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Tutorial 3 Compression member

1. Find the strength of following compression members

a. A double angle discontinuous struts of 2-ISA 75*50*8 mm placed i) on both side of
gusset and ii) same side of gusset , thickness of gusset is 12 mm. Length of strut between
centre to center of joint is 3m.

b. A column section SC 250 with plates 300mm width and 16mm thickness on the both
side connected to flange. Clear length of column is 4m , both end of the column is

c. Two channel section ISMC 250 placed toe to toe at spacing of 60mm toe to toe. Effective
length of column is 5m.

2. Design a double angle discontinuous strut to carry a factored load of 200 kN . The length of
strut is 3.0m. Design for both cases when angles are placed both side of gusset and when
same side of gusset.

3. Design a compression member of a roof truss carrying a wind load of 80 kN and 3.3 m long.

4. Design a built-up column 10m long to carry factored axial load of 1500 kN. The column is
restrained at both ends for both position and rotation.
a. Two channels placed back to back

b. Two channels placed toe to toe

Design single lacing system for above column, the connection of lacing is done by 20 mm
dia bolts.

5. Design the built up column of length 8m effective using 2 I sections, column has to carry
load of 1000 kN. Design the batten system a) using 20 mm bolt as connection and b) weld
as connection.

6. Design the column in question 4 using double lacing system.

7. Design the welded connection for lacing in problem 4.

8. A column is made up of 4-ISA 100*100*12 mm with their toes 35 cm apart. The single lacing
of the column is done by the 60*10 mm flat at 450 inclinations. The effective length of
column is 8m. Determine the load carrying capacity of column and check the safety of lacing
for that load.

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Tutorial 3 Compression member

9. Design the splice for the column ISHB 300 which carries a axial load of 900 kN. Use 18 mm
bolt of grade 4.6 for connection.

10. Design the welded connection for splice in problem 9.

11. Re do the problem 9 if the column is subjected to bending of 30 kNm` and shear force of 100
kN in addition of load.

12. Design a column splice for column section SC 250 and SC 300 carrying a load of 500 kN.

13. Design a suitable slab base for a column carrying an axial load of 1000 kN. The column
section is SC 250. Column is placed on concrete footing of grade M20.

14. Design the gusseted base for problem 13. Use bolt of dia 20 mm and property class 4.6.

15. A column section ISHB 350 carries a factored axial load of 1600 KN and bending moment of
90 kNm. Design the base plate and its connection by welding.

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