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15th Floor, South Tower
BDO Corporate Center
7899 Makati Avenue
Makati City

Attention : MS. XXX

Vice President

R e : Authority To Receive Check

Representing Amount In Escrow


This refers to the Escrow Agreement executed by and between the undersigned
spouses and the spouses Juan DelaCruz, and in which BDO-Trust & Investment
acts as the Escrow Agent.

This will confirm the authority of our son Jose Rizal III to receive on our behalf
the amount in escrow which shall be paid and delivered to us by manager’s
check. Provided, that the terms of the Escrow Agreement on the requirements
for the release of the amount in escrow shall be strictly complied.

Nothing herein shall be deemed to amend the Escrow Agreement except as it

grants authority to our son to receive the amount in escrow. For purposes
hereof, we have secured the conformity of the spouses Mercado.

Very truly yours,

M. Rizal

L. Rizal

With Our Conformity:

Juan DelaCruz/ Juana DelaCruz