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MasterChef Magic!

The kitchens were ready and so were the contestants. After making it through
several gruelling weeks of cooking, Ben Borsht and Sashi survived and have
proved that they deserve to be
cooking in the MasterChef kitchen.

After beating all the other Amateur

cooks, It has come down to this.
After learning to cook with chefs
such as Peter Gilmore, Shannon
Bennett, and Nigella Lawson, they
both had learnt the skills to take on
the title.

It was always going to be an extraordinary final, but from the start it was
different. There were only 2 rounds, not 3, that they had to cook in. In round 1
they had to cook a starter and a main. Ben chose Blue Swimmer Crab with lime
fingers and an avocado cream as his starter. The judges told him that it needed
more texture and acidity. Sashi chose Sambal Prawns as his starter and the
judges say that he nailed his dish.

The mains are Fish Curry for Sashi and battered deep fried whiting with peas
and a garlic emulsion for Ben. In the
judging they can’t seem to fault
Sashi’s dish. But the judges expected
a bit more from Ben. In the scoring,
Sashi got three 10’s for the starter, and
three 9’s for the main. Ben got a 6 and
two 7’s for the starter and three 7’s for
the main. That left Sashi with 57, and
Ben with 41!
For round 2 there is a pressure test. The person bringing in the dish is Heston
Blumenthal! Heston’s dish is a
yoghurt snow, steamed vanilla
sponge, coconut ice cream and
the airiest meringue. They had 5
and a half hours to recreate the
dish. There were 19 elements in
the dish, so Ben and Sashi had to
go pumping. Disaster struck as
Ben’s ice cream doesn’t have the
right texture. Just as quick as disaster struck Ben, Sashi’s mousse goes into the
blast chiller without the inserts! But Sashi ends up saving his mousse just in

In the end Sashi and Ben serve up their dishes and the judges are impressed.
Both Sashi and Ben get a score of four
9’s, equalling 36. This means that the
final scores are………… Sashi – 93/100,
Ben – 77/100! Congratulations Sashi!!
To add to Sashi’s win, Gary announces
that 93 is the highest score that has
been given in the MasterChef Grand

So, on the whole, Sashi earned the MasterChef Grand Final Title, made it into
the MasterChef history books, $250,000, and a ‘Delicious’ monthly column.