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Unfamiliar Genre Project

Lyric Poetry Unit Calendar

Day One: Day Two: Day Three: Day Four: Day Five:
Introduction to Rhyme Tone & Theme Rhythm In class reading:
Lyric Poetry: Simple Lyric by
Definition and Mini Lesson on Mini Lesson on Stresses and Brian Patten
Background Rhyming Tone and Tempo in class
Review of activity Emulating Lyric
What do you In class reading: Theme Poems
know? Pre To Anthea, who Mini Lesson on
Knowledge may Command Readings Five Senses
worksheet him Anything by continued: To
Robert Herrick Anthea, who may Imagery Short
In class reading: command him Poem
I Hid my Love by Anything
John Clare

Day Six: Day Seven: Day Eight: Day Nine: Day Ten:
Lyric Poems in Lyric Poems in Sharing of Sharing of Sound &
the Modern the Modern favorite Modern favorite Modern Presentation
World World Lyric Poems Lyric Poems
Readings: Readings: Reflection of Mini Lesson
See You Again Hello by Adele, favorite Modern
by Wiz Khalifa, Love Yourself by Lyric Poem
Blank Space by Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
Mini Lessons: Activity: In
Chorus, Bridge, class writing
and Verse choice between
chorus, bridge,
or verse

Exit ticket: What

song are you
planning on

Day Eleven: Day Twelve: Day Thirteen: Day Fourteen: Day Fifteen:
Introduce Work on Work on Presentations Presentations
Individual Individual Individual
Modern Lyric Modern Lyric Modern Lyric Due: Individual
Poem Project Poem Project Poem Project Modern Lyric
Poem Project
Genre Model Text
Sauce is Mild

Continue on with your journey my child

Don’t you see the sauce is mild
No affect has been made
You are still getting paid

The water is clear and near →

There is indeed nothing to fear
Next door there is a store
Mmm, chocolate, chocolate, you’ll want more

When you said that you’d quit

No fire was lit
There is still time
Don’t you let go of the dime

Oh don’t you see the sauce is mild

Keep on going my child
Ups and down are common
There is no need to eat raman

Silence is better spoken

No need for words to be spoken broken
Sauce is mild
Don’t you worry my child
Assignment Sheet

Modern Lyric Poem Project

This unit, we have been focusing on lyric poems and its importance. We have discussed how
they are common today as we have referred to them as modern lyric poems (songs). For this
project writing assignment, I am asking of you to create your own modern lyric poem whether
inspired by the original ones we read in class or the most current songs that are considered
modern lyric poems. This can be done in any format that you choose because the main focus is
YOU. This is an introduction to who you are as a person; therefore, you have the choice to
express yourself how you may in this writing project. Who are you?

Instruction and Guidelines:

1. Write a modern lyric poem about YOU.
2. It can be handwritten or typed, but it must be legible.
3. There is no length requirement.
4. You must include imagery, tone, theme, chorus, and verse (You can chose to add a bridge
for 5 extra points, but it’s not required).
5. You must have sound whether you chose to make your own or use the instrumental to
any song (Remember what we discussed about its purpose to the song).
6. You will present your modern lyric poem to the class on the day you chose to sign up for
7. Your presentation must be a minimum of 1 minute long.

Due Dates:
August 23rd & 24th
Scoring Rubric: There are a total of 30 possible points. You can earn up to 6 points in each

CATEGORY 6 5-4 3-1 0

Time-Limit Presentation Presentation meets Presentation fails to Presentation fails to

exceeds the 1 the 1 minute meet the 1 minute try and meet the 1
minute maximum in maximum. maximum. minute maximum
a way that goes and is not fully read.
above and beyond.

Content Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem to
understanding of understanding of understanding of understand their
their modern lyric their lyric poems and parts of their poem modern lyric poem.
poem and includes includes imagery, and is missing some
imagery, tone, tone, theme, chorus, of its requirements.
theme, chorus, and and bridge.

Props Student uses a Student uses sound Student uses sound The student uses no
unique sound that that shows which adds to the sound and it
shows considerable considerable presentation and detracts from the
work/creativity and work/creativity and modern lyric poem, presentation.
which makes their which makes flow but does not make
presentation and well. the presentation
modern lyric poem better.

Preparedness Student is Student seems The student is Student does not

completely prepared pretty prepared but somewhat prepared, seem at all prepared
and has obviously might have needed but it is clear that to present. Their
rehearsed. Their a couple more rehearsal was written part is
written part is legible rehearsals. Their lacking. Their written incomplete or not
and adds to their written part is part could be more legible at all.
modern lyric poem. legible. legible.

Speaks Clearly Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Often mumbles or
distinctly all (100- distinctly all (100- distinctly most ( 94- can not be
95%) the time, and 95%) the time, but 85%) of the time. understood OR
mispronounces no mispronounces one Mispronounces no mispronounces
words. word. more than one word. more than one word.
Mini Lessons
Mini Lesson 1: Imagery
Students will learn about and identify imagery in a poem.
Students will be able to write a poem on their culture using imagery and include the five senses.
8.W.3. Use precise words and phrases, relevant descriptive details, and sensory language to
capture the action and convey experiences and events.
8.L.5. Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in
word meanings.

Opening Students will be 5 minutes

asked to write what
they already know or
may not about
I will open my
imagery powerpoint
and define imagery
and the five senses.

Model I will hand out a 10 minutes

starburst candy and
ask that the students
don’t touch it.
I will then go on to
talking about the five
senses and have them
write down what they
see, feel, hear, smell,
and taste as we go
through each slide
regarding each of the
five senses.
We will then look
over an example of
imagery in poems.
Practice We will write a poem 10 minutes
together as a class.
The students will then
be asked to write
their own imagery

Closing Students will share 5 minutes

their short imagery
poems amongst their
table groups.

Related Teaching Ideas and Extensions

I wanted to have a lesson on imagery and include candy because I thought that it would
be an engaging way to learn about the five senses. Imagery encourages students to get
descriptive and that will help them in their finished products for their modern lyric poems.
Mini Lesson 2: Rhyme
Students will be able to identify rhyme in a poem.
Students will write their own rhyme couplets.
8.L.5. Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in
word meanings.

Opening Students will write 5 minutes

down what they know
about rhyming and
where they have seen
it in their lives.

Model I will define rhyme 10 minutes

and show them my
own examples of
rhyming as well as
how they are used in
poetry and
particularly in

Practice Students will 10 minutes

participate in a table
group activity where
a piece of paper will
be handed out for
them to form their
own rhyme poem.
Each group member
will write a rhyme

Closing Groups will share 5 minutes

their rhyme poems.
Related Teaching Ideas and Extensions
I found rhyming an important part of lyric poetry because it allows for them to get
creative in a fun way. Rhyming can be found in many songs as well. I thought the activity would
engage the students as they collaborate with their peers.
One of the parts I am most proud about for this unit is the fact that I was able to create a

unit based on lyric poems and make it relevant to students. Whether they know it or not songs

play a big role in their lives. Lyric poems alone are entertaining and contain meaning, but I

wanted for them to connect, which is why I also allowed for them to share a favorite song they

considered a modern lyric poem. Originally, I wanted to make this a songwriting unit, but then I

thought why not consider some songs poetry. I personally do consider songs to be worthy like

lyric poems.

Another part that I am more than happy about is the mini lessons. I chose the imagery

lesson because I feel that it can be found in lyric poems and if anything it makes them more

interesting and descriptive. The lesson is engaging as it allows for the students to learn imagery

through the five senses and just by eating a starburst candy. In addition, the second lesson that I

made had me feeling proud as well because of the activity. The lesson is about rhyme and they

then work in groups to write a poem together while each having to pass the paper in circle and

write a rhyming couple that makes up the whole rhyme poem. I came up with it because I

thought it would be fun and the students would be able to collaborate with one another. The third

lesson left me feeling good about the unit as well because choruses indicate repetition in a song.

They address the main theme and usually give off the tone of the song, which is part of what I

teach them as well. I thought that it would be cool to have them rewrite a chorus to a song that

already exists to prepare them to write their own for the final project.

Thus, I feel that this unit would be amazing to have at the start of the school year. It’s fun

and allows them a new way to express themselves. It would be a great introduction of who they

are, and it would allow for them to connect with their classmates and me. The finished product

would hopefully influence their creative sides and allow for them to continue writing outside of
class. I want them to look back at the end of the year and consider this unit it one of their

favorites because of the fact that it was different and brought out another new creative way to

express themselves.