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TAAL OES TRIES NC. // ATLANTA HDPE PIPES & FITTINGS High Density Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings Ker Potable Water Main Distribution and Service Connection System & Industrial AP Conforming to ISO R 161/1 /ISO 3607 Series, SDR PR based on controlled Outside Diameter a [APPLICATION STANDARD and in accordance to PNS ISO 4427-2002 sizes 20mm to 630mm MATERIAL E80 / PE 100 JOINT METHOD Ss LENGTH Curr Ps Butt Fusion, Flange Type, Compression Type, Electrofusion, Socket Fusion a pve cs 150 28 a Tas i rs os o 790 375 a6 3a i ——— a a boos ‘eo é 1378 na tias: 3 i a a ee ee es mie | — 35 é joa 35.00 2630 2088 i ——— os cee | q i nia Atlanta HDPE pipe offers a number of engineering advantages over conventional piping materials. + Ease of Handling ‘onl mate ypealy, is only 1/40 1/10 the weight a easton, tel oF Concrete pipes wed fr the same sevice This afford sigcont savings tn ttensporation and installation by reducing manpower and equipment needs High Chemical Resistance ‘lanta HDPE pipe hat replaced steel, stainless tet cast on and concrete Piping here chemical orcortoson fesstance (required. tf reitant to tack by acts bases salts and many hyecarbon mates nation, ven + Safe for Potable Water and Other Fluids Because Atlanta HOPE Piping does not contaminate Mui with metalliclons itis often tied inthe wansport of pute mutenls, including dclonied wate, ‘ants HOPE piping materale ato meet with the approval ofthe Sure of Product Standard forthe treagport of potable water + Flexibility ‘Alanta HOPE pipe i able, providing ease of installation it can be cuved, faked, seted oli long natal ground conte, tery vedi [ston costs and equipment requirement. + Abrasion Resistance ‘lana HOPE pipe as smooth, tough ntrorsurlaces which make it an exc Tentmaterial or conveying a vtey of abrasive suis, + Lowest Flow Resistance ‘The smooth intatior of ths plpe provides for higher Now design factors. The Hazen: Wilms water flow coeficen fr AtantaHOPE pipes 150¢0 35 and ‘the Manning value is approximately 0.009. reistance to scling an coro Son als the pips to satin er eacebent fow properties troughout Tight Joints Acholce of jlting systems i uable depending upon the application and ‘the sz ofthe Atanta HOPE pipe. These cue butt fusion, eleetrusion ‘pe sting Cr) Ca a ASTM TEST VALUE = pee rere rr Cans cvsiee isos ss Eo an Mat low (Conon FMS! Min, Diam 1s Enveoomentl sts: Cracking ei 1918) festanc, ir] = 618) 5110) ‘onation AEC Diess oe, u ais) a 81.25(725), 23216) Tena Stenath ile 5 woe inn, pee 4900 ° Cs) ae 2inuwin Dew 3200 2insNtn >00 impact Strength ban. Nate Specimen Thickness 0250 Inch Dass 125inch 2 iat Softening Temperature F 1sas ar BitlesessTempertute F m6 0 ‘Thermal Conducta TU MUFLIMTSF C77 By Fronal Won, PS! bm. 10M Hodlusoflasty PS Desa ‘ou Hardness shoe D 20 6 Coutcionof ner Termelexanson rane ce 2x0! . Tan ire) LAID — TEES aa Soest senate aesctaneanetab ences etseaa Bs ‘90x75 2250160} son 160 | 4505315] 900x315 | senso | 63055 a aoe sot- aan iat ama [aan ee [ ae [Saar oa a Tae deta aeede Passes woeatt gestiey oeaar i Tansso{ anes tantaorssse soncttef seit ooo ee a EL ca ae SEO ™ 19} 4507 Tig 3istsbhi1__[ soorspe 30. a ah — HB aa ab i te — [son aeosora 1 i Sp — aps esta i ff Sa a [eeneoucen Sues [STEEN su assis ™ 7 ee e a iF “mono tess ry -05DH7 gana [23590] 30 aes] Big a Sasson —| soos goe7s 5160 tet faosonist —| soos ‘oso i510 sosoata1—|—seo.sat7 06} fsa 3 Sessa ipso [00% assem) — | —esasoar Teo [00x16 Sean Toes OOH wo Son] T0550 asc} | Pee em od oxasa7 eae: 7