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The Free Range Layered Chicken Demo Farm is a project of the TCA-IVM led by Dr.

Ma. Asuncion G. Beltran and has started last year. The said farm has been recognized with the
help of the authorities from DA-BAR, which aims to be used for instruction on students and also
to help the livestock industry arise. The said beneficiaries are specifically from the town of Sta.
Ignacia, Tarlac.

This set of layered chickens present in the said farm is not only for extension service but
is also one of the sources of funds of the institute’s student council because of the eggs they are
producing every day. These chickens are monitored and evaluated daily by some students of the
institute. Daily harvesting of numerous laid eggs is also conducted by the student council on
which the harvest period is usually in the morning.

After the eggs have been harvested, these eggs will be transferred into the institute and
will be boiled. When boiling process ends, it will be sold within the school premises – on the
different institutes and other offices of the school. The income coming from the selling of eggs is
forwarded into the treasuries of the institute including the student council.

This income-generating project of the student council is getting bigger with the help of
the students of IVM. This further aims and desires to help the student escalate the production of
eggs with proper attention for the layered chickens in the farm.