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“In the latter days, the sun shall rise from the west” • Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)

In response to Mysteries of Faith “The Prophets”

US News and World Reports, Collector’s Edition:
The Islamic Perspective On
God’s Prophets

Mount Sinai is located in the Sinai Peninsula, which lies between Egypt and Palestine.

7 Prophets of God: 31 Jesus, 35 The Holy

The Islamic the Son of Mary Prophet of Islam
Perspective Myths and The “Seal of the
Holy Qurán on Misconceptions Prophets” Born in a
Prophethood About Jesus World of Chaos
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
he Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a religious organization,
international in its scope, with branches in over 178 countries in
Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australasia, and Europe.
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established in 1889 by Hadhrat
Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas (1835-1908) in Qadian, a small and remote village
in the Punjabi province of India. He claimed to be the expected reformer of
the latter days, the Awaited One of the world community of religions (The
Mahdi and Messiah). The Movement he started is an embodiment of the
benevolent message of Islam – peace, universal brotherhood, and submission
to the Will of God – in its pristine purity. Hadhrat Ahmadas proclaimed
Islam as the religion of man: “The religion of the people of the right path”
(98:6).The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was created under divine
guidance with the objective to rejuvenate Islamic moral and spiritual values.
It encourages interfaith dialogue, diligently defends Islam and tries to correct
misunderstandings about Islam in the West. It advocates peace, tolerance,
love and understanding among followers of different faiths. It firmly believes
in and acts upon the Qur’anic teaching: “There is no compulsion in religion”
(2:257). It strongly rejects violence and terrorism in any form and for any

After the passing of its founder, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has
been headed by his elected successors. The present Head of the Community,
Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, was elected in 2003. His official title is
Khalifatul Masih V or Fifth Successor of the Promised Messiah..
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908)

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Muslims follow the name of God’s prophets with the prayer Alaehis salaam
or ‘may peace be upon him,’ and for the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho
alaehi wasallam or ‘may peace and blessings of God be upon him.’
Companions of prophets and righteous personalities who have passed away
are saluted by Radhi-Allaho anho or ‘may Allah be pleased with him.” While
such salutations have been abbreviated in the text for readability (as, sa &
ra respectively), we encourage all Muslims to offer these prayers as if set
out in full.


2 MuslimSunrise
In This Issue
Featur es
7 Prophets of God: The Islamic Perspective
The Holy Qur'an declares that every nation has Spring 2 0 0 6 - V o l u m e 8 7 I s s u e 1
had a prophet.

9 Adam: Created or Evolved The first Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary to

How Islam reconciles the “creation of Adam”with arrive in America was Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq
the theory of evolution. (1872-1957). He has the honor and distinction of
founding the Muslim Sunrise.
10 Khalifatul Masih’s Friday Sermon: The
It is the oldest Muslim
Perfect Man, The Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw
The most perfect man came with Allah’s full blessings publication in America.The
and revived a dead world. Muslim Sunrise was founded
in 1921. The Muslim Sunrise
12 Abraham’s Sacrifice: The Rest of the Story is a journal of the Ahmadiyya
Muslim perspective in light of historical facts, scrip- Muslim Community, U.S.A.
tural evidence, and overall significance. Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq
The magazine is open for
discussions on Islam and
18 Moses: Unmasked, or Maligned?
Allâh absolved the Israelite Prophet of the slander topics relating to other religions. It highlights the
against him. role of Islam in a changing environment. It
provides a platform for public opinion on current
28 Jesus the Son of Mary issues and their solutions.
Some major myths and misconceptions clarified by
the Holy Qurán.

31 Jesus in India
An escape from death and a journey to India.

35 The Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw

The “Seal of the Prophets,” who was born in a
world of chaos. His history illustrated through
facts and the Holy Qurán.

38 The Second Coming of the Messiah

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, the Promised Mes-
siah and Mahdi. He claimed to be the expected
reformer of the latter days.

SPRING 2007 3
e have dedicated accomplish their goals. We illustrate how learn the Islamic view concerning her
this issue of the they exhibited their true character and image and character.
standard of morality, serving as models We hope this issue will inspire more
Muslim Sunrise to
for their people. In this issue we also dis- discussion and further interest in the lives
the subject of Prophets. U.S. cuss the position of Islam in reference to of the prophets who came to establish
News & World Report recently the various prophets of God such as the worship of one God. We encourage
published a special edition en- Abraham as, Moses as, David as and comments and dialogue from all inter-
titled, “Mysteries of Faith – The Solomonas. ested in a constructive debate to bring
Prophets,” in which the person- The Holy Qur’an very specifically de- mankind towards one God – for which
scribes the function of the prophets, stat- all the prophets worked so hard.
alities and characters of various
ing that prophets were sent to all parts of
prophets were described. Their the world. The Qur’an further states it Letter to the Editor:
description of prophets was not has described some of them by name, I perused a copy of Muslim Sunrise,
in accordance with the under- but it does not mean that they were the Winter 2006, in our local library and was
delighted by the editorial. To love “God
standing of Muslims’ beliefs, only prophets sent by God. (According with all of our heart..” was the most im-
which is based on the Holy to one tradition of the Holy Prophet portant commandment according to
Jesus (praise His precious name). How
Muhammad sa, there were 124,000 good it is to see a Muslim group such
Qur’an. Certain remarks, such as
prophets sent by God). It also commands as yours promoting peace and broth-
David as being a playboy and all Muslims to affirm that one God sent
erly love.

Mosesas a ruthless killer, amount all the prophets. It is not a matter of cour- As a follower of Jesus Christ (non-
denominational) I grieve over the Mus-
to blasphemy in Islamic view. tesy but a matter of faith and belief. lim on Muslim violence-not only in Iraq
The above referenced edition seems The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community but in so many middle Eastern areas.
The carnage of innocent men, women,
to emphasize the function of the proph- also believes in the fulfillment of the sec- and children by the senseless suicide
ets as fortunetellers. The idea that proph- ond coming of the Messiah through the bombings is beyond reason.
ets of God were merely people who advent of Hadhrat Ahmadas, its founder. Since you refer to your group as
prophesized about the future is an un- As such, we have described his mission “Muslim Missionaries”, I wonder if your
activities should be directed to the
derstatement of their purpose. They are and purpose. Another unique discussion Middle East with the message of broth-
much more than that. Islam has a very we present here is the life of Jesusas son erly love by the power of God. As men-
tioned in another article, Christians are
distinct and unique view of the prophets, of Mary after the incidence of the cross; not allowed to take that message to
their purpose, and their value in the hu- his travels and his final resting place. Al- many of these countries.
man history. though Maryra mother of Jesus is not con-
Roger A. Keech,
We have tried here to explain the gen- sidered a prophet, we have included her Prof. Emeritus
eral purpose of prophets and how they in this issue so our Christian friends can

4 MuslimSunrise
The Promised Messiah
Prophets Demonstrate God’s Existence

t should be remem- improved; and when over a long pe-
bered that it is the riod no Prophet is raised the sub-
surface water of reason begins to
Prophets (peace be on
decline and becomes muddied and
them) who demon- the worship of idols and all manner
strate the existence of of paganism and vice abound. The
God and teach people His Unity. eye possesses the faculty of sight,
If those holy ones had not ap- yet it needs the light of the sun to be
peared, it would have been im- able to see. In the same way, human
reason, which resembles the eye,
possible to discover the straight
needs the light of the sun of
path with certainty. Though a Prophethood. And when that sun
person of sincere nature, pos- Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) disappears reason becomes con-
sessing sane reason can, by re- fused and dark; just as you cannot
flecting on the universe and ob- As the recognition of God see with the eye alone, you cannot
always depends upon the see without the light of Prophethood.
serving its perfect and well-es-
recognition of a Prophet, it is As the recognition of God always
tablished order, conclude that not possible to recognize the
depends upon the recognition of a
there ought to be a Creator of Unity of God without him. Prophet, it is not possible to recog-
this well-ordered universe, how- nize the Unity of God without him.
ever, there is a world of differ- would have achieved this degree of A Prophet is a mirror for the obser-
reason. This may be understood vance of the Divine. God can only
ence between ‘Ought to be’ and
through the contemplation that, be seen through this mirror.
though there is water below the sur- When God Almighty designs to
The Prophets alone (peace be on
face of the earth, the maintenance of reveal Himself to the world, He
them) established through thousands of
that water depends upon the water raises a Prophet, who is a manifes-
signs and miracles that the Transcen-
that descends from the sky. tation of Divine powers, and sends
dent Being Who comprises all power
When there is a long drought, the down His revelation to him and
does in fact exist. Indeed, the degree
underground water dries up and manifests His Divine powers through
of comprehension that the need of a
when rain descends the underground him. It is then that the world comes
Creator may be perceived by the ob-
water also begins to well up. to know that God exists.
servation of the universe is also a re-
In the same way, with the advent
flection of the rays of Prophethood. [Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khaza’in,
of a Prophet, reason—which is sub- vol. 22, pp. 114-116)
If there were no Prophets, no one
surface water—is sharpened and
SPRING 2007 5
The Friday Sermon
The P
Per fect Man: The Holy Pr
er ophet Muhammad saw
actions and through his spiritual so intense that the Qur’an has safeguarded it
and holy faculties set an example in the verse above. His sentiments of
of perfection, in knowledge and sympathy as cited in the verse are both for
action and in sincerity and the believers as well as the disbelievers. The
steadfastness, and was called the disbelievers put him through the severest of
perfect man was Muhammad sa... persecution alongside his followers, yet the
The man who was most perfect as Holy Prophet Muhammad sa deeply desired
man and as Prophet, and came with their well-being and wished them to take the
full blessings, and who through a right path. In the instances when he defended
spiritual revival and resurrection himself it was strictly a case of defence and
manifested the first judgment in the never exceeded to anything more. There was
world and revived the dead world, certainly no question of retaliation, ever.
that blessed Prophet, the Seal of the When God admonished the disbelievers
Prophets, the leader of the to desist and warned them of a torment in-
righteous ones, the pride of the waiting, the Holy Prophet Muhammad sa
Prophets, was Muhammad sa, the would be deeply distressed on their behalf
chosen one. Our Lord, send down and would pray for them as the Quranic verse
on that beloved Prophet that mercy of Surah Al Kahf depicts (18:7).
and blessing that Thou hast not Ahmadaba said today even a father does
sent down on anyone since the not have so much concern for the worldly
beginning of the world. Had that and spiritual well-being of his children, while
grand Prophet not appeared in the the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa only had a
world then we would have no proof bond of humanity with these people.
of the truth of lesser Prophets like Next Ahmad aba cited some Ahadith to
Jonah, Job, Jesus son of Mary, elucidate the subject, how the Holy Prophet
Malachi, John, Zakaria, etc. Muhammadsa taught prayers seeking Divine
Though they were favourites and mercy and enjoined ways to seek utmost
honoured and were beloved ones blessings. His compassion for the believers
Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad of Almighty God, they are under was so intense that he would pray to God to
obligation to this Prophet that they make any harsh words that he may have said
Summary of Friday Sermon de- were accepted in the world as true Prophets. to a believer a source of Divine nearness for
livered by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor O Allah, send down Thy blessings on him him on the Day of Judgment. Such are the
Ahmad, Head of the worldwide and on his people and on his companions, all traits of this compassionate and merciful
of them. Our last word is that all praise belongs Prophet who was anxious to raise the spiritual
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
to Allah, Lord of the worlds (Essence of Islam development of his followers and was just as
on February 23 rd , 2007.The Vol. 1 p. 199) anxious for the salvation of those who did
“aba” after his name is an ab- He wrote that the Holy Prophet not follow him.
breviation for the prayer, ayyuda Muhammadsa had a love of God of the highest
hullah binarsrihil aziz (May Allah degree as well as he endured deep poignancy Editor’s Note: The sermon was translated
strengthen his hand). in his great love for creation. His compassion by the alislam.org. and the Muslim
Sunrise staff.
for humanity, borne out of Rahimiyyat, was

iting verse 128 of Surah Al Taubah
(9:128) Huzur gave a discourse on the The man who was most perfect as man and as
supreme compassion of the Holy
Prophet Muhammadsa in his Friday Sermon.
Prophet, and came with full blessings, and who
The Holy Prophet Muhammad sa is the through a spiritual revival and resurrection
superlative and the matchless example of manifested the first judgment in the world and
imbibing Divine attribute on a human level
and it is from his spiritual light that the world
revived the dead world, that blessed Prophet,
attained beneficence, is indeed attaining the Seal of the Prophets, the leader of the
beneficence and shall continue to do so. righteous ones, the pride of the Prophets, was
The Promised Messiahas wrote: The man
who in his being and his attributes and his
Muhammadsa, the chosen one.

6 MuslimSunrise
From the Holy Qur'an

Mankind were one community, then they differed among

themselves, so Allah raised Prophets as bearers of good
tidings and as warners, and sent down with them the book
containing the truth that He might judge between the people
wherein they differed. But then they began to differ about the
Book, and none differed about it except those to whom it was
given, after clear Signs had come to them, out of envy
towards one another. Now has Allah, by His command, guided
the believers to the truth in regard to which they (the
unbelievers) differed; and Allah guides whomsoever He
pleases to the right path.

Surah Al-Baqarah Verse : 214

SPRING 2007 7
Prophets of
God: The
By Imam Mubasher Ahmad

o make prophecies
concerning some future
events is not the only
function of a Prophet of
God. No doubt, the
established monotheism. Lot was to stop
knowledge of the unseen is given to him, Mission of the Prophets homosexuality. Moses as liberated his
people from pharaoh’s enslavement, and
and he can foretell some minor or major In essence, all the Prophets brought the gave the Commandments of God. Jesusas
developments, but there is more to his same message to their people: Worship One taught mutual love to the Israelites against
God, shun sinfulness and transgression, and their rigid legalist approach to life. But
task as a Prophet. The Holy Qur’an de-
when the means of communication among
love and serve each other. Next to worship of
clares that every nation in the world has nations developed, and the world started
One God, the most important task assigned to proceed towards globalization, then a
had a Prophet: “For every nation there is to them was “purification” by working moral, universal Prophet, Muhammadsa, was sent
a messenger” (10:48). Again, “There is social and spiritual reformation among their to all mankind. He was directed by God to
people. Their main purpose was to free openly proclaim the universality of his
not a group of people but a Warner has
humans from the bondage of sin. They mission: “Say, O mankind, surely I am the
gone among them’ (35:25). Prophet reproved and denounced sin and called for
Messenger of God to you all, of Him
Whose is the Kingdom of the heavens and
Muhammadsa once said that there were repentance. They were bearers of good news the earth” (7:159). Again, “We have not sent
124,000 prophets sent to mankind to those who believed and acted righteously; you but as a bearer of good news and as a
and they forewarned those who rejected the Warner to all mankind” (34:29). “And We
throughout history. According to the
clear Signs of God that the consequence of have not sent you but as a mercy for all
teachings of Islam, a Prophet is never their evil lifestyle would be severe. They made peoples” (21:108).
Islam teaches that all the Prophets are
self-appointed. It is always God Who se- the terror of the Divine Judgment clear to the
commissioned by God for the same
lects a man from among the people and sinners. All the Prophets were “witnesses” purpose, that is, to establish the Kingdom
over specific groups of people bearing of God on earth. They exerted to achieve
“reveals” to him his mission. The terms personal testimonies to the existence of God that goal by bringing mankind into
“Prophet” (nabiy; pl. anbiya), “Messen- and that the doors of spiritual advancement submission of God’s Will. As far as their
were open to all. In addition, imparting acceptance by the believers and obedience
ger” (rasul; pl. rusul) and “Envoy”
to them is concerned, in Islam there is no
“wisdom” in physical and intellectual matters,
(mursal, pl. mursaleen) are interchange- division between them, and all the Prophets
establishing a just society and taking care of are considered as one body. The Holy
ably used in the Holy Qur’an. Thus, from human rights were included in their divinely Qur’an directs the Muslims: “Say ye, ‘We
the Islamic perspective, a Prophet claims assigned functions. believe in God and in that which has been
The Holy Qur’an tells us that the earlier revealed to us and in that which was
to be ‘sent’ from God. He declares to Prophets were given limited tasks and they revealed to Abrahamas and Ishmaelas and
be an ambassador of the Divine who remained focused on eradication of some Isaacas and Jacobas and the tribes, and in
specific evils prevalent among particular that which was given to Moses as and
carries His message for uplifting the moral people of their time. For example, Prophet Jesusas, and in that which was given to the
and spiritual condition of his people. Abraham as smashed idol-worship and Prophets of other nations from their Lord;

8 MuslimSunrise
All Prophets, according to
Islamic teachings, were free
of sin. They received the
Holy Spirit from God and
were divinely inspired. They
had firm faith that what was
revealed to them was from
God. They impar ted to
others what they received
from God. They were the
most righteous among their
people, were truthful, just
and possessors of high
Characteristics of Prophets God, they were victorious over all
opposition. Thus, in their personal lives
we do not make any distinction between All Prophets, according to Islamic they set an example as models for others to
any of them, and to Him we submit teachings, were free of sin. They received be followed.
ourselves” (2:137). Again, “This the Holy Spirit from God and were divinely The chain of Prophets started with the
Messenger (Muhammadsa) of Ours believes inspired. They had firm faith that what was advent of Adamas. He was the first Prophet,
in that which has been revealed to him from revealed to them was from God. They a vicegerent of God on the earth. The Holy
His Lord, and so do the believers; all of imparted to others what they received from Qur’an mentions only a few Prophets by
them believe in God, and His angels, and God. They were the most righteous among name. Some of them are well-known Biblical
His Books, and all Messengers, saying ‘We their people, were truthful, just and Prophets such as Noah as , Abraham as ,
make no distinction between any of His possessors of high morals. They were Ishmaelas, Isaacas, Jacobas, Joseph as, Jobas,
Messengers;’ and they say, ‘We have selected by God from among the people, Mosesas, Aaronas, David as, Solomonas, and
heard and are obedient. Our Lord, we and they spoke local languages. They were Jesusas, while others are non-Biblical, such
implore Your forgiveness, and to You is the all loving persons, serving others as Hud as and Luqman as . Many are not
returning’” (2:286). In Islam, to reject any selflessly, concerned about their welfare. mentioned by name. “And certainly We
one of the Prophets is an act of unbelief. They always remained submissive to the sent Messengers before you
“Those who disbelieve in God and His Will of God, and worshipped none but One (Muhammadsa). There are some of them that
Messengers and desire to make a God. They were able to show miracles and We have mentioned to you and there are
distinction between God and His signs to prove the power of God and to others whom We have not mentioned to
Messengers and say: We believe in some bring their people to God. They remained you” (40:79). As the Holy Qur ’an
and disbelieve in others’, and desire to take strongly connected with God, having emphatically claims that all nations in the
a course in between – these are truly constant communication with Him. Their world have been sent Prophets, it would
disbelievers” (4:151-152). prayers were accepted. Blessed by God and not be wrong to conclude that the founders
However, as the scope of the divinely His angels, they became a source of of world religions, such as Buddha Ramaas,
assigned mission varied from Prophet to blessing for their followers. Usually, they Krishnaas, Zoroasteras and Manias must have
Prophet, the Holy Qur’an sates that there were family men, married, with children. been among the Prophets of God. In the
are different ranks of the Prophets. “And They had ‘professions’ to earn their Holy Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad sa has
We have exalted some of the Prophets over livelihood. Being mortals, they met their been mentioned as the Seal of all the
the others” (17:56). “These Messengers death, as any other human. Prophets and is believed to be the best of
have We exalted some of them above others Obeying all the Prophets is required by the best, the final Law-bearing Prophet. In
– among them there are those to whom God God. The believers are instructed to revere the words of the Founder of the
spoke; and some of them He exalted in them and adhere to their teachings Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Hadhrat
degrees of ranks” (2:254). For example, faithfully. After saying the name of a Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as , the status of
Mosesas and Muhammad sa resemble each Prophet, the words “peace be on him” are Prophet Muhammadsa is the highest of all:
other as Law-bearing Prophets. However, added to show respect and loyalty to them. “When we impartially evaluate from the
the sphere of Mosaic Law was limited to They are to be followed, but not to be taken entire succession of prophethood, we find
the Israelites while the Law of Islam as as Lords beside the One God. However, all the most courageous and living prophet,
revealed to Prophet Muhammad sa has the Prophets faced bitter opposition. Satan and the dearest prophet to God, to be only
universal application. There are many put obstacles in their way. At times they one, who is the chief of the prophets, the
Prophets who did not bring any new law, were mocked at, fought with, and rebelled pride of the prophets, the crown of the
and they followed the law brought by against; attempts were even made by their messengers, whose name is Muhammad
previous Prophets. “We gave Mosesas the enemies to kill them. But they remain Mustafa and Ahmad Mujtaba, peace and
Book, and after him sent succeeding patient, steadfast, resolute and blessings of Allah be upon him”
Messengers” (2:88). courageous. In the end, with the help of [Siraaj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Vol 12, p. 82].

SPRING 2007 9
Naser-ud-Din Shams

he Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community views science
and religion as two faces of
the same coin. The Holy Qur’an
equally promotes both as
expressions of Truth. Thus, they
should always be in agreement. If
they are not, it’s because we have
failed to understand all of the facts.

This is fundamental to how Islam

reconciles the “creation” of Adamas
with the theory of evolution. The
Qur’an documents numerous facts
which support the concept of
evolution, but emphasizes the
intervening Hand of God. More
importantly, being a book of moral
development, the Holy Qur’an
merely uses these facts as a canvas
upon which it paints the parable of
our spiritual evolution from animals
to angels.

The Holy Qur’an urges Muslims to scien-

tifically observe the Universe:

“Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the

Kingdom…Who created death and life that
He might try you – which of you is best in
deeds…No imperfection can you see in the
creation of the Gracious God. Then look again.
Do you see any flaw? Then look again, and
yet again. Your sight will have no choice but

Created to return to you mystified and fatigued, hav-

ing found no fault.” [Holy Qur’an 67: 2 to 5]
God’s creation was designed for the de-
velopment and progress of man, who was cre-
ated as an intermediary between the animal

and the angel. Evolution had taught his ani-
mal self to flee from the inescapable – death.
Death riddled his mind with ambiguity and fear.
Countless philosophers have wrestled this
concept only to find themselves victims of its
10 MuslimSunrise
According to Islam, God made his message
known to the people through his messengers; the
prophets. Muhammad was the last of a long row
of prophets. Prophet trees like the one shown in
this picture are a popular subject.
At the bottom of the trunk stands the name of the
father of humanity and the first prophet: Adam.
This is followed by the names of Islam’s other
prophets; Noah, Lot, Salih, Abraham, Joseph,
Moses and Jesus, to name but a few. The tree is
crowned by a large flower at top right. This is
Muhammad. Beside his name: “The seal of the
prophets and envoys (i.e. the last prophet): he
was sent for all of humanity.”

Ironically, in death there was life - it pro- This led scientists to believe the primor- like us, they were animals. The Ahmadi
pelled humankind to progress further and dial solution splashed upon beaches of clay Muslim belief is we evolved from this ani-
evolve into the beings we are today. We en- and mud, upon which it evaporated, thus mal state to the point where we could be
joy the present comforts of life because our paving the way for life. called “man.” The Arabic word for man is
ancestors sought refuge from the mystery and
insaan, which means “two loves.” It was
fear of death. Inherent within this struggle for Creation of Adamas at this stage where the human animal felt a
survival was a test – would we choose to be
moral duty to his Creator and His creation.
like selfish animals, or selfless angels? This Religions tend to promote the sponta- This responsibility manifested itself in the
formed the basis of how God would see who neous creation theory. Aside from the vari- form of love and man became the vessel of
was “best in deeds,” and one day put us on ous explanations, it basically boils down to these “two loves.” This was the eventual
the receiving end of our own actions – an God pointing His Finger and, “Poof”, there purpose for which man was designed. At
awaiting Heaven or Hell. was Adamas! Out of his rib was created Eve, this stage he was ready to receive the Word
and the rest is history. However, the Holy of God as spiritual guidance. Every time
Origin of Life Qur’an challenges humankind to reconsider humankind was ready to enter a new stage
such simplicity: of development, it was ushered in by an
The Holy Qur’an states life originated from “Adam.”
water and clay: “What is the matter with you that you The Adam we commonly refer to was the
“…With water did We create every living expect not wisdom and staidness from God? first prophet mentioned in the Qur’an, who
thing…” [21:31] And He has created you in different forms was designated to receive such guidance
and ever varying states.” [71 : 14-15] from God. He was not the first man. There
“He…created you from clay (humid or were thousands of Adams before him. One
moist earth)…” [6:3] This verse supports the gradual evolu- account comes to us from Ibn Arabi (d. 1240
tion of humankind, but asserts it was guided AD), the renowned Muslim scholar and mys-
“He created man from dry ringing clay like by the Hand of God. Although our ances- tic. He wrote in his book The Meccan Revela-
pieces of pottery.” [55:15] tors millions of years ago may have looked tions that once he saw himself in a dream talk-
Scientific attempts to explain the origin
of life support the Qur’an’s statements. The Adam we commonly refer to was the first
Organic material necessary for life, formed prophet mentioned in the Qur’an, who was
from inorganic compounds by eliminating designated to receive such guidance from
water molecules. However, since this oc- God. He was not the first man. There were
curred in the prehistoric seas, the water thousands of Adams before him.
molecules would have been quickly re-
placed, reversing the reaction.
SPRING 2007 11
ing to a man who claimed to be one of his on earth – their sisters? We attain Eternal Life by detaching
ancestors. “How long ago did you live?” If Adamas was not the first man, there are ourselves from the clutches of the material
asked Ibn Arabi. “More than forty thousand serious consequences for the Christian Faith. world. The physical body naturally inclines
years,” he replied. Surprised, Ibn Arabi said, Christian beliefs are based upon Adam’s sin to these vices and pushes the soul to the
“But this period is far greater than what continuing through the blood line down to “left;” 2 but the spiritual body (voiced by
separates us from Adam!” The man replied, all people. This is called Original Sin. The the conscience) pulls it back to the “right.”
“Of which Adam are you speaking? About only way Christians believe one can be A conflict emerges as these two pull at each
the Adam nearest to you or of some other?” cleansed of this sin is to accept Jesus other. This tug of war, going back and forth,
“Then I recollected,” says Ibn Arabi, “a say- Christas as their savior who sacrificed him- results in a crooked path (Qur’an 14:4).
ing of the Holy Prophet Muhammad that God self to pay the penalty of that sin. However, However, by struggling to do the right thing
had brought into being no less than one if Adamas is not the father of all humanity, (jihad), the spiritual and physical bodies are
hundred thousand Adams, and I said to then his sin could not have been inherited reconciled, and in unison they progress
myself, ‘Perhaps this man was one of the by all people, thereby precluding their need forward on the “Straight Path,” or Islam.
previous Adams.’ ” to be cleansed of sin. Once the believer attains this state, s/he no
longer has any desire except to please the
Statements in the Qur’an and Bible also Eve and the Serpent Lord. The believer ceases to exist and
support that Adamas was not the first man. spiritually becomes “one” with God. This
The Qur’an states, “…We…created you and Muslims also believe that Eve was created was expressed by the Holy Prophetas when
then We gave you shape; then We said to from the rib of Adamas, but this is understood he narrated the words of God:
the angels, ‘Submit to Adam;’ and they all metaphorically.1 It’s an expression
submitted…” [7:11]. The pronoun you in We describing the relationship between a man “…My servant continues closer to Me
created you and We gave you shape is plu- and his wife. The rib is a bone specifically through voluntary acts of charity and
ral. In Arabic, pronouns can be singular (one designed to protect the heart. Similarly, a worship until I love him. Then I become his
person), dual (two people), or plural (three man finds a special emotional protection and sense of hearing with which he hears, his
or more people). Therefore, this statement comfort in his wife. She figuratively becomes sense of sight with which he sees, his hand
in the Qur’an asserts that human beings were an extension of his rib. In support of this with which he grips, and his leg with which
created first. Subsequent to this event, the the Qur’an states, “..He has created wives he walks; and if he asks of Me, I will give
verse continues saying then We said to the for you…that you may find peace of mind in him, and if he asks My protection, I will
angels, ‘Submit to Adam.’ The sequence them, and He has put love and tenderness protect him…” [Sahih Bukhari, Ar-Riqaq,
makes it clear that humans were created first between you” [30:22]. Hadith # 509]
then Adamas was commissioned as a prophet. Likewise, there was no talking serpent
Another verse in the Qur’an states in ref- who beguiled Adam and Eve. This In similar context, Jesusas is reported to
erence to Adamas, “And when your Lord said metaphorically describes the deceptive have said:
to the angels, ‘I am about to place a succes- person who misled the two into error. Much
sor in the earth’…” [2:31]. The key Arabic like a snake camouflages itself waiting for “I and my Father are one” [John 10:30]
word used here is khalifa, which means “suc- an opportune time to bite its victim, this and, “Holy Father, keep through your own
cessor” or “vicegerent.” By definition, person’s spiritual condition was name those whom you have given me [i.e.
Adamas could not be a successor if he didn’t manipulative. In similar fashion, Jesus refers the disciples], that they may be one, as we
have predecessors, nor could he be a to the hypocritical Scribes and Pharisees of are” [John 17:11].
vicegerent if there was no community he his time as serpents and vipers [Matt 23:33].
could guide or govern. When united with God in love, the
There are several references in the Bible Spiritual Evolution believer attains immortality. It is at this point
which support a similar conclusion. The that Eternal Life is granted as the culmination
Bible states, “Male and female created He Facts in the Qur’an about evolution and of spiritual evolution. u
then…and called their name Adam, in the day creation, although scientifically valid, are
when they were created” [Gen 5:2]. Here the merely a parable of the spiritual evolution Naser Shams has a BS in Accountancy from
created human beings are generally referred we undergo in our lives, as we progress from the Univ. of Illinois and is a CPA for a
to as Adam in Hebrew. We also find that one stage to another. Just as we develop in Fortune 500 company. He resides in Lake
Cain, the son of Adam, says, “…and it shall three trimesters in the wombs of our mothers Forest, IL.
come to pass, that every one that findeth me prior to our birth into this world (Qur’an
shall slay me” [Gen 4:14]. However, if Adamas 39:7), we also develop in three spiritual states (Footnotes)
The Holy Prophet understood the creation of women from the rib as
and Eve are the only other people on Earth, prior to our “birth” into the Next World. We metaphorically describing their nature and admonished men to treat
why would he be saying this? Later we read start off as animals satiating our natural them kindly [Sahih Bukhari, Book of Prophets, Hadeeth # 548]. Thus, he
opened the door for Muslims to interpret this figuratively, so long as the
that Cain builds a city named after his son drives and desires. We then progress to the Qur’an was not contradicted.

Enoch (Gen 4:17), but building a city appears state of man where we express our love to 2
The Holy Qur’an describes the “two highways” of good and evil (90:11),
absurd if there is only one family – his own. God and our fellow creatures. Finally, we and identifies the people of the “right” hand (90:19) and the people of the
“left” hand (90:20). The Qur’an characterizes the “left” side with
Adam as, we learn, has a subsequent son can attain the state of angels, denying materiality and sin, whereas the “right” symbolizes spiritual pursuits –
a concept consistent with Judeo-Christian Scripture.
named Seth who marries as did Cain, but who ourselves to completely submit to the Will
did they marry if they were the only people of God.
12 MuslimSunrise
Prophets in Hadiths
Hadith are traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 543

Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, “Allah created Adam, making him 60 cubits tall.
When He created him, He said to him, “Go and greet that group of
angels, and listen to their reply, for it will be your greeting (saluta-
tion) and the greeting (salutations of your offspring.” So, Adam said
(to the angels), As-Salamu Alaikum (i.e. Peace be upon you). The
angels said, “As-salamu Alaika wa Rahmatu-l-lahi” (i.e. Peace and
Allah’s Mercy be upon you). Thus the angels added to Adam’s saluta-
tion the expression, ‘Wa Rahmatu-l-lahi,’ Any person who will enter
Paradise will resemble Adam (in appearance and figure). People
have been decreasing in stature since Adam’s creation.

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 548

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah ‘s Apostle said, “Treat women nicely, for a women is created
from a rib, and the most curved portion of the rib is its upper portion,
so, if you should try to straighten it, it will break, but if you leave it
as it is, it will remain crooked. So treat women nicely.”

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 555

Narrated Abu Said:
Allah’s Apostle said, “Noah and his nation will come (on the Day of
Resurrection and Allah will ask (Noah), “Did you convey (the Mes-
sage)?’ He will reply, ‘Yes, O my Lord!’ Then Allah will ask Noah’s
nation, ‘Did Noah convey My Message to you?’ They will reply, ‘No,
no prophet came to us.’ Then Allah will ask Noah, ‘Who will stand a
witness for you?’ He will reply, ‘Muhammad and his followers (will
stand witness for me).’ So, I and my followers will stand as witnesses
for him (that he conveyed Allah’s Message).” That is, (the interpreta-
tion) of the Statement of Allah: “Thus we have made you a just and
the best nation that you might be witnesses Over mankind ..” (2.143)

SPRING 2007 13
Abraham’s Sacrifice...
the Rest of the Story
By Naser-ud-Din Shams

Christian version, all the while
ysteries of Faith – challenging key components of the Hagar is Abraham’s Wife &
the Prophets is a mainstream Muslim perspective. The Ishmael his Son
collector’s edition article denies Abrahamas or Ishmaelas
recently published When Abraham’sas wife Sarahra could not
traveled to Mecca; claims that conceive, she presented Hagarra to bear him
by U.S. News and Muhammad sa never considered children. The Bible clearly establishes the
World Report. Various authors himself or his followers the blood status of Hagarra as Abraham’s as wife:
comment on aspects and descendants of Abraham as; and And Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar her
accomplishments of the states the Qur’an is unclear which maid the Egyptian…and gave her to her
prophets in this magazine, which son was being sacrificed. These husband Abram to be his wife. [Gen
will be on newsstands until 16:3]
comments underscore the need to
March 13, 2007. clarify the Muslim perspective in
The article,“Abraham’s Miraculous light of historical facts, scriptural There are also clear references to
Journey,”presents the typical Judeo- Ishmaelas being Abraham’s as son:
evidence, and overall significance.
14 MuslimSunrise
Abraham (P)

Sarah Hagar Keturah

Isaac (P) Ishmael (P) Zimran Jokshan


Medan Midian
Jacob (P)
Esau (Edom) Nebajoth Kedar
Firstborn Firstborn

Ishbak Shuah
Adbeel Mibsam
Eliphaz Reuben
Firstborn Firstborn
[Adah] [Leah]

Mishma Dumah
Reuel Levi Judah Abraham’s wives
[Bashemath] [Leah] [Leah]

Abraham’s sons
Massa Hadar
Jeush Dan Naphtali Abraham’s grandsons from
[Aholibamah] [Bilhah] [Bilhah]
Ishmael & Isaac

Tema Jetur Abraham’s great-grandsons

Jaalam Gad Asher from Isaac [mothers names are
[Aholibamah] [Zilpah] [Zilpah] in brackets]

Naphish Kedemah (P) – Peace be upon him [recognized

Korah Issachar Zebulum as a prophet in the Holy Qur’an]
[Aholibamah] [Leah] [Leah]

Joseph (P) Benjamin

[Rachel] [Rachel] Note – Keturah’s grandsons and Hagar’s
great-grandsons are not shown.

And she [Rachel who could not conceive] Ishmael - Exiled or Exalted?
And Hagar bare Abram a son: and
gave him [Jacob] Bilhah, her handmaid to
Abram called his son’s name, which Having cherished the birth of Ishmaelas at
wife…And Bilhah conceived, and bare
Hagar bare, Ishmael. And Abram was such a late age, Abrahamas surprisingly sends
Jacob a son. [Gen 30:4-5]
fourscore and six years old, when him off to a barren land – the wilderness of
Hagar bare Ishmael to Abram. [Gen Paran. The Judeo-Christian version tells us
16:15 – 16] (see also Gen 17:23, 25-26; that Abraham’s as first wife Sarah ra, saw
When Leah saw that she had left bear-
21:11-13, and 25:9, 12) Ishmaelas “mocking,” and for that reason,
ing, she took Zilpah her maid, and gave
her Jacob to wife. And Zilpah Leah’s urged Abrahamas to oust Ishmaelas and Hagaras
Numerous attempts have been made maid bare Jacob a son. [Gen 30:9-10] (Gen 21:9). Abrahamas then exiles the two,
throughout Judeo-Christian history to abandoning them in the desert with a meager
exclude Ishmael from God’s covenant under ration of bread and a bottle of water (Gen
All twelve of Jacob’s as sons are 21:14).
the pretense that his mother was a
undisputed beneficiaries of God’s promises
handmaid. However, a double standard is
given in His covenant with Abraham as , The Muslim version is quite different. In
applied to Jacob’s as twelve sons. When
regardless of whether born by concubines spite of any domestic jealousies, Muslims
Jacob’sas wives Rachel and Leah experience
or not. They are the progenitors of the believe God commanded Abraham as to
infertility issues as Sarah did, they similarly
Twelve Tribes of Israel. dedicate Ishmaelas to re-establish the original
presented their handmaids to Jacob as
(known as Israel): House of God, the Ka’aba in Mecca. In return

SPRING 2007 15
for this sacrifice, Ishmaelas would be exalted of Abraham as. He was born fourteen years consent, God revealed that Abrahamas had
as a nation and partake in God’s covenant after Ishmael as, when Abraham as was one already “fulfilled the dream” (Qur’an
with Abrahamas. hundred years old (Gen 21:5). Ishmaelas fits 37:106). This established the precedent that
The two points-of-view also differ the description of the “only son” of whenever a person is “sacrificed,” it is not
regarding Ishmael’s age when sent away. Abraham as and Moriah bears a strong meant in the literal manner of slaughtering,
Muslims state Ishmael was an infant, resemblance to Marwah, a hillock in Mecca, but their spiritual devotion to God.
whereas the Biblical account places him well from where Hagar ra is believed to have
into his teens. The Bible states Ishmaelas desperately run about looking for water. This interpretation is consistent with the
was sent away after Isaac was weaned (Gen The miraculous well God blessed her with Judeo-Christian tradition. In Hebrew, one
21:8) - the weaning period being three years. (Gen 21:19) still runs today in Mecca and is of the words for sacrifice is pronounced
Since Ishmaelas was roughly 14 years older called Zam Zam. tenoofah. It is typically translated as “wave
than Isaacas, Ishmaelas would have been at offering”. In the Old Testament, God orders
least 17 at the time of his departure. Although the Qur’an does not explicitly the tribe of Levi to be dedicated to His
However, the age of 17 does not appear mention Ishmael as as the sacrificed son, it service:
reasonable given the following Biblical is clear from the context of the following
statements: Abrahamas puts the child on verses: …present the Levites before the Lord
Hagar’s ra shoulder (Gen 21:14); Hagar ra as a wave offering [tenoofah] from the
casts the child under a shrub (Gen 21:15); So We gave him [Abraham] the glad sons of Israel…to perform the service
and the angel of God tells Hagarra to lift up tidings of a forbearing son. And when of the Lord. [Nu 8:11] (see also 8:13,15,
Ishmaelas and hold him in her hand (Gen he was old enough to run along with & 21)
21:18). These activities are inconceivable him, he said, ‘O my dear son, I have
with a seventeen year old and challenge the seen in a dream that I offer you in sac-
The above reference applies when the
credibility of the Biblical account. rifice. So consider what you think of
sacrifice is people. However, this sacrifice
What motivated Abrahamas to send away it!’ He replied, ‘O my father, do as you
can apply to other items of material value
his firstborn is of fundamental importance are commanded; you will find me, if
which one offers in the way of the Lord for
in understanding the Belief Systems under Allah please, one of the steadfast.’ And
blessings or forgiveness: gold (Ex
review – was it his obedience to God, or to when they both submitted to the Will
35:22,24); bread (Le 23:17); or slaughtered
his wife Sarah ra? of God, and Abraham had thrown him
animals (Le 7:34).
Islam promotes the belief that prophets down on his forehead, We called to him,
completely submit to God. Although they ‘O Abraham, you have indeed fulfilled
can err as humans, they do not willfully the dream…’ [37:101 – 106] Location of the Ishmaelites
commit sin. Three components define sin
in Islam: knowledge that the act is a sin; Again, the Biblical account does not
It is only after narrating this incident that appear consistent with its own verses. If
intention to perpetrate the act; and the
the Qur’an then introduces Isaac as: “And Abraham’s as intention was to banish
actual perpetration of the act. Absence of
We gave him [Abrahamas] the glad tidings Ishmaelas into the unknown Negev desert
any one of these three negates the
of Isaac as , a prophet, and one of the strictly to appease his wife Sarah’s as
commission of sin. Thus, Islam defines sin
righteous.” [37:113] jealousy, then further contact with Ishmaelas
as the collusion of the Mind, Heart, and
Further, the Qur’an distinctly identifies would have been highly unlikely. However,
Hand in disobeying the Word of God.
Ishmael as one of the steadfast or patient an important piece of evidence surfaces:
Abrahamas completely submitted to the
(21:86), whereas Isaacas is never described
Will of God, not the will of his wife Sarahra;
as such. Some Muslim traditions point to [Abraham] died in a good old age…and
and he refrained from all sin.
Isaac as the son to be sacrificed, but his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried
sources for these are known as Israiliyyat him…[Gen 25:8-9]
Identity of the Sacrificial Son (Judeo-Christian influence as the
communities intermixed). Regardless,
Another dispute involves Abraham’s as traditions carry negligible credibility From this we can conclude that
famous dream in which he sacrifices his son. against the towering testimony of the Abraham as knew exactly where he left
Jews and Christians believe the son was Qur’an. Hagarra and Ishmaelas. Ishmaelas must have
Isaacas, whereas Muslims generally believe been in constant contact to learn about his
he was Ishmaelas. The Bible states: father’s death, and subsequently bury him.
Meaning of the Dream
This corroborates the Islamic perspective
Divine dreams can be literal, but are
[God said take]…thine only son Isaac, that Abrahamas dedicated Ishmaelas to serve
generally clothed in metaphor. The meaning
whom thou lovest, and get thee into the already known sacred site in Mecca:
of Abraham’s as dream was not to literally
the land of Moriah; and offer him there
slaughter Ishmaelas. On the contrary, it was
for a burnt offering… [Gen 22:2] Our Lord, I have settled of my progeny
a metaphoric depiction of the great sacrifice
in an uncultivable valley near Your Sa-
Abraham as made when he dedicated his
cred House…that they may observe
However, there is a major problem with infant son to the service of God in Mecca.
Prayer..[Qur’an 14:38]
this verse. Isaacas was never the “only son” Thus, when Abraham as was about to
literally carry out this dream with Ishmael’sas
16 MuslimSunrise
Ishmael’sas descendants settled from Havilah to Shur (Gen 25:18) which places them
in the vicinity of Mecca and Medina - Note Havilah located in the lower left corner of
the Arabian peninsula. Source: Historical Textbook and Atlas of Biblical Geography (1854) by Coleman.
SPRING 2007 17
There is additional evidence from the Bible Jacob as deceived his aging and blind
that Ishmaelas and his descendants settled in father, Isaac as , into thinking that he was
Arabia. Ishmaelas dwells in the wilderness of the firstborn son, Esau. Thinking that
Paran (Gen 21:21). Biblical scholars locate Jacob as was really Esau, Isaac as blessed
Paran east of the Sinai. However, Arab him (Gen 27:18 to 24). In retaliation for The Holy Qur’an
geographers have always referred to the this lie, the Bible tells us Jacob as is
valley between Mecca and Medina as rewarded as the father of the Chosen acknowledges
Faran. Since there is no “P” sound in People. This sets a dangerous
Arabic, this sound tends to be replaced p r e c e d e n t , e n c o u r a g i n g i m m o r a l i t y,
blessed lineage
with “F” in ancient words. For example, racism, and bigotry. from both,
Palestine is called Falasteen, and Aside from these biased assertions,
Persian is pronounced Farsi. Similarly, the Holy Qur’an acknowledges blessed Ishmaelas and
lineage from both, Ishmael as and Isaac as
the Biblical Paran is the Arabic Faran.
Faran means “two refugees” which, once – attested to by historical facts. God’s
Isaacas – attested
again, is consistent with the Islamic covenant promised Abraham’s as progeny to by historical
account that Hagar ra and Ishmael as were “all the land of Canaan, for an
both given refuge at God’s House in everlasting possession” (Gen 17:8). facts. God’s
Mecca. The valley was subsequently Israelites ruled all of Canaan for only a
named after them. few hundred years – from the time of
covenant promised
King David as until the fall of Samaria and Abraham’sas
The Bible identifies twelve sons of the northern kingdom of Israel. They
Ishmael as : Nebajoth, Kedar, Adbeel, could not have been the only heirs of progeny “all the
Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadar, Abraham’s as covenant. However, if the
Tema, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah (Gen Ishmaelites are included in the blessings
land of Canaan,
25:13-17). They are considered princes of the covenant, then God’s promise is for an everlasting
and towns are named after them. The fulfilled. In hindsight, one would have
book of Isaiah (21:13-17) places Kedar to decide whether God failed in his possession” (Gen
and Tema in Arabia. Similarly, the book promise or the Biblical authors failed in
of Ezekiel (27:21) locates Kedar in Arabia. their integrity.
17:8). Israelites
Ishmael’s as descendants settled from ruled all of
Havilah to Shur (Gen 25:18) which places Essence of the Story
them in the vicinity of Mecca and Canaan for only a
Medina. Ancient maps corroborate this. The Qur’an is a book of spirituality,
n o t h i s t o r y. Although its facts
few hundred years
Scriptural Prejudice harmonize with modern historical ...They could not
research, its purpose in recounting
Of a more serious nature is the those events is to spiritually elevate. have been the only
question of Biblical integrity. As these
texts were authored by Israelites, a bias
The story of Abraham as illustrates the
ultimate expression of love – sacrifice.
heirs of
emerges in which they self-crown By struggling (jihad) to cut ourselves Abraham’sas
themselves as the sole beneficiaries of free from the bondage of materiality,
Abraham’s as covenant with God. In the greeds, and lusts, we spiritually elevate covenant.
case of Ishmael as and his mother Hagar ra,
this manifests in the double standard
ourselves to God. When united with
God in love, one treads the “Straight
However, if the
already discussed. However, the same Path” which is complete submission to Ishmaelites are
p r e j u d i c e t a r g e t s E s a u , I s a a c ’s a s His Will – Islam. It is at this point the
firstborn (also known as Edom) – not believer is granted God’s promise of included in the
surprising when we learn Esau married
the daughter of Ishmael as .
Eternal Blessings, be they the fruits of
this life – progeny, or the fruits of the
blessings of the
The antagonism is all too clear. Psalm Next – Paradise. covenant, then
83 describes the Ishmaelites and
Edomites as enemies of God and invokes In the end, all praise belongs to Allah u God’s promise is
God to destroy them. In the New
Testament, Paul confirms the belief that Naser Shams has a BS in Accountancy from
Jacob was “loved” and Esau was “hated” the Univ. of Illinois and is a CPA for a Fortune
(Ro 9:13), yet no explanation outside 500 company. He resides in Lake Forest, IL.
Biblical bigotry can be found.
More disturbing is the unusual license
given to Jacob’s as unscrupulous activity.
18 MuslimSunrise
he Holy Qur’an states

News, Views and Reviews: Press Publications

Reviews: that there is no nation
for whom a Warner,
Apostle, Messenger or
Prophet was not raised.
It, however, mentions only a small
number of prophets by name. The
Qur’an has no genealogies or
personal histories of any prophet or
people. According to the Qur’anic
style, only that part of their life work
is mentioned that is necessary in the
first instance, for providing comfort
and guidance to the Holy Prophet of
Islam, peace be upon him and,
thereafter for the continuous
reformation of mankind for all times.
The Holy Qur’an also provides the
correct versions of the prophet’s
stories narrated in earlier scriptures,
which, over the centuries, in
translations and in revisions, has
been missed, changed or corrupted.

Prophet Davidas (Daud) is first mentioned

in Sura Al Baqarah as he completes the work
of the restoration of the Israelites, and finishes

David and
off the forces of evil, (Goliath), and is given
Wisdom and Kingdom by God. (2:252) In Sura
Bani Israel God declares “And we gave David
the ‘Zabur’” which signifies scriptures or
‘Psalms’. (17:56) Longer accounts are found

in Suras Al Anbiya, Saba and Saad. We learn
that Prophet Davidas was a man of much wisdom
and physical prowess, who always resorted to
God for succor in all matters: He was given
mastery over mountains and the birds (121:81),
and was given knowledge of working with Iron,

Kings, Prophets & which was made ‘pliant’ for him. (34:11). In the
allegorical style of the Holy Qur’an, the
‘mountains’ may also mean men of great stature
or the rebellious and headstrong highland

Servants of God
By Naeem Ahmad Rathore
dwellers. The ‘birds’ may, of course, be actual
birds used for carrying messages or trained
for other purposes. There is likelihood, too,
that the word signifies men of high intellect,
and militarily speaking, swift acting forces like
light cavalry. There is repeated mention of his
SPRING 2007 19
being given exceptional wisdom, insight and force whose movements were secret and whose sticking to false beliefs, while the submission
discerning judgment, in addition to the great capabilities were unknown to the enemy, or refers to peaceful acquiescence of his superior
kingdom and mastery over the land. King even the heavy fighting contingent, not unlike power and also has the benevolent purpose of
David as ruled with a just but firm hand, today’s armored corps. ‘Men’ being the foot avoiding bloodshed. The Queen seeks advice
subjugating the rebellious tribes by force of soldiers and ‘birds’ as mentioned before, may from her chiefs who assure her that even
arms. (21:79) be light cavalry and/ or intelligence gathering though they have military might to meet an
units. These forces were very orderly and onslaught; there are other dimensions, i.e. the
His wisdom, sagacity and mastery of the certainly more developed than that of Prophet matters of faith and beliefs, which only she
affairs of state are further elaborated in Sura Davidas. Indeed, the discipline and piety of could decide. (27:33-34)
Saad, as is his deep adoration and devout the force was well known and is explained in
obedience to the Almighty to whom he turns the next few verses: When they pass the valley The Queen understands warfare, but the
repeatedly, seeking His protection against all populated by the Naml tribe, their chief warns question of faith troubles her. So she tries to
human lapses. God commends Prophet Davidas his people to stay within their houses as the buy time by sending Solomonas valuable gifts,
to stay firm on his adopted course of Army may unknowingly cause them harm. including a ‘throne,. He is offended by the
righteousness and deal justly without fear or Queens behavior, and sends her an ultimatum.
favor between the people, reminding him that From this and other passages the sense This, combined with the great efficiency and
he is God’s vicegerent on earth. The Holy emerges that the reign of Prophet Solomonas advanced science and technical proficiency of
Qur’an clears him of all accusations of being was indeed a benevolent one. His army was a his court, convinces the Queen and she shows
unjust, immoral, committing adultery and other deterrent to the errant tribes, and he expanded her willingness to submit to Solomonas. On
calumnies; declaring instead that ‘We gave him his domain, to the greater glory to God, mainly her arrival at his court, he has her enter the
our protection, he had a position of nearness by superior wisdom, and judicious use of threat palace through a walkway of slabs of clear
with Us and an excellent retreat’ (38:18-27) of force. Peace and prosperity reigned in his glass, under which clear water was made to
kingdom. And to Solomon We subjugated the flow. The Queen is perplexed by this and she
In the Hadith literature, the Holy Prophet wind (34:10). And he made much use of the ‘uncovered her shank’ to meet this difficulty.
Muhammad, peace be upon him, is reputed to winds, as his ships were able to cut the Solomon advised her that ‘it is a palace paved
have said that Prophet Davidas only consumed passage of a month into a traveling duration with slabs of glass’. She recognizes her error
what he had earned by the labor of his own of a day. God also gave him access to mineral that just as she mistook the slabs of glass as
hands, that his scriptures were made easy for resources and with the subjugation of hitherto running water, she also mistook the Sun to be
him to remember and recite. He also said that unknown artisans; there was a building boom the real source of light, and not as an
the best form of fasting is that of Prophet and greatly enhanced standard of living under instrument of God’s working. She nobly
Davidas who would fast continually on alternate King Solomonas. (34:13). He also exploited the confesses My Lord, I have indeed wronged
days. (Bukhari 646 et seq) wealth of the ocean, and used chains, (block my soul; and I submit myself with Solomon to
and tackle) to bring about heavy construction. God, the Lord of the Worlds (27:45)
And Solomon (Sulaiman) was heir to (38:36-38) God did all this so that the House of
David. And he said: O ye people, we have Davidas would be grateful and appreciate the Prophet Solomonas has been cleared in the
been taught the language of the birds and we blessings. Alas, only a few did. And Holy Qur’an of all charges of misconduct
have had everything bestowed upon us. This Solomon’sas heirs were neither righteous nor that are mentioned in other scriptures,
indeed is God’s manifest grace. (27:17). This worthy of the duties of state. The internal including that of idol-worship: And Solomon
is a unique instance in the history of the dissention ate away like termites and the staff did not disbelieve, but the devils
prophets that while kingdom, worldly domain of sovereignty passed away from his heirs disbelieved. (2:103) He, too, is called an
and possessions may pass from father to son; (34:11-16) His heir is called Mere bodies (38:35). excellent servant, and he preferred the love
prophethood does not. Solomonas was an heir Prophet Solomonas had perceived this, and of good things as this reminded him of his
not only to the temporal power of his father asked for God’s protection and for a kingdom Lord (38:31-33)
but also to his spiritual knowledge and was that would not be suitable to any after him. Thereupon (Solomon) smiled and said
chosen to continue his mission. The (praying) My Lord! Rouse me up that I may
commentators have likened the ‘language of The story of Queen of Sheba, Bilqis is offer thanks for the favors You have
the birds’ to the speech and communications related with much detail in Sura Al Naml. bestowed upon me and my forefathers. And
of high spiritual nature, signifying that both Solomonas gets her news from an officer of his that I should do such deeds of righteousness
were Elects of God who had been given all that court, Hudhud: That the people adored the as may please You, and count me through
was required for the Israelites to attain Power Sun, and the devil has lulled them into Your mercy with Your righteous servants
and Glory. complacency and enticed them away from the (Amen) (27:20) u
worship of God. Prophet Solomonas sends her
The story of Prophet Solomonas is told in an epistle that starts with: In the Name of God, All references are from the Holy Qur’an
several chapters of the Holy Qur’an. The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful (This is the first
longest account is in Sura Al Naml. He has a recorded use of the opening benediction of all Naeem Ahmad Rathore serves as Secretary
large force of Jinn, men and birds under his works of Islam and of Muslims in their daily of Education for his local chapter of the
command, formed in separate divisions (27:18) lives) He invites her to ‘behave not proudly Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA. He
Jinn may signify the wild tribes who had not and come to me in submission’ (27:23 et seq) resides in Westbury, New York.
been subjugated before or a ‘stealth’ type of The ‘proud behavior’ was the arrogance in

20 MuslimSunrise
O ye who believe! Be
not like those who
maligned Moses; but
Allâh cleared him of
what they said. And he
had a great position in
the sight of Allâh.
(Qur’ân 33:70)

Unmasked or
Maligned? SPRING 2007 21
By Dr. Moosa Qureshi hearted and noble of men. Their purpose is Will. Islâm concurs with the Biblical
to manifest the reality of the Divine. Allâh narrative in the matter of Allâh’s intimate
Himself is Perfect, therefore logically the relationship with Mosesas (Qur’ân 4.165),

his brief pronouncement by elect of God must themselves be but the Holy Qur’ân denies antipathy
the Holy Qur’ân conveys a unblemished (Qur’ân 10.17, 3.162). The between God and His Emissary. On the
Islamic concept of infallibility is contrary, it endorses Prophet Moses’s as
wealth of guidance. Firstly, fundamental to our notion of Prophethood. obedience to the Divine: “My Lord, I have
We do not learn the paths of spiritual power over none but myself and my brother;
Islam does not permit that a person advancement from those who are therefore make Thou a distinction between
themselves corrupted. It is against this us and the rebellious people” (Qur’ân 5.26).
should malign Prophet Mosesas. That background that we should consider Islâm’s Kirsch’s allegation that God “tried to
is to say, reverence for this great portrayal of Prophet Mosesas. murder” Mosesas [8] is also refuted by the
In this article, we shall present the Holy Holy Qur’ân. Rather, Allâh promised him,
spiritual leader is tied with faith. Qur ’ân’s response to three Biblical “the Messengers need have no fear in My
allegations against the sanctity of Moses as: presence” (Qur’ân 27.11). For those
Furthermore, Allâh absolved the Firstly, the supposedly flawed relationship endowed with wisdom, the Biblical portrayal
between God and the Israelite Prophet, of Allâh is perturbing. Exodus 4:24-6 relates
Israelite Prophet of the slander against which Kirsch likens to a “cranky old couple that God endeavoured to kill Mosesas, only
him. Thirdly, Prophet Mosesas enjoyed in a bad marriage” (5). Secondly, we will to be thwarted by the Prophet’s wife
refute the assertion that Moses as promoted Zipporah who used her son’s foreskin to
a great rank in the sight of Allâh. the slaughter of “wholly innocent men, ward Him off. For a Muslim, such a tale
women and children” (6). That is to say, the offends the Majesty of the Divine. Islâm,
Islâm stands firmly against the manifold Bible both denigrates Moses’s as by contrast, extols the Absolute Supremacy
distortions which corrupted earlier religious relationship with Allâh, and vilifies his of Allâh: “To Him belongs whatsoever is in
dispensations, and vindicates the spiritual relationship with his fellow humans. The the heavens and whatsoever is in the
preceptors of all great religions. As such, it third allegation is that the Israelite Prophet earth. Who is he that dare intercede with
is a Muslim’s duty to respond cogently to was a “magic-user” (7). In fact, the Holy Him save by His permission?” (Qur’ân
the accusations levelled against Prophet Qur’ân’s profound exposition of spiritual 2.256). The Holy Qur’ân asserts that the
Mosesas in the US News and World Report verities will be most appreciated in the sun and the moon and the stars remain in
article entitled, “Moses Unmasked” (1). This “magic stories” of Moses as. obeisance to Allâh (Qur’ân 22.19), but the
is one of a series of articles which betray Bible asserts that a woman is able to thwart
limited appreciation for the spiritual reality An Emissary of God God’s Will by means of her son’s foreskin.
of the Prophets. The Holy Qur’ân differs Moreover, the idea that Allâh should desire
fundamentally from the Bible by its Islâm presents Prophet Mosesas as one to kill His faithful Emissary in the first
affirmation that the Prophets are those who of the foremost Emissaries for God’s instance is unthinkable for those who share
articulate faith perfectly. Another meaning Message, a Messenger in whose footsteps the Islâmic concept of Allâh’s Beneficence.
of the Arabic word imân is “faith”; those other Messengers followed (Qur’ân 2.88). Perhaps the most impressive testament
who possess faith cannot malign a Prophet The Holy Qur’an says that Allâh caused to Prophet Moses’sas perfect submission to
because he articulates faith (Qur’ân 33:70). this Prophet to draw near to Himself (Qur’ân Allâh’s Will is found in his dispute with
In any case, the purpose of this article is to 19.52-3). It should be remembered that the Pharaoh. The Holy Qur’ân emphasizes this
present the Holy Qur’ân’s vindication of those who enjoy nearness to God are the story, as if to denounce the Bible’s
Prophet Mosesas. foremost amongst the believers (Qur’ân deprecation of God’s Emissary. For the
Kirsch’s article flounders at the outset 56.11-2). It is inconceivable that such a modern reader, it is difficult to conceive of
by presenting Moses as as an example of person should be in discord with the Divine the temporal power and authority enjoyed
errant humanity. He writes that this great
religious teacher “lived a life marked with
passions that are perfectly human…no less Allâh Himself is Perfect, therefore logically the
riddled with ambiguity and contradiction
than any other human life” (2). The logical elect of God must themselves be unblemished
fallacy in this appraisal is immediately (Qur’ân 10.17, 3.162). The Islamic concept of
obvious. Kirsch’s quotation from an infallibility is fundamental to our notion of
eminent Biblical scholar, “There is nothing Prophethood. We do not learn the paths of
Divine about Moses” (3), is soon
contradicted by his own assertion that spiritual advancement from those who are
Christian theology regards Jesusas as “the themselves cor rupted. It is against this
new Moses” (4). No such incongruity is background that we should consider Islâm’s
permitted by the Holy Qur’ân. Prophets are portrayal of Prophet Mosesas.
unquestionably mortal, but Allâh chooses
His Messengers from the most pure-
22 MuslimSunrise
by Pharaoh at the time of the early Israelites.
He was considered by his people to be no
less than a god. Not only this, but Mosesas
enjoyed a close relationship with Pharaoh
and his family. Thus a protestation against
Pharaoh was not only an act of immense
courage, but also an undertaking that
demanded considerable personal sacrifice.
The Holy Qur’ân recounts that Prophet
Mosesas did express concern that Pharaoh
would kill him (Qur’ân 26.15), but he
demurred no further on Allâh’s reassurance.
Islâm does not countenance Kirsch’s
Biblical folly that Prophet Moses as was
“perfectly willing to hector, cajole, and
threaten [God] when the spirit moved him
to do so” (9). Indeed, the Holy Qur’ân
repeatedly describes his fearless challenge
against one of the world’s mightiest kings
for this very purpose; it amply
demonstrates an obedience to Allâh the
likes of which has rarely been equalled in
the annals of human history. Ever faithful
to his trust, this great Messenger’s words
speak volumes at the extremity of Pharaoh’s
intimidation: “‘Nay,’ said (Moses), ‘My Lord
is with me. He will direct me aright.’ “
(Qur’ân 26.63).
Those who possess imân marvel at the
vastness of resolve, fidelity and trust in
Allâh evidenced by Prophet Moses as .
Undoubtedly, it is the Holy Qur’ân which
restores the dignity of his position as God’s
stalwart servant. Few are those who have
displayed faith like that of Mosesas.

A Benefactor of Humans
It is the magical powers of Prophet Moses Kirsch’s second calumny against Prophet
which cause most confusion in the mind of the Mosesas is that he was “already a man killer
modern reader. For the purposes of this article, – he had murdered an Egyptian taskmaster
we shall focus on two prominent examples: The in cold blood – and he would kill again with
much greater ruthlessness and in vastly
Serpent, and the White Hand. These in turn will greater numbers” (10). His appraisal, which
shed light on the profound spiritual reality of this is rooted in the Biblical account, not only
great Messenger. slanders the Israelite Prophet, but further
gives license to those religious extremists
who kill today in the name of religion. For
The miracle of the Serpent is alluded to in both these reasons, the Qur’ânic narrative
Kirsch’s article. He depicts the Prophet Mosesas should be examined carefully.
as a sorcerer, who used his wooden staff as a The Holy Qur’ân relates that Prophet
“magic wand” (11). The Bible details these wiz- Mosesas did indeed cause the death of an
Egyptian. However, this was not an act of
ardly phenomena (Exodus 4.2-7, 7.10). A further murder. Rather, the Israelite Prophet smote
miracle, mentioned also in the Holy Qur’ân, is an Egyptian oppressor with one blow of his
when Prophet Mosesas placed his hand in his fist, which is not the methodology of one
bosom and it turned white like snow (Exodus who intends the death of an opponent.
Moses as immediately regretted the
4.6-8). Egyptian’s unforeseen death (Qur’ân 28.16-
SPRING 2007 23
22). Nevertheless, his action was in defence
of an oppressed Israelite against a
tyrannical Egyptian. It is inconceivable that
Allâh should choose a common murderer “O Moses, verily I am Allâh, the Lord of
as His Messenger to Pharaoh. The very
purpose of Allâh•The was toJewish Soul the worlds. And throw down thy rod”. And
admonish Pharaoh
because he had transgressed all bounds when he saw it move as though it were a
•The Christian
(Qur’ân 20.44). Why then send a Soul serpent, he turned back retreating and
transgressor to warn against did not look back. “O Moses, come
transgression? In fact, Moses as himself
protests thru prayer against the allegation forward and fear not; surely, thou art of
that he committed murder: “My Lord, deliver those who are safe.” “Insert thy hand into
me from the unjust people” (Qur’ân 28.22). thy bosom; it will come forth white without
That is to say, the Holy Qur’ân describes
those who sought to punish him for the evil, and draw back thy arm toward thyself
Egyptian’s death as zâlimîn (unjust). (in order to be free) from fear.” (Qur’ân 28:31-33)
The Biblical paradox of the great Israelite
lawgiver who taught, “Thou shalt not kill”
and yet commanded wholesale slaughter of
Jews after they worshipped a calf is also emphatically forbids murder in the verses (Allâh) said, “Cast it (your wooden
resolved by the Holy Qur’ân. Allâh says which follow the instruction to enter the staff) down, O Moses”. So he cast it down,
that He forgave the transgression of the Holy Land: “We prescribed for the Children and behold! it was “hayyatun tas’â” (a
calf-worshippers (Qur’ân 2.53), and Moses as of Israel that whosoever killed a person – serpent running). He said, “Catch hold of
instructed them, “kill your egos” (Qur’ân unless it be for killing a person or for it and fear not. We shall restore it to its
2.55). The profundity of the Arabic diction creating disorder in the land – it shall be former condition;
corrects misinterpretations found in as if he had killed all humankind” (Qur’ân And draw thy hand closer under thy arm-
previous scriptures. Anfus means “selves”, 5.33). pit, it shall come forth white, without any
and may be interpreted as an instruction to disease – another Sign.” (Qur’ân 20:20-23)
kill oneself physically; but in the context of The Magic Stories
repentance for a spiritual crime, these words “O Moses, verily I am Allâh, the Lord of
advise the sinner to kill his ego and evil It is the magical powers of Prophet the worlds. And throw down thy rod”. And
desires. as
Moses which cause most confusion in the when he saw it move as though it were a
Furthermore, the Holy Qur’ân does not mind of the modern reader. For the purposes serpent, he turned back retreating and did
relate any instance of mass murder by of this article, we shall focus on two not look back. “O Moses, come forward
Prophet Moses . In fact, Allâh sent the prominent examples: The Serpent, and the
as and fear not; surely, thou art of those who
Israelite Prophet as a response to Pharaoh’s White Hand. These in turn will shed light are safe.” “Insert thy hand into thy bosom;
injustice: “And he and his hosts behaved on the profound spiritual reality of this it will come forth white without evil, and
arrogantly in the land, without any great Messenger. draw back thy arm toward thyself (in order
justification” (Qur’ân 28.40). Therefore, the The miracle of the Serpent is alluded to to be free) from fear.” (Qur’ân 28:31-33)
Israelite Prophet’s mission was to oppose in Kirsch’s article. He depicts the Prophet
disorder and gratuitous bloodshed. The Mosesas as a sorcerer, who used his wooden Then after this, Prophet Mosesas showed
Qur’ân informs us of a people in the Holy staff as a “magic wand” (11). The Bible the Signs to Pharaoh:
Land who were jabbârîn, meaning that they details these wizardly phenomena (Exodus
domineered others by force and oppression. 4.2-7, 7.10). A further miracle, mentioned So he flung down his rod, and behold!
Prophet Moses instructed his people to also in the Holy Qur’ân, is when Prophet
as it was a serpent plainly visible. And he
enter the Holy Land, and they refused for Moses placed his hand in his bosom and drew forth his hand, and lo! it was white
fear of the powerful inhabitants therein it turned white like snow (Exodus 4.6-8). for the beholders. (Qur’ân 7:108-9)
(Qur’ân 5.22-7). There is no mention of These two Signs are given eminent
Moses’s as alleged merciless post-Exodus importance by God in the Bible, and have Then we read a further development, in
decimation of Basham and Midian. The Holy long fascinated Muslim theologians. Many the contest between Moses as and the
Qur’ân’s purpose is not to recount history, scholars take them as literal miracles, magicians:
but to offer spiritual guidance. What we can arguing that Allâh may break the physical
safely say is that Allâh exhorts the believers laws which govern His universe. An Then Moses threw down his rod and lo!
to a high ethical code which denies any alternative understanding is that these two it swallowed up (all) that they had
possibility of genocide by this great Signs convey a profound spiritual message fabricated. (Qur’ân 26:46)
Israelite Prophet: “And they were told, ‘Eat for us today.
and drink of what Allah has provided, and Allâh first revealed these Signs to Many Muslims mistakenly take these
commit not iniquity in the earth, creating Prophet Moses alone: as descriptions as literal physical events,
disorder’.” (Qur’ân 2.61). In fact, Allâh because Allâh says the serpent was

24 MuslimSunrise
manifest. Also they ask why Mosesas was Qur’ân; each of these words conveys widely misunderstood. Careful perusal of
afraid, if it did not happen literally. However, guidance: Qur’ân 7:117-118 and 26:45-46 reveals that the
these descriptions refer to visionary magicians threw, and Moses’sas rod (not a
experiences shared by Prophet Mosesas and n Hayya describes all categories of serpent) swallowed “whatever they
others. Such visionary experiences are well- serpents; the Arabic root-word Hayy means fabricated”. Evidently, this is not speaking of
established in religious history. Qur’ân 54:2 “living”. This word is used when Allâh first physical realities. The word “fabricated”
and Sâhih Bukhâri tell us that the Moon was showed the Sign to Moses as exclusively suggests that the creation of the magicians
broken in two pieces, as witnessed by Prophet (Qur’ân 20:21). was not a physical reality. Nor does a rod
Muhammadsa and also some disbelievers (12). n Jânn means a small, quick-moving possess a mouth and digestive system that it
Again there are narrations that once the serpent. Again, this word is used in early should swallow something literally. On
companions saw the angel Gabriel when he descriptions, when Mosesas alone saw the contemplation, this incident recommends that
visited Prophet Muhammadsa (13). Sign (Qur’ân 28:32, 27:11). the believers act as the Messenger’s rod
Thus does Allâh grant visionary n hu’bân means a large bulky serpent, (community). The serpent may seem rapid and
experiences en masse, and these experiences which was shown to Pharaoh and others powerful, but only by remaining close to the
invariably carry a deeper message. For (Qur’ân 7:108, 26:34). Messenger as his rod do we possess power
instance, the splitting of the Moon portended to swallow the fabrications of those who
the destruction of Arab society and the old Therefore, this was a prophecy that the oppose Allâh.
world-order with the advent of Islâm. The fact Israelites, who were a dead nation under
that Allâh describes Himself as “The Mighty, Pharaoh, would enjoy spiritual vigour through Conclusion
The Wise” (Qur’ân 27:10) before revealing the Mosesas as a living Hayya, and then from a
Signs to Mosesas also suggests that these small decadent Jânn they would rapidly In conclusion, Mosesas was the beloved
Signs were not a mere conjuring trick. The progress to a large bulky Thu’bân. It was of Allâh and he in turn loved Allâh with the
important question for us is: what is their shown as Thu’bân to Pharaoh, in order to ardour of a true devotee. Not only this, but
significance? warn Pharaoh that his tyranny would fail to he opposed tyranny and he himself always
In this regard, we should understand that impede the growth of the Israelite nation. acted with justice. The Holy Qur’ân presents
visionary experiences and divine dreams are The most important message of this Sign Mosesas as a pure-hearted servant of God,
communicated by imagery which carries is universal and not restricted to the Israelites: and a benefactor of his fellow humans.
special meanings; Allâh taught these whether small or large, the community should Furthermore, the Signs of Mosesas are not
meanings to Prophet Josephas (Qur’ân 12:7). remain close to their Messenger, rather than conjuring tricks of antiquity, but they are
In the language of dreams, a rod means a distance themselves and become the enemy Signs from the Mighty, the Wise; and they
kingdom or community; a serpent commonly of God. In fact, these verses may signify that provide guidance for the believers today. u
signifies an enemy. the future Israelite nation, whether small or
Therefore Mosesas was shown in these powerful, would act as a serpent and enemy
visions that if he cast his community away, of God. Naturally, this prophecy made Moosa Qureshi has an LLB and
then it was like a serpent or enemy. Allâh told Mosesas afraid and he wished to turn away additional certifications of MCSE and
him to take hold of his enemy and draw it from leading such a people. This was the basis MBBS. He lives in London, UK.
close, saying, “Catch hold of it and fear not. of his fear; not a conjuring trick.
We shall restore it to its former condition” The other Sign of Mosesas is that he put References
(Qur’ân 20:22). his hand under his arm-pit, and withdrew it
Many Muslims wonder why Mosesas was white and ghairi sûin (without disease). (1) Kirsch J. Moses Unmasked. In:
afraid if this was not a literal physical event. Arabic is a language of poetic wealth. For Mysteries of Faith - The Prophets. 1st
ed. Washington DC: U.S. News & World
In fact, Mosesas was fearful not only of the instance, the word yad which is translated as
Report; 2006. pp.20-5
vision’s intensity, but he was deeply worried “hand”, is also used figuratively to mean: (2) Ibid, at p.20
by the vision’s significance: that his own bounty, dominion, protection, army, (3) Ibid, at p.20
community could turn into God’s enemy. community. As one of the meanings of yad is (4) Ibid, at p.20
However, Allâh advised him not to fear, and “community”, this Sign may be interpreted (5) Ibid, at p.23
instead Allâh promised Mosesas that if he took as a promise to Mosesas and his people that (6) Ibid, at p.22
hold of his community and drew it close to their close inter-relationship would remove (7) Ibid, at p.21
himself, then Allâh would restore it to “its (spiritual) disease. The message is aptly (8) Ibid, at p.25
former condition” of righteousness. This also twinned with the Sign of the Serpent, and for (9) Ibid, at p.21
(10 Ibid, at p.22
carries a cardinal message for every Muslim this reason these Signs are mentioned
(11) Ibid, at p.21
today. As long as we stay close to our together. The serpent warned against spiritual
Messenger, we shall remain a strong rod corruption if the community distanced itself (12) Al-Bukhari M, transl. by Khan MM. Sahih
(community). By abandoning our Messenger, from the Messenger, and the white hand gave Al-Bukhari, Vol. V, Bâb Manâqib al Ansâr. Madina
we are transformed into a serpent (God’s glad tidings of spiritual purification by Al Nabawiya: Dar Ahya Us-Sunnah. pp.132-3
enemy). proximity to the Messenger.
Interestingly, Allâh uses three different Finally, the contest between Prophet (13) Muslim AH, transl. by Matraji M. Sahih
words which translate as “serpent”. There is Moses as and Pharaoh’s magicians is also Muslim, Vol. IA, Kitâb al Imân. 1st ed. Beirut: Dar
no caprice in the linguistics of the Holy el Fiker; 1993. pp.5-8

SPRING 2007 25
In every instance she is
mentioned, the Qur’an
speaks of her with
benevolence. In fact,
Maryra is one of just two
women who are
specifically mentioned in
the Qur’an for their piety –
the other being the wife of
Pharaoh, surrogate mother
of Prophet Mosesas.

The life of Mary, according to the Holy Qur’an

By Naveed Malik In every instance she is mentioned, the dedicated him to a life in the service of God
Qur’an speaks of her with benevolence. In (3:36). As such, when her son would grow
As with other pious figures in the history fact, Maryra is one of just two women who are old enough, he would be sent to live at the
of religion, whose good names had been specifically mentioned in the Qur’an for their temple, to be then raised by the rabbis.
sullied by pre-Islamic traditions, God instructs piety – the other being the wife of Pharaoh, Husband and wife were eager indeed to earn
Muslims to: surrogate mother of Prophet Mosesas. the pleasure of God by devoting their son to
a life of piety.
“Recite the account of Mary according Lineage
to this Book…” (Qur’an 19:17 )
A Girl is Born
Her story begins with Hanna and Imran.
Thus, in accordance with Divine command,
While the Qur’an does not specifically name Hanna did not, however, give birth to a
we now recount the story of Maryra, as related
Mary’s mother, historical records and Judeo- son. The Qur’an relates:
by the Holy Qur’an. It may surprise readers
Christian scriptures relate that her name was
to learn that the Qur’anic account of Maryra
Hanna,[2] she belonged to the House of “But when she was delivered of it, she said,
is not brief by any means. She is mentioned
Aaron and was the cousin of Elisabethra, wife ‘My Lord, I am delivered of a female,’ – and
more than 30 times in Islam’s sacred scripture
of Zachariahas (Luke 1:5, 36). Concerning her Allah knew best what she brought forth and
and even serves as the namesake for its 19th
father, Maryra is addressed in a verse of the the male she was thinking of was not like the
chapter, Maryam. So enlightening is the
Qur’an as “Daughter of Imran” (66:13), which female she had brought forth – ‘and I have
Qur’anic account of her life, Allah the Exalted
merits a brief explanation. Most scholars named her Mary, and I commit her and her
believe that this is a figurative reference to offspring to Thy protection from Satan, the
the biblical Amram (Imran in Arabic), who was rejected’.” (3:37)
“This is of the tidings of things unseen
the father of Mosesas and Aaronas. This is
which We reveal to thee.” (3:45)
logical as the Israelites commonly addressed Though her child was born a girl, Hanna
men and women with reference to their lineage remained resolute in her promise to God, and
Commenting on this description of Mary’s
or ancestry, and indeed Mary ra was an dedicated her “and her offspring” to the
account in the Qur’an, Khalifatul Masih II [1]
Israelite, and a descendant of Amram. There service of Allah the Exalted. Commenting on
Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood Ahmad ra
is, however, a hadith [3] (saying of Prophet the name Mary, Khalifatul Masih II writes:
Muhammad sa) which relates Mary’s own
father was also named Imran.[4] “The clause ‘I have named her Mary,’
“Many of the facts which the Qur’an has
Just over two thousand years ago, Hanna contained an implied prayer to God to make
brought to light regarding Mary are not
and Imran, husband and wife, were expecting the girl as exalted and as good and as
found in the previous scriptures. Hence, they
a child. The Qur’an relates that Hanna thought virtuous as the name Mary, meaning exalted
are here spoken of as ‘things unseen’.” (p.
her child would be a boy. Reflecting her own or a pious worshipper, signified.” (p. 386)
pious nature, and that of her husband’s, she

26 MuslimSunrise
them. Then We sent Our angel to her and he
The Qur’an continues: We thus see that from her childhood Mary appeared to her in the form of a well-
was beholden to God; an inspiration to young proportioned man.” (19:18-18).
“So her Lord accepted her (Mary) with and old alike.
gracious acceptance and caused her to grow Simultaneously reflecting her profound
an excellent growth and made Zachariah her
Miracle of Motherhood modesty and complete faith in God, the
guardian.” (3:38) Qur’an relates:
Maryra was already well known for her
Zachariah and his Inspiration religious learning and outstanding moral “She said, ‘I seek refuge with the Gracious
character and had now attained adulthood. God from thee if indeed thou dost fear Him.’
The Qur’an relates Zachariah as was a Even before her birth she had received the The angel said, ‘I am only a messenger of thy
prophet of God, and a contemporary of support of God, Who had heard and Lord, that I may give thee glad tidings of a
Maryra.[5] As her mother had dedicated Maryra answered her prayers; but now, an even righteous son’ ” (19:19-20).
to the service of God, Zachariahas, a pious greater phenomenon occurred: she was
rabbi and Mary’sra uncle,[6] was given charge visited by angels, with direct revelation from The gift and responsibility of motherhood
of her spiritual training, though her own God. The Qur’an relates: is serious enough under normal
mother and father were still alive. circumstances. Imagine then, being chosen
The Qur’an relates that Zachariah as “And remember when the angels said, ‘O by God to be the mother of a baby who has
appeared to be so impressed with the pious Mary, Allah has chosen thee and purified been appointed the long-expected messiah
nature of Mary ra that in his old age, he thee and chosen thee above all women of the for the lost tribes of the House of Israel – a
supplicated God to grant him a child. Allah time’.” (3:43) prophet of God. Notwithstanding the
responded, “Zachariah, we give thee glad tremendous responsibility with which she had
tidings of a son who shall grow up to maturity The angels affirmed to her what the people just been entrusted, the obvious dilemma that
and whose name shall be Yahya (John)” had already come to know. Certainly this occurred to Maryra was that she was a chaste,
(19:8). revelation was cause for joy, but with it a unmarried woman. How then could she
Thus, Zachariahas was not only a prophet question must have come to the mind of become a mother? Accordingly, the Qur’an
of God and the guardian and uncle of Maryra, Maryra: exactly what had she been chosen states,
but also the father of Johnas; a young man for? The angels then brought news from God
who would grow up to become a prophet and that answered this question, to the “She said, ‘How can I have a son when no
serve as the figurative return of Prophet bewilderment of the chaste and unmarried man has touched me, neither have I been
Elijahas, which, according to traditions of the virgin. unchaste?’ The angel said, ‘Thus it shall be.’
Israelites, was a precursor to the advent of But says thy Lord, ‘It is easy for Me; and We
the Messiah. Indeed Prophet Jesusas made She was about to become a mother. shall do so that We may make him a Sign
that very claim, as recorded in the Bible (Matt. unto men, and a mercy from Us, and it is a
17:12). The Qur’an relates: thing decreed’.” (19:21-22)

An Excellent Growth “When the angels said, ‘O Mary, Allah In an additional explanation to her query,
gives thee glad tidings of a son through a God Almighty elucidated,
Mary ra did indeed have an excellent Word from Him; his name shall be the
upbringing. The Holy Qur’an shows that from Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, honored in this “Such is the way of Allah. He creates what
the very beginning, young Maryra expressed world and in the next, and of those who are He pleases. When He decrees a thing, He says
a deep appreciation to God for all that she granted nearness to God’.” (3:45) to it ‘Be,’ and it is.” (3:48)
had. We read:
The incident is described in further detail Thus, with just one word from God, virgin
Whenever Zachariah visited her in the in Chapter 19, Maryam, where it is written of Maryra was now an expecting mother. The
chamber, he found with her provisions. He Maryra: Qur’an relates:
said, ‘O Mary whence hast thou this?’ She
replied, ‘It is from Allah.’ Surely, Allah gives “…She withdrew from her people to an “So she conceived him, and withdrew to
to whomsoever He pleases without measure’ eastern place; And screened herself off from a remote place.[7] And the pains of child-
” (3:38).

Maryra did indeed have an excellent upbringing. The Holy Qur’an

shows that from the very beginning, young Maryra expressed a deep
appreciation to God for all that she had. We read: Whenever Zachariah
visited her in the chamber, he found with her provisions. He said, ‘O
Mary whence hast thou this?’ She replied, ‘It is from Allah.’ Surely,
Allah gives to whomsoever He pleases without measure.’ ” (3:38)
SPRING 2007 27
birth drove her unto the trunk of a palm
tree. She said, ‘O, would that I had died
before this and had become a thing quite
forgotten!’ ” (19:23-24).
Maryra watched
Mary’s heart wrenching pain appealed helplessly as her son was
to Allah’s sense of compassion. It is hence
sentenced to crucifixion.
The suffering a mother
“Then an angel called her from beneath feels when her child is in
her, saying ‘Grieve not. Thy Lord has placed
a rivulet below thee; and shake towards
pain can be as much, if
thyself the trunk of the palm-tree; it will not more, than the pain
drop upon thee fresh ripe dates; so, eat of her child. Think then
and drink and cool thine eye. And if thou
seest any man, say, ‘I have vowed a fast to
of Mary’sra anguish as
the Gracious God; I will, therefore, not she watched soldiers
speak this day to any human being’.’ ” torture her son and nail
him to the cross. Yet
Mary ra soon gave birth to her son in Maryra endured the
Bethlehem. Now wedded to Josephra, the ordeal bravely,
two raised Jesus as together. By Divine
design, one of the meanings of the Arabic
remaining ever prayerful
Isa (Jesus) is “traveler.” We read: and steadfast.
“It appears from the Gospels that after
Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem, in pursuance of
a Divine command, Joseph had taken him
and Mary to Egypt where they lived for
some years and it was after the death of lies and a false prophet. Mary has been Opposition Mounts
Herod that the family came back to here called the sister of Aaron and not that
Nazareth and dwelt there (Matt. 2:13-23)” of Moses though both were brothers, for, Three years into his ministry at
(Ahmad, Mirza B. M., p. 1578). whereas Moses was the founder of the Jerusalem, people had begun to accept the
Jewish Law, Aaron was the head of the message of Jesusas. Comical indifference
The Journey Home Jewish priestly class (“Encyclopaedia transformed into violent opposition. It was
Biblica” & “Encyclopedia Britannica” at this point that his enemies took secretive
Many years later, the time had come for under ‘Aaron’), and Mary belonged to the measures to stop his movement
Jesus as to begin his ministry. As priestly order” (Farid p. 610). indefinitely.
prophesized the Messiah arrived in the holy
land mounted, and as always, his mother The Israelites who refused to accept her Crucifixion and Beyond
was by his side. We read: message claimed that Mary ra , then an
unmarried woman, became pregnant While Jewish, Christian and Muslim
“Then she brought him to her people, through an illicit relationship with a man accounts agree to some degree up until this
mounted. They said, ‘O Mary, surely thou (God forbid). Allah, the Lord of Honor and moment in history, once the crucifixion
hast committed a monstrous thing! O sister Glory, calls this baseless allegation “a takes place, these accounts take drastically
of Aaron, thy father was not a wicked man, grievous calumny,” which, along with divergent turns. Jewish history argues he
nor was thy mother an unchaste woman!’ numerous other moral infractions by the died and was buried; Christian accounts
” (19:27-28). Israelites, led God to bar them from the argue he died, but was resurrected and
enjoyment of His spiritual favors which had physically raised to heaven. Islam’s
Commenting on the original Arabic text been previously allowed to them (4:156- account, neither underground nor in the
of these verses, Khalifatul Masih II 162). Furthermore, it is this very attack clouds, is firmly grounded. Being an Islamic
explains: against her virtuous character by the account of Mary’sra life, we shall present
Israelites, vis-à-vis the birth of baby Jesusas, here just a brief summary of these events,
“‘Fariyy’ also means, a forger of lies which led God to reveal the true account of which have been given lengthier treatment
(Lane). By using this [Arabic] word, the the miraculous birth, and issue the Qur’anic in the cited works.
elders of the Jews insinuated that Mary injunction to relate the account of Mary ra This controversial account of history
was a bad woman and Jesus a forger of according to this Book. begins with a point of unanimous

28 MuslimSunrise
agreement: Jesus as was indeed placed on
the cross. Maryra watched helplessly as her
son was sentenced to crucifixion. The
suffering a mother feels when her child is in
pain can be as much, if not more, than the The Qur’an relates the story of the
pain of her child. Think then of Mary’s ra crucifixion, teaching that Jesusas in fact
anguish as she watched soldiers torture her
son and nail him to the cross. Yet Maryra
survived the ordeal.[ He then fled from
endured the ordeal bravely, remaining ever Jerusalem, where just two of the 12
prayerful and steadfast. tribes – to whom he was sent – dwelled.
The Qur’an relates the story of the
crucifixion, teaching that Jesus as in fact
A small party, including companion
survived the ordeal.[8] He then fled from Thomasra and mother Maryra, emigrated
Jerusalem, where just two of the 12 tribes – with him. Jesusas, true to his name, spent
to whom he was sent – dwelled. A small
party, including companion Thomasra and
a lifetime traveling and preaching; a
mother Maryra, emigrated with him. Jesusas, lifetime in which, by the Grace of Allah,
true to his name, spent a lifetime traveling his message reached all 12 tribes of
and preaching; a lifetime in which, by the
Grace of Allah, his message reached all 12
Israel. History clearly shows that these
tribes of Israel. History clearly shows that original 12 tribes reached as far east as
these original 12 tribes reached as far east the Indian subcontinent, which is where
as the Indian subcontinent, which is where
Jesus as and Mary ra ultimately settled
Jesusas and Maryra ultimately settled.
(Ahmad, Jesus in India).
(Ahmad, Jesus in India)
“And We made the son of Mary and his
mother a Sign, and gave them shelter on
an elevated land of green valleys and
springs of running water.” (23:51)
(5:76) who “guarded her chastity,” (21:92) Works Cited
This physical description corresponds
and was “chosen” (3:43) by God; “obedient,”
exactly to lands within the borders of
(66:13) “favored,” (5:111) “purified,” (3:43) and Ahmad, Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood. The Holy Qur’an with English
modern day Pakistan and India. Religious Translation and 5-Volume Commentary. Nazarat Nashro Ishaat, 2002.
indeed “chosen above all women of the time”
scholar and notable World Bank economist,
(3:43). She served as “a Sign” (23:51) of God Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam. Jesus in India. Islam International Publications Ltd.
the late M. M. Ahmad recounts: 1908.
and “fulfilled the prophecy conveyed to her
Ahmad, M. M. “The Lost Tribes of Israel”. The Muslim Sunrise. Summer,
in the words of her Lord contained in His 1991. http://www.alislam.org/library/links/00000094.html
“Jesus, his mother Mary, and Thomas
Books” (66:13). Farid, Malik Ghulam, Ed. Holy Qur’an: Arabic Text with English Translation
proceeded towards Murree also in
A greater Qur’anic chronicle of a virtuous & Short Commentary. Islam International Publications, LTD, 2002.
Pakistan” (Ahmad, M. M.).
woman does not exist. Indeed, one is hard Shams, JD. Where Did Jesus Die?. 9th edition. Islam International Publications,
LTD, 1996.
pressed to present a more sublime paradigm
It was here that the most pious and
of womanhood in the entire history of (Endnotes)
perfect woman of her age, Mary mother of
civilization. Mary’sra shining example of piety 1 Translation: Successor of the Messiah; title of the elected Head of the worldwide
Jesus, may Allah be pleased with her, passed Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood Ahmadra was
remains preserved in the Holy Qur’an for all elected to this lifelong office in 1914, serving until his passing in 1965.
away. Accordingly, M. M. Ahmad writes: 2 Refer to Volume 1 of the 5-volume commentary of the Holy Qur’an for
time, giving not just women, but – as in her further details.
3 Commentary of the Qur’an by Imam Bu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Jarir
lifetime – men an inspiring exemplar of virtue Tabari, and the Tafsir of Abu’l Fida Isma’il Ibn al-Kathir
“Mary died there and was buried at a 4 “The fact that Hanna’s husband, or for that matter Mary’s father, has been
and faithfulness. May Allah be pleased with named Joachim in the Christian scriptures (Gospel of the Birth of Mary and the Enc.
hill top known as Pindi-Point. The town
our beloved Mary, a woman who inspired Brit. under Mary) should not perplex us as Joachim is the same as Yoshim mentioned
Murree was until 1875 called Mari and, by Ibn Jarir as the father of Imran. The Christian scriptures give the name of the
prophets of God, and shower His most special grandfather instead of the father, which is not an uncommon practice.” (Ahmad,
was named after her. Her tomb adjoining p. 385)
blessings upon her, and give Muslims the 5 Zachariah or Zacharias is referred to as a priest by Christian traditions (Luke
the Defense Tower is even today called: 1:5), whereas the Qur’an declares him a prophet. He should not be confused with
ability and desire to recite her astonishing the Biblical prophet Zechariah (note the spelling difference), mentioned in the Book
Mai Mari da Asthan - the resting place of Zechariah 1:1.
account to the entire world, Amen. u 6 As previously mentioned, Hanna, mother of Maryra, and Elisabethra, wife
Mother Mary.” of Zachariahas, were cousins. Elisabethra was thus Mary’sra aunt, and her husband,
Zachariahas, was her uncle.
Naveed Malik is a Master in Public Policy 7 “The words, ‘a remote place’ refer to Bethlehem, which is about seventy
Mary in the Eyes of Allah degree candidate at Harvard University’s
miles from Nazareth, to the south. There Joseph took Mary sometime before Jesus’
birth, which took place in that town.” (Five Volume Commentary of the Holy
Qur’an, Vol. IV, p. 1572)
Kennedy School of Government. He resides in 8 Another widely held Muslim belief – to which the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community does not subscribe – is that Jesus Christ was never crucified; rather, God
In its infallible words, the Holy Qur’an Cambridge, Massachusetts. deceived everyone by placing someone who resembled him on the cross and
describes Maryra as “a paragon of truth,” physically raised Jesus Christ to Himself. This account receives no support whatsoever
from Christian, Jewish, Qur’anic or secular historical accounts.

SPRING 2007 29
he Christian
West presents
the view that
Jesus is the

Son of
begotten Son of God. This view,
in fact, is a result of their Greco-
Roman heritage and its pagan
undertones. Of course, in

accepting him as the Son of God,
he must be worshipped. Another
essential belief is that Jesus was
accursed of God because he was
put on the cross and died there.
The Bible says, “Cursed is every
one that hangeth on a tree”
(Galations 3:13). Christians allege
that Jesus carried the curse of all a s a h o l y p r o p h e t a n d a m e s s e n g e r. The above passage clearly de-
clared that the enemies of Jesus
sins as he was sacrificed for their Furthermore, in order to remove all failed to ensure Jesus’ death. This
other doubts and man-made dog-
salvation. In commemoration of m a s , t h e H o l y Q u r a n d e s c r i b e d a n d uncertainty prohibits them from de-
revealed the true status of Jesus. claring Jesus as accursed of God.
this, Christians symbolically Let us first look at some of the Not only did the Holy Quran re-
misconceptions that have been re- move the major misconception about
drink the blood of Jesus and eat his being cursed, but minor details
moved by the Holy Quran concern-
his flesh in order to partake in ing Jesus. The most severe miscon- were clarified.
ception about Jesus is that he was The commandment was given,
this alleged sacrifice he made to accursed of God which makes him an “Honor thy father and thy mother”,
enemy of God; Just as Satan has but it appears from John 2:3-4 that
atone for their sins. Jesus showed disrespect towards
been declared accursed being the
enemy of God. The Holy Quran de- his mother by rebuking her,
Jesus is exonerated from these clared: “ Wo m a n , w h a t d o I h a v e t o d o w i t h
allegations in the Holy Quran. thee.” The Holy Quran did not tol-
The Holy Quran removed many “And their saying ‘we did kill the erate even this small blemish
misconceptions about Jesus and M e s s i a h J e s u s , s o n o f M a r y, t h e against Jesus. The Holy Quran de-
declared that he did not die on the messenger of A l l a h ’ , w h e r e a s t h e y clared in chapter 19, verses 31 to 33:
cross as it was the fate of a false slew him not, nor killed him by cru- “Jesus said, I am a servant of Al-
prophet. Although his enemies cifixion, but he was made to appear lah, He has given me the book and
tried to disgrace him through cru- to them like one crucified and those made me a prophet. And He made me
cifixion, the Quran upholds his who differ therein are certainly in a blessed wheresoever I may be and
claim that he was a true messen- state of doubt about it; they have has enjoined upon me prayer and
ger of God. no definite knowledge thereof, but almsgiving so long as I live. And
Besides removing these mis- only follow a conjecture, and they
conceptions, the Holy Quran re- did not convert this conjecture into
stored the proper respect of Jesus a certainty.” (4:158)
30 MuslimSunrise
he has made me dutiful towards my 1. Jesus never claimed to
mother and He has not made me haughty be God.
and unblessed.”
Not only did God describe Jesus as 2. On the contrary, he
dutiful to his mother, but He stated that preached that there was
it was a blessing given to him by God only one God whom we
Himself. So how can anyone believe that serve and worship.
he behaved improperly with his mother?
Once again God stepped in Himself 3. Jesus was a prophet and
through the Holy Quran and removed the a messenger of God. He
misconception about His prophet Jesus. was just like the prophets
Once the misconceptions about Jesus who were before him. As
are removed, the question arises what it was not done in the
was he, what was his true status and past, God Himself did not
what were his claims. The Holy Quran come but sent one of His
announced the true position of Jesus. In prophets to deliver the
chapter 5, we read: message.

“Indeed they are disbelievers who The Holy Quran announced the 4. Jesus was born of a
s a y, ‘ S u r e l y A l l a h i s n o n e b u t t h e true position of Jesus. In woman, a righteous
Messiah son of Mary’. Whereas the woman. He could not be
Messiah himself said: ‘O Children of
chapter Five, we read:
the begotten Son of God
Israel, worship Allah who is my Lord and because his mother was
your Lord.’ Surely whoso associates “Indeed they are disbelievers who a human being who gave
partners with Allah, him has Allah say, ‘Surely Allah is none but the him birth. So was her
forbidden Heaven and the Fire will be his Messiah son of Mary’. Whereas child a human.
resort.” the Messiah himself said: ‘O
Children of Israel, worship Allah 5. Jesus and his mother
“They are surely disbelievers who used to eat food. This
say, ‘Allah is third of three.’ There is no who is my Lord and your Lord.’
shows that they were not
god but the one God. And if they do not Surely whoso associates partners free of human needs but
desist from what they say, a grievous with Allah, him has Allah were subject to nature’s
punishment shall certainly befall those forbidden Heaven and the Fire rules as the other hu-
of them who disbelieve.” will be his resort.” mans. They needed to
“The Messiah son of Mary was only a eat food for nourishment
messenger. Surely messengers like unto and therefore, God being
him had indeed passed away before him. “They are surely disbelievers who
a person subjected to all
And his mother was a righteous woman. say, ‘Allah is third of three.’ There human bodily changes is
They both used to eat food. See how We is no god but the one God. And if an irrational belief.
explain the signs for their good and see they do not desist from what they
how they are turned away.” say, a grievous punishment shall 6. Jesus being a human was
certainly befall those of them who weak. He could do no
“Say will you worship beside Allah harm to anybody but
that which has no power to do you harm disbelieve.”
or good? And it is Allah who is All-
Hearing, All-Knowing.” “The Messiah son of Mary was 7. Dogmas like the Trinity
only a messenger. Surely and that Jesus was God
“Say, O people of the Book, exceed not messengers like unto him had are inventions of the
the limits in the matter of your religion people who strayed from
unjustly, nor follow the evil inclinations
indeed passed away before him.
And his mother was a righteous his teachings. As was
of the people who went astray before and quoted earlier, it took
caused many to go astray and who have woman. They both used to eat these people a few cen-
strayed away from the right path.” (5:73- food. See how We explain the turies before implement-
78) signs for their good and see how ing such inventions in the
they are turned away.” religion Jesus brought.
The above passages reflect the
following points about the true position All of the above propositions set forth
and status of Jesus: by the Holy Quran can be validated by the
Gospels, in the same sequence:
SPRING 2007 31
the Lord thy God, and him ity and cross-worship being a later addition is shudders after thinking how it invokes the
only shalt thou serve.” traced in the New Testament and the early his- anger of God. In the Holy Quran God has
tory of Christianity. displayed his anger in the following
3. He was known to be a During his lifetime, Jesus always preached verses:
prophet. According to to the Jews and instructed his disciples to ex-
Matthew 21:11, when he clusively preach to the Jews. He commanded “And they say, ‘The Merciful God has
went to Jerusalem, the his disciple, “Go not in the way of Gentiles” taken unto Himself a son.’ Assuredly, you
multitude said, “This is (Matt 10:5), and “Give not that which is holy have indeed uttered a most hideous thing.
Jesus, the prophet of to dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, The heavens might well-nigh burst
Nazareth.” He was also lest they trample them under their feet and thereat, and the earth cleave asunder, and
called prophet many turn again and rend you” (Matt 7:6). mountains fall down in pieces. Because
other places such as Mat- The post-crucifixion period was a difficult they ascribe a son to the Gracious God. It
thew 13:57, Luke 13:33, time for the disciples. Their preaching to Jews becomes not the Gracious God to beget
Luke 24:19 and John was unsuccessful because Jesus was declared a son. Verily there is none in the heavens
6:14. In essence, he has accursed by hanging on the cross, yet they and in the earth but shall approach the
been called a prophet in were unable to preach to the Gentiles because Gracious God as a servant.” (19:89 to 94)
all the Gospels. of open orders from their beloved master It is a miracle of the Holy Quran that
Jesus. In these disappointing circumstances, God restored honor and dignity to this
4. The fourth proposition arose a man named Saul who later became prophet of His, Jesus son of Mary. The
that he was born of a known as St. Paul. He, not being one of the Quran declares Jesus close to God, and
woman is believed by all disciples, self-proclaimed his authority as an exalted by God Himself. The Holy Quran
Christians and is con- apostle based on visions he claimed to have establishes that Jesus was a prophet sent
firmed by the Gospels experienced. At that point, this self-made to call people to worship one God. It bears
that Mary was his apostle determined to do exactly what was witness that Jesus fulfilled his mission for
mother. prohibited by Jesus - preaching to the Gen- which he was sent. In following verses, it
tiles. Three years after Jesus’ persecution, St. was clearly announced that Jesus fol-
5. According to the Gospels, Paul met the disciples Peter and James and lowed the instruction of God until his
Jesus used to eat food. tried to persuade them that they must preach death. In Chapter 5, verse 118, we read:
Matthew 11:19 says, to the Gentiles. The disciples tried to convince “I (Jesus) said nothing to them except
“The son of man came him not to do that. He claimed that Jesus him- that which Thou didst command me: ‘Wor-
eating and drinking”. self commanded him in a vision while staying ship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.’ And I
Luke 24:43 says, “they in Jerusalem to do so in these words, “Make was a witness over them as long as I re-
him a piece of a broiled haste, and get thee quickly out of Jerusalem, mained among them. But since Thou didst
fish, and of an honey- for they (the Jews) will not receive thy testi- cause me to die, Thou hast been the
comb. And he took it, and mony concerning me…Depart: for I will send watcher over them, and Thou art Witness
did eat before them.” thee far hence unto the Gentiles” (The Acts over all things. If Thou punish them, they
22:18 to 21). are Thy servants; and if Thou forgive
6. Gospels attest the fact This was the first fundamental devia- them, Thou surely art the Mighty, the
that he was a weak being. tion from the commandments of Jesus that Wise.”
It is written in Mark 14:36 resulted in the Christian corruption re- How beautiful is the manner in which
and John 5:30 that he ferred to in the Holy Quran. In order to God has exonerated Jesus of any wrong-
does not do anything by preach to the Gentiles, St. Paul had to doing attributed to him! How beautiful is
himself and prayed to make certain allowances for them. In many the manner in which God has restored
God for help. cases he went to the extreme of abolish- dignity of Jesus that rightfully belonged
ing the Mosaic Law, which served as the to him! How beautiful is the manner in
7. There is no emulation of foundation of Jesus’ teachings. For ex- which God has refuted all those who claim
the cross, the “sacrifice”, ample, Paul states, “The Law was our that Jesus professed to be God!
or of Jesus beyond schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ that The Holy Quran, in numerous other
prophethood in the four we might be justified by faith. But after places, has announced to the world that
Gospels. These were in- that faith is come we are no longer under God sent Jesus as His prophet. God loved
stitutionalized centuries the schoolmaster” (Gal. 3:24 to 25). him much, spoke to him abundantly, heard
laters and originated by Of all statements in the Holy Quran his prayers and gave him many signs and
St. Paul, who neither saw describing the true position of Jesus, the clear proofs in support of his truth. God
Jesus nor was his dis- most important states that he was not God gave him wisdom and knowledge of the
ciple. and therefore should not be worshipped. Book and a teaching that was light and
As this is the root of modern day Chris- guidance for the people. Jesus holds a
I would like to discuss in some detail how tianity, it deserves careful consideration. status that God only gives to a few - to
the statement of the Holy Quran about Trin- It is such a fierceful monstrosity to as- whomsoever He pleases.
sign Divinity to a human being that one

32 MuslimSunrise
Jesus in India
An escape from death on the cross and a journey to India

One of the revolutionary ideas brought

dence he cited includes the Bible, books of
history, medical texts, and Buddhist and
nights in the bowels of the earth. Now it is
clear that Jonah did not die in the belly of the
forth by the founder of the Ahmadiyya Hindu scriptures. We provide excerpts from fish; the utmost that happened was that he
Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza his writings. was in a swoon or a fit of fainting. The holy
Ghulam Ahmad, was that Jesus did not die books of God bear witness that Jonah, by the
upon the cross. This challenged the very Biblical Evidence grace of God, remained alive in the belly of the
foundations of modern day Judaism and In the first chapter of his book Jesus in fish, and came out alive; and his people ulti-
Christianity. Simply put, if Jesus did not India, Ahmad bases his evidence directly mately accepted him. If then Jesus (on whom
die upon the cross, he could not be an ac- from the Bible itself: be peace) had died in the belly of the ‘fish’,
cursed false prophet. This forces the Jews what resemblance could there be between a
to reconsider him as the Messiah they were “Let it be noted that though Christians dead man and the one who was alive, and how
awaiting, and threatens the Christian con- believe that Jesus (peace be on him) after could a living one be compared with one dead?
cept of salvation. his arrest through the betrayal by Judas The truth rather is, that as Jesus was a true
In accordance with his revelations, Ah- Iscariot, and crucifixion — and resurrection prophet and as he knew that God, whose be-
mad stated that subsequent to the crucifix- — went to heaven, yet, from the Holy Bible, loved he was, would save him from an ac-
ion, Jesus traveled to India where he even- it appears that this belief of theirs is alto- cursed death, he made a prophecy in the form
tually was buried. In fact, he pointed out gether wrong. Matthew (chapter 12, verse of a parable, revealed to him by God, in which
his tomb in Srinagar, Kashmir. Ahmad ex- 40) says that just as Jonah was three days he hinted that he would not die on the Cross,
plained that his theory was supported by and three nights in the belly of the fish, so nor would he give up the ghost on the ac-
external and independent sources. The evi- the Son of Man shall be three days and three cursed wood; on the contrary, like the

SPRING 2007 33
prophet Jonah, he would only pass stated that it was prepared for Jesus of physical analogies.”
through a state of swoon. In the parable by the disciples. A study of books on
he had also hinted that he would come out pharmacology shows that this prepa- In Search of the Israelites
of the bowels of the earth and would then ration is very useful in cases of inju-
join the people and, like Jonah, would be ries due to blows or falls, arresting im- Ahmad indicated that Jesus’ mission
honoured by them. So this prophecy too mediately the flow of blood; and as it was to preach to the Lost Sheep of the
was fulfilled; for Jesus, coming out of the also contains ‘myrrh’ the wound re- House of Israel. He was their “shepherd”
bowels of the earth, went to his tribes who mains aseptic. The ointment is also who would gather them as they had
lived in the eastern countries, Kashmir and useful in plague; it is good for boils been lost both, spiritually and geo-
Tibet, etc. viz. the ten tribes of the Israel- and ulcers of all kinds.” graphically. Spiritually, they were in
ites who 721 years before Jesus, had been need of his guidance; and geographi-
taken prisoner from Samaria by Buddhist Scriptures cally, they were scattered across Syria,
Shalmaneser, King of Assur, and had been In Chapter four, Ahmad points out Iran, Afghanistan, and Kashmir.
taken away by him. Ultimately, these tribes the striking similarities between Bud- Maulana J.D. Shams quotes from sev-
came to India and settled in various parts dhist and Christian teachings: eral historical works in his book Where
of that country.” “…there is such a striking resem- did Jesus Die? :
Ahmad also points out the significance blance between the moral teaching of “Modern investigation has shown
of incidents which appear interesting, but the Buddha and that of Jesus, that for that the Afghans, Kashmiris and the Beni
may be overlooked as irrelevant. He ex- those acquainted with both it has be- Israel of Bombay are the descendants of
plains the role of the dream of Pilate’s wife, come something surprising. For ex- Israel…We read in the Jewish Encyclo-
the limited duration of the crucifixion, fail- ample, the Gospels say: do not resist pedia under Tribes: ‘Abraham Farissol
ure to break the legs of Jesus, the spear evil, love your enemy, live in poverty, identifies the river Ganges with the river
wound from which flowed blood and wa- shun pride and falsehood and greed. Goxan and assumes that the Beni Israel
ter, and the raising of the saints from their The same is the teaching of the Bud- of India are the descendants of the Lost
graves. These were sequential events in a dha. Nay, the Buddhist teaching lays Ten Tribes.’ … According to their na-
Plan by God to save His messenger Jesus greater stress on it, so much so that tive traditions, the Afghans also are to
from the plots of his enemies. the killing even of ants and insects has be identified with the Lost Ten Tribes.
been declared a sin. The outstanding They declare that Nebuchadnezzar ban-
Medical Texts principle of Buddhism is: sympathy for ished them into the mountains of Ghor,
Ahmad also cites evidence from medi- the whole world; seeking the welfare whence they maintained correspon-
cal texts in Chapter three: of the whole of humanity and of all the dence with the Arabian Jews: Subse-
“A piece of evidence of great value animals; promotion of a spirit of unity quently they became Muslims (Malcolm,
with regard to the escape of Jesus from and mutual love. The same is the gos- History of Persia, 11,596, London, 1815).
the Cross, which no one can help admit- pel teaching. Again, just as Jesus sent The Afghans still call themselves ‘Beni
ting, is a medical preparation known as his disciples to different countries — Israel’ and are declared to have a mark-
Marham-i-Isa or the ‘Ointment of Jesus’ journeying to one himself — so was edly Jewish appearance. Their claim to
recorded in hundreds of medical books. the case with the Buddha. Buddhism Israelitish descent is allowed by most
Some of these books were compiled by by Sir Monier Monier Williams records Muslim writers. G. Moor, in his Lost
Christians, some by Magians or Jews, that the Buddha sent out his disciples Tribes, pp. 143-160, London, 1886, also
some by Muslims. Most of them are very to preach, addressing them thus: ‘Go identified the Afghans with the Ten
old. Investigations show that in the be- forth and wander everywhere, out of Tribes.” (Page 83)
ginning the preparation came to be compassion for the world and for the Where did Jesus Die? sent
known as an oral tradition among hun- welfare of gods and men. Go forth, in shockwaves in the United Kingdom,
dreds of thousands of people. Then they different directions. Preach the doc- where it was first published in 1945.
recorded it. At first, in the very time of trine (Dharham), salutary (Kalayana) in Much like the earlier publication of Jesus
Jesus, a little after the event of the its beginning, middle and end, in its in India, it exposed thousands of con-
Cross, a pharmaceutical work was com- spirit (artha) and in its letter fessions of unconvinced Christians who
piled in Latin, in which there was a men- (vyanjana). Proclaim a life of perfect re- knew of no alternatives. Since then, con-
tion of this preparation along with the straint, chastity and celibacy siderable attention and credibility have
statement that the preparation had been (Drahmacariyam). I will go also to been given to His Holiness Mirza Ghulam
prepared for the wounds of Jesus. Next, preach this doctrine’ (Mahavagga Ahmad’s theory that Jesus survived the
this work was translated into several lan- 1.11.1). The Buddha went to Benares crucifixion, traveled eastward to preach
guages, until, in the time of Mamun-al- and performed many miracles in that to the Israelites and was buried in Kash-
Rashid, it was translated into Arabic. It territory; he delivered an impressive mir.
is, moreover, a strange result of divine sermon on a hill just as Jesus had de-
intervention that eminent physicians of livered his sermon on the mount. We invite our readers to explore
all religions — Christian, Jew, Magian, Again, the same book states that the these books, Jesus in India and Where
did Jesus Die?, Jesus Among the Lost
or Muslim — have all mentioned this Buddha preached mostly in parables; Sheep a n d s e v e r a l o t h e r s o n o u r
preparation in their books, and have he explained spiritual matters by means website: www.alislam.org.u
34 MuslimSunrise
Jesus in India
Naser-ud-Din Shams

ne of the revolutionary ideas
brought forth by the founder of the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community,
His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, was that
Jesus as did not die upon the cross. This
challenges the very foundations of modern
day Judaism and Christianity. Simply put, if
Jesusas did not die upon the cross, he could
not be an accursed false prophet (Deut 21:22-
23 & Gal 3:13). This forces Judaism to
reconsider him as the anticipated Messiah,
and questions the Christian concept of
In accordance with his revelations,
Ahmad as stated that subsequent to the
crucifixion, Jesusas traveled to India where he
eventually was buried. In fact, Ahmad as
pointed out his tomb in Srinagar, Kashmir.
Ahmadas proved his theory with verses in
Photo taken from Tombofjesus website
the Holy Qur’an, and evidence from external
and independent sources. The independent Letter of Maulvi Abdullah, Inhabitant of Kashmir to Hazrat Mirza
evidence he cited includes the Bible, books Ghulam Ahmad (1899AD)
of history, medical texts, and Buddhist and
Hindu scriptures.
"Dear sir! From these investigations I have discovered that this tomb is,
in fact, that of Yuz Asaf, prophet of Allah, peace be upon him. The
Biblical Evidence tomb is located in the neighborhood where Muslims live. No Hindu lives
there nor is any Hindu buried there. From the evidence of reliable per-
In the first chapter of his book Jesus in sons it has been proved that this tomb has been in existence for about
India, Ahmadas bases his evidence directly 1900 years, and the Muslims hold it in great reverence and respect,
from the Bible itself: and frequent it..."

“Let it be noted that though Christians

resemblance could there be between a dead been taken prisoner from Samaria by
believe that Jesus (peace be on him) after his
man and the one who was alive, and how Shalmaneser, King of Assur, and had been
arrest through the betrayal by Judas Iscariot,
could a living one be compared with one dead? taken away by him. Ultimately, these tribes
and crucifixion — and resurrection — went
The truth rather is, that as Jesus was a true came to India and settled in various parts of
to heaven, yet, from the Holy Bible, it appears
prophet and as he knew that God, whose that country.”
that this belief of theirs is altogether wrong.
beloved he was, would save him from an
Matthew (chapter 12, verse 40) says that just
accursed death, he made a prophecy in the Ahmad also points out the significance of
as Jonah was three days and three nights in
form of a parable, revealed to him by God, in incidents which appear interesting, but may
the belly of the fish, so the Son of Man shall
which he hinted that he would not die on the be overlooked as irrelevant. He explains the
be three days and three nights in the bowels
Cross, nor would he give up the ghost on the role of the dream of Pilate’s wife, the limited
of the earth. Now it is clear that Jonah did not
accursed wood; on the contrary, like the duration of the crucifixion, failure to break the
die in the belly of the fish; the utmost that
prophet Jonah, he would only pass through legs of Jesusas, the spear wound from which
happened was that he was in a swoon or a fit
a state of swoon. In the parable he had also flowed blood and water, and the raising of
of fainting. The holy books of God bear
hinted that he would come out of the bowels the saints from their graves. These were
witness that Jonah, by the grace of God,
of the earth and would then join the people sequential events in a Plan by God to save
remained alive in the belly of the fish, and
and, like Jonah, would be honored by them. His messenger Jesusas from the plots of his
came out alive; and his people ultimately
So this prophecy too was fulfilled; for Jesus, enemies.
accepted him. If then Jesus (on whom be
coming out of the bowels of the earth, went
peace) had died in the belly of the ‘fish’, what
to his tribes who lived in the eastern countries,
Kashmir and Tibet, etc. viz. the ten tribes of
the Israelites who 721 years before Jesus, had SPRING 2007 35
Medical Texts In Search of the Israelites
Ahmadas indicated that
Ahmad as also cites evidence from Jesus’ mission was to Ahmadas indicated that Jesus’ mission
medical texts in chapter three: was to preach to the Israelites, referred to
preach to the Israelites, as the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.
“A piece of evidence of great value referred to as the Lost Sheep He was their “shepherd” who would gather
with regard to the escape of Jesus from them as they had been lost both, spiritually
the Cross, which no one can help admitting, of the House of Israel. He and geographically. Spiritually, they were
is a medical preparation known as Marham- was their “shepherd” who in need of his guidance; and geographically,
i-Isa or the ‘Ointment of Jesus’ recorded in they were scattered across Syria, Iran,
hundreds of medical books. Some of these would gather them as they Afghanistan, and Kashmir.
books were compiled by Christians, some had been lost both,
by Magians or Jews, some by Muslims. Maulana J.D. Shams quotes from several
Most of them are very old. Investigations spiritually and historical works in his book Where did
show that in the beginning the preparation geographically. Jesus Die? :
came to be known as an oral tradition among
hundreds of thousands of people. Then Spiritually, they were in “Modern investigation has shown that
they recorded it. At first, in the very time of need of his guidance; and the Afghans, Kashmiris and the Beni Israel
Jesus, a little after the event of the Cross, a of Bombay are the descendants of
pharmaceutical work was compiled in Latin, geographically, they were Israel…We read in the Jewish
in which there was a mention of this scattered across Syria, Iran, Encyclopedia under Tribes: ‘Abraham
preparation along with the statement that Farissol identifies the river Ganges with the
the preparation had been prepared for the Afghanistan, and Kashmir. river Goxan and assumes that the Beni Israel
wounds of Jesus. Next, this work was of India are the descendants of the Lost
translated into several languages, until, in do not resist evil, love your enemy, live in Ten Tribes.’ … According to their native
the time of Mamun-al-Rashid, it was poverty, shun pride and falsehood and traditions, the Afghans also are to be
translated into Arabic. It is, moreover, a greed. The same is the teaching of the identified with the Lost Ten Tribes. They
strange result of divine intervention that Buddha. Nay, the Buddhist teaching lays declare that Nebuchadnezzar banished
eminent physicians of all religions — greater stress on it, so much so that the them into the mountains of Ghor, whence
Christian, Jew, Magian, or Muslim — have killing even of ants and insects has been they maintained correspondence with the
all mentioned this preparation in their declared a sin. The outstanding principle Arabian Jews: Subsequently they became
books, and have stated that it was prepared of Buddhism is: sympathy for the whole Muslims (Malcolm, History of Persia,
for Jesus by the disciples. A study of books world; seeking the welfare of the whole of 11,596, London, 1815). The Afghans still
on pharmacology shows that this humanity and of all the animals; promotion call themselves ‘Beni Israel’ and are
preparation is very useful in cases of of a spirit of unity and mutual love. The declared to have a markedly Jewish
injuries due to blows or falls, arresting same is the gospel teaching. Again, just as appearance. Their claim to Israelitish
immediately the flow of blood; and as it also Jesus sent his disciples to different descent is allowed by most Muslim writers.
contains ‘myrrh’ the wound remains countries — journeying to one himself — G. Moor, in his Lost Tribes, pp. 143-160,
aseptic. The ointment is also useful in so was the case with the Buddha. Buddhism London, 1886, also identified the Afghans
plague; it is good for boils and ulcers of all by Sir Monier Monier Williams records that with the Ten Tribes.” (Page 83)
kinds.” the Buddha sent out his disciples to preach, Where did Jesus Die? sent shockwaves
addressing them thus: ‘Go forth and wander in the United Kingdom, where it was first
Ahmadas lists 33 examples of medical everywhere, out of compassion for the published in 1945. Much like the earlier
texts which mention the “Ointment of world and for the welfare of gods and men. publication of Jesus in India, it exposed
Jesus,” including the famous Qanun by Ibn Go forth, in different directions. Preach the thousands of confessions of unconvinced
Sina (980-1037AD). doctrine (Dharham), salutary (Kalayana) in Christians who knew of no alternatives to
its beginning, middle and end, in its spirit the resurrection and ascension belief. Since
(artha) and in its letter (vyanjana). Proclaim
Buddhist Scriptures then, considerable attention and credibility
a life of perfect restraint, chastity and have been given to His Holiness Mirza
celibacy (Drahmacariyam). I will go also to Ghulam Ahmad’s theory that Jesus as
In Chapter four, Ahmadas points out the
preach this doctrine’ (Mahavagga 1.11.1). survived the crucifixion, traveled
striking similarities between Buddhist and
The Buddha went to Benares and performed eastward to preach to the Israelites and
Christian teachings:
many miracles in that territory; he delivered was buried in Kashmir.
an impressive sermon on a hill just as Jesus
“…there is such a striking resemblance
had delivered his sermon on the mount. Readers are invited to explore these
between the moral teaching of the Buddha
Again, the same book states that the books, Jesus in India and Where did
and that of Jesus, that for those acquainted
Buddha preached mostly in parables; he Jesus Die?, and several others on our
with both it has become something
explained spiritual matters by means of website: www.alislam.org.
surprising. For example, the Gospels say:
physical analogies.”

36 MuslimSunrise
The Holy Prophet Muhammad
(Peace and blessings of God be upon him)

Since the beginning of time, there have only been a handful of

men who have truly changed the world. These men are timeless,
magnificent revolutionaries who are credited with changing the
course of history. To millions of Muslims everywhere, the greatest
of these men is the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings
of God be upon him.
No man has created such a sensation as the Prophet
Muhammadsa. No other man has been so simultaneously revered,
idealized, misunderstood and maligned. To Muslims, the Prophet
Muhammadsa is the epitome of greatness. He is the greatest of all
Prophets and men, the “Seal of the Prophets” and the perfect
paradigm for how to live one’s life in the service of God. To others,
Hadhrat Muhammadsa is an enigma. Some view him tolerantly as
an ordinary man with an extraordinary message. Others, however,
revile him; they criticize his heritage, manners and teachings and
blame him for any modern problems that plague the Islamic world.
To make sense of this dichotomy, one must set aside any
preconceived notions of either the Prophet or the man,
Muhammadsa. One must delve into his history, extract the facts as
represented by his followers, wives and enemies and piece together
a story that is altogether inspiring, astonishing and awe-inspiring.

SPRING 2007 37
By Farah Qazi

he Bedouin of Arabia were unrefined people and once a Bedouin
n the year 610, at
pulled hard at the Prophet’s mantle (cloak) which had hard edging
the age of 40, the
and this grazed his blessed neck. On top of this the Bedouin
P r o p h e t
demanded that he is given some of the provisions that ‘Allah had
M u h a m m a d sa
bestowed the Prophet’. When the Prophet asked whether the Bedouin’s
earlier act should be retaliated, he replied no, explaining that the Prophet
something so magnificent did not respond to bad with bad. The Bedouin was then given the
that it would change the provisions as he had asked.
course of history. Hadhrat
M u h a m m a d sa u s e d t o The Prophet was extremely mindful of the natural disasters that had
regularly meditate and obliterated the earlier people and would be acutely aware lest calamity
pray in a cave at Mount befell due to any slip-up of his people. Therefore, each time there was
Hira. On one such wind or rain he would engage in prayer and would ask the Muslims to
occasion, he had a vision pray as well. He would enjoin not to condemn the wind per se for it was
of a man who commanded a source of mercy that carried both calamity and mercy; he enjoined to
“Recite!” Since he could seek its good and to seek protection from its harm.
not read or write, he was
unsanitary living conditions abounded believe not in this discourse?”
shocked by this order and everywhere. In short, the world seemed to Yet, the Prophet Muhammadsa continued
replied that he did not be suffering from the darkest period of the to pray. He prayed for his enemies even when
know how. The figure Dark Ages. they stoned him on the streets of Taif, when
embraced him and In the midst of this turmoil, the Holy his followers were being dragged by their
insisted again. So, at last, Prophet Muhammad sa emerged. After hands and feet across hot cobblestone paths
encountering his first vision, he realized that and when enemies placed camel’s entrails on
the Prophet said, God intended him to be “the man born to unite his back during his prayers so he could not
the whole known world of the east and south” stand up. During the countless years he
“Recite thou in the name of thy Lord Who (J.H. Denision, Emotions as the Basis of suffered at the hands of the disbelievers, the
created, created man from a clot of blood. Civilization. 265-269). Thus, with the help of Holy Prophetsa never stopped praying for his
Recite! And thy Lord is the most beneficent, his small group of followers, the Prophet enemies.
Who taught man by the pen, taught man what began to spread his message. To everyone’s astonishment, the Holy
he knew not” (96:2-6). Although most Meccans initially Prophetsa forgave his would-be assassins as
dismissed his claims, some of the slaves, well. For example, when Dasur, a man who
This first revelation would later become women and young men flocked to his side. tried to kill him, was captured and brought
part of the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam. It As the numbers of converts to Islam grew, before him for punishment, Hadhrat
is particularly significant because it marks the the elders of Mecca became so alarmed that Muhammad sa forgave and released him
beginning of Hadhrat Muhammad’s sa they intensified their campaign of persecution instead. He also forgave a Jewish woman who
Prophethood. When Hadhrat Muhammadsa against Hadhrat Muhammad sa and his had tried to poison him. His mercy and
received this revelation, he trembled with fear followers. As a result, the Holy Prophet and forgiveness truly knew no bounds. This was
because the sheer magnitude of the experience his followers were mercilessly and ruthlessly most evident in the case of Abdullah bin Ubay
was so overwhelming. He later understood tormented and tortured for 13 long years in bin Salul, the Chief of the Hypocrites, who
that God had placed a great responsibility Mecca. had treacherously betrayed, abused and
upon his shoulders. Hadhrat Muhammad sa bore this opposed him for years. Abdullah bin Ubay’s
The task that was laid before the Prophetsa persecution with the greatest resolve, son, a Muslim, asked the Prophet’s permission
was even more daunting considering the patience and nobility. Despite his enemies’ to execute his own father for his
place and time in which it was assigned. The best efforts, he never wavered in his message, transgressions. But the Prophetsa replied, “I
Holy Prophetsa was born into a world of utter nor did he cease praying for their salvation. will treat your father with compassion and
chaos and mayhem. Any progress that had He even refused to retaliate or curse the kindness”. When this bitter enemy eventually
been achieved by civilization in the last four disbelievers. Instead, he spent entire nights died, Hadhrat Muhammadsa even went to offer
thousand years was rapidly degenerating into weeping and praying so that God’s his funeral prayers and stayed at the cemetery
lawlessness, savagery and barbarism. Entire punishment may be averted from them. God until Abdullah bin Ubay was buried.
countries fought against each other in a long Almighty tells Muslims in the Quran about His humanity and compassion were further
succession of wars. The new sanctions by the compassion and mercy the Prophet evident in the heat of battle. During the first
Christianity were creating divisions and showed his enemies. In Sura Al-Kahaf (18:7), battle between the Muslims and the
destruction in the West. Reading, learning and God asks his prophet, “Will thou grieve disbelievers, Muhammad’s “army” was
the arts languished. Plagues, pestilence and thyself to death for sorrow over them if they severely deficient. It had little resources and

38 MuslimSunrise
The Prophet’ssa tolerance for others extended
to other religions as well. In several laws, such
as the Char ter of Medina and the Char ter
granted to the Monks of the Monastery of St.
Catherine, the Prophetsa established religious
freedom and freedom of conscience for Jews
and Christians. Under his guidance, people of
other faiths were allowed to practice their
faiths openly and unabashedly, without fear of
persecution or recrimination from the Muslims.

only included 300 men, some as young as his guidance, people of other faiths were had been a lesser man, he would surely have
thirteen years old. Despite this inequity, the allowed to practice their faiths openly and taken advantage of his stature and enjoyed
small motley group of Muslims overcame unabashedly, without fear of persecution some of the luxuries that other leaders and
the mighty Meccans in the Battle of Badr. or recrimination from the Muslims. kings felt entitled to. However, he was not
When the prisoners of war were captured Hadhrat Muhammad’ssa character was no interested in material goods. His sole
at the battle, Hadhrat Muhammadsa wept less remarkable in his personal and private purpose and desire was to please and
with great emotion at the sight his brethren. life. In a time when infanticide ran rampant worship God. This he did with such
He gave strict instructions to his followers and women were considered chattel with unflinching loyalty that his enemies would
to treat all prisoners of war with dignity and no rights or thoughts of their own, the proclaim, “Muhammad is intoxicated with
respect. Every courtesy was to be afforded Prophetsa elevated them to a status greater the love of God”.
to the prisoners. The Holy Prophet was so than any man. In oft-quoted sayings of his, There are countless examples of Hadhrat
adamant about these rules, that he declared the Prophetsa said, “paradise lies under the Muhammad’s sa magnanimous and
whoever did not observe them would fight feet of the mother” and “the best among benevolent conduct. The testimony of his
not for God, but for his own mean self (Abu- you is one who treats his wives and families followers, wives and even his enemies
Dawud). In compliance with these orders, the best”. Among other things, he gave demonstrate that he was worthy of the titles
the Muslims would starve themselves in women such important rights as owning bestowed upon him by God. By all accounts,
order to feed the POWs their meager rations. property and gaining inheritance. He also he was a true “mercy to mankind” (21:108).
They also walked on foot so the prisoners bestowed them with choices; they now had God also described Hadhrat Muhammadsa
could ride on camels. the ability to choose their marriage partners with attributes that are normally reserved
Thus, he abolished all barbaric and and to divorce them if they were unhappy. for Him Alone. He has stated that the
savage practices during wartime. In In his own home, the Holy Prophet Prophetsa was both “Rauf” and “Raheem”
addition to treating prisoners like guests, treated his wives as equals, often seeking (the most compassionate and the most
he forbade mutilating the dead and killing their comfort and counsel on important merciful). Thus, God proclaims that the
women, children, religious or older people. matters. Hadhrat Aisha ra once said that Prophetsa is the perfect embodiment and
He commanded in battle but personally Hadhrat Muhammadsa spent his free time complete reflection of Divine attributes.
refrained from shedding any blood. He gave helping with household chores and In the end, the Promised Messiah and
strict instructions that the lives of his mending his own clothes. She also Mahdi, founder of the Ahmadiyyat Muslim
enemies should be spared whenever described his simple and humble habits Community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas,
possible. In fact, he personally arranged his regarding diet, living conditions and said it best: “The proof of his spiritual life
battles so they would inflict the least harm clothing. Hadhrat Muhammad sa, the great and holy majesty is that by following him
against the enemy. The Prophet’s sa prophet and ruler, only had one change of and loving him, we become recipients of the
tolerance for others extended to other clothes. His main diet consisted of dates, holy spirit and are favored with the bounty
religions as well. In several laws, such as barley and water. He slept on a leather sack of converse with God and witness heavenly
the Charter of Medina and the Charter filled with twigs and leaves. signs” (Tiryaqul Quloob, 11). u
granted to the Monks of the Monastery of This austere, simple life was adopted by
St. Catherine, the Prophet sa established choice, rather than by sheer necessity. If Farrah Qazi holds a JD from DePaul
religious freedom and freedom of he had wanted, the Prophet sa could have University Law School. She resides in Lisle,
conscience for Jews and Christians. Under lived a life of great luxury and comfort. If he Illinois.

SPRING 2007 39
Coming of
Hazrat Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad
By Falahud Din Shams

adhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,
the Promised Messiah and
World Messenger of the Latter
Days, has appeared in the East,
in Qadian, India. In his person
were fulfilled the scriptural prophecies
concerning the second advent of Jesus. He
founded the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam,
an organization devoted to the cause of
spreading his heavenly message to all corners
of the world.
God spoke to Ahmad saying that He has
metaphorically made him the Messiah, the
son of Mary. He has come in the footsteps of
We are all blessed immeasurably to have
been born during the time of one of the Holy
Messengers of God. But there are many
among us today who stand in danger of losing
a rare opportunity. For only those can benefit
from his advent who hear and perceive
People cite the Scriptures that he will
descend from the heavens, for it is written:
“And then shall they see the Son of Man
coming in the clouds with great power and
glory. And then shall he send his angels and
shall gather together his elect…” II (Mark
13: 26-27).
But people do not reflect over the words
of Jesus. They strive not to understand what
he has explained in his parables.
It had been written: “Behold, I will send
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of
Promised Messiah and Mahdi (1835-1908) the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”
(Malachi 4:5). In due course, Jesus appeared.
But the Jews rejected him on the ground that
Elijah had not first descended from Heaven

40 MuslimSunrise
to prepare the way for him as they were Hadhrat Ahmad was born in Qadian, a
expecting. Coming in the clouds tiny village in India. It might be called one of
Even the disciples were confused and The promise of Jesus that at the appointed the most obscure places on earth, having no
sought guidance from Jesus. The Bible states, time the Son of Man would be seen “coming transportation facilities or communication
“his disciples asked Jesus, saying Why then in the clouds with great glory”, with a host of with the outside world. He was a quiet and
say the Scribes that Elias must first come? angels has created much confusion in the inconspicuous person who never cared for
And Jesus answered and said unto them, minds of his followers. Students of science the limelight. He lived during the height of
Elias truly shall first come, and restore all have forsaken religion entirely as a result of the British Empire, when Christian
things. But I say unto you, that Elias is come such scriptural references. They feel that wis- missionaries from all lands concentrated their
already, and they knew him not, but have done dom should be expected of God. The trouble efforts on the natives of India, backed by
unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise lies not in the references themselves, but in strong churches and governments. The
shall also the Son of Man suffer of them. Then misinterpretation or misunderstanding. political and religious climate in India during
the disciples understood that he spoke unto Jesus spoke in parables. There are so that time was very much like that of Palestine
them of John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17:10- many examples of the same sort of symbolic in the time of Jesus. In short, there was hardly
13) speech in the Bible which are accepted as a chance for a person in Hadhrat Ahmad’s
God’s secrets are disclosed only at the such, that it is difficult to understand why so position to attract any amount of attention to
appointed time, and are disclosed only to many people cannot see beyond mere words himself or his mission.
those to whom God opens the gates of His in the question of Jesus and his second However, from the moment God revealed
knowledge. Jesus, having been imparted this coming. Webster’s dictionary defines the to him that he was the Messiah, things began
knowledge, explained to his disciples that word “cloudy” as “overcast obscure; dark; to change in Qadian. People from all over the
John the Baptist was Elias and that they might gloomy; confused.” The most likely world were drawn to this little village, many
accept him if they would. It is patent, therefore, interpretation in the case of Jesus is that his of them leaving their professions, homes and
that what was meant by Elias descending from approach will be of a “cloudy” nature. families. Seekers after truth in far countries
Heaven was that John should, as the angel Considering other prophecies made by were informed of his presence in miraculous
had foretold before his birth, go before Jesus Jesus about his second advent, anyone or all ways, through dreams, etc., and rushed to
in the spirit and power of Elias (Luke 1:17). of these definitions would apply. He has Qadian to see and believe in him. Even those
Thus Jesus simply explained that when the described his coming as “like a thief in the people who opposed him were bound to
prophecies speak of the “Second Coming” night” (Luke 12:39; Rev 3:3; I Thess 5:2) and admit that he was no ordinary adversary, for
of a prophet from the Heavens, they actually “at an hour when ye think not”(Matthew 24 most of them experienced the wrath of God in
mean the appearance of a prophet “Like unto :44). fulfillment of Ahmad’s prophecies. Truly,
him”. In this verse, he also hinted that the Thus, simply, this prophecy of Jesus Divine Forces were working on his behalf.
same would be true of his own “Second meant that his appearance would be of an
Coming”. obscure nature, and that he would not be Signs of the time
If Jesus was really to come down from recognized in the beginning. But with the help Jesus warned his followers with regard to
heaven, why did he give a warning that people of God’s angels, his presence would be made his second appearance that they should not
should not be deceived by the fulfillment of a manifest to those who sincerely awaited his be content with only a few signs, but should
few signs, but must wait until all be fulfilled? coming. Otherwise, how would it be possible wait until all of his prophecies were fulfilled.
Would he not, in that case, have said, “They for him to “gather his elect”? If he were to Only then, he said, would the rightful claim-
shall appear from the earth, but I shall descend appear in the sky in a blaze of glory, the whole ant appear.
from Heaven”, so that there could be no mankind would be so suddenly transformed This being the case, we must see whether
mistake? Why does he ask his disciples to by awe that it would be impossible to all that had been written concerning the time
endure and to wait? Why does he not say, recognize the faithful or “separate the sheep of the second advent of Jesus was fulfilled in
“Accept him who comes from heaven and from the goats.” the time of Hadhrat Ahmad (peace be upon
reject all others?” Why does he not appoint According to prophecies about the time him) and at his hands.
any other sign but this? If he was to descend of his appearance, the condition of the world It had been said there would be wars, and
from heaven, why did his disciples ask him, at that time shall be dark, gloomy, and wars there have been in abundance and on a
“What shall be the sign of thy coming?” Was confused. The wave of false prophets scale which had never been witnessed before.
this not sign enough that he would come appearing in that age shall make his own truth Especially the last two World Wars. War and
down from Heaven with a host of angels? doubtful to many. destruction seem to be the order of the day. It
And could there be any mistake about him? This prophecy certainly can be said to had been said that there would be pestilences
It was appointed that another prophet have been fulfilled in the appearance of and in spite of the great advance which the
should come in the spirit of Jesus, and not Hadhrat Ahmad (on whom be peace). It seems world has made in hygiene, unparalleled rav-
that Jesus himself should come down from that no other prophet ever had so many ages have been caused by influenza and
heaven. To know him, therefore, we should difficulties to contend with in making himself plague. It had been said that there would be
ponder over the words of the prophecies and known to people. His astonishing success in earthquakes, and we find that the frequency
should search for their true meaning like the spite of the odds against him may be cited as and intensity of earthquakes now being expe-
diver who dives into the bottom of the ocean one of the strongest proofs of the truth of his rienced were never experienced before within
searching for pearls. claim. twice the period. It had been said that there

SPRING 2007 41
would be famines, and in spite of irrigation
canals and railroads, ships, and other facili-
ties for the carriage of commodities, the world
has passed through famines so severe that
they have caused the death of many thou-
sands. It had been said that rivers would be-
come red with blood. The reports that come
from warfronts make no other comment nec-
essary. Iniquity abounds to such a degree that
not only a brother betrays a brother but finds
pleasure in the act (Matthew 10:21, 24:10). All
of these signs have been fulfilled so clearly
that no doubt has been left concerning them.
Just about the time of Hadhrat Ahmad’s
birth, the followers of different religions had
begun to look for the Promised One and God
had in different parts of the world revealed to
many the tidings of the approach of the Sav- In addition to an eclipse of the Sun and Moon
ior of the world; so that by the middle of the that occurred according to prophecies in some
nineteenth century both in Europe and in Asia,
men of diverse races and religions had begun
Muslim writings, the famed “Haley’s Comet”
to expect the Promised One and many began made its spectacular appearance only a few
to utter warnings such as, “Behold, the Prom- years after he published his claim to
ised One is nigh, arise and prepare, lest he Prophethood. This sign was seen by people in
find you asleep.”
Thus, from the very moment of his birth
every corner of the world, fulfilling the prophecy
Hadhrat Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, ac- of Jesus: “Then shall appear the sign of the
quired a resemblance to him under whose Son of Man in heaven” (Matthew 24:30).
name he was destined to guide the world, for
at the time of the birth of Jesus also the messi- himself has said that after these things in these days and the sway of religion
anic hope among the Jews had reached its come to pass, the Son of Man will take over the lives of the people has never
peak. In addition to an eclipse of the Sun and away the earth from the evil-doers and been so loose. The churches depend on
Moon that occurred according to prophecies give the inheritance thereof to the righ- entertainment to hold their congregations
in some Muslim writings, the famed “Haley’s teous. But if the Sun and the Moon should together, and in fact, find it difficult to
Comet” made its spectacular appearance only cease to give forth light and the stars fall- keep order during their services without
a few years after he published his claim to out of heaven, even the righteous would limiting the sermon to forty minutes.
Prophethood. This sign was seen by people cease to exist, for their bodies are con- Profanity and irreligion are rampant
in every corner of the world, fulfilling the structed in the same manner as those of and people have come to regard religion
prophecy of Jesus: “Then shall appear the sign sinners, and depend on light and air for as superstition and an encumbrance. This
of the Son of Man in heaven” (Matthew 24:30). survival. Besides, if the Sun and Moon feeling is not confined to the followers of
As to the darkening of the Sun and the were to be darkened nobody would be able any particular religion. All religions are
Moon and the falling of the stars and the shak- to see the Son of Man coming down from being ridiculed and whatever power reli-
ing of the powers of Heaven, it might appear heaven, and all of this dramatic activity gious leaders still hold over their follow-
as if they had not yet been fulfilled. But those would be wasted for lack of an audience. ers is of a nature more political than reli-
who reflect over sacred writings and are famil- It is clear, therefore, that this proph- gious. This again is a sign which has been
iar with the working of Divine Laws have no ecy cannot be construed literally and that fulfilled in these days.
difficulty in arriving at the real meaning of there is a hidden meaning in it, as is very All of these prophecies which had fore-
these words. often the case with revealed words; and told the advent of the Promised Messiah
It is obvious that these words cannot be that meaning is that the Sun and the Moon clearly indicate that the present is the time
taken literally. If the sun were to literally dark- will be eclipsed in those days and Mete- when the Messiah should have appeared.
ened, life on this planet would become extinct, ors will fall in large number, and power of For “When ye see a cloud rise out of the
as all life is dependent on the light of the Sun. religious leaders over their followers will West, straightway ye say, There cometh a
If the stars fell from the heavens, this world be weakened, for in religious literature shower and so it is. And when ye see the
would be annihilated, for every part of the heavenly powers signify leaders of reli- South wind blow, ye say, there will be heat;
universe is dependent upon every other and gion. and it cometh to pass, Ye hypocrites, ye
cannot exist without it. Again, if the powers of The hold of religious leaders over can discern the face of the sky and of the
Heaven were shaken literally, not only humans their followers has never been as weak as earthi but how is it ye do not discern this
but even angels would cease to exist. Jesus
time?” (Luke 12:54-56)

42 MuslimSunrise
Thus all that was written having been
fulfilled the Messiah must surely have ap-
peared and those who love him must seek

Where will Jesus appear

Jesus has warned many times against false
prophets. In fact, his repeated warnings
have misled his followers into the belief that
all future prophets would be impostors (God
However, if we search the scriptures and
read his prophecies with open eyes, we will
have no trouble in distinguishing the true
Messiah from the false. For he has himself
specified the place of his appearance and
has kept nothing secret lest some say:
“How shall we find him by seeking in the
wide world? Has he not said: “For as the Predicting the Great War, which in prophecy is compared
lightning cometh out of the East and
to an earthquake, Ahmad, the Promised Messenger of
shineth even unto the West, so shall also
the coming of the Son of Man be. For the Latter Days, said on April 15th 1905: “With the blood
wheresoever the carcass is there will the of the dead, the streams of the mountains shall become
eagles be gathered together” (Matthew red like red wine.
This parable clearly states that he will metropolis. Houses were enlarged to Their signs and wonders must be of a
appear in the East, and that his message accommodate the overflow of guests. nature different from that of the signs and
and teachings will “shine” into the Schools and colleges were built. Young wonders of the true prophets, for if this
uttermost corners of the world. Like the people began to dedicate their lives, as in were not so, then how can we say that
lightning, he will be a shock to many people, olden days, to the service of God, and were Moses and David and John and even Jesus
for the shocking and unexpected truth he sent as missionaries to spread the glad himself were true prophets?
brings will hit them like a storm and deal a tidings in foreign lands. Thus, the wonderful We find, however, that Jesus puts
death blow to their false doctrines. Finally prophecies of Jesus have been and are forward his signs and wonders as
he will bring peace ... a new Heaven and a being fulfilled to the letter. testimonies of his truth, for we read that
new Earth, where man will live in harmony when John the Baptist sent his disciples to
through obedience to the Will of God. And How to distinquish a true prophet Jesus and they asked him, “Art thou he that
should come, or do we look for another?”
so it is happening before our very eyes. from a false prophet
Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, He answered and said unto them, “Go and

t may be asked, “How shall we know that
appeared in Qadian, India. He came in the show John again those things which ye do
the words of Hadhrat Ahmad are true
spirit and power to establish the Kingdom hear and see: the blind receive their sight,
and that God has made him the Messiah
of God on earth. Like all previous and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed
and that all he speaks is the truth, for we
messengers of God, he was at first rejected and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up
have been warned that ‘Many shall come in
by all but a small number of elect. However, and the poor have the Gospel preached to
my name, saying, I am Christ: and shall
in only a few years his truth began them. And blessed is he, whosoever shall
deceive many’ (Matthew 24:5), and again
spreading all over the world. His not be offended in me” (Matthew 11:3-6;
‘There shall arise false Christs and false
organization has been established in over Luke 7:20-23).
prophets, and shall show great signs and
180 countries; thus, fulfilling the prophecy, It must not be misunderstood from these
wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible
for even now his light is shining “unto the words of Jesus that all of his miracles and
they shall deceive the very elect!”? (Matthew
West”. signs were of physical nature. Although
24:24; Mark 13:22)
“Wheresoever the carcass is, there shall many stories of his healing miracles are
Here, indeed, is a warning against false
the eagles be gathered together.” From the related in this sense, it is clear from other
prophets; and it is said that they shall show
day Hadhrat Ahmad declared that God had passages in the Gospels that his healing
great signs and wonders; but is it not also
made him the Messiah, the little town of powers were more or less confined to
said that “If it were possible they shall
Qadian has been teeming with life. spiritual diseases.
deceive the elect?” This shows that there
Righteous men and women from all over the If Jesus actually was able to bring the
are means of knowing the true prophet from
world began flocking to his doorstep, led dead back to life, every true Christian today
the false one, by the help of which the elect
by visions and other marvelous signs from should possess the same power. For we read
shall know the true prophet and shall not
God. In a few short years Qadian, once only in the Gospels, “He that believeth on me
be deceived by the false.
a wide spot in the road, became a teeming (Jesus), the works that I do shall he do also;

SPRING 2007 43
and greater works than these shall he do.” “Death will make such havoc that 3. That all Hadhrat Ahmad’s warnings
(John 14:12; Matthew 17:20; Mark 9:23, streams of blood will flow. pronounced with such authority and power
11:23, 16:16-18). Either Jesus did nothing of The destruction on the earth’s surface have been fulfilled.
the kind physically, or else the Christians shall be greater than any the world has wit- 4. That now no other alternative exists but
for generations have not been able to nessed before. Many places shall be turned to believe in Godl and in Hadhrat Mirza
produce a real believer in Jesus. For we upside down and present such scenes of de- Ghulam, the Messenger and Messiahl who,
know of no proven incident in history of a struction that one would think they had like Jesus, is the way and the life, and who
Christian restoring life to a corpse, or even never been inhabited ... Then will men in great offers the only truth for men of our times.
driving out the simplest of demons. bewilderment begin to ask themselves what
It is obvious, then, that the miracles of is going to happen ... Had I not come, these The messiah has come
Jesus were of a pure spiritual nature, as were calamities would also have been put off for
the miracles and signs shown by Hadhrat a while, but with my appearance, the secret Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus
Ahmad, his counterpart in our age. designs of the wrath of God have been made foretold his second advent in the Latter
It is written “And if thou say in thine heart, manifest; for He says that punishment is not Days. Christians , who claim to be the
How shall we know the word which the Lord sent, until a messenger is raised ... Thou, O followers of Jesus, have been waiting for
hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh Asia! And ye that dwell in the islands! No their master since that day. Is it not strange
in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow self-made deity will assist you on that day. I that they do not rush to investigate every
not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which see cities falling down, and I find inhabited claimant who says he has come “In the
the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet places in ruins. The Omnipotent God has name of the Lord”? (Matthew 23:39)
hath spoken it presumptuously; thou shalt kept silence for a long time while detestable “We have been warned to be aware of
not be afraid of him” (Deut. 18:21-22). deeds were done in His sight, but now He false prophets, and will not believe that
It is clear, therefore, that signs and will show His face with great awe. Let him the Messiah has come until we see him
prophecies are the testimonies of the truth who has ears hear that the time is not dis- coming down from the sky” is their typical
of a prophet, and the wonders which Jesus tant. I strove hard to gather men under the objection.
attributes to false prophets are of a nature protection of God, but it was necessary that Jesus clearly explained that false
different from those shown by God’s the writing of fate should have been fulfilled, prophets would be known by their fruits.
prophets. They are tricks and sleights of I say to you truly that the turn of this coun- “Beware of false prophets, which come to
hand, whereas the signs of true prophets try is drawing near. The days of Noah will you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they
are of a supernatural order which manifest come before your eyes; and the scene of are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them
the glory of God. Such signs and prophecies Lot’s earth you will see with your own eyes. by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of
are the means of knowing a prophet. The But God is slow in sending His wrath. Re- thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every
Messenger and Prophet of these days may pent, so that mercy will be shown to you. He good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a
also be judged by the signs which have been who forsakes God is a worm, not a man, and corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good
fulfilled at their appointed time. he who does not fear Him is dead, not liv- tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither
ing.” can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Promised Messiah All of these prophecies were made at a time FORTH GOOD FRUIT IS HEWN DOWN
Predicting the Great War, which in when war seemed most unlikely. There was no AND CAST INTO THE FIRE. (Matthew
prophecy is compared to an earthquake, indication that atomic bombs would ever be 7:15-19) Now, if every prophet in the future
Ahmad, the Promised Messenger of the thought of or that the whole of Europe would was to be false, would there have been any
Latter Days, said on April 15th 1905: be torn by the ravages of war. World Commu- need to set such a standard?
“With the blood of the dead, the streams of nism with it accompanying terror and destruc- Jesus warned that there would be
the mountains shall become red like red wine. tion was still a thing of the future. The Czar of both good and corrupt trees , both false
Russia was then at the height of his power, and true prophets. His parable was only a
“All the men and spirits shall lose their and it seemed impossible that his condition help so that the people be able to easily
presence of mind for fear: and even the Czar would ever be changed. distinguish between the two.
shall be in a miserable condition at that What should we conclude then about these
hour.” remarkable happenings? Again, Jesus did not necessarily say that
in a certain year a certain man would claim to
“That heavenly sign will be a specimen of There is only one inevitable conclusion: be a prophet and that he would be either true
God’s wrath: or false. He expected his followers to have
1. That there is a Living God who speaks to sense enough to judge a prophet on his merits,
Heaven shall direct its charge against the His chosen ones, Who imports knowledge of and decide for themselves. By his example of
world with its drawn dagger. Don’t deny it the future, Who controls the affairs of the two trees, he warned that they should carefully
through impatience for on it rests the truth world and is Mighty and Powerful. examine each claimant to prophethood, and
of my claims.” 2. That Ahmad (peace be on him}, the then accept or reject him on the basis of
In October 1906, he again repeated his Warner of the present day, was certainly raised knowledge and understanding – For how can
warning in the following words: by God in accordance with His promises in the a man know whether the fruit is sweet or bitter
Scriptures of all faiths. if he is too stubborn to taste it? u
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