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How many hectares can a private corporation or association lease alienable and disposable (A&D) lands of

the public domain?

a .24

b. 1000

c. 12

d. 1500

Can the government disposed of any property of public domain?

a. Yes, because the government is the owner.

b. No, because it is outside the commerce of man.

c. No, but the government can always exercise its police power.

d. Yes, but it should pass through the DENR.

The bottom cross section of a geodetic control monument of a third order of accuracy is ____ cm.

a. 35x 35

b. 30 x 30

c. 40 x45

d. 25 x 25

As per PD 705, lands that are designated for the protection of game animals, birds and fishes, it is off limits
to hunting and fishing are called _________.

a. National park/ grazing areas

b. Grazing lands/marine park

c. Seashore park/marine park

d. Game refuge/ bird sanctuary

One of the conditions before a survey authority/order is issued:

I. The land is within the A&D areas

II. It is not within any on-going Cadastral survey project

III. It is free from claims and conflict case

a. II & III

b. I & III

c. I , II, III

d. I & II

Surveying instruments using a technology of a combined total station and GNSS is known as smart station.

The minimum period given to a license under the timber license agreement, renewable for the same period
is _________ years.

a. 30

b. 50

c. 20

d. 25

Some of the co-owners of an old house would like to convert the home into a hotel for productive purposes.
Others would like to preserve it as an ancestral home. What is the best solution?

a. Seek relief from the court.

b. They should seek assistance from the office of the City Engineer

c. Proceed with the conversion anyway, it is beneficial to everybody.

d. Consult other relatives

The CENRO concerned, shall process the public land application under the RA 10023 for a non-extendible
period of ______ days, from the date of filing of an application.

a. 160

b. 130

c. 90

d. 120

The vertical accuracy for primary control project is _______mm times the square root of the distance.

a .15

b. 10
c. 12

d. 20

Any person found extracting and disposing minerals without mining agreement license, shall upon
conviction be fined or imprisoned from six months to ______ years.

a. 3

b. 6

c. 12

d. 10

Other than the applicant, who else is being notified in a Land Registration proceedings?

a. Director, NHA

b. DAR, Regional Director

c. Director, LMB of the DENR

d. Director, General of NEDA

If you are a victim of a forcible entry, what will you do to protect your interests.

a. Use force and intimidation to recover your property.

b. Call the attention of the concerned MARO.

c. Refer the matter to the LRA administrator.

d. File and complain for ejectment immediately.

The president of a condominium building is requiring all unit owners to pay their contributions for the
repair of the stairs up to the 8th floor. Unit owners at the ground floor refuse to pay. Can the president compel
them to pay?

a. Yes, all of them must contribute.

b. No, because not all of them are using the stairs.

c. Yes, because they are under obligation to preserve the building.

d. No, it is contractor builder that can require them to pay.

The mining area as surveyed and monumented by a deputized geodetic engineer or Bureau geodetic
engineer is a requirement in the approval of the mining feasibility. Who approves the aforementioned
a. Main regional director where the mining claim is located

b. RD of the DENR

c. RTD for Lands, now RTD for technical service.

d. NCR Bureau director

Are tax declarations conclusive evidence of ownership?

a. Yes, because the basis of collecting taxes are tax declaration.

b. Yes, tax declarations constitute proof of adverse ownership.

c. … indication of possession in the concept of

Can an owner of a piece of land claims that he is also the owner of the aerial and space exactly
corresponding to the size of his property on the surface of the earth?

a. No, it is against aerial navigation

b. Yes, but it is limited to the size of a 150 storey building.

c. No, he is not the owner.

d. Yes, subject to restrictions.

What is the main reason why our planet is hotter, which causes another weather disaster, drought and flood?

a. Too much water pollution

b. Carbon pollution

c. Un-controlled temperature

d. Noise pollution

Geodetic employed with the government, allowed to practice … their profession without permission from
the head of the office?

a. Yes, but on a very limited practice outside government office hours.

b. Yes, they should secure clearance from the head of the agency.

c. …. with or without any permission, they can practice…

d. Yes it if is not in conflict with their official functions to the government.

What are the distinctions between usufruct and a lease?

a. In a usufruct, it is always a real right. While in lease, it may be a real or personal right.
b. In a usufruct, it is created by contract, while in lease, it is created by the government.

c. In a lease contract, the lessee has the duty to make ordinary repairs, while in usufructuary, he
has no duty to make repairs.

Is it always unethical to review the work of another geodetic engineer?

a. Yes, but with certain limitations.

b. No, if you are permitted by him to do so.

c. Yes, because it is a violation of the PRC law.

d. No, the work was only by survey man.

Which agency of the government can bring action in court in order to revert a private land back to the

a. LMB


c. LRA

d. Office of the Solicitor General

Any Filipino citizen can acquire A&D lands of the public domain through lease, provided it is not more
than _____has.

a. 1000

b. 500

c. 12

d. 24

Why are alluvial deposits given to the owners of lands adjoining the banks of rivers?

a. The owner is still considered landless.

b. Because the adjoining owner is a tenant.

c. To make every square inch of the land productive.

d. To offset his loss for possible erosion.

Can officials of the DENR issue SA/SO order within an ongoing cadastral project?

a. DENR officers can issue SA & even survey order.

b. It is the duty of the USEC for field operations to issue SO.

c. DENR cannot issue SA/SO within ongoing cadastral project.

d. It is the duty of DENR officials to issue SA/SO.

Can family members of the transferor repurchase the land under RA 6657?

a. No, because it is prohibited to transfer lands acquired under RA6657.

b. No, it is against the law and therefore there is nothing to repurchase.

c. Yes, within two years.

d. Yes, within three years.

For the purpose of qualifying a public land applicant of free patent under RA no. 10023 the average
annual income of second class municipality where he is applying is equal to or more then 45M but not
exceeding _________.

a. 43 M

b. 55 M

c. 45 M

d. 15 M

The cancellation of free patent is between the grantor and the _____.



c. Applicant/grantee

d. LRA/Register of Deeds

Can we acquire public domain through prescription?

a. Yes, if we are in actual occupation and cultivation

b. No, because There is no land application filed.

c. Yes, if we are in open and continuous possession

d. No, it cannot be acquired through prescription

Any person found extraction and disposing minerals without a missing agreement, lease, permit of license
shall upon conviction be fine on imprisoned from six months to _____ years.

a. 10

b. 6
c. 3

d. 12

What is the required minimum no of years can possession for public land application under RA 10023

a. 12

b. 25

c. 10

d. 30

The standard accuracy of traverse closure for lot survey in a cadastral survey is in accordance with the ____

a. Primary

b. First order

c. Tertiary

d. Secondary

Prior to the application of this lease of contract can an individual ………. Of the alienable public
agricultural land allowed by the law to purchase …. Lease area.

a. Yes to ensure that every square inch of the land ….. productive

b. No the lease area cannot be purchased, it can only be leased.

c. No, the lease area cannot be the subject of sales patent application.

d. Yes, subject to restriction of existing law, rules, and regulation.

What kind of watershed area the needs immediate protection and rehabilitation is support to existing and
future hydrostatic powers irrigation and domestic water needs.

a. Virgin Forest

b. Agro forestry

c. Private reforestation project

d. Critical watershed

Is abandonment applied in registered land?

a. No, only portional property may be abandoned

b. Yes it is applied to all registered of lands

c. No, only registered land, because all kinds of property can be abandoned

d.Yes, register land can be abandoned for non payment of taxes.

Mang Juan promised to pay Engr. Maria P150,000.00.if he can undertake subdivision survey of his property
which is located in an wild area. This is example of a ____.

a. Pure obligation and contract

b. Mixed obligation and contract

c. Casual obligation

d. Conditional obligation

A parcel of land owned by 5 sister who are all in abroad and their only brother Juan, Juan remained as a
farmer and only co-heir tilting the land for more than 30 yrs. The five other co-heirs requested Juan to
subdivide their 10 Has. property refuse violently can the co-heirs demand the subdivision of their property.

a. Yes, because the existence at the co-ownership.

b. No, because one is the actual tilter of the land

c. No, one is in actual possession of the land

d. Yes, Juan has been enjoying all benefit for the 10 years.

Juan and rex are co-owners of a piece of land in cagayan. Juan sold the undivided interest in the property
to maria to support his children in college. After two days, they (Juan and rex) hired the service of a Geodetic
engineer to subdivide the subject land after which, juan and rex were given separate land titles. Is the right
of maria prejudiced?

a. No, she is not a co-owner

b. Yes, she was not informed of the partition of the property

c. No, she can still enforce her rights against the vendors

d. Yes, the subdivision was done in Bad Faith

The central meridian of the zone in a cadastral survey project shall be determined in the ______ and shall
be the base meridian to which all azimuths shall be referred.


b. PRS 92


Is a surveying authority allegedly issued by the DENR to subdivide a titled property of Mr. A which he
acquire through homestead patent, legal and binding for all intent and purposes?

a) Yes, DENR is authorized to issue one

b) Yes, the land was applied and processed by DENR

c) No, DENR is not authorized to issue

d) No, because DAR has jurisdiction over title

Are zoned residential areas inside a deliniated military reservation covered by RA 10023?

a. No, military reservations are covered by a separate law

b. Yes, these areas are covered by the said law

c. No, there are not included for military camps

d. Yes, but prior clearance from DAR must be first secured

Under the comprehensive agrarian reform law (CARL), the retention limit of the land owner is not more
than ______ has. ….... _____ has. For each child.

a. Seven: three

b. Five: three

c. ten: five

d. twelve: five

Who issues the survey order in the execution of a cadastral survey?

a. Under secretary for field operations of the DENR

b. Director of the LMB

c. RTD for lands now, assistant director for technical services

d. Regional executive director, now DENR Regional DirectorI

In case the land owner rejects or disagree with the amount of compensation of his land covered by CARP,
who will determine the just compensation of his property.

a. The DARAB in the regional office where the land is located

b. the Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board

c. the Secretary of DAR

c. the court of proper Jurisdiction

A geodetic engineer maybe dropped/remove from the rolls geodetic engineers, if he fails to renew his
license for ____ consecutive year or move from the year it was last paid.

a. Five

b. …..

c. ten

d. three

Ban is ….... is in accord with a balance and healthful environment. The objective is to stop ….. and for all
the emission and toxic and poisonous …... into the air is the prohibition include, the traditional burning of
agricultural waste …. and small scale neighborhood burning called “siga”

a. No, but it is prohibited by Environmental Management Bureau

b. Yes, these kinds of open burning can damage our ozone layer

c. Yes, because there are all water pollutants

d. No, because these are not toxic substance

A geodetic engineer who is registered in Canada. Verbally, personal property with 100,000.00 of his
neighbor is the …valid.

a. Yes, he can do anything he wants in his purpose

b. Yes, a donation can be done verbally

c. No, the deed of donation must be in writing

d. No, the amount is only 100,000.00