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Training Kit

For new version of e-procurement for works with PERCENTAGE double

packet schema publishing process

Note: This is the updated training as per the new version available
for end users training kits will be updated once in 3 months and as
software providers Vupadhi Techno services wont be responsible if
there any changes in live application and the training kit. User can
contact helpdesk mentioned in the new e-procurement portal for
any clarifications

Last updated on :29/9/2017

Please enter valid user credentials and select DSC certificate.
Department dashboard The first tab defines the indents which are created and awaited for
approval before getting published, second tab defines the tenders which are awaited for
approval , third tab defines the tenders which are created by initiator and not approved.
Click on Tender Creation tab and click on Enquiry Creation link to create tender.
Works tender creation for percentage evaluation type by department user with bidding type as
Tender Dashboard(fill all forms)
Fill all sub work details and click on Save button
Add BOQ's and click on save button
Enter of EMD values with either percentage or amount, if selected as percentage the value
should be not more than 10% of ECV and also select the mode of payment → click on save and
Filling of process fee
Fill sanction particulars and click on save button
Assign of decrypters for viewing the commercial bid details → Minimum two decrypters should
be selected and click on add decrypter and previous
Uploading of tender documents with valid DSC certified → User can upload the tender docs
with excel and word doc as well with .zip or rar folder
Tender required documents from vendor, here user can add the new docs if required and can
delete But if checked as mandatory then the documents which are selected should be
uploaded by the bidder
Creation of geographical details of the tender for knowing the exact location of work → User
can add the multiple locations and can update it
Entry of several terms and conditions for tender where the bidder needs to follow the criteria
as mentioned
Creation of pre bid meeting with bidder regarding the tender details
Select schema as double packet-percentage in configure stages and click on save
User can edit the stage details → upload stage wise documents and fill the stage forms
Display of stage details based on schema
Filling of stage form namely key critical equipment required user can upload the N number of
equipment required which can be edited or deleted
Entry of financial years data required from the bidders for evaluating the PQ stage
Mapping of principal items with BOQ as prime contractor then click on save and continue →
The BOQ item once selected cannot be selected again
Filling of key personnel data required from bidders for executing this work → N no: of rows
can be added as apart of work flow
Work experience history need to be captured based on tender
Entry of eligibility criteria details → click on save
Display of criteria status to YES → click on save and continue
Click on commercial stage forms -> Click on Percentage wise rate form
Click on fill tender form and fill the tender percentage details
Display of criteria status to YES and click on save and continue
Display of tender dashboard details to filled and click on save and continue
Display of approve button to tender publisher along with DSC
Display of IP address and tender details along with bid submission closing date