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Kellogg does not finish at the party

School is not filled with a few intense pressure, business students almost no one is not the pursuit of excellence, the ultimate challenge, reinvent themselves. However, in big

situations of personal heroism in vogue, Kellogg has ingenuity played a "cooperative" brand. There is a group of talented people friendly, and there are a wide variety of team

projects, there's fun does not finish at the party.

How in the modern business in an increasingly complex environment, who can lead it to a collective cooperation Lidi single-handedly? And this does not seem particularly aggressive top

business schools, can sit tight, "the legendary seven schools," the throne, the secret is worth a good explore, savor.

01 K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement 02

K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

Alumni say About 30 percent of students live in the Kellogg School of McManus population centers, and the remaining 70% of the off-campus accommodation. Since the
1 Introduction ■
I first came here a very deep feeling semester.

Basically all of the classes will have a teamwork job,

school parking subject to more stringent control, so most students have to walk to school. Students also choose to live in Rogers Park in southern college, take
1.1 School of History and Culture something I used to think that way do not need to do the train to school every day.
teamwork thing here is the use of cooperation, such as
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management, hereinafter referred to as Kellogg) main campus is located in
some of the more biased the number of classes. And

Evanston, Illinois, a small town in the Midwest, in downtown Chicago and Miami as well as two campuses, respectively providing part-time MBA and executive we will have a weekly Friday afternoon activities, all Schools close to Lake Michigan, the summer is very beautiful, beach, sailing, can do a variety of water sports, from downtown Chicago just need to
students will gather together, in addition to community
education MBA education. sit about 30 minutes by train.
activities. We are also keenly aware of, in which a team

do, often the final result is much more than a good

http://poetsandquants.com/2010/07/24/michigans-ross-vs-northwesterns-kellogg Clear Admit School
Kellogg's history dates back to 1908, originally named "Northwestern University School of Business" holds, the creation of Business Administration undergraduate man. Guides: Kellogg School of Management
program. In 1919, the college dean Ralph E. Heilman third started a business research center, was also the nation's second commercial research centers, the

rapid development in the 1920s and making influential Institute of widely disseminated. In 1979,, James L. Allen Center was officially opened by the help Kellogg In organizing student activities, we are very united Kellogg is located in Evanston, it is a small town north of Chicago, about 75,000 population. There are many town parks, mountain and lakeside beach. Chicago
together towards a common goal to do this activity.
alumni, co-founder of management consulting firm Booz Allen (Booz & Company) in the James L. Allen, the center is home to Kellogg executive management and its suburbs make up the greater Chicago area, more than 9 million people, is the United States after New York and Los Angeles metropolitan area third.
In the process of IB networking, I also had the
courses . In the same year, the sub-famous food company Kellogg (kellogg's) founder, John. L. Kellogg donated $ 10 million to the college, the college was Chicago is located in the heart of the North American continent, as America's most important railway, aviation hub, but also a major US financial, cultural,
opportunity to contact other school students, we

renamed as a result JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management. College was founded in 1990 Master of Management program development for the MBA can feel the Kellogg students with banker chat, if manufacturing center. As a typical American central city, Chicago's cultural conservative and diverse. City moist temperate continental climate with four distinct
some students want to insert our conversation, no
program in 2000. seasons. Winter snow longer, colder.
matter what school, we will take the initiative to let

him join. Wikipedia Sonia Shi "do better myself," second


Over the years, Kellogg's faculty and staff made an outstanding contribution in the field of marketing and decision-making in science. For example, Walter Scott in

Teamwork culture is helpful to cultivate people

the early decade of the 20th century, the creation of the early advertising and marketing courses for the School of Business; modern, Philip Kotler and Sydney management skills. In fact, leadership is not only 1.3 MBA program features
reflected in community activities in small teams in each
Brenner published an article in Marketing in 1969 - "to expand the marketing concept "the article laid the foundation for a wide range of promotion marketing,  1.31 focus on teamwork
course there is cooperation and differences. How and

making the college became the authoritative marketing market. students from various countries cooperation, expressing Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, under the leadership of then president Don Jacobs, Kellogg began its outstanding "cooperation" culture acclaimed. Cultural
his own opinions, and they agree debate program, these
roots Kellogg is "cooperative team spirit" (collaborative teamwork). This may be a lot of business schools have emphasized content, but Kellogg was the first to
are good exercise. After the end of my first semester, I
Kellogg's mission is to "cultivate a global leader in the world and reaching a lasting contribution", dedicated students a solid wisdom, courage and spirit of teamwork as a core part of business school MBA study, which wanted to create a support each other in every respect, cooperation and community. Students
think and compare the cooperation of different teams I

cooperation, as well as challenge old customs, the birth of a pioneer in the viewing angle changes. have been involved in the course, reflect the many ways during the school year about 200 to participate in group discussions, each student must give the other team members scoring and report to the professor, this is
to participate in their own treatment of various types of
Clear Admit School Guides: Kellogg School of Management not an exemption. Unique team learning is unique in the top business schools in Kellogg. Kellogg out students are also considered smart and cheerful, good
homework projects and when the various contradictions

http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/About/purpose-statement.aspx and met a lot of harvest. emotional intelligence and good communication and collaboration.

ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com /

Our purpose is to educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and thread-797341-1-1.html http://poetsandquants.com/2010/07/24/michigans-ross-vs-northwesterns-kellogg/
wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.
Unique team learning is unique in the top business schools in Kellogg. Kellogg out students are also considered smart
and cheerful, good emotional intelligence and good communication and collaboration.

Campus Life 1.2

Kellogg Northwestern University campus in the center of its main building was built in 1972, Arthur Anderson Hall and Leverone Hall. In 2001, the
Alumni say
New School in northeast Anderson Hall of a six-story building, named Donald Jacobs Center, now the main classroom college are here, there are ■  1.32 student initiative
In addition to a very good reputation in marketing
a lot of the times advanced teaching equipment, and up to 50 group learning classroom to support teaching teamwork, and more are student beyond, we are also very strong in other ways, as well Kellogg has more than 80 student organizations, basically by the students themselves to manage and develop their own organizational activities, he did not

as a 2010 Nobel laureate our school. If you look at our

lounge, lockers and social hall. The college also has a separate EMBA classroom building The James Allen Center. participate in the school teacher. The annual business school social activities, trips to various countries, etc., are by the students themselves enlisted as
jobs report, you can see that in fact the financial, the
sponsors and organizers, their own plan, and then his own team up. In this process, itinerary, contact the company's public relations, advertising, are the
biggest piece of advice is, just because of our

marketing direction of Prof. market is very good, there students themselves do. Students also are willing to donate their time to a team project. Kellogg in this large group of them, everyone will take the initiative to
are a lot of good lessons, many large companies will
find their own role.
come to our school marketing intern market strokes or

a full-time staff, so this is very prominent, but Kellogg is Veritas Prep 2011/12 Essential Guide to the Kellogg School of Management Sonia Shi "do better
actually a very comprehensive school.
myself," third edition

 1.33 Integrated Management Education

I feel that no matter in any job, if there is a basis for
Since Kellogg in marketing teachers and curriculum resources are very rich, it is a lot of marketing people's first choice, but it is not simply a "Marketing School",
marketing, in fact, no matter what the future face of

the work, there will be more scope for development. in fact, Kellogg graduates each year go to the consulting industry is almost twice to enter the field of marketing, focusing on integrated management of the

My own idea is, how to package a product, a very

school curriculum can develop the right talent for the consulting industry. In addition, because this is located in the Chicago futures and other financial products
important factor in both the financial products or
with advanced trading market and the city has many private equity and venture capital institutions, Kellogg professors and alumni research resources in the
physical products, this sometimes is success and

failure. How to show themselves and to show the financial sector is also very rich.
product, in fact, it is a very important element.

Although the "strongest marketing" and reputation, Kellogg in consulting, finance and general management nor input.
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com / Especially in China, Kellogg considerable number of senior alumni in the area of ​investment, the circle of contacts is
very good.

1 Chicago line "L" train stops three stops in Evanston, where a station about three blocks from campus

03 04
K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

And it has a funny name, such as Poets, Cash Cow, Jive Turkey, Bucket heads and so on. And other business schools in the different classes are

subdivided, Kellogg students no longer divided into a fixed group, but with the course subject to change. There are many projects and jobs need to

collaborate in groups, divided team, along with the different courses vary. Kellogg's students said when the team with the different courses vary, you can

reach more students, more culture, more professional background, which is very helpful for them.

http://poetsandquants.com/2010/07/24/michigans-ross-vs-northwesterns-kellogg/ Veritas Prep 2011/12

Essential Guide to the Kellogg School of Management

2.2 semester divided

Kellogg take a full-time MBA at Northwestern University and other projects, like school season (quarter) system, the academic year is divided into two six

trimesters, each school quarter, about 10 weeks, the summer season is also a school, but some students will take advantage of this time to practice. Kellogg

require students to take at least 3-5 in each academic quarter courses, a total of at least 24.5 credit repair.

The end of August to early September is the annual Kellogg freshmen preschool (orientation) and preparatory semester (pre-term) time. The difference is that

with other top business schools, Kellogg also requires sophomore to participate in this preparatory semester in the past, on the one hand to learn their own

lessons, on the other hand interact with the newborn.

 1.34 social heart Newborn preschool contain a required course called "organizational leadership" (Leadership in organization), the course of two weeks, a total of ten times

Kellogg students and alumni are keen to help others and contribute to society. College offers specialized social enterprise professional (Social Enterprise at each three-hour seminar, discussions on leadership, teamwork, ethics and personnel management, etc., after the end of the course exam required.

Kellogg, referred SEEK), the global professional and civic center of the school's Center for Nonprofit Management and Ford's cooperation, by organizing a series Sophomore need to complete a called a "crisis of values ​and decision-making" (Value and Crisis Decision Making) 0.5 course credits during the preparatory

of activities for social influence Net Impact community support. Every year hundreds of Kellogg students to participate in "Kellogg Cares Day" and other public semester. At the same time, they want to offer a two-week project called CIM (Complete Immersion in Management, see below) for the newborn.

service activities, such as volunteer teaching, to raise money by organizing theme parties and so on. In addition, Kellogg alumni founded the One Acre Fund,

which is a very influential NGO to promote the development of Africa in the fund. Clear Admit School Guides: Kellogg School of Management

Clear Admit School Guides: Kellogg School of Management Sonia Shi "do better 2.3 teaching mode

myself," third edition Kellogg is perhaps the leading business schools in the teaching of the most diverse schools. Most courses take "blended learning", that is, the entire contents of

the course is divided equally into three parts, each part with a different teaching modes, including: teaching, lectures and group projects.

■ Alumni say 1.4 MBA project news

I think that the concept of innovation bravely,
The new president brings change
courageously and breakthrough concepts. Business is in

need of such courage to break the spirit. July 2010, Sally Blount become the new dean of Kellogg, Kellogg leadership, she was the first in the history of "outsiders" (her own and not Dr. Kellogg Kellogg attaches great importance to the practice of promoting "learning by doing" experiential learning. Schools provide many opportunities for students to create
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com /
Graduate MBA). She herself is not keen on MBA rankings, she describes itself as a "stakeholder." After taking office, Blount president embarked upon the and test new technologies, such as business plan competitions, laboratory, students will be extensively involved and their ideas into action, learn the knowledge
plan to reposition Kellogg's. She proposed a "courageous thinking" (Think Bravely) This new brand concept --Kellogg believe that business activity is led by a and skills needed in practice.

brave, enthusiastic cooperation, and can change the world. This indicates that not only creed Kellogg future, but also reflects the appropriate leadership Veritas Prep 2011/12 Essential Guide to the Kellogg School of Management
challenge I face in Dean Blount class top business schools in the world. She said, "Brave thinking" is not just a slogan, but the goal of our teaching, the

school's mission. Practice makes perfect. Kellogg believes that "learning by doing" is the best way to learn, to this end, the school

provides a lot of opportunities, such as race, laboratories, students also extensively involved.

In addition, Kellogg increased focus on organizational renewal and growth as well as socialization of enterprises. Dean Blount said: "Personally, I think

business school is very important for the study of management, how to build an effective organization, thus creating jobs and productive way to participate

in the campaign, I strongly. I think we need to study the organization and find their force and effect. "

http://poetsandquants.com/2010/11/24/the-first-100-days- of-a-new-kellogg-dean / 2 /

Think Bravely: We believe that business can be bravely led, passionately collaborative, and
world changing.

2. Learning

2.1 Student Management

Kellogg's full-time MBA program students each year about 500 people, is divided into eight classes (section), each class of about 65 people,

05 06
K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

2.4 Courses Consulting) members of the Advisory Committee.

 2.4.1 Overview http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Faculty/Directory/Kraemer_Harry_M.aspx

Kellogg Full-time MBA program include nine required courses, namely: "Decision Accounting", "business strategy", "Marketing Management", "Finance",

"decision-making under uncertainty", "microeconomics analysis" "operations management", "management decision-making statistical methods", "organization Timothy Thompson Senior Lecturer of Finance, Professor Thomson served as The Alcar Group (now part of LEK

leadership." In addition, in the second year of preparatory semester, students also need to learn a "crisis of values ​and decision-making" (see above) of 0.5 Consulting) research consultant, a professor at Kellogg "financial decision" (Financial Decisions). This course focuses on

credit course. School strongly encourages students to have background exemption required courses, but "business decision" and "organizational leadership" the financial principles to corporate strategic decision-making, with full case study, it will provide an opportunity to learn

excluded. About half of the students are at least exempt a required course. If you choose to exclude any student compulsory course, you need to learn a higher other subjects of financial knowledge combined for students, but also help improve students' ability to solve problems.

level courses in the field. Under such a system, Kellogg students have more freedom to choose the right career goals and interests of the course, or learn some

higher level of knowledge.

Elective terms, Kellogg to provide students include financial analysis, analysis consulting, accounting information management, entrepreneurship and innovation, http:.... / / www ke ll ogg nor t hwes t ern edu / Facu lty / Di rec t or y / Thompson_T imo t hy aspx # biography
medical management, human resource management, nearly 20 professional, each student optional 2-3 professional, very many courses, select the surface is very

wide. Students must be at least 15 elective elective courses, which must include a course on "international" (for example, cross-cultural negotiations, international

finance, international marketing, etc.), accounting for a credit, or obtained by participating in projects abroad similar experiences.
3. Activity

Kellogg provide opportunities with other leading business schools in the world, such as France's ESSEC, Spain's IESE, London Business School, Hong Kong 3.1 KWEST
University of Science and Technology school exchange learning for students in the second year of the fall or winter semester, students can apply to cooperation KWEST project (called the Kellogg Worldwide Experiences and Service Trip) is an outdoor Kellogg has a symbolic significance of adventure, sightseeing,

hospital attending school, can earn credits during the exchange, but the results are not included in the GPA, transcripts only on the course name to display what they have learned. social and community service activities. Each year about 80 percent of entering freshmen will participate in the project before school starts. In this project,

http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Programs/FullTimeMBA/Academics.aspx Clear Admit School an average of 20 people a team, led by 4-5 sophomore, go visit all over the world to play, such as Alaska and Egypt, Argentina, Iceland, Panama, Puerto

Guides: Kellogg School of Management Rico, Honduras, Turkey, Chile and in the United States Hawaii and other places. This is a rapidly so that new experience Kellogg team spirit items can

also help new students build friendships with other students.

 Professor Daniel Diermeier 2.4.2 and E

xample courses

IBM Professor of Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice Management Di Maier is a professor of economics and decision 3.2 CIM
sciences, with a Reputation Rules: Strategies for Managing Your Company's Most Valuable Asset book. He is also a senior strategy Another tradition is the Kellogg project is CIM (Complete Immersion in Management), for a period of two weeks, the 200 sophomores organization, in preparation

consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a member of the Economic Club of Chicago. Professor Di Maier Professor Kellogg "non-market for the new semester to explain the basic concepts of business management, the school's curriculum semester settings, and introduce Kellogg environment and

environment Strategic Management" (Strategic Management in Non-Market Environments), the main application of case teaching courses, activities. Have a lot of team-building activities within two weeks, cooperation and competition between small teams to large end of the project report on the

electives in the high score in the auction. His lively and enthusiastic manner lectures, trained many students in government employment occasion of the show, each class must design a story, everyone must participate in performances this is a very pleasant before the semester begins, to help

and public direction, but a lot of them do not even originally thought about a career in this field of work. freshmen to quickly integrate into a new life and a new collective experience.

3.3 GIM
http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Faculty/Directory/Diermeier_Daniel.aspx GIM (called the Global Initiatives in Management) contains ten weeks of classroom instruction and field trips two weeks. Each class usually consists of 35

members, divided into several small research team. The field trip is scheduled during spring break time the first year. Before the semester begins, students will go

Julie Hennessy to a two-week trip, we competition, assume the role of organizer. Students to various countries to visit local companies, businesses and politicians, but also to do
Alumni say
Clinical Professor of Marketing

TG (Thanks God, it is Friday) is one of the most popular some fieldwork, mainly focused on some commercial issues in emerging markets, such as micro-credit in South Africa, Thailand, e-commerce, the Russian

activities of the school. This is an every Friday afternoon,

Haynie poetry professor is an expert in marketing management and strategy. She has received numerous honors in Kellogg, alternative energy, Vietnam's global brand marketing.
as long as the school will certainly social events will be
including the 2007 Lavengood Outstanding Professor of the Year award and so on. Haynie vivid and humorous poetry
held, usually from 5:15 to 6:30, no later than 7:00. TG

professor lecturing way, popular with students alike. She also has a wealth of experience in cases, many cases are used in the special place is that it has a different theme each week. For 3.4 Special K!
example, a topic may be in a race week, for example, a
classroom by the professor personally prepared. She is also one of Kellogg, head of marketing simulation game. This is a very famous Kellogg entirely student-led cultural performances, performances once a year, in the form included theater, music and dance, the content
marketing competition, there are times when it is based on

the theme of culture, such as Chinese tea culture night; is mainly used to make fun of review tone lives over the past year in business school.

http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Faculty/Directory/Hennessy_Julie. aspx when there are various important national holiday comes,
that country students will also be held this festival theme

and related activities; sometimes even pure entertainment,

such as fashion show, song contest, very interesting. TG 4. Special Projects

these different topics are organized by different student
Harry M. Kraemer
organizations, they will first make a plan, and then to the
4.1 One-Year MBA
Clinical Professor of Management & Strategy school budget request. At this time it will be very serious,

spend a lot of running in the event of energy. Many who

Kellogg Business School in the United States to provide one-year MBA program of the few schools. One-year MBA program is to have a background in business
Professor Cramer in 1979 and an MBA from Kellogg, he was the chairman of a value of $ 9 billion in global
participate, each scene an average of a few hundred. (at least five lessons learned in finance, accounting, marketing, statistics, operations, economics among) the applicant opened, the current enrollment of about
healthcare company Baxter International Inc. and CEO, he taught "Management Leadership" (Managerial
100 people each. Compulsory school on June each year, the fall until the spring of next year elective, graduate in June next year. In the absence of a summer
Leadership) this course very popular at school. Professor Cramer won the 2008 Lavengood Outstanding
internship time, more suitable for mature applicants do not intend to change jobs.
Professor of the Year Award, and served as dean of Kellogg Advisory Committee and LEK Consulting (LEK
http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Programs/FullTimeMBA/MBA_Programs/1_Year_ Program.aspx
Sonia Shi "do better myself," third edition

07 08
K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

Alumni say 4.2 MMM ■
Alumni say 5.2 Graduate Employment
MMM main applicants for engineering background. There (For Chinese students) are generally high-tech companies,
MMM called the Master of Management and Manufacturing, and Engineering School of Management is (McCormick School of Engineering) is a joint project of two Kellogg December 2012 release of the 2012 graduates employment report shows that the proportion of current students destined for the consulting firm a new
are some lessons need to choose from McCormick School, large food companies like Visa will provide these

and other MBA are the same, classes, activities, years duration. He obtained a degree in engineering and an MBA graduate students. MMM students was optional professional design and operational finance, companies go to work if a comprehensive business high, reaching 39%. The largest number of employers recruiting top six all consulting firms, followed by McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, Accenture and Booz.
socializing, and looking for work are two-year MBA management, first of all going to participate in their
marketing and strategy, School of Engineering in the professional MBA's. Traditional consumer retail companies such as Pepsi-Cola is still the big recruiting. In addition, the results of technology companies hiring is also good, reaching
together. MMM will recruit 50-60 people each year, take recruitment activities to do with their social . At the same

the mainland passport holders 1-2, 1-2 Taiwan, plus ABC,

http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Programs/FullTimeMBA/MBA_Programs/MMM_ Program.aspx time, these companies will also organize some cases or
17%, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other large companies are ranked among the top 14 employers. And may be related to the economic situation, go to

Chinese people have about six or seven people. MMM competitions, winning then have the opportunity to directly the investment bank accounted for only 7%. In terms of regional employment, 60% of students to stay in the United States (where the north east and
employment and traditional MBA almost, almost the same into the final round of interviews, the chances increase.
Midwest-based), 40% of students go to other countries in the world.
proportion of consulting find high proportion of companies There are some companies post is for China to set
4.3 JD-MBA
in various industries to some banks looking for is relatively short-term in the United States, to China to do long-term

small. MMM tuition and two-year MBA is the same as the JD / MBA jointly organized by the Faculty of Law, is a three-year project (in the School of Management for two years, one year in law school), compared to other rotation management positions, which for Chinese

equivalent of money, he took a degree. students, the candidates chances of success are greater.
similar projects shortened school year. In addition two other schools and degrees divisional application is not the same, Kellogg's project is a joint application,

only need to submit an application you can apply for these two projects, the school will also consider admission status two degrees, but if does not comply, then
Kellogg Company in the United States there will be many Career-Function Mix for Career-Industry Mix for
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com / not only where admission to a degree. opportunities for integrated management, but for Chinese Kellogg 2012 Graduates Kellogg 2012 Gradutes
thread-797341-1-1.html students probably a third of it, the other two-thirds of
http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/Programs/FullTimeMBA/MBA_Programs/JD-MBA. aspx
companies do not recruit Chinese people, a third of which
Consulting (39%) Other financial Services (12%) Technology
are generally in the in the United States is relatively

4% Consulting (40%) Martketing (20%) 1% 5%
well-known companies, they find Chinese people also Manufacturing & Services (12%) Consumer & Packaged Goods
Alumni say 4% 9%
Finance (17%) Management (8%) (9%) Investment Banking, Brokerage & Securities (7%) Other
Our school students looking for advice direction very much. want you to return to China to work, it might give you

Kellogg in very good advice indeed, students often receive

4.4 Kellogg-HKUST EMBA some short-term rotation, but the long-term hope you can
Business development (4%)
Manufacturing (6%) Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare
MBB (Note: McKinsey, BCG, Bain) and some other Kellogg Business School and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology of the cooperative education program, since 2007 for five consecutive years return to the office to work in China. Strategic Planning (4%) Other (7%) 7% ( 5%) Media & Entertainment (1%) Other Services (9%)

consulting firms made some coffee chat invitation, will take 17%
was named Britain's "Financial Times" for the global Executive MBA program (EMBA) first, its excellent academic standards, diverse student background, and 9%
the initiative to tell you that we would join a chat consultants ■ ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com / 20%
12% 12%
chat, we have a number of activities do you want to the study of global issues is widely recognized. thread-797341-1-1.html
participate, and so on, that they attached great importance

to Kellogg's. Therefore, we in this direction there is indeed

a lot of resources, but relatively speaking, the competition 5. Employment

will be more intense, because people focus more in this

direction, which should have half of Chinese students.

5.1 Related Employment Resources
http://poetsandquants.com/2012/12/05/consulting-grabs-record-share-of-kellogg-mbas/ ht tp: / /www.kel
Kellogg team-oriented teaching method determines the school career center (Career Management Center, referred to as CMC) operational style is also very
logg.northwestern.edu/Programs/Ful lTimeMBA / Why_Kel logg_MBA / Employment_Statistics.aspx
focused on cooperation from administrators to professors to college students, all active participation to help students career planning and social processes in the
Kellogg in the consulting field is relatively strong, many
past. CMC provides one strategy seminar, self-evaluation, video mock interviews, campus recruitment process and other employment counseling to help
■ well-known consulting companies will do to Kellogg campus

recruiting, including MBB, they will be assigned exclusively students find internships and full-time job. Kellogg campus recruitment schedule of very full, there are about 175-200 companies to recruit on campus each year.
to hiring a person to do in school. US consulting firm to
In the "Financial Times" on the satisfaction of MBA graduates employment work for the school to do the survey, Kellogg for many years retained the title.
recruit people mostly stay only recruit students to work in

North America; China office will recruit people, but not all

companies will come to the school to recruit. I understand

Clear Admit School Guides: Kellogg School of Management
the situation inside Chinese students is about half of the 6. The application and admission
people looking for the direction of consulting work. We have

a lot of resources are available, the school will provide Kellogg's career guidance service is well done, rich services, high quality, widely recognized by students. The most 6.1 admission standards
more resources to do the job, including liaison with the
practical point is that the school's career center to secure a large number of companies into the school recruit.
When evaluating a Kellogg applicants who will pay attention to the following aspects: the potential of the applicant's academic ability, personality,
consulting firm, to provide information needed to find

consulting work and so on. There Consulting Club, which is self-awareness, leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, professional performance and management.
one of the largest communities Kellogg, they will have a lot
Alumni say
■ http://kellogg.northwestern.edu/Programs/FullTimeMBA/Applying/Eligibility.aspx
of activities, recognizing the people inside, but also a circle I can probably talk about some of the students in our

of contacts. Kellogg looking for consulting work students school I feel rather special qualities, first, I think our school

will spontaneously organize themselves. students are paying more attention to the team, each of our Kellogg is almost every successful applicants are expressed in the instrument a deep understanding and sense of responsibility of the school to the community,
student activities with a minimum of two students is to plan
the school they have feelings, and feelings are based on rational understanding.
preparation. In addition, we students are generally better

Kellogg marketing students looking for work in the communication skills, cultural differences have more sense Sonia Shi "do better myself," third edition
market, I believe there is business schools account for a of identity, I believe in a team, we have to understand that

large advantage, for the following reasons: first, Kellogg although we have a number of different places, but have
6.2 Application Process
themselves in this area as well as curriculum, teachers different abilities in the group team member is actually very

are very strong. It is the second and most of the United important, in terms of the whole team is a very important Not the same with other business schools, Kellogg network application process is divided into two parts respectively submitted. The first part of the submission

States CPG (Consumer Package Goods, CPG) asset. I think in our school culture which is a more focused of the online application form, resume and application fees, filing the second part of the article and letters of recommendation. After the first part of the
companies have a good relationship, there are many part, so if you want to know that he is not suited to our own
submission, the school will begin the selection of applicants matched the interviewer. Wait until the second part of the submission, the end of the interview the
alumni work in this industry, so the opportunity to be culture, you first have to ask yourself is not a cooperative

more. The third is itself Kellogg brands in the United team spirit is very valued by students, yourself interviewer and report back, the material will start officially audited.
States is a relatively loud, most are marketing related communication is not a type of person.

positions in the company, will go to the school to recruit.

The material is first applicant was born in Reading by the school, about 20 trained first-year and sophomore to participate in the admissions process each year,

and another 20 students responsible for campus interviews, these students after graduation tend to join the alumni interview team. Students need only applicant

for the material to make "admitted" or "rejected" two kinds of judgments, do not need to pick the waiting list, then regardless of the outcome, the application
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com / ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com /
thread-797341-1-1.html thread-579904-1-1.html materials will be re-reviewed by a recruitment officer. In other words, before reaching the hands of admissions office director, each application materials at least

twice after complete audit. Admission Office Director will not know in advance the results of the audit recommendation in the previous two

09 10
K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

Under the premise of judgment, and finally combined with the previous audit results taken into account.

ht tp: / /poetsandquants.com/2012/09/09/ the-gatekeeper- to- the-kel logg-school -of management /

Alumni say
6.3 Thesis and resolve

I think Essay is to express some of your own life
1. What's the greatest obstacle you've overcome (personally or professionally)? How has overcoming this obstacle
philosophy and comparative value of things. I think
prepared you to achieve success now and in the future? (350 word limit)
Kellogg's package is relatively average, you will have the

opportunity to talk about your team experience, have the

opportunity to talk about some of your own character.

You might want to pay more attention to the excellent

addition to your own, how you let other people grow School failure has always been hot topic of concern, but the wording from years ago evolved into failure (Failure) setback (setback), then evolved into difficulties

together, how you go to coach them, how you talk to

(Obstacle), in my opinion, these are the new name of the applicants need not move away to Oxford Longman Dictionary tangled words like, what kind of
communicate with them, how you learn from each other.
difference in meaning is not to say that failure is thoroughly messed up, but the process may be arduous but frustration may despair but ultimately successful
And the human interaction in our entire package inside is

very important. In the package the entire application's it results life experiences, so far as the difficulty should be a great story plot twists make contributions ...... in the eyes of admissions officers, and this story is no
as far as possible from its problems in the highlight of
different categories, their attraction is usually concentrated in the self-understanding of how to break the applicant comfort zone, how to face their own do not
your professional and personal at the same time can say.

When you prepare Kellogg Essay, or you can look at in necessarily competent work, and how self-psychological counseling after the setback.

addition to career success, you own what kind of

highlights. For your friends, how do you kind of a person, 2. Evaluate the candidate's demonstrated leadership and potential (eg, developing others, ability to influence others and
these are very good information that can help the
Alumni say

I think a large study point alumni interview that he
advocate for his / her ideas, smart risks he / she has taken, ability to deal with ambiguity).
admissions committee to know you from your essay in. 2. What have been your most significant leadership experiences? What challenges did you face, and what impact did you
would look at you is not similar with Kellogg students he
have? This is your opportunity to explain how you Think Bravely. (500 word limit) knew, the character does not meet the cultural Kellogg,

so you need to show very friendly and at the same time

to demonstrate that they are like teamwork, need you 3. What are the three areas you perceive as the candidate's weaknesses? Provide an example of how the candidate has
have to bring some valuable leadership, and your future
Saying he is very good, do not ignore a problem, how do dealt with constructive feedback and made efforts to address these weaknesses.
Follow last year's title. Entitled to ask very detailed, very difficult to write beside the point. The most remarkable leadership stories, write recommendation with will give Kellogg. Alumni interview is best not to
you combine excellent school with these resources can
disguise himself, to show the real you, try to dig their
give you, so that you can be more advantages to work-related thing, entrepreneurial class, also community service class, at least not a pure play. Regardless of whether it is a manager with a real team,
own special experience and culture have contact with
flourish, so that your students can learn from your
applicants should focus on working children write command others experiences and describe how they do well in this regard in the article inside. Asked a clear Kellogg.
advantages to? This point is very important, if your 6.5 Interview
strengths and these platforms can give you school does title, you encounter any difficulties? That means success stories along the Pacific is not the school's favorite, the best thing this little twists and turns. Talked
 6.5.1 Introduction Interview
not bind, you these advantages are not the school's about the influence (impact), this is big, it is best not to say floating on the surface of their own to a specific team, specific project made little impact, the final
admissions committee want to see, because he felt you And the other point is that different business schools, Kellogg requires all have to submit an interview request, but also try to ensure that interviews of all
success of the project; a deeper wording is trying to show after a project, one thing results, the company or the surrounding environment and thus had a I interview when there are problems and asked more
these things do not fit Kellogg environment , climate and
applicants. About 67% of the interviews conducted by alumni, 26% by the admissions committee of eight admissions officers, and the remaining small part by
detailed curriculum vitae, so everyone in the preparation
culture. profound change. Finally, the last part is more good comments expressed the school's expectations: the ideal instrument authors should be able to turn the tide,
must be very clear on their resumes, each including a small the students. There will be some applicants because there is not enough reason alumni interviewer, etc. are exempt interview, then there will be a small part of
even for such a purpose can be bold assumptions, to take risks. message written above, we must bear in mind, when he
the applicant to receive an invitation to interview again, this time for an interview by the admissions officer.
was asked to, you can put this made it clear. The other is
In the very Kellogg teamwork environment where all of
that you do not compile, how about this is how, alumni
our student organizations are co-organized by two or
basically face a lot of people, you which places are
more persons to do a project together, if you're just very Kellogg take the form of a blind surface (blind interview), in addition to resume, the interviewer did not see any other material applicant. Interview usually starts
3. Part 1: What career / role are you looking to pursue and why (250 word limit) Part 2:?? Why are Kellogg and the MBA compiled, they will see that.
good, but you do not interact with other people, you're
from the traditional problems, regardless of admissions officers or alumni will ask details about the resume, including relevant industry background, technical
not everyone is willing someone to share things with essential to achieving these career goals (250 word limit) (Please answer Part 2 in terms of your program choice:
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com / background, project details, in-depth and comprehensive assessment of a person on a resume that lists every achievement is real reliable. At the same time, we
you together or talk, may be less suitable for Kellogg.
One-Year, Two-Year, thread-797341-1-1.html
will ask some questions about the foresight to see if the applicant can stand in the perspective of macro-CEO analyze and solve problems. Kellogg scoring table
has a 5-point scale, is listed by the interviewer about fourteen total evaluation of the capacity characteristics of social skills applicant, bearing, critical thinking and
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com /
thread-478514-1-1.html the like.
To a 500-word career development planning instruments to law-abiding split into two articles. Classical tradition, does not need too much explanation. Digress
ht tp: / /poetsandquants.com/2012/09/09/ the-gatekeeper- to- the-kel logg-school -of management / Sonia Shi "do better
common types include: seeking only to explain a dazzling career goals, but they ignore the fly children argumentation that goal; that is to be done to Kellogg CEO
myself," third edition
or president of marketing, according to the school's "specialty "packaging own career goals. The so-called career goals, as long as the heartfelt, rational, and can

withstand AO question is qualified. The most important article is a logical and smooth.

 6.5.2 Experience Interview Interview Tim

e: February 2013 Interview Location:

United States

Interview feel: specially flew to the United States to participate in the interview, the interviewer admissions officer, to take notes during the mad, and occasionally

looked up at one, the problem is conventional. By the way also made a campus visit. Kellogg's culture really feel like we have said, very team-oriented

6.4 letters of recommendation topic collaboration, students and teachers are very friendly. After listening to the sample curriculum and their business strategy, that course is not difficult, atmosphere

1. Please comment on the candidate's career performance and impact on the organization. Cite specific examples (eg, is very relaxed, the students will feel free to ask, very good professor. main problem:

ranking relative to others in the industry, progression within the organization, evidence of initiative and goal orientation).

1) Why choose your undergraduate university

2) Why current company

11 12
K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

3) Biggest achievement 5) Contribution to Kellogg

4) Leadership example 6) How to deal with a tough person in team
5) One strength 8) Team work (With follow-up questions)
6) One weakness 9) What club would like to join and how to involve
7) Career goal 10) Achievement (personal and professional)
8) Why interested in business 11) Question for him
9) Why MBA http://forum.chasedream.com/thread-805298-1-1.html
10) Why Kellogg
http://forum.chasedream.com/thread-808044-1-1.html Interview Time: February 2013 Interview

Venue: Shanghai

Interview Time: February 2013 Interview Interview experience: Background non-mainstream, a lot of strange experience, has been telling stories, interviews for nearly three hours. Interview attention to

Location: United States main issues: detail, and asked very detailed, details a variety of experiences must withstand scrutiny. main problem:

1) Walk me through your resume 1) Walk through resume

2) Tell me a time when you and others have different opinion 2) How Kellogg helps
3) When there is a problem, what is your though process? 3) Why now
4) What is your leadership style? 4) Company structure, department function
5) What are the three things your coworkers think you do best? 5) Talk about my experience
6) What are the three things your coworkers think you can improve on? 6) What makes me so unorthodox / unconventional?
7) Why MBA? http://forum.chasedream.com/thread-804568-1-1.html
8) Why Kellogg?
9) What you think will be the biggest challenge during your time at Kellogg? Interview Time: January 22, 2013 Interview

10) How do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years? Location: United States

11) How will you be involved at Kellogg outside the classroom? Interview feelings: on campus and admissions officers interview, he personally went out to pick me up, almost total interview time was 35-40 minutes. He made a

12) How will you contribute to Kellogg? lot of records. I think the interaction is very important, the middle of a work may say things are more boring, dull atmosphere more and more, I feel very bad, back

13) Anything you would like me to know that is not covered yet? when activity began to relax talked about then add a little dancing, more exchange of feelings. I practiced for a long time with a variety of Americans to think big

http://forum.chasedream.com/thread-807590-1-1.html vocabulary used, in fact, talk with them when I really do not think these words are exaggerated, and it will help the exchange. main problem:

Interview Time: February 2013 interview

location: Hong Kong 1) Tell me about your undergraduate experience, why would you choose this university, what did you do during
Interview experience: After self-introduction are complete, that is, I do not understand all of his resume content and curious place to ask in-depth questions. Q & undergrad?
A process, I mentioned my team members, he immediately very excited, let me talk about my team, and I remember very serious team a few people are what 2) Walk through resume
background, what my role is, specific examples are and so what, I feel really very Kellogg teamwork is valued. From the beginning to sit down and change 3) What's your main responsibility in your job, what people are you working with, what is a typical day like?
places including the middle to the end, a total of a little more than an hour, more interactive. main problem:

4) How do you describe your leadership?

1) Why MBA, Why Kellogg,
2) Plan improve leadership at Kellogg
3) Challenging situation
4) Difficult decision
5) Community service
6) Questions for him

Interview Time: February 2013

Interview experience: application of the one-year project, one-year graduate alumni is not a question and answer, feels more like a natural chat but it covered

the core issues. A total of one and a half hour. main problem:

1) Walk through resume (With follow-up questions)

2) Change and challenge after promotion, how to overcome
3) Career goals
4) Why Kellogg

13 14
K ellogg S choolof Ma nagement

5) What kind of leadership do you want to develop into?

6) What do you like the most in your current job?
7) What is your goal after MBA graduation?
8) Why do you want MBA, what do you want to get from MBA program?
9) Why choose one year program?
10) Have you considered about the shortage of 1Y program to you if you want to switch industry but without internship?

11) How can Kellogg help you other than the club you just mentioned?
12) What else activities do you want to be involved other than the club?
13) What do you do in your leisure time other than the ones mentioned before?
14) Any questions for me?

Interview Time: January 21, 2013 Interview

Location: United States

Interview experience: alumni interview, without any difficult or stressful issues, basically there is no follow-up questions, ask me no challenge or career goal

planning and other problems. main problem:

1) Talk about yourself. Community services question

2) Team work experience
3) Any challenges in team, or work with member difficult to deal with
4) Why MBA
5) Career goal
6) Why Kellogg
7) How will you get involved in the Kellogg community, club activities etc.
8) Three of your strengths
9) Extracurricular activities at college

Interview Date: December 2012 interview

location: China

Interview experience: alumni interview, about 1 hour. main


1) Walk through resume

2) Follow up questions
3) Career goal + why MBA
4) Why Kellogg
5) Leadership experience
6) Team work experience
7) Community service experience
8) Any questions?

7. Admission
[Alumni say]

Our term (Class 2014) Chinese people should be 20-30

(including Taiwan compatriots). We are very united, 7.1 admissions

often we get together. Sept. 10 months when relatively
2012 a total of 658 students, including 477 students in two-year, 100-year student who, MMM students 54 people. The average working time for five years, the
easy, there are many event and party, in such activities
proportion of women 35.3%, international students 39.5%, GT average score of 708 and 109, respectively. Educational background in business and science and
which will know a lot of students.

engineering is the most (accounting for 34% and 31% respectively), followed by humanities (18%).
ht tp:.. // forum chasedream com /
http: //www.kel logg.northwestern.edu/Programs/Ful lTimeMBA / About_Our_Students / Incoming_Class_Profile.aspx

Dora Chu thanked the students of 2014 provide some beautiful pictures