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Questions & Answers for Web Tech Talk WT211

Configuring Panel 800

By Lennart Andersson (lennart.z.andersson@se.abb.com)

Can I fully engineer a project and simulate the panel, or do I always need the panel

Yes, you do need the panel to fully test your application. The simulator is however useful
when you simulate how the application looks and e.g., jump between blocks and the
actions for buttons.

Can I simulate the panel with Control Network communication to a SoftController on my

No, the simulation can never communicate using a real driver. Please use the DEMO
driver to learn about the functionality. This driver works internally in the panel and in
simulation mode. Note also the internal variables works in simulation.

What about manuals and online help?

There are many manuals. The release notes, the programming manual for Panel 800
Builder, the hardware and installation manuals for each panel type, and the manual for
the panel tools. There are also manuals for the old series of panels called Process Panels.
The online help is available for Panel Builder itself and all the drivers and the internal
variables. Remember to select one of the drivers and then look in the Controller help for
the information. The Remote Access Viewer does also have an online help.