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Novy-Ann U.

SvFerlin B. Tagao



 Cardboard
 2 Small mirrors
 Ruler
 Pencil
 Glue or tape
 Scissors or craft knife


1. Cut the cardboard into four rectangular shapes. Make sure that it is wide enough to fit
the mirrors.
2. Using the ruler and pencil, draw a 45-degree angle on both sides of the cardboard.
3. Attach the mirrors on the cardboard facing each other following the 45-degree angle.
4. Tape the rectangular cardboard together making one long box.
5. Trace the mirrors with a pencil, then cut on the pencil marks to create a hole to see the
mirrors inside the box.

How to use?

Place the periscope directly to the object that you want to see. If you look through
the bottom hole, you can see objects that are taller than you. If you look through the top
hole, you can see under tables. If you look sideways, you can see around corners.
The light hits on one mirror at a 45-degree angle and reflects away at the same angle,
which bounces on the other mirror. That reflected light hits the second mirror at a 45-
degree angle and reflects away at the same angle, right into your eye.