736 51096 1048K ROM

165x65 - 128x33+72 160x80x2 160x100x2 80x8 384x8 80x8 480x8 80x8 480x8 160x8 112x80 80x8 780x8 RAM

72x2 96x2 96x2 60x8

100-165 80/0 128 160 160 72 96 96 120 120 Column Lines

0-65 80/0 33 80 100 26 26 42 80 52 Common Lines

Flex Disp. Config. Flex Disp. Config. Standby Grey-scale Grey-scale SCI SCI SCI Super Impose Super Impose

Standby Standby Booster Partial Display Partial Display scroll scroll scroll KPS KPS Features

icons SCI Kanji Mask

scroll SCI

TCP-208 TFP-100 TCP-239 Slim-TCP-286 Slim-TCP-306 Slim-TCP-146 Slim-TCP-172 Slim-TCP-188 Flexible-TCP-243 TCP-221


hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 14

D o t M a t r i x C h a r a c t e r C o n t r o l l e r s

Many applications, such as mobile character sets in the mask ROM, using sensitive applications, such as mobile
phones, RDS radios, satellite receivers Hitachi Software, but there would be a phone handsets, Hitachi’s character
and meters, require the ability to minimum order quantity and NRE drivers have a multitude of low power
display simple alpha-numeric associated with this. modes (LPM), with some devices
information to the user.To support operating with voltages as low as 2.4V
these applications, Hitachi have a Most of our character controllers (with on-board DC-DC converter for
range of Dot Matrix display /drivers are based on the HD44780 LCD drive voltage generation ).These
controllers/drivers.These devices are type device, many of these devices devices have very low power
designed to provide all of the control offering a superset of the features consumption figures, with the best
and drive circuitry required to drive found on the 44780.These include devices providing active displays while
an LCD display in one chip. features such as the ability to blink taking less than 10µA. Other features
characters automatically, the ability to such as static icons drive, and standby
Such products can be interfaced to the turn the cursor on and off, double modes further decrease the power
host micro-processor using a number height characters and the ability to consumption during operation. Figures
of different methods.These options scroll the display in various directions. for the HD66717 are shown in the
include parallel 4/8-bit bus, a simple Hitachi’s character controllers/ drivers following table.
synchronous serial interface, or an I2C are designed to minimise the external
interface. (exact interface method circuitry needed to implement LCD Ke ys ca n
depends on the device used).These drive capability. Many of these devices con t r ol l e r s
character controllers / drivers also come with on-board DC-DC Hitachi also produce a range of
contain an area of mask ROM, converters, designed to multiply the Character controllers/drivers that have
containing the character set supported supply voltage to provide the LCD an additional Key Pad Scan control
by each device. Customers can use the drive voltage. Icon drive is also present function (KPS), these devices are
standard character sets supplied by on many of the devices, to provide the aimed specifically at mobile phone
Hitachi, these character sets contain a ability to drive icons on a custom applications, where the LCD display
range of standard alpha-numeric display, separately from the alpha- and the membrane keypad are
characters. Most devices also allow the numeric characters. manufactured as one unit.These
user to create their own custom Following the requirements of power devices provide a single chip solution
for these applications.

Display Size Duty ratio Frame Frequency Normal mode Sleep mode Standby
12 Chars x 1 line 1/10 67 Hz 8 µA 6 µA 0.1 µA
12 Chars x 2 line 1/18 79 Hz 15 µA 12 µA 0.1 µA
12 Chars x 3 line 1/26 77 Hz 23 µA 19 µA 0.1 µA
12 Chars x 4 line 1/34 78 Hz 30 µA 25 µA 0.1 µA

Di s pl ay level 1 and level 2. It contains an on- synchronous serial interface. In

C ontroi l ers board ROM with a 6,353 Kanji addition, it incorporates Key Pad Scan
supporti ng Kanj i character fonts and 285 non Kanji and the Super-Impose function for
Di s pl ays characters. Furthermore, it supports a Graphic/Dot Matrix Character
The HD66732 is a dot-matrix LCD display size of 4 lines by 10 characters displays.The HD66732 operates with
controller /Graphic controller that (11x12 dots) or a graphic display of a supply voltage of 2.2-5.5V and is
displays Japanese characters consisting 112x52 dots.The HD66732 can drive available in TCP and COG packages.
of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana 240 icons and is interfaced to a host
according to the Japanese Kanji set, microcontroller via an 8-bit bus or

hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 15

Ex tensi ve Dri vers driver. Many of the standard LCD the HD44780U, HD66710, HD66712
controllers/drivers contain extra RAM & HD66720 For instance, the
Sometimes the display capability of and the necessary control signals to HD44780U, can display 2 lines of 8
the standard LCD characters drivers is drive one or more of these extension characters, so if used with two
not sufficient for an application. drivers. HD66002’s it can control and display
Hitachi offers extension drivers that The HD66002 and HD66100, the 2 lines of 40 characters, i.e. when used
are designed to increase the number of latest expansion drivers to be added to with HD44780U, each HD66002 can
alpha-numeric characters that can be our product line, can be used with a display 2 lines of 16 characters. Refer
displayed from one display controller number of our LCD drivers, including to page 4 in order to get more
information about HD66002 and

2 character lines

ROM 7200 4 character lines
ROM9920 HD66712U
HD66705U 33x60ch,V=2.5/13V
16x60ch,Vlcd=9V SCI, Booster
ROM9600 HD66712S
HD66701 33x60ch,V=2.7/13V ASSP
16x80ch,Vlcd=8V SCI, Booster
ROM7200 HD66710 HD66732
33x40ch,Vlcd=13V 120x52ch,V=2.2/15V
HD66731 ROM1Mb
HD66730 ROM510k
Low Power
ROM510k HD66727
HD66720 34x60ch,V=2.7/13V
9x50ch,V=2.7/11V IIc, KPS
HD66717 KPS, SCI


hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 16

S e g m e n t C o n t r o l l e r s

Hitachi offers a range of both stand indicators, used in applications such as of up to 208 segments in a 1/4 duty
alone segment drivers, as well as a range meters and clocks, all the way to cycle mode.They are particularly suitable
of 4 & 8-bit microcontrollers with complex displays used in applications for use in battery powered applications,
segment driving capability. Our stand such as automotive dashboards. offering 3V operation, LCD drive
alone segment drivers are ideal for a These stand alone 7-segment drivers voltage generation and a low power
wide range of applications, ranging from offer the ability to drive both 7-segment standby mode.
simple digital displays and icons, with a drive capability

7-Segment LCDC
SCI, A/D H8/300L
4x32ch,Vlcd=6V H8/387x
SCI, A/D 4/52ch,Vlcd=6V
HD40482x SCI, A/D DTMF
HD4081x H8/383x
4x32ch,Vlcd=6V 4/40ch,Vlcd=6V
SCI, Comp SCI, A/D


Microcontrollers with on-chip LCD Many of these devices are designed for
Controller can be found in our 4-bit low voltage and low power operation,
H400 and 8-bit H8/300L families. with a second, 32 KHz sub-system
They offer solutions to a wide range oscillator, which allows the
of applications, such as metering, Microcontroller to run with power
feature phones and pagers. consumption’s in the range of 10’s or
100 µA while still driving the display
and with the CPU and many of it’s
peripherals active.

hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 17

P a c k a g e T e c h n o l o g y

In the past, Liquid Crystal Modules Fine pitch leads mean a reduced pad that would not be feasible with a
(LCM) were produced by using pitch on the device, enabling more conventional QFP.With the chip-
LCDC in QFP and TQFP (1.2mm functionality to be put into the same specialised LCM manufactures, Hitachi
high) packages. Following the market package size. Combined with thickness developed Chip-On-Board (COB)
trend to increase the pin-count and to less than 1.0mm (typically 0.65mm), and Chip-On-Glass (COG)
shrink the package size,Tape Carrier this feature translated into thinner technology as well.
packages (TCP) have been developed. LCD modules with higher definition,
TCP is the generic name for packages or into compact, high performance The Chip-On-Board version consists
fabricated by TAB technology (TAP system. Flexible design includes the of the base chip with AL pads
Automatic Bonding), using a tape possibility of customisation of pattern whereas the COG version reflects the
wired with copper-foil patterns.This layout and TCP design. Currently, chip with Au bumps which allow
designation has been adopted by the Hitachi offers tape-carrier-packaged direct assembly on the LCD glass.
EIAJ Semiconductor External LCD versions in the area of Looking at the line-ups on the
Standards Committee. Compared to Column/Common Graphic and Dot previous pages, it can be seen that
conventional packages the structure Matrix Character product areas. Hitachi focuses on this type of
and the materials of TCP provide the products.
following features: These LCD drivers combine a device
1. Light weight that withstands high voltages and gives
2. Thin high definition and a tape carrier
3. Fine pitch capability package which promises excellent
4. Flexible design reliability, making possible applications



hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 18

R e l a t e d L i t e r a t u r e / I n t e r n e t / C D R o m

H it ac h i C D - Rom allows you to run a selection to find out information about Hitachi’s
“Hitachi Electronic Components which Hitachi microcontrollers are microcontrollers, LCDC, memory,
Databook” (16-007). suitable for your application.The CD- displays, ASIC, discretes & power
This CD-ROM is available free of ROM is usable under Windows and modules and optoelectronic
charge from Hitachi or our authorised Macintosh. components. For memory and
distributors. Please ring ++49-(0)89- microcontroller products each user can
99180-128 to order your copy or send a In te rn e t download complete data sheets and
fax to ++49-(0)89-99180-265. acce s s /WWW application notes in PDF format.
It contains appr. 20.000 pages of Hitachi You will also find a complete overview
documentation about microcontrollers, Under Hitachi’s Electronic Components over Hitachi’s European Microcontroller
LCDC, memories and packages.This Group (ECG) homepage (address URL: development tools with a short
includes the actual hardware manuals for http://www.hitachi- description, the package contents and
almost all our microcontrollers, as well as eu.com/hel/ecg/index.htm) you can the ordering information (part names).
application notes, programming manuals access detailed technical product
and overviews. A powerful selection tool

Sh or t f or ms f or H i t a ch i M icrocon trolle r

“LCD controllers/drivers” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .06-003C

“H400 Series” Hitachi´s 4-bit family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11-004H

H8300" + “H8/300L” Hitachi’s single chip, low power H8 family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21-017D

Se l e c t i on G u i d e

Hitachi LCD Controller/Driver LSI Selection Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (06-035).

A p pl i c at i on N ot e s
Application Notes No.

The application notes listed below are Config.The HD44780 which is built on the range of char. LCD Modules Apps/026/1.0
available for Hitachi LCD
Controllers/Drivers in combination Interfacing to the HD44780 Apps/034/1.0

with H8 Microcontrollers. LCD character module control using H8/300H Apps/048/1.1

You will find them on our CD-ROM as
well as on Hitachi’s web-site Interfacing the H8/3334, 3048 and the HD44780 LCD driver Apps/059/1.0
under following address URL:
Interfacing the H8 and the HD66712 LCD driver Apps/068/1.0

hitachi LCD CONTR/DRIVERS 29.10.1998 12:39 Uhr Page 19

O r d e r i n g I n f o r m a t i o n


Part name Package Comment Part name Package Comment

HD61202UFS 1420-GFP-100 HD66110STC2 Slim-TCP-191 260µm pitch
HD61202UTE 1414-TQFP-100 HD66110STC3 Slim-TCP-191 280µm pitch
HCD61202U Chip COB-type HD66112TA2 Slim-TCP-188 88µm pitch
HCD66002 Chip COB-type HD66112Txx* Siml-TCP-188 Custom TCP
HD66002FS 1420-QFP-100 HD66120TA5 Siml-TCP-240 70µm pitch
HD66002TE 1414-TFP-100 HD66120Txx* Slim-TCP-240 Custom TCP
HD66100F 1420-QFP-100 HD66130TB0* Flex-TCP-345 70µm pitch
HD66100D Chip COB-type HD66130TBx* Flex-TCP-345 Custom TCP
HD66110STB0* Slim-TCP-189 92µm pitch HD66132TA3* Slim-TCP-263 70µm pitch
HD66110STB2 Slim-TCP-189 92µm pitch HD66132TAx* Slim-TCP-263 Custom TCP
HD66110STB4 Slim-TCP-189 80µm pitch HD66134TA1* Slim-TCP-263 70µm pitch
HD66110STB5 Slim-TCP-189 180µm pitch HD66134TAx* Slim-TCP-263 Custom TCP
HD66110TB8 Slim-TCP-189 200µm pitch HD66520TA0 TCP-208 Straight TCP
HD66110STBx* Slim-TCP-189 Custom TCP HD66520TB0 TCP-208 Flex-TCP
HD66110STC0 Slim-TCP-191 220µm pitch HD66522TA0 TCP-213 Straight TCP
HD66110STC1 Slim-TCP-191 240µm pitch HCD66522BP Chip COG-type


Part name Package Comment Part name Package Comment

HD61203 UFS 1420-QFP-100 HD66131TB0* Flex-TCP-263
HD61203UTE 1414-TQFP-100 HD66131TBx* Flex-TCP-263 Custom TCP
HCD61203U Chip COB-type HD66135TA1* Slim-TCP-140
HD66113TA0 Slim-TCP-140 190µm pitch HD66133TA0* Slim-TCP-140
HD66113TA1 Slim-TCP-140 240µm pitch HD66133TAx* Slim-TCP-140 Custom TCP
HD66113Txx* Slim-TCP-140 Custom TCP HD66135TAx* Slim-TCP-140 Custom TCP
HD66115TA0 Slim-TCP-181 180µm pitch HD66503TA0 TCP-272 Straight TCP
HD66115TA1* Slim-TCP-181 250µm pitch HD66503TB0 TCP-273 Flex-TCP
HD66115TA3 Slim-TCP-181 250µm pitch HD66523TA0 TCP-273 Straight TCP
HD66115Txx* Slim-TCP-181 Custom TCP HCD66523BP Chip COG-type


Part name Package Comment Part name Package Comment

HD61602R 1420-QFP-80 H400 series see short from No. 11-004H
H8/300L see short form No. 21-017D


Part name Package Comment Part name Package Comment

HD44780UA0xFS 1420-QFP-80 Mask 00/02 HCD66712UA03BP Chip COG-type
HD44780UBxxFS* 1420-QFP-80 Custom Mask HCD66712UAxxBP* Chip COG-type, custom
HD44780UA-xTF* 1414-TQFP-80 Mask 00/02 HCD667UA02 Chip COB-type
HD44780UBxxTF* 1414-TQFP-80 Custom Mask HCD66712UBxx* Chip COB-type, custom
HCD44780UA0* Chip COB, 00/02 Mask HD66717A03TA0 Slim-TCP-155
HCD44780UBXX* Chip COB, Custom Mask HD66717BxxTA0* Slim-TCP-155 Custom Mask
HCD66701A00* Chip COB-type HCD66717A03 Chip COB-type
HD66702RA0xF 2020-QFP-144 Mask 01/02 HCD66717Bxx* Chip COB, Custom Mask
HD66702RA0xFL 2020-QFP-144 Mask 01/02 HCD66717A03BP Chip COG-type
HD66702RBxxF 2020-QFP-144 Custom Mask HCD66717A13BP Chip COG-type, upside down
HCD66702RA0xL* Chip COB, 00/01/02 Mask HCD66717BxxBP* Chip COG, Custom Mask
HCD66702RBxxL* Chip COG, Custom M. HD66720A03FS 1420-QFP-100
HCD66702RA00BP* Chip COG HD66720BxxFX* 1420-QFP-100 Custom Mask
HCD66702RBxxBP* Chip COG, Custom M. HD66720A0xTF 1414-TQFP-100 Mask 0/02/03
HCD66703A00 Chip COB-type, UD of 702
HCD66705UA03BP Chip COG-type HD66720BxxTF* 1414-TQFP-100 Custom Mask
HCD66705UA03TAO Slim-TCP-153 HCD66720A03 Chip COB-type
HD66710A-xFS 1420-QFP-100 Mask 00/02 HD66727A0xTA0 Slim-TCP-163 03/04 Mask
HD66710A0xTF 1414-TQFP-100 Mask 00/02 HD66727BxxTA0* Slim-TCP-163 Custom Mask
HCD66710A00 Chip COB-type HCD66727A0x Chip COB, 03/04 Mask
HD66710AxxFS* 1420-QFP-100 Custom Mask HCD66727Bxx* Chip COB, Custom Mask
HD66710AxxTF+ 1414-TQFP-100 Custom Mask HCD66727A0xBP Chip COG, 03/04 Mask
HCD66710Axx* Chip COB-type, Custom Mask HCD66727BxxBP* Chip COG, Custom Mask
HD66712UA02TA0 TCP-128 HD66730A00FS* 1420-QFP-128 Japanese Font
HD66712UA03TA0 TCP-128 HCD66730A00* Chip COB-type, Japan Font
HD66712UBxxTA0* TCP-128 Custom Mask HCD66731A00TA0L TCP-202
HD66712SA00FS 1420-QFP-128 Standard Mask HCD66731A00TB0L Flex-TCP-202
HD66712SA0xFS 1420-QFP-128 Mask 01/02 HCD66731A00TBP Chip COG-type


Part name Package Comment Part name Package Comment

HD66108T00 TCP-208 Quad-TCP HD66410TA0 TCP-239 Standard TCP
HD66108TA0 TCP-208 Standard-TCP HD66410TB0* TCP-239 Flex-TCP
HD66108TB0 TCP-208 Flex-TCP HCD664410BP Chip COG-type
HD66108Txx* TCP-208 Custom TCP HD66420TAO* TCP-286
HCD66108BP Chip COG-type HCD66420BP* Chip COB-type
HD66206TE 1414-TFP-100 HD66421FTAO* TCP-306
HCD66206 Chip COB-type HCD66421BP* Chip COG-type


Part name Package Comment Part name Package Comment

HD66724A03TA0L* Slim-TCP-146 HD66728A05TB0* Flex-TCP-243 Slim/Flex Type
HD66724A03BP* Chip COG-type HD66728A05BP* Chip COG-type
HCD66725A03TA0L* Slim-TCP-172 HD66732A00TA0L* TCP-221 Standard TCP
HCD66725A03BP* Chip COG-type HD66732A00TBoL* Flex-TCP-221
HD66726A03TA0L* Slim-TCP-188 HD66732A00BP* Chip COG-type
HCD66726A03BP* Chip COG-type

*Please contact Hitachi Sales Office for availability 16

hitachi LCD graphics 29.10.1998 11:18 Uhr Page 2


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