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Chapter 4

Chase Demand Operating Plan : Targetted Days of

Supply (E.g: page101)
a. Inventory section :
a. Calculate required ending inventory balances. Misal
DOS this month : 5
b. Inventory plan this month : [forecast sales(demand)
next month] / [no. Working day per month next
month] X [DOS this month]

b. Operations section :
a. Plan this month : expected demand (forecast sales)
this month – actual inventory last month + plan
inventory this month
c. Calculate hires & hires cost, layoffs & layoffs cost, inventory

d. (usually written as added information):

a. Forecast sales (demand)
b. Number working days/month
Level Strategy/ Level Operating Plan : Constant Number a. plan this month : beginning inventory (act inv or plan
of Employees (E.g.: page 103) inv last month ) + operation plan this month –
forecast demand or forecast sales this month
Step 1 b. average inventory : (inv at beginning + inv at the end)/2
(kata solman sih)
a. Total production or planned production : sales forecast or
c. back order (in units) : -1 X negative value of planned
demand over 12 months – beginning inventory or actual
inventory at the end of the year + plan inventory at the end
d. DOS this month : inventory plan this month /
of planing horizon
(expected demand or forecast sales next month / no.
Note : for the exmaple, planing horizon : 12 month
working days next month)
b. Product that can be produced by employee : employee
productivity (units/day) X total workingdays over 12 months
c. Employees that we need : planned production / product
that can be produced by employee

Step 2

a. Operationsection :
a. plan this month (in units) : total production required
/ number of month
b. plan this month (in employee ): plan (in units) /
employee productivity X no.working days over 12
b. Inventory section :