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Willowcreek Middle School

2018/2019 Intermediate II Math Disclosure

Mrs. Shaw (801) 610-8766 ext. 109

Course Description: The main mathematical topics covered in this math class are linear relationships, functions,
solving equations and systems of linear equations, transformations, Pythagorean Theorem and statistics.

Website: All classwork and homework will be available on my website. Please familiarize yourself with the site.

Necessary Materials: Students are required to bring materials to class each day:
*A dedicated 1 ½ inch math binder with loose-leaf * A colored pen/pencil for grading.
paper. This will be used every day. *A dry erase marker.
*A writing utensil (pencil/pen) *Highlighters for notes
*A calculator will be available to use in class, however if you have your own to use that would be preferable. A
scientific calculator would be fine for this level class.


Imagine Math (10% of final grade): Students will be required to participate in an online math program called
Imagine Math (IM). Each student will be required to pass 10 lessons, and maintain a journal for those lessons, each
term. A letter with more explanations about this will be coming home. We will expect students to spend time using
this program in addition to their other math homework. Imagine Math will count as 10% of the student’s total math
grade. If there is not computer access at home, Ms. Brunner (A201) and Ms. Mohlman (B110) have ipads available in
their classrooms before and after school. The library also has computers available daily. Any additional lessons
passed each term will count as extra credit (5 points each) for a maximum of one grade step (ie. B to B+, A- to A,
or C+ to B- etc.). The link is found here: https://lms.thinkthroughmath.com/users/sign_in
Student’s Skyward login is their Username and their Student ID (lunch number) is their password. The site code is

Classwork/Skills (10% of final grade): Each day students are required to take notes. These notes are to be kept
in their math binder for the entire year. The binders/classwork are graded at the end of each unit. If a student
is absent it is his/her responsibility to get the notes and the class work completed. Dispositions includes test
corrections and using the 8 Math Practice Standards.

Homework Assignments (25% of final grade): Since assignments emphasize and/or extend the mathematical
understanding of class work, it must be completed on a daily basis. Assignments will usually take from thirty to
forty minutes outside of class to complete. Homework assignments must receive 80% or better to be handed in.
Homework is sent home daily and must be completed before the next math class. THERE IS A 10% LATE
PENALTY FOR HOMEWORK NOT COMPLETED ON TIME. Homework will be graded in class on a daily basis.
Students should bring a RED grading pen to class each day. Students wishing to correct their original, on-time
homework may do so. This must be completed by the next Math Day. Any homework turned in after this second
math day will receive the late penalty. Assignments turned in after the Unit test will be half credit. No
assignments will be accepted after the term dead day.

Tests (35% of final grade): Tests are given at the end of each unit. All students are required to correct their
tests which will be entered in the Classwork/Dispositions category. Students wishing to improve their test score
Willowcreek Middle School
may do so by retaking the questions they missed on the test. This can only be done after completing the
test correction assignment. All retakes must be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the test score (or the
term dead day if less than 2 weeks). Retakes may only be taken once and will receive HALF CREDIT for any
questions answered correctly with all work properly shown.

Quizzes (20% of the final grade): Quizzes will be given as deemed necessary, usually 2-3 per unit. Any quiz may be
corrected for half credit within one week of receiving the score. Corrections must be completed on a separate
sheet of paper attached to the front of the quiz.

Grading: I update grades at least once a week, but at least by every Thursday/Friday. Please encourage your child
to check their grades at least once a week. The following grading scale will be used.
100-93 A 89-87 B+ 79-77 C+ 69-67 D+ 59-0 F
92-90 A- 86-83 B 76-73 C 66-63 D
82-80 B- 72-70 C- 62-60 D-
Class Expectations:
 BE RESPECTFUL: to yourself and others
 BE PREPARED: Pencil sharpened, homework & materials ready
 BE ON TIME: In your seat, ready to learn when the bell rings
 CELL PHONES/ELECTRONICS: off and out of sight
 NO GUM/FOOD/CANDY/DRINK IN CLASS (excluding water bottles)
 NO INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE: includes cussing and put-downs
Consequences: If a student chooses to break the above, the following consequences may be carried out.
1. Verbal warning
2. Time out or Paragraphs (Electronics: Confiscated to office) *
3. After school or lunch detention *
4. Referral to office *
* Parent may be contacted

Absences and Tardies: The school’s tardy policy will be enforced. If a student is absent, it is his or her
responsibility to find out what was missed and make up the work.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I understand that each student is
unique and may have some special needs. Please let me know of any of these up front so that I can work with your
student to make this year a great one. The best way to contact me is through email. I look forward to a great
year with your student!

Willowcreek Middle School

You may electronically sign on the 8th grade website: wms8thgrademathrocks.weebly.com or you can
sign and return this portion and return to Mrs. Shaw (room 201) by August 28/29, 2017.

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