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What is driving the evolving digital economy? © Consumer brand loyalty to trusted suppliers. © Anincrease in cybercriminal activity that demands a robust response. © Infrastructure evolution, evolving threat landscape, regulation, and compliance ©) The nternet of Things and Bring-Your-Own Device access combine to make the Internet available from anywhere. Which three (3) of these choices represent the new ways of thinking that must be adopted to achieve Security without Compromise? (Select three by clicking on multiple checkboxes.) © Complexity is the Enemy of Security © Regulation and Compliance are Required @ Today's Networks are Borderless ® Stowis Broken © Security is Everybody's Problem Match the Fortinet Security Fabric attribute to the proper benefit. Visibility into the entire security aware infrastructure Security that operates at the speed of Scalable Security tha Cooperative security alerts and ‘Actionable recommendations: One of the major attributes of the Fortinet Security Fabric is “Scalable”. Why is that important? © Itallows oT devices to be secured © Itleverages threat intelligence provided by FortiGuard Labs. © Itcovers known threats as well as unknown threats, © Itensures that security operates at the speed of the network. 3 major attributes of the Fortinet Security Fabric to the box. (Choose three.) The Fortinet Security Fabric provides coverage to two common types of cloud computing environments. One of those types is public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. What is the other type? © Cloud deployment servers such as Fog. © Cloud grid computing services such as BONC or Seti@home. © Software as a Service (SaaS) providers such as Salesforce.com and DropBox.com. © "Top of Rack" on-premise private cloud.