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English ll


Work book practice 5


María Martina García Bandera


Edwin Santana Concepcion


Bubble in the correct verb.

1. John is friendly and prompt.

2. The salesperson is helpful.
3. I are careful.
4. We are friendly.
5. Margo and Stan are helpful.
6. You are very friendly.
7. Jack and I are careful.
8. Paula is prompt.

Complete sentences with affirmative or negative.

1. Emilio is not friendly.

2. Ahmed and Carolina is not prompt.
3. Carolina is not careful.
4. Ahmed and Emilio is not helpful.
5. Ahmed is not careful.
6. Carolina is not helpful or prompt.

Match the jobs with the commands.

D,i,l 1 custodian a. Answer the phones.

A,j 2 receptionist b. count the money.

B,l 3 cashier c. talk to patients

C,k 4 doctor

E,g 6.bus driver d. clean the floors.

E. drive carefully.

f. Help the customers.

G. look at street signs.

H. give change.

I. fix the chairs.

J. file the papers.

K. write the symptoms.

L. check the inventory.

Complete the commands about the receptionist and the student. Use affirmative and negative
verbs from the box.

1. Is not eat lunch at your desk.

2. Is not take the phones.
3. Is not talk to customers.
4. Is not come to word late.
5. Is not take a two hour lunch break.


Forget ask do speak come

1. Is not come to class late

2. Is not do your homework.
3. Is not speak English in class.
4. Is not forget your books.
5. Is not do questions.

Complete the sentences in the past tense.

1. Elizabeth filed the letters in the cabinet.

2. The custodian already cleans the office.
3. The receptionist I amwer the phone.
4. The administrative assistant write type the letters.
5. The manager is moke outside of the store.
6. Mario and to Tal to customers about the radio.
7. We I clean the floor.
8. I file the papers in the office.

Answer the questions.

1. When did Esteban clean the truck. He cleaned the truck from 4.30 E2Q. to 5.30
2. When did esteban deliver packages. I deliver packages 5.30 E2Q to 9.00 E2Q
3. When did esteban talk to customers. I talk customers 9.00 E2Q to 10.30 E2Q
4. When did esteban file papers. He file papers 10.30 E2Q to 12.00 E2Q
Answer the questions.

1. When did you answer the phone I answer the at 5.30

2. When did you help a clamate yesterday help a classmate in class.

Complete Mario s job description.

North office supplies

Job title salesperson

1. Answer phones.
2. Mario is receptionist
3. Don’t smoke in the store
4. Don’t leave early

Complete the sentences. Use the past tense of a verb from the box.

1. Yesterday, Mario had lunch with a friend, Silvia.

2. They eat to a restaurant.
3. Mario talk about his job.
4. They eat turkey sandwiches for lunch.
5. Silvia see a friend at the restaurant.
6. I talk Mario and Silvia. I asked to sit with them.
7. I eat a hamburger.

Write the sentences in exercise d in paragraph format.

Yesterday,Mario had lunch with a friend,silvia.they

They eat to restaurant.mario
Mario talk about his job
They eat turkey sandwiches
For lunch
Talk Mario and silvia .I as
Ked to sit with them
I eat a hamburger
Answer the questions.

1. Where did you eat last night I ate at

2. When did you eat I ate at 12 in the restaurant
3. With did you eat with with a friend