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SEW Presses are pleased to inform you of the following Safety features our presses
are equipped with, ensuring maximum safety.

Top Stop Safety

• It is a very crucial and essential safety for any power press to ensure the press stops at TDC
(Top Dead Center) after a single stroke and this feature is assured through cam limit switch
and can never be manipulated or by-passed.

120° Degree Safe Signal

• In 120° Degree safety feature press stroke will operate in inching mode only between 0° to
120°, enabling operator to stop operation between 0° to 120° in case of inappropriate feed
of job or any other reason by release of push buttons. After 120° stroke press will work in
single cycle mode till 360°.

Top Start Safety

• This feature ensures press operates from TDC (Top Dead Center) only and it can be
adjusted ± 20° from TDC, in case Slide not in TDC position, it will never allow the press to
take a stroke. Ensuring maximum safety.
• Further, this safety feature will ensure Top Stop even during worst case of Top Stop cam
limit switch not working properly, the Top Start can will stop the press at the TDC, ensuring
extra safety.
• This feature cam limit switch ensures immediate disconnect & engagement of Clutch and
air supply to Solenoid Valve to stop press instantly.

Hard Logic Safety

• Hard Logic safeties are controlled through Relays and Cam through NO & NC Hard Logic
Programming in PLC to stop the press. This safety ensures disengagement of clutch and
disconnect's air supply to Solenoid valve and most important part of this feature is it is
working independently as well as parallel with PLC for single cycle operation, which is a
added safety in addition to the PLC.

Over Run Safety

• It is most important safety features in worst case of failures of above said all safeties not
working, Over Run Safety will ensure to cut off at 5° to 10° after TDC.

Anti-repeat Safety

• It is timer based safety which operates on 120° single safety cam input of cam limit switch.
Press will stops near TDC by this timer in case of failure of cam limit switch.
Above all safeties are programmed sequentially. In case of any cam limit switch or
safety by-pass or not working appropriately the press will stop immediately and
alert error showing in Fault finding HMI accordingly.

Further, we also provide additional electrical hardware i.e. Surge Protector and
Single Phase Filter in Panel Board to minimize the abnormal break down. Surge
Protector will absorb voltage fluctuation and protect Panel Electricals.

SEW Presses are fitted with Mitsubishi FX-3U advanced and enhanced PLC made in
Japan along with user friendly GT-1020 Fault Finding HMI.