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Mehran Mansouri TOEFL mindflow.


 In this situation, H. In fact, H. In such a situation, H.

 This means that H. This clarifies the fact that H.
 For example, H. For instance, H. take a personal experience as an example;
 For an illustration, to shed light on,
 A recent empirical study conducted by Tehran University reveals that in
Iran alone, more than 60 percent of students
 According to a recent survey by Time magazine,

 Although this mater may have some disadvantages, for instance, H, I believe

that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

 Through their invaluable study, it has been substantiated people who are H, H

 With state-of-the-art/up-to-the-minute equipment

 In spite of most people’s belief who think H,

 Bill Gates, a prominent entrepreneur, once stated that he would not have been

able to reach his current fame and success if he had not had H when he was a
student. He further explained that he was able to accomplish his daily schedule
effectively due to H
 It should also be noted that there is a direct link between H and H

 People are well aware of the impacts of H on one’s future and success;

 This results can easily support/reject the statement mentioned above.

 Revealed that people who H, in future will H.

 It is confirmed that H may give people more chances to face H, which will H.

It will also enhance their H.

 H has been proved to be a key to reach our goals.

 People who try to H are more likely to be successful

 I personally contend that the more one waits to buy a technological device,

the more he increases his chance for a successful purchase.

Mehran Mansouri TOEFL mindflow.ir

 to pave the way/road for/of

 In order to efficiently take advantage of _____, _____ should/are often/...

 One theory called the H approach hypothesizes that the main force behind

state formation was population growth. It assumes that centralized

management was critical to dealing with issues caused by sudden population
growth, like a strain on limited food supplies.
 H helps people triumph over obstacles and achieve success.

 There are numerous aspects which people should take into account.

 Several aspects should be taken into account because they may have serious

 It can be surmised that H has deleterious effects on H.

 Human motivations, based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, include

physiological needs, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, self-

actualization and self-transcendence.
 In the preceding decades

 H and F are by far more important that S and T since they help students

enhance L,K and D.

 Although this matter may have some disadvantages, for instance, it may
deprive them of the opportunity to become completely independent, I
believe that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Take a personal
experience as an example;
 The ascending curve of making progress is observed by a group of researchers
who conducted a study in the previous decade to illustrate how job satisfaction
has direct efficacy on productivity rates. Through their invaluable study, it has
been substantiated that people who are more satisfied with their vocation,
actually tend to improve their job which leads to better productivity of their
career. In the aforementioned study, one of the items that explicates job
satisfaction is existence of linkage between work skills and participants’
actual job. In plain words
Mehran Mansouri TOEFL mindflow.ir

 it is no secret that having a widespread educating facilities, stimulates students

to study more and foster the sense of collaboration among classmates. For an
illustration, had students had more opportunities to work with state-of-the-art
and up-to-the-minute equipment, they would be more likely to succeed in
proving their ability. In spite of most people's belief who think a famous
professor has a profound effect on students’ learning, it was strongly proved
that a better infrastructure can lead to favorable consequences on learning,
making it more convenient for students to elaborate on their field of study.
 To shed light on, students who get advantage of modern facilities, especially
tenacious ones, assert that these kinds of facilities play an irreplaceable role
in their improvement.
 family has a significant and undeniable role in one’s success and happiness.
 it is a place where they can relieve their anxieties
 children's abilities to establish relationship with others is another important
issue since they are supposed to work in groups e.g. for a concert in a school.
To exemplify, I learned how to be disciplined by attempting to achieve shared
goals through attending rehearsals and practices regularly when I was a
member of school music group. It is axiomatic that such requirements would
benefit children enormously not only by letting them learn how to express
themselves in groups but also by developing their ability to be a team player.
 Bill Gates, a prominent entrepreneur, once stated that he would not have
been able to reach his current fame and success if he had not had an
organized room when he was a student. He further explained that he was
able to accomplish his daily schedule effectively due to his neatly organized
 For instance, the social networks in my country were not well developed five
years ago. My uncle, who was the CEO of a computer software company,
keenly realized the great potentials of the development of social networks
and shifted the company’s focus to this area before any other competitors.
As a result, the first social networking system, developed by his company,
won tremendous success; his company now ranks top 10 in the nation.
 money should not be perceived as a panacea for all human troubles because
it fails to satisfy the very fundamental needs of individuals for relaxation,
meditation or a short amount of time for them to improve their personal or
professional abilities.
 By way of illustration, a recent empirical study conducted by the School of
Psychology of Tehran University reveals that mental and spiritual elements
Mehran Mansouri TOEFL mindflow.ir

such as vacations and holidays are regarded as more radical and crucial
factors in professional accomplishments in comparison with material criteria
including salaries and promotions.
 in the modern world, most of the people are educated and knowledgeable
and are well aware of the impact of a good level of education on one’s future
and success. These sophisticated people are focused on giving their children
a chance of having a high level of education and being provided by all kinds
of needed facilities. Based on a recent statistics conducted in this area, the
more people study and improve their own knowledge, the more time, money
and energy they spend on educating their children.
 To illustrate, I would like to mention some available statistics about this
issues. The result of a survey conducted recently in our country reveals that
a high percentage of spectators prefer foreign movies and TV programs; in
addition, they think domestic TV programs are not worth watching. This
result can easily reject the statement mentioned above.
 A recent study conducted by scientists of University of Virginia on the high
school students revealed that students who choose a major based on their
talent, in future will gain highest salaries and will contribute to the country's
economy more than the others.
 the fundamental changes in human behavior through the last three decades.
Psychologists have conducted many studies which indicate that parents have
no more the dominance over their children which they used to have before.
To illustrate this idea consider marriage. In the 19th century, young women
were not allowed to express their opinions about the person they were going
to be married to and instead fathers decided on behalf of their daughters, but
that tradition is no more valid and young women can decide for themselves.
 it is confirmed that switching from job to job may give young people more
chances to face different work problems and to meet lots of people coming
from various backgrounds, which will teach them to deal with various
personalities and still be friendly. It will also enhance their abilities to cope
with unfamiliar situations be more stress-resistant.
 From a number of angles,(?) how H relates to H
 A whole lot of attention should pay to H.
 There is a link between H and B, an obvious relationship between E and F,
which is why H really should be considered in …
 When we better understand H, we will be better able to H.
 The goal should be to promote A, and through this, B in general.