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Subject Code: ENVS

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Full Marks: 40
Time: 2 Hrs
Students should answer in their own words as far as practicable

1. Answer ANY TEN questions of the following by marking the appropriate answer (10 X 1 = 10)
i) Cation exchange capacity is expressed as
a) meq/100g of soil b) neq/g of soil
c) meq/1000g of soil d) neq/100g of soil
ii) Which radioactive mineral is mostly present in the beach sand of the Kerala coast?
a) Pitch blend b) Plutonium
c) Monozite d) Uranium
iii) Which of the following animals evolved first in the Earth?
a) Amphibia b) Lung fish
c) The Bird d) Hydra
iv) Which of the following processes is related to the formation of the Himalayas?
a) Faulting b) Silting
c) Volcanic eruptions d) Folding
v) The most abundant constituent of the Earth’s crust is
a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen
c) Carbon d) Hydrogen
vi) Soil erosion does not occur due to
a) Grazing of animals b) Plantation
c) Falling of trees d) Rainfall and wind
vii) The full form of PAN is
a) Peroxyacyl nitrate b) Peroxyacetyl nitrate
c) Pesticide associated nitrate d) Peracyl nitrate
viii) Mineral resources are
a) Renewable b) Non – renewable
c) Destructive d) Constructive
ix) Which one of the following is a biological hot spot in India
a) Arunachal Pradesh b) Rajasthan
c) Uttar Pradesh d) West Bengal
x) Identify the gas which is responsible for global warming in the highest proportion
a) NOx b) CH4
c) CFC d) CO2
xi) The most effective step for checking global warming is by introducing
a) Tree plantation b) Use of non-conventional energy
c) Reducing auto emission d) The closure of cement plants
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Subject Code: ENVS

xii) Noise pollution is caused by the noise level above (as per green bench)
a) 45 db b) 90 db
c) 65 db d) 100 db
xiii) The permissible concentration of S.P.M. around a residential area is
a) 360 g/m3 b) 140 g/m3
c) 60 g/m d) 120 g/m3
xiv) Malignant malaria is transmitted by
a) Male Anopheles b) Female Anopheles
c) Female Culex d) Male Culex
xv) The silent valley project was proposed in
a) Tamil Nadu b) Kerala
c) Karnataka d) Andhra Pradesh

2. Answer ANY TEN of the following (2 X 10 = 20)

i) Among DO, BOD and TC which according to you is the best index of
drinking water pollution and why?
ii) How can you correlate water pollution with Minamata disease?
iii) What is natural eutrophication?
iv) State the basic difference between autogenic and allogenic succession.
v) What is glaciation and state its impact on the environment.
vi) What is an ecological niche? How does it differ from the habitat of an organism?
vii) Define biomass. State its importance.
viii) What do you mean by the climax stage? Give a suitable example.
ix) What is COD?
x) State the importance of mangrove forests in the coast line.
xi) Distinguish between “standing state” and “standing crop”.
xii) What is meant by Germplasm bank? State its importance.

3. Answer ANY TWO of the following (in 100 words) (5 X 2 = 10)

i) State the mechanism of ozone hole formation and its impact on Earth’s life.
ii) What are the various ways of checking automobile emission?
iii) What are the different steps taken to conserve wild life in India?


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