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7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Perceptive Intelligent Capture Workflow WebDesk Technical Overview

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Author: Archana Bangalore

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First Published: 5/15/2015 8:44 AM
Last Modified: 8/12/2016 12:44 PM
Last Published: 8/12/2016 12:44 PM
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Brainware: Perceptive Intelligent Capture Workflow WebDesk

Technical Overview

Table of Contents

Technical requirements
Questions to ask
Information to capture
Sample INI and configuration
About user and workgroup tables
Related articles


Perceptive Intelligent Capture Workflow with the WebDesk web client is a client-server
application designed to capture and manage documents and content. It incorporates
Perceptive Intelligent Capture, Perceptive Process, and enterprise resource planning (ERP)
software to automate business processes.

Workflow WebDesk unlocks the full potential of the Lexmark Enterprise Software process
and content management suite by automating processing steps, simplifying work tasks,
and providing real-time monitoring to advance any document-based business routine. It
ensures that the documents are routed to the right users for immediate action, provides
monitoring and notification tools, and uses workflows that model optimal business

Perceptive Workflow design

Perceptive Intelligent Capture extracts data from scanned images or electronic documents,
and it then passes this data to Workflow in the form of a business case. A business case
can be thought of as a folder containing data, documents, and various pieces of additional
information which may be gathered along the way. Workflow uses two methods of
deploying and distributing business cases:

Manually – Business cases can be routed manually by users to other users or to

activities using the WebDesk application.

Automatically – Business cases can be routed automatically using executable scripts

that determine how to route the business case based on values within the header
data. Automated routing can be configured to retrieve data from external systems to
fulfill rule checks on the business case.

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000Lfnv&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 1/4
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Perceptive Intelligent Capture Workflow WebDesk Technical Overview

Technical requirements

For hardware, operating system, and software requirements, refer to the Workflow section
of the Perceptive Intelligent Capture Products Technical Specifications guide.

Questions to ask

Question Reason

Is the issue on a production or To ensure troubleshooting activities are performed on the correct
development server? server environment

Are some or all users affected? Helps determine the scope of the issue

Has it ever worked? To pinpoint issues due to configuration or environmental changes

Can users log in to WebDesk? To determine if there is an issue with WebDesk configuration or

Information to capture

Obtain copies of the following types of files. If logging is not turned on to

capture a particular file type, turn on logging.

File/Information Description

Wflsrv.cnf Core product configuration file

[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Brainware\Brainware


Wflsrv.exe Executable file containing version

[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Brainware\Brainware Distiller\bin

config.xml (WebDesk) WebDesk configuration file that

contains the location of the log files
[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Brainware\WebDesk

config.xml (BWService) Workflow service configuration file

that contains the location of the
[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\WF-Distiller\BWService Workflow service log files

Errlog.log Core product error file

[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\WF-Distiller\Server\File

webdesk.html WebDesk session log


https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000Lfnv&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 2/4
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Perceptive Intelligent Capture Workflow WebDesk Technical Overview

Sample INI and configuration

Click on the file name in the table below for a sample.

File Name Path to File

config.xml (BWService) [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\WF-Distiller\BWService

config.xml (WebDesk) [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\WF-Distiller\Webdesk

Wflsrv.cnf [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Brainware\Brainware Distiller\Server\File

About user and workgroup tables

In WebDesk, user and workgroup information is stored in the STELLVERTRETER table, with
users represented by 0 (zero) and workgroups represented by 1 (one) in
the IST_ROLLE column.

To obtain information regarding both users and workgroups, run the following query:

SELECT wg.username,
FROM stellvertreter s
INNER JOIN mitarbeiter wg
ON s.usernr = wg.usernr
INNER JOIN mitarbeiter us
ON s.stellvertreternr = us.usernr
WHERE wg.ist_rolle = 1

Note: The MITARBEITER table contains user specific information such as username, first
name, last name, and password.

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Neena Goel

Updated 8/12/2016 by Samad Syed (added note to About user and

workgroup tables section)

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000Lfnv&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 3/4
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Perceptive Intelligent Capture Workflow WebDesk Technical Overview

Updated 4/25/2016 by Andre Newsom (added webdesk.html to Information

to capture section)
Updated 12/2/2015 by Jacint Duduka (added section about user and
workgroup tables, and updated formatting to match current KB style)

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