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Working survey, Soil investigation, Design & Construction of Water Treatment Plant, Design & Construction of Various Sizes RCC
HGLR/Sumps/ESR at Head Works & at Village level, Providing, Supplying, DI/MS pipes & Lowering Laying and Jointing DI/MS
Pipeline for Rising main & Gravity distribution network, Providing, Supplying and Erecting Pumping Machinery at Main HW & Sub
HW, Construction of Pump Room, Panel Room, RCC Road, Staff quarter cum security room, Compound Wall,MS gate, Electrification
work and platform for HGLR etc. at Main HW & Sub HW for Astol Regional Water Supply Scheme PACKAGE-6 Tal:- Kaprada &
Dharampur, Dist.:-Valsad, Gujarat covering 8 villages and 54 Faliya & including Operation & Preventive Maintenance for Supply of
Water to villages for 60 Months.PACKAGE-6

SCHEDULES Name Of Work Amount (Rs)

Designing & Construction of R.C.C U/G Sumps / HGLR of various capacities

SCHEDULE - B1 32,873,955.40
at Headworks, Sub Headworks and village level.

Designing & Constructing R.C.C Elevated Service Reservoirs of various

SCHEDULE - B2 7,439,804.90
capacities at Headworks and Sub Headworks.

SCHEDULE - B3 Pumping Main Pipe Line 10,852,850.52

SCHEDULE - B4 Water Distribution Pipe Line 276,576,473.50

SCHEDULE - B5 Faliya Connectivity 35,347,202.33


Supply, Installation , Testing & Commissioning of Pump Set with Piping,

SCHEDULE - B6 Accessories & Electrical Equipment at various Headworks and Sub 6,819,483.00

Development of headworks including compound Wall, Electrical items,

project Supporting Equipments, Pump room,platform for HGLR, RCC road,
SCHEDULE - B7 5,141,617.05
Staff Quarter Fencing, road, buildings at Various Headworks & Sub Head
Works site.

SCHEDULE - B8 Stand post 606,000.00

Total Amount (1) 375,657,386.70

2 SCHEDULE - C Operation & Maintanance (For 5 Years) 22,539,443.20

3 Total Amount (1+2) 398,196,829.90