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Chinese Program
1-1 Intensive Reading Course

Course Description
This intensive course is designed especially for the elementary students, focusing
on comprehensive skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It includes
pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and Chinese characters. Students may learn
practical language expressions, Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication skills.

Learning Objectives
Through this term of study, students will have a good command of following abilities:

● Acquire basic knowledge of phonetic, vocabulary and grammar.

● Acquire basic structure and elements of Chinese characters.
● Acquire surviving communication skills.
● Acquire integrate ability of recognizing and writing characters.
● Have learning strategy for future study.
● Comprehend Chinese culture and attain cross-culture awareness.

Instructional Format
This course will construct by both direct teaching and inquiry teaching. Students will be able
to use creative and critical thinking skills to get involve in a situational teaching environment.
They will use texts, maps, videos, role-plays and field trip reflections to display their product.

Required Textbook: Developing Chinese (I), Listening, Writing, 2th Edition, Beijing
Language and Culture University Press 2012.10

Forms of Assessment
The assessment forms are listed and weighted below. The content, criteria and specific
requirements for each assessment category will be explained in greater detail in class.
Attendance 20%
Preview &Review Work 15%
Quiz & Weekly test 10%
Class Performance 10%
Mid-term Exam 20%

Final Exam 25%

Attendance: The score of attendance is related to “Absence”,“Being Late” and “Early Leave”.
Only leave for real sickness and family emergency will be recorded as “Approved
Leave”,which may not influence the score. Leave for any other reasons, such as traveling, job
affairs, accompany parents or friends, etc., will be counted as absence. Being late for class or

leave early beyond 15 minutes will also be counted as absence.
*If you are absent for more than 40 class hours in the first half of semester, you are not
allowed to take the mid-term exam. If you are absent for more than 80 class hours by the
end of this semester, you are not allowed to take the final exam.

Preview & Review Work: Preview work is required to be finished before class by individual
and review work after class by individual or group. Students should hand in the work before
the deadlines. No late work accepted.
Class Performance: Class participation includes attitude, participation and whether respect
every other student to learn.

Semester Plan
Time Class Content
Week 1 L1, L2
Week 2 L3, L4
Week 3 L5, review lesson
Mid-autumn Festival
National Holiday
Week 4 L6, L7
Week 5 L8, L9
Week 6 L10, review lesson
Week 7 L11, L12
Week 8 L13, Mid-term review
Mid-term exam
Week 9 L14, L15
Week 10 L15, L16,review lesson
Week 11 L16, L17
Week 12 L17, L18, review lesson
Week 13 L18, L19
Week 14 L19, L20
Week 15 L20, review lesson
Week 16 Final Review
Final exam
Closing Ceremony

P.S. Any change due to the holidays will be announced in advance.