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Name of Drug Classification and Indication and Side Effects or Adverse Nursing Responsibilities
(Dosage, Route, Frequency, Mechanism of Action Contraindication Reactions
*HEMA: Thrombocytopenia, *Liver function studies: AST, ALT,
Generic Name: Classification: Indication: aggranulocytosis, leukopenia, bilirubin, creatinine if patient is on
Aspirin Nonsteroidal anti- Mild to moderate pain or fever neutropenia, hemolytic anemia long term therapy
inflammatory drug(NSAID) including rheumatoid arthritis, *CNS: Stimulation, *Renal function studies: BUN, urine
osteoarthritis, thromboembolic drowsiness, dizziness, creatinine if patient is on long term
disorders; transient ischemic confusion, convulsion, therapy
Brand Name:
attacks, rheumatic fever, flushing, hallucinations, coma *Blood Studies: CBC, Hct, Hgb, pro-
postmyocardial infarction, *GI: Nausea and vomiting, *GI time if patient is on long term therapy
prophylaxis of MI, ischemic bleeding, diarrhea, heartburn, *I&O ratio: decreasing output may
stroke, angina. anorexia, hepatitis indicate renal failure
Dosage: *INTEG: Rash, urticuria, *Hepatotoxicity: dark urine, clay-
bruising colored stools, yellowing of skin,
100mg 1 tab Contraindication: *EENT: Tinnitus, hearing loss sclera, itching, abdominal pain, fever
*CV: Rapid pulse, pulmonary and diarrhea
Hypersensitivity to salicylates
edema *Visual changes: blurring, halos;
tatrazin, GI bleeding, bleeding
Route: *RESP: Wheezing, hypernea corneal, retinal damage
disorders, chidren<12 yr,
Mechanism of Action: *ENDO: Hypoglycemia, Edema in feet, ankles and
Oral children with flulike symptoms,
hyponatremia, hypokalemia legs
Blocks pain impulses in CNS, Pregnancy (3rd Trimester),
*SYST: Reye’s Syndrome
inhibition of prostaglandin lactation, vit K deficiency, peptic
synthesis; antipyretic action ulcer
Frequency: results from vasodilation of
peripheral vessels; decreases
platelet aggregation