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Volume III Issue 4

Quarter Oct-Dec, 2007 Contents
Released Nov 1, 2007
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letters `
Curse in Badhaka House in its new avatar SJC
(Sri Jagannath Center),
1. I am an Indian presently resid- the Chairman is Sri
ing in Singapore. I have read your book P.V.R.Narasimha Rao
" Vedic Remedies in Astrology" by Sagar and you can get in touch
Publications and tried to peruse some with him regarding
sections of it for my own personal use learning jyotish from a
and benefit. I am very impressed the jyotish guru. Lessons are
coverage of your Astrology book. I want now available at http://
some clarification on some parts of your sohamsa.com/dbc/
book so that I can do some remedies to which is the Devaguru
improve my life. It was written in your Brihaspati Center. MP3
Astrlogy book that readers can write to of previous confer-
SJVC Guru at guru@sjvc.net which is not ences are available at
in use any more. Thus I wrote to srath@ http://srijagannath.
srath.com org/subscribe/. We
2. I have consulted some South In- already have anumber
dian astrologers and some online North of students and cannot
Indian astrologers in the past but they do justice to more. The
have not been able to say anything con- teaching at SoHamsa
clusive or the relevant information I real- (www.sohamsa.com/
ly require. I want to know my Kula Deva- dbc/) is structured and
ta and Ista Devata so I can do appropriate good for beginners and
prayers and offerings to improve my life. middle level alike. You
As for the Kastha Phala ( DIFFICUL- can consider joining it if
TIES) I have been having problems and you wish to learn from
obstructions in my job , career and liveli- this program under me.
hood. Even my education seem to have 2. Your Ista devata is in-
ended prematurely. dicated by the planet Sun
Also I have been wanting to relocate out which can show Lord
of my country of birth since 2003 but Shiva in all signs. In par-
have been unable too. ticular, the Nataraja form
of Lord Shiva is very
3. In the past I have gone through auspicious for you. Your
"food poisonings" and "Black Magic" Kula devata is indicated
done towards me and my family. Please Navarna Mantra: aim hrim klim chamun-
by a very fierce form of Durga which can
give me indication which are the most dayai vichchai
be either Chamunda or Mariamma. The
suitable deities for me to pray to.Usage root cause of your suffering is due to for- 3. Worship of the Ista devata is most ben-
of appropriate Mantras Yantras overall getting your dharma towards your Kula eficial for your life and soul. The ten syl-
remedies pertaining to the deities suit- devi which has resulted in personal suf- lable Baudaya Rudra Mantra is advised.
able for me. fering in your life, especially with respect
Rudra mantra: om namo bhagavate
Here are my astrological details: Date to wealth and family sustenance. Since
of Birth : 4th June 1969; Time of Birth : debilitated Saturn is in badhaka sthana,
12:52:00; Place of Birth : Singapore there will also be the *evil eye* suffering However there is a curse from past in-
and if you disclose your plans they will carnation indicated by Venus in badhaka
As per summary of previous North In- fail. The 10th lord joining the badhaka house conjoined debilitated Saturn and
dian Astrology queries received in the sthana shows that the career will suffer aspected by Rahu. You will have to get
past. My Ascendant or Rising Sign is on account of these dark forces. You are the initiation of the Kamalatmika Ma-
Leo : 22 degrees and 23 minutes. Sun advised to resume the forgotten worship havidya and do the sadhana for one year
Sign Taurus at 19 degrees 58 minutes of Durga Devi (Chamunda) in order to to get over this once and for all.
corresponding to Western Zodiac Gem- overcome the badhaka and have success
ini. Moon Sign Capricorn at 11:39:27 in career. For this pur pose the navarna The down side of Yogakaraka Saturn
(Degree:Minutes:Seconds ); Birth Naksh- mantra is most beneficial as this is occur- Dear Honourable Guru,
tra ( Star ) Shravana 1st Phase ing in the 9th house. the mantra has to be
recited 5 X 108 times every evening while “charan sparsh”! Kindly give your
Yours Sincerely, G.C. valuable guidance in this case of mis-
simultaneously ensuring that one is very
Editor: The book Vedic Remedies in As- nice towards all the ladies of the family, guidance. In one of the books written
trology was written many years back especially female relatives like aunts, by “bhojraj devadi” called “TULA LA-
when SJVC was in existence. However cousins and daughters. GNA” he wrote that : “If 5th lord sat-

2 • Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007

JD0704.indd 2 17-12-2012 10:58:10

` news
urn placed in 12th house for tula lagna right person who
aspected or conjucted by benefics that can help me.
person will face his son’s death when his
Sir, my life is full
son become young.” I have Tula lagna
of instability of
saturn placed in 12th house with Jupi-
job, whenever I
tar and Moon. If you would like to see
did job the man-
my kundli details are 10 Jun 1981 place
agement never
Meerut (u.p) 4:30pm. I am quiet afraid
satisfied with me,
after reading this and I am also learning
but they honor
jyotish from your own Mp3 recordings
my performance,
and notes available. but couldnt find any
but I do not know
thing related to the above issue i am fac-
why some unex-
ing. Please it is heartly request to solve
pected reasons
my problem give me the answer whether
came in between
this author “Bhojraj Dewedi” is right. If
and I have quit
you wish I can send you the money as
my job, in every
well kindly send me the charges and pro-
job I always fall
cess to send the money as I am in foriegn,
in Gap , this gap
married with a kid and studying.
was min 3 to 1.5
Kind regards! Please reply/Arjun Bhard- max yrs till now.
waj I am now 41 yrs
of age, I am fail
Editor: Unfortunately Bhojraj Dewedi has
to understand
quoted a well known dictum that when
when I will be
Saturn is yogakaraka and is placed in
able to do some-
12th house, it will suo moto give Rajyoga
thing in my life, I
but if it conjoined a benefic planet then
am feeling totally
the native will face the death of such rela- ment.
depressed, I do
tions that are indicated by the benefic. In
not have my own house living in rented In the navamsa, Venus is again the 10th
another chart with Taurus Lagna (Saturn
house, kids are studying , I am helpless, lord and is severely afflicted by Mars in
is yogakaraka as it owns the 9th and 10th
no one on my back to support, even if I an insect sign. The exalted Moon in the
houses), Saturn was placed in the 12th
will die I think I can’t manage 4 persons. 10th house also carries the blesmish of
house with Jupiter and as expected the
native lost his only son due to a drown- May you please guide me : being the 12th lord.
ing accident. In your chart however, Sat- Mercury the Karaka for the 10th house
1. What is my future? 2. When I will get
urn in the 12th house is conjoined both is placed in badhaka sthana showing
job? 3. Is there any remedy for stability
Moon (mother) and Jupiter (son) and greater success in a foreign country but
in job?
can show loss of mother instead of son. is conjoined natural malefic planets Sun
However my advise will be to perform I hope and full faith you will help me and and badhakesha yogakaraka Mars. In ad-
the Rudrabhishek (of Lord Shiva) every guide me. If any fees is there I am ready dition it is subject to a papakartari yoga
year on the birthday of the son till he is to pay you, please help me. My data is between Rahu and Saturn being in ad-
28 years old. given below: date of birth : 11 may 1966; joining signs in the 2nd and 12th houses
Place of birth: SAMBHAL (U.P) India; from it. This constitutes a curse leading
A more detailed analysis would require a
Time of birth : 13:15 to 13:45 pm. Main to terrible instability in career.
study of the saptamsa chart, the santana
events of my life: (1) Father expired : 8
tithi, navamsa and other aspects of vedic Remedial Measures: (1) To overcome the
july 1999 (2) First daughter born : 06 nov.
astrology dealing with progeny. Teach curse of Mercury and the machinations
1991 (3) son born :16 oct 1999
your son to recite the Mrityunjaya Man- of colleagues, you need to propitiate Sri
tra as given below - Kind regards/ Deepak Sharma Vishnu (either Rama or Narasimha ava-
om namah shivaaya tryambakkaaya Editor: A detailed chart rectification us- tar bija as Mars and Sun conjoin). Recite
haum jum sah ing life events will require more time. the following mantra 1008 times every
The tenth house of the rasi chart is Tau- morning at 6am and you should come
Cursed Karaka and trou- rus which is afflicted by Rahu bringing out of the curse completely in 1-5 years
trouble from office politics that causes time.
bled house and lord job loss. The 10th lord Venus is ill placed om kshraum namo bhagavate
Respected Sanjay ji, in the 8th house showing that your hard narasimhaaya
work shall not be of benefit to you and its
I worked as Group VP HR with one lead- (2) Keep complete fast on every dvadasi
affliction by Saturn shows that you never
ing textile company in Bangalore, I have tithi (every month) and make donations
reap the benefits of the work. The exal-
tried a lot to find some good astrologer to a Vishnu temple
tation of 10th lord shows that you work
but I am unfortunate I found only cheat-
very hard and the quality of the work is (3) Recite the mantra: om shrim namo
ers, some one told me about you, I read
very good but that is not sufficient to suc- bhagavatyai annapoorne svaahaa (1008
your home page, now I feel you are the
ceed in a very competitive work environ- times every friday and monday evening)
Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007 • 3

JD0704.indd 3 17-12-2012 10:58:11

letters `
The Jyotish News
cut into stones smaller than a half-carat, is increas-
DIAMONDS ARE NOT said Hargreaves, a former head of mining ing. “Blood
research at London-based James Capel & Diamond,” a
FOREVER Co., a unit of HSBC Holdings Plc. One movie star-
Boston, MA: Bryant Lineare can replicate carat equals 200 milligrams; when round, ring Leonar-
in two weeks the 100 million years that it’s 6.5 millimeters across, or almost the do DiCaprio
nature needs to make diamonds from width of a pencil-top eraser. and set in
coal, and his success may soon cost the Sierra Leone
The Gemological Institute of America,
world’s mining companies $2.5 billion during the
an independent assessor of diamonds for
annually. Sales of laboratory-produced 1990s, height-
Tiffany & Co. and Cartier that’s based in
gems will rise 10-fold to 1 million carats ened aware-
Carlsbad, California, started grading the
at $2,500 each within three years, com- ness of so-called conflict diamonds, gems
synthetic stones this year to ensure con-
pared with $8,000 for a mined diamond, sold by rebels who control the mines to
sumers can know the difference.
says David Hargreaves, a Cobham, U.K.- pay for arms.
based analyst who has followed the in- A Yellow Stone Former Liberian President Charles Tay-
dustry for 25 years. The stones, created by Fiona McEwen, an advertising executive lor is among those accused by the United
Linares’s Apollo Diamond Inc. of Boston at McEwen Advertising in Johannesburg, Nations of financing wars with diamond
and Gemesis Corp. of Sarasota, Florida, knows the difference and doesn’t care. sales. Under a 2002 international agree-
are so fine that De Beers says it has spent Her natural white diamond was stolen ment known as the Kimberly Process,
$17 million, or about two weeks of profit, from her finger in an armed robbery ear- diamonds must be shipped in tamper-
to build machines needed to spot them. lier this month. She wears a man-made proof containers with certificates verify-
“We’d all be foolish if we didn’t admit we yellow diamond of more than a carat ing their origin as legitimate sources.
were a little nervous,” says Keith John- now.
son, chief executive officer for diamonds Garage Technology
“It’s a beautiful alternative and an afford-
at London-based Rio Tinto, which con- “The intrinsic appeal of a diamond is its
able alternative,” McEwen said. “I just
trols the world’s largest diamond mine, emotional appeal,” Charles Wyndham, a
couldn’t afford an earth- grown yellow
called Argyle in Australia. former De Beers director and chairman of
diamond. It would be completely out of
PolishedPrices.com, an Antwerp-based
The man-made gems may hurt profits my reach.”
diamond-price researcher, said in an in-
and margins at companies that dig up Synthetic gems can be produced in labs terview in London on May 17. “Anything
the stones, said Andrew Ferguson, who in as little as four days, are on average 40 that attacks this emotional appeal is dan-
has about 5 percent of his holdings in di- percent less expensive and have the same gerous. The industry has got to become
amond miners at New City Investment in chemical, physical and optical properties much more transparent.”
London, which oversees about $637 mil- as any natural rough stone, according to
lion of natural-resource stocks. Apollo was founded in 1990 by Bryant
Gemesis and Apollo. Rough diamonds
Linares’s father, Robert, who holds a
Most to Lose are mined from volcanic-rock structures
doctorate in materials science from Rut-
called kimberlites.
London-based Anglo American, the gers University in New Brunswick, New
owner of 45 percent of De Beers, has the “The industry should be very concerned Jersey, and received a master’s degree in
most to lose. Anglo says De Beers ac- about this,” Hargreaves says. “Synthet- business at Fairleigh Dickinson in New
counted for $463 million, or 5 percent, of ic diamonds may not come out of the Jersey, according to Apollo. The elder
operating profit last year. For Rio, also ground or the sea, but they are the real Linares, who started his career at Bell
based in London, diamonds contributed thing and will pass any test.” Laboratories and worked on the dia-
$205 million, or 2.8 percent, of earnings mond technology in his garage in Boston,
Not so, says De Beers, the world’s largest
in 2006. Jersey, U.K.-based Petra Dia- is now chairman.
diamond company and which sells ma-
monds, which mines in South Africa and
chines for as little as $10,400 that can spot The company has already made more
is exploring in Angola, and Firestone
the man-made stones. than 1,000 gemstones and is targeting
Diamonds are betting their entire future
production of “several hundreds of thou-
on the gems. Diamonds and Wars sands of carats” by 2012, Bryant Linares
Man-made diamonds are molecularly “All synthetics can be quickly and eas- said in an interview. It’s also considering
the same as those panned from Angolan ily detected,” Lynette Gould, a London- an initial public offering to raise cash, he
rivers and mined in the Canadian Arctic. based spokeswoman for De Beers, said in said.
Output is set to increase from the cur- an e-mailed response to questions. “Syn-
rent 100,000 carats a year, says Gemesis, thetics are a totally different product.” Russian Science
which started production in 2002. “Man-made diamonds will be the fastest-
The growth of synthetic gems has raised
growing segment of the entire jewelry
That compares with annual production of concern among diamond-mining com-
market,” said Linares, who predicts so-
rough, mined diamonds totaling 155 mil- panies at a time when public scrutiny
called cultured gems will be 20 percent
lion carats, three-quarters of which are of gems from war-ravaged countries
of the $74 billion-a-year market for dia-
4 • Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007

JD0704.indd 4 17-12-2012 10:58:11

` news

mond jewelry within a decade. “This is
a product extension. It’s like Californian
wine production, which helped grow U.S.
wine consumption.” Gemesis, the first
company to produce cultured diamonds, Perfect Predictions & Wise Counsel
was founded in 1996 after U.S. Brigadier
General Carter Clarke paid $170,000 for
three machines created by a Russian sci-
Pt Sanjay Rath
entist. Clarke moved the table-sized units
to the U.S., where he started the company
with help from the University of Florida
in Gainesville.
The machines grow gems from a dia-
mond seed, which is put under the pres-
sure of 58,000 atmospheres and heat of
2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, close to the
melting point of steel. “The aim is to take
10 percent of the rough market, in value
terms, in five years,” says Stephen Lux,
chief executive officer and president of
Gemesis, who used to work at Engelhard Consultation by prior appointment only
Corp. “The sky is the limit.”
 Vedic Reading includes an examination of your birth chart
’Room for Everyone’ (horoscopy) and rectification of time to match your life
John Teeling, founder and chairman of events.
African Diamonds Plc, a Dublin-based
mining company in which De Beers has a
 Relationship and marriage matters including matching for
stake, doesn’t see synthetics as a threat. marriages, strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and
“If you meet a woman that you are go-
how to make it work...also Children, family and other mat-
ing to spend the rest of your life with and ters.
have babies with, are you going to give  Don’t fret if you don’t have birth details. Vedic Astrology
her a diamond made in a lab in Pitts- provides an excellent Prasna (Horary) technique to answer
burgh or are you going to give her the
real thing?” Teeling said. “I’d be killed if
your serious questions.
I did that.”  Gemstones (prescriptions only - we don’t sell gems or jew-
Synthetics first emerged in 1955, when a
elry) and Vedic remedies, including Mantras and yantras are
team of scientists at General Electric Co. advised based on need and if you request it.
transformed graphite into diamonds, ac-  Business & career issues can be a continuous bother. Make
cording to GE’s Web site. The gems are things smoother for you and save enough for retire comfort-
mainly used in industrial applications,
such as cutting tools. About 1 billion car- ably.Vedic Numerology can help you choose luckier num-
ats of synthetic diamonds are produced a bers for your car, names for your business and movies etc.
year, according to Apollo.  Spirituality focused readings show where you stand today
Man-made gems may end up compen- and what lies ahead.
sating for an expected shortage of mined
stones, said James Picton, a diamond Horoscope readings of your birth chart or questions are done by prior
analyst with W.H. Ireland Ltd., who has appointment only. The consultation cost is time based and charged
followed the market for three decades. at the rate of US$ 250 (Two Hundred Fifty United States Dollars) per
Diamond miners produced $13.2 billion hour. The normal appointment slots are one hour. Determine the type
of rough stones last year, while demand
was $15 billion, he said.
of reading you want and then (1) make the payment by clicking the
button alongside it and (2) download and fill a form and email it to
“At the edge of the market, there is room me at vedicreading@srath.com Most people prefer the general read-
for these synthetic diamond businesses
to thrive,” said Graham Birch, who helps ing by phone or personal meeting. You can call the following local
manage about $8.5 billion of precious- number (whichever is cloasest to your location) and speak with Pt.
metals equities at BlackRock Investment Sanjay Rath in India. Only local call rates will apply for you.
Management Ltd. in London. “Look at
the balance of supply and demand in the (650) 492-5495, United States vedicreading@srath.com
rough market. There just haven’t been (02921) 25-0646 United Kingdom sarbanirath@gmail.com
enough diamond mines discovered.” (011) 4243-0122 India http://srath.com
Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007 • 5

JD0704.indd 5 17-12-2012 10:58:11

letters `
Just how much older has been dis- Rather than using the observato-
FATHERS OF THE ZODIAC puted — the estimates go back to ry's massive 9.2-metre telescope,
From Nature News June 2007 2,300 BC. he stood outside and gazed at the
stars. "The best equipment I used
Using modern techniques — and Now Brad Schaefer, an astrono- was rocks to mark where my feet
some rocks — a US astronomer mer at Louisiana State University were," he says.
has traced the origin of a set of an- in Baton Rouge, says he has dated
cient clay tablets to a precise date the observations to 1,370 BC, give
Nevertheless, these measure-
and place. The tablets show con- or take a century.
ments allowed him to pinpoint
stellations thought to be precur-
his own position and date more
sors of the present-day zodiac. The tablets contain a number of precisely than he could those of
different observations, includ- the Assyrian astronomers. He is
The tablets, known collectively as ing the day each year that certain
MUL.APIN, contain nearly 200 not sure why his measurements
constellations first appeared in worked better.
astronomical observations, in- the dawn sky. These dates change
cluding measurements related to over the millennia because of a Schaefer's work will help settle a
several constellations. They are tiny wobble in the Earth's axis. long-standing debate, says Her-
written in cuneiform, a Middle-
mann Hunger, an Assyriologist at
Eastern script that is one of the "It's like a big hour hand in the the University of Vienna in Aus-
oldest known forms of writing, sky," Schaefer says. tria. Previously, historians had
and were made in Babylon around
By studying these dates and other based their arguments on single
687 BC.
astronomical information, such stars or constellations on the tab-
as the dates certain constellations lets.
But most archaeologists believe were directly overhead, Schaefer
that the tablets are transcriptions Schaefer's statistical analysis of
nailed down the year the mea-
of much earlier observations all the observations on the tablets
surements were taken.
made by Assyrian astronomers. "will impress historians who can-
not do the same on their own —
He also worked out
including myself", Hunger says.
that the ancient ob-
He adds that most historians have
servers lived within
settled on a rough date of 1,000
roughly 100 kilome-
BC for the tablets, which agrees
tres of 35.1° N — an
well with Schaefer's analysis.
area that includes
the ancient Assyr-
ian cities of Ninova CAVES SPOTTED ON
and Asur. The results MARS
were presented at the
American Astronomi-
cal Society's summer NASA's Mars Odyssey space-
meeting in Honolulu, craft has discovered entrances to
Hawaii. seven possible caves on the slopes
of a Martian volcano. The find is
Star gazing fueling interest in potential un-
derground habitats and sparking
To double-check searches for caverns elsewhere on
his measurements, the Red Planet.
Schaefer did his own
observations at the Very dark, nearly circular features
McDonald Obser- ranging in diameter from about
vatory in the Davis 328 to 820 feet puzzled research-
Mountains of Texas. ers who found them in images
taken by NASA's Mars Odyssey
6 • Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007

JD0704.indd 6 17-12-2012 10:58:12

` news
"Whether these are just deep ver-
tical shafts or openings into spa-
cious caverns, they are entries
to the subsurface of Mars," said
co-author Tim Titus of the U.S.
Geological Survey in Flagstaff.
"Somewhere on Mars, caves might
provide a protected niche for past
or current life, or shelter for hu-
mans in the future."

The discovered holes, dubbed

"Seven Sisters," are at some of the
highest altitudes on the planet, on
a volcano named Arsia Mons near
Mars' tallest mountain.

and Mars Global Surveyor orbit- Evidence that the holes may be The new report proposes that the
ers. Using Mars Odyssey's infra- openings to cavernous spaces deep holes on Arsia Mons proba-
red camera to check the daytime comes from the temperature dif- bly formed as underground stress-
and nighttime temperatures of ferences detected from infrared es around the volcano caused
the circles, scientists concluded images taken in the afternoon spreading and faults that opened
that they could be windows into vs. the pre-dawn morning. From spaces beneath the surface. Some
underground spaces. day to night, temperatures of the of the holes are in line with strings
holes change of bowl-shaped pits where surface
only about one- material has apparently collapsed
third as much to fill the gap created by a linear
as the change fault.
in temperature
of surrounding The observations have prompted
ground surface. researchers using Mars Odyssey
and NASA's newer Mars Recon-

Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007 • 7

JD0704.indd 7 17-12-2012 10:58:12

letters `
naissance Orbiter to examine the might hit Earth out of the Solar bit might have actually increased
Seven Sisters. The goal is to find System. Some have also postu- the number of objects on a colli-
other openings to underground lated that Jupiter would thin the sion course with earth. Until now,
spaces at lower elevations that are crowd of dangerous asteroids Horner says, little work was done
more accessible to future missions and other objects, making Earth a to test either idea.
to Mars. more stable home.
Modelling the Solar System
JUPITER’S PROTECTIVE But now, a preliminary study in-
dicates that Earth would have So Horner and colleague Barrie
PULL done just as well, if not better — Jones built several versions of the
in at least one regard - without Ju- Solar System on the Open Univer-
From Nature News August 2007 sity's computer cluster: one with a
piter's help.
For more than a decade many as- Jupiter, one without, and several
tronomers have thought of Jupi- The results of a study presented with a gas giant that was either
ter as a protective big brother for today at the European Planetary a quarter, half, or three-quarters
planet Earth. The gas giant's grav- Science Congress in Potsdam, Ger- of Jupiter's mass. The system
itational pull is believed to sling- many, indicate that Earth would also contained 100,000 centaurs
shot incoming Earth-threatening be struck — by one class of ob- — large, icy bodies from the So-
objects out of the Solar System. jects at least — at nearly the same lar System's Kuiper belt, within
This has led many to suppose it rate, regardless of whether Jupiter which Pluto lies.
shielded the young Earth from was there or not. The findings are
impacts, helping to support con- still tentative, cautions Jonathan After running their models for 10
ditions for life. Horner, an astronomer at the Open million virtual years, Horner and
University in Milton Keynes who Jones found some striking results.
led the new work. But, he says, Ju- The Earth was about 30% more
The idea of Jupiter as protec-
piter's role as guardian may have likely to be hit by a centaur in a
tor was first proposed by plan-
been overstated: "It seems that the Solar System with a life-size Ju-
etary scientist George Wetherill in
idea isn't so clear-cut." piter than it was in a Jupiter-less
19941. Wetherill showed that the
system. Things looked even worse
planet's enormous mass — more Other work has suggested that, in when there was an intermediate-
than 300 times that of the Earth — the past, changes in Jupiter's or- sized planet in Jupiter's place, ac-
is enough to catapult comets that

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` news
crossing objects in the Solar Sys-
tem, Morbidelli says. To really
understand Jupiter's role as a pro-
tector will require a calculation of
how the planet influences those
many, smaller objects. "That's a
much more complicated thing to
do," Morbidelli says.

Horner says that he and his col-

leagues will soon begin work on
simulations of both the Oort cloud
comets and asteroid belt objects.

From National Geographic Magazine
December 2006
The rain comes just once every
thousand years, in torrents of
liquid methane. The noxious air
dims sunshine to an eternal or-
ange twilight. The cold—290 de-
grees below zero Fahrenheit (mi-
cording to Horner. A lighter ver- likely source of a hit, according nus 180°C)—is a lethal assault.
sion of Jupiter could help pull the to Alessandro Morbidelli, an as- And beyond the hazy sky looms
centaurs into the inner Solar Sys- tronomer at the Observatoire de the ringed planet Saturn.
tem, while lacking the gravity to la Cote d'Azur, in Nice, France.
heave them back out. As a result, The asteroid belt between Mars
a planet with a quarter of Jupiter's and Jupiter accounts for all but Yet here on Saturn's outsize moon
mass could increase the chances of a small percentage of the Earth- Titan is a world eerily like our
a strike on Earth by nearly 500%
when compared to a system with
no planet there.

More Belts
"It's a good speculative paper,"
says Mark Bailey, director of the
Armagh Observatory in Northern
Ireland and an expert on Earth-
impacting asteroids. However,
Bailey adds, it fails to take into
account Jupiter's ability to deflect
Earth-colliding objects from the
Oort cloud, a massive cloud of
comets that surrounds the Solar

Nor does it factor in the most

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letters `

own. "Titan is a Peter Pan world," gentle winds carry a rich brew of
says Tobias Owen of the Univer- organic molecules, some reminis- The Titan encounter was a high
sity of Hawaii's Institute for As- cent of compounds that provided point in what has amounted to
tronomy. "It's got all the materials the raw material for life on Earth. a voyage back in time. From the
and elements to develop into a exotic metallic hydrogen in its
planet like Earth," he says, "but it Owen and his fellow planetary interior to the fine rubble of its
never had the chance to grow up." scientists are used to picturing rings, on moons that range from
The dense atmosphere is filled Titan in their imaginations. Now the icy oddball Phoebe to Encela-
with hydrocarbon smog. The rare they've visited, if only by remote dus, which spurts warm geysers,
methane monsoons create sud- control. For the past two-and-a- Saturn carries clues to how the so-
den rivers that cut deep channels half years, a space probe called lar system took shape 4.6 billion
in Titan's low hills and run down Cassini has hobnobbed with the years ago and gave rise to life.
to a great sandy plain. Like Earth, moons and rings of Saturn and The planet and its orbiting reti-
Titan may have geologic activ- gazed down on the giant planet. nue, says planetary scientist Jeff
ity and volcanism—a slow, chilly Soon after arriving, Cassini even Cuzzi of NASA's Ames Research
version that erupts a lavalike mix launched a second, smaller probe Center, "connects us to solar sys-
of half-melted water and ammo- called Huygens, which touched tem structure and evolution on
nia. Most tantalizing of all, Titan's down on Titan's surface. the grandest scale."


From the archives of the National
Geographic Magazine
To the ancient Greeks who ob-
served the heavens, Saturn was
one of six "wandering stars,"
which, over the course of a year,
seemed to move forward and
backward against the fixed back-
ground of stars. Two thousand
years later, still trying to under-
stand these mysterious bodies,
which we now know as planets,
Galileo pointed his primitive "op-
tical tube" toward Saturn. What he
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` news
saw in 1610 confounded him. He
thought he saw an object made of
three stars—a large disk with two
small globes touching each side.
In 1612 he noted that the "com-
panions" had vanished, but after
they reappeared in 1613, Galileo
wrote that Saturn had "ears."

Four decades later the magnify-

ing power of telescopes had im-
proved enough that Dutch as-
tronomer and physicist Christiaan
Huygens recognized the "ears" as
the planet's ring system, one of
the most magnificent sights in the
night sky. Today, anyone with a
modest telescope—even a good
bird-watcher's spotting scope or Brown, an astronomer at the Cali- since Earth was thought to reside
a powerful pair of binoculars on fornia Institute of Technology, at its center. Brown thinks it's time
a sturdy mount—can discern Sat- has found many of the largest for another. Perhaps the Kuiper
urn's rings from a dark backyard. planetoids himself. But the one he belt and Oort cloud overlap. Icy
found in November 2003—called objects may exist from here to
Sedna, in honor of an Inuit sea there and everywhere in between.
SOLAR SYSTEM SUBURBS goddess of the Arctic—not only "Sedna just blew us away. We
From the archives of the National is bigger than any known Kuiper had no idea that this intermediate
Geographic Magazine belt object other than Pluto but population was out there," Brown
also is many billions of miles far- says.
Mike Brown found a world that
ther from the sun than the Kuiper
wasn't supposed to exist. It was
belt bodies. Sedna at its closest ap- He suspects that there are larger
an icy planetoid, nearly the size
proach to the sun is still two and a worlds in our solar system. One,
of Pluto, and it was in the wrong
half times as far away as Pluto. Its by his calculation, might be close
place, in what had been presumed
orbit will eventually take it more to the size of Mars, around 4,000
to be a relatively empty region
than 12 times that far away, into miles (6,400 kilometers) in diame-
of space with just some gas and
a dim exurb of the solar system ter, which would definitely bump
dust—certainly no objects per-
where the sun looks more like an it up to planet status. He estimates
haps a thousand miles across.
ordinary star. that another 60 bodies the size of
Sedna will eventually come into
It's not that the planetoid itself Brown wondered if he had made view.
was a big surprise. Over a decade the first discovery of a body in the
ago astronomers predicted that Oort cloud, a hypothesized reser-
ice worlds smaller than planets voir of comets forming a kind of No one will be eager to relocate to
would be found in a region named shell around the solar system tril- an ice ball way beyond Pluto, but
the Kuiper belt, roughly between lions of miles from the sun. Dutch this kind of research helps us un-
the orbit of Neptune and a region astronomer Jan Oort theorized derstand how planetary systems
of space a pretty good hike be- in the 1950s that certain comets form and evolve. In the meantime,
yond Pluto. In 1992 astronomers come from this distant pool. But anyone who builds a new model
in Hawaii found the first of what Sedna is much closer to the sun of our solar system should make
is now a list of nearly a thousand than those hypothetical comets. sure it has room for an extension.
icy bodies in that region. Some Photo: Courtesy NASA http://
are pretty chunky—hundreds of Astronomers have been making science.hq.nasa.gov
miles in diameter. new models of our solar system
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pranapada `
The Präëapada Lagna
By Sanjay Rath
Extracts from A Course in Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutra Adhyaya-I Pada-I

continued from previous issue...

CASE STUDIES relationship with aunt (Venus) Rädhä as
Chart 2: Çré Kåñëa Präëapada Venus aspects Ketu in the ninth house.
Capricorn indicates death and is the Kali
PRÄËAPADA IN NINTH Yuga räçi and it is but natural that Kåñëa
HOUSE FROM LAGNA should incarnate as the Yuga avatära
with the präëapada in this räçi. This
In the chart of Çré Kåñëa, the Präëapada sign is conjoined Ketu and is aspected
is in the ninth house of dharma and the by Saturn and Venus forming a tapasvi
world gets the great benefit of learning yoga and making Him the best student
the Yuga dharma, the vedänta of the of His Guru åñi Sandipani of Avantipur
Bhagavat Géta becomes the fountainhead when He mastered the sixty-four Sid-
for the Kali Yuga as the age of darkness dha Vidyä in 64 days!
is going to make the Vedas difficult to
comprehend. Mokña käraka Ketu con- On offering Guru dakñiëä, Åñi Sandi-
joins the Präëapada in the ninth house pani’s wife wanted that their son who
and the world gets the benefit of the was lost at the Prabhäsa near the sea
emancipation of many souls due to the while bathing, be brought back. From
incarnation of the Lord. The lord of this the ninth house, Venus is the fifth lord
sign Capricorn has an exchange with the with Rähu (demon) and Mars the lord of
seventh co-lord Ketu indicating a pari- VL indicating that once again the Lord
vartana räjayoga involving the seventh would have to fight demons to restore
and ninth houses but this maybe seen by His Guru’s son. Retrograde Ketu indi-
the world as excessive marital relation- cates restoration or bringing back which
ships as Kåñëa had 16,108 queens but in is confirmed by the parivartana yoga
reality two wives – Rukmiëé and Saty- between Moon and Venus involving the
abhämä. fifth house from the ninth (Guru’s son).
Ketu also indicates accidents while Sat-
Tapasvi Yoga and Rath Yäträ: The fool- urn indicates that which is lost. Çré Kåñëa
ish world embroiled in the age of dark- set about the task and discovered the
ness will also make remarks about His demon Païcajanya who had kidnapped
Sandipani’s son whom he killed and
restored the son to the father. He even
got the païcajanya conch (Moon) which
was to be His constant symbol.

Venus in such affliction of a debilitated

Mars indicates tormented women like
Rädhä or Miräbai who are tormented to
no end by their spouses while with Rähu
widows and ostracised women. Gener-
ally Mars with Venus shows a woman
who is likely to be tormented in her
relationships, especially spouse while
that with Rähu can indicate one whose
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` rath
spouse, lover or fiance can die caus- ily averted it, but the Lord will not break
ing tragedy in her life. The parivartana the laws He makes as He is the
yoga of the Moon and Venus ensures upholder. Thereafter Rädhä and
deliverance for such tormented souls. others worshipped Çré Gaëeça
Venus indicates vehicles and the chariot singing the mantra and the doça
(rath) and in the third house indicates a lifted, bringing back the rains
journey that Kåñëa must make for the (Ketu blocks the Moon and causes
purpose. Therefore every year, the de- drought) and prosperity (Saturn
parted souls of the devotees gather at indicates poverty).
the house of Rädhä, the Guëòichä tem-
ple at Jagannätha Puri and the chariot Dhyäna
of Çré Jagannätha is pulled by the peo- ` su¬aMbr<xr< iv:[u< zizv[¡ ctuÉuRj<,
ple from the Jagannätha temple to the àsÚbdn< Xyaye svRiv¹aepzNtye.
Guëòichä temple to mark the labour of om suklämbarandharaà viñëuà çaçivarëaà
the penance (tapasvi yoga) that brings caturbhujaà|
mokña certainly being associated with prasannabadanaà dhyäye sarvavighnopa-
the Präëapada of Kåñëa. Note that both çantaye||
the exchanges – of Moon and Venus
and of Ketu and Saturn are involving Mantra
the first and third houses from lagna ` g< GlaE< g[ptye iv¹ivnizne Svaha.
and the seventh (satya pétha) to mark om gaà glauà gaëapataye vighnavinaçine
this important journey. svähä||

PRÄËAPADA IN SIXTH Çré Kåñëa was always tormented by en-

FROM KÄRAKA LAGNA emies – his chief enemy even before his
birth was his uncle Kaìsa, and now we
can see how the Präëapada in the sixth
The sixth house shows uncles and ma-
house from the Käraka lagna confirms
ternal relatives as well as diseases, en-
this. Thereafter all sorts of demons at-
emies, servants and pets and digestion
tacked him as a baby and throughout his
in the intestines. It is an upachaya or
childhood until he killed his demoniacal
growth house and shows learning and
uncle and released his parents from cap-
a sharp mind (Mercury rules the natu-
ral sixth house Virgo). Capricorn is also
tivity (10 years age). Jarasaìdha, the fa-
ther-in-law of Kaìsa continued the war-
the abhimukha räçi from Leo the Kära-
ka Lagna with the ätmakäraka Sun in it
fare and attacks every year from his 10 to Çré Kåñëa was al-
28 years of age, forcing the hand of the ways tormented by
besides being the bädhaka from Lagna
people of Mathura in compelling Kåñëa
with Ketu (indicating Gaëeça) in it. The
to leave in his 29th year. When he went
enemies – his chief
Präëapada is in the sixth house from enemy even before
to learn at Guru Sandipani’s ashram, the
the käraka lagna bringing the doça
(flaw) on the käraka lagna. Since the
Guru dakñiëä required another battle and his birth was his
killing of a demon. Battles never ceased uncle Kaìsa, and
bädhaka räçi Capricorn is also aspected
and his relationship and love for his cous-
by Venus the sixth lord, bädhaka will now we can see
ins, the Päëòava brothers resulted in his
surely work. how the Präëapada
involvement in their many battles and the
Mahabharata war itself is one by which in the sixth house
Once even the most learned and wise people remember his great contribu- from the Käraka
Kåñëa made the mistake of adoring the tion. Even the Bhagavat Géta was spoken
Moon on Caturthé (S4 tithi) which is a
lagna confirms
(taught) at the battle field to Arjuna. It is
cursed Moon and brings the curse of more than evident that the Präëapada in
Gaëeça down on Kåñëa and the peo- the sixth house from the Käraka Lagna
ple of his Kingdom would have to see has shown the one path the Lord took for
great suffering. Kåñëa could have eas- His lilä in this incarnation. d
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pranapada `
ninth lord Venus aspects the lagna.

Präëapada in Virgo makes the native

intelligent and learned, Pandit is the
specific title given for such a Mercurial
association. He had a fine complexion or
skin, great writing skills and authored
many volumes of literature that trans-
formed the culture of Puri, besides be-
ing a very good human being and ad-
ept astrologer who regularly performed
the buddhäñöamé and buddhavära vrata
as taught in the Bhaviçya puräëa. Note
that both the vrata are associated with
Whether a person is subdued by ene- the präëapada. The association of Sat-
Präëapada in mies or otherwise is seen by comparing urn with präëapada does make a person
Virgo makes the the strength of the lords of Käraka La- very calm and long-lived.
native intelligent gna and Präëapada Lagna when Präëa-
From the ätmakäraka, the präëapada is
pada is in the sixth house from käraka
and learned, Pan- lagna. The Äditya hådaya taught by Çré
in the tenth house and the lord of Kära-
dit is the specific ka lagna and präëapada are associated
Kåñëa to Arjuna before the Mahabharata
in a Guru-çiñya yoga (Jupiter-Mercury)
title given for such speaks of this secret by which the Lord
in the fourth house (äçrama, gurukula).
a Mercurial asso- is ever victorious. Readers will appreci-
Paräçara 3.83. Tenth house: heroic, ex-
ate that when we discussed präëapada
ciation. tremely intelligent (like Gaëeça), skilful,
we gave mantras and the spirituality as-
dextrous in handling orders of the king
sociated due to its upäsanä link to D20.
(ätmakäraka); desirous or worshipping
a Chart 3: Çré Acyutänanda
god and spiritual. Virgo may not be very
keen to obey the orders of the king but
While it is very difficult to differenti- there was royal association through one
ate the world and self in the chart of Çré of his god brothers who belonged to a
Kåñëa as He is the world, it is better to royal family and Çré Acyutänanda mar-
attempt this in any other chart. ried his sister.

Präëapada and houses Chart 4: Queen Victoria

In the chart of Çré Acyutänanda the In the chart of Queen Victoria, Präëapa-
Präëapada is in Lagna in Virgo. Take da is in Pisces which makes the person
the results for the first house which are very self-respecting and honest and a
“Paräçara 3.74. First House: weak, good human being. Birth time does need
sickly, dumb, lunatic, dull-witted, defec- slight correction for naväàça match-
tive-limbed, miserable, and emaciated”. ing of präëapada but it does not alter
None of these are applicable as the lagna the räçi considerations. Präëapada in
lord is in a kendra and conjoined Jupiter the Eleventh house: famous, virtuous,
in Haàsa and Kalpadruma yoga which learned, wealthy, of fair complexioned
will over-ride these negative traits that and close to mother. All these attributes
the world would have seen. Saturn apply to her as being endowed from the
conjoins the lagna and Präëapada that world. However there is an exchange be-
would make him miserable and sad for tween Jupiter and Saturn indicating that
no explicable reason, which is very true. she will be long lived (Saturn associates
This is what he got from the world which with Präëapada) but the relationship
also vanished after his Guru dékñä as the with her mother can suffer. Mars asso-
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ig estt • O
Oct-Dec 2007

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` rath
ciating with präëapada makes the per-
son wise and strong and successful in
battles that will not be of her choice but
forced by situations. Rähu and Saturn
conjoining the Präëapada bring the en-
ergies of Aquarius making the person
very calm even in the most tight situ-
ations and very cultured – with such a
combination in Pisces, she could be set-
ting the standards that define culture.
Her reign as the Queen of England and
the Empress of India is considered a
golden age called the Victorian era.

Mars is the ätmakäraka and Käraka

Lagna and Präëapada are in the same
house indicating the following possi-
bilities based on Paräçara 3.74. “First
House: weak, sickly, dumb, lunatic,
dull-witted, defective-limbed, miser-
able, and emaciated”. Weakness is
not an attribute for a vargottama la-
gna and is ruled out; sickly or lunacy
is also not an attribute for one having
the exalted Moon in lagna which indi-
cates the exact opposite as healthy and
a very sharp mind. In general all those
physical characteristics do not apply
except for the word ‘miserable’ which
in the fifth house from both lagna and
she may have been at times as Saturn
käraka Lagna in Leo. The eighth house
conjoins the präëapada and käraka la-
from Sagittarius is Cancer with a vargot-
gna as well which gives long life but
tama (strong) Rähu in it. If there is a
with its share of misery and sorrows
malefic planet in the eighth house from
to undergo. Präëapada in Pisces gives
präëapada then his intention is surely
competent children and lineage espe-
malicious and to kill.
cially since Jupiter is in the ninth house
in nécabhaìga räjayoga.
Naväàça Tulya Räçi: Check the planets
that occupy the same naväàça as the sign
PRÄËAPADA, LONGEVITY – occupied by the Präëapada lagna. Do the
VIMÇOTTARI DAÇÄ same for the eighth house from Präëapa-
da Lagna. Since Präëapada in Sagittarius
Rath Rule: Death occurs during the and eighth house is Cancer, check these
periods of planets (vimçottari daçä) signs in naväàça. Mercury is in Sagit-
associated with the Präëapada Lagna tarius naväàça and Rähu and Jupiter are
or the Rudra bhäva (second/eighth in Cancer naväàça. Jupiter is exalted in
house) from it. Planets in the räçi tu- naväàça and is unlikely to kill him leav-
lya naväàça of these signs can also be ing the task to Rähu and Mercury.
death inflicting.
Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Rähu
Chart 5: Rajiv Gandhi daçä Mercury antardaçä Rähu pratyantar
daçä. It could not have been more accu-
Räçi chart: Präëapada is in Sagittarius
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pranapada `
naväàça and by the Räçi-tulya-naväàça
principle qualifies to kill. Aquarius
naväàça is again vacant but Rähu is in
Gemini naväàça indicating that the del-
egation of killing powers that it has is
given to Mercury instead of the Sun.

We are finally left with three planets –

Saturn, Moon and Mercury and Sanjay
Gandhi died in a plane crash on 29 June
1980 in Moon daçä Mercury antardaçä
Saturn pratyantar daçä. The method of
using the präëapada lagna has again
shown astounding accuracy as the
method of calculation is D20=12+eighth
Chart 7: Mahatma Gandhi
Räçi Chart: In the chart of Mahatma
Gandhi, the präëapada is in Taurus and
is vacant. Therefore we consider its lord
Venus. Eighth house is Sagittarius and
this is also vacant but its lord Jupiter is
the ätmakäraka thereby qualifying as
Naväàça Chart: Venus and Mars is
in Taurus naväàça and by the Räçi-
rate. tulya-naväàça principle qualifies to
kill. Sagittarius, the eighth house from
Chart 6: Sanjay Gandhi Präëapada in räçi is occupied by Jupi-
ter in naväàça thereby qualifying to
become märaka for chart.
In the chart of Sanjay Gandhi, the präëa-
pada is in Cancer seriously threatening We are finally left with three planets
the longevity and showing short life. – Venus, Jupiter and Mars. Mahatma
Longevity is extended beyond bäläriñöha Gandhi was assassinated on 30 January
and yogäriñöha (20 years) by the conjunc- 1948 in Jupiter daçä Venus antardaçä
tion of Saturn with the Präëapada Lagna Venus pratyantar daçä. Once again the
but this combination cannot extend it Präëapada Lagna has accurately given
beyond the Ayur Khanda (36 years av- the period of death.
erage and a maximum of 40 years).
Chart 8: Indira Gandhi
Räçi Chart: Präëapada in Cancer con- Räçi Chart: In the chart of Indira Gandhi,
joined Saturn, lord Moon. Eighth house the präëapada is in Cancer and is con-
is Aquarius that is vacant and its lord joined Saturn that promises good lon-
Rähu is in Äyus exaltation in Taurus and gevity but considerable sorrow and mis-
will surely not like to kill. Rähu aspects ery as well. There is a parivartana yoga
the Sun and Mercury thereby delegating of Saturn with the Moon. Therefore, we
the power to one of them. consider Saturn ätmakäraka as the first
and Moon as the second märaka. Eighth
Naväàça Chart: Moon is in Cancer house is Aquarius and this is vacant but
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` rath
its lord Saturn is the ätmakäraka and
co-lord Rähu is debilitated in the sixth
house of enemies from präëapada.

Naväàça Chart: Rähu in Cancer

naväàça and by the Räçi-tulya-
naväàça principle qualifies to kill as
this sign is the präëapada in the räçi
chart. Aquarius, the eighth house from
Präëapada in räçi is occupied by Moon
in naväàça thereby qualifying to be-
come märaka for chart. Longevity is in
the second compartment (36-72 years)
which are checked by other methods.
these, the third house is the äkäça tattva
We are finally left with three planets – connection to birth and shows what was
Saturn, Moon and Rähu. Indira Gandhi the connection to this planet that caused
was assassinated on 31 October 1984 the soul to incarnate. The soul can nor-
in Saturn daçä Rähu antardaçä Sun mally incarnate in a family due to vari-
pratyantar daçä (could be Moon if a ous karmic connections with (1) father,
different ayanäàça was used). (2) mother, (3) siblings or (4) others. Since
the soul is carried by the Präëa [Sun sym-
Conclusion bolic] along with Udäna [Moon symbolic]
the first test is normally with parents that
Präëapada Lagna has accurately given
call for the child in the form of a desire
the period of death in this chart as well
that grows in their hearts to have a child.
as all others, and we can see how it is
Oftentimes, when the time comes for the
such an important point for the accu-
karmic destiny to fulfill and rebirth to oc-
rate calculation of birth time, knowing
cur, the soul of the child brings the par-
the nature of the individual and ma-
ents together in a relationship that causes
jor abilities and weaknesses, knowing
marriage, again in any of the eight forms
about life trends and situations, expect-
of marriage based on its destiny and kar-
ed problems and their causes as well
ma. Such marriages can be short-lived
as the spiritual remedies necessary to
and can break after the children incarnate
overcome them, strength during battles
as there never was a real relationship be-
and finally death as well.
tween the parents of the child.
We have examined this is many charts
Therefore we examine the third house
and have also used it for accurately
timing the death of relations as well, from Präëapada Lagna, the seat of the ...we examine the
but leave those details for another day. Präëa for controlling the ears and see third house from
There is yet another aspect to Präëapa- who the ear likes to listen to.
Präëapada Lagna,
da and that is relationships, which are
examined hereafter. If only natural benefic planets are in third
the seat of the
from Präëapada lagna, the native is at- Präëa for control-
PRÄËAPADA AND RELA- tached to father and would listen to him. ling the ears and
TIONSHIPS It is a very deep rooted relationship from see who the ear
Among the five governors, we have past life and the karma that caused rein- likes to listen to.
known that Präëa is the chief and based carnation is related to father. The attach-
on the detailed exposition of Maharñi ment is really deep if the natural benefics
Pippaläda, it sits in the eyes and ears are strong or if Venus associates showing
which is second and third houses. Of great love. f
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JD0704.indd 17 17-12-2012 10:58:19

pranapada `
house then the native has no at-
tachment with family, although
the lord of the third house can
show the initial attachment with
either father (if natural benefic) or
mother (if natural malefic).
Chart 9: Indira Gandhi
In the chart of Indira Gandhi the präëa-
pada is in Cancer with the third house
from it Virgo vacant. Therefore we con-
sider its lord Mercury which is a natu-
1) If only benefic planets are in the ral benefic planet and shows strong at-
third house aspected by natural tachment to father, especially when it
malefic planets then there shall is in the fifth house from lagna which
be strong attachment with fa- amounts to adoration, idolising father
ther which shall change during etc. She grew up in the sole care of her
the periods of the malefic plan- mother, who was sick with tuberculosis
ets causing distancing and deep and felt alienated from the Nehru house-
internal suffering and inexplicable hold, yet in the 1930’s when she was
love-hate relationships. Räçi dåñöi barely in her teens, she smuggled out an
shows temporary breaks that can important document in her schoolbag
be resolved while räçi dåñöi shows that outlined plans for a major revolu-
permanent fissures in the relation- tionary initiative even as the house was
ship. under surveillance by the police show-
2) If only natural malefic planets are ing clearly that she was her dad’s daring
in the third from präëapada lagna, darling daughter.
the native is attached to mother
from the past life and the bonding Virgo has the räçi dåñöi of Rähu with Ve-
is very strong. Depending on the nus from Sagittarius and from Ketu in
strength of the malefic, the love the twelfth house in Gemini. Her moth-
would be that strong. er died when she was 17 years making
3) If only natural malefic planets are her father the only family member she
in the third house aspected by could get along with. What else could
natural benefic planets, then there we expect from an empty third house
shall be strong attachment with from an empty third house from Präëa-
mother which shall change during pada with such malefic aspects? This as-
the periods of the benefic plan- pects of the nodes threatens permanent
ets causing distancing and deep fissure in the relationship and that the
internal suffering and inexplicable same can come due to marriage as Rähu
love-hate relationships. Räçi dåñöi conjoins Venus in trines to the Upapada
shows temporary breaks that can (marriage) in Aries. This also indicates
be resolved while räçi dåñöi shows an unconventional marriage and she
permanent fissures in the relation- married Feroze Gandhi after the latter
ship. was adopted by Mahatma Gandhi. The
4) If both natural benefic and malefic marriage happened in Rähu daçä Saturn
planets are stationed in the third antardaçä and these very planets were
house from präëapada lagna, then responsible for her assassination (Saturn
the attachment is more with sib- daçä Rähu antardaçä later). Till the free-
lings than parents or sometimes dom struggle in 1947, the relationship
with another close relative. with her father was very much present,
5) If there are no planets in the third but by then she had two baby boys and
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` rath
a home to look after. Thereafter she be- the queen’s heart and she was thrown in a
came engrossed in her personal life in lonely ocean of life where the tumultuous
Allahabad as her father continued in waves of karma hammered her between
Delhi. affection to father and spouse and her
duty to both as well as to the millions in
Her husband Feroze was an excellent India who called her Goddess Kälé – the
man of distinguished character and remover of sorrow.
chose his own path in politics contest-
ing the first Indian election in 1952
People always think that Nehru pushed
without consulting Nehru his father-in-
Indira Gandhi into politics, but the facts
law and also choosing to stay in a sep-
are very different. Nehru was a vocal op-
arate house in Delhi (which was very
much against the ethos then). One can
see how Venus and Rähu combination
ponent of nepotism and did not allow any
of the sons of leaders to come up unless
they themselves had the leadership abili-
is negatively impacting the third house
ties. He was an idealist in this matter and
All the marriage
from Präëapada in each of these deci- relationships rules
Indira Gandhi did not contest elections
sions that Feroze Gandhi made. Indira
till he lived, not even the 1962 elections. given here are for
Gandhi’s biggest challenge came there-
It was only after his death and the stood love and marriage,
after when Feroze Gandhi exposed a
for elections at the behest of the then PM
national scandal involving Nehru’s Fi- which is differ-
Lal Bahadur Shastri. Her tenth lord Mars
nance Minister T.T.Krishnamacari who
(Aries) responsible for her career, which ent from arranged
was forced to resign causing irrepara- marriages that
started with the leadership of the Vänara
ble damage to Nehru’s reputation and
national image. Indira started staying
Senä when she was in school, has a bad take place in many
aspect on Mercury indicating some strain societies as in
with her father and looking after him
in the relationship with father due to ca-
instead of her husband and their mar-
reer. Therefore career took off only after
India. The rules
riage became tumultuous from Rähu given here may
daçä Moon antardaçä (Moon and Rähu
or may not work
always battle for ruling the mind). Fer- PRÄËAPADA: TIMING MAR-
oze was fighting a losing battle as Ju- showing that the
piter daçä started in 1954 and Jupiter, love and affection
the best natural benefic and ninth lord The list of rules for relationships contin- has not yet devel-
aspects Virgo, the third from präëapa- ues from the previous one as marriage is oped at the time of
da thereby cleansing the relationship of an extension of family ties and amounts
Indira Gandhi with her father and pav-
marriage, and will
to building family. All the marriage re-
ing the way for her political inheritance lationships rules given here are for love develop at a later
of the leadership of the Congress Party. and marriage, which is different from ar- date.
Jupiter is in ñaòäñöaka (mutual 6/8 re- ranged marriages that take place in many
lationship) with Rähu and will ensure societies as in India. The rules given here
its defeat. Feroze Gandhi died in Sep-
tember 8, 1960 in Jupiter daçä Mercury
may or may not work showing that the
love and affection has not yet developed
antardaçä – both planets ensure that at the time of marriage, and will develop
she shall be closest to her father. Saturn at a later date.
also has a bad aspect on Virgo (graha
6) Marriage and any relationship
dåñöi) and in Jupiter daçä Saturn an-
establishment happens based on the
tardaçä she came back to her husband
third house from präëapada.
after he suffered a heart attack (1958)
7) When planets giving marriage [upa-
and was with him till his death. How-
pada and naväàça basis for each
ever Venus supports Rähu and in Jupi-
marriage] associate with the third
ter daçä Venus antardaçä Nehru died.
from präëapada, then the marriage
will surely happen during that pe-
In this manner the planets battled for
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pranapada `
is a natural malefic and has räçi dåñöi on
Taurus and the Moon indicating experi-
ences that can cause permanent fissure
in the relationship with father. These
may have been triggered by mother as
Mars is in the fourth house and is the
lagna lord showing intelligence and cir-
cumstances acting in opposition to the
inner heart. By the time Mars ended, she
had gone through her turbulent teenage
and Rähu daçä started. She ran away to
Indonesia to get away from all the dark-
ness in her life and trained in the mar-
tial arts. Rähu is lord of bädhaka and is
8) When planets indicating children placed in the seventh house. Its aspect
[upapada trines and saptäàça on the third house from Präëapada en-
basis for each marriage] associate sures further distancing from family.
with the third from Präëapada La- Rähu is no saint as he sits in the sev-
gna, then children come into one’s enth house of wrong relationships and
world. is also the eleventh lord indicating that
9) Based on the rules of relationships, she will fall into very deep relationships
father, mother and siblings either with wrong men. Whenever the lords of
support the new family member the eleventh or third are in the seventh
(spouse) or otherwise. house or vice-versa, the native is very
10) Daçä planet shows the native, genuinely in love with spouse. Howev-
antardaçä planet shows the spouse er with Rähu, reciprocation of this love
or child and pratyantar daçä planet need not be assured, and is mainly the
shows the physical event. opposite.
Chart 10: Lady
h In the chart of the lady, the präëapada First marriage: Her first marriage was
is in Pisces with the third house having on Dec 28, 1981 (legal marriage, had a
Whenever the lords a planet, therefore we ignore the nature Jewish wedding a few months later) in
of the eleventh or of the sign and its lord. The planet is the Rähu daçä Saturn antardaçä and Moon
third are in the Moon and it is exalted showing a very pratyantar daçä. Note that all the three
seventh house or strong attachment with her father. So planets aspect the third house from
strong is the attachment that it would präëapada which is Taurus. Moon con-
vice-versa, the be difficult to explain her being drawn joins showing the timing of the physical
native is very to him even after suffering severe rela- event at pratyantar daçä level; antarda-
genuinely in love tionship strokes. Memory of her father çä planet Saturn has graha dåñöi (sev-
with spouse. How- or even the mention of him makes the enth house aspect) showing that desire
mouth dry and words choke. The depth brought about the marriage; Rähu has
ever with Rähu,
of this attachment can be seen by the räçi dåñöi on Taurus showing that it shall
reciprocation of conjunction of another natural benefic favour all relationships so long as father
this love need not Mercury as ätmakäraka (soul) with the is troubled about them. It is obvious that
be assured, and is Moon clearly indicating that the soul the yogas bringing marriage are weak
mainly the oppo- has incarnated only because of a strong due to Saturn dåñöi.
karmic bond with father.
Second marriage: Her second marriage
The relationship was great till her Moon in September 1989 was in Rähu daçä Ve-
daçä ended in 1969. The advent of Mars nus antardaçä Saturn pratyantar daçä.
j brought strain in the relationship as Mars Venus is the lord of the third house
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` rath
from präëapada (Taurus) and has a – natural benefics and natural malefics
parivartana with Mercury showing
that this marriage will not last. Howev-
form two distinct groups that are not mu-
tually supportive.
er, Venus will give a child, a daughter In fact, his first
named after her, Sitä is another name However, the advent of the Moon daçä
would surely bring about the desire to expression of a de-
of Venus (Lakñmé).
marry and have children as the Moon sire to marry was
Third marriage: Her third marriage
is the lord of the fifth house in the ninth during Venus daçä
house (one son desire). In fact, his first ex- Mercury antarda-
was in Jupiter daçä which means lot
pression of a desire to marry was during
many things, especially for one born
Venus daçä Mercury antardaçä as Mer-
çä as Mercury is
in Rohiëé, the nakñatra of Prajäpati the seventh lord
cury is the seventh lord and aspects the
(Brahmä) as Jupiter is Brähmaëaspati
or Båhaspati for short. She would start
third house from präëapada lagna. His and aspects the
girlfriend visited his home for parents third house from
moving towards knowledge and brah-
and family to meet her, as he wanted it to
min people who are into study and präëapada lagna.
be a family event. He was warned by this
spirituality. The marriage to a profes-
scribe not to do – it is obvious as Mercury
sor occurred on 25 May 1998 in Jupiter
(relatives) aspect the third from präëapa-
daçä Saturn antardaçä Rähu pratyantar
daçä. Jupiter also has graha dåñöi on
da lagna and will only end up damaging
his relationship. That is exactly what hap-
the third house from präëapada and is
pened and after they returned, she called
the lord of präëapada showing honour
off the wedding without giving any rea-
and self-respect besides great learning
and spirituality as the strong founda-
tion for the marriage.
Finally in Moon daçä Jupiter antardaçä
Chart 11: Male his second girlfriend visited his parents
and marriage was decided. Yet only his
In the chart (male, data withheld), the younger brother (Mars lord of third house
präëapada is in Aquarius with the from präëapada aspects the third house
third house Aries vacant. Therefore we by räçi dåñöi) and Mother (Moon aspects
consider its lord Mars which, being a third house) and some friends (Mercury
natural malefic planets shows strong aspects) and colleagues attended the
attachment to mother and this shall be wedding which was a grand occasion cel-
very good for the native as the Moon ebrated in Moon daçä Jupiter antardaçä
is ätmakäraka. However Mars is con- Mercury pratyantar daçä. Yet the mar-
joined Mercury and Jupiter, two natu- riage never lasted and as soon as Saturn
ral benefic planets showing that the antardaçä came, it fell apart. The second
relationship with mother will sour and from upapada is very weak.
the native will gradually cut off from
family. Mars is the natural significator
for younger brother and it is his young-
er brother who is constantly trying to
build harmony and maintain relation-
ships between siblings and parents i.e.
infusing the äkäça tattva through the
präëa into the family. The aspect of
the Moon, a natural benefic planet on
the third from präëapada is also not
improving family relationships as the
sign is Aries and the tendency is to al-
ter which does not improve.

The rules in this regard are very clear

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drig dasa `
Parasara’s Drigdasa (Part 1)
P.V.R. Narasimha Rao
Om Sree Mahaganadhipataye Namah Om Rishibhyo Namah Om Sree Gurubhyo Namah

Introduction several general guidelines for judging all

rasi dasas. We will use hints from tradi-
There is a version of drigdasa that was tion in addition to what Parasara teach-
taught by some SJC Jyotish gurus in the es. But we will strictly follow Parasara
past (see [1], [2], [3] and [4]). What Ma- in all calculations.
harshi Parasara taught in [5] is very sim-
ilar to this version, but differs in some Calculation of Mahadasas
key details. Interestingly, the interpre- The following verses (see [4]) describe
tation of aphorism 2.4.21 of “Jaimini the calculation of mahadasas in drig-
Sutram”, which mentions drigdasa by dasa.
name, by some other commentators of
Jaimini ([6] and [7]) deviates from Paras-
ara’s teachings much more. At least the
Jagadguru Sri Sri
interpretation of that aphorism in [1] is
Chandrasekhara Sara-
quite close to what Parasara taught. This
swati - the illustrious
illustrates the value of tradition and the
difficulty in interpreting Jaimini’s cryp-
tic aphorisms without the benefit of the
wis- dom passed in a parampara.
This also illustrates how
Parasara can be useful in
understanding Jaimini Literal Translation: “Dasas are of the 9th
better sometimes. house from lagna and signs aspected
by it. Then consider the 10th house and
In this article, we will signs aspected by it. After that, that of
study the version of 11th house and signs aspected by it. Uni-
drigdasa that was form like sthira dasa. Reckoned based
taught by Parasara. on aspects (drik) and hence known as
While Maharshi “drigdasa”. Aspectable signs are under-
Parasara un- stood anti-zodiacally for movable signs,
ambiguously regularly for fixed signs, regularly for
teaches drigda- odd dual signs and anti-zodiacally for
sa calculation, even dual signs.”
he does not
shed much
The first dasa belongs to the 9th house
light on what
from lagna. Next three dasas are belong
matters to see
to the signs aspected by it. The fifth dasa
from drigdasa.
belongs to the 10th house from lagna.
He does not
Next three dasas belong to the signs as-
also give any
pected by it. The ninth dasa belongs to
specific rules
the 11th house from lagna. Next three
to judge drig-
dasas belong to the signs aspected by it.
dasa, though
he does give To determine the order of reckoning the
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` narasimha
aspected signs, the rule gives by Paras- seeds instead of 9th, 10th and 11th hous-
ara is that we go zodiacally for fixed es for finding the aspects. This results in
signs and odd dual signs and anti- dasas of the twelve signs coming exact-
zodiacally for movable and even dual ly. This approach seems innovative and
signs. The thumb rule to remember this logical. However, if this were the case,
is that we go to the nearest aspected Parasara would have clearly instructed
sign. If there are two aspected signs at
the same distance (in the case of dual
so. Parasara specifically referred to the
9th, 10th and 11th houses and the signs
signs), we go to the sign owned by the aspected by them. He did not refer to any
same planet. The direction of reckon- other bases for reckoning aspects for dual
ing the aspected signs is independently signs. There is no need that a particular
determined for the 9th, 10th and 11th dasa should come only once and there
houses. is no need that each of the twelve signs If the lagna is in a
should give a dasa. Hence we will follow
Parasara strictly. When the same dasa
dual sign, then the
Suppose Leo is the lagna. The 9th house
is Aries. It is a movable sign. So we is repeated, it can give different results method mentioned
reckon aspected signs anti-zodiacally based on the planetary influences in the above results in
and get Ar, Aq, Sc and Le. Based on the dasa pravesha chakra. the dasas of the 9th
thumb rule, Aq is closer to Ar than Le and 11th houses
Reconciling with Jaimini
and hence we go anti-zodiacally. The coming twice and
10th house is Taurus. It is a fixed sign. Jaimini’s aphorism 2.4.21 (see [1], [6] and
So we reckon aspected signs zodiacally [7]) says:
dasas of the 8th
and get Ta, Cn, Li and Cp. Based on the and 12th houses
thumb rule, Cn is closer to Ta than Cp missing complete-
and hence we go zodiacally. The 11th ly. In the version
house is Gemini. It is an odd dual sign. This literally means: “starting from 9th, of drigdasa taught
So we go zodiacally and get Ge, Vi, Sg of the three groups, in the order of the
and Pi. Based on the thumb rule, Vi at SJC, we take the
pada, is drigdasa”. Iranganti Rangacha-
and Pi are equally close to Ge, but Vi is rya (see [6]) and Prof P.S. Sastri (see [7]), 9th, 8th and 7th
owned by the same planet – Mercury. both great scholars of Sanskrit as well houses as the base
So we go zodiacally and encounter Vi as Jyotish, interpret this in two different seeds instead of
first. ways, but both differ from Parasara very 9th, 10th and 11th
much. Sanjay Rath (see [1]) interprets this
Regarding dasa years, Parasara said houses for finding
very close to Parasara. But he takes “pada
that dasa years are the uniform dasa krama” as the cue to imply that the odd- the aspects. This
years as in sthira dasa. Before defin- footed/even-footed nature of the sign results in dasas of
ing drigdasa, he defined chara dasa decides the order of reckoning aspects. the twelve signs
and sthira dasa and outlined two basic He derives the use of aspects in reckon-
methods of finding dasa years. Under
coming exactly.
ing dasas from the name of the dasa itself
the sthira dasa scheme, dasas of mov- (drik = seeing) and does not show any
able signs get 7 years each, dasas of other cue.
fixed signs get 8 years each and dasas
of dual signs get 9 years each.
It should be noted that the word “pada”

If the lagna is in a dual sign, then the

not only means “foot”, but also means
a “ray of light”. Especially when we are
method mentioned above results in the talking about “drigdasa”, which has “see-
dasas of the 9th and 11th houses com- ing” in its name itself, this meaning of the
ing twice and dasas of the 8th and 12th word “pada” becomes relevant. Thus,
houses missing completely. In the ver- it can be argued that “padakrama” here
sion of drigdasa taught at SJC, we take means “the order of the passing of the ray
the 9th, 8th and 7th houses as the base of light”, i.e. the order of the aspects. The
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drig dasa `
9th house is the storehouse of God’s light rasis.
that guides one in the form of a guru,
dharma and religion. This light passes
on between signs based on the aspects.
Though Sanjay Rath (see [1]) takes the
next few aphorisms to throw further
light on the order of reckoning aspects,
it is possible that they relate to the next

Thus, the above aphorism can be inter-

preted to mean: “drigdasa is reckoned
in the order of aspects from the three
g groups of aspected signs starting from
the 9th house”. When reckoning aspects,
As drigdasa is the taking the closest aspected sign makes
dasa that shows sense if you are going by the order of the
travel of the ray of light. Thus, it is very Literal Translation: “A rasi dasa is divid-
guru, it makes ed into twelve [equal] parts and bhuktis
likely that Parasara and Jaimini did not
sense that Ma- teach two different drigdasas, but taught in dasa are to be said this way. Pratyan-
heswara’s scheme the same dasa. It is also very likely that tardasas also should be done like this.
of sthira dasa years Parasara and Jaimini did not have a dif- Then respective results should be said.
is applicable rather ference of opinion. The above ambigu- Whichever is stronger between the first
ous/cryptic aphorism of Jaimini can be and seventh [from dasa sign], from
than Narayan’s reconciled with the unambiguous/elab- there. If dasa sign is odd, then countable
scheme of Naraya- orate teachings of Parasara. in the zodiacal order. For even signs,
na dasa years. in the anti-zodiacal order. There is one
Guru kills dark- Regarding the dasa years, Iranganti more speciality here. O Brahmin, I am
speaking it [listen carefully]. In mov-
ness and is akin to Rangacharya (see [6]) and Prof P.S. Sas-
able signs, the path is undisturbed and
Maheswara. tri (see [7]) take the sthira dasa years (7,
unchanged. In fixed signs, it is sixth
8, 9 years) and they use the word “trik-
and every sixth. In dual signs, it is to
oota” as the cue to indicate this. Sanjay
be known from the kantakas (1, 4, 7, 10)
Rath does not mention anything in [1],
reckoned from lagna, 5th house and 9th
but uses chara dasa years in [2] and his
house. In movable, fixed and dual signs
sishyas follow him in [3] and [4]. As
that are odd, the counting of all these is
drigdasa is the dasa that shows guru, it
forward as said before. In the same three
makes sense that Maheswara’s scheme
groups that are even, everything should
of sthira dasa years is applicable rather
be understood to be reckoned anti-zodi-
than Narayan’s scheme of Narayana
dasa years. Guru kills darkness and is
akin to Maheswara.
When finding the antardasas, there are
three aspects – (1) the starting sign or
Calculation of Antardasas seed, (2) the direction and (3) the pro-
gression. The starting sign or seed is
When it comes to antardasas, Parasara
the stronger of dasa sign and 7th from
did not give a specific method for dri-
it. The direction of counting is zodia-
gdasa. He, however, defined a generic
cal for odd dasa signs and anti-zodiacal
method that is applicable to all rasi da-
for even dasa signs. The progression is
sas. We will use that method here. The
based on whether the dasa sign is mov-
following verses (see [4]) describe the
able or fixed or dual. For movable signs,
calculation of antardasas in the dasas of
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JD0704.indd 24 17-12-2012 10:58:20

` narasimha
we go regularly – from one sign to the
next sign. For fixed signs, we take the
seed, 6th from it, 6th therefrom and so
on. For dual signs, we take the kanta-
kas (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) reckoned
from the 1st, 5th and 9th houses. This
basically means that we take the ken-
dras, panapharas and apoklimas. The
first one-third of the dasa gives the an-
tardasas of kendras from dasa sign, the
middle one-third gives the antardasas
of panapharas and the last one-third
gives the antardasas of apoklimas.
However, panapharas start from the
5th house here instead of the 2nd house calculation:
and apoklimas start from the 9th house
here instead of the 3rd house. Ar: 1894 –1901, Aq: 1901 – 1909, Sc: 1909
– 1917, Le: 1917 – 1925
The list below gives the antardasas in Ta: 1925 – 1933, Cn: 1933 – 1940, Li: 1940
the three groups: – 1947, Cp: 1947 – 1954,
(1) Movable signs: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Ge: 1954 – 1963, Vi: 1963 – 1972, Sg: 1972
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th – 1981, Pi: 1981 – 1990
&12th from seed Let us take Aq mahadasa and find antar-
(2) Fixed signs: 1st, 6th, 11th, 4th, 9th, dasas in it. Because Aq is an odd sign, dasa
2nd, 7th, 12th, 5th, 10th, 3rd & 8th progression is found zodiacally. Because
from seed Aq is stronger than Le, antardasas in Aq
(3) Dual signs: 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 5th, dasa start from Aq itself. Because Aq is a
8th, 11th, 2nd, 9th, 12th, 3rd & 6th fixed sign, we use the “every sixth” pro-
from seed gression. So antardasas go as Aq, Cn, Sg,
Ta, Li, Pi, Le, Cp, Ge, Sc, Ar and Vi. Each
The direction in which the above hous- antardasa in this eight year mahadasa is
es are counted from the seed is zodiacal of eight months.
or anti-zodiacal based on whether the
dasa sign is odd or even.
Judgment of Drigdasa
Calculation Example Drigdasa is the progression of the 9th
house. The 9th house shows god’s light
Swami Chandrasekhara Saraswati was in one’s life. It shows religious activities
born on 20th May 1894 at 1:09:12 pm Drigdasa is the
and guidance from a guru. The influences
(IST). His rasi chart is shown in Chart on the drigdasa sign throw light on one’s
progression of the
1. religious activities and the guidance one 9th house. The 9th
receives from a guru. house shows god’s
The 9th house is Aries. It is a movable light in one’s life.
sign. So we reckon the aspected signs Because dasa sign is the progressed 9th
house, the 5th house from dasa sign is It shows religious
anti-zodiacally and get Ar, Aq, Sc and
Le. Then the 10th house is Taurus. It is the progressed lagna. It can be taken as activities and
a fixed sign. So we reckon the aspected reference in judging various influences guidance from a
signs zodiacally and get Ta, Cn, Li and on one’s religious activies and spiritual guru
Cp. The 11th house is Gemini. It is an progress. This can be done in the natal
odd dual sign. So we reckon the aspect- chart as well the dasa pravesha chakra
ed signs zodiacally and get Ge, Vi, Sg (the chart cast at the time the dasa starts).
and Pi. The following is the mahadasa The latter is even more important than c
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drig dasa `
the natal chart. One can look at sign aspects on the dasa
or antardasa sign also. If the dasa sign
When judging an antardasa also, the contains sign aspect from chara bhratri
same approach can be used. If the an- karaka or the 9th lord from lagna or Ju-
tardasas start from dasa sign itself, then piter, then the dasa can bring guidance
antardasa sign is also a progression of from a guru. If the dasa sign contains
the 9th house and the 5th house from it sign aspect from chara putra karaka or
shows the progressed lagna. However, if the 5th lord from lagna or Mercury, then
antardasas start from the 7th from dasa the dasa can bring an important sishya.
sign, then antardasa sign is a progres-
sion of the 3rd house and the 11th house All other standard principles taught by
from it shows the progressed lagna. The Parasara for judging rasi dasas are ap-
same methodology can be extended to plicable.
pratyantardasas also.
The natal chart and the chart cast at the
commencement of a dasa or antardasa Example 1: Swami Chandrasekhara
or pratyantardasa are judged from the Saraswati, former chief pontiff of Kanchi
progressed lagna during the dasa or an- mutt, was born on 20th May 1894 at
tardasa or pratyantardasa. 1:09:12 pm (IST). His rasi chart is shown
in Chart 1.
Dasas of signs that get unobstructed
argala from three or more planets give The following is the calculation of ma-
important events in one’s spiritual life. hadasas in his drigdasa:
Ar: 1894 –1901, Aq: 1901 – 1909, Sc:
1909 – 1917, Le: 1917 – 1925
Ta: 1925 – 1933, Cn: 1933 – 1940, Li:
1940 – 1947, Cp: 1947 – 1954,
Ge: 1954 – 1963, Vi: 1963 – 1972, Sg:
1972 – 1981, Pi: 1981 – 1990
He renounced in February 1907 and was
elevated as the chief pontiff of Kanchi
mutt. Aquarius dasa brought this event.
Aquarius contains the 9th lord Mars and
it can show excellent guidance from a
guru. Even though he was installed as
the chief pontiff in a crisis without the
previous pontiff present to guide him,
great spiritual guidance automatically
comes to someone in charge of such a

In Aquarius dasa, progressed lagna is in

Gemini, the 5th house from Aquarius.
Judging the natal rasi chart from Gem-
ini, we can see that the 12th house con-
tains 3 planets – Sun, Jupiter and lagna
lord Mercury. The prominence of the
12th house can show renunciation dur-
ing the dasa. Also, the 5th lord Venus is
exalted in the 10th house along with 9th
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` narasimha
lord Rahu and it can show a position of
influence. Of course, this being a dasa
of spiritual and religious activities, the
position of power and influence would
be in one’s religious and spiritual life.

We can also look at the dasa pravesha

chakra for confirmation. His Aquarius
dasa started on 1901 May 21 at 8:09:54
am (IST). The dasa pravesha chakra is
shown below.

Judging the dasa pravesha chakra from

Gemini, we see that the 12th house is
prominent again. The lagna lord Mercu-
ry and the 12th lord Venus are together More Examples
in the 12th house, with another planet. More examples will be examined in part 2
Thus, renunciation is a strong possibil- of this article in the next issue.
ity. The conjunction of lagna lord and
the 5th lord, albeit in the 12th house, References
can show raja yoga albeit in renuncia- 1. “Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesa Sutras”, by
Sanjay Rath
tion. Thus, the dasa pravesha chakra is 2. “Crux of Vedic Astrology: Timing of
accentuating the same influences seen Events”, by Sanjay Rath
in the natal chart from Gemini. Thus, 3. “Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Ap-
renunciation and a position of power proach”, by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao
in this dasa make excellent sense. 4. “Spiritual Dimensions in Astrology”, by
Robert Koch
The antardasas in Aq dasa go as Aq, 5. “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram”, by Ma-
Cn, Sg, Ta, Li, Pi, Le, Cp, Ge, Sc, Ar and harshi Parasara and translated by R.
Vi. Each antardasa is of 8 months. At
6. “Jaimini Sutramritam”, by Iranganti Ran-
the time of renunciation, the 9th antar- gacharya
dasa (Gemini) was running. This antar- 7. “Jaimini Sutram”, by Prof. P.S. Sastri Judging the dasa
dasa started on 1906 September 23 at pravesha chakra
2:41:56 pm (IST). The antardasa prave- OM TAT SAT
from Gemini, we
sha chakra is shown above.
see that the 12th
Editor’s Note
In the Gemini antardasa, the pro-
The system taught by our tradition from Puri house is prominent
gressed lagna for the antardasa is Libra. again. The lagna
is by far the most logical as for dual signs in
Judging the antardasa pravesha chakra
from Libra, we see that the 12th house
the ascendant, it seems absurd to consider lord Mercury
the dasa of the 9th, 10th and 11th houses and and the 12th lord
contains 12th lord Mercury in exalta-
signs aspected which would result in dupli-
tion with Sun. This factor also supports
cating some signs while ignoring others. The
Venus are together
renunciation. Moreover, lagna lord in the 12th house,
author has objected to this in his interpreta-
Venus is in lagna, while the 5th lord
tion of Parasara’s teachings. Naturally more with another plan-
Saturn is in 5th. If the lagna lord and
examples are required to be convinced on this et. Thus, renun-
the 5th lord are in lagna or 5th house,
approach and interpretation...next issue.
either together or separately, it is a ciation is a strong
maharaja yoga according to Parasara. This is good research on Drig dasa and should possibility.
The other 5th lord Rahu is in the 10th instigate further research in jyotish. A de-
house. These factors support ascension tailed critique shall follow after the paper is
to a position of influence in one’s reli-
gious activities.
completed. f
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ratnas `
Ratnas – His Divine Potencies
Swee Chan

twa rÆEí nviÉmaRs< tu yid pUjyet!, of these Earth bound asuras took ger and Lord Näräyaëa appeared,
ivmu´svRpapaExexESta< c pZyit c]u;a. births as Kings and Sages as in holding a mäla made of Sphaöika
90,81. Prahlad, the renowned son of Hi- beads (quartz crystal).
tathä ratnaiçca navabhirmäsaà tu ranyakaçipu and a great devotee Närada Puïcaratram Ratri 1
yadi püjayet| of Çré Kåñëa. Chapter 4, Text 5 -
vimuktasarvapäpaudhedhaistäà ca àsÚ vdn< siSmt< svR pUijtiMvÉ-
paçyati cakñuñä|| 90|81|| The Virtues of Gemstones aNt< jpNt< c zuÏ S)iqk malya.
Meaning: Worship with the NINE 1,4,5.
kinds of precious Gems for one It is stated in the Agastya Saàhétä prasanna vadanaà sasmitaà sarva
month liberates the person from of the Garuòa Puräëa, that these püjitamvibhäntaà japantaà ca çud-
all sins and he will see Her with Precious Gemstones have especial dha sphaöika mälayä|| 1|4|5||
his own eyes. qualities to overcome Käla sarpa,
the Moon in maraëa, bless one in Meaning: With smiling His face
Närada Puräëa Pürvabhaga a spiritual awakening especially filled with serenity, effulgent and
Chapter 90.81, on Nityä Devé wor- when these gemstones are worn, pure, transcendental and worship
ship – and have had präëa pratiñöha to able by all, and who was chant-
implore the particular Deity who ing with the sphaöika mäla in His
will take its abode in that par- hand.
Earlier references have been given
ticular gemstone presided over
on the treatise of Gemstones with
by that Deity. This is to ensure It is evident that Lord Hari uses
coloured Diamonds being as-
the wearer is saved from malfea- the sphaöika mala. (In a later chap-
cribed the direct tutelage or sup-
sance due to a foreboding transit ter, we are also told that Brahmä
port of the Deities like Hari, Var-
or a daçä period, bad placement etc. also chanted the same eigh-
uëa, Indra and so on.
of a planet or during the spiritual teen syllabic mantra.) In the book,
period of the Drig Daçä of benefi- “Vedic Remedies in Astrology
In the earthbound war between
cial planets of which maybe badly (VRA)”, Sanjay Rath states that
devas and asuras, bala asura took
placed and requires help in acti- the use of the sphaöika mala helps
birth this time, through Diti who
vating the latent promise in one’s in quelling one’s fears. The sphaöi-
was one of the wives of the pro-
chart. The Jyotiña, who is able to ka mala is therefore a good medi-
genitor of all living beings on
see the problem in advance, can um for mantra japa, which can be
Earth, Kaçyapa. Her two demon-
suggest the prophylaxis especial- used as a medium in chanting the
ic main sons are the earthbound
ly if Guru/Jupiter is badly placed Kåñëa Kavaca.
Gandharvas who were the heav-
in the 6th House of disease or the
enly gatekeepers Hiranyakña and
8th house of obstructions. 1. Virtues through Gifts of
Hiranyakaçipu who were slain by
Çré Varaha and Narasiàha Deva. Gems
In the higher echelon of celestial
beings, it is interesting to note that In the presentation of gifts to
Indra (the leader of the middle Varuëa prays through the Sphaöi- Çré Hari, the devotee, in adula-
sphere and the higher sphere and ka Liìga. Lord Näräyaëa ap- tion says that when all Devas are
the overlord of the demi Gods) peared to Subhadra the brähmaëa dominant in the gemstones like
fought hard to gain control over boy (whom He was protecting). Pearls, Diamonds, Cat’s Eyes,
the asuras. Because they were also After the brähmaëa remembered Blue Sapphires, Vaidurya, Yel-
from the Båghu family, not all of him and called out His ten names low Sapphires, Corals and Gold
them are demonic in nature; some due to his terror from seeing a ti- were utilized in the making of the

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` swee
Mount of Gems and presented to and virtues of expiating all sins. als or Minerals that some of these
the brähmaëa, the Matsya Puräëä Some have the qualities of acting Heavenly Beings use a medium of
Chapter 90.8 states the following: as a prophylactic against the ef- worship.
fects of poisons, snakebites and
ySmaÔlàdanen tuiòR àk…éte hir>,
against diseases; some others are
mda rlàdanen tSmaÇ> pavRt. 90,8. The Divine Potencies
possessed of contrary virtues.
yasmädralapradänena turñöi praku-
rute hariù | SkNdpura[m! kaEmairkao{f
madä ralapradänena tasmätraù pär- The gems that have contrary vir- Çyaedzae=Xyay>.13.
vata || 90|8 || tues are generally classified as Skandapuräëam kaumärikäkhaëòa
Meaning: Lord Hari is pleased badly flawed or eroded material trayodaço'dhyäyaù ||13||
with gifts of precious gems; or those filled with rutile or have Chapter 13
therefore please protect me by cracks in them etc. v¿im<Ôae il¼mev< ivñaTman< c nam.
virtue of these gifts. 13,147.
The misnomer is in the under- vajramindro liìgamevaà viçvät-
It is so said, that Silver is pleas- standing of Mahäratna; that these mänaà ca näma || 13.147 ||
ing to the Pitås as well as to Lord are the principal precious gem-
Viñëu, Indra and Lord Çiva, and stones viz. Ruby, Pearl, Red Cor- Meaning: Indra worships the bril-
one is sure to attain Viñëu Loka, al, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Di- liant Diamond Liìga (adaman-
remaining there for a long time, amond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite tine) chanting, “Viçvätman” (The
for Lord Indra, Devas, Kinëaras and Cat’s Eye, only have those Soul of the World).
and Celestial Nymphs will surely special virtues and therefore, the sUyRStaè< twa il¼< nam ivñs&j< jpn!,
venerate him. With all his sins general public is lead to believe c<Ôí maEi´k< il¼< jpÚam jgTpitm!.
expiated, his rebirth will be akin that Uparatnas have less or neg- 13,148.
to that of an emperor on Earth ligible virtues albeit, less able to süryastämraà tathä liìgaà näma
endowed with all good qualities, bless the wearer or bearer. viçvasåjaà japan |
health, wealth and happiness. The candraçca mauktikaà liìgaà japan-
person who bears the gift of silver 2. Svarna and the Liìga in näma jagatpatim || 13|148 ||
goes to Candra’s realm, together Celestial Worship
with gold images of the Sun, Vi- Meaning: Sürya worships with
ñëu and Brahmä. a Copper Liìga and repeatedly
Perhaps the famous Celestial chants “Viçvaåja” – The Creator
Gem that adorns Çré Hari’s neck is of the Universe. Candra worships
However, if the above lavish gifts similar to the energy of the Ruby with a Pearl Liìga and repeatedly
seem a bit too extreme and out of with its reddish hue, as stated in chants “Jagatpati” - Lord of the
reach for most to afford, the Pad- the Pürva Khaëòa of the Garuòa World.
ma Puräëa suggests that when a Puräëa Chapter 11.42.
particular planet plays havoc, one #<ÔnIlMy< viûnaRm ivñeñr< jpn!,
could present the gemstone pre- The Çiva Puräëa states that there pu:prag< guéil¡g< ivñyaein< jpNhrm!.
are Çiva Liìgas everywhere in 13,149.
sided over by that planet, as a gift
to a Brahmin and offer the vedic the three worlds for the benefit of indranélamyaà vahnirnäma viçveç-
mantras from the Åg Veda that All. We are whence reminded of varaà japan |
pertains to them. the stories told about the birth of puñparägaà gururliìgaà viçvay-
te;u r]aeiv;VyalVyaix¢aNy"hain c, Bhauma and Çukra. Because Çukra onià japanharam || 13|149 ||
àaÊÉRviNt rÆain twEv ivgu[ain c. had formerly installed a (Ruby) Meaning: Agni Deva worships
68,8. Liìga and had always been His with the Blue Sapphire and re-
teñu rakñoviñavyälavyädhigrän- great devotee, Çiva taught him the peatedly chants, “Viçveçvara” -
yaghahäni ca| Måtasaïjévané Mantra (Mahämå- The Controller of the World.
prädurbhavanti ratnäni tathaiva tyujaya Mantra; the life rejuvenat-
viguëäni ca|| 68|8|| ing mantra) Below is an excerpt Guru worships with the Yellow
from the Skanda Puräëa that gives Sapphire Liìga repeatedly chants,
Meaning: Of the Precious Gem- us an idea as to the importance of “Viçvayoni” - One who has the
stones, some have the qualities these Precious Gemstones, Met- Universe in His womb.
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ratnas `
Notes: According to the list of #NdnIlmy< viûnaRm ivZÇeñr< jpn!, eçameva ca || 13|152 ||
svarga loka gems, Indra adorns pÒragmy< zu³ae ivñkmeRit nam c, Meaning: The Vasus worship the
the celestial gem called Syaman- hemil¼< c xndae jpÚaèa tweñrm!. Liìga crafted from bell metal and
taka Mani1. In the story of this 13,150. they repeatedly chant, “Svayamb-
gem and during Dvapara Yuga, padmarägamayaà çukro viçva- hü”, - the Self Born God.
it was gifted to Çatrajit who was karmeti näma ca |
a big devotee of the Sun. Çatrajit hemaliìgaà ca dhanado japannämrä The Mothers worship the Liìga
decided to give this to his brother, tatheçvaram || 13.150 || made up of Three Metals and
Prasena. When he went out hunt- they repeatedly chant, “Bhüteça”,
ing he was killed by a lion and the Meaning: Çukra worships with - Lord of Goblins.
Syamantaka gem which was taken the Ruby Liìga and repeatedly
chants, “Viçvakarman”, - the laEh< c rúsa< nam ÉUtÉVyÉvaeÑvm!,
hold of by a bear, was reclaimed
by Kåñëa and returned to Çatra- Craftsman or Maker of the Uni- guyka> sIsj!< il¼< nam yaeg< jp<it c.
jit and he ruled in his flourishing verse. 13,153.
kingdom for many more years. lauhaà ca rakñsäà näma bhütab-
Lord Kubera (Lord of the Yakñas) havyabhavodbhavam |
In Lord Jagannätha’s shrine was worships the Liìga of Golden guhyakäù sésajà liìgaà näma yo-
the renowned Indranéla2 (Blue form and repeatedly says, “Éç- gaà japanti ca || 13|153 ||
Sapphire) as the eyes of the image vara” – The Supreme. Meaning: The Räkñasas worship
fashioned by Indrayumna, which a Liìga made of Iron and they
bestows all desires. It has been Notes: Ruby, which is presided by repeatedly chant, “Bhütabhavy-
said that men with faith and who the Sun, came from the Gem Seeds abhavodbhava,”– the source
are devoid of desires when they of Bala asura’s Ears and his blood. of all things, past, present and
lay their eyes on this image, will Ears are one of the five acquiring the future. Guhyakas worship
go Çveta Dvépa, much to Yama’s jïanendriya - Through hearing or a Liìga made of Lead and they
lament. In Janärdana’s narration çruti whereby one gains knowl- repeatedly say, “Yoga.”
to Çré, it was said that after the edge, of which the tome of Upani- vEfªy¡ ra"vae il¼< jgJJyeóeit nam,
burial of the Indranéla, there was ñad is a good example. ba[ae markt< il¼< visóimit nam c.
the vision of Lord Narasiàha, 13,156.
Lord Kåñëa, Lord Baladeva and raE:yj< ivñdevaí namaip jgta<pitm!, vaiòüryaà räghavo liìgaà jagajjye-
the benefit of all pilgrimages were vayvae rIitj< il¼< z<ÉuimTyev nam c. ñöheti näma |
so recounted. Included, was the 13,151. bäëo märakataà liìgaà vasiñöhamiti
benefit of the Païcatértha (the five rauñyajaà viçvadeväçca nämäpi näma ca || 13|156 ||
shrines and holy pools) that can be jagatämpatim |
Meaning: Räghava worships the
had and the blessings thereof for väyavo rétijaà liìgaà çambhumi-
Vaiòürya Liìga and he repeat-
the increase in longevity of one’s tyeva näma ca || 13.151 ||
edly chants, “Jagajjyeñöa,” –The
spouse during the full Moon day most pre-eminent in the world.
of the month of Jyeñöha. Meaning: Viçvadeväs worship a
Bäëa worships the Emerald Liìga
Silver Liìga and they repeatedly
Vasu says that on the surface of and repeatedly chants, “Vasiñöha”
chant, “Jagatäm Pati,” – the Pro-
the earth, there are three types of – the most excellent.
tector of the World.
images benefiting Viñëu are those
made of stone (granite, marble, Notes: After King Indrayumna of-
Väyu worships the Brass Liìga fered his eulogy to Lord Puruñot-
gemstones), wood or metals.
and he repeatedly chants the name tama, He appeared to him in his
Idols made of these materials en-
“Çaàbhu” –One who Grants Pros- dreams. Väsudeva, the preceptor
sure pleasures and shall be the be-
perity. of the Universe revealed himself
loved of the Deity and the person
will even be worshipped by the kzj< vsvae il¼< Svy<Éuimit nam c, in his full regalia, bearing the
Devas. iÇlaeh< mtrae il¼< nam ÉUtezmev c. conch, the cakra, the gada (iron
club) etc. Seated on Garuòa, His
1 Story of the Syamantaka Gem can be found in kaçajaà vasavo liìgaà svayambhu-
refulgence resembled that of the
Harivaàça Puräëa Ch-38. hue of the Vaiòürya.
2 Refer to Närada Puräëa, Uttarabhäga Chapter
miti näma ca |
52 and 53. trilohaà mataro liìgaà näma bhüt-
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` swee
Bäëa was a mighty and power- Devas during Kåtayuga. (Mahäb- nanaivx< mnu:yaí pué;<nam nam c.
ful asura who descended from harata, Çalya Parva Chapter 47. He 13,170.
Mahäviñëu in the following or- was one of the twelve Ädityas. nänävidhaà manuñyäçca puruñan-
der: Brahmä- Maréci- Kaçyapa – näma näma ca || 13.170 ||
He had several wives and numer- Meaning: Human Beings wor-
Hiraëyakaçipu – Prahläda – Vi-
ous offspring, one of who were ship different kinds of Liìga
rocana – Mahäbali – Bäëa. He
Bala asura, a destroyer of the el- ik<nra xatuil¼< c sudIàimit nam c.
reigned over the city of Çoëitapu-
ements. Varuëa’s semen fell on a 13,171.
ra as the capital. Bäëa went to the
white anthill and this is where the kinnarä dhätuliìgaà ca sudépramiti
Himälayas and offered penances
great Välméki åñi was born. näma ca || 13.171 ||
to Lord Çiva. Being pleased with
his penances, he was given a boon In Jyotiña terms, if birth is during
Meaning: Kinnaräs worship
by Lord Çiva. Bäëa’s request was the waxing Moon (çukla pakña),
Dhätu Liìga and they repeatedly
that he would be recognized by it is not necessary for one to
chant, “Sudépta,” – Extremely re-
Pärvaté as her very own son and use the Sphaöika Liìga because
also Lord Çiva’s attendant. Hence Çré Kåñëa defeated Varuëa in a
from that day onwards, he was battle. (Mahäbharata, Çalya Parva d<tj< va[aR il¼< nam r<hsmev c.
recognized as the younger broth- Chapter 103.49). 13,172.
er of Subrahmaëya Further, Bäëa dantajaà värëä liìgaà näma
According the Agastya Saàhétä
would have a thousand arms as raàhasameva ca || 13.172 ||
of the Garuòa Puräëa, Sphaöika
his weapon. was formed from the seed of Meaning: The elephants worship
gems from Bala asura’s fat. Fat with the Liìga made of ivory and
During the reign of Çré Räma,
is lighter than water and hence they repeatedly chant, “Raàha-
a Çivaliìga was consecrated in
floats on water unless it is in its sa,” – the Force.
Bäëa’s throat and it was not pos-
altered emulsified state. This hint
sible for Lakñmaëa and others to
is perhaps good for a chart that Notes: The variety of “Pearl” that
defeat him until cutting Bäëa’s
has Moon in marana. In the natu- comes from the Elephant is dif-
throat with arrows destroyed the
ral Zodiac, Scorpio owns the 8th ferent to those that come from
Çivaliìga and the demise of Bäëa
house and this house debilitates the oysters in the Oceans. Even
asura. (Kampa Rämäyaëa3 , Uttara
the Moon’s energy. One requires though there is no lustre, it still
a strong Moon to have a strong has the same auspicious virtue
vé[> S)aiqk< il¼< naça c prmeñrm!, mind. Moon in the 8th house is like the Pearls from the sea. (The
naga ivÔ‚mil¼< c namlaekÇy»rm!. in marana; meaning one will not nine types of Pearls will be de-
157. have strength of mind. Accord- scribed in a later article.)
varuëaù sphäöikaà liìgaà nämnä ca ing to Sanjay Rath in one of his
is<Ërj< caevRzI c nam c iàyvasnm!.
parameçvaram | lessons, he states that one maybe
nägä vidrumaliìgaà ca nämaloka- liable to drowning with the Moon
sindürajaà corvaçé ca näma ca pri-
trayaìkaram || 157 || in this position may. In the light
yaväsanam || 13.174 ||
of this, the remedial measure to
Meaning: Varuëa worships with consider is to wear the Sphaöika Meaning: Urvaçi worships with
the Sphaöika (Quartz Crystal) mala. the Liìga made of Red Lead and
Liìga and repeatedly chants, they repeatedly chant, “Priyaväsa-
“Parameçvara,” – The Supreme ÉartI treil¼< c nam laekÇyaiïtm!, na” – favourite scent.
Lord. 13,158A,
bhäraté tareliìgaà ca näma loka- Sk<d> pa;a[il¼< c nam senaNy @v c,
trayäçritam | 13|158a| 13,183.A
The Nagas worship the Coral Liì-
skandaù päñäëaliìgaà ca näma
ga and repeatedly chant, “Loka- Meaning: Bhäraté (devi) worships
senänya eva ca| 13.183a
trayaàkara,” – Creator of the the Liìga made up of Taraliìga
Three Worlds. of large beautiful Pearls and she Meaning: Skanda worships the
repeatedly chants, “Lokatrayäçri- granite Liìga and repeatedly

Notes: Varuëa was anointed as tam’” – Creator of the Three chants, “Senänya” – The Leader
the overlord of the waters, by the Worlds. 4 Granite: Refer to its formation in the article,
3 Refer to the Puräëic Encyclopaedia. “The Rocky (Gemmy) Road to Heaven”.
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ratnas `
of the Army. SvSvae´idiGvÉage;u gN*a*EmR{fne;u va. Agastya Saàhétä of the Garuòa
5. Puräëa
ym> kalaysmy< nam àah c xiNvnm!.
pürvoktaiù svasvavarëairvä paöe
13,184. tI][a¢< ivmlmpetsvRdae;< xÄe y>
lekhyä dvijottamaiù |
yamaù käläyasamayaà näma präha àyttnu> sdEv v¿m!,
svasvoktadigvibhägeñu gandyädyair-
ca dhanvinam || 13.184 || v&˜St< àitidnmeit yavday> ôIsMpT-
maëòaneñu vä || 5||
sutxaNygae pzU nam!. 68,32.
Meaning: Yama worships the Meaning: For purposes of wor-
tékñaëägraà vimalamapetasarvado-
Liìga made of Black Iron and re- shipping the planets, their images
ñaà dhatte yaù prayatatanuù sa-
peatedly chants, “Dhanvin,” – the should be made with the follow-
daiva vajram |
Wielder of the Bow. ing materials : 5

vådghastaà pratidinameti yä-

pard< c izva devI nam ÈyMbk @v. Planet Dhatu (Material) vadäyaù strésampatsutadhänyago
13,194.A Sun Copper paçü näm || 68.32 ||
päradaà ca çivä devé näma tryam- Moon Sphaöika Meaning: The use of a flawless
baka eva | 13,194.a Mars Red Sandalwood and perfectly terminated Dia-
Meaning: Çivä Devé worships the Mercury Red Sandalwood, Gold mond (superfine quality) ensures
Mercury Liìga and repeatedly Jupiter Red Sandalwood, Gold prosperity, longevity increase in
chants, “Tryaàbaka,” – the Three- Venus Silver dharma through wife, increase
Eyed Lord. in progeny, cattle and a bountiful
Saturn Iron
Gemstones in Sacrificial Rähu Glass (Obsidian etc.) harvest.
Rites Ketu Bell Metal The Powers Within
It is interesting to note that the
Many suggestions in remedial suggestion of wearing an Em- Suffice it to say that Devas hold
measures are given in BPHS to erald set in gold at the time of a gemstones in such high esteem of
obtain relief from the malfeasance religious ablution; in the rinsing the powers that be. Their special
caused by malefics that are badly of the mouth with water at the oc- virtues are so special that they can
placed, or births in Amavasya casion of a religious rite or even overcome many downturns due
etc., with the inclusion of the five during the performance of a pro- to malefic influences caused by
mahäratnas into the water pot. tective incantation or when one beings in the lower echelon or by
is presenting the gift of cows and planets whether it is a natural be-
Mahäåçi Päraçara in his Båhat- gold or even when one is perform- nefic or otherwise as described in
päräçarahora çästra Chapter ing the obsequious rites. Water the Padma and Garuòa Puräëané.
84.3-5 states the following: libations offered with the person
tSmat! suzaiNtkamae va ïIkamae va wearing a ring set with a Bhéñma In the formation of gemstones,
sucetsa, gemstone is likely to satiate the their atomic crystalline struc-
v&òayayu> puiòkamae va te;a< y}< smac- manes for years to come. ture is always stable and they are
ret!. 3. Blessings for the Bearer of therefore capable of giving direct
tasmät suçäntikämo vä çrékämo vä benefits. It is also evident that the
sucetasä |
the Perfect Gem Deities, Sages all celestial beings
våñöäyäyuù puñöikämo vä teñäà A certain qualification is required use them as a medium for healing.
yajïaà samäcaret || 3|| of a person wearing a Yellow Dia- The same healing arrangement
taæa½ S)iqkaÔ´cNdnat! mond; if the person whose posi- acts on par as when a devotee
Sv[RkaÊÉaE, tion is less than that of a King 6 offers a eulogy to that particular
rjtadys> sIsat! ka<Syat! kayaR> wears this , it will be his bane. form of the Supreme.The infer-
³amdœ ¢ha>. 4. According to the Garuòa Puräëa, ence is that because Devas will
täbhräcca sphaöikädraktacandanät only the King is privileged to live life after life and their plenary
svarëakädubhau | adorn any coloured Diamond of portions always remain stable, so
rajatädayasaù sésät käàsyät käryäù his choice. too will the energies that emanate
krämad grahäù || 4|| 5 Obsidian – refer to the article “The Rocky
from these perfect and beautiful
pUvaeR´E> SvSvv[ERvaR pqe leOya iÖ- (Gemmy) Road to Heaven of its formation. gems.
6 Position of a King: The modern terminology
jaeÄmE>, would indicate one who is wealthy.
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` steve
Savitur Aditya, William Shakespeare
and The Magic Power of Words
Steve Hubball

The heavens themselves, the planets and

Of course, in the Middle Ages, astrology
this centre
was a central part of life, and reached its
Observe degree, priority and place,
zenith during the Renaissance. This is
Insisture, course, proportion, season, form,
reflected is many of Shakespeare’s plays,
Office, and custom, in all line of order :
such as King Lear, who laments that: “It
And therefore is the glorious planet Sol
is the stars. The stars above us, govern
In noble eminence enthroned and sphered
our conditions”, while Hamlet philoso-
Amidst the other; whose med’cinable eye
phises: “There are more things in heaven
Corrects the ill aspects of planets evil,
and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in
And posts, like the commandment of a
your philosophy.”
Sans check to good and bad : but when the
planets Around Shakespeare’s time, we also know
In evil mixture to disorder wander, that the kings and queens of Europe em- Around Shake-
What plagues, and what portents, what ployed permanent respected astrologers
as part of their Royal Court. Recently, I speare’s time, we
What raging of the sea, shaking of earth, was excited to find a biography of Shake- also know that the
Commotion in the winds, frights, changes, speare (by Rowse, 1973) which contained kings and queens
horrors, photographs of original horoscopes made of Europe em-
Divert and crack, rend and deracinate by the well-known astrologer, Simon For-
ployed permanent
The unity and married calm of states man, in 1597. Interestingly, these charts
are in ‘North Indian format’, which was respected astrolo-
Quite from their fixure!
used extensively in Western Astrology at gers as part of
Troilus and Cressida that time. The birth data I am using for their Royal Court.
Act I, Scene III Shakespeare is 23rd April, 1564 in Strat-
ford-upon-Avon, although I do not have
a birth time. The sunrise chart (4:31 am)
is given below, using Lahiri Ayanamsha
I have always been a lover of Shake- (17º 46’ 39”).
speare, surely the greatest and most
influential writer in all of world litera-
ture, whose genius transcends time. Sun in Aries – Savitur Aditya
However, it is only since becoming an
astrologer that I have awakened to the
enormous volume of references to as-
trology in his writing. I believe there
can be no doubt that William Shake-
speare was one of the most enlightened
individuals to have lived in Britain.
Furthermore, as a mystic, philosopher
and commentator on the human condi-
tion and meaning of life, his knowledge
of astrology must have been immense.

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savitur-aries `
‘The glorious planet Sol’, the Sun, is the Savitur who is identified with the pro-
g gravitational centre and source of all life creative power of the Sun and is wor-
shipped with the Gayatri mantra. Savitur
in our solar system, the supreme source
Recently, I was of energy. Maharishi Parashara teaches is the giver of long life and intelligence,
us that the Sun, Surya, is also the soul, or creative ability and natural leadership.
excited to find a bi-
atman, of the Kalapurusha, the human However, Savitur is also the ‘magic
ography of Shake- power of words’, representing the mag-
embodiment of the zodiac. The soul is
speare (by Rowse, said to signify the major impulse of the ic power of utterances that instigates
1973) which present incarnation of a person, and men to act (Danielou, 1991). According
contained photo- therefore the placement of Surya in the to the Svetasvatara Upanishad (quoted
horoscope will indicate where the main by Alain Danileou), “The magic-power-
graphs of original of-the-word (Savitur) first took control
focus of a person’s life is concentrated.
horoscopes made of the mind and thought. It seized the
The twelve Adityas (sons of Rishi Kashy-
by the well-known apa and Aditi), the givers of everything light of Agni and extracted it from the
astrologer, Simon in the Universe, are forms of Surya, and earth … With mind controlled we are
inspired by the divine power of the
Forman, in 1597. their domain in the horoscope are the 12
rashis (signs), each Aditya giving spe- word which leads to heaven and gives
cific power, energy and creative intelli- strength. Having controlled the powers
gence to its corresponding rashi. They that are conveyed through thought, the
g are sometimes known as the twelve mind enters into bright heavens … May
‘Sovereign Principles’. When Surya (the the power of the word inspire men, that
soul), combines with the higher energy great light may arise”.
of the Aditya in a certain rashi, we can
then begin to understand the major im- In Shakespeare’s chart we see that the
pulse of a person’s incarnation. Sanjay, exalted Sun in Aries is largely unaf-
in his latest book on the Jaimini Sutras flicted (Saturn and Rahu give very weak
(Sanjay Rath, 2007) teaches us that the graha drishti – less than 40 virupas -
twelve Adityas corresponding to the while there is no rashi drishti) and sits in
twelve rashis are: a beautiful Shuba Kartari Yoga with Ve-
nus and Mercury. In the charts of great
and famous people, where the power of
The Aditya corresponding to Aries is Aditya has truly manifested to its dhar-
Rashi Aditya Meaning or Principle mic proportion, I have noticed that the
Sun is usually free from strong malefic
influence, allowing the full expression
Aries Savitur The Vivifier, The Magic Power of
of Aditya’s qualities. The essence of
Savitur Aditya in the ‘magic power of
Taurus Aryaman Chivalry words’ has certainly found its ultimate
Gemini Mitra Friendship, Solidarity expression in the life and works of Wil-
Cancer Varuna The Coverer or Binder liam Shakespeare! We can only won-
Leo Shakra The Mighty, The Divinity of Courage der in awe at how much the power of
Virgo Vivasvan The Ancestor, The Embodiment of Shakespeare’s words has inspired men,
Morality “that great light may arise”.
Libra Pushan The Nourisher, The Protector of Cattle The name Savitur is derived from the
Scorpio Daksha Ritual Skill Sanskrit root su, meaning “to bring
Sagit- Amsha The Share of the Gods forth”, and Savitur is thus the name of
tarius the Sun, regarded as the source of cre-
Capricorn Bhaga The Inherited Share ation. According to Danielou, Savitur is
Aquarius Tvashta The Shaper, Craftsmanship also the ‘mysterious word’, the mantra
uttered by the priests, that causes the
Pisces Vishnu The All-pervading Light of Knowl-
sun to rise – it is the very sound from
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` steve
which the sun itself was created. In Su Mo Ma Me Ju Ve Sa Ra Ke
Shakespeare’s works we can particular-
Total Number of 227 103 40 15 29 30 6 0 1
ly see his use of the ‘mysterious word’
and when we also consider his Vargot-
tama Mercury in deep debilitation in Total Number of 42 33 20 11 10 16 5 0 1
Pisces (like Albert Einstein), we can Titles (of 44)
understand the cosmic connection that phrase. I have had hours of fun with this
Shakepseare must have had with the program, but what I include here is sim-
unbounded ocean of pure conscious- ply a list of the number of times The Bard
ness, guided by Savitur Aditya. Fur- has referred to the nine Heavenly Bodies.
thermore, if the birth Nakshatra is Has-
ta (which changes to Chitra at 14:42 pm We can see that Shakespeare, ruled by
on his birthday), we know that Hasta is Savitur Aditya, has referred to the Sun
in all 44 of his works (excepting only the
also ruled by Savitur. Surely, not a co-
incidence! In addition, Shakespeare’s short poem The Phoenix and The Turtle i
Dwadashamsha, indicative of his lin- and Sonnets to Sundry Notes of Music)
revealing his strong connection with the We can see that
eage, is exceptional, with five exalted
planets (Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Sun. What we also find is that the decline Shakespeare, ruled
Ketu), and Jupiter in Mulatrikona rashi in the number of references from Sun to by Savitur Aditya,
Sagittarius. Saturn almost follows the ‘natural pro- has referred to the
gression’ of the planets (weekdays) – we
would, of course, expect more references
Sun in all 44 of
Sybil Thorndike (1977) comments that his works (except-
to the Sun and Moon.
the words of Shakespeare have in them
all shades of sound and meaning, and
ing only the short
yet, apart from the meaning, the sound poem...
In his complete works, Shakespeare refers
of the words “can hypnotise one into
to Saturn only six times. For your inter-
such a state of musical joy that one can
est, here are the quotations:
do without the meaning”. Of course,
we could say much more about Shake-
speare’s chart regarding his unique
creativity and greatness with words –
exalted Jupiter, Venus in Taurus, Mars
and Ketu in Gemini, Hasta Nakshatra,
and so on – but it is surely the bless-
ings of Savitur Aditya that has made
Shakespeare a true genius of the ‘magic
power of words’.
Word Search on Shakespeare’s
Complete Works
If Shakespeare had the ‘magic power
of words’, then modern computers cer-
tainly have the ‘magic power of word
search’! What follows is a brief and
light-hearted look at Shakespeare’s ref-
erences to ‘the planets’ in all 44 of his
works (37 plays and 7 poems including
the 154 Sonnets). For this I am grateful
to modern technology and a CD-ROM
containing The Complete Works of Wil-
liam Shakespeare, which allowed me to
search all his works on a single word or
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savitur-aries `
Madam, though Venus govern your lates to what must have been a hot topic
e desires,
Saturn is dominator over mine.
of debate at the time, one’s belief in the
science of astrology! It is also interest-
...when we are sick Here, boy, ‘To Pallas’; here ‘To Mer- ing that, in this play, Shakespeare refers
cury.’ to Edmund’s astrological situation at
in fortune, often
‘To Saturn,’ Caius – not to Saturnine: the moment of conception, and astrolo-
the surfeit of our You were as good to shoot against the gers know that the planetary alignment
own behaviour, we wind. at conception is actually as important
make guilty of our Titus Andronicus as the birth chart. Therefore, take heed
disasters the sun, from Shakespeare’s words and avoid
I wonder that thou (being, as thou making love when Ketu is rising!
the moon, and the say’st thou art, born under Saturn)
stars... Goest about to apply a moral medicine Edmund: This is the excellent foppery
to a mortifying mischief. of the world, that, when we are sick in
Much Ado About Nothing fortune, often the surfeit of our own be-
haviour, we make guilty of our disasters
Saturn and Venus this year in conjunc- the sun, the moon, and the stars; as if
tion! we were villains on necessity, fools by
What says th’ almanac to that? heavenly compulsion, knaves thieves
King Henry IV (Part 2) and treachers by spherical predomi-
nance, drunkards liars and adulterers
From you have I been absent in the by an enforced obedience of planetary
spring, influence; and all that we are evil in, by
When proud-pied April (dressed in all a divine thrusting on : an admirable eva-
his trim) sion of whoremaster man, to lay his go-
Hath put a spirit of youth in every atish disposition to the charge of a star!
thing : My father compounded with my mother
That heavy Saturn laughed and leaped under the dragon’s tail, and my nativity
with him. was under ursa major; so that it follows
Sonnets I am rough and lecherous. Tut! I should
have been that I am had the maidenliest
Me of my lawful pleasure star in the firmament twinkled on my
she retsrain’d, bastardising.
And pray’d me oft for- King Lear Act I, Scene II
bearance; did it with
A prudence so rosy, the Footnote: A shorter form of this article
sweet view on’t appeared in Gochara, The Journal of the
Might well have warm’d British Association for Vedic Astrology,
old Saturn. Volume 8, Issue 1 (September 2007).
1. Daniélou, Alain (1991) The Myths and
Ketu Gods of India Inner Traditions Interna-
On searching for The 2. Rath, Sanjay (2007) A Course on Jaimini
Dragon’s Head (Rahu) and Maharishi’s Upadesa Sutra Sagittarius
The Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) Publications
I only found one refer- 3. Rowse, A L (1973) Shakespeare The Man
ence (to Ketu), which is in
4. Shakespeare, William The Complete
King Lear, Shakespeare’s Works CD-ROM Focus Multimedia Ltd
noble study of the human 5. Thorndike, Sybil (1971) in The Complete
spirit. I quote it here for Works of William Shakespeare Abbey
your amusement, as it re- Library

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` anurag
A Jyotish Critique of the
Works of P.G.Wodehouse
Anurag Sharma
|Om Shreenivasaya Namah|

expressions of British life such as ‘bacon

One has always appreciated the fic- and eggs’ being written as ‘bacon and e.’
tion writing of the enormously popular
British author P.G. Wodehouse1, espe-
or in the alternative as ‘b. and eggs’.
cially the Bertram Wooster and Jeeves
The 2nd Lord Shukra/ Venus, on the one Shukra is the
series. Let us see some of the Karmic
hand, shows writing about very wealthy
energies that characterize his work
people, Dukes and Lords, as the 2nd is
Karaka of the
through the device of the Prashna mother-tongue, of
Dhan Bhava, and on the other it shows
Chakra. The Prashna Chakra was cast
Simhasana Yoga, showing that his status one’s country and
on Budhvar, showing that the vitality
as a bestselling author shall be virtually the nation-state.
of Wodehouse’ work was derived from
unparalleled in the genre of comedic fic-
the witty and wordy Budh, creating an Being conjoined
tion. The sign being Mithun/ Gemini also
amazing web of verbal comedy in the
shows that the play of words, being ut- Budh in the 10th
process. The data for which the Prashna House, it ensured
terly inhibited in stylist variation, would
Chakra has been cast is: May 30, 2007;
14:48:01; Dehradun, India.
be the backdrop against which he would that Wodehouse’
exercise his peculiar genius. works centered
Kanya/ Virgo Lagna/ Ascendant rises completely round
in the Prashna Chakra, showing the Shukra is the Karaka of the mother-tongue,
very precise and methodical creative of one’s country and the nation-state. Be- the heart of British
and writing environment in which ing conjoined Budh in the 10th House, it life and cultural
Wodehouse worked and excelled. His ensured that Wodehouse’ works centered mannerisms.
writings show painstaking attention completely round the heart of British life
to the minutest nuances and details of and cultural mannerisms. Shukra also
shows culture, etiquette and social ritual
conversational settings, say, with his
butler Jeeves, and also generally. All and the comedic structure of Wodehouse’ f
this may be attributed to the Kanya work derived largely from these areas.
Lagna rising. It shows a very sardonic These Grahas being in the 7th House
and acute appraisal of British moneyed
life in those times.

The Lagna Lord showing the author

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is Budh
placed in Siddha Yoga in the 10th
House. It shows tremendous ability in
writing about his subject and making
continual fun of the rich and silly Ber-
tram Wooster. Budh is placed in Mith-
un/ Gemini Rashi and is running amok
with witticisms and literary games
such as abbreviating commonly used
1 See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PG_Wodehouse
for a Biographical sketch.
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wodehouse `
was captured in the personality of a
yes-man and a man-servant. This shows
Wodehouse’ intellectual rejection of
wisdom as far as this series went since
Guru is placed in the 6th House from the
Lagna Lord. There were many in Eng-
land who thought the portrayal of the
aristocratic Wooster showed that class
of people in England in a bad light.

The fact that Wodehouse is known most

for the Jeeves series of novels and it
were these writings that brought him
fame is seen from the Arudha Lagna in
from the Arudha Lagna ensured a tre- Rashi Chakra joined the Shatru Pada/
mendous reception to his work and this A6 showing the butler/ the man-ser-
resulted from his own genius, evidenced vant as the vehicle through which fame
by the powerful Lagna Lord joined the accrued. The Arudha Lagna in the 4th
Yoga in the 10th House of skill in work. House shows that most of the settings
were in British homes and the funniest
exchanges also happened at home, with
There is a view in many critical circles
the Butler being forced to accede. How-
that Wodehouse’ work is worthless be-
ever, Jeeves would continue to try and
cause it has no meaning. It is thought
have his way, by attempting to get rid
that there is no investigation into real
of a tie that he found too obnoxious to
life issues, no sincerity to existence
be a part of his master’s wardrobe. Guru
and nothing purposeful is sought to be
is retrograde. In the 12th House from
achieved through the writing. Some of
the Arudha Lagna, the qualities of Guru
this criticism can be seen reflected in the
have been shown as lacking in the hero,
planetary placements illustrating the
depicted as a young man with no talents
nature of his work, especially the Jeeves
and interests and who spends his time
novels that were in the
in luxury (Shukra).
mind of the Jyotishi when
the Prashna Chakra was This also shows the misogynist streak
cast and studied. Guru, the in the novels as Wodehouse studiously
Karaka of the Paka Lagna, avoids any liaisons with women, espe-
the seat of the application cially long standing ones despite honest
of intelligence and the Dhi efforts by his aunts to fix him up. Guru
Shakti: the power of dis- as the 7th Lord in Marana Karaka Stha-
crimination is placed in na disfavours romantic interests for the
Marana Karaka Sthana in hero. Aunts also play a dominant role
the 3rd Bhava from the La- shown by the A6 joined the Arudha La-
gna. It can be argued that gna. There is hilarious competition be-
wisdom, eternal truth and tween the persona of the hero Bertram
anything of philosophical Wooster and the butler Jeeves to have
substance is utterly lacking their own way of matters of no conse-
in his fictional work, espe- quence as the two Arudha Padas are
cially in the most popular joined in competition, and the subject
works such as the Jeeves matter, shown by the inanimate Rashi is
series. In fact, the butler trivial due to the placement of Guru.
Jeeves was depicted as be-
ing very intelligent and
The complete absence of any sexual ref-
wise, and his intelligence
8 • JJyotish
yo tish
igestt • Oct
iges O
Dec 20
Dec 2007

JD0704.indd 38 17-12-2012 10:58:22

` anurag
erences in these works are confirmed ularity for his works, especially the series
by the placement of Shani joined the
Darapada/ A7 in the 8th House from
primarily under scrutiny. c
the Arudha Lagna. The roots for these Let us see the Navamsha Chakra for the ...accusations that
omissions and the portrayal of young past of the author and his writing. There
is Pishacha Badhak Yoga indicating some
he was a traitor to
women as essentially grasping, illogi-
cal, unreasonable and avoidable entities unrest, disquiet and testing circumstanc- the Allied cause.
could be rooted in the fact that Shukra es. The Lagna Lord is in Marana Karaka It is this unrest
is the Atmakaraka and the author was Sthana with the 6th Lord, also in Marana which is shown in
comfortable with a hero who is a con- Karaka Sthana. He was imprisoned by the
the Pishacha Bad-
firmed bachelor. This is apart from the Germans during the Second World War.
fact that British culture at overt levels is The 12th Lord Venus is also placed in hak Yoga and the
astringent in these matters in any case. the Lagna showing the fact that he spent Sarpa Yoga; there
The exclusion of women from the per- most of his life in the U.S. The 5th Lord is something amiss
sonal fabric of life of the hero is seen well placed in the Lagna shows his suc- in the working of
from the placement of the 7th Lord and cess in life.
his mind and his
the Upapada Lagna in Marana Karaka
Sthana from the Atmakaraka showing One of the major controversies in his life desires.
a deep-seated and authentic rejection was that he made certain radio broad-
to properly develop the characters in casts while in Germany which led to ac-
the novels in this specific series. cusations that he was a traitor to the Al-
lied cause. It is this unrest which is shown
All factors seem to point at it as the Up- in the Pishacha Badhak Yoga and the
apada Lagna is in the 12th Bhava from Sarpa Yoga; there is something amiss in
the Arudha Lagna showing a manifest the working of his mind and his desires.
rejection as well. The interaction with Though as investiga-
potential spouses is not ruled out and tion was conducted
Wooster interacts with women and by the Investigating
has even been engaged. This is seen agencies and he was
from the fact that the lord of Arudha exonerated, the con-
Lagna and the lord of Upapada Lagna ferring of the Knight
are placed in mutual trines. More im- of the British Empire
portantly, the lord of Arudha Lagna is happened only when
also in Marana Karaka Sthana show- he was in his 90s. The
ing complete British status-quo in the Mantra Pada/ A5
life of the hero, where nothing ever re- showing the recogni-
ally changes, and he is content to live a tion of merit is in the
death-like life, so structured that it can 12th House from the
admit of no serious changes. Arudha Lagna. The
placement of Shukra
in such strength does
This evaluation is of course very stark
not point at treason
since it does not investigate the actual
but the Sarpa Yoga
plots in the novels, which are incred-
shows that his Mercu-
ibly funny leading to such tremendous,
rial mind, his funny
and in this author’s opinion, quite jus-
wordplay and tricks
tified popularity for Wodehouse; how-
could have slipped out
ever, the Graha placements show the
of control and landed
underlying structure with which the
him in the controver-
novels were crafted. The Karaka for
sy. The Sun showing
writing and the Lagna Lord being the
government is in Ma-
same Graha, and aspecting the Lagna
rana Karaka Sthana
show the possibility of continuing pop-
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JD0704.indd 39 17-12-2012 10:58:22

wodehouse `
in the 12th House conjoined the 2nd
Lord (speech) Chandra. The Naisargika
Karaka for speech, Budh is also the La-
gna Lord, placed in the 6th House from
the Karaka Bhava showing that his own
speech landed him in trouble with the

Rahu in Arudha Lagna points at the

shock to the image resulting from a
questioning of his value system at a vul-
nerable time: Rahu is in Meena Rashi
joined the Arudha Lagna. Guru is again
Neecha in the 8th House showing that
very deep thinking was not a part of the
output and characterization of his work
and characters. Mercury and Venus in
Samsaptaka show his play with words
and British life as the foundation of all
his writing.

In the present day, Surya, nodes and

Chandra influence the 11th from the
Arudha Lagna showing that leaders in
various spheres and those in high plac-
es would like his work and this would
extend to a large mass base (Chandra).
Popularity in foreign lands is also as-
sured due to the nodal influence. The
past carries much the same influences.
Neecha Guru also aspects, showing that
it may not have been intellectually fash-
ionable to read his light works. But then
for the true intellectual, fashion is of
little consequence; it there is something
to appeal to the mind, the work shall
be appreciated. Wodehouse’ quality is
that of an undoubted Budh-dominated
genius, an unusual and childish genius,
yes, but a genius nevertheless.

The future of reading in general is in

serious jeopardy with the advent of the
Consumerist culture. The consumer-
ism has appeared to exclude the writ-
ten word in unequivocal favour of the
Pizza. The Jagannath Drekkana Chakra
(D3-Jn) cannot but be somewhat severe.
The Lagna Lord Shukra showing Brit-
ish life is in the 12th House from the
Arudha Lagna showing a dissipation
... continued page 48
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` freedom
Nakñatra Devatäs Part-II
Freedom Tobias Cole
Excerpts from “Science of Light”presently available at www.vedicastrologyfundamentals.com

will be called by the deity who owns it. For

Of the many attributes related to the example, Anuradha can be called maiträ,
nakñatras the two most important to that which belongs to Mitra. Purväñäòhä
understand are the devatä and the sym- is called jaladeva, that which belongs to
bol. The qualities of the devatäs give us the water god. In this way, the lunar signs
the primary meaning of each nakñatra are the domains of the devata. It is their
and form the foundation for the inter- energy that rules over that particular por-
pretation of the lunar constellation. tion of the sky. Understanding their my-
thology reveals the deeper workings of
The lunar constellations represent
the nakñatra, and opens the doorway for
the mind, conditioned by the devatä
ruling the nakñatra of the Moon. By
# Deity Constellation Meaning
understanding the nature of the de-
1 Açviné Açvinikumära Healing, rejuvinating
ity we will understand the qualitative
2 Bharaëé Yama Dying, death, transformation
nature of the individual’s thinking.
To completely understand the deity 3 Kåttikä Agni Burning, purifying, clarity
one needs to read the various stories 4 Rohiëé Brahmä Creating, culture
of Vedic literature and become famil- 5 Mågaçira Chandra Growth, ojas, procreative power
iar with these devatäs. The more one 6 Ärdrä Rudra Anger, power of destruction
understands these gods, the more one 7 Punarvasu Aditi Learning, understanding, expanding
will be able to appreciate the motiva- 8 Puñya Båhaspati Knowing, awareness
tion and the nature of the mind. 9 Äçleña Sarpa Deception, illusion, over confidence
10 Maghä Pitå Authority, karma
Some scholars have judged the im-
11 P.phalguné Bhaga Relationship and sexuality
portance of Vedic deities found in the
12 U.phalguné Aryaman Love, marriage, and family
Vedas by how many verses they had
addressed to them. From our perspec- 13 Hasta Savitå Waking up, realizing
tive, they are all equally important as 14 Citrä Viçvakarma Building, planning
they each rule an equal portion of the 15 Sväté Väyu Movement, strength to build
sky. Therefore we should try to under- 16 Viçäkhä Indrägni Alliance, support systems
stand them and how to approach each 17 Anurädhä Mitra Friendship, fine detail
one equally. Rudra is approached for 18 Jyeñöhä Indra Sensory control, controlling urges
protection. Niråti is asked to stay away. 19 Müla Niråti Breaking
Bhaga is approached for conjugal hap- 20 Pürväñäòhä Äpas Feeling, searching
piness, lovingly and with charm; Äpas 21 Uttaräñäòhä Viçvadeva Noblity, good character
through emotion and feelings. Indra
22 Çravaëa Viñëu All-pervasive, expanding
is approached as one would a king,
23 Dhaniñöhä Vasu-deva Fame, shining, being seen
while Båhaspati is approached as one
24 Çatabhiña Varuëa Punishment, repentance
would a spiritual teacher.
25 Pürväbhädra Ajaikapada Tapasya, penance
26 Uttarabhädra Ahirbudhnya Unseen, hidden
Sometimes, in the texts, the nakñatra
27 Revaté Püñän Nourisher, safe and fruitful journeys
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naksatra `
intuitive understanding of the native’s to have a heart delighting in virtue and
c psychology. Below is a brief introduc-
tion to the deities for the beginner.
penance. Brahmä asked him to live deep
underground and give steadiness to the
...perceive the dei- Earth. Väsuki, the second born, was the
There are various levels by which to snake used to churn the ocean of milk.
ties. They can be perceive the deities. They can be seen Other snakes became vile and used
seen as natural as natural forces, mental tendencies, or their poison to kill and harm. Snakes
forces, mental ten- cosmic archetypes that are sometimes have powerful energy and can do great
dencies, or cosmic personified for ease of human grasping. harm.
Each of these levels simultaeously in-
archetypes that are cludes the other and it is the responsibil- The lunar nodes represent serpants.
sometimes personi- ity of the astrologer to not only perceive Rähu represents sarpas, those snakes
fied for ease of hu- the multi-dimensionality of these ener- that used their powers negatively. Ketu
man grasping. gies, but to also comprehend how they represents nägas, those snakes who use
influence every aspect of an individual’s their powers beneficially. Though some-
life. Understanding the deity will help times a sarpa may do something nice
one get a ‘feeling’ for the devatä so as to and a naga my use a little black magic
f understand the nakñatra from an ener- they generally go to extremes. Natives
getic standpoint, instead of as a list. of Äçleñä will often be in extreme nega-
tive or positive situations.
Äçleñä: Sarpa
Sarpas are sinful, cheating and have a
||Auð Sarpebhyo Namaù ||
power of deceiving with their speech,
Sarpa means snake or serpant. It can their split tongues. Natives of this star
also mean creeping or crawling, which can be dangerous with the poison of
is how most snakes and serpants move these sarpas, they may engage in illicit
along. Åñi Kasyapa had two wives and sale of drugs or sex. They have excess
granted them each a boon before sexual energy which can lead to devi-
he entered into retreat. The first ances if not channeled properly. They are
wife, Kadru, asked for a thou- also known as con artists, and will even
sand splendorous snake cheat their own family as they enslaved
sons. The second wife, Vinatä and their brother, Garuòa.
Vinatä, asked for two
glorious bird sons . The
Nägas are known to have gems grow-
snakes were born first
ing out of their third eyes because of
and enslaved Vinatä until
the intense study and research they
her son, Garuòa, was born.
perform, they become keepers of wis-
Garuòa freed his mother
dom, and percieve subtle energy. Na-
and became an eater of
tives of this star may be interested in
snakes. Therefore Guruòa
occult studies and mystic knowledge.
is invoked to remove the
They can become healers, particularly
poison of snakes and
the branch of äyurveda known as aga-
troubles that they
datantra (toxicology), which can include
cause (kñipa auð
working with cancer or diseases related
to external pollutants, and even modern
Not all snakes are day pharmacology. The mesmerizing
negative. Çeña, serpant energy also relates to hypno-
(Ananta) Kadru’s therapy and other trance state therapies,
first born, did in- or entrancing music.
tense penance to pu-
rify himself and was Maghä: Pitå
granted a boon by Brahmä
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` freedom
||Auð Pitåbhyo Namaù || the karmic gains and debts
Pitå generally means ancestors but, of the ancestors. One shares
also has many other levels of meaning. the sins a grandfather made
It can directly relate to the father, pitå by stealing during difficult
shares the same linguistic root as the times, or shares the bless-
latin word pater meaning father which ings he received by visiting
gives us the word paternal. It can also a true saint during more
refer to both parents, or to the close prosperous times. With
ancestory that has passed on (father, the blessings of the ances-
grandfather, great-great-grandfather). tors one has a firm karmic
Pitå can also refer to the ancestors who foundation to rise high in
started a lineage or the progeninators life. All blocks to accom-
of mankind as well as the great Vedic plish get removed and one
Åñis. By worshipping the ancestors one achieves the honor offered
gives respect to that which has come by the ancestors.
before them. This reminds one to stay
humble and remember the past. Maghä Natives of this star often
is a bright star of authority and respect. take jobs in government or
Natives of this star can become proud positions related to the gen-
or arrogant, so need to remember the eral role of a father. There is
past that helped them achieve where a masculine energy present in these indi-
they have presently risen to. viduals which can make a person chau-
vinistic. They may also be in positions
Our karma is affected by our ancestors concerned with the past like preserva-
of seven generations. Not only will a tionists, historians, curators or archaeolo-
king’s karma affect the entire country, gists.
but his family’s karma seven genera-
tions ago to present will influence the Pürvaphalguné: Bhaga
country as well. By propitiating the
ancestors we remove karmic debts and ||Auð Bhagäya Namaù ||
blockages. This allows for prosperity, Bhaga is one of the 12 Ädityas born of
happy married life, proper sex life, Aditi and Kaçyapa. The Ädityas, in gen-
high position or status, and success in eral, rule over the resources we have in
career. The full enjoyments of life are life. They are forms of the Sun god and
blessings of the ancestor’s desires and like the räçis they show potentialities we
are enjoyed by natives of this star. can achieve. Bhaga Äditya
is connected to the sign Sag-
Hindu tradition has specific ceremo- gitarius. He is the ‘dispens-
nies, like çräddha, for the immediate er’ and considered a lord
ancestors to be propitiated, or for re- of wealth and happiness.
memberance of the ancient Åñis from The 9th house is called the
which we trace our heritage back to. bhägya bhava, the house of
In Judaism, they constantly invoke the luck and fortune, and the
founding fathers Abraham, Issac and blessings of the actions from
Jacob and remember the past. In Islam, the past life. The naväàça
there is full attention paid to the final shows ones bhägya as well.
prophet, Mohammed. In some Asian Bhägya means relating to
culture there is even more direct focus Bhaga or lucky, fortunate,
on ancestors, where a differentiation and also one’s fate, des-
between one’s personal and ancestoral tiny or welfare. Natives of
karma is not made. Just as a family unit this star are often gener-
shares prosperity and loss, one shares ous, dignified and kind in
ish Di
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00 433

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naksatra `
their speech. Bhaga’s wife is Perfection trade, and business.
i (Siddhi) and he had three sons named
Greatness (Mahimän), Power (Vibhu), He is the chief of the ancestors and the
As Bhaga is usu- Sovereignty (Prabhu), and a daughter milky way is his path . From the Vedic
named Hope (Äçi) . perspective, marriage and children is a
ally invoked with
way to repay the ancestors. In this way,
Aryamän the two the arudha (external manifestation) for
Bhaga presides over love and marriage
should be under- as a blissful form of the Sun god. As- marriage is calculated from the twelfth
stood together. sociated with love, affection, amorous house. The twelfth house arudha (UL)
Both relate to mar- pleasure and sexual passion, natives of shows how we will repay our anscestors,
this star will be lovers of life, charming and it is the bhävapada for marriage.
riage and have a
bed as their sym- and attractive. They will often be in-
volved in professions such as dance, art, The symbol for the phalguné stars is a
bol, though... music, or other creative expressions. The bed. Uttarä means northern, or higher in
may work in relationship counseling or vibration. Uttaräphalguné is the higher
anything involving love and affection. vibration of the bed and shows the up-
i per part of the body, and the higher
aspects of the bed pleasures which are
As Bhaga is usually invoked with Ary-
amän the two should be understood to- marriage and children. The previous
gether. Both relate to marriage and have star, Pürvaphalguné, relates to the more
a bed as their symbol, though Bhaga re- base vibrations of the bed, and shows
sides in the part of the bed that shows the the lower sexual parts of the body. The
pleasure one enjoys from relationship stars of phalguni relate to love, sexual-
and marriage. While Aryamän resides ity and relationship. Uttarä also relates
in the portion of the bed that shows the to the future, or what will come to be,
long term reasons for marriage. and is more concerned about the long
term situation.
“May Aryaman and Bhaga lead us, and
may the union of wife and husband be A Vedic prayer to the newly married
easily accomplished, oh gods ”. wife says,
Uttaräphalguné: Aryamän “May Prajäpati grant us progeny, may
Aryamän unite us together until old
||Auð Aryamaëe Namaù|| age; free from all evil omens enter your
Aryamän is also one of the 12 Ädityas. husband’s abode, be the bringer of
He relates to sustenance and gives prosperity for our people and animals
health and strength of the body. Ary- .”
a is a deity of arrang-
In the word Phalguné, phala means the
in marriage, compan-
fruits or results, guëi comes from guëa
io and the one who
and means qualities. It shows the attri-
brings children. He is the
butes that bring fruit or progeny. Phal-
‘friendly companion’ as-
gunibhava is a name of Jupiter, he who
p of the Sun. These
gives the fruits, or decides the fruits
n are interested in
you’ll get.
se others enjoy mari-
ta happiness and good at The month of Phalguni is in the spring,
arranging marriages and during a time of fertility, flowers and
m Aryaman colors. The Indian festival of Holi is cele-
sh prosperity through brated at this time with many colors. It is
m accumulation the best nakñatra for marriage, irrespec-
o wealth and family. Na- tive of doñas (except Tuesday). Even the
tives of this star are gener- gods get married in the time of the phal-
a good with finances,
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` freedom
guné nakñatras , with the palanquin of plied to speculation-based professions,
Maghä nakñatra leading them to the
ceremonial place. It is a good nakñatra
like the stock market, real estate, or even
certain aspects of business and trade that
for making contracts that will lead to require good foresight. Savitra means to
Negative tenden-
a fruitful outcome. Therefore marriage generate, or an instrument of production.
cies can develop
contracts are made at this time as well These natives are skilled and able to make
as other types of beneficial contracts or when these natives
things happen by creating the situation or
agreements. use their inher-
tool that is required. They are intelligent
ent insight for the
and give themselves in service to things
Hasta: Savitå/Arka related to wisdom and its flourishing. wrong purposes.
||Auð Savitre Namaù || Negative tendencies can develop when They can be cruel
The diety ruling this star is Savitå, the these natives use their inherent insight with their intelli-
form of the Sun just before the Sun rises for the wrong purposes. They can be cru- gence...
signaling dawn. All Brahmins worship el with their intelligence. They may also
him, he determines all births and is the use their insight illicitly, or the skill of
cause of the lagna. The lagna repre- their hand for thievery like a good pick-
sent one’s intelligence and ideals, the pocket. To avoid these negative tenden- b
awareness of an individual. Savitå is cies one should avoid that which hurts
the awakener, the light-giver who im- the Sun, such as elements ruled by Saturn
pells life. Natives of this star are mo- and Rähu.
tivated in life and are often interested
in techniques and studies related to ex-
Chiträ: Viçva-
pansion of consciousness.
karmä/ Tvañöa
Savitå has the light of knowledge and ||Auð Viçvakarmaëe
gives good insight. Natives of this star Namaù ||
are often interested in techniques that
reveal deeper levels of understand- Tvañöa is the divine ar-
ing. This includes astrology and all chitect later known as
its branches, such as omenology and Viçvakarmä . “He is
samudrika çastra. Palmistry specifi- the author of a thou-
cally relates to these individuals given sand arts, the carpenter
the symbol of this nakñatra is the hand, and mechanic of the
representing the ability to look at one gods, the fabricator of
holographic aspect of reality, such as ornaments, the chief
reading the palm, or face, and under- of artists, the construc-
stand the nature of the person’s entire tor of the self-moving
life. Planets in this nakñatra give some chariots for the dei-
magical power to the hand of the native. ties, and by whose skill
To activate this quality, one can wear men obtain subsistance
something associated with the planet .” His name literally
in Hasta on the hands. For example, if means the all (viçva)
Mars is placed in Hasta one can wear a worker (karmin), so
copper ring, if Jupiter or Mercury one he relates to work and
can wear a gold ring, etc. If the Moon is production, which he
there, one can wear silver on the hand has tremendous energy
as well as recite the Savitå Gäyatré man- to accomplish. He is
tra, and this will invoke magic for this an Äditya who has the
nakñatra. power to bring resourc-
es into our lives. He is
sometimes considered
The insight of Savitå can also be ap-
an incarnation of Brah-
h Di
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naksatra `
m as the manifest
mä, ing old things better.
form of the world cre-
aator who makes all The body of these natives is generally
th well formed with good features as they
have received the blessing of the divine
These natives are architect himself. They can also be very
known to be honor- secretive as the craftsman keeps his pri-
able (mäné), especial- vate life separate from his work. Natives
ly when they use their of this star enjoy learning to constantly
energy for community expand themselves.
service or to perform
karma yoga. In this
way, these natives can Sväté: Väyu
become great karma ||Auð Väyave Namaù||
yogis. Propitiation of
Väyu means wind or air, from the lin-
Viçvakarmä gives the
guistic root vä which means to blow. He
blessings of children,
is the cosmic life born from the breath
similar to Brahmä and
of the cosmic man (puruña) as the Moon
the Pitås.
(chandra) was born of the cosmic mind,
Chiträ means ‘to be and the Sun (sürya), born of the eyes .
painted’ and repre-
p Väyu relates to the präëa inside the body
sents the ornamenta-
se and the five väyus that cause all things
i the native either to properly function inside the body.
wears or creates. It may also indicate When the internal väyus are balanced
that visual mediums and imagery play one is physically and mentally healthy,
an important role in their lives. Natives when imbalanced there is disease. Väyu
of this star are known to wear nice cloth- is worshipped as the breath of the gods,
ing and jewelry, either made by them- the impeller of life, and the essence of
selves, or with an eye paid to the detail speech (väc).
in the craftmanship of the item. Chiträ
Väyu is one of the eight Vasudevas, as
also refers to the future projections we
a source of illumination among the 33
a make for our life, and is linked to the
dhyana yoga aspect of meditation. Viç-
devas, natives of this star tend to be re-
ligious, patient and follow the path of
When the Sun was vakarmä is all about planning, figuring
out what and how to build. The entire
too bright for his zodiac is actually built from Chiträ, and
wife, Viçvakarmä Anila is another name of the wind god,
this is why the ayanäàça comes from
and anilaya means to have no resting
trimmed one- this star.
place. ‘Ani’ is a negation and ‘la’ is the
eighth of his rays. earth seed sound, therefore it means no
From this he made When the Sun was too bright for his
earth, or no grounding. As the wind has
wife, Viçvakarmä trimmed one-eighth
the discus of Vi- of his rays. From this he made the dis-
no home, these natives can be fond of
ñëu, the trident of traveling or of making changes. They do
cus of Viñëu, the trident of Çiva, the
not like things to stay static. They feel
Çiva, the spear of spear of Kärttikeya and all the weapons
that situations should come into their
Kärttikeya and all of the other gods. These natives can be
life, serve their purpose and then move
skilled artisans working with metals
the weapons of the on. These natives like airplanes or vehi-
and stones, marble, gems and jewelery.
other gods. They find success in careers related to
cles for traveling. They make good mer-
chants, who travel and need to be both
this type of work or weaving, sewing,
harsh and gentle.
fashion design, interior decoration, ar-
b chitecture, engineering, mathematics,
machines, creating new things, or mak-
Väyu personified is white with all white

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` freedom
attributes. He rides a deer and carries a there is a relationship between the king
bow and arrow. There is a link between
Rudra and Väyu in that they both carry
and the priest, in that the priest perfoms
the sacrafices to make the king rise to and
a bow and arrow; one is the lord of wind stay in power. And the king takes care of As wind tends to
(as he is the air itself), while the other the priest’s livelihood. The king may hold
cool things off,
is the calamity of the storm, including the political power, but will lose it with-
the fierce winds and rain. Both Bhéma out his priest, and the priest has no po- these natives may
and Hanumän were the sons of Väyu, litical power but is indispensible for his be unattached to
famous for their strength and power. sacraficial power. their feelings or
The strength of the Rudras comes from not very expressive
Väyu. The difference is that Väyu can Natives of this star will be aimed at ac-
be the harsh wind scattering and de- complishment and will work to cultivate of their emotions.
stroying things or it can be the cool re- alliances that prove beneficial to them.
freshing breeze on a hot day. Väyu is a They are competitive and understand the
powerful force that when on your side roles that people play to help them achieve
can fill the sails of a boat and carry you their aims, as a king and priest interact.
across the world. They make good businessmen and lead-
ers. Their aggressive desire to achieve can
As wind tends to cool things off, these
natives may be unattached to their
feelings or not very expressive of their
emotions. They will often put on a cold
face that does not reveal their emo-
tions. This lack of sharing the emotions
(water) is often the cause of many of
the präëic blockages in these natives.
To befriend them it is important to give
them the proper space since they are
slow to warm up socially.

Viçäkhä: Indrägni
||Auð Indrägnibhyaà Namaù||
Indra and Agni are the king and the
high priest, the political power and the
spiritual power; together they rule over
the star Viçäkhä. As Väyu was born of
the cosmic breath, Indra and Agni were
born of the mouth (mukha) of the Cos-
mic Being (Puruña) . The cosmic mouth
is the portal to make offerings, the place
the gods can ‘eat’ the offerings. All of-
ferings pass through these two deities
(behind these two deities are (all) the
other gods). If a sick person offers, or
if a person offers for abundance, these
deities will sustain the offerer .”

Indra and Agni are two separate deities

in the Vedas, but sometimes two deities
combine to create something together,
such as when Mitra-varuëa gave birth
to the sage Viçvamitra. Traditionally
ish Di
ish Dige
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naksatra `
tend toward an argumentative nature. ... continued from page 40
The future of They believe in repayment of personal of interest in the life depicted in Wode-
Wodehouse’ work favors. They can also be greedy or jeal- house’ work.This is a big loss shown by
faces Kemadruma ous of other people’s accomplishments. the Shukra-Chandra Yoga showing that
something of great cultural and psycho-
Yoga from the There is one story where Indra and Agni logical merit for its sheer playfulness
Arudha Lagna, re- took the form of birds to test the charity and silliness (the Yoga is again in Mithun
flecting the danger of an emperor named Çibi . Indra took Rashi) is being ignored and dissipated.
form as a hawk and Agni that of a dove. Ironically, the safety of the disappear-
that lurks by way The dove flew onto the lap of the empo- ing Pelham is ensured by the modern
of falling sales. rer while engaged in ritual worship. The modes of communication (Computers
hawk flew in demanding the emporer and technology) which have themselves
not withhold his food but the emperor assaulted the reading habit. Shukra is
d protected the bird as it had come to him
for protection. He offered the hawk oth-
in Parivartana with Budh, the 2nd and
5th Lord and the Karaka for commu-
er foods and even his kingdom but the nication. Moves are afoot2 to preserve
hawk would not settle for anything ex- the texts if interest should decline so
cept the same weight of the dove in the much that books go out of print. This
emporer’s own flesh. will take hard work and the interest of
Dhimantahs. The Lagna Lord Shukra is
The dove was put on a scale and the em-
joined the 3rd Lord Chandra and is in
peror cut away the flesh from his own
Parivartana with 5th Lord Budh in the
thigh, but no matter how much he cut
6th House. This work and interest shall
out, the dove was still heavier. Finally
certainly come, through will and effort
as he was about
as the 6th is an Upachaya showing free
to put himself on
will of interested individuals.
the scale the birds
revealed their
true form, blessed The future of Wodehouse’ work faces
him and took him Kemadruma Yoga from the Arudha
to the heavenly Lagna, reflecting the danger that lurks
realms. The path by way of falling sales. The 12th lord of
to true success sales is in Marana Karaka Sthana but
with these natives being in own Rashi ensures some other
is learning about means like a retrieval data base to en-
self-less service. sure protection (Mangal).

Unbroken Sarpa Yoga persists, show-

TO BE CONTINUED ing misplaced desires and new, malefic
preferences in the populace that play
havoc with the sort of brilliance exhib-
ited in these works. Only leaders and
elites (Surya) and the truly concerned
Dhimantahs seem to be interested in
buying such works as the Moon (mass
support and large readership) has no
link with the 11th House from the Ar-
udha Lagna.

This is the information that seems to ac-

crue from the Prashna Chakra Analysis.
2 See http://promo.net/pg/, the Website of Project
Gutenberg for freely downloadable etexts of the works of
P.G. Wodehouse and many other authors.
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` niranjanbabu

Niranjan Babu Bangalore
Dr. B.Niranjan Babu is cosnidered a Te earth is the principle vastu. ous conception of V.S. or space
world expert on Vaastu Shastra. He con-
personified, just as astrology con-
ducts courses in Bangalore.
One may ask whether V.S. is ap- siders Kala Purusha or time per-
http://www.niranjanbabu.com/ sonified. Concepts about space
plied on the different kinds of
house like, huts, wooden houses & time were very much clear to
This is really a memorable occa- and stones. Yes, when there was our ancient sages. Sage Vyasa
sion to the address this August no use of cement, iron and then said that that time does not exist
gathering hell bent upon exploring also the Vastu has its application. independently, but it has a rela-
the Indian ness of two branches of A book called ‘Hiranyagarbha’, tive material existence. A concept
ancient erudition. In this modern houses made of stone is called established in modern times by
age, Vastu Sastra (V.S) or the cos- Mandira, of baked bricks Vastu, Einstein also says that Time has a
mic architecture has manifested raw brick sumanta, of mud sud- form of existence matter.
itself as a blend off old and new, hara, of wooden logs or bamboos
in fact as a confluence of tradition Whatever man makes is second-
Nandaka, of varieties of straw
and modernity. In fact in today’s ary (Gouna Vastu), while the site
discussion and deliberations we is the principle one, according to
will see how east and west meet the Mayamata.
V.S. cannot be divorced from
each other, how oriental wisdom Astrology. It looks as if in Vastu
reciprocates with occidental opu- much importance is given to the The same unit of time or rhythm is
lence. same movements in the heavens extended to evolution of material
in placing construction of a house spaces into spatial forms such as
It is interesting to note that in the residential buildings, and extend-
text of the great classical work in such a manner that more open
space is left and more windows & ed even to the imagined forms,
“Samarangan sutradhara”, not furniture and household utensils.
only stanzas given on vastu but doors are provided towards east
and north than towards west and They are all according to Vastu
also there were 230 stanzas de- technology, rhythm – bound ma-
voted to the principles of con- south so that a house is exposed
to maximum influence of solar en- terial forms. I would also like to
structing Air Crafts & their use in focus your attention on the as-
peace and war. It will be better to ergy.
pect of evolution of energy waves
examine the Indian scriptures in- from out of the inner space, outer
stead of dismissing the traditions Look at the temples of thousand
years old based on Vastu princi- space and earthy space. So far as
as myths. the outer & inner spaces are con-
cerned, they maintain one & the
There are also Vastu texts for Jain- same frequency of vibration or
ism & Buddhism, such as the Gou- The photographic film of the elec- rhythm. But the wave patterns
tamiyam, Budhamatam and Cha- trical discharge emitted by an ob- of the human beings vary from
itya. An Indian scripture named ject proves the existence of auras. individual to individual. Similar-
Manasara represents the Univer- Kirlian photography explains this ly, the wave patterns emanating
sality of Vastu tradition and also process. The house which can from the enclosed space i.e. build-
contain the iconography of Jain & only be constructed by collection ings vary from building to build-
Budhist images. of materials must have involved, ing. By a mathematical calcula-
the influx and interactions of a tion, the building waves are made
series of invisible forces selected, to resonate or harmonize with
What is Vastu? should be capable of screening that of the individual’s frequency
off the destructive forces & call- of vibration. This is how man is
The world Vastu is derived from
ing into action of the constructive prepared by Vastu to live in har-
the word vasu means the – earth.
ones. Thus we have the marvel-
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vastu `
mony with the spirit of the earth ing. in the N-E, as also the five lakes
& universe. This kind of harmoni- & St. Lawrence river running out
ous life leads to both spiritual & The modern historians like Mr. of U.S. from the N-E, gives her the
material prosperity. This is where James Ferhuson, Dr, Novel and Sir position of the most powerful na-
astrology comes into the picture. Cunning Ham have come to the tion in the world. The Napoleon
In other words to get a equilibri- conclusion that the historic devel- Empire had two extensions in the
um in harmony between human, opment of V.S. took place during S-E, which resulted in the break-
house and outer space a human’s the period 6000 B.C. to 3000 B.C. up of his empire.
zodiac sign has a major impact on
construction. Apart from the natural magnetic Germany has ‘North German
influx & gravitational power of plain’ in the north & the whole of
Constructions and every matters the earth, the pulling and reflect- southern region is covered with
in this world have movement is ed power of the Moon, and the mountain, which helped her to
their own static existence. They direct transmission power of the gain power through united Ger-
have music in their own structure. sun, Maharishis have visualized, many.
Mayan in his work called ‘Ainti- a constant magnetic gravitational
ram’ goes to the extent of saying power in space flowing from the The N-E of Iraq is mountain &
that each static substance is mov- N-E corner to S-W corner of the west side is flat a largely desert.
ing within itself and as such there entire topography of the Universe Persian Gulf is exactly at the S-E
is no substance is associated with including Mother Earth. All ob- of the Iraq. Any extension is the
proportionate dynamism. So all jects in nature whether mineral, S-E direction is disastrous, so far
the building are dynamic struc- vegetable or animal are produced Iraq also. Kuwait is the S-E of the
ture & all they are musical and protected & perish under the in- Iraq and Iraq’s progress reversed
melodious if at all they have been fluence of the solar ray. The solar after the invasion on Kuwait.
constructed according to the Vas- light is scientifically slit into three
tu Vedic directions. segments, a visible spectrum of col- Vastu is the composite whole of
ored rays, ranging from the deep- proportional blend of five ele-
We have understood that the hu- ments viz earth, water, ether, air
man body has layers aura or en- est blue to the deepest red with
different wave lengths flanked by & fire. Their equitable proportion
ergy levels. Positive or negative creates Bio-electric Magnetic ener-
happenings happen whenever two invisible zones know as U.V.
& I.R. The N-E corner of the spec- gy, which bestows health, wealth
these energy fields of a human. & prosperity on man.
Vastusastra fundamental theory trum is given the name Aishanya
is to draw harmony between the that corresponds to the U.V. spec-
Geo-pathic stress has been ac-
animate and inanimate. Architec- trum, which is oxygenic & hydro-
cepted as a possible phenomenon
tural constructions are, as stated genic standing for purity, divinity
and it has been acknowledged by
earlier, living organisms and they & wisdom. The S-E corner of the
several western thinkers that elec-
behave like human beings. Like spectrum is given the name Ag-
tromagnetic spectrum with the
the living beings, they vibrate, neya that corresponds to the in-
frequency of the earth waves can
pulsate and breathe. The central frared, the thermal spectrum. It is
resonate which is turn can affect
space behaves as the lungs for the solar energy, which is respon-
certain energy field inside a struc-
such breathing strictures. Only sible for growth & destruction of
ture which has bearing on health
oxygen (air) is normal inside the the living beings.
and happiness of an individual.
lungs and anything other then air Geo means the earth and pa-
It is quite interesting to note that
is invitation of troubles. thos means disease. The western
the principles of Vastu can be ap-
thinkers also believe that some
plied to boundaries of nation. On
The centre of the land or building other types of harmful radiations
the study of the physical map of
should be left free for the conflu- can pervade the building and can
U.S.A., it could be seen that the
ence of cosmic & elemental cos- cause many unexplained diseases
Rocky Mountains (13,000ft.) in the
mic energies. It should be free of including Cancer.
west or move in altitude than Ap-
structural elements & it is meant palachian Mountains (3000ft.) in
to affect seriously the breathing the east apart from the extension Winner and Melsel in Germany
power to the entire land or build-
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` niranjanbabu
first started the work on geopathic Curry Grid: Energy waves in NE- there are frequent accidents either
stress in 1920. A link between can- SW Directions & NW-SE Direc- in the bathroom or staircases.
cer and geo-pathic zones was es- tion.
tablished by a study of geo-pathic
stress in Germany and France. Geo-
pathic stress is or the earth energy
is believed to come from several
sources like the earth’s magnetic
field radiation forces created due
to movement of plates inside the
earth, forces due to flow of under-
ground streams and so on. It can
occur in any building irrespective
of its use. It is believed it can af-
fect plants and animals also. Simi-
larly, modernization, which has
brought in tremendous amount
of electromagnetic spectrum in Schumann Lines
the form of microwaves and other Hartman Grid: Energy rays on
N-S and E-W lines. Professor Schumann discovered
electronic transfer mediums have
these in 1952. These wavers have
contributed to geo-pathic stress. The super imposing of Hartman the same frequency as the brain
lines on the curry lines leads to waves and it is believed that these
It was Dr.Manfred Curry who first a plethora of possible mirrors waves, which occur on the surface
hypothesized that there is a grid of lines criss-cross each other of the earth and oscillate between
network of electrically charged and are capable of creating ports the earth and the ionosphere,
lines of natural origin, which en- which are potentially more pow- regulate the human body mecha-
compasses the globe. These lines erful than those that rise from the nism. NASA has recognized the
are flowing from northeast the intersection of two lines in any importance of these waves also.
southwest and southeast to north- one of the grids. Geo-pathic prac- Now all manned spacecrafts car-
west at approximately 3 meters titioners also believe that it is pos- ry Schumann Wave generators,
distance. Dr. Curry hypothesized sible for negative energy to exist as these waves are not present in
that where the lines cross; there as a cloud and inadvertently it outer space to protect the health
is a double positive or a double can move into a building where of astronauts.
negative energy, which can dis- it is trapped. It is believed to be
turb the balance in a human body. 10ft. wider and most of the geo-
The studies of Dr. Curry show pathic clouds are formed when a
that people who slept on positive structure is built in a wrong man-
charged ports got cancer and those ner. You should suspect a cloud
who slept on negatively charged formation inside your structure if
ports got inflammatory diseases.
Dr. Curry recommended that for
best health one should sleep with-
in grid.

Dr. Hartman in Germany discov-

ered another kind of flow of en-
ergy lines, which were running
from north to south and east to
west. These are called as the Hart-
man lines and again the study
show that intersection points are
dangerous for human health.

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vastu `
can cause illness. increase in the pulse rate after
spending some time in the build-
Thus we may have to examine a ing and if pulse rate returns to nor-
building where inhabitants are mal once the person moves away
distressed from various angles to from the building. b) A damp
arrive at a conclusion. The first smell coming from any part of the
factor to analyze is from the point building without any evidence of
of our Vastu. dampness. c) If any part of floor
feels cold compared with the rest
Some people are under the im- of the building. d) If cats are fre-
pression that it is basically the quent in the building or come to
science of designing structures in stay there. e) If bees come and
accordance with the local envi- start a hive. f) If ants or termites
ronment. They go so far as to say make a home. g) A dog barking
Leys lines are formed when stone that the whole subject as designed at night with no apparent reason
like structures lie in parallel. Many keeping the prevailing wind con- looking in a particular direction at
building contains stones, which dition in India to take advantage south or southwest. h) Frequent
have cut, hammered, dressed etc. of the rain and wind directions. accidents in a particular bathroom
In this sort of handling, the stone stairs etc.
gets charged and the structure be- This type of approach is short-
comes an energy centre. This ener- sighted has no relevance in mod- Even if the accidents take place in
gy is believed to radiate even upto ern homes where control of tem- different rooms, which is uncom-
25 miles. When several structures perature or lighting can all be mon, you have to suspect geo-
like this are placed in a line they achieved artificially and equally pathic stress clouds in the prem-
can form a strong energy centre effectively. As we all know in de- ises. Do not forget that a lingering
with energy circulating in straight veloped countries like U.S.A. all geo-pathic stress can be cause of
lines from one structure to other. building is air conditioned with an accident outside the building.
They are called as leys lines which closed and temperature is main-
can be effectively used to block tained at a uniform level round The stress clouds are locked nega-
negative inference entering the the year. tive charged energy fields. They
building when such phenomenon may lock themselves in a par-
is suspected. ticular point like in bathroom or
What is important is to recognize
over the stairs. They may also be
that lighting and air circulation
The above various types of subtle floating round in a circle inside a
are important factors but Vastu is
energy fields, which exist, can in- building but never leaving it. In
much than this. Unless one has an
fluence the living beings due to this case they can bring disease
exposure to subtle energy fields
the vibrations it causes. As basi- and affect any family member
are their effects, it will be impossi-
cally the human body is electrical of the house. You can suspect a
ble to appreciate Vastu. It is quite
in nature and as the energy fields stress cloud if one misfortune be-
possible that after exhausting all
mentioned above are electro-mag- falls on one member after another.
the tools provided in Vastu, the
netic radiations it is reasonable to Commonly stress clouds are cre-
building continues to cause prob-
suppose that the effect propagates ated by constructing a building
lems and here we have to check
the organism. by loading positive zones like the
for the geo-pathic stress.
northeast sector first and trying to
advance towards the southwest.
However, natural builds a certain Unfortunately there are no instru-
In this case, this weaken north-
amount of immunity against this ments to measure the geo-pathic
east sector allows negative energy
energy field just like every human stress and one has to depend on
to dominate the building. Subse-
being enjoys certain amount of im- dowsing to locate points of prob-
quently, closure of this building
munity from bacteria and viruses. lems. Sometime geo-pathic stress
by construction in south and west
However, if the immunity system is in a structure?
areas locks up the excessive nega-
is weak then the geo-pathic stress
tive energy and creates a cloud.
a) If there is palpitation or
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` niranjanbabu
You will notice a lock of this en-
ergy field in two stages. Firstly
the construction will get delayed;
there will be cost over runs and
strained relationships between
the builders and the owner.
Sometimes there will be accident
of working personnel also.

However, there is another pos-

sibility of a negative cloud form-
ing inside a structure. In this case
a family could have lived in the
structure for a number of years
without any problem. The second
person that occupies this struc-
ture could have the effect of the
negative cloud is the earlier fam-
ily had a member who was very
much attached to the house and
who reluctantly left it. This nor-
mally happens in case of distress
sale of residential or commer-
cial building where the owner
has developed sentimental feel-
ings for the building. The same
phenomenon could also surface and the housewife goes to the feet as South Pole. When we sleep
where an older person suffers in right or kitchen i.e. southeast. An- with keeping our heads towards
humiliation and dies. Note that other reason to place bathroom or south, the south pole of the earth
geo-pathic clouds are not created water source at the east is, water and the north pole of our body i.e.
when there is a suicide or violent is both a required source for the the head attracts each other, as
death. If needs a continue release cooking and safety source of any the human body is considered of
of negative thought forms to form fire hazard if it happens at the ad- having iron particles in the form
a cloud, which cam take several jacent southeast. Approximately of blood.
months to years. Vastu is scien- for a stretch of three hours from
tific. The morning rays of the sun sunrise the sunrays are full of Vi- In other words there will be a
are source positive energy, which tamin D and the kitchen is advised constant flow of blood circulation
is used by the vastusastra in a at south east to receive maximum from head to feet, which will in-
very scientific manner. The sun- amount of Vitamin D. It may not duce a sound sleep. If the head is
rise time is the best time to take be out place to mention that three- kept towards north while sleep-
bath for the refreshment of the hour after the sunrise the helpful ing, then magnetic circuit will not
spirit and soul, which is why vas- sunrays become harmful. be completed, because both the
tusastra recommends the bath- north poles of the earth and hu-
room at the east. In the morning Vastu sastra has its own profound man will repel each other. As a re-
the condition of the human mind basis. For example, it advises us sult the normal blood circulation
is stable and cool. Approximately to sleep by keeping with our head will not be restored leading to
one hour before the sunrise, the towards south. Earth has two sleeplessness or somnambulism
time is very conducive for spiri- poles and the magnetic current as the case may be.
tual development. So after taking flows from north to south. Again
bath at the east direction the mas- the magnetic current flows from OM TAT SAT
ter of the house goes to left room north to south in a human.
prayer room i.e. that is northeast
The head acts as a North Pole and
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how to... `
Read Charts: Raja Yoga
By Visti Larsen

Guide and Guru: Pt. Sanjay Rath

This write-up is a sequel to the article Kala Sarpa Yoga, by this author, in a series on how to read
Raja yoga is a topic touched by many for fame, name and reputation from
and questioned by as many. The amount räjayoga, one must leave an impact on
of possible combinations forming räjay- peoples minds… one must be remem-
oga is completely overshadowed by the bered. This is seen from the äruòha La-
amount of charts and people who do not gna. Now here we aren’t interested in
experience the same. A simple example assessing new yogas from the äruòha
is the combination between a Kendra Lagna, but analyzing the already exist-
and Trikoëa lord which though is said ing yogas with regards to the äruòha.
to be a räjayoga, has little conceivable
outcome for the native. Further, if the soul/ätma doesn’t have a
desire to reap any of the opportune goals
in life, the native might as well renounce
So what is missing? Firstly, any yoga in and go to the mountains, as without this
a chart must be backed by i) personal in- no räjayoga will have any significant
terest (Lagna/lagneça); ii) a measurable outcome at all. To elucidate this we can
reward (äruòha) and iii) a soul level de- make a point system.
sire/interest (ätmakäraka). In the astro-
logical community today, little has been There are three strengths or çakti:
spoken or understood regarding the lat-
ter two points of reference, and mainly i) Jïäna çakti or the power of knowl-
due to a lack of available teachings on edge and knowing.
the same giving a purely one dimension- ii) Kriyä çakti, or the power to act and
al view of the chart, namely the physical cause events to occur.
dimension. iii) Iccha çakti, or the power of desire
Çakti and räjayoga Where the Lagna has kriyä çakti, and
therefore has the power to act and cause
Räjayoga is not only experienced events, the äruòha has jïäna çakti,
through increased physical which makes one known and famous
comforts such as those to other people, the ätmakäraka has all
granted through eat- three of jïäna, kriyä and iccha çakti and
ing food from a good therefore carries the greatest weightage
cook (horä chart), in analyzing the chart for räjayoga. It is
having a nice bath- for this reason that the jivätmä or indi-
room (ñodaçämsa vidual soul has the power bring us back
chart), or sitting into this world for the purpose of reap-
on a nice couch, ing certain desires, but also further bind
as much as they us to this world because of those same
would seem com- desires .
fortable. These are
the effects purely The three points of reference in the chart
experienced from are thus the i) Lagna, ii) äruòha Lagna
a räjayoga fully in- and iii) ätmakäraka. And the specific
fluencing the Lagna. But tool we will use to analyze this is that
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` visti
of argalä. nation’s capitol, Copen-
hagen. However, in her
Argalä is a very revealing principle. last year of high school
The word argalä means bolt, bar, check she travelled to the UK
or impediment. It refers to that bolt where she completed the
which holds or fastening pin which final year, and went on to
keeps a door or any object locked. A study at Cambridge.
planet having argalä is one which has
the power to unfasten that door. The strong conjunction
of Jupiter and Mercury
ARGALÄ VIRODHÄRGALÄ in the ninth will keep the
Primary education intact but the
Second Twelfth nodal influence on the
Fourth Tenth same was bound to cause
some changeable circum-
Eleventh Third
stances. Also this conjunc-
Secondary tion of Jupiter with a node
Fifth Ninth constitutes Mahäpadma
Eighth Sixth yoga and will give great
räjayoga after the age of
16 or 32 which are the
There are two types of argalä. Argalä natural years of Jupiter.
which grants opportunities and virod-
härgalä which helps obstructs opportu- Jupiter and Mercury are also the ät-
nities and can open doors to new ones. makäraka and putrakäraka and shows
that after the Kala Sarpa yoga ends, it will
give Mahäraja yoga. It will come from
Among the houses which cause vi-
father or elders as this is placed in the
rodhärgalä, the third house has a spe-
ninth house, and the likelihood of this be-
cial function being that it can grant
ing through inheritance is seen from the
paräkrama-argalä where the native ex-
mutual aspect between eighth lord Rähu
erts greater force in their actions, pro-
and the conjunction in the ninth house.
vided malefics are placed in third.
On 15th January 1972 in her 32nd year of
age, Margrethe was officially conferred
To elucidate this use in analyzing rä-
the title of Queen of Denmark.
jayoga, the chart of Queen Magrethe II
of Denmark is presented.
As the ninth lord from the Sun is Jupiter
who is involved in the maharaja yoga, fa-
Case studies

Chart 1: Queen Margrethe II

Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid

In her majesties chart, the first most

noticeable trait of the chart is the Kala
Sarpa Yoga along the third/ninth
house axis pointing towards difficulty
in education, or very changeable cir-
cumstances within the same. Her maj-
esty was initially homeschooled before
attending an all-girl’s school in the

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how to... `
ther is a very pow- owns several mansions and a few pal-
erful man. Simhäsa- aces in Denmark, along with their own
na yoga must be farms and boats all over Europe.
present for a person
to occupy a throne A repeating trend in the analysis of her
position, and the majesties chart is the repeated obstruc-
second lord Sun is tion of the Mars-Venus combination in
exalted in the tenth her eleventh house, by the maharaja
house forming the yoga in the chart. At a closer look we
Simhäsana yoga, find that Mars is the tenth lord joined
and being in the amätyakäraka Venus conferring räja
royal sign Aries in sambandha yoga showing great influ-
the äruòha Lagna ence and position. As this forms a räjay-
this grants the title oga between fourth and fifth lords, this
of Queen to her. räjayoga goes to ensure the best for the
community as a whole.
Now, the räjayoga
in Pisces must be as- This is boosted by the Yanavanta yoga
sessed from the La- of Moon strong in Lagna with Venus in
gna, äruòha Lagna the third/eleventh being equally strong
and ätmakäraka. giving leadership and expertise in one
Being joined the ät- specific field. The queen is an avid paint-
makäraka this yoga er (Venus in Taurus), designer of clothes
in itself is quite strong. The combination (Venus+Mars) for many TV-series as
doesn’t have argalä on the äruòha La- well as theater-performances. Her hus-
gna, but is obstructing the argalä of Ve- band is furthermore a winemaker.
nus and Mars on it, thus giving it jïäna
çakti over the äruòha Lagna. However, This yoga is further sparked by the as-
g as there is no argalä of this combination
on the Lagna itself, the power to act or
pect of Rähu on it giving political asso-
ciation and power and that too among
Yanavanta yoga kriyä çakti is not conferred upon the the regents of Denmark as this occurs in
of Moon strong in queen, a power taken away from the re- Taurus .
gents and royals since the establishment
Lagna with Venus of constitutional monarchy in Denmark
in the third/elev- Whilst this combination gives läbhärgalä
since 1849. to Lagna, dhanärgalä to äruòha Lagna
enth being equally and paräkrama argalä to ätmakäraka
strong giving lead- Whilst the power of the presiding re- which are all bound to grant enormous
ership and exper- gent isn’t as prevalent as it has been, the political influence and fame in the field
wealth is the same if not more than it has of the arts, the Queen’s work has often
tise in one specific been. This is seen from the second hous- been criticized as being dependant on
field es from Lagna, ätmakäraka and äruòha her status rather than her ability due to
Lagna. Here we see that the second the virodhärgalä of the maharaja yoga
house from Lagna receives the eighth on her äruòha Lagna which has thus
d house argalä from the maharaja yoga.
The second from äruòha Lagna receives
dominated peoples world view of her.
the eleventh house läbhärgalä from this
maharaja yoga. Whilst the second from
Chart 2: Anders Fogh Rasmus-
ätmakäraka doesn’t receive argalä from sen
the maharaja yoga, the maharaja yoga
does obstruct the argalä of Mars and Two birth times have been given for
Venus on the same, ensuring enormous the current prime-minister of Denmark.
wealth in inheritance. The royal family One gives the possibility of Cancer La-
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` visti
gna whilst the other gives Libra Lagna.
This author has chosen Libra Lagna as
only this Lagna gives a link between
the tenth house, amätyakäraka, Rähu
and the sign Taurus, all qualities need-
ed for a ruler of Denmark. In the given
chart the tenth lord is amätyakäraka
granting räja sambandha yoga for as-
sociation with the topmost people in
ones field, and with Rähu aspecting
Moon by räçi dristi it indicates politi-
cal association. The amätyakäraka is in
Taurus therefore qualifying him to be a
leading politician in Denmark.
Saturn in Lagna, the prime-minister has
With Saturn exalted in Lagna his val- Brahmaëa yoga, a yoga which makes one
ues would be more conservative and a great servant to the community, and in
focused on the money of the nation. this case the country.
He is the current leader of Venstre, the
Danish liberal party, whose policy has With planets occupying all signs in the
primarily been conservative. Kendra the Tara Daçä is applicable in
the chart, and from 1989-2008 Saturn ma-
Now, we need to analyze this tenth hadaçä is running. Saturn is well placed
lord with respect to the remaining po- in the Lagna in parivartana yoga with Ve-
sitions. The Moon has argalä on the La- nus granting maharaja yoga. Further the
gna and ätmakäraka Venus. It doesn’t käraka parivartana with Moon is sure to
have argalä on the äruòha Lagna, but give powerful political associations. Dur-
is obstructing the papärgalä of Ketu ing Saturn daçä Saturn antardaçä he was
on the äruòha Lagna, thus giving the tax minister, and during the pratyantara
Moon enormous power in the chart. daçä of Moon he was appointed to minis-
The maharaja yoga between Lagna and ter of finance.
fifth lords Venus and Saturn, is also
quite strong with Venus having argalä
However, Saturn in the Lagna, tenth
on Lagna, ätmakäraka and obstructing
or fifth houses, regardless of strength,
the argalä of Saturn on the äruòha La-
causes a risk of rajbhanga yoga and the
gna. However, Saturn
native may leave or be forced to leave
Further, according to Paräçara the ar- their position. Saturn in the Lagna shows in the Lagna, tenth
galä of one planet on the first, fifth and own decision. In his new position he in or fifth houses,
ninth houses simultaneously grants the beginning of his reign as the min-
ister of finance, pushed hard to ensure regardless of
räjayoga and good fortune. Essential-
ly the native is granted the full bless- the budget promises of the government strength, causes a
ings of the Trikoëa houses and thus would become a reality. The government risk of rajbhanga
the blessings of Lakshmi. Moon is in wasn’t able to, and whilst attempting to yoga and the na-
uphold their policy the minister was ac-
such a position, being that the Lagna,
cused of conspicuous accounting meth-
tive may leave or
ätmakäraka and äruòha Lagna are in be forced to leave
these houses, thus any argalä on these ods. The lord of äruòha Lagna is Mercury
is also argalä on the Trikoëas. Venus (finance/accounting) who is joined Rähu their position
holds a similarly strong position in the (scandal). Mercury is further debilitated
chart. in Navämça causing rajabhanga yoga.

Notably, with Moon in a Dusthäna and Therefore by the end of the Saturn an-
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JD0704.indd 57 17-12-2012 10:58:28

how to... `
tardaçä, during Mercury’s pratyantara increase his hold on the party and its
f daçä Mr. Rasmussen resigned from his
political agenda, and when the Moon
antardaçä followed from 2000-2002 the
Mercury antardaçä raja sambandha yoga was set to make
The following antardaçä of Jupiter con- him prime-minister in Denmark. The
is running caus- tinued his leave from office, but he man- next election followed in Rähu antarda-
ing rajbhanga yoga aged to publish the book Fra socialstat çä again activating the raja sambandha
and unfortunately til minimalstat a book centered on his yoga which he again won through clever
due to economi- ideas politically, and essentially de- politics and a weak opposition. Mercury
scribes how improving the lifestyle and antardaçä is running causing rajbhanga
cal reforms being values of both the income-earners and yoga and unfortunately due to economi-
made during his those who aren’t able to fend for them- cal reforms being made during his time,
time, his popular- selves needs to be the cornerstone of ev- his popularity has been falling and the
ity has been falling ery parties policy. Jupiter being the third likelihood for him to stand for re-elec-
lord gave him this opportunity, and be- tion seems slim.
and the likelihood
ing in mutual aspect with Saturn in the
for him to stand for Lagna, he did so in disgust with the way Chart 3: Bill Clinton
re-election seems the political scene had looked after him
slim. and his parties exit from government af- In the chart of former President Bill Clin-
ter January 1993. ton we find that Moon is in the tenth
house, and its käraka Mercury is in the
Lagna. Such a person will think and act
The next antardaçä of Ketu invites
like Vishnu and truly believe that the
Simhasana yoga, as Ketu is the second
world is one family. Such a person will
lord placed in the tenth house, giving
persist in trying to establish peace in the
power and position. This began in 1995
and with the next antardaçä of Venus
from 1996 to 1999 the maharaja yoga be- Again we see a combination of Mars
tween Saturn and Venus was activated and Venus in the chart. Here Mars is the
and he became the party-leader of his fifth lord joined Venus who is the fourth
party, Venstre, the Danish liberal party. lord. This forms a strong räjayoga for
benefitting the community (fourth
Mars antardaçä followed this only to house – world is the family). This is also
amätyakäraka Venus, joined the tenth
lord Mars giving association with the
topmost people in his field of occupa-
tion. As Rähu further aspects this com-
bination he is a politician. The place-
ment of this yoga in Virgo will give this
political career in the USA where he will
be among the top leaders.

This combination obstructs the argalä

of Rähu on the Lagna, obstructs the ar-
galä of Ketu on the ätmakäraka Moon,
and also obstructs Ketu’s argalä on the
äruòha Lagna. Therefore the Mars-Ve-
nus yoga is extremely powerful in the
chart. Finally this combination gives
läbhärgalä to the fifth house, obstructs
Rähus argalä on the Lagna, and also is
in the seventh from the ninth house,
which happens to be Venus’ exaltation
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` visti
sign giving it even more strength in the

This räjayoga is therefore extremely

powerful in the chart. This is further
confirmed by Mars being the disposi-
tor of the Moon and Lagna lord, whilst
simultaneously aspecting the horä
Lagna and ghäöikä Lagna in the chart
making this combination one Mahäyo-
gaòa in the chart.

Unfortunately, unlike in the former

chart, Mars is the lord of second from
äruòha Lagna and joined Venus and
will give bahustree yoga which risks jakesari yoga on the äruòha Lagna which
extramarital affairs. As this is in the gives enormous popularity and makes
second from upapada this will damage a person very self conscious about their
the marriage, and give scandal due to image. Jupiter indicates law as being the
the aspect of Rähu on the same. There- area of leadership.
fore, the same yoga for räjayoga and
political association will also bring ex- However, Jupiter is placed in the sixth
tramarital affairs without doubt. from mahadaçä Graha Rähu, and shows
dislike or overall discomfort with this po-
sition, and he will also find himself un-
The main battle of his career has been
able to follow the advise of elders dur-
between the Mars-Venus combination
ing such a time due to the guru-chandala
in his third house, and the Ketu in his
yoga. After holding this position for two
fifth house. Where the Mars-Venus
years he ran for governor and became the
yoga improves his career but also in-
Governor of Arkansas in January 1979.
creases the risk of extramarital affairs,
Saturn antardaçä had started and shows
the placement of Ketu in the fifth ruins
him becoming much more politically in-
career and reveals any acts of scandal-
volved due to the position of Saturn in
ous nature.
Cancer causing a Siàhäsana yoga com-
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon): mon among politicians. Mercury is joined
Rah MD: 1973-04-15 - 1991-04-16 Saturn and he occupied that position be-
Antardasas in this MD: ginning from Rähu-Saturn-
Rah: 1973-04-15 - 1975-12-29 Mercury daçä, antardaçä,
Jup: 1975-12-29 - 1978-05-22 pratyantara. Again Jupiter
Sat: 1978-05-22 - 1981-03-28 showed up and caused heart-
Merc: 1981-03-28 - 1983-10-19 ache, where in Rähu-Saturn-
Ket: 1983-10-19 - 1984-11-05 Jupiter daçä, antardaçä and
Ven: 1984-11-05 - 1987-11-06 pratyantara he lost the elec-
Sun: 1987-11-06 - 1988-09-30 tions to his opponent, only to
Moon: 1988-09-30 - 1990-03-28 regain his position in Rähu-
Mars: 1990-03-28 - 1991-04-16 Mercury-Rähu maha, antara
He started his career in Arkansas in and pratyantara daçä which
1977. Rähu mahadaçä started in 1973 he then held for nine years.
and initiated the räjayoga and raja sam-
bandha yoga in Virgo through its aspect Jupiter mahadaçä began in
on the same. During Jupiter antardaçä 1991 and with its sukhärgalä
he held the title of Attorney General on the Siàhäsana yoga in the
in Arkansas. Jupiter is involved in ga- Lagna, and the dhanärgalä on
ti h Di
Digestt • O t D 2007 • 5
Oct-Dec 599

JD0704.indd 59 17-12-2012 10:58:28

how to... `
t raja sambandha yoga,
the world is one family (Vishnu yoga).
tthe road to further raja yoga
began. With the gajakesari
b He won the second term during Mer-
yoga in the äruòha Lagna
y cury’s antardaçä being well placed and
a strong foundation for his joined the Siàhäsana yoga. But, with
popularity and political
p Mercury being the dispositor of the
ssuccess is made. On No- Venus-Mars combination it would also
vember third, during Jupi-
v give rise to extra marital affairs, and
tter daçä, Jupiter antardaçä with Ketu antardaçä following the pic-
aand Moons pratyantara ture looked very grim. During Guru
daçä he had officially won
d mahadaçä, Ketu antardaçä the President
tthe elections and became was impeached for having lied during
president of the USA.
p the Paula Jones civil disposition earlier
Vimsottari Dasa (started
V in the year. When Saturn influences the
ffrom Moon): Lagna the native may feel compelled to
JJup MD: 1991-04-16 - lie. The issues which will be lied about
22007-04-16 are seen from Saturn’s Graha aspect in
Antardasas in this MD: the chart. Saturn aspects the bahu-stree
Jup: 1991-04-16 - 1993-06-04 yoga in the third house showing the de-
Sat: 1993-06-04 - 1995-12-18 sire to lie or avoid the issues pertaining
Merc: 1995-12-18 - 1998-03-22 to that. Rähu shows the causes of scan-
Ket: 1998-03-22 - 1999-02-26 dal, and if associated with the äruòha
Ven: 1999-02-26 - 2001-10-31 Lagna, the native’s name will be associ-
Sun: 2001-10-31 - 2002-08-18 ated with scandal. The scandal will be
Moon: 2002-08-18 - 2003-12-18 indicated by the sign position of Rähu.
Mars: 2003-12-18 - 2004-11-23 Here Rähu is in a Venusian sign indicat-
Rah: 2004-11-23 - 2007-04-16 ing sexual scandal.

The two antardaçä following during this However, the position of Ketu is not
time are Saturn’s and Mercury’s both strong enough to overthrow the virod-
joined in the Lagna. During this time the härgalä of Venus and Mars. Therefore
Clinton administration pushed towards the outcome of the impeachment was
globalizing the administration by mak- naturally in the Presidents favor.
ing the White House accessible through
the internet (Mercury), and removing The next antardaçä of Venus brought
alienation of people within the military Clinton into the warzone, where he had
by granting homosexuals the permis- NATO carry out bombings of Ex-Yu-
sion to join the same. These are traits goslavian country Serbia due to allega-
noteworthy of one who believes that the tions of genocide and ethnic cleansing
on part of the Serbian military towards
Albanians living in Kosovo.

Further, in the closing year of his ad-

ministration he attempted to resolve the
Arab-Israeli conflict by arranging peace
talks between the Israeli Prime Minister
and the Palestinian Chairman Yasser
Arafat, all events characterized by the
Yoga between fourth and fifth lords in
the chart.

To be continued…

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` sarbani
Käla Chakra - An Introduction
Sarbani Rath

ïI g[ezay nm> perfectly ordered and regular, and that

which follows the path of Brahma. This
ordered Time is known as Yama. He is
Introduction1 dharma personified and is a son of Sürya.
Yet there is another Time, another son of
The Sun, resplendent and glorious in
the same Sürya, that is irregular, and that
his twelve forms, as the ruler of the day
does not follow dharma. It functions from
and the lord of the grahas, is the con-
midnight to midnight and heralds all that
troller of Käla or Time. The three navels
is inauspicious and malevolent. This is
of his amazing one-wheeled chariot are
Mahäkäla, and he is predominant in Kali
the triptych of kälas, bhüta, bhaviñya
Yuga, as dharma’s presence is weak dur-
and vartamän (past, future and pres-
ing this period. Yama’s time includes de-
ent) and the different käla sankhyäs
struction and death but as mere events,
or the measurements of time like kñaë,
like the dance of Çiva which signifies pra-
muhürta, divasa, rätri, pakña, mäsa,
laya and is the culmination of all creation
saàvatsara, åtu, ayana and yugas are
as per nature’s law. Mahäkala’s destruc-
the different parts of his chariot. The
tion is demonic and evil. If Yama is death,
Sun determines another three-fold divi- FIGURE 1: KÄLA CAKRA
then Käla is apamåtyu.
sion of time, såñöi, sthiti and pralaya and BASICS
as Brahmä, Viñëu and Maheçvara, he
governs the Wheel of Time or the Käla
Cakra, within whose spokes, every liv-
ing being is caught. Time as governed
by the Sun in the Hindu philosophical
tradition, is cyclical, unlike modern
mathematical time that is linear.

Without Äditya, there can be no käla or

measurement of time and without käla
there can be no order in the universe.
The Sun’s basic measurement of time
on earth is from sunrise to sunrise, as
it traverses the complete round of the
twelve räçés, demarcating the period
into day and night, aho and rätri, as
the Sun is invisible for one half of the
time period. Together it is known as
ahorätri, from which the word ‘Horä’
has sprung to denote the study of jyo-
tish as Horä Çästra. So the Sun’s move-
ment around the dvädas räçés is the
fundamental unit of time in the life
of a living being. This is Time that is
1 Paper presented at Nagpur 27-28th
March 2004
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Käla Chakra `
The Käla Cakra is mapped on to the Dik hours starting from the Sun’s movement
e Cakra, beginning with the Sun in the from Sangyä are divided into 8 yamas,
each spanning for 3 hours. Each half of
East, followed by Mars, Jupiter, Mer-
Yama was blessed cury, Venus, Saturn, Moon and ending a yama is known as a käla, measuring
with Rähu in the north eastern direc- 1½ hours, thereby creating 16 kälas in a
by his father and
tion. If the Dik Cakra or the Wheel of day. Each käla is ruled by a planet start-
became known as ing with the day lord and subsequently
Direction, which is manned by the ten
Dharmaräja and dikpälas and lorded by Indra, depict the it follows the order of the Käla Cakra
attained the lord- constructive side of life, the Käla Cakra, from Sun to Rähu. The 8 kälas which ex-
ship of one of the the Wheel of Time, portrays the destruc- ist from sunset to sunrise begin with the
tive events that can occur in an individ- 7th planet from the vära lord in the Käla
dikas as a lokapä- Cakra.
ual’s life. Where Dik as Direction or gati
is positive, Käla as time is negative.
The Käla of a planet is a period when
Yama was blessed by his father and its negativity manifests and the planet
d became known as Dharmaräja and at-
tained the lordship of one of the dikas
attempts to seize or grasp the native. A
person having an afflicted planet ought
as a lokapäla. Mahäkäla did severe pen- to worship the çakti associated with
ance and attained ‘grahatva’ and be- that planet during its käla. For example,
came better known as Çanaiçcara. Yama there cam be no better remedy for a per-
is the son of Sürya from Sangyä, while son with an afflicted Rähu, to worship
Mahäkäla is the son of Sangyä’s shadow Durgä during Rähu Käla. Similarly, the
self, Chäyä. Since the basic unit of regu- çaktis of the other planets are to be wor-
lar time is the Sun’s cyclical movement shipped during the käla of the planet
across the zodiac, as depicted by Yama, representing them.
the lagna, or the commencing point of
the Sun’s movement is known variously Constructing the Käla Cakra
FIGURE 2: KÄLA TABLE as Sangyä, the point of creation. The 24
The Praçna Märga in çlokas 82-84, de-
Day: Sunrise to Sunset
A.M. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.00-7:30 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
7:30-9.00 Mars Rähu Jupiter Venus Mercury Saturn Moon
9.00-10:30 Jupiter Sun Mercury Saturn Venus Moon Rähu
10:30-12 Mercury Mars Venus Moon Saturn Rähu Sun
12.00-1:30 Venus Jupiter Saturn Rähu Moon Sun Mars
1:30-3.00 Saturn Mercury Moon Sun Rähu Mars Jupiter
3.00-4:30 Moon Venus Rähu Mars Sun Jupiter Mercury
4:30-6.00 Rähu Saturn Sun Jupiter Mars Mercury Venus
Night: Sunset to Sunrise
P.M. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.00-7:30 Venus Jupiter Saturn Rähu Moon Sun Mars
7:30-9 Saturn Mercury Moon Sun Rähu Mars Jupiter
9.00-10:30 Moon Venus Rähu Mars Sun Jupiter Mercury
10:30-12 Rähu Saturn Sun Jupiter Mars Mercury Venus
12-1:30 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
1:30-3.00 Mars Rähu Jupiter Venus Mercury Saturn Moon
3.00-4:30 Jupiter Sun Mercury Saturn Venus Moon Rähu
4:30-6.00 Mercury Mars Venus Moon Saturn Rähu Sun
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` sarbani
tails the construction of the Käla Cakra.
The cakra is constructed by draw-
ing three concentric squares and then
drawing four lines to connect the vari-
ous points in these squares. Two lines
are drawn diagonally, connecting the
four corners. The other two are drawn
vertically and horizontally dividing
the box in four quarters. In aggrega-
tion, all four lines divide the entire box
into eight triangles. The eight points
on the outer periphery represent the
eight directions, with the top middle
point being East, followed by South
East, South, South West, West, North
West, North and North East, moving
in a clockwise direction. Finally the
28 nakñatras are mapped on the eight
spokes, which converge at the centre
of the inner square, in groups of seven.
The mapping starts with Açwiné in the
East on the topmost point of the outer
periphery, moving down to the centre
of the spoke, and then up through the
diagonal spoke in the South East. In FIGURE 3: CONSTRUCTING THE KÄLA CAKRA
this manner the mapping ends with the
28th nakñatra plotted in the North East-
ern direction in the top left hand corner FIGURE 4: THE KÄLA CAKRA - 1
of the outer periphery.

The spokes represent the inflow and

the outflow of positive and negative
energies. The energies flowing from the
straight lines in the Eastern, Southern,
Western and Northern directions are
energies which are flowing in towards
the centre. These four directions repre-
sent the Kendras. The South Eastern,
South Western, North Western and
North Eastern corners are the Koëas
and are the points from which the en-
ergies flow out.

The Praçna Märga states that “from the

nakñatras in the Käla Cakra one can de-
termine and know about the Yoginis
and Måityu and from these other lak-
ñaëas or indications can be seen” . It
identifies three sensitive points on the
Käla Cakra, namely, Präëa, Deha and
Måtyu, from which inauspicious events
and death can be predicted. This proce-
Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007 • 63

JD0704.indd 63 17-12-2012 10:58:30

Käla Chakra `
Cakra death occurs.
When Deha and Må-
tyu or when Präëa
and Måtyu fall in the
same line, prolonged
sickness and fits occur.
There is another sensi-
tive point called Yo-
gini. The Yogini has its
own peculiar pattern
of movement which
is known as the dance
of the Yogini. This is
nothing but the dance
of death and wherever
the feet of the Yogini
fall in the Käla Cakra,
death follows.

Worship and
Remedies from
the Käla Cakra
The Käla Cakra can be
studied at various lev-
els; it can be used to
understand both the
darker side as well as
the purer side. If the
Yoginis represent the
dure is applicable for praçna; hence all darker aspects of the
horoscopy parameters employed here universe, which exist at a nether level, in
are that of the praçna chart. the more ethereal plane the Käla Cakra
can be used for remedies for afflicted
Präëa: The nakñatra of the praçna Sun is planets and for worshipping one’s iñöa
assigned to position 1 in the Käla Cakra. devatä. One of the best ways to propi-
Count from this position to praçna can- tiate afflicted planets is to worship the
dra. This point is Präëa. deity of the planet opposite to it in the
Käla Cakra, as planets placed in oppo-
sition therein can counter each other.
Deha: Assign the janma nakñatra of the
Mercury and Rähu; Saturn and Mars;
native to position 1. Count from this po-
Sun and Venus have the ability to com-
sition to Präëa. This point is Deha.
pletely suppress the other. Hence, the
deity of Mercury can be worshipped to
Måtyu: Assign Kåttikä to position 28. crush an afflicted Rähu. Deities may be
Count from here to the praçna candra in worshipped at various levels: as çaktis
an anticlockwise direction. This point is of the planets, as forms of Viñëu or as
Måtyu. the deities associated with the tithis. For
example, Räma is worshipped on Na-
When these three points or sphutas vami, Gaëeça on Caturthi, Sarasvaté on
fall in a single line or spoke of the Käla Pancami, Çiva on caturdasi etc.

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` sarbani
These pairs of planets in the Käla Cakra
have a peculiar symbiotic relationship.
Given below is the example of Jupi-
ter and Moon, which helps one in un-
derstanding Gajakeçaré Yoga is great

Kubera and Nara Vähana, Gaja

and Kesaré in the Käla Chakra

In the Käla Chakra, Jupiter and Moon

are posited opposite each other, in the
southern and northern directions. The Jupiter represents divinity in any horo-
lord of the northern direction, where scope and Hari as the lion can control the
the Moon is placed, is Kubera, the god minds of a million men in a fell sweep,
of wealth. The yoni is Nara (Man); the thereby curbing and dictating the flow of
animal associated is Gaja (Elephant) wealth (and hence greed/desires) that ac-
and the deity for the direction is Durga crue in the hands of men. It is Hari who Man is eter-
(Umä is the pratyädhé devatä of Moon). can lift a man from the mire of materiality nally in pursuit
The uniqueness of Kubera is that his and reinstate him on the spiritual path. of wealth driven
vähana is Nara, or man. This symbol- by his desires
The lion can demolish a thousand ele-
izes the fact that man is enslaved by his
phants as stated in the Jätaka Deça Märga (Moon)...
indriyas (sensory organs) and is subject
and therefore destroy enemies. In this case
to greed for the material world, with
the enemies are both within and without;
Kubera depicting the epitome of mate-
the enemies within being the desires and
distortions of the mind, as depicted by
the elephant. Indra is the king (devaräja),
Man is eternally in pursuit of wealth the victorious one, the one who sits in the
... The lion can
driven by his desires (Moon). The throne of the horoscope in the 10th house, demolish a thou-
Moon represents not only the narayoni and therefore has the power to conquer sand elephants as
but the mind, which is forever suscep- the enemy. The lion too is a king (paçurä- stated in the Jätaka
tible to surrender to the dark side. The ja) and a symbol of conquest and royalty.
Deça Märga and
only one who can rescue man, and by This describes the effect of Jupiter from
corollary the mind, from this mate- the Chandra kendra; when favorable, it therefore destroy
rial bondage is Jupiter. Jupiter is in the can make a man the undisputed king of enemies.
southern direction in the Käla Chakra, the world, untrammeled and a ruler of
whose lord is Yama. The animal associ- men, like Çré Rämachandra, or having
ated with this direction is Kesaré (Lion), conquered the senses, it can produce a
represented by the Hariyoni and the perfect renunciate and a supremely spiri-
deity is Indra, the pratyädhé devatä of tual person, like Çré Achyuta Dasa (see
Jupiter. The two animals associated in chart below). In both cases, it is the tri-
the concerned directions, the elephant umph of the
and the lion, are the vähanas of the dei-
Table: The Moon & Jupiter in the Käla Chakra
lion over the
ties in the opposite direction. elephant, of Moon Jupiter
the divine Direction North South
The elephant is the vähana of Indra and over the Lord Kubera Yama
the lion is the vähana of Durga, signify- base, of Hari Yoni Nara Hari
ing that each can ‘ride’ the other or con- over man. In Animal Gaja (Elephant) Kesaré (Lion)
trol the other, when the negativities of its ultimate
Deity Durga Indra
the direction become prominent. form, it is
a supreme Tithis Dvétiyä, Daçamé Paìcamé, Trayodaçé
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JD0704.indd 65 17-12-2012 10:58:30

Käla Chakra `
condition of a very powerful Jupiter highest level as the Añöadala Padma, as
having perfect control over the dhé and the seat of the 8 Cara kärakas, where the
the mana, and as such over the life of the ätmä is worshipped. Here Viñëu is wor-
native. shipped as the Añöadala Padma, where-
in He dwells in the centre of the lotus,
(Conversely, if one considers the Moon which is nothing but the hådaya padma.
from Jupiter, then the southern direction The eight petals of the Käla Cakra are
is that of Yama, the god of the departed the planets representing the 8 Cara kara-
souls. The one who protects man from kas. One of these petals is stronger than
venturing towards the abode of Yama, is the others, and that is the Ätmä Käraka.
the deity of the northern direction, Du- If one of Viñëu’s eight names, which
rgä or Durgatinäçiné, She who removes resonate with a particular Ätmä Käraka,
the evils of the way. This is beyond the is taken repeatedly, then the soul gets
scope of the paper as the discussion is cleansed.
about the placement of Jupiter from the
Moon and not vice-a-versa.)

The Añöadala Padma and the

The Käla Cakra may be perceived at the

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` adspace

Quality books in Vedic

Astrology by scholars of
repute for beginners and
experienced astrologers.
We also publish books
on Mantra Shastra, Nim-
itta, Svapna Shastra,
Ratnas and Uparatnas.

Sagittarius Publications
Sales: sales@sagittariuspublications.com
Distribution: distribution@sagittariuspublications.com
Manuscripts: editor@sagittariuspublications.com

Monday to Friday
10 am to 6 pm
15B Gangaram Hospital Road
New Delhi 110060 India

Tel: +91-11-25717162
Sagittarius Publications

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Learn Vedic Astrology directly from Pandit Sanjay Rath. Sohamsa

offers a selection of beginners & advanced courses,
 Start with the 4-year Brihaspati Jyotish Course
Learn step-by-step in the ways of the tradition, through audio presentations,
power points and a online classroom for discussions.
 Enroll today at http://www.sohamsa.com or write to info@sohamsa.com
Learn in depth about the signi- hold the key to solving all of life’s
COURSE UPDATES fications of the planets through problems
SOHAMSA.COM/DBC the Karakas. Three main types of


Karakas are to be studied which SVAPNA SHASTRA I
are - Chara, Sthira and Naisargi- Svapna Shastra, Oneirology
Dasamsa D10.01 The course in- ka.
cludes slides presentation of about Five levels of the mind, their func-
Presentation: Online flash slides tioning; Implication of images
2 days including the derivation
and the following : - of about 2-3 days that constitute dreams; Remedial
mantras to overcome the ill effects
1. Reckoning of Dasämsa MANTRA SHASTRA IIA of bad dreams.
2. Attitude and Abilities Sounds - Understanding the root Presentation: 27 recorded Power-
3. Effect of Exaltation and Debili- sounds of creation; Manträbhid-
Point Flash;
tation in Dasämsa hänam - creation of form from
root sounds, description of these
4. Deities of Dasämsa forms. You too were created from
a sound. The primal sound which OMENS: Nimitta Shastra Lesson
5. Houses of Dasämsa
gives you your physical form - 01
6. Signification of Planets your body is protected by the de- The language of nature; Devel-
All presentations are always with vatä of the sound. oping sensitivity to the world
case studies, illustrations and co- around us; People and animal
pious examples Various Bija mantra listed and ex- omens; Omens of the dead; Reme-
plained in 23 slides recorded over dial mantras to prevent mishaps;
KARAKA COURSE BY2 5 hrs 39 min
Sri Krishna teachings from Brah-
ma Vaivarta Purana
Karakas are significators and
indicate what each planet, sign MANTRA SHASTRA IIB Course Creator: Pt. Sanjay Rath
and house stand for at multiple Béjanighantu - the seed syllables Duration: 1 Day; Presentation:
levels. Does the Sun merely rep- that beckon the forces of nature Power-Point Flash;
resent intellect, order, the govern- from the very roots of creation.
ment and royalty, or does it also They hold the secrets of transfor- HOW TO JOIN?
signify spirituality and temples? mation, the power of direction 1. Open the address http://
Does Rahu indicate only cheats and command all resources. sohamsa.com/dbc/ in any web
and frauds, or does it have the po- browser like internet explorer
tential of giving skills in Mantra Navakkari – the nine seeds that
Shastra, exceptional mathematical grow into the nine trees connect- 2. Create a *New User* ac-
skills and ability to do research? ing the heavens and earth. They count by clicking the link under

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` adspace
the *Login* corner in the right
1. Admissions available online from 1st January
2. Includes 12 courses of regular vedic astrology classes
and 4 special courses
3. Course to cost $750 for one year for the 12 courses; Spe-
cial courses to cost $35 each
4. No special or concessional prices for Asia and the Rupee
equivalent for the course is INR 30,000 while the Special
courses are priced at Rs 1400 each.
5. Individual courses can also be studied instead of the en-
tire 12 course module. Each individual course is priced
at $75 or INR 3000.
3. Now you are ready to join 6. Payments can be made online directly through Paypal.
any course. As a started choose com by selecting the course ‘Brihaspati Jyotish Year I’
the Free Dasamsa Course. You 7. Direct payment like checks or Demand Draft should be
can either search for this course payable to Sagittarius Publications and mailed to 15B
or click the link for Jyotish Second Gangaram Hospital Road, New Delhi 110060, India.
Year under Course categories 8. Admissions will be allowed only after full payment has
been received
9. There is no time limit to finishing all the 12 courses lead-
ing to the First Year Diploma in Vedic Astrology.
10. All courses are created by Pt. Sanjay Rath and course
teachers include Sueann McKean, Kris Langley, Visti
and Branka Larsen, Sarbani Rath, Freedom T. Cole and
11. Online slide presentations, PDF’s of course materials
and books, Free Jagannath Hora software (Windows)

v&;É< c;R[Ina< ivñêpmda_ym!, b&hSpit<vre{ym!.3,62,6

våñabhaà carñaëénäà viçvarüpamadäbhyam| båhaspatiàvareëyam||
Båhaspati gayatri RV 3|62|6
Jyotish Digest • Oct-Dec 2007 • 71

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directory `

q Astrologer Directory
Specialist Symbols Kristine Langley Sanjay Rath H Swee Chan
36 B Hillcrest Rd. Regional Head, SJC-Africa
A Women & Children Mill Valley, CA. 94941
 www.srath.com
P.O. Box 32603, Lusaka, Zambia
 srath@srath.com
G Business, Corporate  www.sohamsa.com  (011) 42430122 (India),  www.brihaspati.net
 nastine22@yahoo.com (650) 492-5495, USA  swee@coppernet.zm
V Career, Small Business  415-380-8651 home (02921) 25-0646 UK  sweechan@mac.com
R Love, Marriage, Relationship  415-505-7212 cell Only local call rates will apply  +260 979 777 888

I Spirituality, Religion
Lakshmi Kary IAH Sarbani Rath Visti Larsen
D Evils, Turmoil, Suffering P.O. Box 144, Redwood Valley, 15B Gangaram Hospital Marg C.F. Richs vej 83 st. th. 2000
New Delhi 110060, India Frederiksberg, Denmark
K Politics, Events, Manage CA 95470 USA
 http://sarbani.com  http://srigaruda.com
 www.lakshmikary.com
S Property, Home  lakshmikary@yahoo.com
 sarbanirath@gmail.com,
 +45 22965939
H Jyotish Guru, Teacher  (707) 485.7637, United States  9810449850

Branka Larsen Advertise here

C.F. Richs vej 83 st. th. 2000 Phyllis chubb RAH Sailesh Chaddha
Frederiksberg, Denmark  www.phyllischubb.com Hyderabad, India FREE
 http://branka.srigaruda.com  phyllis@phyllischubb.com  scchadha@gmail.com Subscribers of the Jyotish Di-
 branka@srigaruda.com  +1 (250) 757-9498  +91-9849994837 gest can place their visiting
 +45 61990437 cards here for FREE. Email
P.V.R. Narasimha Rao Steve Hubball your Name, Subscription
26 Seaver Farm Lane 63 Edenside, Cargo, Carlisle number, Address, WebPages,
Brendan Feeley M.A., Cumbria CA6 4AQ, UK
South Grafton, MA 01560 USA Email and Phone number to
N.D.  www.dirah.org/uk.htm sanjayrath@gmail.com
14816 Physicians Lane, Ste 252  www.vedicastrologer.org/
 pvr@charter.net  www.vedic-astrology.org.uk
Rockville, MD 20850 Additional lines or a profes-
(508) 963 6273 United States  steve.hubball@virgin.net
 bpfeeley@aol.com sional design will cost Rs
 01228 674 225  07787 920 727
 301-424-6644 1008 extra (US$ 27). You can
Prashun Dutta pay this at http://paypal.
Dewavrat Buit M.A., FCIM (UK), Jyotish Prabhakar Sueann McKean com to email: sanjayrath@
(Gold Medallist), Jyotish Bhaskar, 748 Wayside Road
Nagpur, India gmail.com and specialisation.
SJC Guru Portola Valley, CA 94028
 dewavrat2000@yahoo.com Professional Advertisements
 07122230036  vedastra@yahoo.co.uk  www.sohamsa.com
prashun.dutt@mtv-asia.com  sueann@guna.us do imply that the astrolgers
 +65 9188-0621 (650) 851-2431 (650)851-3113 are well established and seri-
Dilip Bannerjee  +6012 205 0258 Malaysia Skype: sueann2268 ous about their work.
West Bengal, India
 drdilip@sancharnet.in
 07122230036 Rafal Gendarz
ul. Wolnosci 17 44-190 Knurow;
Join SJC Online
Freedom T. Cole
Berkeley, CA, USA
 http://rohinaa.com
 rafal@rohinaa.com
 www.shrifreedom.com (+48) 503 44 18 18
 freeflowaum@yahoo.com

Gordon Brennan
Ronnie G. Dreyer
Berkeley, NY, USA
• Cost $25 {Annual Audio Member-
108 Tyrone Road, Thorpe Bay,
Essex SS1 3HB, UK
 www.shrifreedom.com
 RGDREYER@aol.com
 www.vedicbookservice.com
 gwbrennan@aol.com • Download all SJC Conference
 01702-582576 Sanjay Prabhakaran
Plot No.7 Rajendra Avenue,
Valliammai 1st Cross Road,
J.K. Dasgupta
112/410 Thacker Tower,
Muthulakshmi Nagar, Chitlapak-
am, Chennai, TN 600 064 India
• Listen to them at home or in your
Sector 17, Vashi, Mumbai-400705
 9867739336,9930245645
 http://sanjayprabhakaran.
car while driving to work. Learn
 SanjayChettiar@Gmail.com
 022-27894843, 022-27893783
 jk.dasgupta@gmail.com  99400-94811
and Live Jyotish all the time!
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