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Four Strange Books of the Bible Nem kélesénézheté 8sJA4 Four Stran ge Books of the Bible JONAN / DANIEL / KOMELETTE / FSTHER Elias Bigkerman v ws Catan Ma hee SCHOCKEN BOOKS + NEW YORI Fie pls by Schocken Books 1967 WaT es 43 1 RE 86 87 BR Eapyghe ® 1967 by Biss Bckeran filigree Livary of Congress Caaogng in Publican Dat Betean J in Jozel 197 For awange books ofthe ible Ingles biographies, file OT folic, itneration ie? Bile OF Daniel Cat, ieroeaon SE Bile OT Felsen ser Pecan est ie 9 ater” Cri, Ihepretsion ce. 1 Tile Asifoone toss 21 8422199 AManufcae inthe United Stats of Ameria ISHN O-a052-0774-0, SF Preface ‘Asa classical scholar the author is interested in the books of the Bible which were written in the age of Greek intellectual dominance. In the present work he tries to understand Jonah, Daniel, Koheleth, and Esther as wit- nesses to the mentality of men of that period in the ancient Near East. His learned friends, Boaz Cohen of the Jewish Theo- logical Seminary, Judah Goldin of Yale, and Gerson D. Cohen and Morton Smith of Columbia University, helped with information, advice, and criticism. He is under particular obligation to HL. L. Ginsberg of the Jewish Theological Seminary, who allowed him to use a still unpublished translation of Ecclesiastes, and on whose interpretation the chapter on Kohelethy depends (see his paper in Vetus Testamentum, 1954). The pages on Daniel and Koheleth, differently organized and annotated, will appeat in the forthcoming History of the Jews in the Greek Age. Louis Finkelstein, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary, has generously permitted the use of this material here. ‘The pages on the Greek Esther are reprinted from Proceedings of the American Academy of Jewish Research, V, x0 (1954), with permission of Abra- ham Halkin of the Academy. Much of the material in the chapter on Jonah appeared in French in Reuue d'Histoire et de Philosophie Religienses, 1965. The editorial help of Oscar Shaftel, of Schocken Books, is also acknowledged; and 1 shall not forget that the late TT. Herzl Rome en- couraged the writing of this book and accepted it for publication, lumbia University Eunss Brexenosan