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7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | ImageNow: Mail Merge Technical Overview

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Author: Naomi Housknecht

Document ID: 160450
First Published: 1/21/2014 11:48 AM
Last Modified: 6/28/2016 2:33 PM
Last Published: 6/28/2016 2:33 PM
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ImageNow: Mail Merge Technical Overview

Table of Contents

Technical requirements
Questions to ask
Information to capture
Default script and INI files
Frequently asked questions
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Mail Merge Process (Internal Only)
Updating Mail Merge (Internal Only)


ImageNow Mail Merge is a customized solution of the ImageNow Printer that allows
automated text extraction and TIFF creation of documents. The higher education sector
commonly uses this solution with the following document types: financial award letters,
admission accept/deny letters, and requests for documents.

The index keys are generally printed in white font in the header or footer of the Microsoft
Word document. The print to TXT file ability of the ImageNow Printer is used to parse
through the file to index the document without detracting from the letters that are sent out.

The process uses an installation of the ImageNow printer and also requires three
customized files – printsearch.vbs, linkpage.ini, and searchkey.ini – to operate. Mail Merge
is a billable solution. To implement Mail Merge, contact an account executive.

Technical requirements

ImageNow Client
ImageNow Printer

Questions to ask

These are the basic questions to ask during any investigation of a Mail Merge issue.

Question Reason

Where is the Mail Merge Mail Merge is installed by default to the

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000L5Qa&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 1/3
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | ImageNow: Mail Merge Technical Overview

configuration installed? [drive]:\Program Files\ImageNow6\printer folder, but

it can be installed anywhere.

Is this affecting all file Different file types or business units can use different
types/business units or is the settings within the searchkey.ini file, which can
issue specific? narrow the troubleshooting process.

Has it ever worked? To pinpoint configuration or environmental issues

Are multiple computers To narrow down configuration differences


Are files being placed into If files are placed into the error folder, the reason will
the error folder? be logged into the corresponding Mail Merge log file.

Information to capture

Obtain copies of the following types of files. If logging is not turned on to capture a
particular file type, turn on logging.

File/Information Reason

searchkey.ini Configuration file that determines the

document keys used upon import into

linkpage.ini (sometimes called Configuration file for Mail Merge

inowprint.ini in certain configurations) ImageNow Printer

printsearch.vbs Script file that uses configuration from

searchkey.ini to parse through the
generated TXT file.

proposedkeys.txt A log file created by turning the

testing.mode variable in the searchkey.ini
file to 2. The file will be created in the
same folder as the printsearch.vbs.

Mail Merge logs Can show any errors in the Mail Merge

Example document Use this to compare the index keys on

the document with the searchkey.ini
settings to verify everything needed is
included in the document.

Default script and INI files

The following Mail Merge INI files are generally located in the [drive]:\Program
Files\ImageNow6\printer folder.


Frequently asked questions

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000L5Qa&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 2/3
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | ImageNow: Mail Merge Technical Overview

Where is the default location for log files?

The log files are generated based on the log.file.path variable in the searchkey.ini.
Typically, the default location is set to the [drive]:\Program Files\ImageNow6\printer\log

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Using the Mail Merge customization of ImageNow Printer

Mail Merge Process (Internal Only)

For a better understanding of the process, click here.

Updating Mail Merge (Internal Only)

Enterprise Software Support (ESS) can provide the latest Mail Merge setup and installation
files, available here. If additional assistance is required, Professional Services should be

Note: Professional Services engagement is a billable service, and all parties should be
made aware of this fact.

If the VBscript needs to be replaced, and no other configuration is required, then ESS can
assist with this. Ensure that the existing VBscript is backed up before performing any
changes to the system.

Josh Paquette

Updated 6/28/2016 by Sean Metzinger (added internal-only section

regarding upgrading Mail Merge solution)
Updated 2/8/2016 by Susan Cook (fixed broken link and revised formatting
to match current KB standards)
Updated 7/30/2016 by Chris Snooks (added link to process document)

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