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3EK7 Surge Arrester

up to 52 kV
– safer with silicone
The New 3EK7:
durable, safe, top quality

The new 3EK7 surge arrest- Silicone: Stays leak-tight for years
er from Siemens offers Total safety
The silicone enclosure
superior protection against Together, the water-repellent sprayed directly onto the
(hydrophobic) property of the metal-oxide resistors of the
power surges for the
silicone and the elasticity of 3EK7 surge arrester has a
equipment in electrical the synthetic composite mate- number of significant
distribution systems with rial ensure that the 3EK7 surge advantages. Unlike
arrester enjoys an exceptio- conventional arresters with
operating voltages of up to
nally long service life, even synthetic enclosures that are
52 kV. under the toughest climatic either push-fit or shrink-fit,
Besides being highly resistant conditions and in the harshest the construction of the 3EK7
industrial environment. means that there is no chance
to environmental pollution of Moreover, it does not give off of there being any holes or
all kinds, its performance in any toxic substances, even in cavities that moisture might
dealing with earth faults and the event of fire. creep into – one of the most
common causes of failure in
its excellent short-circuit Silicone: medium-voltage surge
ratings are setting entirely Exceptional resistance to arresters. The 3EK7 remains
new standards. surface pollution absolutely leak-tight and
completely insensitive to
The silicone on the new 3EK7 The silicone on the 3EK7
moisture, no matter what the
surge arrester prevents
surge arrester refuses to weather.
moisture and pollution from
allow any deposits of pollution settling on its surface.
Exceptional service life
or films of moisture to form Because this water-repellent
property is also transferred to High-quality materials and the
on it. Thus surface currents
contaminant layers, it is latest manufacturing
caused by pollution are impossible for a complete techniques ensure that the
extremely low. layer of conductive moisture 3EK7 surge arrester has a
to form on the surface. Even long service life. The excellent
This arrester is also very
the heavy saline fog that mechanical strength of the
lightweight, robust and du- occurs in coastal regions has silicone sheath provides
rable – and offers outstanding no adverse effect on the optimum protection of the
excellent dielectric properties. 3EK7 under all conditions –
cost effectiveness. The end result is that no during transport and
surface currents can be installation, and in service
generated, and discharges against wind, weather and
on the surface of the arrest- wilful attempts to cause
er are minimal. damage. This means, of
course, that power supply
system outage times are kept
to an absolute minimum.

Safe overload
characteristics Nothing but advantages
The metal-oxide resistors of • Long service life
the 3EK7 surge arrester are • Safe overload characteristics
surrounded by glass-rein- • Resistant to damage arising
forced plastic rods that en- from transport, installation,
close them like a cage. In the storm, earthquake or
event of the resistors being vandalism
overloaded – an extremely • High UV resistance
rare event but nevertheless • High creepage current and
one that cannot be ruled out erosion resistance
entirely with any type of • Suitable for corrosive
arrester – it is impossible for atmospheres (industrial,
arcing to generate excessive coastal and desert)
internal pressure because the • Long-time water repellence
resistors are not enclosed in (hydrophobic transfer and
a sealed mechanical shell. The regeneration)
arc can escape through the • Low-temperature flexibility
silicone sheath without ab- down to – 45 °C
ruptly ripping open the me- • Highly flame-retardant
chanical supporting structure (selfextinguishing, IEC 707
of the enclosure. At the same (3 mm) F V0)
time a large number of GRP • 50% lighter than comparable
rods ensure that the metal- porcelain surge arresters
oxide resistors remain in • Easy to install
place, reducing to an absolute • Excellent economy – long
minimum the risk of any flying service life, attractive price

that is totally convincing

The 3EK7 surge arrester Totally convincing design

offers truly sophisticated The key design features of
technology that can take even the 3EK7 surge arrester are
the way in which the HTV
the hardest of knocks in
silicone (High Temperature
everyday service. It means, Vulcanizing) is vulcanized
of course, that it can handle directly onto the resistor units
and the way in which the
overloads extremely well,
resistor stacks are clamped
should they ever occur, and solidly between the end
that there is almost no chance fittings by 8 GRP rods. The
end result of this type of
at all of nearby equipment construction is absolute leak-
suffering secondary damage tightness and high mechanical
(due to flying splinters or strength combined with the
ability to prevent any buildup
fragments). of excessive internal pressure
as a result of overloading.
In addition, compared with
other polymers, the HTV
silicone of the enclosure is
water-repellent and flame-
retardant, and has been used
with great success in all types
of power systems for over 20
years (including extra-high-
voltage networks).
Passed with flying colors:
All current standard tests
It would be difficult to provide
a more convincing demon-
stration of quality – the 3EK7
surge arrester passed all the
tests demanded by current
standards with flying colors.
So the whole range complies
with all the latest issues of
IEC 60099-1, 60099-4 and

Comprehensive range of
The standard versions of the
3EK7 surge arrester come
preassembled with a nut and
washer on the M12 stud at
each end and with an
additional clamp at the high-
voltage end. This enables the
arrester to be installed in
existing plants in a variety of
ways without the need for
any additional parts.

With the aid of metal clips

from the range of accessories
it is also possible to mount
this arrester on NEMA or DIN
terminals. An insulated
mounting must be employed
for the arrester when a
disconnector is used. There
are suitable insulating clips
available for this purpose and
they are also suitable for
NEMA and DIN terminals.

Always the Right Type
for you

Electrical data
Supply system Supply sys- Supply sys- Surge Enclosure Rated Contin- Maximum residual voltage with wave
with isolated tem with sol- tem with im- arrester size* voltage uous
or resonant idly earthed pedance ear- type operating
earthed neutral neutral thed neutral voltage
30/60 µs 8/20 µs
Um Um Um Ur Uc 500 A 5.0 kA 10.0 kA 20.0 kA
kV kV kV kV kV kV kV kV kV

7.2 3EK7 060-4C S 6 4.8 13.7 16.6 18.0 20.6

7.2 7.2 3EK7 090-4C S 9 7.2 23.0 27.8 30.2 34.5
12 3EK7 105-4C S 10.5 8.4 25.2 30.5 33.1 37.8
12 12 3EK7 120-4C S 12 9.6 29.8 36.1 39.2 44.7
12 17.5 12 3EK7 150-4C S 15 12 34.5 41.7 45.3 51.7
12 3EK7 150-4V S 15 12 30.4 36.8 39.9 45.5
17.5 17.5 3EK7 180-4C M 18 14.4 41.3 50.0 54.3 62.0
24 17.5 3EK7 210-4C M 21 16.8 46.0 55.6 60.4 68.9
30 24 3EK7 240-4C L 24 19.2 52.8 63.9 69.4 79.2
36 24 3EK7 270-4C L 27 21.6 64.3 77.8 84.5 96.4
24 36 3EK7 300-4C L 30 24 68.9 83.4 90.6 103.3
24 3EK7 300-4V L 30 24 60.7 73.5 79.8 91.0
36 3EK7 360-4C X 36 28.8 80.4 97.3 105.7 120.5
36 3EK7 390-4C X 39 31.2 87.2 105.6 114.7 130.8
52 3EK7 420-4C X 42 33.6 91.9 111.2 120.8 137.8
36 52 3EK7 450-4C X 45 36 98.7 119.5 129.8 148.0
36 3EK7 450-4V X 45 36 87.8 106.2 115.4 131.6

*Other sizes of enclosure available to order.

Mechanical data
Supply system Supply sys- Supply sys- Surge Enclosure Height Weight Creepage distance
with isolated tem with sol- tem with im- arrester size
or resonant idly earthed pedance ear- type
earthed neutral neutral thed neutral
Um Um Um k
kV kV kV mm kg mm

7.2 3EK7 060-4C S 205 1.9 490

7.2 7.2 3EK7 090-4C S 205 2.0 490
12 3EK7 105-4C S 205 2.1 490
12 12 3EK7 120-4C S 205 2.1 490
12 17.5 12 3EK7 150-4C S 205 2.2 490
12 3EK7 150-4V S 205 2.2 490
17.5 17.5 3EK7 180-4C M 240 2.5 600
24 17.5 3EK7 210-4C M 240 2.6 600
30 24 3EK7 240-4C L 305 3.2 900
36 24 3EK7 270-4C L 305 3.4 900
24 36 3EK7 300-4C L 305 3.4 900
24 3EK7 300-4V L 305 3.4 900
36 3EK7 360-4C X 435 4.6 1370
36 3EK7 390-4C X 435 4.7 1370
52 3EK7 420-4C X 435 4.7 1370
36 52 3EK7 450-4C X 435 4.8 1370
36 3EK7 450-4V X 435 4.8 1370

The Siemens 3EK7 surge

arrester can be used for all
customary applications up to
52 kV. This enables you to
make unlimited use of all the
technical and economic
advantages of the 3EK7.

so easy
It is very easy to order a Siemens
3EK7 surge arrester using the
table below:
Simply choose the standard, the
size of enclosure and the type of
terminal from the list, and the
order code will practically compile
Structure of the order code:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Data position
3 E K 7 – 4 4 – 0 Order code
N N N Rated voltage 10 x Ur (N: numerical)
Z Other
Enclosure size / creepage distance
S Small
M Medium
L Large
X eXtra large
Terminal, top
1 Clamp, washer, nut
9 Other
Terminal, bottom
B Washer, nut
C NEMA metal clip, washer, nut
D DIN metal clip, washer, nut
E NEMA insulating clip, with arrester disconnector, washer, nut
F DIN insulating clip, with arrester disconnector, washer, nut
Z Other

Compiling an order code: Order of accessory parts:

Description Order code
3 E K 7 2 1 0 - 4 C M 4 1 - 0 D
NEMA metal clip 3EX4 061
DIN metal clip 3EX4 062
Rated NEMA insulating clip 3EX4 060
voltage 21kV DIN insulating clip 3EX4 066
Standard IEC Arrester disconnector 3EX4 065
Enclosure size Medium
Terminal, top
(clamp, washer, nut)
Terminal, bottom
(DIN metal clip, washer, nut)

Technical Data

Applications Distribution systems
and switchgear
Max. continuous operating voltage Uc 36 kV
Max. rated voltage Ur 45 kV
Nominal discharge current In 10 kA
Max. high current impulse 4/10 µs 100 kA
Long duration current impulse 2 ms 300 A
Max. energy absorption capacity 4.5 kJ/kVr
Line discharge class 1
Short-circuit current strength 0.2 s 20 kA
Enclosure material HTV silicone

Would you like to find out more?

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