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ATP Online Test Series(AOTS)

Mission JEE- 2019

Mathematics Physics Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

Compound angles, Kinematics, Chemical kinetics,
IUPAC, Periodic table
Function, Newtons laws of motion Mole Cocept,
Part Test-1 Isomerism, and properties,
inverse trigonometric function, & Friction, Gaseous State,
GOC (General organic chem) chemical bonding
Limit continuity & derivability Work power energy Radioactivity

Quadratic Equation,
Centre of mass,
Sequence & progression, Hydrocarbons
Collision, Thermodynamics,
Method of differentiation, (Alkane, Alkene, Alkynes),
Part Test-2 Rotational mechanics, Liquid solution, coordination compound
Indefinite integration, Halogen derivatives
Simple Harmonic Motion, Thermochemistry
definite integration (Including grignard reagent)

Trigonometric equation
& inequations,
solution of triangle, Ionic Equilibrium, Alcohol,
Part Test-3 Application of derivative, chemical equilibrium, Ethers,
Electrostatics, Gravitation, s-block, p-block
Differential equation, Atomic Structure, carbonyl compounds
Current electricity, Capacitance
Area under the curve

Straight line,
Matrices, Magnetism, Electrochemistry,
Carbonyl compound,
Vector & 3D, Electromagnetic induction and solid state, D-block,
Part Test-4 carboxylic acids,
Mathematical Reasoning, Alternating Current redox and equivalent metallurgy
Sets, Relation, Thermal Physics concept
Height & distance
Permutation & combination,
Mechanical Waves, surface chemistry, Aromatic compounds,
Ray, & Wave Optics, thermodynamics, Biomolecules,
Probability, Qualitative (Salt)
Part Test-5 Modern Physics, chemical equilibrium, Polymers,
conic Section, analysis
Fluid Mechanics, thermochemistry, chemistry in every day life,
Complex Number
Error & Measurement ionic equilibrium Environmental chemistry